My Warrior Week ❣️

Notice anything different? How can you really tell when I haven’t written yet! Well, maybe you’ve figured it out with that beautiful word of warrior above. Another first here. These posts have either had a photo of Warrior, Ultimate Warrior, other references, or that rare selfie. This time, it’s something entirely new. I do have more pics of Warrior himself coming up of course but my cousin sent that image to me and had to use it today. I have referenced her before in the post titled: “My OWN Wrestling Stories” written 3/4/20. She has two boys who did the “real” wrestling all through high school and we are Spiritual Sistas. After buying my book a few years back, we reconnected in a new way and have shared many experiences of our own in regards to spiritual topics. You can read that post to familiarize yourself with her story but I’m sharing a warrior week with all of you today.

She meditates daily just like me and sometimes we go deeper with music or healing frequencies. I won’t get all detailed but different levels of sound heal in many ways and our brain waves respond. So, when she was almost finished, this popped up on her phone:


FULL RELIEF. ***What does that mean? She has native blood so the message might’ve been for her but she thought of me. I can’t possibly guess but she is a strong warrior woman in her own right. She hadn’t typed or pressed anything, wow. Perhaps she’s finding relief from some of her situations but so happy it got sent my way.

It gets more involved with this warrior week of mine. Her one son and daughter-in-law took his two boys to the “Arnold Classic” in Columbus, OH a few weekends ago. I was not familiar with this at all but it’s been around for years. Of course it’s after Arnold Schwarzenegger and is part of the IFBB or (International Federation of Bodybuilding) all about nutrition, fitness, competitions, apparel, booths, and so much more. They sent her a pic of one of the boys punching a machine. Behind him on a sign it read: “Everyone is a Warrior. Everyone has a fight.” Again, she thinks to include me with these warrior words and I love it. The boys had a blast! A few of her other grandsons are still wrestlers and she got a pic from another daughter-in-law. Her grandson placed 2nd but his opponent’s singlet read “Savage.” She sent me that too, “OH YEAH!”

Last is about her only granddaughter by her daughter. She is homeschooled along with her brother and now they are starting archery. My cousin or “Nani” as she is affectionately called by the kids, decided to send this girl her first child youth bow. How nice! She buys one and snaps a pic to send me. The brand name is: “WARRIOR.” How about that? I just kept laughing and smiling all the while at these wonderful warrior happenings. She takes time out of her day across the country to send me warrior inspired messages. We share a lot of laughs but she has truly been a huge support to me as I have been for her.

I knew she’d listen and enjoy the podcast I did with “Kee on Sports.” Here are some of her words:

” You are blessed with the gift to speak and obviously write… this definitely is your forte and such a beautiful way to share and help others. Keep up the hard work and just let it pour from your spirit.” She went on to say how proud she is of me and to reach for the stars! I’m not sharing to boast at all but just to inspire others to continue on in what you truly want to do while helping along the way. I wasn’t expecting such incredible words from her but it felt so good always knowing she’s in my corner. She told me it was my warrior spiritual day and I always believe.

Those warrior signs kept coming as I had gotten a few more emails earlier that week asking about “Warrior’s Web.” I sent them some info and they were grateful to connect. One even wants to buy my book (: You never know the influence or impact you may have on another as I said before. I just do what I love and the rest follows. That’s how we all need to be in every facet of our life. Some days, we don’t really try that hard when the right person, place, or thing just finds us. Keeping being YOU warriors, not anybody else and celebrate all your victories.

That was quite a week and really not just a Warrior day for me but so uplifting and fun. We have enough negativity out there in this world so go and be the positive. We need more of that warriors! Doesn’t it feel good to get compliments from another? Sure, it does but don’t forget to send words of praise in the opposite direction. You all might not have a warrior week or day like mine but be a warrior every day by tapping into your own spirit. Look for those signs that will guide you in the right direction. It just might be a “random” text, photo, or email. There are no coincidences, always believe that...

P.S. I also found several Bluejay feathers on a walk during Warrior week too!

