Ultimate Crazy Challenges πŸ’ͺ🏻😬

How do you handle challenges warriors? You can accept them or admit defeat. The Ultimate Warrior character and Warrior himself thrived on challenges. He is quoted as saying:

“Challenges are what make me tick. Challenges get me off.” (1996)

He always liked the challenges of the business as that kept him in it. When he didn’t feel that way or agreed, he left. He also rose above all the professional and personal challenges in his life by thriving and not just surviving. Can you say the same?

It was only fitting that I use this word since Wrestlemania VI was called “The Ultimate Challenge” and the ‘ol WWF had a show called Wrestling Challenge back in the day. How could I forget that crazy as it was? I do realize those are only empowering titles or words and some of you have extreme challenges everyday. We all will encounter them as being physical, emotional, mental, or psychological.

Just look at all the challenges in our world today. It’s not the challenges themselves but our response that makes or breaks us. We obviously can’t compare our life situations to anyone else but without challenges, our journey isn’t interesting at all. Those challenges teach us life lessons we need to learn in order to evolve. Many may have thought Warrior never did this but in fact he did as we all need to. I can’t even imagine others challenges that aren’t my own but always remember your inner self works on those. The outer external world we can’t control but our true selves and reactions we can.

Being a pro wrestler has many crazy challenges that involve so much more than just stunt work. Many things take place behind the scenes during training we as fans are unaware of but do get some glimpses. It was very different back when Warrior performed but any challenge should get you motivated to succeed. Here is another quote from Warrior: ” Success in Pro-Wrestling depends more on desire, unique individuality, and entertainment ability than it does on technical wrestling knowledge.” Some questioned his thoughts on that but those naysayers gave him challenges he conquered. He may not have won “King of the Ring” the technical way but that challenge brought out something he always embodied- integrity.

Yes, he was very intimidating with his beliefs but without them, challenges would’ve been extremely difficult for him to fight. He may have been ostracized much but never admitted defeat. The confidence you need for yourself makes all the differences in how you face those obstacles and challenges with your own life. Obviously, yours will be very different than Warrior’s was, mine, or anyone but we do need them. Complacency or normal will give you life but it won’t sustain it. You can love it the same but without a variety of challenges, you aren’t truly living.

Financial challenges also need to be considered as that influences everyone throughout their lives. It’s our livelihood and when that suffers, it affects us in numerous ways. Your way of life is yours but how you deal with challenges is yours too. Look to those who have thrived off insurmountable challenges and see if they make you tick as well. That puts it in perspective as sometimes our little “nuisances” aren’t really challenges at all.

When we are young, challenges affect us differently than when we become adults. Putting food on the table is not comparable with who sits next to you at the cafeteria school lunch table. Both challenges but with varying levels. Once you are equipped with handling a small challenge, your mind will know how to make an educated decision with bigger ones.

Face those challenges warriors and learn to thrive off them, not just survive. Whatever life throws at you, throw it right back like only a true warrior can. Take those ultimate crazy challenges and slam them down– always!

P.S. We usually would be on vacation this week and just planned some day trips for summer– pre COVID. Funny how that worked out… Our kayaks came the other day so can’t wait to get out on the water! πŸŒŠπŸš£β€β™€οΈ

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Author: Kathy Pickett

I'm a wife, mom of 2 and have always been a huge fan of WWE’s the Ultimate Warrior despite his passing. I created this blog to share my stories relating to him that happened years ago and some are continuing today with his Spirit alive and well! I hope some fans out there relate and enjoy my blog!!! Check out my book β€œSpirit and Belief” on how Warrior influenced me in spirit. It is filled with humor, family stories, psychic terms, following my intuition, and how everyone has natural abilities we can tap into or get guidance upon.

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