We Are Never Done 💙😊🫵🏻

“So, when are you gonna be done with all the Warrior stuff?” That was asked by my daughter a few weeks ago. It all started with her looking at silly tattoo pics online. No idea why and some are funny but others were just plain idiotic. 🤪 I bet she’ll get a few someday. Then, she asked about mine as I told her the stories behind each one. The Ultimate Warrior tattoo story is in my book: “Spirit and Belief” but she didn’t remember any details at all. It’ll turn 9 this year on her 17th birthday later in May. When she asked me that question, I really didn’t know how to answer. I wasn’t sure if she met my blog or what as it was recently just renewed another 2 years and then it’ll be close to 10. 😳Come to think of it, I never answered because well~ I can’t. To me, he will never be done (despite his physicality,) but who knows when the blog will be. When it’s time, it’s time, but not just yet.

None of us will ever be fully done. That is why Warrior wanted to leave behind such an ultimate legacy to always be remembered here and in parts unknown. All of us need to believe in our own legacy however it looks. His face in the photo below is depicted being asked questions about the HOF speech. F bombs or not? 💣Well, he didn’t use that word, although I DO now so will keep that part of his legacy alive, ha ha! His HOF speech ended but the impact will never officially be done. We all know that as those who have touched us live forever in our hearts always. I did ponder my girl’s words once more regarding these writings I share.

Do any of you remember me saying how originally I was going to do this for just a year? Yep, that was the feeling but as years progress, it begs the question of what then? When this does end someday as it will, how am I going to feel? Accomplished? I hope so. Sad? Perhaps a little, but I do know obligatory guilt cannot be there. Sure, I had some goals and some were met, others still looming… By the time I possibly feel differently about writing, my kids will be all grown up (almost are now!) and hopefully we’ll be starting anew outside of Ohio. That’s a ways off yet but it’s there. I will find other ways as we all need to move forward in new directions. Again, the physicality of something will be done, but the legacy or even essence always lives on. We shouldn’t feel that sense of obligation just because we are used to something the way it is or has been. I left teaching like the Ultimate Warrior left wrestling. Yes, I, KNOW- not the same at all but the mentality is. There always would have been one more student to teach like there will always be one more fan to entertain. You readers are the same. You will FEEL when it is time to move on and be done with something while beginning again. Sometimes like with us, it was a choice but for some it might not be. ❤️‍🩹

 I gotta add this here as far as readers go.Recently while looking up some other info, I happen to come across this one interesting forum from a few years back. Yes, it was about Warrior (what I was searching,) but I am very much a part of Google in that way. I can’t remember the actual site but a guy posted about finding the “goofyest” stuff. UGH, people- please spell correctly. 🤦🏻‍♀️ He was referencing my blog saying how: ” this girl talks about communicating with the Ultimate Warrior in spirit.” Another guy said something like : ” well, if anyone can do that, he can!” Yeppers! I’ll take that as a compliment and he will too (: Who knows what other comments there were as I couldn’t read them all. This girl… OK, I do sometimes say that but come on~ I’m not 12! That was not a present comment but I had never really read anything like that and I can get defensive. I know not to, as it can be difficult to process. Not everyone is meant to understand or believe any of this. I actually laughed a little, so thanks goes to guy number 2 for some validation. I will be done on Google someday when this blog is no more or the book isn’t searched, but in other ways I never will be and that includes Warrior.

How do you feel about something being done? I guess it truly does depend on if it’s liked by you or not. We are glad when it would be a struggle but then with other situations, it can become difficult ending or seeing it done like a goodbye. Every parent can relate on this but again, we have to move as life is fluid all the time. I know fans were not happy to see the character of Ultimate Warrior leave several times during his run with WWE (F.) As far as we knew he was done and we had no idea if he’d ever be on our TVs again. At least I didn’t. I did get upset and cried a little back then as I felt he was barely there, and then gone….*PAUSE* here. He wasn’t done, but at that time it wasn’t even known by him.

You don’t have to be famous in order to maybe be done with fame, but still easily accessed in this day and age. No, us regular folks can’t be all over the Internet (shouldn’t be anyway!,) and videos, old TV shows, or any of that we aren’t done in people’s minds and hearts. The memories and love will be there and I hope they are for you too. Professional Youtubers with millions of followers isn’t for me. It might be you the reader though, and that’s OK. There’s so many things in life we are done with and some at certain ages, but then other ideas will remain. You can be done with actual schooling in a building but being educated on topics is for a lifetime. You can be done raising kids but will always be their parent. Every year we are done with and a new one and new birthday is upon us. Don’t get me started on stuff I totally WANT to be done with, too many to list! I’m sure you have yours as well.

So, to me as with many of you other fans, Warrior will never be done. I scoff at that. Yes, his fame keeps him going, but he was so much more in spite of all that. So much more. Whatever you feel done with, set it free but know much will still be there. I will never be done with music either as most do know that! 🎼Some will lesson like I said last week, but others will not and there are many reasons why. My Warrior stuff remains always. 🥹

P.S. Last week I got something incorrect… The Boy Band referenced was NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) not N’Sync. Ugh, I always got them all mixed up! 🤬😂

P.P.S. I found another U.W. fan group over on Instagram called: ultimatewarriorofficial. Some others I know follow so check them out! 

My Chance Encounters 💖💙

Oh my goodness warriors will this be quite the post. First off, I had such a debate in my head over what photo to use this week. I decided on the one below because I took it at 4:14 P.M. That date is in a few days and ends my 3 weeks of “running” on emotion. It was decided when I saw the timestamp so there ya go. I had a couple chance encounters at the latest Holistic Fair and what a beautiful time. How do I begin and what do I share? I’m still deciding as I glance at all my notes. I guess the beginning is a good place so grab your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage and take it all in.

I hadn’t sat for a card reading with anyone in over a year as it is a rarity I do so. Sure, I can draw cards from a deck and use a guidebook like they do (I do at home) but this time, there was so much more. SO much more. I wanted to sign in and decided to sit with another spiritual friend of mine instead of my regular gal. This other girl I was familiar with from my book club and we have chatted a bit, but not in depth. She was running late so I decided to sit in on a house reading with my one friend and this older gentleman who is very well-known around here. Both are spiritual mediums so believe what you want on this. I had attended a few of his group meditations and she was the one who interviewed me for the podcast several years ago. I can still hear her saying “that poor man” about Warrior’s passing and it wasn’t sad for me. I have told that story here but today’s is new. They both were pretty accurate with info coming through, and he is so funny! You need the humor too. It does matter as I know.

