No, I’m not crazy! ðŸ˜¬ðŸ˜³ðŸ¤ª

SO EXCITED! 🥰👏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

I recently had the opportunity to call in to “80’s wrestling the podcast” LIVE last Thurs. 2/9 at 10 AM EST. I have been listening to them for a while now and finally called in- all about WM6! I was also the 1st female caller EVER and my time is around the 9:30 mark into the show. Usually they are about an hour long.. A little longer this time though. It is episode 102 and hosted by Jumpin’ Jay and Tommy Fierro of ISPW. Tommy has a store in New Jersey called:” The Wrestling Collector.” They are all about the Golden Era of the ‘ol WWF years so give them a listen! They DID one on Warrior a while back too. I also made a YouTube video more on this that I will link at the end. You can find the show here: 80’swrestlingthePodcast.

***Now, onto today’s topic…

I love that photo of the Ultimate Warrior below as it is another one I always thought to use from “The Ultimate Collection” DVD. He looks pretty crazy, doesn’t he? Well, sometimes the character came across that way for sure. If you like, look up any of his stuff or even his post U.W. career. This post obviously is more about me but you regular readers may think I am a little crazy as well, who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Often times, I do try to connect my post with the photo but not always. Today, it all DOES connect as some other little stories came to me that can be funny but at first~ not so much. I initially thought of other words with this title like “breadcrumbs,” “writing on the wall,” and a few more. Don’t worry, I’ll explain those terms in a bit. The Ultimate Warrior’s face reflects how mine was in a way where I believed I was going crazy. I found out later on, I was not. Well, maybe we all are a little bit but not in the context of what I thought. If you’re not sitting down, maybe you should and get ready for that rocket ship to blast off on my exciting experiences with this Warrior adventure once again.

I’m not going to rehash all of my past in trying to figure out the many signs from Warrior but when down in my basement working out, always became a usual spot for my somewhat crazy ways! I had read books, watched videos, listened to some spiritual podcasts, and on and on with so much more to try and connect these pieces of my never ending Warrior puzzle. I use that word often and now my husband and daughter love those 1,000+ ones. Oh boy, so not for me but especially since the word puzzle became quite the metaphor in my life. We will never fully have all the pieces, but sometimes we just want one more and then one more… My new term was “breadcrumbs.” When working out and listening to great music is when I get all crazy with these requests. Maybe music brings it out in me, but I KNOW Warrior is around because well— I just know. ☺️I literally would hold my finger and thumb together and look upward while asking him for just a breadcrumb more to stay on this journey where the ride is one of eternity for me.

Sometimes, I would get another sign but not always. Many come from dreams, meditation, or looking at his work, but some~~~ believe it or not, are never connected to those concepts at all. A few actually happen when I least expect them to as it should be because then BAM— we notice more. I get his humor since I am very similar and now feel more comfortable making jokes back. Nowadays, since I tell all of you to think BIG, I am asking for an entire piece of bread and not just a crumb! Come on Warrior- I want the whole F*CKING loaf! I’ll hear a song and say:“Really? Bring it, I’m game!” All kidding aside. Well, sometimes I’m not but then I would become a little more serious. Oh these lyrics I get and I’ll share one because it connects. No, not one with crazy in the title as there are plenty of those! I honestly can’t even finish my reps, a pose, or whatever I’m working on because the song gets me stopping. Look up “Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row of the 80s. I know you are or will after reading. 🎼 There’s a part that mentions: “the writing’s on the wall.” Let me explain. Plus, other words in that song make me think of him too. You’ll know if you find it.

So, after a few times of hearing that song it got me thinking. I went over to my white brick wall in the basement behind where my yoga mat was spread out. I “pretend” wrote a message to Warrior which reflected a possible idea I had. This was several years ago now. I asked him:“Is this it? Does this connect us?” I laughed stating how I wasn’t going to “pretend” erase it. Call me crazy if you want but this is how I did things and he always responded in one way or another, even now. Time went by and I would hear those lyrics once more, point upward and remind him how I wrote those few words that I was still thinking about. Sometimes, we have to let things be for a bit but with me~~~ super difficult to do. Patience is one of the toughest virtues as I’m sure you’d agree. So many questions would I ask but had to start trusting my gut or intuition more which is part of the “main event”message to you all.

I never gave that possible connector up and it wasn’t until the visit with my psychic friend did it all finally make more sense a few years ago. See, I’m not crazy after all. My energy healer has since validated much which has been told, but getting two reference points really hit home. I was RIGHT all along but just had to always believe. It is surreal, and every day brings new mystique (of last week) revealed breadcrumb by breadcrumb. At first, I didn’t quite know for sure as there are many possibilities but then that gut feeling became more real. 

Besides the overwhelming feeling (which is still always there,) we have our fun. I’ll get a few different messages and then respond comically like:“Stop it, I’m being serious!” Oh, Many good daily moments all the time… Like I’ve talked about before, communicating with loved ones in spirit is like how it is here only without their physical presence. It does seem like I talk to myself but that has kept me going all my life. Some may call it other things but it gets me through~ it truly does. If you struggle with talking to someone who has passed, just put anything out there like a close conversation. They do and will hear you but you have to do the work on your end. I was researching like crazy (pun intended) and really kept looking for some answers. Despite the spiritual help from others I did receive, my OWN self had to decipher the messages for me as only I can. Remember how Warrior said: “the answers are already inside you.”

