Listen to those “Nudges.” 🫵🏻

We all get those little “nudges” that won’t seem to go away but I am thinking about the good stuff here, not the bad. You can call them whatever you like. They can be intuitive hits, signs, or just feelings that are bugging you in some way. I have mentioned plenty on here in the past but one story that came to me was when I decided to get my very first tattoo. No, that doesn’t connect to Warrior (the second one does!) but he had those nudges too. Despite never wanting to go back to WWE, people around him kept nudging which prompted him to finally think about it more and more. He was very emotional going into those WWE offices but aren’t we all glad he made the right decision? I am for sure but now let me share my little nudge of almost 12 years ago. 

I have always loved dolphins 🐬and mentioned them on a post last year. That was a report in 6th grade but by now I was much older. It wasn’t a milestone birthday but I just felt it in me to do something different. My brother and a cousin had just gotten one and hers was a dolphin making a heart with her daughter’s name in the middle. I didn’t want to copy with a dolphin but ugh- isn’t it so wrong to care what others think in that way? Well, mine wouldn’t have names of anyone as that is not what I do. You can have your body art any way that works but I feel differently. My bro got his kids initials as part of his and no, it isn’t that I don’t love mine but again, my passions are just for me and that’s how they get expressed.

Another thought I had was everyone else. I’m so grateful I think another way now. Being how I was with the birth family, this would literally shock the sh*t 💩out of a few! Oh, to be spiteful but I wouldn’t do that. I also am not that typical girl who is going to get inked just to prove it to someone like a dare or something. Nope, so wrong on many levels. You also would never see me sporting a cliché, like a ladybug, butterfly, heart, or many “girly” things. OK, those are beautiful, and I love them all but mine would have to represent something on a much more deeper level to me and I have no personal connection to any of those symbols. I also never wanted words. My brother always thought I’d get “Always Believe” around my small Warrior mask tattoo. I don’t need it because I know what it means and it isn’t worth my time explaining to those who won’t understand. We can, and should always believe in ourselves but nah~ I don’t need the words. I can write my own here or in journals but not on my body. You others are free to do whatever you wish. 💚

So, this “nudge” of sorts stayed with me quite a while. As with any big decision (and yes, this was for me!) you have to sit with it for a bit. Little ones you can be impulsive with as it is good to be spontaneous once in a while but not this involved. It was getting later in the summer and my tattoo idea was still in my head weeks later. We were on vacation and I decided to tell my husband. This was at dinner outside near the lake and I had a few Long Island iced teas. Now, I was ready! 😜🍹🍹He of course is not a fan but respected what I wanted. I was doing this and realistically didn’t have to let anyone know but felt the need to share with him. He had no idea on the Warrior one but that’s been told along with the fact that I have 3… The nudge never went away, and I got excited. That’s key here. You have to be excited about those nudges despite a little fear. 

We all have those passions and interests that just never seem to wane or fade away. I always questioned that with Warrior but of course I know now why. 😉 Even with anything you do, think about how the idea started and why it did. This blog, my book, “Spirit and Belief,” starting a YouTube channel, and so many others began with a slight nudge that turned into more. Of course, there will be those times we might fall flat but don’t look at it as a failure, it’s a lesson. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time. You will also know if you can totally disregard outside influences. I am better at that with others but it’s also about time, money, resources, and all that too. Many times we do need help with projects but allow your strengths to power you through if you truly listen to those inner nudges. I mentioned following my compass last week which is how we need to be. It is hard to abandon an idea for a time but if it comes back as that nudge bugging you again, then you can start to take action. 

Warrior had so many nudges in his life which propelled him to succeed in the way he did. He always mentioned listening to that inner voice we all have. If others think you’re crazy for following that voice, that’s OK. It’s your life, not theirs. Another nudge I have is moving in a few years. Yes it will be a ton of work but is a decision we’ve made peace with and will happen. The feeling is only getting stronger and there are many signs pointing in that direction. You will be filled with lots of emotions while listening to your own WHYS and then HOWS on that certain thing you want to pursue but the good should outweigh the bad. If it doesn’t, give it more thought. Like I’ve said before, good does come from bad. You just won’t be aware of it at the time. Your nudges might not be a tattoo, blog, or any of my stuff but you will have yours like Warrior had his. It might also be risky but ask yourself if it’s worth it. Warrior knows it was worth it for him returning to WWE. Your inner voice always knows. Trust it because that nudge is there for a reason. Listen… 👂🏻👍☺️

P.S. A little break on the emotional posts to lighten up some, hope you enjoy! Remember as well~ your “nudges” can be in your face a bunch or quite subtle. Look for that repetition and it becoming pretty constant. Then, you will KNOW… 

Author: Kathy Pickett

I'm a wife, mom of 2 and have always been a huge fan of WWE’s the Ultimate Warrior despite his passing. I created this blog to share my stories relating to him that happened years ago and some are continuing today with his Spirit alive and well! I hope some fans out there relate and enjoy my blog!!! Check out my book “Spirit and Belief” on how Warrior influenced me in spirit. It is filled with humor, family stories, psychic terms, following my intuition, and how everyone has natural abilities we can tap into or get guidance upon.

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