Spirit Visit Dreams

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I also mention spirit dreams in a video on my YouTube channel so be sure and check it out! I have never mentioned this before on here but thought to include since Warrior has been in several and a few more than the ones discussed in my book!

I have always been an active vivid dreamer my whole life. Many others in my family who have passed have appeared with messages in dreams and even a woman I never met! You need to find that meaning and interpret the reason behind their visit.

Just remain humble and trust what you are receiving. It might not make sense or be silly but hopefully the pieces will connect soon enough for you. Some might not understand why a person is appearing to them or others may seem upset that they are not receiving one. Your own belief system or mind-set will be in place already so if you have an open heart and remain genuine, it can happen.

You can ask but not in a deserving or demanding way. Give it time and patience and remember to not judge others who want to share. It is very personal and should be respected.

I hope this will inspire you to perhaps look at your dream world and recognize the messages brought by loved ones in spirit. I have never forgotten any of mine and guess it was spiritual before I ever even knew!

Warrior fans– just know that the first ones I had with him were as the Ultimate Warrior wrestler but several others were of him as Warrior. The man behind the face paint, hair, tassels, and running became the husband, father, speaker, and writer in new dreams. I jokingly said a while back how cool it would be to have a more “present” looking Warrior and not the wrestler. I got just that and him wearing the gray and red tux he wore for his WrestleMania weekend in 2014. Was not expecting that at all and I do believe I have shared that one but there are others on my new blog!

Believe anything is possible and look for those connectors that will help you in your dream state. I am so glad I did and maybe I have educated you some on this process. Never stop dreaming since they might come true!

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~~~~~~ Kathy


For all those Women…

I decided to leave a post while being inspired with International Women’s Day yesterday and all the tweets, messages, and photos I came across. Thank you Dana Warrior for being such a powerful warrior woman who continues to inspire me despite there being a celebratory day.

For all those women who continue to fight for anything that matters to them, this is for you. For all those women who are afraid to stand up for something that matters to them, this is for you. For all those women who weren’t fearful but fearless in their pursuit of being heard and noticed, this is for you.

I too, have been included in these categories and continue on because being a Warrior girl or woman is who I am. I mention in my book Spirit and Belief how being a teenage girl in the mid 80’s and following professional wrestling was rare and basically unheard of– at least where I lived. Outside of my family’s walls, it was seldom if ever talked about or brought up by my friends at all. I discuss seeing The Road Warriors on a boy’s notebook and starting a conversation!

Being introverted this would’ve been unheard of by me but there I was ignoring the teacher and talking WWF characters to a boy! I applaud that girl for being so courageous since she paved the way for me and my destiny with someone by the name of well, I think you all know! To think also that I had a dream with Warrior looking at my book while giving a talk in my old 7th grade classroom where that boy and I once talked is beyond incredible to me.

I look at the success of the Women’s Evolution and those amazing superstars today. I just marvel in how far they have come. Before I watched, there were some women wrestlers who started it all of course but in my day– they were rarely if ever featured or just managers. I am so glad that has all changed and they are not only viewed as bodies but also minds who can compete just as well AND alongside the men! They got their first ever Royal Rumble match, how about that!

For all those women who aspired to do great things in sports entertainment and are succeeding, this is for you. For all those women for watched WWF back then and continue to watch WWE today, this is for you. For all those women (or girls back then) who always wanted to meet their favorite but never got to like me, this is for you.

I have seen plenty of old videos with fans meeting their “heroes” back then and very few women coming forward. Maybe they were with their guy or in the background or not really a fan at all. I must say if I ever had the chance to meet Warrior I would imagine him seeing a woman or two and maybe some girls in line. Yes, we’d have to wait just like the guy fans but like Dana has said: “ladies first!” I have a feeling Warrior would recognize those girls and bring them up to the front! That’s just my take but am sticking to it!!!