I don’t see a psychic regularly and really don’t want to. It isn’t because I don’t believe but it’s just because I want to do what I can before asking or relying on someone else for the answer. The energy work is about clearing trauma and no, it isn’t always Warrior related. Only a BIG part was and it was NOT all about his passing of almost 9 years ago either. I’ve even cut down on my visits with her. Look at your own writing on the wall✍🏻 in front of you (figuratively) and ask for more bread crumbs on your path. You just may get the whole loaf! 🍞🥖 If others think you’re crazy, let them. Always believe in yourself and trust that intuitive gut. It speaks the truth if you only listen. 🫵🏻👂🏻🗣️

*** P.S. Here is my video on the podcast:

* If this isn’t active, just go to my YouTube channel and find it. It is the most recent one (:

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From Warrior weeds to wishes… ðŸ¤ðŸ¤žðŸ»ðŸŒ¬ï¸

I love that new shirt of mine you see below! Can’t believe it was from a thrift store. It had ME all over it. This marks the end of my month with selfies. Next week we’ll be back to Warrior pics as I’m sure you fans prefer seeing him. I’m going to talk a minute about those dandelions mentioned with this title. They even got a sentence in my book, Spirit and Belief. As a kid, did you ever pick them? Maybe it was the yellows but maybe you liked the “dead”ones and made those wishes. Yes, they are weeds but as kids, we saw flowers that populated our yard until being mowed over. No chemicals for us. Did you know they are edible? The yellow ones I mean. Can’t say I ever tried but great for you. I might try in the spring, but still I’m somewhat cautious. I do drink dandelion tea sometimes, super beneficial. 🫖

As adults, I’m sure you don’t make wishes that way anymore but when the mood strikes me, I still do. I remember in the spring after Warrior passed grabbing a few and wishing he was OK. Kind of like my “hopes”in meditation a few weeks back. It might sound silly, but we NEED that imaginative nature that is abundant during childhood. Being playful is so important and despite our serious lifestyles, it is essential. That is something I need to work on too. Sure, I make my jokes but I crave the wonder of little things from time to time. Wishing on dandelions isn’t silly to me, but for some it could be. No, I don’t go skipping about but some kid things never fade from me. How about you? There are those wishing stars too… 💫

I did an entire post several years back on the kid in us so I won’t get into all that again but just spend some time thinking about your wishes. They might come across as weeds but they are yours to dwell upon. I always wish to inspire and educate any of you sharing what works in your life. Even if I just humor you, my wish is that you are entertained! 😉 Get those seeds blowing in the wind warriors…

 I guess we all have many wishes and sometimes it comes across as wants, needs, or just making things better overall. My wants and needs get blurred into one so with my journey, they tend to move that way. We do get inspiration and need other tools to assist us in manifesting besides those dandelions. Think BIG which is another area I need to improve upon. I love little things but aiming big brings us confidence. With me though when that happens, I occasionally give my trust and then it collapses. UGH- it happens to us all. We need the lessons warriors since that is how we grow internally (if you know what I mean here.) Just recently, I had joined a new group and was pretty excited about this moving forward. After my second meeting, a special message was told to me that I fully embraced. It all seemed to be going in the right direction with what I felt and how it went about. I do have lots to learn but always am open.

When visiting with my Energy Healer last week, I discussed that new opportunity. I won’t share the specific details but let’s just say that wasn’t the group for me and the message relayed was invalid. I trust my Healer and guides working through her as that group was new to me. Yeah, I was disappointed as like the saying goes: “one step forward, two steps back.” Right? Maybe I try too hard, I dunno… 🤷🏻‍♀️ We all need to keep going so I was very fortunate to be spared what could’ve been sorta disastrous to me and what I give my energy to. It is hard to end things but thankfully I wasn’t that close so moving on…

A BIGGER wish beyond that part of my life is another area with pursuing a different project of sorts. No idea on the HOW which we have to release but still need to do our part with seed planting.. It is something that’s been on my brain for a while now but it’s baby steps. I can still dream big, but need to let go of the end result. I am more excited about this possible collaboration than that previous group mentioned above. I do wish for this to come about at some point during 2023 and I DO have guidance on it, so we shall see. Maybe I will keep you updated as anything progresses but fingers crossed, it will!

I wish you all those big ideas and sometimes you gotta just go for it despite fear, trust issues, or possible failure. It’s what makes us who we are. If we continue doing and being the same, that’s how we will always be. If you are comfortable with that, fine but most are not. Look at Warrior if you’re stuck on this whole wish list. He kept going with his wishes, dreams, and ideas all the time. Warrior wants the same for us~ he truly does. Up in parts unknown, he along with your own group of cheerleaders just wants you to be happy. We do feel unsure at times and with me I’m usually in the middle. Guess my intuition doesn’t always kick in as my free well is there to decide. You have to make your own choices too warriors.

We need to always believe things will fall into place the way they should and not to rush the process. I will have to brainstorm more on this future project idea (of mine) as it slowly comes together. 💡Connections do matter and we use our strengths to make it happen. They give their gifts and we give ours. The trick is to decipher what is truly right and that sometimes is hard to do. I DO know this idea is ultimately positive and somehow will be brought to life. 🥰👏🏻Maybe when I see the first dandelion turn, I will find it and make this one wish. My eggs are never in one basket so to speak and again~~~ the HOW part is a mystery. I can and will still do the work because it’s part of me always. Make your OWN wishes warriors and plant those seeds. A weed? A flower? Your perspective so let it GROW. Here’s to all your wishes!

P. S. Oh, next week will be more wrestling based (in a way) for those of you craving or missing that!!! Find me on a U.W. fb group, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also check out my book- Spirit and Belief which details a lot more on my spiritual connection to Warrior. His energy inspired my own intuition and psychic gifts to expand! It’s over on Amazon and other book outlets (: 📗💙✍🏻

Watching Warrior’s Stage

Last week I started with: “that’s me” and today, it’ll be written again. This time, it won’t be me I am referencing but Warrior. Before getting into that, this month of January marks 7 years since all these Warrior dreams started pretty consecutively for me. It is year 7 of these writings as well plus 7 letters in Warrior. For anyone that is into numerology~ this year adds up to 7 too, just sayin’… Oh, and it was 9 years on the 13th how the Ultimate Warrior was announced as part of the 2014 WWE HOF class…. OK, then— Let’s get the stage set as yet another dream watcher I became. 

This is similar to those other premonition type dreams so feel what you want from it. I don’t have many but when I do, they just seem to touch me in such a different way than others. A few coming to mind are: “The Ninja Turtle Warrior Dream,” “Dreaming of a Time,”(with Dana) and even some that showed other parts of his life. How about the TV movie similar to Conan the Barbarian? Or a young “Warrior” in college? Yep, those too. This one showed his life in bodybuilding somewhat along with a little wrestling.

