The Season of Nostalgia

How is it December warriors? I hope this year has treated you well as we all get nostalgic around now. I bet you have your own Holiday memories, traditions, and even favorite gifts received in the past. Christmas Day years ago was spent at my Aunt and Uncle’s house out of town after dropping off our overnight bags at my Grandparents. I treasure those memories and so fortunate to have had so many wonderful years out there with my extended family. I also loved this beautiful ballerina jewelry box I got from Santa one year. It became a favorite gift I used for a long time.

I hope Warrior had some good memories from his past as a kid although I heard they didn’t celebrate all that much. Maybe he did have a favorite gift but if not, I am so glad he could start his own family years later with new memories. Yes, it is the season of nostalgia but what about other types of “seasons” we will always remember? When it comes to the Ultimate Warrior, we as fans get nostalgic every time we think of his career, big title wins, promos, and all that good stuff. We all have those times in our lives that will be remembered more fondly than others. When it comes to my past career, I had to really think about it.

I came up with two answers based on both my preschool jobs. The first was probably around 1993-1994 when I was co-teaching with these great ladies and it was at my favorite school. We had the best times together. The second place of nostalgia was a little different to remember. Even though there was some friction in the beginning, I’d pick my first few years there from late 1996-1997. There were the core five of us but later on, we added a sixth. It was a challenge for me but we need those life lessons and I recall both times with such nostalgia. How could I possibly forget finding some U.W. items at both jobs? Yeah, those count too!!

I wonder what professional time in Warrior’s life that he’d pick? πŸ€”I’m not talking about winning the belts since those were just two nights but what about before or after? Some fans loved the 1988 time being in his prime while others think winning the Heavyweight title in 1990 brought about his “downfall.” It’s the in-betweens that got me thinking. Maybe he had no time to be nostalgic back then but that’s a good question to have asked him later on. He may not have been able to define just one part of his career to reflect upon but perhaps he did have that nostalgic season of sorts.

As time goes on, we need to establish new traditions as yesteryear fades. With my kids being older now, gone are the days with tons of toys under the tree and playing all day. It is difficult saying goodbye to those times as we all know while moving on. We can’t live there but need to be excited for what’s to come. I have way too many moments or seasons personally to not get nostalgic about and we never want to lose them. That’s why the Ultimate Warrior and others passed will always live on because they are part of us too, just like our own nostalgia. Remember though, he wants us to keep moving forward because we have this great life to live and should to the fullest.

Even though I have mentioned this time of year being filled with Holiday cheer, maybe you have nostalgia for some others. It isn’t just Christmas ya know? As long as you make it all good, that’s what counts. Share your favorite stories with those you love and you’ll find pieces of nostalgia everywhere. Maybe you can all gather ’round and watch some Warrior DVD’s or maybe some of you even have a VCR hooked up? That’s nostalgia right there.

I do hope whatever season of nostalgia you celebrate, have more laughs than tears and then go on and make new ones. I know this sounds like an end of the year post but nope. You’re stuck with me a few more weeks until we welcome 2022… Oh boy, what new stories to tell then? So, warriors- make any season of time nostalgic, not just the Holidays. You’ll have those times in your life you may not want to look back on fondly as Warrior did also. They make us who we are though.

Nostalgia will always be there and I hope most of you fans reading remember the ‘ol WWF days. Today’s fans will have this time to share in the future as the newer logo of WWE suggests: “Then, Now, Forever, Together.” Enjoy this season since we will never get another one. Oh, I know my editing is not all that great but Warrior would’ve made a great Santa, don’t ya think? πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸ’šβ€οΈ

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The Christmas Catalogs

***Isn’t this painting of the Ultimate Warrior pretty awesome? I love it and credit goes to Jamie Marshall. Not sure if he is the original artist but wanted to plug some great talent out there. It really captures his character’s colors… Now, onto today’s story.

Do any of you remember receiving Christmas catalogs in the mail as kids? My husband does and he recalls his Mom telling the boys to circle and fold over pages of stuff they wanted. Well, years later and we still get some- only smaller ones and not like the big department stores back then. Ours are more from Wal-Mart, Target, and the best store of the past, Toys R Us. A memory I have is seeing some U.W. merchandise along with some other former WWF Superstars in those catalogs. I actually saved a tiny pic of Warrior’s image on a sleeping bag years ago. We went camping a lot so that would’ve been the most ultimate gift ever as a teen! When I moved years later, I still had that tiny pic among my collectibles. Oh, the stuff I saved.

Saving stuff is quite the dilemma. We either keep, sell, donate, or throw out but most of us Ultimate Warrior fans know the first choice is what we do. I bet many of you keep magazines or other reading material in the bathroom. Come on, admit it- I know you do. When I met my husband, he just had his reading stuff piled all over the floor in bathrooms. You girls know that’s not gonna work when we’re around so I bought a few baskets to place in each. Perfect to hold those smaller catalogs we would get this time of year.