***P.P.S. My extreme condolences go out to the family of Scott Hall, a.k.a.“Razor Ramon.” I thought about posting this first but didn’t want to take away from the tone of the blog this week. His passing hit me really HARD as I had mentioned him in a post several years back. I know Dana and the girls met him backstage after Warrior’s passing during the following year’s WrestleMania weekend and he shared memories of their Dad with them. He had told the girls how they have lots of “uncles” and “aunties” watching out for them now. Scott was inducted along with Warrior as part of the WWE HOF class of 2014. So, it was a little personal for me this time more than with some of the others. I did see a pic of Warrior and Scott shaking hands during 2014’s HOF backstage ceremony. I cried a lot but I do know that he is at peace . So long for now “Mr. Bad Guy.”

💙🙏🏻😓 Thank you Scott for showing us how you truly were a GOOD guy…

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Ultimate Warrior Podcast

Hey fans! Check out my interview with Kee on Sports and my friend Vince McKee. I have know him on and off for years now and we finally made this happen (:

We talk about my book Spirit and Belief, intuition, and of course Warrior! Here is the link:

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Oh, he asked me 6 questions, go figure!! 🤣That number again..,

All These Emotions 😬💙❤️

There’s a photo full of emotion, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s my topic today and it’s sort of a continuation of last week about Warrior’s Web just a little. I had thought to expand on that post with my thoughts on emotions. Bet you fans got somewhat emotional reading those feelings of last time but we all express them in different ways. Before I start this “match” of sorts, there’s one more thing that I’d like to mention about Warrior. He got called “cerebral“and “misunderstood” quite a bit and I know I’ve said those as well. He mentioned how back in WCW many weren’t making real decisions about storylines and thought he was too cerebral for their content. He of course disagreed as nobody else wanted to think through ideas the way he did. As far as being misunderstood, he goes another way on this. He said how someone must’ve understood (meaning his gimmick, character, etc.) or he wouldn’t have gotten such a push. I’m sure he was referencing Vince on that one. Being cerebral and misunderstood both can invoke emotion, just not in a typical fashion.

Let’s tag Warrior out and tag me in. Here’s some words or phrases I was told as a kid: “you’re too emotional,” “too dramatic,” “over- sensitive,” and the list goes on. I OWN some of those opinions now but as a child, it was extremely hurtful to hear– especially from those closest to you. I was to believe those words were very negative and despite my best efforts, couldn’t hide emotions. Most may think this always has to do with being sad or crying which it does not.

When I helped my son study types of health a few years ago, emotional health was one of them. When I asked him how he defined those words I bet you can guess what he said. Ding, ding, ding! If you said “crying,” you’d be right. Boy, was Mom there to correct him on that. It’s about self-esteem and how you feel about yourself. Boys especially are taught to not express emotion that much but most likely hurt or sadness. That makes you weak or vulnerable and boys can’t cry, right? They have to be tough and then as men, even tougher. Warrior had said how a warrior is gentle and tough. I’m not sure how things were for him overall as a child but hiding emotions I bet factored in. He was hurt many times in his life like we all are but we get to that point where we just won’t share anymore. I became like that too but my emotions aren’t worn on my sleeve like the saying goes but on my face. Just thought of Warrior and his mask on this… We do need to find balance though in expressing our emotions at the right times. We can’t be like toddlers throwing a tantrum. We need to be smart enough to think it all through in a reasonable way but not pack our emotions down into a stuffed suitcase either.

I have always said how we don’t want to be victims but can’t become penniless either. This means we can’t always say: “ poor me” and let others walk all over us but also we can’t save the world either by doing everything for everyone. This plays way too much with our emotional state. Here’s a quote from Morgan Freeman: “Don’t allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence.” ~~~ Warrior would love that, don’t you think? This may sound like I’m contradicting myself but really that statement by Morgan is true. I have let my emotions get in the way without thinking ahead because I listen to my heart most of the time. That is a good thing but there are other factors to consider. The head needs to be there too along with the gut. We can’t forget that. Balance again warriors.