They finished and as I proceeded to the hallway, I met up with my former book club leader! She came all the way from Florida to see her first great grandchild (: I got to meet her granddaughter there too. What a joyous reunion we had. Oh, have I totally missed that Earth Goddess Mother! Her face just lit up as did mine. I was meant to go that day and as my tears flowed, I became grateful. 🥰 By then, my card reader walked past me so I told her I would be her first session. She was so happy to see me and had no idea I was coming. Just remember, she had no clue I would be there…

We reminisced for a few moments as she pulled a deck to work with. I am more into oracles and not Tarot but she didn’t know that. The deck she chose I was familiar with and she picked 5 cards. The anchor card was “Compass” so that totally fit for me as I am following my true north! You will know your purpose even if it scares you a little. Another card was “Unexpected Visitors” and I linked that to my Earth Goddess mother mentioned above. The cards did connect and I shared some of my insights as well. I had mentioned how much I enjoyed our time in the book club and asked if she remembered me writing a book. Yes, I KNOW. Finally Warrior comes into this post more but it’s great storytelling, don’t ya think? She could tell I practice and follow many things without me sharing much info at all. Maybe it was my energy or passion for being there, who knows?

It was then how I felt our connection a little more and shared a BIG spiritual trait about myself that few others know. It does connect to Warrior and she proceeded to tell me SHE has this rare trait as well with someone. Neither of us had met another with this same type of experience. Our eyes met as I felt easy and comfortable. I said a few things about his fame and passing while she said how sorry she was. She was sorry for me that it happened. Sorry for ME… I of course knew why she said that but it was heartwarming as I told her I appreciate the sentiment and all is OK… She went on to state how she has many gifts including access to past lives which always intrigues me. Again, take what you will from this. I have found out bits and pieces of a past life of mine from our mutual psychic friend but my healer validates much in our sessions. I will see my card reader again about that as she will do it as a favor to a friend without payment. I was honored but with our shared spiritual trait, we bonded. She did say a few things about seeing me in a past life and validated how I passed which I knew. She did add what happened before that, and it makes sense as I shed some tears later on. That info was new to me. 😓 It affects my life now and I can totally relate. It is surreal, but fits for sure. ❤️‍🩹

After that serious yet interesting few moments, she started laughing. 😂 I had no idea why as nothing seemed amusing. She brought up Warrior again and described him younger. I do believe up there we can choose a young version of ourselves at times. I asked what was humorous. She went on to say how funny and cute we are together. Now, THAT is something I totally agree with. 😉😜She picked up on his humor, I love that. You might say this is vague and I don’t blame you, but there was more in snippets which is how it has to be. I am keeping it all in my heart. 🫶🏻

She also saw me painting which I did briefly last year but don’t see that much in myself. It was therapeutic when I needed that break but others paint, not me. This was a future premonition of sorts, not the past. My daughter is that artist similar to Warrior, but it was never something I saw myself doing. Reason to *** PAUSE*** here… 👩🏻‍🎨🎨 That older gentleman I referenced earlier, who is a medium saw me helping to design artwork for a book cover one day. Wow! He told me this years ago and I never forgot. Would not have seen that coming at all. I did a post on art way back now, but it does tend to be an emotional topic for me. Any of us can do anything but to be placed in that category is just amazing to me. It is all free will and some info we take in more than others… I would like to sit with her soon to explore some of those little tidbits and maybe we can expand on them. I had no idea she also had that gift and she doesn’t follow my work either. It was a chance encounter just like seeing my book club moderator mother. To think it all began with just a card reading and turned into so much more. The Warrior stories were brief but enough details to warm my heart.

Again, she didn’t look him up as very few of these people are aware of him or his fame at all. She had no idea I decided to sit with her, and I had no idea on some small information which got presented to me that day. I have lived longer now than in a past life but we probably all have if you believe. Without a doubt, I KNOW so much more of my purpose, as I truly think THAT life was too short. Now is my redemption through more self-confidence in myself. I’m excited to visit with her again and see what transpires. Chance encounters? Nothing is coincidental. I am OWNing my destiny and will continue to follow that compass…

P.S. Here is part of a text I received from my cousin who I talk to daily. I was having an off day near the end of March. Maybe with all of the Warrior dates being around but I felt like I was in a “fog.” I gave her some info and this was part of her reply:

“Never be sorry… it’s good to explain and to know others do care what you are going thru. All will be good but he knows you are a strong WARRIOR like him and continuing his life’s journey through you is amazing! I’m so proud of you and carry your crystals with you! Love you.”

*** She is one of a kind and I was overwhelmed by her words. She always says how she is not a writer. I totally disagree. 🥹

P.P.S. Last year I remember hearing “The Warrior” song on April 1st which was awesome! This year, it popped up on my radio Easter Sunday, April 9th when I was in the kitchen alone prepping dinner… I found out about Warrior’s passing 9 years ago on the 9th. How truly fitting…. 💙🙏🏻


My Wandering Tent Dream ⛺️😴💙

I do realize this title sounds bizarre but you’ll understand as the post continues on. This dream took several twists and turns with so many people popping up, it was hard to keep track. No wonder sometimes I wake up like I hadn’t slept at all. 😲 I do go everywhere when I dream, ya know… The full moon of last week brought other bizarre dreams too and it was in Virgo which is my sign. 🌕♍️ I’m sure few of you are “Astro” buffs but I follow somewhat. The moon does affect me in ways it never did years ago, so these dreams could be part of that, but not all. Let’s begin, shall we?

This seemed to be at a fairground or something similar. That takes me back to another dream many years ago, but it has been told already and is in my book: “Spirit and Belief.” I was with my husband and son in this dream, no daughter. That’s OK as she was in a dream with Dana and Mattie of Warrior’s family so this time it was me and the guys. We had a bucket of chicken like from KFC and were just walking around looking at everything. Humor follows me everywhere. 😅 My husband wandered off (very typical of him at times when we are shopping together in real life,) and then my son went to go find him. Really? Let’s leave Mom with the chicken bucket as we just go off without her! That was oddly weird. Guess I just assumed I’d meet up with them somehow later. There was so much to see, I just had to keep going.

Then, I saw what seemed to be a small tent like those strange shows at the fair with “Mermaid Girl,” “World’s Smallest Horse,” or something like that. I remember seeing “Gorilla Girl” years ago. All smoke and mirrors with strobe lights of course but silly fun. No one was in there, but a movie was playing. Yes, another movie again but not quite the same. I immediately saw Warrior’s face on that burlap side of the tent wall similar to a hologram. The bucket of chicken and I grabbed a chair without looking and sat to watch. Good thing I didn’t miss the chair! Most have a bucket of popcorn at the movies, I had my chicken. 🍗 I’m still laughing at this. 🤣 Anyways, when I sat down, I knew right away how this was the second movie Warrior made. I actually said :“this is the second movie he made and I never saw it!” To any confused, he WAS planning to sign on to star in another movie after “Firepower” but left Hollywood before that could happen. If you recall, I had another dream of Warrior in a 🎥 similar to “Conan the Barbarian” but this time was different. Instead of Conan like Arnold, it was more like “The Terminator.” Who was playing this movie and why wasn’t anyone else around? Was this just for me? Had it been playing? Always questions…