Seven years ago, the Toys R Us one came. I still miss that store even though my kids are grown ): I know after Warrior passed, some new toys and such would be made available. Well, there was one page with a few Hall of Fame action figures near a cage. It was U.W., Yokozuna, and Rick Rude I believe. Boy, have toys changed. Now, they have props such as a stretcher, ambulance, and chairs plus much more. To think that we’d just be happy with the Action Figure. I saved that catalog. The following year we got one from Target that had Ultimate Warrior with other legends in a 7 pack. I liked how Randy was next to him. I saved that too so looked at them again since never would I remember those details. Did I think it strange keeping them back then? Nope. Now I am just because it’s funny to have them still in that bathroom basket! 🚽🧺

I gotta admit, I don’t clean them out very often. Guess I should more but no judging, I’m a busy mom! There’s probably many areas in our houses we forget to de-clutter or clean out. It isn’t just reorganizing a drawer or closet. I mean other places like maybe the top of your fridge, a medicine cabinet, or throwing out expired coupons. Yeah, I KNOW those catalogs aren’t the same thing but it did make me think of other areas to perhaps give a once over. You know what I’m talking about…

Warrior’s image in those catalogs were sentimental to me and I’d never compare them to expired coupons but I kept them for another reason. It’s never one thing for me always. I kept them to see how I have evolved. Yes, they are physically still there but my emotions have changed. I laughed looking at those pages once again unlike 6 and 7 years ago. It is hard to believe I have catalogs that old in my bathroom but considering others and their types of “collectibles,” my stuff is so tame. I’m not judging them either but I did get rid of that tiny sleeping bag pic. We may forget about some items but I am almost certain most people who have collected merch over the years know exactly what they have. Some even express themselves through art like that great pic above. They will know specifically what they painted, when, and if they save or sell it.

Would I feel sad if I finally decided to recycle those old catalogs of mine? Not so much anymore so what’s stopping me? The truth is it’s not a priority and when I’m in the bathroom, am not thinking about that! My husband collects brochures when we travel and many get placed in that bathroom basket too. It’s those you’d find in a hotel lobby of anywhere to visit within like 100 miles. Yeah, all those. We visit a few but not everywhere he picks. So, they are all on top with the catalogs in the back. Again, very different but like I always say- it’s your feeling or emotion that matters most.

I hope this Holiday Season inspires any of you to possibly take inventory on anything that you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw out. It might not be Christmas catalogs or even anything Warrior related but you’ll know when it’s time. A Toys R Us catalog is a keeper for sure and it is a reminder of how far I have come in so many ways. I should keep them in that basket close to where my SPLASH sign hangs by the tub. That’s another funny story told in my book Spirit and Belief. Let’s remember what it felt like to get those elusive catalogs in the mail and how you couldn’t wait to see all the toys. It’s a lot better than cleaning off the top of your fridge…

P.S. That painting of course will be kept as someone made it by hand just like Warrior did with all his artwork. It will always mean more and harder to get rid of when we do something from scratch. Just like my writings. They stay always. πŸ’™πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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Shock Value Moments πŸ

There’s a photo I thought to never use. Let me tell ya warriors, I had to pause that video so many times to get the shot. In my head, it was part of a shocking moment for me that involved the Ultimate Warrior and “Snake Man” Jake Roberts. You’ll never see the casket provided by the Undertaker but the snake pic I’ll use. Warrior’s career in the former WWF was very defined by many shock value moments thanks to Vince and his storylines. There were others outside the arena that happened too. Let’s stick to the scripted shows, shall we? Fans will always remember the casket, snakes, and even Papa Shango’s voodoo curse but what about other stuff?

Some may have been shocked seeing the Ultimate Warrior win the IC belt away from Honky Tonk Man or even taking the Heavyweight title from Hulk Hogan. Oh yes, T.V. or writers like to shock us fans and viewers, don’t they? I bet you can think of other wrestlers that gave us shocking stories, upsets, victories, and defeats. It could be a good character turning bad, someone betraying another, and anything else. It’s things we may even still talk about today.

Moving away from wrestling for a moment, how about other T.V. shows or the movies? A couple that stand out for me are “Roseanne” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I was a huge fan of Roseanne and on the series finale, hearing that Dan had actually died many years prior at Darlene and David’s wedding shocked me. Roseanne had “written” it all up after that since she always wanted to be a writer. I am probably the only person to have never seen “Grey’s Anatomy” but still to this day many talk about Derek’s death or “McDreamy.” I remember being in the PTA years ago and our President would end the meeting earlier because of that show! Am sure you have your shows and their shockers but the movies or any type of media can do that to us as well. Sorry, I didn’t realize both of these involved the death of a character. 😧

I am not that girl to try and figure out a movie’s ending. My husband on the other hand talks and tries to reason it all out. I don’t want to listen when the “good” guy shoots someone else good! He was bad the whole time? I was shocked. Even books do that for me. I had been reading this one author for years and loved his stories of romance on the coast. Well, one book had an ending that shocked me so much, I decided to not read anymore of his. I know this sounds extreme but I wasn’t expecting that book to end the way it did. Yes, all of life can do that from time to time and should but it was my choice to pass his name by in the library. Has that ever happened to any of you readers out there?

With all these shock value moments, I am only referencing entertainment here folks so no personal details in your life which we all have. This also applies to Warrior and I think that had been covered enough lately. You’ll know if you’ve been around a bit. The shock stuff means someone will be stunned or surprised along the way. That someone may be an entire viewing audience or spectators. A good shock for me was when my very own Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title five years ago from the Golden State Warriors. Yep, that was pure shock in the BEST way and also told in my book Spirit and Belief. That other team’s name mattered to me in a different way and will forever be extra special.