Warrior may have been too emotional or extreme with some decisions he made but we don’t want to get to that boiling point before our emotions take over. The head and heart always want to be the winner but they need their tag team partner with that inner voice of the gut too. You just have to be the one to decide how the storyline goes. Anything actually invokes emotion and it isn’t just the big stuff in life. Reading invokes emotion. Writing invokes emotion. Warrior would agree to that as well. Using our senses invokes so many emotions. Just think of the years you fans (including myself) watched him all those times during the WWF years and beyond. Were you emotional? Of course you were through it ALL.

Sometimes we don’t need those emotions labeled as we are taught to do. They just are there– good, bad, right, wrong, or indifferent. Often times, what one may see as a good or positive emotion won’t affect another the same way. I have thought to myself many times over about how others don’t react the way I do. I can’t understand why they don’t. Being an HSP or (highly sensitive person) isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing. We just feel things differently but need to use it as an advantage. Yin and yang every day. It’s how energy moves through us and for many like myself, it can become pretty intense.

Most regular readers know my posts are full of emotion and always have been! It’s the funny stuff too that brings out our feelings, at least I hope it does. I think the take-away point I’m trying to make here is this: bring a balance into those emotions you have every day without letting something kind of spiral out of control. It’s happiness (which is the best of course) but sadness, anger, jealousy, disappointment, bitterness, guilt, and a million more emotions for our lifetimes. OK, the happy stuff can get out of control in a good way but we all know life isn’t like that all the time.

I realize too that being in the sport of pro- wrestling can be quite the ultimate challenge of handling emotions for a positive result. You become defensive and don’t want to let your guard down. We have to compromise a little though. For a sport that was predominantly men for a long time and their egos, women would be the emotional ones. Guess what? It’s all that for both because we are people. It’s what makes everyone of us human. How you handle your emotions is what this is all about. I know with me, things would just come out. Plenty of times did I question the WHY but I understand better now. We work on it every single day. Let’s bring our head, heart, and gut together to get the balance of all three. Don’t be too cerebral where you become emotionless. Don’t be too emotional where your brain goes on vacation either. We are not our emotions. Let them pass as they will. Listen to the gut as Warrior said. It never lies and can keep those other two in line. Next time you hear the word emotion– don’t think of crying in a sad way. Let’s go for the GOOD. We need to always believe that every day.

P.S. Remember also that crying tears is good for you to cleanse and vent. Sometimes those tears are joy filled! I actually say in meditation every day to bring a balance to my head, heart, and gut. I really do...🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

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Oh, That Deja Vu… ☯️❤️‍🩹

We all have those moments of deja vu in our lives without truly realizing it but then again, there are those times that we do. Warrior’s final appearance on Monday night RAW April 7, 2014 brought some deja vu, at least to me anyway. A little of what he said echoed his past appearance of 18 years prior in 1996. That exact date was April 8th, (sigh) close enough to 2014’s. He also referenced the audiences with the word of “YOU” several times being voices that wouldn’t die becoming storytellers and legends. A 3.5 year absence doesn’t compare to 18 but a little deja vu, oh yeah.

I would often think of that word in regards to Warrior’s comings and goings. After an absence and a return, would it be like deja vu all over again? Would those same “difficulties” possibly surface regarding money, contracts, appearances, or any of that? Those weren’t always prevalent but some can say deja vu if issues repeat themselves. I, of course wished none of that stuff became like deja vu but every time was different.

Another reminder that is more recent involves the untimely passing of Bob Saget. It pains me to even type this as I still can’t believe he is gone. Deja vu hit my phone when I found out that news. I had gotten two text messages. One from my brother and one from my youngest sister. I loved the show “Full House” but mostly because of John Stamos. He was another of those celebs when I wrote “The Rebel Warrior.” The show was adorable but Bob was really incredibly loved by all. Those same two siblings also had me in a group text almost 8 years ago informing me of Warrior’s passing. That was another post but connects here.

They engaged in that for quite a while when I finally responded saying how I couldn’t respond but got all the messages. Those texts were so detailed like they were consoling me in such an intimate way. It was endearing but I got so defensive because of all the emotions. They knew it would hit me unbelievably hard and were checking up on my well-being. The texts about Bob were brief but I immediately thought of deja vu as it seemed to repeat again only less personal. Neither had ever texted me so close together about another celebrity death.

