Are You a β€œPoser?” πŸ’™πŸ’ͺ🏻

*** My condolences go out to the family of WWE legend “Mr.Wonderful” Paul Orndorff. He was my sister’s favorite heel… Too many great ones now up in “Parts Unknown.” CTE is so serious as one of the “Jims” my husband was friends with for so many years also is suffering with this affliction. Rest In Peace Paul… πŸ’”

Now onto today…

My daughter came outside when I was first writing this story and asked about the title. She said: “Ya know, there’s different meanings to that word.” I said: ” yep, I know.”

So, can you answer that question I just “posed” to you above? Yes, the Ultimate Warrior was posing for that photo shoot as he did for so many others over the years. Of course I am here taking this statement a little further. Would you expect anything less? Do any of you remember the 2007 movie “Wild Hogs?” Well, those guys were called “posers” for pretending to be real bikers. They just wanted a road trip but encountered the Del Fuegos who were actual bikers. Another interesting tidbit from the movie ( yes, I remember since we own and love it) is that they were going to Madrid, New Mexico. That’s MAH-Drid, not Madrid-Spain! It is a real city near Santa Fe, man- who lived there? Hint to those new*** he’s that “poser” above. Spain connects to Warrior also.πŸ˜‰

Have we all been posers at certain times in our lives? Yep, for sure. Was Warrior? If any of you ever watched or knew him, you’d know that answer. For those unaware- he was not BUT am sure deep down did want to fit in with some aspects throughout his life. We do this as posers for acceptance, to be liked, respected, and all that. We may not even be fully aware of what we are doing sometimes which robs our authenticity.

I’ll share a story of mine and it’s a biggie. It’s been swirling in my head a while now and this post is perfect with the topic. Many years ago at my second preschool job ( the one that’s been in a few dreams and blogged about) I was finally eligible for a week’s paid vacation. Most full-timers got this and used it in the summer staggered with others. It was my turn and I was looking forward to doing NOTHING. A staycation was in the works. My co-workers all asked questions about going someplace, getting away from it all, and that tropical fun in the sun stuff. It all sounded great to me but really didn’t happen. I just wanted to sleep in, maybe grab lunch out, swim in my pool, get some sun, workout at a decent time, and stay up later. I know- boring right? But, I didn’t have all those other factors lined up for a vacay with my bestie or even the money to “get away from it all.”

What’s a girl to do? I became a poser and told one horrific lie that slammed out of control. I am no liar so let’s clear that right away forοΏΌ any doubters still not sure of my stories with Warrior. Back then, it was very different. Anyway, this “story” became me visiting my cousin and her husband as we went to the Grand Canyon. This wasn’t true. They both do have Native American blood and he was actually raised on a Hopi Reservation. I said we’d visit that area too but um, no..,

Everyone was fascinated as I had them all, hook line and sinker. Never did I think of the future consequences of not having a tan or even pictures to show. I made sure the backyard got myself sunburned and that I lost my camera on the plane. This was before cell phones with cameras. Oh my, what a choke hold I got myself into but didn’t submit. No idea if anyone believed it all but needless to say, nobody ever asked what I’d do on vacation again. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Don’t let this happen to you warriors but if you’ve had something similar, you’ll learn about that word of being a poser. I didn’t want them to think I was boring and couldn’t afford a trip like that even though it was true. Single gals are supposed to travel, right? Not this one and I wouldn’t be honest with them. Am sure there were other poser moments but this one wins the match. Can you relate to my story or are you thinking- oh boy, she had issues. You are right if you say issues because my confidence in myself was pretty non-existent back then. It isn’t so much now as it’s a life long battle but I am better as I hope you are too.

Warrior helped me so much when I didn’t even know I needed it. He took that teenage girl ( long before the Grand Canyon story) who still was a poser with little confidence and transformed her into an authentic evolving Warrior of her own. No, I can’t give him full credit and he wouldn’t want it anyway but some credit- yes. It’s o.k. if you’ve been a poser before because once we get to that teenage self, our true self fades away a little. There’s so much more pressure out there in the “real” world. Your true self can come back. If you work hard enough, it will. Even as adults, we are posers trying to be a specific way so others will think we are ultimate when our real selves already are. You just have to love that YOU enough to know the truth.