Entertainment pulls us in and keeps us wanting more. I used to hate when a show would be continued and see that on the screen, ugh! Come on!!! WWF did that frequently and left us hanging knowing a match wouldn’t be over in five minutes when the show ended. We do like surprises but when they don’t go in our favor, shock sets in. Of course I was biased when it came to Warrior or even others (yes, it’s true) but our reactions are what they want from us plus ratings. It can be “fun” for some to recall all those moments where we were pulled into and then got the crap shocked out of us. I say fun loosely because I know for me how the casket especially will never make me laugh. I had said before that I was glad Warrior and Undertaker were friends and they had a good time but for a fan like me watching that- nope not ever.

I could list so many more shocking memories of mine and they are never forgotten. Warrior became unforgettable for his many moments over the years that’s for sure and you will have yours. We remember it all because of how it made us feel and then respond. My family still would tell the story of having a snake around my neck at age six. I have no memory of that at all but considering my dislike of snakes, shock value 101! I had mentioned this story on here years agoοΏΌοΏΌ… We all have our stories of shock but let’s stick to just being entertained. Our real life will be waiting later.

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To Find Yourself πŸ’™πŸ§ 

“For a man to truly find himself, he has to go one place that we’re all entitled to go to. Deep, deep, deep in the mind…”

All you Ultimate Warrior fans probably know that speech he gave on RAW back in 1996. I won’t share the exact date because well, you can look that up on your own and you’ll know why. Jerry Lawler had commented that he was a “lunatic” for talking that way before Goldust came out but again, I get it. It does take quite a while for anyone to truly find themselves because we either are afraid of spending time alone or being judged. Being judged would be mine only years ago and not be people you’d probably think.

Back when I watched good ‘ol WWF, the Sunday morning show of Wrestling Challenge became an emotional ultimate challenge for me. That day we went to church so Superstars on Saturday was a no-brainer depending on which T.V. in the house I chose to watch. While in high school, my Dad decided switching churches to another which was a further drive. The service began at 9:30 and wrestling came on at 11:00. We ALWAYS made it back but guess what I’d be thinking about during the service? Yep, of course. If I knew the Ultimate Warrior was going to be on, I’d get so nervous and antsy. I always felt like lightning ⚑️ would strike me down for not paying attention! 😳

After my brother joined the Navy in Sept. of 1991, I lost a part of myself or so it seemed. Watching wrestling pretty much alone wasn’t the same anymore and I missed our funny banter. So grateful to reminisce with him now… My family knew I still watched but for some reason, I became a “closet watcher.” I’d sneak to watch on any T.V. I could access but change the channel when someone came in the room. That reminds me of Warrior’s story from the book “A Life Lived Forever.” He remembered his step-dad doing the same thing after “Jim” came home from being out with friends. If you can recall, I never shared much about wrestling with my friends but to hide it from my own family who knew I watched seems odd, doesn’t it? πŸ€”Why was I afraid? Probably because I lost a guy to watch with and was so conditioned to believe it wasn’t for girls. I had to find myself again.

I remember a few times after church when my Mom would be making breakfast. For some reason, Dad didn’t want the T.V. on in the kitchen anymore so I might miss the whole show. I actually would make up excuses to not come down so I could watch WWF upstairs in my brother’s room. Let’s see– a stomachache, I’m in the bathroom, ( for an hour?!) too tired and need to lie down, or anything else. Sometimes SNME was on the night before or I’d be babysitting late so being tired would be a legit excuse! I’d eat later around noon. Did Mom or the others ever figure it out? I don’t know. Maybe I just didn’t ever feel comfortable without my brother but I gotta say– never did I miss it despite my excuses. Think I still watched despite U.W. being gone briefly in ’91. Cable ended my run a year or so later but Warrior had moved on and I did too.

Have you ever felt like you lost a part of yourself and needed to find it again? No, I never watched that much after late 1992 but what are your moments where parts needed to come back? You can go deep in your mind or explore other activities like Warrior but be the one to decide if what you lost is worth finding again. I never thought Warrior would re-surface in my life ever. It wasn’t until I bought a magazine in ’93, (Warrior was making the movie Firepower then) and a few years later finding an Action Figure which brought him back to me in a way. Both of those are great stories! Warrior also never thought after all the years of fueding with Vince that he’d ever be found again. Funny how fate has a way of lining things up that we couldn’t imagine ourselves. This is such a testament to my spiritual journey now.

I do know that never would I have looked up Warrior on my own had it not been for some things which became public. Finding myself didn’t mean watching wrestling anymore or even knowing what Warrior was up to. It meant not being afraid of judgments or ridicule for doing something I liked- whatever that could be. I had to learn to have more confidence in myself which took a long time, even into adulthood. Part of this was my own fear. It was me being fearful of all the emotion that would come as a result of not only following anything Warrior was putting out there but admitting it was o.k.

Whatever is preventing you from finding yourself however that looks, don’t be afraid. It’s your true essence calling out and saying: “I know you’re scared but do it anyway!” Once you finally go deep in your mind, heart, AND soul is when the truth will be found. Warrior had to spend lots of time exploring who he really was as a man but stayed true to himself. Sometimes, parts of us get lost, confused, or mixed up but we eventually get led back by fate or the Universe. To find yourself takes hard work but when you do, it’ll never be lost again. Be the warrior who goes deep as we are entitled to go to. Find yourself for your true nature knows the way.

