My History with Dreaming😴

Hello there, fellow dreamers! At least I hope you are. Even if you don’t remember those “nighttime sleeping ones,” we all have dreams in this life to pursue. Today though, I’m gonna clue you in on the history with my very active dreaming life. I hope then some of you might understand a little more about those vivid yet sometimes wacky Warrior dreams I receive. I was destined to have them come to me anyways but knowing I have been a dreamer since childhood helped out a bunch. I’m not saying if you have that trait, a past celebrity will come in your dreams or even if you’ll remember any. Not all mine are wacky and yet if significant enough, my memory recalls them. Not all are funny, cute, or about Warrior either. It’s a mixed up scene where anything goes but here’s my history.

As a child, I would struggle to fall asleep. I was all set in bed and my sister would zonk out pretty fast in hers. I didn’t. I would have busy days, but my mind couldn’t settle. How could I be wide awake an hour later? That doesn’t happen with kids, does it? My mom would come in and rub my belly or talk quietly but nope, nothing seemed to work. I was never much of a napper as I’ve said before, but this was night when all was quiet and dark. Who would count sheep? Sorry if that worked for you but I always thought it to be very silly. 🙄🐑Are sheep like our fluffy pillows or something? I never understood it and never found out why. The truth is, I was a kid with anxiety but didn’t know that term then. No medicine either. My worries were about friends, school stuff, social activities, and whatever else. Now I know my brain is still like that. Adults are different of course with their worries, and all have anxiety but my sensitivities as a child seemed puzzling. I didn’t count sheep but was the black sheep and still am. That’s OK though. I know better now.

I can’t tell you how this came to be but finally after who knows what amount of time went by, I found my cure two ways. Again, I was young and this might not work for everyone but my intuition or maybe even imagination became a Tag Team helping that little girl self. The first solution was to think of my favorite things. You can sing the song here, I won’t. I will say though I have re-written that famous song in my head with my favorites multiple times. 🥰 It became like a mantra which is similar to my grown-up ones of today. Instead of: “I am grounded, I am centered, I am relaxed, etc…” of now, it was: “I LIKE…” of yesteryear. Some of mine were: ” I like to swim. I like to sing. I like to ride my bike. I like to play with dolls. I like to read books. I like summer. I like the color pink. I like pizza.” Get it? Over time, my brain focused on those things, and it worked! No long sentences either. I even used this technique years later for my daughter and it worked for her too. I was around 10 or so when first doing this so think simple innocent things. Really though, many of those things are still my likes of today.

The next idea made perfect sense to me with all the TV I watched. I KNOW many of you have imagined being in or on your favorite shows, maybe even movies? Possibly not in a dream but you thought about it back in the day I bet. One of the first for me was “The Dukes of Hazzard.” . Who doesn’t love a car chase to get you to go to sleep ha ha? I would be a friend of Daisy’s and I’d write an entire plot for an episode. See, writing in my mind even then. OK, I did “like” John Schneider but again, I was 10. Some storylines would get more involved as I got a little older with other shows, but ya know what~~~ I fell asleep and that was all that mattered. 🥱👏🏻

So, we DO need that imagination as we age too. It isn’t just for childhood. Warrior had said this many, many times. It keeps us being dreamers, (not just at night) but also motivating us to keep going towards that positive goal. It isn’t meant to be disregarded just because we don’t make believe as kids anymore. Imagining helps bring ideas to fruition and gives them life. Look at many success stories of others and you will know what I mean. “Dreams don’t do themselves.” I know that Warrior but they start somewhere. To any wondering- NO, NO, NO about my Warrior dreams. I shouldn’t even have to defend but will for a moment. None of those dreams shared have been me “making them up,” letting my mind grieve way back, or any other excuses one would say. I do believe our imagination DOES work with the Universe to guide as a team. We are not bystanders, although in dreams we might seem to be. They come as lessons, hints on our journey, or areas we need to work on. It could be very broad but they are never without meaning. Yes, some may just be to amuse or connect to your daily life but others go deeper at times. It’s up to us to find the why if we choose to. 

Warrior used his imagination to dream a life he truly wanted whether that was his possible career ideas or more personal. We need to be the same. It might sound silly but we need that child like ability to really get excited about anything that interests us. I’ve had my real life get played out in dreams and then dreams that hinted on my real life. This might not be like you but it is all part of us. Dreams will influence your life in ways sometimes unimaginable. Your history will not be mine but we might intersect along the way during this journey of life. Ya never can tell. 😉 I use to share my dreams with family when younger as some were so weird and crazy, I just had to tell. As time went on, I became more defensive since they meant much more to me and so very personal. They weren’t just passed loved ones either. It wasn’t a joke anymore although some can still be. The audience needed to be changed so it became my job being more selective. 

Write some down if you can and perhaps you’ll begin a little history of your OWN. The weirder ones you’ll remember the most but many remembered are amazing too. If struggling to get to the actual “dreamland,” just don’t count sheep! Try my tricks from childhood or think of new ones. Use that imagination too, it does work. Crystals under my pillow work as well for you spiritual folks. 💎 We ALL dream as my daughter recently learned in her psychology class. I already knew…🥹

P.S. That’s another promo pic from the “Always Believe” DVD. Check out his pants!! More to come… Oh, and 2 of my birthdays are on there.

1st= my 14th (:

2nd= my 20th (:

*** 6 years apart, that number again!

P.P.S. AND, many songs have

“Dream (s)” in the title and I thought of some but none used today. A few days before writing this post, I DID wake up with the song “Imagination” in my head from the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” How about that? One of my faves, connecting to this post, and I played Charlie’s Mom- Mrs. Bucket in a grade school production back in the day! That’s been shared…. 🍫🌈💫🙏🏻

*** Find more dreams in my book “Spirit and Belief.” It’s over on Amazon and other book retailers…

Author: Kathy Pickett

I'm a wife, mom of 2 and have always been a huge fan of WWE’s the Ultimate Warrior despite his passing. I created this blog to share my stories relating to him that happened years ago and some are continuing today with his Spirit alive and well! I hope some fans out there relate and enjoy my blog!!! Check out my book “Spirit and Belief” on how Warrior influenced me in spirit. It is filled with humor, family stories, psychic terms, following my intuition, and how everyone has natural abilities we can tap into or get guidance upon.

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