I was watching this dream sequence unfold as it made me so proud. Warrior was standing, looking up at a raised platform similar to a stage or even a wrestling ring. He had his long dark hair and was surrounded by several other guys. They seem to just be talking when a spotlight on the stage arena caught their attention. They all turned as Warrior’s face totally lit up! Once again, it was as if a camera zoomed in on him with his killer watt smile. He was beaming while pointing, and said: “that’s me, look at me!” The guys all patted him on the back and rubbed his head similar to a DVD scene on “The Ultimate Collection.” That clip was shown real quick when Warrior mentioned winning the IC belt from HTM. Many guys congratulated him backstage if you have seen it. This was very similar to that~~~ only without a belt!

We all watched as up on that stage, or in that ring was a young Jim Hellwig as a bodybuilder. Not sure if this was a competition or if he was just posing, but we became mesmerized. Then, it seemed to fade into wrestling but I can’t recall what was shown to us. It could’ve just been him in the ring doing Ultimate Warrior or even a match with an opponent. It went so fast just like he did with running! We were witnesses of the future and he loved it all. I never interacted with any of them and couldn’t tell you who they were. You might say we were watching the past based on how Warrior looked and you can think that if you want. I, however, see it all very uniquely and personal. 🥹

This all goes back to a belief system and my knowledge of now. Remember, it’s how you FEEL about what is happening and your perspective could be different than another. I knew exactly what this meant for me without questioning although years ago~~~ I would have. Why would I be part of all this when I especially didn’t know his career before the WWF? I have those answers as it does become very complex in nature. I’m not a person of predictions and could never have imagined how Warrior’s life would have turned out. Us fans know all that he did so perhaps this dream isn’t all that surprising in a way to some. There’s so much more, but I will keep that in my heart. 💙😴 This blog would take on an entirely different tone if I touched on those specifics. You all might be thinking if it was a future viewing, why was his hair long? Good question and I don’t have that answer but sometimes they appear a certain way for a reason. The DVD clip factors in so between my brain, dreaming state, and connections, they all come together. These are for me so if you are dreamers, yours will be tailored to you. 

That was pretty much the dream but we all loved watching Warrior’s stage unfold before us. The BEST part was seeing his face, so excited watching that future life in front of him. I have never had one about myself but sometimes, we fear the unknown. We may plan things out but only get little glimpses if any at all. The future might sound good in your head but when visuals are involved, it takes on a whole new meaning. Even though I knew these parts of Warrior’s life career wise, it was still so amazing being there near those guys cheering him on in his future life ahead. Would you want to see some scenes brought to life and how would you react? These of course have always been good and positive as nobody wants to see the bad. We all have goals, dreams, wishes, and everything in between. It’s up to us to make them actionable and to always believe. Sure, things might be ugly and we will have that as well. Send your good future stuff out so the Universe can work with you. It may not happen exactly as you picture but you will be better for it all… Always learning processes that we have to go thru. 

Warrior set out to do what he wanted. How is a mystery. Was it perfect? Of course not but he loved those aspects shown to him and seemed ready to accept them. If you were shown the bad, would you still do it all the same? Believe me on THIS~~~ your soul knows what is best despite our initial fear. I can go on but I hope you anticipate the future with a joyful heart. Set your stage and look to those dreams of the good where you will light up and say: “that’s me!

P.S. Just last week, it was 30 years since the premiere of Monday Night RAW. Yes, they are having a “special” but the date was last week. AND, did any of you fans know last week also marked 70 years since the WWE began as Capitol Wrestling? I did not know that….

*** Vince McMahon’s return just happened to coincide with those dates. Strategically planned I bet… Just like any “followers,” I am unsure as to what will all happen.? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️It’s his company, at least for now so plenty of BIG decisions to be made.. I so wanted WWE to still stay in the family, that makes me 😞… Steph will be missed am sure but it will go on… time will tell… 🫤

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Warriors will SHINE ðŸŒŸâœ¨

Of course we SHINE! We all do in our own way just like Warrior did and still does. I kept seeing that word of “shine” in many places or reading it so decided to work it in with the last title of 2022. The remaining few Wednesdays I will break for family stuff during the holidays so this is it for a bit. I had to pause a little before beginning today… A few extra warrior things got brought to my attention so I became quite emotional yet truly amazed about some fellow warriors… 🥹🫶🏻 Oh my~~~ what a year it has been. I usually look back on the year and decided once again to do just that with these 43 posts, minus a month. My first one of the year was all about Warrior’s gym, and then his ’08 match in Spain. Hard to believe I wrote those in January. I will share some of my highlights but before doing that, guess there’s another first after all. 

Hulk Hogan finally made his way into a dream. Oh brother, ” whatcha gonna do?” Ha ha! Again, one would assume this could’ve happened already considering WMVI among other history, but nope. It probably manifested as a result of watching a few of the WCW days I hadn’t seen in a while. I can see “Hollywood Hogan” specifically with his NWO bearded look very clear walking around outside the ring looking for Warrior. It was brief, but definitely a dream. Now, onto the memorable posts for me this past year. 

Since I just mentioned a dream, let’s start there with some that touched me.. Hulk brought on the topic of firsts so how about that? Vince McMahon in one along with Warrior’s younger daughter Mattie as both were extremely special indeed. My daughter in that dream with Warrior’s was very much a first so it’s up there as a moment for sure. The other dream that happened in the same night was Warrior as a summer camp teacher. So much fun seeing him spray those kids with a hose! Loved that playful humor of his. He and Dana both in a different dream during the same night. Talk about a first!

Another stand out for me is when I got a very young college age “Warrior” and his friend fried rice and green grapes. So cool and interesting to see him looking younger close to when he and Sting were the “Freedom Fighters.” Now, my son is in college so I totally relate to how some dreams come about. The last one connected to the Earth goddess of Greek mythology Demeter. I felt so beautiful in my gown picking flowers which led to an incredible lovely moment. I can still picture those gold and silver roses… What a great experience to shine, as I truly did! BTW, I did check and I have had 10 dreams involving Warrior in some way or another this year. Oh my, I believe that has to be a record. 💙😴 There were 2 others and one actually involved a mountain that I posted about a few weeks ago. The other one, well, that was extremely personal as I shared it with a dear friend. It was super funny and it made both of our days. Warrior laughing always makes me shine! That also won’t be blogged but I had to mention those as well. 