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Remember Me As…

BEWARE of my EMOTIONS on this.

Hey there readers… Maybe some of you are aware of the vlogs Warrior put out around 2008 so I decided to use a photo from one of them. You can easily access these thru YouTube and there are many where he discussed various topics. Some of it is business related but some are controversial in nature where he shares his opinions as always. Feel free to watch on your own as I like to share other types of work he made public. Do I agree with everything he says all the time? Unless you are new here, you know that answer which is a no however that moves us into today’s topic.

Remember Me As… Warrior would want to be remembered most as being an innovative, inspirational guy who took his abilities to another level while motivating others. Not gonna use the word intensity of a few weeks ago. Of course, being a Dad was his greatest gift but getting that confidence to truly be himself and believe is what I remember most. Yes, we mainly know him as the Ultimate Warrior but he always wanted to be known as more and in some ways he was. I can for sure say what he would NOT want to be remembered as but we all tend to bring on some drama and suffer consequences. We want to be remembered for the good we do and not for others to focus on the bad which they seem to quite often. Do you share every little detail of your life? I bet you don’t but with fame, some believe your life is an open book. It is not and shouldn’t be. If you want to read a book, read mineπŸ˜‰ …, Warrior had mentioned on the “Ultimate Collection” DVD how he wanted his character remembered which equated with the physicality he created. As a man though, he wanted to be remembered in other areas of his life as us fans know.

Excuse me a minute while I climb on top of the ol’ soap box once again. You may disagree with me on this but let’s get into the celebrity angle just a bit more. Yes, fame has its share of sacrifices, hard work, and being remembered. We will all have our own memories of those that are or were famous. Some stories are still talked about today in regards to celebrity deaths. They are people too just choosing a different lifestyle. Don’t you think they want others to remember the good about them just like us regular folks? Of course but then there are others.

***BIG SIGH*** plus some other expletives I can’t write here. 🀬 Switch roles for a minute. If you were that famous celebrity and you passed, what then? Your family will be grieving your loss a long time and you still want to protect them. Would you honestly want the media digging up any little piece of “dirt” they can find to prove a point? Your family would be drug thru the mud and you as a spirit, are watching. I understand all about honesty and Warrior was very much so but private is another word he was all about, especially later in his life. He had mentioned this over and over again.

With him being private, people would sometimes assume the worst and jump to conclusions. We do this to others too. People also assume they have a right to know everything about a famous person and if they don’t find that “dirt,” there’s a cover-up. Warrior’s HOF weekend and his passing are continuously marked by rumors, speculations, and such but NONE of that will bring him back. He was too proud to let anything get in the way of enjoying that weekend despite ugly naysayers thinking some plotted against him. Many will also attest to the fact that newer additional merchandise is just the WWE profiting too much from Warrior’s passing. They wanted to make amends and did but then again, business is business. It isn’t for me to totally expand upon but they’ll try to sell whatever works. It’s up to us as fans to respond so that’s on all you collectors. You can buy what you like, I’m not judging.

Despite this that never seems to go away concerning Warrior’s life, career, and passing we NEED to remember the GOOD people and we should always. We all make mistakes but respect still needs to be given. Warrior wants all of us to live our lives without going over all the intimate details of his. Some of you may say: “No way, we need to know the whole truth if it’s the last thing we do!” Well, the truth is we won’t and shouldn’t. He discussed knowing “the full story” on the DVD but his physical passing is not the same as details on the character he portrayed as U.W. Will knowing more about a famous person such as Warrior really help you find that peace? Maybe but he wants so much more from his fans. I hope you all know this but some may never come to that conclusion. It doesn’t mean to forget about him or anything he did but just to live your life as an inspiration to others without obsessing in a way over another’s.

Whatever “comes out” once again about Warrior, I just hope others look at it in a new way. We may never truly accept but sometimes, privacy wins that match. It DOES matter which was the subject with a few of his videos only about something entirely different. I agree with those that respect privacy because that could be your family which needs it. I will always remember the Ultimate Warrior or Warrior as being passionate and creative among other things. He put much into his short life here for all of us to remember but let’s not dwell on the resentful and bitterness of every little piece of dirt. Honor his legacy with the real truth which is goodness and privacy. We all deserve this whether famous or not. Remember Me As…What will your answer be? -Soap box put away now…

P.S. I can talk about this a long time but as a warrior, I need my privacy and you should too.

P.P.S. Warrior said this in a WWE video about his character: “It’s o.k., you keep it, it’s yours and we’ll be alright… you know.” ~ Keep the GOOD always…πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’™

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What’s Your Weakness?

That’s a bold question, isn’t it warriors? We all do have weaknesses but I bet you have ONE that’s probably your main event. Others may see a trait in you that could be a weakness but to you, it’s a strength. O.K., of course we need to bring Warrior in on this topic for sure. According to many, his most perceived weakness would be stubbornness which I’ve mentioned before but his opinionated nature wins the match. His stubbornness made him succeed which a previous post of a few months ago was all about. His opinions though were many which others would disagree with often. He would say those opinions made him better, not weaker. What would he list on his own as a huge weakness? Hmmm. Those who knew him best might have that answer. Possibly perfectionism is a guess of mine.