Whether you are a fan of today’s Superstars or not, you must agree on all the accomplishments and equality to women WWE has brought then, now, and forever. I can hold my head up high and not feel intimidated ever again like that twelve year old I was many years ago. Even some of the women associates at my publishing company had goosebumps when I discussed my experiences. They too could relate and I was in tears bonding with them over the phone. One woman even said her boy cousins would usher her out of the room when WWF would come on! It wasn’t for girls– or not really…

Thank you to all those women who have made a difference with anything they try in life and we all should do the same. Special days are great and should be celebrated but we should celebrate our OWN victories everyday whether it is in the ring or not. I celebrate my warrior girl then who turned into my warrior woman today and to all warrior women, this is for you! Thank you Miss Dana for always believing and sharing your womanhood with me. 💕👏🏻💪🏻🏆

~~~ Kathy


All my Warrior stories are in my book so check it out!!!

A Thank You beyond words…… ❤️🙏🏻📗🤗

I finally decided to send my book to one of my influential medium mentors and here is her response on my Facebook page: Kathy Schroeder-Pickett. You can find the whole post there. You can also find her at:


I also acknowledge Jessica Lee Knapp at:


I am beyond grateful of her message posted on her newsletter and also on Facebook. I had no idea when or even if she would find time to glance at my book and she is even keeping it in her office for her team!

I had every intention of sending Amanda my book as a thanks for her inspirational blogs and really wasn’t expecting much in return. I have involved both she and Jessica pretty much since the beginning and am very humbled they have both taken the time to communicate with me.

Little things do matter and always make a difference in ways we can’t even imagine. It is a wonderful feeling to be acknowledged and I had no idea of her struggle as well. I will continue to spread my message of EVERYONE having intuitive gifts and the many ways we can share them.

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I thank you all as well for finding my blog on here and if interested, please follow me at spiritandbelief to hear more about how you too can be inspired just like I continue to be!

Continue to follow your intuition always!

~~~Kathy 💗

My Publishing Journey

Just wanted to share a few things about how I was able to turn my blog into a book and perhaps this can work for any aspiring writers out there! You can read the full post here: www.spiritandbelief.com
I discuss Hay House which led to me deciding to self-publish with Balboa Press. They are the smaller company of Hay House and I believe is the right fit for me.

Hay House has a World Summit every year which I was guided to and pursued a free publishing guide after much thought and time. This led to a call from a rep and the process began. They set me up with The Author Learning Center which has tons of resources to guide you on your way. I love the timeline which explores writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.

I did consider another company but knew Balboa Press believed in me. Check out my feelings with Warrior signs on the new blog! If you wish to pursue a new project, you must follow the guidance you receive like I did and still do.

I realize this takes tons of obstacles to overcome but as a warrior, I never give up. I am still learning everyday while taking advice from pros in the field and what works for them. If you have that story that needs to be told that will inspire, do it! Don’t let anything hold you back!!

BELIEVE you can and you will! 📚✍🏻👍

The Number Six

Guess I’ll still be posting on here from time to time since some stories relating to Warrior I either kinda wanted to tell or some are new! This one is mentioned a ton in my book Spirit and Belief and you can find the FULL story on my new blog at: www.spiritandbelief.com

I’m not into numerology at all but I have to say, when I entered my info, it answered many intuitive questions I had and even connected me to Warrior with the number six! Check out this website: www.numerologist.com and it’s free! All you need to enter is your full given name and birthdate. That’s it, super easy….
If you’re interested in how numbers work for you or why they seem to pop up in your life, please find those connectors like I did and still do. You can take it further to find your life path number and some others too, way cool! I am an 11 which is a master number so I have a mix of male warrior energy (yes, it said that!) and feminine energy. I also entered Warrior’s info and some of it is spot on…
If this isn’t for you, I totally get it but it can be fun and you might learn something new! Please don’t feel intimidated and just push that ego aside for a bit…, The number six was very pertinent in my development and I always joked how Warrior was more than WrestleMania VI. 😉
This really helped me to figure out how numerology is a real thing and if you have tons of connectors like I do, you might want to find out more. Check out the rest of the blog at spiritandbelief and let me know your thoughts in the comnent section!!! #numbersarereal #lookforsigns #lifepath

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School Talk Dream~Warrior & Dana

Hey fans!

Just wanted to post real quick and direct you to my new website and blog: http://www.spiritandbelief.com which is up and running! I did post about yet another Warrior dream that fits with this blog but you can find it on the new site! I had no idea more dreams with him would manifest but they have so stay tuned!!


Warrior and Dana were both in this dream and I am so humbled and overwhelmed that they appeared. He was speaking at a large school I was teaching at and my middle schoolers came to hear him. It is filled with humor and some personal moments validating me as a fan! Make sure to check it out as I can’t give it all away on here!


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I will still have mywarriorwritings up here for a bit since many of you are archiving and that’s great! Such compelling Warrior stories and spiritual insight so tell your friends! Thanks so much for checking in and visit the site on spiritandbelief!

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