I seemed to stay in that tent for a while and nobody else ever joined me. Here’s a little bit of the plot. Warrior was a cyborg and left his mostly “human” life to fight crime. A true superhero indeed. No idea how he became a cyborg but I remember seeing lightning strike him and then a scene like when your body turns into a skeleton. You see flashing bones in a way. Yep, that’s what I saw. Years went by in the movie and this teenage girl had to find him. She was his daughter, although he didn’t know. He was pretty famous as this cyborg superhero but I had no idea he was being followed. She finally told him who she was and had proof in someway. She stayed with him as they continued to fight crime together. No true ending as that was all I saw. Guess I had forgotten about my family, oh no! Were they looking for me? I had to leave the tent but what an interesting movie for sure. I was happy to have finally seen his second movie!? Would he have taken on a similar role if things lined up— who knows? Maybe I was given another possible future 👀…

It was then how I kept wandering and saw so many other things that seemed out of place but really~ it’s common place in my dreams. This part felt like a scene from “This is Your Life.” First, I saw my brother-in-law and his wife. They seemed to be walking somewhere but I never felt like anyone saw me. Next, it was my mom and stepmom carrying covered dishes of food like they were going to a potluck or something. Was this still the fair or another place? They were talking but I never spoke to either, maybe I was invisible? I could see lots of streets and it was more open like with cafés, shopping, and people eating. All of a sudden I looked and saw my childhood best friend’s sister. She was seated at an outdoor table chatting with some friends. I haven’t seen her in years, so why now? Then, there was a big above ground pool like what we have in our yard but I looked down and I was in it! How did I change into a swimsuit? This was getting ridiculous as it went along.

By that time in the dream, I believe lucidity set in as I told myself to wake up and get out of there. No clue on if I ever found my boys or not but I got out of the pool and headed over to a big grassy field. It seemed to go nowhere but then I finally did awaken. I have tried to put all these pieces together that happened after Warrior’s movie. It could’ve just been people I have known, although some interesting pairings. The BF’s sister is the odd one that doesn’t connect but maybe something is going on with her. It is what it is. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ In the beginning, I thought maybe an abandonment issue but I didn’t really know. I do have holiday issues as well with family so that could explain it needing to be resolved. I just have to keep going down my road and not worry so much about others and their detailed lives. It sounds selfish, but truly isn’t. The boys just had to do their own thing so I could do mine, and that included being in that fair tent all alone watching Warrior. Well, not entirely since I did have my chicken bucket! 

I always thank the Universe for showing me aspects that either need to be healed, not feared, or maybe just observed. I too always thank Warrior for showing me aspects of his life however they come in whatever form. The movie was really cool and obviously presented to me for a reason. The other stuff is a little harder to figure out. Maybe some of you have detailed dreams like mine and yes, they do seem a bit much (that’s putting it mildly, I know!) but it’s been my whole life. Warrior in them has not been of course, but they all have purpose and I am grateful. Now, the next time I get a bucket of chicken I’ll think of that fair tent with Warrior as a cyborg. I’ll also have to watch my guys the next time we are together and see what happens!

P.S. As Arnold said in “The Terminator” movie: I’ll be back!” He met a young “Warrior” years ago when bodybuilding… 🏋🏻‍♀️

P.P.S. It is a rarity that I pre write these in front of anyone but the Warrior part was already written so I could just concentrate on the rest. We were all in the living room and of course I get asked what I’m writing, ugh… I did say a little about the boys, chicken, and the tent but left out particulars! My girl starts making me laugh by showing goofy pics on her phone. They were buckets of chicken, different types of tents, and so much more. It was hysterical but I did actually finish writing after all her shenanigans! 😅😂🤣

My Spiritual Hope 🎞️💽💙

Don’t freak out warriors. I’m not getting all “heavenly” here by preaching about hope although I always can but those that have been with me know some of my favorite topics. Movies and music. It’s movie time once again and this had been written on my previous blog of “Spirit and Belief” (also the book title.) It is worthy of a post here today. As usual, I like to do a little “flashback” for those that are new. It is a small reflection on sadness but it does connect so here we go. When Warrior passed, I wanted to get out my Ultimate collection of things and of course WM6. I was planning on watching it but alas, our VCR was now in the basement not hooked up and I only had it on VHS, no DVD. I could’ve looked into clips on WWE or YouTube but nope, I wanted mine. With all my shock, somehow the right wires wouldn’t connect and I only had sound, no picture. I couldn’t concentrate.

For some reason, I called my husband at work (it was lunchtime) and told him I wanted to watch one of my movies. He asked which one? Huh? Why did THAT matter? I got out the one on top-“Hope Floats” starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr., love them both! I even left it out so he’d think later on I actually wanted to watch it. Oh, those emotional times. Never did I figure it out as more despondency filled me up. But, like one of the last lines in that movie of “Hope Floats” says: “just give hope a chance to float up and it will.” It did eventually and boy did I need it to. I also LOVE the song from the movie and yes- to any wondering- it is on my playlist. You can look that up on your own. Garth Brooks singing? Yes please!

This takes us to my other movie collections and some of you will notice a “running” theme. They ARE good movies though and I do love comedies but these, well, am sure you’ll get it. If you haven’t seen any- just Google the title and you’ll find a description. Here’s a list of some I own and a few were on VHS back then. “Meet Joe Black,” “Sister Act,” “GHOST,” “Field of Dreams,” “Braveheart” ( I have the soundtrack on tape, …) “The Wedding Singer,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” ( that’s been told!) “When Harry Met Sally,” ( a fave!) “Wild Hogs,” (another that’s been told) “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Forrest Gump,” “Wedding Crashers,” and so many more I can’t think of without looking. Here’s another side note: I have the “City of Angels” CD soundtrack (think WM7 commentary…) There’s a song on that one.., OH MY… WOW… It was not one played often or on the radio then. Do I listen to it? You bet, hehe… 🤭 So, once I looked at some of these movies- I found a theme. They are not in order up above but can you find it? It actually upset me. Well, I did like some of the guys in those movies- Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Costner but that’s not it. Anyone remember my post about our South Dakota trip? “Dances with Wolves” is another one but I don’t own it… Out in that Santa Fe Truck Stop Diner area is where parts of the D.W.W. movie was filmed. Ok, back to your guesses. I was getting side-tracked…

Many of them, including the music involves some sort of spiritual idea or even hope in some way. I remember getting most of them as birthday or Christmas gifts from my mom years ago and how happy I was. I told myself after Patrick Swayze died that I would never watch “GHOST” again. Um, I did and then it was Warrior’s turn as time went on. Years prior, my youngest sister and I loved parts of that movie and Whoopi Goldberg’s character of Oda Mae. No, I am not a medium but the scene when Sam keeps singing to her as she’s trying to sleep, so funny! Warrior doesn’t sing to me but I do get some pretty constant messages in songs, just not like Oda Mae. 😉 How about the one ghost (I so prefer spirit but will use that word here) named Orlando. Think Warrior’s last match of 2008 in Spain. Yeah, great movie but get this…