I thought of a few more for me and that perfectionism thing is a strong one for my personality too. Others may agree but perhaps my introverted nature could be their answer. I would’ve said yes to that years ago but not so much anymore. My introverted girl has learned to turn that aspect into a positive so a negative weakness becomes a strength. You can do that too. We all have areas to work on and some may never change but you can improve them somewhat in situations.

What I mean is this. I’ll use myself as an example. So, if my biggest weakness is perfectionism I won’t ever do the opposite of that but can ease up just a little. By compromising, you are showing your flexibility with anything that happens. No, not everything is gonna be perfect all the time and as I write this, it’s been a CRAZY few days!

Would you be willing to look at your weaknesses and tweak them? You’re not sacrificing your integrity at all but just evolving some. It can be tough depending on what traits are yours but we need to try. After all, we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. Yes, I know Warrior was extreme with how he handled many things in his life but we don’t need to approach circumstances the same way. Sometimes though, we do feel the need to express ourselves despite any potential outcome. I know all of you are aware of a few weaknesses you inhabit and many have remained with you your entire life. It all depends on if you feel the need to reverse them, eliminate them, or just change them slightly.

How about something like honesty? Let’s say you frequently lie about stuff or embellish the truth at times. Can you completely switch that to being honest πŸ’―% of the time? For most of us, the answer is probably a no. We still will tell those little white lies or maybe exaggerate to make someone else happy. Many said how Warrior was too honest and even though that sounds like a great thing, we actually don’t want that. Kids too are brutally honest about everything. It can be a negative physical description of someone which they would need to be taught better or it can be about their feelings. Is that a weakness? Well, with kids it’s different but let’s hope as adults they don’t grow up with those same attitudes.

We all have weaknesses because we’re human but it’s all in how we use them that matters. Just recognize what they are and become aware of how it makes you YOU. They may be ones you can’t change but maybe you never wanted to anyway. Whatever they are, make them work into a positive if you can. We shouldn’t totally eradicate our weaknesses to the point that we aren’t truly ourselves anymore. Warrior didn’t compromise much on his weaknesses however as a Dad, he bent them just a little. He didn’t totally abandon those possible negative attributes but used them perhaps in a different way. We all can have that tough image if we want but then have that softer side too. We need both to balance the strength and the weakness of being alive.

Whatever weaknesses or “bad” things people may claim you have, own them because that’s who we are. Nobody is perfect, honest, strong, and right all the time. We aren’t procrastinators, liars, weak, and wrong all the time either. It’s o.k. to admit when we make mistakes because we get so many chances to always try again. You can adopt a no nonsense style like Warrior if it works for you but most of us don’t. We may admire that in him because it worked but it may not for us.

We can ask for help and should when it’s truly needed. That also doesn’t make us weak since we learn all the time like I’ve said before. If today doesn’t work out, make tomorrow better. Make that weakness something to improve upon or just accept. The choice is up to you. We are all warriors fighting for our own balance everyday but don’t condone all the parts of you. Everyday is a new chance to change so take it with no regrets. That’s the true Warrior way… πŸ’™πŸ’ͺ🏻 ~ I forgot my website last week, that’s a first! You will find book info on here about Warrior who inspired my spiritual gifts to come out more. It’s filled with short stories about my family, wrestling, psychic terms, and other cool stuff! You can find it on Amazon and other outlets… πŸ“— I also write a more spiritual in depth blog so check that out if interested…

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Learning to Teach πŸŽπŸ“

Do we teach to learn or learn to teach? Are we the student or the teacher? Those questions came to me when starting my bedtime routine the other night. Guess that was a time for an injection of inspiration or is it intensity? Wait, that was last week and enough with all these questions. ⁉️Oh, warriors- this is kinda a big topic and I’ve shared little snippets before but let’s elaborate some. Those questions are more statements and can be reversed throughout our lives. We have been both and are both.

Think about a quick timeline here. As babies, we need to be taught constantly because we don’t know any better. Our parents are our first teachers and then we have school teachers, coaches, counselors, and other adults instructing us. School especially goes on for many years of our life until we become the teachers. For me, that became real with having taught preschoolers but I gotta say- they taught me stuff too. It goes both ways. Once I was a parent, I taught them lots and still are. Now, I am teaching others about spirituality and hopefully with these writings, you are learning a thing or two along the way.

Warrior followed that same path as he aged just like we all do. Even as his careers transitioned, he was always learning along the way. What he learned in bodybuilding, he applied to wrestling which all started in chiropractic school with the physiology of the body. He also was the student of learning new beliefs, ways of thinking, and expressing himself as that creative person. It wasn’t until many years later that he finally became more of a teacher by sharing what he learned in various methods of social media. He learned so he could teach but again, learning never stops. It doesn’t end when our actual schooling years are finished. Then, new learning begins when we are officially adults.