The Ultimate Warrior and Warrior himself were no posers but fame does make it easier to become one. It isn’t the literal posing but that real aspect of being one of “them” and what we do to get there. If posing, catch yourself and ask what’s more important. Is it being a poser no matter the cost or is it being YOU no matter the risk? Your choice as always. Situations can be different but deep down, you know the right answer. Let’s only be posers for those photographs, not our ways of living.

***Thank you Warrior despite your challenges for showing me what posing is not about and for the realness to be YOU with or without a camera. Strike a pose but only if you hear a “click!”

P.S. I still haven’t been to the Grand Canyon but in 2016, we saw the Badlands on our South Dakota trip. They are the “mini” G.C. to me! Just beautiful, I could look all day!

P.P.S. Yes, another! Every time we go on a bike 🚲 ride, ( real bikes- not motorcycles!) my husband always says : “Wild Hogs!” He really does…

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Never Say Never πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Yep, that’s right warriors. Never Say Never. Not to yourself or anyone else since that’s a dream killer. Warrior never said it but had it said to him. Alright, o.k., he never even liked pro wrestling at all so am sure he never thought of becoming one later in life. There were those who thought he’d never do much of anything or even succeed with his Ultimate Warrior character. He never wavered and disproved their blatant attitudes of never. I never pictured writing a blog, book, or even having a spiritual connection with Warrior at all. Things start out one way and then end up another. Consider some common “never” statements:

“I would never parent my kids that way! ( you might end up anyhow)

“I would never be intimate before marriage…” ( most are anyway)

“I am never having more than one child!” ( guess what? You may have more)

“I’m never getting another dog ever again!” ( Now, you have 2)

~~ Do you say statements like these? So many things in life start with us not wanting, saying, or doing but they might just happen anyhow.

Perhaps you even say those never statements to another. I’ve had a few said to me like:

” You’ll never get a tattoo.” ( I have 3)

“You’ll never put blond in your hair!” ( I did until recently)

“You’ll never eat avocados!” ( Yes, I do and love them)

I bet you don’t regret doing those actions that were first part of a never. It can be anything from going to an expensive restaurant, ( just NOT now, yikes…) traveling to a foreign country, ( Again, NOT now, ugh…) or even just binge watching your favorite reality show on Netflix. Fill in the blank:

“I would never…….”–Do you believe it? Most young girls or women probably think more about the big life stuff but guys– correct me if I’m wrong! Some girls will say: “I am never waiting until my thirties to start a family.” Or even: “I will never not be your best friend.” Life happens and situations are always very different. I actually said I always wanted 4 kids but now never can imagine that at all. Once I had 2 and with both being sick at birth, plans changed. Never say never comes in many ways and some we don’t even realize.

Just remember to attack and slay that never just like a warrior. Even the Ultimate one had to slay his teen nevers which then became his professional nevers said by some. We are not spiting here ( which I know sounds good) but doing it for ourselves. By doing it for YOU, it will allow your life to be free from all those never naysayers pinning you to the mat.

If you have those “never” lists, life isn’t a challenge to explore. It becomes a desperate attempt to conquer anything frantically that isn’t a never in the first place. Who says you will NEVER________. Forget it! If you say it, you will believe it. Don’t believe it or even what others are saying. Believe that you can and you will. Some goals may seem highly unattainable but it’s o.k. to keep dreaming…

When I have done some things in my life, it was me evolving and not necessarily proving someone wrong. Warrior was the same way and he wants his legion of fans to be also. It will fuel your fire to prove others wrong but always do it for YOU. I can’t say that enough. It’s like changing the word CAN’T into CAN or WON’T into will. Get rid of Never! It serves no purpose at all. Don’t use it for yourself and watch how you say words to others always.