OK, dreamers we will move on even though it’s always hard to top those Warrior dreams of mine that I am so blessed being given. Another gift I was given was from last winter after Warrior’s old blogs from “Warrior’s Machete” were sent my way. That post was quite a biggie for me but very grateful I was able to spend time really reading all those 71 pages more thoroughly than many years ago. I highlighted several points of Warrior’s as well as sharing my own but it definitely is a huge part of this year in 2022. One of these days, I will go back and reread them again just to feel his words on the page. A few disagreements as usual of course, but he had his opinions and made them known. How many of us can say that? Plus, us writers just know the power of words so I am ultimately grateful. 

The next highlight that made me totally shine was being a guest on the “Pick Six” podcast hosted by my friend Vince McKee of Kee on Sports. That was so much fun sharing all about writing, my book, “Spirit and Belief” and how I started following the Ultimate Warrior’s career. It became so wonderful discussing how influential our intuition can be just like Warrior mentioned often. Boy, am I glad I listened to mine and still am. Right around that time was the warrior week brought to me by my cousin. She was so cute sharing all these great little warrior stories, and even sent a photo I used for the post. It started with the word “warrior” on her phone randomly?! and ended with the word of savage. I love when Randy is included too.

A post that was quite hilarious to me in a different way was “That 80’s Vibe!” Just look for my painted Warrior cheeks. Music and dancing in my past along with Warrior’s which brought me such fondness and laughter. What a throwback of a treat! Another one was “Out of this World” which Warrior’s wrist tattoo with Saturn inspired. 🪐 If you are or were a space geek and science nut, that one’s for you. Family stories plus Warrior’s comics are talked about but also a little spiritual. I loved writing those. 🥰

I did have that 4 week break in May which gave me time for painting. No Warrior masterpieces were created but I did need a break from writing despite my resistance. So many intense family milestones and NEW stuff this year~~~ it’s been exhausting. Oh, so worth it as I savor and flow with it all. Warrior’s birthday brought all those great songs plus a few new ones added to the playlist. What an Alexa moment that was for me right after talking with a friend about wrestling. 😂😉Warrior was shining his light so much that day, I thought it must’ve been my birthday! That was another milestone this year. 

How about some self -reliance? Yes, that one is a huge one because it connected BOTH my kids as we were just going about our daily lives. My daughter’s report on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophies for school among others and then seeing his self-reliance essay all about success hanging in a music store with my son. Once I read some words of Emerson’s that my girl had at home, I KNEW Warrior had said them. That started it all and the light on self-reliance kept shining brighter and even more Ultimate over the next few days. Warrior was for sure part of those times because, really— how could he not be? 😇💡

Whew… I know that’s a lot of trips down memory lane this year to shine a Warrior light upon but in case you haven’t read any, there’s a little recap. I also have had some other very meaningful surprises along the way (different than that other post,) which overwhelmed me in such a great way. Some people we meet, know, or just connect with in our lives that have a way somehow of shining their light just enough to let ours out a little more. Do you have anyone like that? I hope you do as I also wish for your LIGHT to keep shining despite this crazy holiday time and beyond. 