If any of you that had known me years ago could’ve predicted what my life is now, I would’ve thought you were ultimately nuts! O.K., we’re just talking about the Warrior stuff here but what a student I became and still am. Sure, this path isn’t for everybody but knowing my gifts, it made me want to learn more. I am always being educated while still teaching. A friend of mine and myself created a Facebook group for intuitive people and it is growing. Our new idea is to post live videos on various topics in order to educate. This month’s is all about healing trauma with ancestral work. I know this doesn’t connect to Warrior but just the point of being an educator with shared experiences. We are learning new techniques all the time. I am getting more comfortable going live as a student teacher.

I bet plenty of you find yourselves in situations where you are the teacher and student at the same time. Pro wrestling is a good example of this. You are learning the business as a student but then teaching a fan base about your character, signature moves, and everything in between. I think many of Warrior’s struggles remained with that battle of student vs. teacher. He wanted to learn but just in his own way. He eventually became the teacher but again, with his brand of opinions and disciplines. Learn something new everyday was part of his Warrior way and he showed that through his actions, writing, speaking, art, and all that interested him after wrestling.

It doesn’t even have to be those kinds of ideas either. Look at your life and all that you’d like to put out into this world. We might be stronger in one over the other based on our personalities but they are both there on your journey. Being a teacher or student doesn’t have to involve a building, tons of people, or even textbooks. We have the internet which may replace book learning to many but it’s all in how you educate yourself. It also is up to you with how or if you decide to teach what you’ve learned. Maybe there’s something you want to know about but fear is holding you back. Some answers aren’t for us to know ( MORE on that in a few weeks…) but if you never try, you’ll never get there. Warrior also had said: “If you can, you will but if don’t, you won’t.” So very true for all of us. He also had a speech about how “Fear is an Aberration!” I posted that as well a few years ago.

Be the student even as an adult because you may just motivate someone else to get that confidence to teach what they have learned. It’s part of that natural cycle like giving and receiving. Of course it’s easier learning when it’s something we truly want to do but when it’s the hard stuff, we may tap out. I know throughout my spiritual process there have been many lessons I had to learn but then can pass on my experiences so others relate. It can be painful in many areas but we need to be those warriors our spirit knows us to be. Learning becomes teaching and as life long students, it’s our ultimate job to gorilla press any doubts down to the mat. πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’™

P.S. A quick mention with Batista of last week. He used U.W.’s rope shake as a tribute and got to meet Warrior at WM 30, Warrior was humbled. Batista didn’t know what his reaction would be. A teacher and student lesson right there….

P.P.S. I just recently found this podcast and they did an episode on Warrior. It’s one hour and they go LIVE every Thurs. at 10 A.M. EST in the U.S. They are based in New Jersey and have a huge shop. Other episodes have been about 80’s wrestlers, managers, referees, and lots more. I listened to Randy Savage’s too! Give them a try…

The Career of the Ultimate Warrior.” 9/30/21.’sWrestlingThePodcast

*** If this link isn’t active, just search them up. They just did Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. 🀼

Injections of Intensity πŸ§‘

Here I am again with another word describing Warrior that I seemed to avoid. Guess I overlooked intensity as more stories seemed to surface. It’s laughable really just like with the word energy that got overlooked a while back. πŸ˜‚A phrase of Warrior’s was “Intensity for Life!” and he used “Injections of Inspiration” in some videos. I decided to combine both for this title today. Another unplanned moment is the photo I am using. Was all set to use a certain one but then that one seemed to be everywhere. I’d watch some clips on the “Ultimate Collection” DVD and there it was in the crowd on someone’s poster, pillow, or banner. I also saw it posted on one of the fb U.W. groups so decided, why not? I have many to choose from and this photo was following me in a way.

How about all of you? Do you have injections of intensity everyday? Probably not like Warrior but we all have our own moments. It involves strength, force, energy, and feeling which that man above had with all those. Yours will not equate another like I always have said many times before. Just make sure you give all you can and do it in the best way. You can be intense where it doesn’t have to be a crazy attitude or way of life.

Maybe your intensity is more subtle like mine sometimes. I get that way with my writing when I just have to share something. ✍🏻Good thing none of you are around when those ideas come to me as some get pretty intense! It’s not just with your physical strength or doing an action similar. You can probably think of other things you may do in an intense way that some may not. We just always associate that word with fitness or maybe an intellectual idea of some kind. How about looking at it differently?

Injections of intensity can involve your job, parenting, or any activity which requires you to give it your best effort. It’s also the flip side of that though. For me, it’s the emotions. You all know my feelings on that topic by now. Think about ( if you are a fan or remember) the Ultimate Warrior winning those big titles or even other exciting matches. I know my emotions were filled with that intensity back then. The reverse was true when hearing about Warrior’s passing. That was another injection of intensity for a long time just in an entirely different fashion and experience all together. We have highs and we have lows. All are about being or becoming intense for that present moment. You will know how far your emotional intensity goes by how something affects you.

We all have had an intense almost two years with this global pandemic so that definitely affects us in many areas of our lives. Lots of people will deal with their own level of intensity concerning big events but little ones matter too. Warrior attacked intensity throughout his entire life even as an introverted youngster. It may not have shown up externally until many years in but on the inside, it was there just waiting for him. He took a small idea of just working out some in his high school weight room into becoming quite the intense character professionally later on. He was also injected with that intensity as a Dad. The disciplines, lessons, family creed, and values he wanted instilled in his girls became their lifeblood of intensity.

