School Talk Dream~~ Warrior and Dana

Hey fans!

Just wanted to post real quick if you want to read about yet another dream involving Warrior, check it out on my new blog and website: where it is posted!

This was the first time both of them appeared together in a dream and I am always so overwhelmed and humbled. They were special guests at a school I was teaching at and my middle schoolers came to listen. It has humor– of course and my moments with Warrior as a fan!

I just wanted to redirect you all to the new blog but please feel free to still archive this one if you’re looking for some great Warrior stories and spiritual insight! I probably won’t be posting here as much anymore but this dream does goes with the site so wanted to include.

My new website and blog are up and running and my book is available to purchase! All the info is on the site but if interested, you can contact me directly so I can ship. Sign up on the website to receive the new blog which will come to your inbox every week.

More spiritual stuff is coming up but Warrior will still be referenced so not to worry fans! My focus is expanding but ya never know! I had no idea new dreams with him would manifest but they have so stay tuned?!!

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