Whew, moving on… My home now has some deja vu with my childhood home. Both are older, both have big backyards, both had grapevines, both were places with pools, and probably so much more. When I moved here, yep- deja vu struck again. We can have life imitating art or vice versa. Even dreams will maybe send us that deja vu as we go about our lives thinking we’ve done this before, been here already, or something similar. Dreams can go even deeper for some in their past but it’s all a belief system. I know a few that have very strong connections to a certain way of life involving a culture or even a specific place. Past lives are part of a belief but that certain kind of deja vu hasn’t happened to me. It still may though, who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sometimes we repeat an idea or activity because we like it and it feels right. Other times though, we repeat it because subconsciously, it works in our life whether we realize it or not. I know that sounds crazy but I’ll use some easy examples. Let’s look at wrestling since, I dunno- just because! Vince made Hulk Hogan the WWF champion over and over again back in the day. So many reasons factored in like popularity, money, the character worked, and others. I realize this technically isn’t deja vu but hear me out. That is a business and is scripted unlike our lives but it’s a literal example of something repeating. 

How about our lives? We repeat what works for our own reasons but on a deeper level, there’s more. It’s familiar and comfortable because it’s part of us. I like to write when I was younger but no idea déjà vu would be an issue 10 years later. Most that do a fitness routine may become robotic over time and yes, that happens with me too. Warrior probably would switch his repetitive routine sometimes as well. We want to stay fit. Those things are routine but your true passions will affect you differently.

A passion can become dormant for a while and then resurface when you thought it was done in your life. I’m sure you can think of examples of your past kind of repeating in a new or unexpected way. Warrior’s return to the WWE in 2014 brought about much déjà vu for him I’m sure as he remembered many memories -great, good, and bad. Just think of another NOLA appearance he made in 1984 with bodybuilding and then 30 years later for WMXXX weekend. I’ve mentioned that before but déjà vu playing out again.

I think with most déjà vu moments, they are more subtle than direct. We know our every day stuff or routines but think of those times that perhaps aren’t as obvious. You might not know why something resonates with you at that moment, but it just does for whatever reason. It may just connect to a recent past memory but maybe the déjà vu goes way back. It can get tricky though as we do repeat activities for a lifestyle but there might be more to it than that.

Whether one believes in déjà vu as part of them or not, it does exist as we sometimes just gloss over all those moments in time. We say: “been there, done that” often but deja vu sneaks up on us when we aren’t expecting it. Sure, it can also come about as planned like big stuff typically does but the little things should get attention too. I have written many stories about little thoughts that matter just as much as the big ones. Many did involve déjà vu but not always in the way one might think.

Look at your life for those déjà vu moments and accept them as part of you. It doesn’t have to be super deep all the time and quite often, isn’t. You may not have a repeat return, a backyard memory, or a text message but déjà vu is there. Our past does come back in doses to remind us to stop and think of two little words called déjà vu and what it truly means in life. If it repeats, look to the real reason why. I can agree with this most ultimately! 💙🙋🏻‍♀️🥰

P.S. When some of my spiritual gifts developed more, it seemed to fit so naturally like I wasn’t just learning it all for the first time. Déjà vu indeed for you deep soul thinkers!

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The Principle Plan 👏🏻👍

How about this word of principle warriors? No, not someone who is in charge of a school but rather someone who is in charge of their life and beliefs. Yeah, of course Warrior was, but are you? This word I could discuss forever with you all but I know my limit on posts! Would you consider yourself a person of principle? Well, some use this word conditionally or only when it suits them. It suits me always but standing by a certain principle, belief, or feeling does have its consequences. Warrior knew this all the time and yet never fully wavered on many aspects. Sure, he evolved like we all need to do over time but abandoning his true principles to their core-never.

Here’s some scenarios in my own life so let’s see if any of you can relate. I have a lot of common sense like perhaps many of you but it does get tested quite often. While growing up, I just couldn’t understand why people made decisions the way they did. Don’t they get it? I still shake my head at some people but it’s all in our perspective. Many do things just to prove they can or to fit in with a group. I’ve said this before but it does get personal.