When I finally did watch it again, the loud ringing in my ear came during the subway train scene with Sam and another ghost. This man doesn’t like Sam in his territory but wants to help him. It’s all about training the mind to move objects. Why that scene? Maybe the mind reference but there it was, ringing loud and clear. As Sam says to Molly at the end: “ It’s amazing Molly. The love inside, you take it with you.” Life imitating art for Patrick just like Warrior but that time watching, I wasn’t sad. It was beautiful in a new way for me and I finally got it. 🥲

I just really liked these movies despite their somewhat emotional messages but when I saw a connection, it perplexed me. Little did I know how they would influence my spiritual development or why I was attracted to the storylines. Ok, I did have some personal investment but no idea on the deeper meanings. Another one I don’t own but love the song from is “Chances Are.” Even though it’s kinda a bizarre afterlife story, I loved it. It is creepy with how this man comes back to his family but still a touching film. Do I believe that’s how reincarnation works? I sure hope NOT but again, not going all heavenly on you all here. The song is a duet with Peter Cetera and Cher. It’s from 1990 like “GHOST” – great year so guess I am “outing” myself again. I’m a sucker for romance. 🥰 Can’t believe I never got that movie. So many to choose from and no, I don’t do it purposefully. If you look back at my list, you’ll see others that don’t have that theme. “Sister Act” maybe but I sang in choir and so have my own memories. Plus, I am really good at guessing the movie years! It bugs my husband but when it is something I like, I will know. Most of the time I get it right and if I’m off- it’s usually only by one year. He wins other little silly competitions.., 😜

I hope I didn’t give away too many spoilers here with these movies. Maybe I’ve inspired you to check them out as I can’t assume you have seen them all. They did become my spiritual hope as movies are a break from our everyday lives. I’ve even mentioned many animated Disney films on here too. “Inside Out” , that was a biggie… Interesting how some will connect to a certain person, place, or thing in our lives but then somehow give us the hope we need to continue. I do believe in hope but we still need to turn it into an actionable word because it just won’t do itself. You can have that hope and then work at it. Don’t put all that you are into one hopeful basket. We can’t just hope for the best but try our hardest to make it happen. That’s how it works.

I still love those movies but don’t want the sadness all the time. The Universe was planting my spiritual hope before I ever really knew it. The hope I aspire has to come from within myself and Warrior’s spiritual energy gives me the strength I need as well. Just give hope that chance in whatever you face and along with the tag-team partner of yourself, the Universe will float it up… I really need that movie on DVD. Go watch some goodies you own! Now, I have “Henry the VIII” in my head from “GHOST!” And no- I also didn’t just love “Braveheart” for the face paint! Warrior loved it too but I would’ve had no idea back in 1995 when it came out (:

P.S. Check out my book for another movie reference connection to “Bruce Almighty.” I mention one scene but always have others… The book is over at Amazon and other outlets, thank you! 📗🙋🏻‍♀️🥹

My Warrior Conversations

That’s me all bundled up in my backyard. I actually took that photo right before NYE for a Facebook video as part of an intuitive group I administer… Plus, before “locking up” with you all today, I wanted to touch on my post about “Home Gym Stories.” Much interest in that one has prompted me to expand just a moment. A moment here on squats. I actually DO them, just not with weights or too many. Now that the majority of my injuries seem to be on the mend- yay, 🤞🏻 I just might get into more with cardio and my elliptical machine again. Baby steps but this girl needs to lose some holiday weight… UGH…

Now, onto my ACTUAL post today. Remember when I mentioned two 2️⃣ things we all need to be grateful for every day? They are your life and health. Well, I felt the need to add to that which will lead into my warrior conversations. I also believe there are two things we want and NEED in our lives that aren’t the physicality of who or what we are. This came to me when thinking of sharing what I will write today. Any thoughts? To me, the answer is love and acceptance. That’s them, period. Everything else follows and is secondary. Love is extremely broad and covers many topics but we give and receive it. At least I hope you all do in someway, no matter how it’s defined. Acceptance is the toughie which we fight for and defend all the time. We really shouldn’t but we do. To just accept another or situation can be extremely difficult and yet despite our sometimes objective nature, we need to. Sure, it’s gonna be hard but once you do~ it will get easier because you won’t need to fight so much. 

Once you have acceptance, the love comes. OK, maybe not in that way you are used to but how about understanding instead? Let me explain. I am going to share my Warrior conversation I have every day during morning meditation. Once I set my intentions and send my gratitude, requests, and anything else out to the universe- I speak to Warrior. I’m sure some of you do too in your own way (if you knew him are/were a fan and anything similar.) You know what? It was never awkward for me, never… . These are some “convos” I have with him. It’s not in any specific order but I say these “hopes” like this: “I hope you are still reading, writing, and painting. I hope you are playing with your dogs. I hope you are checking in on your girls and good friends.” I am almost certain he does these things but I say them anyway. Some others go like this:

“Ride your motorcycle, tell everybody hi from me, (especially Randy) there’s too many of you up there… – *cue emotion*-recreate some of your favorite matches but maybe a few would want different endings!”

There’s A LOT more and some are too personal but you get the idea. I always say his mantra first about being bold, brave, and strong of course before diving in. Sometimes too I reference his “Fear is an Aberration” speech or a few others and I never know what feeling I will get. It does vary and often times, we need to just be still and really picture the good. I thank him for working with me and strengthening our connection but I don’t ask WHY anymore. I know the WHY or at least most of it and acceptance comes. Do you talk to any passed loved ones in spirit? if you don’t, no biggie and if you think it’s crazy, that’s fine. The HARDER part for me was writing him which became quite the endeavor last year. My healer friend had that come through and as easy as this is sharing on here, I was stumped with penning him a letter! Isn’t that strange? Guess I’m better at talking to him but like I always say (as did Warrior,) you need to get it on paper. It truly helps. ❤️‍🩹

This last little conversation was a phone call I had over Christmas with a cousin of mine. He is the younger brother of my beautiful soul sista. He busted his knee, called my mom, was bored at home, so asked for some cousins numbers. We rarely see each other as adults now but if anyone recalls, he is the doppelgänger of this boy on the “Ultimate Collection” DVD. Look for the match between U.W. and HTM from 12/17/88. It might also be on YouTube. The camera focuses on this kid near the end who could’ve been my cousin around 13 or so. He was actually 14 then… Too funny. He drops the F bomb often just like Warrior did and had me laughing so hard! 🤣 Such great memories and he is also mentioned in “This Brotherhood of Mine.” What struck me is how he KNEW his sister and I had a bond~ even back then. I never would’ve guessed that but he did. He was a little rebellious to say the least like his three brothers but has a much better and sober life now. We could always talk and he remembers that well. 