Enjoy the season of magic and be the light that shines for others. They will share theirs with you if we just always believe… Here’s to the end of 2022 and I will return to these writings in January 2023… ✍🏻Celebrate the way YOU love! Happy holidays!

~~~ Kathy~~~

P.S. Here’s to more in year 7, such a great number! 7️⃣ Oh, I also found a few more Bluejay feathers this year too! I did check and I had mentioned 7️⃣ previous posts, so how about that with this number? 


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Know Your Limits ðŸ‘‡ðŸ«µðŸ»ðŸ’™

Ah- yes, a frustrating statement to make. Some of us don’t want to have limits or even boundaries although they can be similar and we need both. Warrior had said back in 1992 about teaming with Randy Savage that: “there were no limitations to what you can do creatively.” So true of them back then as I agree. It’s a different WWE now for sure but when Ultimate Warrior was in his prime, creativity with little limits abounded. There are those times though where I truly believe we need to know our limits. It hits me personally here just a little.

Very recently, I decided to end the website which contained my other more spiritual blog. Sure, you can find my book out there but that was the springboard of where it mostly began. I ALMOST hit the 5 year mark with it but alas, some milestones aren’t meant to be reached. I discuss this more on a recent YouTube video and also a post over there which will disappear soon. Time got away from me as I looked into possibly switching host companies whereas I just used my publisher. I felt like parts of me on there were getting “tapped out” in a way despite maybe getting it revamped.

One has to have the drive and desire to pursue a new project and after much meditation, consideration, and more thought, I finally made the decision. I’m sure some tears will come when it finally ends in a few weeks (I believe…) but without too much emotion, I am OK with it. 🥹 My well ran dry on putting more content out there. They say all authors need a website but I never considered myself penning book after book. I just didn’t. Many readers may know I joke about putting out a few more with some of these posts over the years! Maybe once I am an “official” empty nester but I don’t feel the passion behind it like I did 5 years ago. Now, I know my limits and that part of me has to come to an end.

When do you feel like it’s time to walk away from someone or some thing after a while? Yeah, we all know Warrior did from wrestling time and again but he had to in other business ventures also. I keep hearing a song (of course since that’s me!) by the Eagles called “Take it to the Limit.” I did have to look up the lyrics as some usually fit with my life. Some, not all but this title works today. Often times, we just go with an idea, job, relationship, etc. as far as we can or maybe nothing much is reciprocated so we end it. All of us have our own versions of what limitation looks like and yet we tend to hold on just a bit longer.

Why do we do that? Well, it depends on what is happening in our life and maybe stress plays a BIG factor. We get comfortable with our “normal.” We need to be the one deciding when to let someone else strap the boots on while stepping out of them. I don’t know how many of you have left a career, location, relationship, or anything like that but in our lives there are of course always endings and beginnings. When is enough enough for you where you will say your limit with whatever it is has been reached? Walking away can be tough with much attachment but sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to do.

Teaching preschool always meant families, kids, or your favorites all factored in and then deciding to leave would end it all. There will forever be one more sibling or just staying a little longer that tears at those heartstrings. I feel the same though with the Band Directors at my daughter’s high school only on the other side. She has one more year, I hope they don’t leave! Other aspects of us are so much harder to navigate around, aren’t they? We can’t gorilla press everyone to bend to our limits even though we may want to. I’ve lost friendships that meant so much to me and cried many tears but when you are the “doer” always, it gets exhausting. So many ways are out there for us to connect nowadays than ever before. When that friend doesn’t reach out, or disagreements are many, then we know. The moving ahead might be an ultimate challenging road but we need to believe better things are ahead. It has to be so we don’t keep repeating the same old, worn out pattern.

Warrior kept moving forward and DID know his limits when it felt necessary walking or maybe running away (pun intended!)I’m sure it can be entirely different with fame related situations as your life would be under a microscope all the time. We are just people though underneath the façades worn by us. Limits might be easy for some to put in place but seeing them through to the end takes endurance. When something closes, another something opens no matter if you choose the window or door metaphor. I need to always believe this too. 🚪🪟We do or have things that might be for our entire lives or just that temporary time before going on. Even some we think are temporary become permanent in ways we didn’t know possible. 😉

I have my limits too warriors and sometimes, that rope can only be stretched so far before the turnbuckle breaks. We stretch it because of fear with the unknown. All of us have been there many times and you will know yours. Don’t worry though, these writings will be sticking around as long as it remains limitless with Warrior wisdom! Who knows when that will be but I hope you are here with me. Thank you to any who took the time searching or reading Spirit and Belief out there. Website and blog will go, book is still available. I am amazed how over 300 posts were written on so many topics, Warrior included. Know your limits and when to go on. You’ll never move forward if you don’t bust through the next curtain. The future might be unknown but our soul is fearless! 💫😊👏🏻

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Do you Always Believe? ðŸ™ðŸ»

Yep, I do but of course we will have doubts in everything sometimes, don’t we? Many of you know my views on those famous words signed by Warrior but it is a good question we need to ask ourselves daily. There’s so much to believe in like that song by Poison (them again!) but it’s always up to us whether to truly heed those words and put them into action.

I want to share another funny story as it just connects to cute little reminders I get. No, it isn’t over the top with an “always believe” moment but these really brighten my day so I share them. When my son had left for college, one of the to-dos was to get in his room and CLEAN. It wasn’t that bad by any means but I got permission from him of course to put away extra things still occupying space. Ya know, stuff like some toys ( a few remain), artwork on the walls, old school things, etc. He also had a very large piggy bank filled with change. I took all those coins to our grocery store and used the coin star machine. He’s getting over $60 in bills, how about that? I’m sure he’ll use the money well. That inspired my husband to get something out of our shed.

He wanted to fill in more of his Dad’s old States Quarters book. I let him sort through all the coins before I went to the store. In our shed, we have many things stored from my in-laws memories and this quarter map was a lot of fun for my father-in-law back then. It was about halfway finished years ago and nobody ever got it out again. That was something his son couldn’t wait to take from his childhood home. After all these years he decides to work on it. He filled in what he could and we are only missing two states on this U.S. map. They are Arizona and New Mexico… I just laughed as he told me to keep a lookout. Um, if I find those rare quarters, they will be mine and not put in that puzzle! 🤭😂

Sorry, but I can’t pass up those when they would connect so much with Warrior’s life. Nope. Guess it might just be the 48 states for a while. I do have an Indiana quarter with the year 2002 on it. That state and year were part of Warrior in a few ways… That story is in my book, another funny one too. I will always believe.

Belief is such a huge word and can encompass our entire lives. The most important belief of course is in yourself because without that, you have no clear purpose as your life will have little meaning and everything will be a struggle. We all have those very difficult days, times, or even years but without believing in the good, it will always be hard no matter what we do. I remember years ago when I’d be going down that “rabbit hole” of Google (which I was advised to stop doing in other ways) and wanting to find some info on Warrior’s slogan of always believe. I would have all these questions about why those words and how did they come to him? Was it intuition? Oh, my many lists I’d go over to try so hard and find the perfect answer. That’s the Virgo sign coming out for sure ♍️. He would say it was about always believing in yourself and knowing you are capable of anything. For some reason, I just couldn’t wrap my head around that and thought there needed to be more.

The truth is, there isn’t more like we think there should be. You can believe in a Higher Power (Creator, God, or any other name of your choosing) which I do as Warrior did but that Higher Power wants you to believe in yourself with all your capabilities. What exactly do you believe in and why? Is it because we are taught or is it more self discovery? For me, it’s both as I just expand my beliefs. It can also be that you know in your gut something is true without doubting. I am obviously better at that now. Your past and life experiences form those beliefs as some stay while some fade away. When I say always believe, I think of Warrior but it’s many areas in my life as well.

This is sounding more and more like one of my posts over at the other blog but it totally fits here too. Make a list of all the people, things, ideas or anything else that you always believe in and see how true they are for you. There could be some you just don’t resonate much with any more while some are new. We are always evolving and expanding and that’s OK warriors. Get rid of all those ugly thoughts with others in your mind being mad at you because you aren’t their “cup of tea” anymore. If they can’t accept the new and better you, find a new tribe. That is easier said than done but it’s all up to you. I believe in myself, a Higher Power, my family, good friends, meditation, writing, reading, fitness, laughter, and on and on— so many other things. Naturally I believe in Warrior always as we can take his messages and apply them to our life.

That T-shirt pic was an ultimate shot I saw on a YouTube video and thought it would work great to kick off this *NEW-birthday* milestone month of mine. Let’s be our OWN One Warrior Nation who will always believe despite what life throws at us. Even if it’s quarters, I will always believe. Remember it starts with YOU and then everything else will follow...

P.S. So, shortly after writing this post, later in the day I DID hear “Something to Believe in” by Poison. Thank you Warrior… 💙🎼