I decided to get out the book “A Life Lived Forever” to see what some Superstars had to say about the Ultimate Warrior. Of course I know many comments with having the book all these years. What I was looking for was how many times the word intense or intensity was mentioned. I only looked at some parts so am sure it’s throughout the whole thing but here are a few. Dana and Steve Wilton used it, Kofi Kingston did as well regarding Warrior’s legacy but Batista used it NINE times! He talked about U.W.’s ring entrance and his lasting influence. It is quite the word, isn’t it?

Maybe that’s why I avoided it all this time. Yes, the Ultimate Warrior and Warrior had injections of intensity but I always wanted to see beyond that and I have. Another character actually more intense was “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I’ve done lots of posts on those two but in my opinion, what Randy started with intensity- Warrior continued. Nobody of their generation topped both of them on that level. That’s just my take but am sure many will agree. When I think of either, that word for sure is part of them. I never wanted to say what everyone else says because it’s all the same. For me, I hear- been there, done that so I needed to go beyond the word of intensity just a bit more. Guess I have with these five years of writings…

So, warriors- how do you inject intensity into your life and do you keep it going? That part of the question is hardest to answer. Remember though to be yourself in all this great life. You can use Warrior’s intense methods to motivate you but honestly, do it YOUR way as he would want. Intensity for life? Always but believe in your own spirit that pushes you toward that injection. The Ultimate one would want nothing less from you as your OWN warrior self.

P.S. I had remembered a quote I saved on being a Virgo and it applies here. I have talked about those birth signs but here it is:

~”People perceive them as calm and collected, but inside their mind they are a nervous ball of uncontrolled intensity.”

Oh yes, so true!!! And, when I checked the date of the pic above, I took it on my birthday! Virgo again… β™οΈπŸ’–

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The Two Anniversaries πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Oh my warriors… We have come to another year of these writings as I celebrate two anniversaries. This blog was officially started 5 years ago on the 4th and my book Spirit and Belief will be 4 years old tomorrow on the 7th. I say officially for the blog since June of 2016 was when my warrior writings really started that summer in my hammock. No stats this time but I do enjoy sharing with all of you as the interest seems to keep growing. Thank you readers but especially those who were or are still fans of the Ultimate Warrior or even Warrior. Thank you also to those fans of spiritual gifts because there are still topics some feel too judged to share. I understand, believe me. Despite some detailed and emotional posts, I don’t divulge everything. Just like Warrior, we need a few things to be a mystery.

A few years back, I had posted how Mattigan Warrior ( his youngest) being 17 then was the same age I was when watching her Daddy win WMVI. I was going on 18 but still… My daughter is 15 going on 16 and that was when the Ultimate Warrior first appeared on my T.V. Never had I seen him perform as any other character except as U.W. in Nov. 1987. What a journey it has become minus some missing years in between. That was another post.

I am in awe really when I think back on all this. Sure, I still have some books in my attic that I never could sell but it was a lesson learned. Just knowing that book plus this blog have gone all over the world to many countries warms my heart. Thank you to those who have kept coming back week after week to read, maybe laugh a little, maybe cry, or just reflect on your own life along with Warrior’s. It’s like those wrestling fans who keep supporting their favorites in any way they can. You are my fans so I give you ultimate thanks. Feel free to leave me feedback on the book if you have read it, I’d so appreciate it! πŸ˜‰πŸ“—

Sometimes I actually do get writer’s block which I never use to. I try to connect a photo or video with a post but that isn’t always the case. What I do with most is to either share personal stories which is my favorite way or to share Warrior’s ideas that always aren’t wrestling related. I do hope over the years you have found inspiration or even just compassion in some way. Believe it or not, I also go back and read a few because of nostalgia or even to get motivated myself. If you are new, oh boy you have some catching up to do or should I say running?! Just kidding newbies. Read at your own risk or connect with me. I’ll do my best to answer questions although some topics might be off limits for me. There always seems to be more stories to tell though.

An interesting note to add is about that shirt you see in the photo. Back then, I wanted an authentic t-shirt from the U.W. website. Before all the gear got brought to the WWE shop, I bought from Never did I find a pink tank but I love this one and still wear it sometimes during a workout. You’ll find me in a YouTube video with it on and I believe a photo for one of these previous posts. The funny part is when ordering the shirt, I never noticed his image on the back. Guess I just saw the front with being warrior girl and that was enough for me. When it came, I was surprised thinking I might not have gotten it with the back printed. I KNOW that does not sound like a true fan but for lack of a better word- I always say it’s “different” for me. He’s got my back though and I love it.

It’s like getting my Warrior logo tattoo. Never would I get his face or body inked on mine. I know guys do and maybe some girls do but not sure how that would go over with my hubby. 😳😬Despite that, I couldn’t do it anyway. My stuff can be external like these stories but most are internal and emotional so it’s too overwhelming. You fans can do what you want though! Some tattoos really do capture his likeness and I am truly amazed at such creative artistry.