He called me one of the sweetest, kindest, and honest people he has ever known and I was overwhelmed. 🥹 Sometimes, we don’t feel those complements but I’ve talked about that too. Part of me didn’t accept his words as we become our own worst critics indeed. I never knew he felt that way~ I honestly didn’t. He isn’t that close with his many sisters but calls them all on occasion. I told him I would always talk to him and he knows that. When you are one of 10, life takes all in different directions with lifestyles, careers, and such. Keeping in touch is a lot but we have to want it. Love and acceptance again. It was a great Warrior conversation and I will talk to him soon. His birthday is this month so I am going to zoom in on that boy from the DVD and send it his way. I hope he responds! 😜

Have those conversations warriors however they work for you. Passed loved ones or in person, it doesn’t matter. As long as you do, the love and acceptance is there. It could come in a very unexplainable way, humorous, or not at all for a bit but it will eventually. You have to always believe because the belief gets us through it all. I won’t hear the F bomb from Warrior anymore but he delivered through my cousin who reminded me of some words I needed to hear… Until next time, bring the love and acceptance into honest warrior conversations. Oh, and do your squats! 🫵🏻💪🏻🗣️

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Warriors will SHINE 🌟✨

Of course we SHINE! We all do in our own way just like Warrior did and still does. I kept seeing that word of “shine” in many places or reading it so decided to work it in with the last title of 2022. The remaining few Wednesdays I will break for family stuff during the holidays so this is it for a bit. I had to pause a little before beginning today… A few extra warrior things got brought to my attention so I became quite emotional yet truly amazed about some fellow warriors… 🥹🫶🏻 Oh my~~~ what a year it has been. I usually look back on the year and decided once again to do just that with these 43 posts, minus a month. My first one of the year was all about Warrior’s gym, and then his ’08 match in Spain. Hard to believe I wrote those in January. I will share some of my highlights but before doing that, guess there’s another first after all. 

Hulk Hogan finally made his way into a dream. Oh brother, ” whatcha gonna do?” Ha ha! Again, one would assume this could’ve happened already considering WMVI among other history, but nope. It probably manifested as a result of watching a few of the WCW days I hadn’t seen in a while. I can see “Hollywood Hogan” specifically with his NWO bearded look very clear walking around outside the ring looking for Warrior. It was brief, but definitely a dream. Now, onto the memorable posts for me this past year. 

Since I just mentioned a dream, let’s start there with some that touched me.. Hulk brought on the topic of firsts so how about that? Vince McMahon in one along with Warrior’s younger daughter Mattie as both were extremely special indeed. My daughter in that dream with Warrior’s was very much a first so it’s up there as a moment for sure. The other dream that happened in the same night was Warrior as a summer camp teacher. So much fun seeing him spray those kids with a hose! Loved that playful humor of his. He and Dana both in a different dream during the same night. Talk about a first!

Another stand out for me is when I got a very young college age “Warrior” and his friend fried rice and green grapes. So cool and interesting to see him looking younger close to when he and Sting were the “Freedom Fighters.” Now, my son is in college so I totally relate to how some dreams come about. The last one connected to the Earth goddess of Greek mythology Demeter. I felt so beautiful in my gown picking flowers which led to an incredible lovely moment. I can still picture those gold and silver roses… What a great experience to shine, as I truly did! BTW, I did check and I have had 10 dreams involving Warrior in some way or another this year. Oh my, I believe that has to be a record. 💙😴 There were 2 others and one actually involved a mountain that I posted about a few weeks ago. The other one, well, that was extremely personal as I shared it with a dear friend. It was super funny and it made both of our days. Warrior laughing always makes me shine! That also won’t be blogged but I had to mention those as well. 

OK, dreamers we will move on even though it’s always hard to top those Warrior dreams of mine that I am so blessed being given. Another gift I was given was from last winter after Warrior’s old blogs from “Warrior’s Machete” were sent my way. That post was quite a biggie for me but very grateful I was able to spend time really reading all those 71 pages more thoroughly than many years ago. I highlighted several points of Warrior’s as well as sharing my own but it definitely is a huge part of this year in 2022. One of these days, I will go back and reread them again just to feel his words on the page. A few disagreements as usual of course, but he had his opinions and made them known. How many of us can say that? Plus, us writers just know the power of words so I am ultimately grateful. 

The next highlight that made me totally shine was being a guest on the “Pick Six” podcast hosted by my friend Vince McKee of Kee on Sports. That was so much fun sharing all about writing, my book, “Spirit and Belief” and how I started following the Ultimate Warrior’s career. It became so wonderful discussing how influential our intuition can be just like Warrior mentioned often. Boy, am I glad I listened to mine and still am. Right around that time was the warrior week brought to me by my cousin. She was so cute sharing all these great little warrior stories, and even sent a photo I used for the post. It started with the word “warrior” on her phone randomly?! and ended with the word of savage. I love when Randy is included too.

A post that was quite hilarious to me in a different way was “That 80’s Vibe!” Just look for my painted Warrior cheeks. Music and dancing in my past along with Warrior’s which brought me such fondness and laughter. What a throwback of a treat! Another one was “Out of this World” which Warrior’s wrist tattoo with Saturn inspired. 🪐 If you are or were a space geek and science nut, that one’s for you. Family stories plus Warrior’s comics are talked about but also a little spiritual. I loved writing those. 🥰

I did have that 4 week break in May which gave me time for painting. No Warrior masterpieces were created but I did need a break from writing despite my resistance. So many intense family milestones and NEW stuff this year~~~ it’s been exhausting. Oh, so worth it as I savor and flow with it all. Warrior’s birthday brought all those great songs plus a few new ones added to the playlist. What an Alexa moment that was for me right after talking with a friend about wrestling. 😂😉Warrior was shining his light so much that day, I thought it must’ve been my birthday! That was another milestone this year. 

How about some self -reliance? Yes, that one is a huge one because it connected BOTH my kids as we were just going about our daily lives. My daughter’s report on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophies for school among others and then seeing his self-reliance essay all about success hanging in a music store with my son. Once I read some words of Emerson’s that my girl had at home, I KNEW Warrior had said them. That started it all and the light on self-reliance kept shining brighter and even more Ultimate over the next few days. Warrior was for sure part of those times because, really— how could he not be? 😇💡

Whew… I know that’s a lot of trips down memory lane this year to shine a Warrior light upon but in case you haven’t read any, there’s a little recap. I also have had some other very meaningful surprises along the way (different than that other post,) which overwhelmed me in such a great way. Some people we meet, know, or just connect with in our lives that have a way somehow of shining their light just enough to let ours out a little more. Do you have anyone like that? I hope you do as I also wish for your LIGHT to keep shining despite this crazy holiday time and beyond. 