P.P.S. THIS just came to me too… Let’s not bring a bag of quarters to want and hit someone with!!! 😂🤣Jake Roberts had said that about seeing Warrior after all those years AND they were inducted together.., All was well though but I just laughed thinking of that and my quarter story!

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Giving Second Chances ðŸ™ðŸ»

*** A day early warriors since tomorrow brings a second chance for my daughter, how fitting… Please send good vibes that she passes maneuverability with those freakin’ driving cones!!! 🚙🚦ugh….

Second chances. Yeah, that’s hard for us sometimes, isn’t it? The video pic you see is actually of a first chance when the Ultimate Warrior was gearing up for his big win over Hulk Hogan at WMVI. I’m just trying out different pics, videos, or promos I have saved but Warrior does make me think of second chances. Maybe 3rd, 4th, I dunno… 🤷🏻‍♀️ The reason being is of course as years passed his many comings and goings would always make me wonder. What fans give him a second chance or even beyond? I’ve said this before but it makes me think about a lot of stuff.

Those fans still embraced the character although some weren’t too fond of the man himself behind the paint. He did do and say some things that many felt could not be deserving of a second chance but me, I’m not like that. At least not most of the time anyway. I believe in second chances but I’m talking about us that aren’t violent killers or anything similar naturally. Us regular every day humans just doing what we think is best despite naysayers and we all know Warrior was one of those. If you don’t know, you can find plenty out there.

I always gave him many chances and for a while, I’d wonder why… 🤔 Celebrities can only do so much if they are someone I’d follow where that would be it, I’m done. As time went on, I literally felt like I was wearing a bulletproof vest. Bring it on— everything will deflect. How could that be? Some beliefs of his would have to bug me right? 😬Well, some did for sure but nothing would ever be enough for me to say I was finished with him. I know those answers now but I really do give second chances, to most that is.

My dad remarried 18 years ago shortly after our son (who is at college now!) was born. Yes, I had met and known of my future stepmom as she is great for Dad. A much better match I think then my mom was for him. Siblings may disagree but I can have my opinion. Dad got a second chance at marriage as did she but some may not believe in that. It all depends on your situation in life obviously but sometimes, second chances are what we need to move on if someone gives us one. We all wanna prove ourselves right? Look at first impressions. They rarely stick although some may. We need those do overs to try again at a lesson learned from the past. Warrior got a second chance at marriage as well which brought him daughters and a happier way of life.

When would a second chance not be accepted? A toughie for sure but maybe you can think of a time right away. I know it also depends on if a person brings retribution for their actions or even if it seems repetitive. If you were in a relationship and someone cheats, would you give a second chance? These are big topics indeed so what else can be about second chances? I don’t even really know if WWE performers get a second chance after try-outs? They might not even though some would try super hard… As parents, we never give up on our kids but there does come a time where they will stumble, learn, and then get another chance to try, try again. It’s all a part of life.

Many opponents in the wrestling business might not want to give another that elusive second chance to possibly win a title again but the boss calls the shots so egos need to be put aside. There are lots of guys who do those “shoot” interviews where they say stories about their time in the ring. You’ll hear much regarding shots for a belt and chances taken on some performers. Warrior was put over a lot, I know he was and believe it or not- did became grateful. It is difficult being back in the day knowing all these chances someone would get and you’d maybe wonder why. I never knew the details of Warrior’s comings and goings back then but I do now—mostly anyway. Vince gave him a lot but he didn’t always want those multiple chances to return. Others in the wrestling world never could understand that and perhaps to this day, still don’t.

So~~~ to all you warriors reading today, do you give those second chances maybe more to all or only to some deserving? You’ll have your own answers to contemplate. Did Warrior give them out? I can’t say fully but his approach as the performer mellowed somewhat over time into the real man he became. Loyalty mattered a ton to him, that I DO know so second chances were probably not given to all that’s for sure. Trust is key as it is for me and being with a celebrity can be intimidating whether you know them personally or as a pro. The actions we take will go farther than words of just “I’m sorry.” Do better and be better as hopefully you’ll get a next time to prove it. If you are gifted a second chance, don’t squander it. Maybe you really don’t need it after all but you will know if pursuing is worth another chance. Take it or leave it, the choice is yours.

P.S. I KNEW there was a song, but of course as many have this title of “Second Chance” in them… If you know me- it’s gonna be an 80’s one and yes, it did pop into my head as they do… 38 Special had one back in 1988. I like it, look it up 😉 I was singing it for sure.. 🎤

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Celebrate Your Compliments ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ¥³ðŸ‘ŠðŸ»

Do you celebrate your compliments? That might sound odd but I bet some of you don’t. What I mean is this: when someone gives you a complement, do you say thank you like we should or do you give some other explanation? Thank you can be hard to say like I’m sorry but I know firsthand how it works. Us “sensitive” folks chalk it up to a coincidence or: “this ol’ thing?” Here’s an example: ” Wow, you look great in that outfit!” Some would respond: “I just threw it together, no big deal.” It’s tough to accept a complement and give thanks back because sometimes we are always the ones giving and not receiving. Perhaps too, we haven’t gotten many compliments overtime so our answers become nervous in nature.

Here’s another take on it all. Do you complement another expecting something in return? Come on, we are all guilty of this but really just take notice. No expectations, remember? It is a difficult pill to swallow not taking something personally when it affects us negatively but when it is positive, we feel confused. The negative comments we stew over and find hard to forget but the good ones seem to get brushed aside like they don’t matter. THEY DO. You are worthy of them despite being humble which is a lifelong lesson for me that started in childhood. Let’s get into adult situations though.

I remember being at a summer bonfire party years ago and my friend and I walked over to the barn where the band played. We listened for a bit and then one of the bandmates came over to us. Yes, we had been drinking but just wine coolers which my one wouldn’t have made a difference. I was a smart girl. Anyway, this guy noticed me in my black tight sleeveless shirt so I thought he’d be flirting. I was not ” hit on” very often but he complemented my upper arms. Yep, you read that right. How about that ladies? 🫤 I had been working out but not using arm weights back then. Maybe today’s girls would love that as fitness has changed so much but I was a little surprised. Um… yeah, thanks I guess. Nothing about anything else but hey, I was proud of my results and didn’t celebrate that too much. He went on to play more sets as I just moved on as well.

Another memory was many years ago when I was heavier but then slim down. I was making too many “hearty” meals and had added on more weight than I thought. As some may know, this issue has been written about before but slim fast worked plus my “muscle arms”~ ha ha. We were at my sister’s house and her friend noticed my smaller frame. I’m not one to flaunt this type of thing and never posted the weight loss journey on social media. This woman was so complementary and I felt awkward with her being larger but she never seemed jealous at all. I was humbled and overwhelmed. We’ve known each other since teenhood. My mom comes over and after this friend said how great I looked, Mom says: “she doesn’t need to lose any more.” Is that a compliment or just a statement? Very different reaction from me on that which takes us to the next point.

Now, it’s Warrior’s turn of course. Many probably know all the negative statements said about him over the years which would be SO many but here’s some that are quite common: ( am just paraphrasing on this.) “Yeah, I worked with the guy… he did his gimmick… looked great… got paid well… the fans loved him…” And on and on… O.K. Those CAN be complements and for the most part are but in many of their cases, it was NOT. They are merely just stating facts without stepping on toes so to speak or starting controversy. Yep, I’ve heard it all but it’s been done to me as well, thanks Captain Obvious! 🙄

When I was applying for the second preschool job, my former boss would not say anything specific about my time there. I had quit for various reasons and there was some animosity. Luckily, I had many other references but the boss is the boss. It was just how I had worked there for 6 years having been an aide for 2. Nothing much else but the compliments from others I celebrated for sure. Business is different as people need to protect their own a** so take those real compliments in stride warriors. How about that? I had another three count of examples to share (:

It does involve principles as I’ve stated before but is it harder for you to give a complement or receive one? We do need to choose our words carefully but with Warrior, honesty was what you’d get. There were those he would complement greatly but I’m not sure if they’d appreciate it for what it was worth. Some definitely WOULD but others maybe could’ve cared less what he thought of them and vice versa for sure. It all depends on the person and situation they are in or what deserves a complement. If one earns a complement from you, take it and acknowledge it fully. Some may be direct and not mince words like Warrior had done, so will you be offended? Again, it varies but I for one get tired of “walking on eggshells” around others always thinking everyone will get offended. People will no matter what seems to happen.

Give and receive those compliments in the right way warriors and celebrate them. You will know when and if they are truly genuine. Stay humble but never think you are not worthy when it’s a job well done. Some may hold high standards but do your best and learn more every day. That’s the lesson of a real warrior...

P.S. Happy Birthday to Warrior tomorrow in parts unknown! I usually get “something” so we shall see… I complement you Warrior so celebrate all the GOOD you did. 🙏🏻💙💖

P.P.S. I have been given many compliments on my work and it’s always so rewarding. I thank all of YOU for contributing to this world in your own unique way. 🥰🙋🏻‍♀️👍