There, I hope you giggled at all that. Another bittersweet story concerns the book. Four years ago before I had sent it out to be published, it was Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. We were covering our pool and this monarch butterfly kept hovering by where I was. I did snap a pic as one had not stayed that long around me ever. Once a blue one came close when I was writing and that has been blogged. I always get sad as summer ends but that butterfly was so beautiful to watch. Later that day, I asked my husband to help a little with emailing the rough draft out. I had been thinking of asking him but was procrastinating. That butterfly gave me courage to go for it and they remain a great symbol to me today. Metamorphosis, change, growth, and beauty are what this process was to me. Every year now I remember that spot where the butterfly was and having the warrior spirit to make my book known to the world. They are still around but not like that afternoon.

Well warriors, “there’s your fix for now” which is from the man himself. I will continue writing as long as I see fit to do so. Whatever comes my way, I will go with the flow. That expression is everywhere for me lately and I have written all about it on my other blog. Am even reading a book about it now. Whatever milestones you encounter, celebrate them how you see fit. Channel that inner warrior spirit to keep going with what you love. I thank Warrior most of all for his continuous belief in me despite any outside naysayers. From my warrior writings to Spirit and Belief, my ultimate thanks because I will Always Believe! πŸ’«

~~~~~ Kathy~~~~~

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*** Have an ultimate day warriors! *** πŸ’ͺ🏻

The Cut-Out πŸ’™πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

This iconic image of the Ultimate Warrior was everywhere back then and still remains a fan favorite today. I have a connection with it, are you all that shocked? It’s just another fun teen moment that my memory brought out but it does involve a T.V. show in a way. The show was one I mentioned a few years back with “My Pouchie Faith” but more on that shortly.

Years ago when I roamed the mall as a teen it was cool to just hang out, go shopping, possibly meet up with friends, or whatever. No, I was never a “mall rat” but did use my babysitting money to buy a few fun things for myself. I always used the same entrance by JCPenney’s and TGIFriday’s restaurant. The people eating could look at shoppers through the windows coming and going. I miss that place. So, one day I went in and to the right was the GNC store. As I got closer, my steps slowed almost to a halt. Right in front of the store larger than life was a giant Ultimate Warrior cut-out with products next to him on the floor! It was that photo you see above. I just stopped and stared as again, something unexpected in front of me.

I did try to find out if Warrior ever endorsed their products since would they be allowed to use his image? Not sure but let’s just say I left the mall the same way I came in. I would’ve anyway but this cut-out made it extra special. Too bad I didn’t have a camera but who took one to the mall back then? No phones, people!

Now, we’ll connect the T.V. show. Any guesses? It’s “The Goldbergs” which still airs on ABC. The creator Adam Goldberg was a huge fan of the ‘ol WWF and even did a wrestling theme based episode once. They posted a tribute to Warrior at the end in 2014 but was that my favorite episode? Nope, not at all. The guys mentioned in that were mostly of the generation before Warrior but still, I loved it! The episode I am referencing was from 2015 titled:“DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan” of New Kids on the Block or NKOTB. I had to look that up. I liked the Boy Bands but never “liked” any of the guys. The name says it all and rarely did I like “boys” if you’re feeling me here…

That episode had Erica’s brothers teasing her for the cut-out she had years prior of Donnie from the group. Donnie Wahlberg that is. She had put all that stuff away with being older and more mature ya know. The boys remake some of NKOTB’s music videos and that gets Erica thinking of her collection while feeling nostalgic. Adult Adam narrates the whole time and his reflection at the end got to me. I had put my small collection of Warrior stuff away because it didn’t need to be around and I didn’t need the reminder back then.

What he said though made sense. We can put our things away from those younger years but they are never forgotten. You can look back and reminisce but just not for too long. Erica didn’t bring back her Donnie cut-out permanently but just for a bit to hold onto again. I remember watching this in my bedroom while tears formed. I got what Adam meant and what Erica did. Most of you know, I am not a collector of U.W. memorabilia much at all and treasure my little things. I got it all out again instead of trying to pretend it never existed or that I’d be too sad to look at it once more after Warrior’s passing- even a year later.

Those collectibles of mine are part of me and I didn’t want to hide them in the attic anymore. They became my work for this blog, the book Spirit and Belief, and all that I put out there for fans like me. Just because I lived elsewhere, got married, had kids, and was older, it didn’t all have to go away. I don’t just admire what I own, I use it and it has helped with my healing. I can’t do Adam’s speech justice but it made me look at my situation better than I had before. That still remains my favorite episode and the other storyline involves the kids artwork over the years so similar with Erica and the boys of NKOTB. It was so funny and touching all at once.

I know most of you huge collectors have additional storage for all your U.W. stuff and it becomes a business like I blogged about as well. I will never sell my collection though. πŸ˜‰I also would never have a huge U.W. cut-out in my room but to each their OWN. My things will stay forever a part of me in a special way. Oh-“Macho King” Randy Savage tears up that iconic poster of Warrior on a clip of “The Ultimate Collection” DVD and during their WMVII contract signing he says this: …” and I’m gonna take you Ultimate Warrior and I’m gonna make you extinct, oh yeah I am!” *** Even though Warrior is physically gone along with Randy, both will never be extinct to me!

P.S. Did you know Mike “The Miz” of the WWE was recently on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune?” I never watch that but so glad I did! He played for Connor’s Cure… He also is a contestant this season on “Dancing with the Stars” AND the Ultimate Warrior was the reason he got into wrestling! He’s from Ohio like me… Thanks to Miz for mentioning Warrior on both shows!!! πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ»

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