*** I have something Extremely personal with my life that was brought into my awareness but NEVER thought it would be part of me. I laugh at it just a little but realize it’s importance and significance. It was something I kinda fought it most of the time but as it turns out, a real life changer that will forever impact and influence me. No, I’m not talking about these writings perse but just a simple word that encompasses me. It’s also not the word warrior for all you guessers… πŸ˜‰ Such an interesting turn of life events as I frequently said how I’d NEVER want this.., Did have to do some research too! Now, I treasure it like nothing else, always have and always will… πŸ’–***

So, warriors– never say never. Once you do, you’re setting yourself up for a loss and sometimes life will bite you in the A_ _! Take all those never statements and erase them from your mind. Even if someone issues you a never, fight like that warrior and clothesline it down! That never becomes a maybe and then perhaps even a YES! “Never will I” becomes “Always will I.” Just like I always believe and NEVER won’t!

P.S. I thought to use that photo of Warrior and Vince in the book “A Life Lived Forever” from RAW 4/7/14. People did caption that with “Never Say Never.” It’s way too personal for me since my brother had sent that to me right before Warrior past…. So, um– no… It is a great photo though!πŸ’™

P.P.S. PLEASE stay healthy warriors during this global virus…. WASH THOSE HANDS!!! πŸš°πŸ˜·πŸ‘ŠπŸ» find me also on twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. (:

Remember Your Beginning…πŸ‘‹πŸ‘§πŸΌ

This title might intimidate you but please don’t let it! I’m not talking about your birth story here but perhaps a little older in life. The beginning I mean is when you became more of YOU. Confused? Well, it’s whenever that little light above your head finally shines so BRIGHT that nobody can dim it. πŸ’‘The part of you that finally accepted yourself despite naysayers. That part of you that finally OWNed being a true warrior. Maybe you are still finding that out.

I’m not being a shrink at all and most have that “inner child.” Mine is more the “inner teen.” She’s mainly my beginning of sorts. I know Warrior’s beginning was discovering that weight room in high school which helped him excel towards his future. My teen years meant hiding that girl I wasn’t allowed to be. Now, she waves at me proudly while standing on the edge of a cliff. Not there drastically but, ya know– playfully and willingly wanting to SPLASH. I actually can see her in my mind sometimes but now I joke when years ago, I pushed her away.

Which beginning means the most to you? We need to remember all of our parts as they make us whole. O.K., so you won’t remember your infancy but somewhat past that. My earliest memories are of being 3. Ah, I digress… That teen girl watched WWF then with so much excitement and joy. This only seemed “allowed” in my family’s house as that part of me was off limits to anyone else really.

We all have parts that are only reserved for some. Even Warrior did. Sure, he had his painted mask but rarely let out his beginning to many. He enjoyed being private later in life. Maybe a younger version of him kept standing on a cliff too– waving? I can only imagine and guess. Without certain beginnings, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Beginnings end but they still remain part of us. Warrior’s earthly beginnings have ended but his spiritual ones will go on forever. The same is true for all of us.

His passing brought endings and beginnings for me as am sure many fans feel the same. Even this blog has gone thru several beginnings which transitioned to endings of some topics. I look at how the WWE has also evolved besides just the name change over twenty+ years ago. Nothing ever happens without those two words of a beginning and an end. We will always remember them all.

Think about your own life. It’s all there for you. Yeah, sometimes we remember truly what we want to. It all leads to new beginnings, adventures, and experiences. Some of it can be pretty ugly but facing it gets us thru it. The great will stand out but then what about the middle? The middle to me are the littles. It’s the little things we need to remember most but sometimes don’t.

For us who followed Warrior’s career, we’ll remember his beginnings of course and then the GREAT but also the UGLY. The middle things need to be acknowledged too. Those propel you forward just like the Ultimate Warrior character needed smaller matches that led to bigger ones. Most might not remember some of those. We will always have the BIG stuff that amounts to beginnings but the middle counts just as much.

Don’t forget all those middles in your life too warriors. From toddlerhood, childhood, teen years, young adult, middle adult, and then older adult. They are all beginnings. These will end but memories will never. Warrior never wants us to forget any of his but his wish is to make your life its OWN. One book may end like Dana’s with Warrior but now she is writing a new one for her life. She will always remember her beginnings too.