Enjoy the season of magic and be the light that shines for others. They will share theirs with you if we just always believe… Here’s to the end of 2022 and I will return to these writings in January 2023… ✍🏻Celebrate the way YOU love! Happy holidays!

~~~ Kathy~~~

P.S. Here’s to more in year 7, such a great number! 7️⃣ Oh, I also found a few more Bluejay feathers this year too! I did check and I had mentioned 7️⃣ previous posts, so how about that with this number? 


*** You can find me on a U.W. fb group, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. My book is available on Amazon and other outlets so feel free to check it out. What a great Holiday gift!!! 📗Wishing you ALL Warrior blessings!!! 🙏🏻🫶🏻

Climb the Mountain 🧗‍♀️🏔️

I’ve seen this photo of the Ultimate Warrior plenty but it’s a first using it today. Not sure if that was a photo shoot somewhere or just a simulated backdrop but either way, super cool for me. That got me thinking of a mountain whether literally or metaphorically, both work. Warrior lived in the desert, then the mountains and felt such a sense of belonging there always. Me, I’m not close to either but there are plenty of cliffs and such in nearby parks. My one sister lives in Washington state so plenty of mountains out there in the Pacific Northwest. Ever climbed any? I know of course people have climbed Mount Everest among others but I’m not talking about that. I bet you have traversed some though. 

We all do but not those real ones. Once you conquer a goal, you are at the top of that mountain. Warrior did that much in his life and then there were always new ones to conquer. Ever see the game show

The Price is Right?” If you are outside of the U.S. maybe not, but I totally remember the mountain climber cliffhanger game! There would be yodeling too. They showed this little climber guy moving along a mountain and it was all about guessing prices of items. You didn’t want him to fall over. It was the funniest thing! I should look it up as a memory… 😂 I actually DID climb a mountain 4 years ago. Diamond Point Mountain in West Virginia took us about an hour or so to get to the top. I knew it was diamond something… We really went there for white water rafting but our guide told us all about this mountain. Coming back down is when I first pulled that crazy hamstring muscle that still bugs me today. We get so excited going and then know that the hike down will be just as loooong… Also, not remembering where the car was parked became no fun. It’s like “Dude, Where’s my Car?”

I do hope some of you get to climb an actual mountain someday besides cliffs and small stuff. There were some pretty big ones as well out in South Dakota when we went to see Mount Rushmore. I cannot imagine climbing that! Let’s scale it back just a little. I bet all of you had a specific goal, dream, or anything similar and finally did it. I hope you have anyway. Well, I became a writer but that was never a dream in the beginning. We are always moving along that mountain. Some go faster while some a little slower, but always at your own pace. Whatever life throws at you, just keep climbing. Life’s mountain will end when we reach our place of eternal destiny but until then, climbing is what we must do. I am also reminded of the cartoon “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with his mountain in Whoville that he climbed or drove up really. He made it to the top with his dog Max hitched to a sleigh and just when all seemed lost— he got enough strength to hoist that sleigh full of toys and all above his head just like what the Ultimate Warrior did, only a little different. Perfect movie reference for this time of year, right? 

How do we get the strength or stamina to keep going up all our “mountains”? It’s because we, as warriors fight through it all. Just when we think it is smooth sailing, oops~ another uphill battle is upon us. Unlike a real mountain when deciding to climb up, you need to climb back down where you began. The figurative ones just keep coming our way as we traverse another and yet another. We do need to stop and admire the view from time to time and catch our breath. Please remember to do that as even warriors need rest. Also, keep that gear bag packed with whatever will assist you as we never should go it alone. Maybe you are by yourself but that inner spirit is inside guiding you up and down life’s mountains. Your soul does know what to do despite our fears sometimes getting in the way.

No matter what size the mountain is, believe that you can and will keep going in the right direction. I will if you will. No one ever stops in the middle and gives up. It’s either up or down, you decide. Just last summer, we hiked up the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes 🐻🐻🐻 of Northern Michigan and I decided to head back. Talk about a desert! The kids’s dad went up with them as I stayed with the dog. He went further than me as they saw more but I was OK with my adventure. Unbelievable experience and a huge legend of ancient times too… It seems I have more mountain stories than I thought! 

Of course I DID think of a song that mentions a mountain in the lyrics but I’m not sharing that today. It’s whatever comes and is on my playlist from a late 90s band. See, I’m more than just the 80s… 😉 Can you just imagine really standing on a precipice of a huge mountain looking down at the world below? No, I’m not going all God – like on you all here and perhaps some readers have done just that. Maybe Warrior is doing that pose similar to the photo above looking down at all of us. I never think of him being like that in an intimidating way at all although sometimes I hope he isn’t watching my goofy stuff. 😜 Ah well, we need to laugh at ourselves. I picture it being peaceful like the land he loved out west. 🙏🏻💙

So, warriors~ I hope you continue to conquer those mountains in your life whether they are for real or metaphorically. Take what you need along the way and enjoy it all. Some will be really rough with so much climbing work but once you get to the top, all worth it as you will know. Next week marks the beginning of December and my last BIG milestone of the year with these writings. You’ll have a few more weeks with me before I break to end 2022(: 🙋🏻‍♀️💜🥰

P.S. Don’t forget to catch my 50th YouTube video all about thanking some U.W. fans that have contacted me! Also, my book Spirit and Belief is available on Amazon and other outlets if interested in hearing more stories… ✍🏻📗

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From a W to 2 B’s, Thank You! 💙✍🏻📗

It is October warriors. 🍁This year is almost over. How can that be? Seems to me like it was just the start of 2022 and now we are nearing the end soon. My year of milestones is coming to a close from this past week and then in a month or so, warrior writings will be at 300 posts. My oh my, here it comes. As you can see by those dates listed, this week marks another anniversary for both of my B’s. No, not the “Killer Bees” of wrestling fame, ha ha! The W of course stands for Warrior whose heavenly energetic hands assisted me through all this and continues today. Hard to believe they are 12 months and 3 days apart. Almost twins. Yeah.. To think I was only going to write this for a year. 6 years and still humbled. I am finally to that number of Ultimate Warrior’s finest career moment. I have evolved as we all should and yet…

I always get reflective upon these days every year as I’m filled with such emotion. Sometimes, I so wish I wouldn’t be extreme with them but that’s how it goes. I’m constantly working on this like you can’t believe. What I mean is how it all comes across with you readers. So grateful I always am so don’t get me wrong here. For those loyal readers, I love your support. I REALLY do. You’ve been with me the longest so let me know your thoughts. Any posts stand out to you? I would love your comments. It is so surreal to me how that number of 6 which still remains a regular fixture in my life, is here with this blog. 2016 and even 2017 seem like just the other day and yet also many years ago now. I do hope any of you readers out there or followers still feel inspired in someway. If there are some topics you’d like me to discuss, shoot me a note. I’ll do my best to answer in a way that works. I just might choose your question to answer in a future post!

The other part of me gets frustrated as we all do at times. This is probably why I couldn’t be an author who continuously puts books out there like a few people I know. Too much pressure and I get way too attached. Expectations are one of the hardest things to let go in life and yet we must about many aspects. It’s actually included as one of the agreements with the “Toltec“. It isn’t listed by itself but is part of the beliefs. Miguel Ruiz wrote a great book called : “The Four Agreements” on this as well… I highly recommend it… You can look that up. Anyone who puts content out into the world wants and needs support. We want it genuine and not just because you are in an elite group or under some kind of obligation. I bet most of my readers are either spiritual or maybe wrestling and Ultimate Warrior fans but not all. Some are just bloggers. Guess I don’t really know since rarely do I receive feedback. I need to let that go… Back when I started, I did follow a few other bloggers of similar interests. Some in turn would follow me and it was nice. It was getting to be too much for me and I scaled back. That’s OK as reading isn’t for everyone. I just ask that whatever you do, do it for the RIGHT reasons and not just because...