~~~ We will be on vacation next week for some much deserved R and R. Not to worry, I will be back with dreams coming up and so much more! 😴✍🏻💪🏻

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My Warrior Painting Therapy ðŸŒŠðŸŒ¥ðŸ’–

Hello warriors! I am BACK but then in a few weeks we will be on vacation so you get a bit of new posts until then. Miss me? In some ways, this writing break was tough but I was able to concentrate on other things~ like painting. I didn’t share my little journal art which was mostly nature inspired but decided instead to show a painting from 2017. This is called “Ocean Serenity” and it hangs in my home. Have any of you heard of these painting places that guide you to create a picture? I signed up for a class through a yoga studio at the time. I never thought I’d be painting again but it was suggested to help with my creativity in writing.

First, I had my warrior therapy last year with PT and now painting. That ocean picture wasn’t too challenging as I’m sure it would’ve been easy for Warrior. I was excited but my issues were more social besides painting back then. The owner of the yoga studio was coming and as usual, I had such high expectations. I’m learning on that… She’d be the only one I would know as we did chair yoga halfway through the class. She wanted to establish herself in the community and I loved this idea. We’d talk, sip wine,🍷and paint together. It would be such fun! No idea she brought a friend.

No big deal since we could all have some girl time despite this session being a family day at “Pinot’s Palette.” It became awkward though when she asked me to take their photo together. Yeah, then I knew they would be a twosome with me flying solo. I still followed along as music played in the background while sipping my wine. The ocean was progressing nicely and then I heard some fun 80’s music which got my groove back on. “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds was a song I would seem to hear on repeat after Warrior passed for months among others. That brought a smile and a chuckle despite the social tension. It was then that the friend of the yoga teacher complemented my painting as she was struggling with hers. I gotta say that surprised me but I humbly accepted her praise.

I actually struggled getting the skyline just right. Not perfection as this class might’ve frustrated my daughter, but just the colors. Where you see that hot pink~ should be orange! I tried but couldn’t keep over-correcting so pink it remained (: I love both colors but guess mine needed to stay pink. My favorite part is the fence posts. They just pop out from a distance but with water pictures, I usually get lost in the perspective. I never went there again and that place is now a relocated popcorn shop. The pandemic am sure factored in but grateful to have had that opportunity while proving my painting ability, albeit a guided one.

Besides painting, so much has happened in my family and there’s still more to come. My daughter turned “sweet 16,” is close to getting her drivers license, my son graduated high school, and I’ll be prepping for his party in early July. This vacation can’t come soon enough until it all returns with the boy getting his wisdom teeth out on top of all the craziness! I am trying my very best to remain calm as everything seems to come all at once. Painting truly was therapeutic as I’m sure Warrior knows. I would have an idea but didn’t give it too much thought before hand. There were some clouds against a pink cotton candy sky, a daisy flower, a monarch butterfly, a beautiful red, orange, and yellow sun, summer bugs, a sailboat in the water, some simple designs, plus a spring tree with flower blossoms. The sun, butterfly, and tree are my favorites of those. ☀️🐝🐞🕸⛵️🌳

Have you ever needed to change your routine up some to get back a spark of creativity? Maybe you haven’t but we all need to recharge and switch things around for variety sometimes. Just look at how Warrior approached his character in wrestling. Some aspects needed to remain the same but always needed to be innovative with his approach and I believe he succeeded. It wasn’t just him personally or professionally and for us fans as well.

I also worked on a new YouTube video while breaking from writing. It’s all about the challenges of dealing with our old 3D world while accepting the new 5D one. Yeah, it’s kind of spiritual but I break it down (hopefully in a simple way) for all you confused folks out there. I also updated the website with some new links of more recent Podcasts while deleting those inactive ones no longer valid. Check it out if wanting more me, ha ha!