Look at your “parts” around you and remember how they all began. They will always be moving you forward to begin again just in a different way.

*** My teen girl is still waving and I honor her now. πŸ˜‰

P.S. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~~~ Closing Time by Semisonic (1998.)

The Spiritual Warrior

Before I thought of this next post, my mind wondered what other topics to discuss. The book “A Life Lived Forever” always inspires me but then I looked at other things in my Warrior collection. The comic book caught my eye as I hadn’t paged thru it in quite some time. 22 years ago I read all of it after purchasing from my local drugstore. Sometimes I’d glance at it but then once again 4 years ago. It was too soon to pick that up as the hospital scene hit a little too close to my heart. πŸ˜’πŸ’”

Warrior mentions “Destrucity” within the introduction and then these pages pictured near the end. Back then, the entire concept amazed me despite the mortality reference. I would just read the words and think– WOW… but now in my spiritual development, it has an entirely new meaning.

I did some research (highlighted words) as this doesn’t even include the story itself. The words “higher self” or “selves” are mentioned 17 times, “evolution” or “past lives” is mentioned 15 times, and “intuition” 4. These words meant very little if nothing to me then but I always believed anyway.

For some of you disconnected with Warrior’s spiritual nature, just read these pages. I only have the first book but that’s enough for me. When I first starting getting “signs,” I read many books and they ALL referenced these words of Warrior’s. I had no idea at the time how his mindset really was. Not a clue. At least not a strong one anyway. Those were words never in my life before and intuition I learned as “conscience.” He even references God but this can also be synonymous with Creator, Source, Divine Light, consciousness, or any other term you connect to.

Many words he used throughout his career like destiny, intensity, energy, strength, and of course spirit and belief ( wink-wink– my book!) It wasn’t until later on that he mentioned more spiritual words and boy did I pay attention! For him to describe evolution and past lives relates so well with what I am learning now. My belief system never aligned with how I view spirituality today.

The “spirit of warrior” is in all of us if we do indeed listen to that higher self and follow our intuition. That is my entire message of what I am trying to educate others on. I never picked up one book or looked at one blog during my development thinking of Warrior in this way– never. I only researched to find out what all these “signs” meant for me and why Warrior seemed so strong a presence. It wasn’t because I knew or remembered him describing higher selves, evolution, or intuition at all. There are many more magazine articles or YouTube videos of Warrior’s where these are mentioned several times.

He explains on the Ultimate Collection DVD how: ” whatever the character was in the ring was just an amped up version of who that character was outside the ring.” At first I thought– no way! He isn’t the Ultimate Warrior all the time until I realized he meant something deeper. He means deep down to the core and for him, it was the spiritual Warrior. Why do you think he was so successful with his promos or words? Yes, some thought he was strange but he already had that spiritual side within.

He used that to evolve into the character he not only wanted to be but needed to be. He honored his true beliefs and not many people seemed receptive at the time. To think I just thought he was cool and different… πŸ˜œπŸ’– Little did I know and maybe you warriors didn’t either just how much spirituality was part of his very essence. I of course, had no idea of my own really until an experience ten years ago. I never made it a big deal but again- always believed and accepted. It had nothing to do with Warrior at all.

Reading and looking at the comic book now leaves me feeling too many things to describe. I am so incredibly honored and amazed at how he acknowledges MY spiritual warrior all the time. This is my destiny and I find things out that always blow my mind. When others say: “He was just a character on T.V.,” I just laugh now instead of becoming defensive. πŸ˜‚ I know better and am so grateful to be included within his tribe of following my OWN spirit of warrior.

Listen to your higher self.

Evolve into your OWN spiritual warrior.

Follow your intuition everyday . ( I sign this in my books!)

~~~ My meditation everyday has always included: “Help me connect with my higher self which in turn leads me to the Divine.”

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I would love to hear your stories of finding the “spirit of warrior” inside you!! ~~~ #alwaysbelieve