It’s also like when you are in a private social media group or something similar. I am part of an Ultimate Warrior facebook group and as great as it can be, it also brings more frustrations my way. This post seems so negative but guess sometimes we all need to rant. I DO appreciate anyone who has found my work, really I do but with anniversaries, comes other thoughts too. Warrior was all about honesty, right? Well, today you get to hear it for me. It’s not ALL what you might be thinking but here goes. I have often said how I don’t “fit” in with many ways of doing things but nowadays, it benefits me not to. I do have my days just like many of you where we still want to be our original warrior selves and yet that longing is still there to belong more. I should say: “F*** what others think” like Warrior said but I can’t entirely. I will continue doing the work though.

I’m not about a huge U.W. collection, selling merch, pics of meeting him, and all that. I share differently as many know. Without contributing that way, does it matter? Do I make a difference? Sometimes my “Ms. Resistance” kicks me in the a**! We all want those shared interests, likes, and conversations but still want to keep being ourselves. They can have that but would I be missed? Probably not. It’s not a pity party although it sounds like one, I know 🙄. I’m just being honest and real here. Maybe many are jealous of my work and spiritual connection to Warrior… Hard to tell. I answer enough but it might not be what others want. Did I know Warrior or even Ultimate Warrior? I did not and yet there is more to that statement…. So, that’s not good enough of an answer but privacy he had to a degree as do I. We must all in our own way. I realize there are “trolls”and we need to accept that. Let’s lift one another up with the GOOD!

A million thanks to the REAL ones out there genuinely interested in what I present and how I present it. I do appreciate YOU for taking the time to like, follow, or even respond. I realize it is difficult posting an email out there but other ways are available. I just want to know if any of this over the last 6 years connects or motivates you at all? I’m not asking for you to go get the book or anything but just drop me a line or two of how these writings or my stories impact your life. It’s not too much to ask really but again expectations make this life challenging. These past 6 years have truly amazed me as there are days I still can’t believe it is true… 🥹🫶🏻

I may not reciprocate always but know I do try my best along with videos to respond. My goal is to serve but to also learn along the way as we all should do. You don’t have to have or do this type of work but we all have social media so think about it. If my stuff isn’t for you, that’s perfectly fine as others don’t interest me either. If you do though, I will notify you and I have to several people. To those who have reached out, I give you such praise for having the courage to do so. I’m not mad or asking for tons of support, just a little more. If anyone takes this the wrong way, that’s your emotion…

So, I have reflected enough on this milestone but wanted to just embrace these past 6 years in a new way. Let’s all just be US but let another know their life counts. We all do. Frustrations will come and go but we still need to be passionate no matter who responds. I will need to remember this… ❤️‍🩹 THANK YOU Warrior for being your honest self and for supporting me in sharing all these writings with the world… I’m sure I’ll be back to my ol’ warrior self next week.… you can bet on that! 🥰

P.S. I was recently in this store and saw a cake candle I liked it so picked it up. Noticed it was made in Indiana and was selling for $6. No, I didn’t buy it! 🕯That fits for today, doesn’t it? Oh, and when I took the photo for this blog, the time on my phone said 11:11. Very perfect spiritual number. 💖😉 one more note~ I started this blog on a Tues. back then and the anniversary fell on a Tues. this year… 🥳

The Changing Times ☝🏻☝🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

That sounds like a newspaper of back in the day doesn’t it warriors? Ah well, it fits as I wanted to mention the word change. First, there’s another new shot of Warrior wearing pants as I have never used that look of his from 1995. At least that’s when I think it was. Secondly, I just turned a BIG birthday mile stone a few days ago. We are heading into almost the end of milestones with this year. It’s a brand new decade as well for me so I’m sure that will guarantee many changes ahead. I don’t feel half a century old… but wait a minute… sometimes I do. No, I’m not going through that midlife “change” just yet but oh, so many others.

The physical ones we always notice first along with those many aches and pains connected to aging. Don’t want to depress you here but they do come when we least expect it! It all brings emotional and spiritual changes too as I have said many times. I looked back on a post last year around now and it was about those “rebels” I followed when younger as other celebrities caught my eye. Hard to believe that was 12 months ago. I was also struggling with some lingering gut issues but now I have an injury pain that my posterior still won’t make me forget! UGH… 😬. How about some encouraging news? The spiritual meaning of 50 is new beginnings and journeys. It signifies completion so it’s OK to celebrate hard work. I’ll agree to all that for sure. Guess that qualifies for changing so time will tell.

Another aspect for me are some of my oracle card decks. You may not practice and really, it’s fine that you don’t. I decided to draw 5 cards from 5 of my decks. I have 6 total (not planned!) plus 1 I made myself. The one deck is more ancestral and spiritual to me so I didn’t include it this time. My goal was to use 5 for these weeks in September and see if it tells a story even though they are different decks. Still with me? Anyway, 3 out of the 5 cards I drew had the word CHANGE on them so I am believing in the positive. It’s all we can do, right? Well, I decided after all to draw from the Shaman deck on my actual birthday and guess what? The card was WIND and it was all about change! What?

Recently, I encountered a beautiful small monarch butterfly and they are all about change. It landed on my finger for over 5 minutes which had never happened before!! I still remember one floating around Labor Day weekend almost 6 years ago right before I had submitted my book to be published. That mile stone is just around the corner as changing of the years go by. 📗

Warrior had to change some things in his life overtime but still stuck to his core beliefs despite the world moving around. It is HARD to change, isn’t it? This is similar to transitions which has been talked about but those are usually bigger events. Change is constant and it happens daily. What changes have you had to accept this year and are you feeling good or bad about them? Like Warrior had said, our attitude truly does matter. I really do try my best, really I do but for us sensitives— it’s 1 million times harder. I’m not making light of anyone’s changes at all here but energetically speaking, I feel 80 or some older number like that. It’s because of changes all over but I do stay away from tuning into many global events. I just know enough but not enough to absorb and take it on which I can do. Not trying to freak anyone out but it’s just me, hidden very well. 🫣❤️‍🩹

It also was the first birthday without my oldest child in 18 years. 😞 Still so new having him away at school. How about that for a change? No one wants to be sad on a milestone birthday but there were some surprises. We DID see him a few days before hand and he had a gift for me. He even called me on my special day and we talked for almost an hour! Oh wow, that made my day. Again, change is a toughie…

Here’s a goodie though, at least it is for me even though you diehard Ultimate Warrior fans may disagree. Anyone remember 4 years ago (I had to check) when I wrote about the Three License Plates? Well, one had “James H” on it and I laughed so hard! I kept teasing him later on and thinking he wouldn’t talk to me until I called him Warrior… 🤣 Fast forward another year after seeing my psychic friend. When Warrior did come through, he was using his birth name of James. I know most would be surprised by that but it seemed to work for me. He never went by it but I call him that. Quite often at times and I still use Warrior of course. It all depends on the situation. It doesn’t seem odd but again, I learned more as things changed which they always do. 💙

Let’s all try to make better changes this year or upcoming for 2023. I’m just going by my recent “new” year but you can do what works for you. No matter what is going on in the outside world, keep the inner you strong enough to handle change or it will cause so much distress. None of us wants that. Situations will come at us from every side and some changes we can’t control. We may not be writers developing a new WWE storyline but we are the writers of our own lives, right? You may not technically be a writer like me but your mindset determines how things unfold for you. That’s why at times I need the silence and stillness so I can focus on my thoughts. Yes, they chatter but I am in control of them and they change all the time.

One thing also that won’t change is I am remembering my annual tradition. Yes, I watched WMVI on my birthday as I have done for years. Hard to believe the story of 10 years ago when it came back into my brain after a long hiatus. The Ultimate Challenge that is… It has been a constant ever since so changing that I am not! Some things we don’t want or even need to change if they make us happy. I bet all of you have those moments in your life that never change and maybe never won’t. Just make sure when stuff does happen to shift, be present and go with it. You are still you no matter what. I’ll end with a Warrior quote. It’s not really about change but it connects to my life now as I hope it does for you too.

” Turn the volume down on the outside and turn it up on your concentrated attention. ZOOM IN, not out. Your DIAMONDS are in your OWN backyard. Dig there.”

~ Always Believe~

Warrior… 🫵🏻💎💖