So warriors- I do hope all of you reading are well as we move into summer quite soon in the U.S. We’ve had enough rain so I’m manifesting a warm season as we love the outdoors, our pool, and being in nature. Maybe you’ll do some painting too? Next week is more about Warrior as some of you fans might be wondering. After that post will be another week off but I have some more blogs coming so please stay tuned… Thank you all for reading and catching up on old posts if you did. Warrior himself has inspired a few more ideas and dreams so get your gear in place and head to the squared circle! Oh, and hearing that graduation song brought much emotion my way but as a warrior, I moved through it all. Hard to believe my “Until We Meet Again” post was last September and now it is June. It mentions my senior year and my son’s…, I will “see”you all next week!

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The Indy Trip ðŸŒðŸðŸ†

No, warriors- I wasn’t at an Indy 500 race or had been in the area but my husband was. He rarely if ever goes away on business and if he does, it’s just for the day. Sometimes, there will be the occasional overnight so back in 2015, he went to Indianapolis. I remember Warrior mentioning how the WWF used to go there a lot in his early years and well, he was from Indiana which is also his oldest daughter’s name so how about that? WrestleMania VIII was also held in the Hoosier dome there in 1992.

My husband had gone east to PA and even further west to the St. Louis arch in Missouri but never Indy. He was able to see the track and went into a souvenir shop. The kids were excited to get some T-shirts as gifts plus a few other goodies when he arrived home. My daughter’s shirt was all about the DreamWorks movie “Turbo” which came out in 2013. We actually bought the film since they loved it so much! A snail racing in the Indy 500? Where do they come up with such ideas? Cute movie though.

Am remembering the only thing I struggled with when he was gone became math homework. Ugh, so not my subject and even then- the kids were past the ages where Mama could help. We’d screenshot the problems they’d get stuck on and send them as he’d call from the hotel room with answers. I let them stay up later and wait outside on the patio with the dog as the sun set waiting for Daddy to get home the next night. Of all places to go back then and he gets sent to Indiana. It was also in April, oh my… 💙 That’s almost an hour away from Warrior’s hometown of Crawfordsville. Why not north to Michigan or even south to Kentucky? Nope, he went one state away to the west. “One State Away” is a chapter in my book Spirit and Belief but that’s another story. I still think it would be cool to take a trip there just to see the track and even though I am not much of a racing fan, it’s historic which is very popular to the state. It started back in 1909, such rich history. I wonder if Warrior ever got there? 🏎

It’s held Memorial Day weekend here and that is always around my daughter’s birthday in May. We did like the 2019 movie ” Ford vs. Ferrari” and believe it or not, there was a Warrior connection but that’s just a little sidenote for me… 😉Signs aren’t just in dreams, when I’m working out, looking at U.W. videos, or even during meditation.

Moving on as that was just a little short memory of Indiana once again. Remember how I talked about color last week? Well, that connects to something I was advised to try– painting👩🏻‍🎨 . Warrior was an artist as is my girl so why me? At my last Energy Healing session, I had asked about some new issues and especially concerning my right leg. There’s always something, huh? I have had discomfort but nothing that would impair me from doing activities. I do have those internal fibroids and a hamstring that acts up sometimes but this seemed different. It can be just the calf muscle but then in the upper thigh. I was wondering if we could possibly explore this so she did.

Those guides or angels of mine came through and related how it’s a creative issue. We always assume the physical but what does that mean? I know with our brains how the left side is logic and right is creative but is our body different? Turns out after looking up some info, she discovered that our right side is the masculine while the right is feminine. Not to worry here, we need both and use both every day. My masculine side of doing, going, and thinking needs a rest. The feminine side is the intuitive or relaxed and the part that needs me to just BE for a bit. It makes sense since the sign of Virgo (me) is controlled by the planet Mercury which is intellect. Geminis have this too. Don’t want to get into too much astrology here, but it’s very true on this journey of mine.

There’s some new info for all of you I bet as it was for me as well concerning the body types. It seems I have some creative blocks with writing and I actually knew this. Both blogs have kinda put me in slumps lately and I’ve struggled bringing engaging content. I LOVE writing and sharing with everyone on these platforms but it was suggested I not wait for my summer trip and break now. At least for a month anyway. I was shocked to hear that and tears formed a little. My guides don’t steer me wrong and I know I needed to listen to these words. Painting was their idea but not to give it much thought. Just even a few strokes on paper regularly to feel inspired in a new way. I’m not expecting a masterpiece but those two Geminis in my life that are artists can witness my “creations!” This will be a first taking such a long break but I have painted before. It was part of a yoga class and my beach scene hangs in our house. All of it was guided though while this is to be spontaneous. I need to go with the flow more and just BE… I do have free will to not take their advice but I’m learning to listen more.

This actually is a good time to break for me as soooo much will be happening with my kids and family concerning important milestones. Plus, I’m liking how that pic of Warrior you see is more current than a wrestler pic so that fits to end this month of April. I will MISS connecting on here but to anyone new, you have 5.5 years of posts to get all caught up! 😬 I will return hopefully more creatively inspired and maybe a lighter tone. I do share quite a bit as SO many personal stories get back in my Warrior memories but perhaps these writings will take on a different angle. Not to fret, I will always relate in the same way with Warrior stuff and myself but evolving we must do.

I still hear from fans and even those who have read my book so it’s always very encouraging. A woman in my FB intuitive group had messaged me a little while back about re-reading the pages on a spiritual awakening. Had to look up those sections to be sure! When she had sent that message, I was in the middle of reading something Warrior had written. I told her that and she commented on it being a sign. Of course it was because I always believe. 📗

I believe in all of you too whether you are spiritual, a fan of Warrior, or just like my stuff. Spend time doing what you love but take those breaks too. We have to let go of control and give that doing side a rest. Most of us aren’t pro wrestlers who have to GO all the time. We also need to switch up our routines every now and then. Guess this is what I am advised to do so despite some initial fear, I believe it is for my highest good. Happy early month of May warriors and reach out to me about your ultimate stories! This leg block has got to go… Let’s all take time to slow down on that Indy track and enjoy the ride.

P.S. I have also loved getting in touch with some other guys Warrior knew personally the last several years of his life. I am humbled they took the time to respond. ❤️‍🩹😊

P.P.S. I feel like watching the movie “Turbo.” Maybe I will (:

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*** Until June, always believe warriors as I will too! 👍🙋🏻‍♀️🎨