~~~Despite changes, I will zoom in and not out. Thank you Warrior for your Words of Wisdom filling my life always.💯

P.S. When we were out to dinner the other night I happened to glance across the way and I saw this man’s shirt. Had to stare for a couple seconds as it had the word warrior on it among some other words. Wow…. it made me smile.. 🥰


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Warrior Feathers and a Goddess 🪶🪶🌾🌹

So, do you see it? Two weeks in a row of no Warrior pic and I had different options for this week. Well, if you zoom in by the kickstand of my bike, you’ll notice something super tiny. Sure, I took a separate shot of it up close but this is more fun! It’s a small blue Jay feather. My husband and I decided to take a bike ride one night and as I got closer to putting up that kickstand, there it was. I had found a tiny dime once in the pouring rain but that’s been told already. This feather was literally between my feet so I picked it up and put it in my pouch as it came along for the ride. How would a super tiny jay feather make its way into our garage? They don’t fly in there. The wind could’ve blown it in but who knows? Thank you Warrior as I always believe (like last week.) Had to show my pink bike that’s now 11 years old since growing up I always had blue. Finally, my favorite color after all these years. 🚴‍♀️💖

The next feather story happened before that tiny one’s story. I was feeling stressed and filled with much anxiety so asked Warrior for a feather since I hadn’t gotten one in a while. Do I need them? No, of course not but it just makes me feel good. I let it go and got on with my day. A few weeks went by so it wasn’t on my mind so much anymore. One day though, became quite emotional for me. That day brought something unexpected my way which was such a fun moment. I laughed, I cried, and just embraced this memorable gift. That was my focus until later in the day when going outside near my hammock. I can’t remember if I was planning on reading or just relaxing but the hammock had leaves on it so while shaking them off, my eyes darted to the ground. Upon blinking, I saw a big blue jay feather sticking up straight in the grass right where I’d notice.

Hands covered my face as I was stunned. 😱 Always expect the unexpected and believe. I laughed and thought of that day when asking for one a few weeks prior. I could just hear Warrior saying: “You had to wait until that moment happened to get your feather today!” I’m pretty convinced that would be his thoughts so it lined up once again. I took a pic of that one too. My unexpected surprise totally connects with this feather even though they weren’t in the same day. Just trust me on that. It really wasn’t a total surprise but I still didn’t believe it would happen.

Here’s the last story which involves a goddess like the title above. This actually involved a dream recently but for a 3 count, I had to include it along with my new Bluejay feathers. To recap just a little from a line I included last week, my Virgo self influenced this dream for sure. I was wearing a white dress with a big empire waist, a slight train, and had some flowers. Sounds like a wedding gown, I know… 🧝🏼‍♀️ My hair was a ring of garland flowers and I held gold and silver long stemmed roses. Maybe I became a little lucid since the name that came to me was Demeter. She was a Greek goddess who connected to the Earth and it’s this time of year in the U.S. of harvest. If you never read mythology or know much about it, very easy to find lots of stories all on those ancient gods and goddesses out there. I have mentioned years back of loving them all in 7th grade and then in 9th where one assignment was a book I made and have saved. A blog post was even titled: “The Mythology of Heroes.”

Demeter is depicted carrying wheat in her arms and wearing a green dress like the Earth but I still believe by hearing her name in that dream, a feeling was there. I vividly remember my mom helping in gathering flowers so Demeter fits my style in a way. Maybe that represented me as an Earth mother goddess or maybe even a past life connection? That’s a big topic and one I’ve mentioned before as well. It was so beautiful and I DID get called a goddess. I’ll take it! 😉 The roses were just stunning and I could see them very clearly too.

Warrior referenced those historical gods up above back in his days of wrestling and with my love of mythology, it makes sense. We are getting very close to fall or 🍂 Autumn here and with my month of September, again a beautiful way to bring this dream to me. Well, you could be wondering how those feathers relate to my Goddess dream? No, I wasn’t finding feathers as that goddess but there is the nature feeling with them all plus I AM aware of a few other things… 🥰It did become easy for me putting this together so now all 3 come as a post today. They all intertwined for my life in ways I can’t fully express here but just know they do. 🫶🏻

I never know what signs will be sent in my direction but they fill me with such emotion. I hope all of you recognize what is sent your way and take it in on your journey because that’s what we should do.

***Usually this is saved for a P. S. but I think I’ll share it now. I DID hear a song recently (are you sick of that? I never am…!) Don’t think I had ever heard a song by this group of yesteryear before in my head but it played on repeat. It was in my brain as I woke up one day. Part of a line in the verse mentions a feather so yep— it comes full circle with these most recent happenings. I can’t say it all but these songs fill me with such joy. Whatever you may doubt as a sign, please don’t. Take them however you wish but just know they are specially synchronized for you. I cherish it all and hope your experiences connect in ways you will never question. Keep the feathers goddesses or gods! You are all warriors to me.

P.S. (ya know there would be one!) *** Just recently I read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book called: “Messages from Heaven and Other Miracles 101 Stories of Angels, Answered Prayers and Love That Doesn’t Die.” ~~~ Amy Newmark, 2019.

*** I haven’t read a similar book in a loong time and these experiences hooked me for sure! Stories all about our loved ones up in “parts unknown.” They are truly amazing for any of you doubters out there as I have gotten many of these little signs in the book too…. You can find more about this on my other blog:


*** Plus, other spiritual topics over there AND my own book info too! It’s filled with my beginnings in wrestling, dreams, psychic stuff in a relatable way, family stories, and more. You can find it over on Amazon and other retailers so check it out if interested as I would love a review(: 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️✍🏻📗

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