This has happened to me regarding dating back in high school. Sometimes, when I wouldn’t be with someone, my younger sister would invite me to tag along with she and her boyfriend or another couple. Thanks but no thanks. Would you want to be a 3rd or 5th wheel? Um, not me. She was trying to be nice and I do understand so without becoming too defensive, I’d politely say no but thanks for thinking of me. Some may let it go at that but not she or my Mom either. “Come on, it’ll be fun!” That’s what they’d say. O.K., yes, it would be fun but again- principles factor in here so would YOU go? Maybe you would but not me. I’d rather have nothing going on than to be an “extra” on a date or double-date.

Another time for me was senior prom. Nope, never went to that either. You may think my dating life then was pretty sad but hey, I had standards. I didn’t realize why I felt that way but now it makes more sense. Most of my friends had boyfriends during senior year, but I didn’t. Nobody serious anyway and girls didn’t go together in a group over 30 years ago. My one friend had recently broken up with a guy who was a real player. He became such a jerk and everyone knew. She was dating someone else and asked if I wanted to go to prom. She could fix me up with him as they still talked. Why she still kept in touch with him, I didn’t know. Part of me couldn’t believe she was asking this. Another part wanted to say yes just to hang with my friends. I could handle myself with this guy, or could I? She was o.k. with me saying no but I made the mistake of telling those same people at home once again. I got the same reaction from them.

Lesson learned for sure as I started keeping my mouth shut about those conversations. Why couldn’t they understand the principle here? I am not fake and never do something just to do it in that way. Alright, I’ve bent the principle plan a little but not on that topic. I have no regrets even all these years later.

Sometimes now I am faced with the same scenario involving grown women in my neighborhood. Have you ever seen the 2004 movie “The Stepford Wives?” Another movie again! All the women seem to be clones or robots of another, real creepy. It’s the feeling, remember? So many women I know have to fit in that mold of being a martyr, victim, or looking a certain way. Not me. My principle plan always wins that match. I will help in the schools and have plenty over the years but you’ll never find me baking 12 dozen cookies, 5 lasagnas, or volunteering for everything. I do what works for me and don’t need to brag, show off, or be Little Miss Perfect. Sorry to all those who do a lot but you CAN, I just do it differently. Don’t get me wrong. Not all women are like that and I have several who aren’t.

Maybe I stick to these principles too much for some but that’s just who I am, like Warrior was also. Many guys have even come forward and said how Warrior injured some of them by not showing respect. I do feel bad if all that happened back then, so why? Was he so into a match that his aggression came out? Maybe other things factored in as he became the Ultimate Warrior, I don’t know. His principles could have been an issue with that and again, I am sorry if any of them were injured. ☹️

Your principles matter too in so many ways but really think about those that will be a priority. Maybe it’s all or nothing with you but perhaps a compromise could be reached. When it comes to morals or a certain code of beliefs, I always stick to my principle plan as I hope you will too. Don’t worry- I was not dateless all the time but we do need to take chances in order to grow internally. You will know those areas in your life that require a principle plan and those that can be wavered on some. All or nothing will become a very difficult way of life but let your own principles guide you always. I could share so many more stories but think I’ve left enough for you warriors to reflect upon. Don’t be a 3rd or 5th wheel or even a “Stepford Wife” ( to all the ladies.) Use the principle plan that works best in your life. 😊

***P.S. I didn’t have one for this post and this totally doesn’t relate but want to share anyway! Last fall, I was at First Energy Stadium to cheer on my Cleveland Browns against those Pittsburgh Steelers, boo! 🏈We lost, barely but during the football game, I had asked my husband what he thought the seating capacity was. I hadn’t been here in a while and with a rivalry, it’s insanely LOUD! His guess was I dunno, around 67,000 or so?

*** What??? I just chuckled to myself since WMVI back in the Toronto Skydome had 67,000 plus. Of course my brain went to that! Here’s the numbers:

Stadium- 67, 431.

WMVI- 67,678. ~~~ Too funny for me…😂❤️

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The Two Anniversaries 🙋🏻‍♀️

Oh my warriors… We have come to another year of these writings as I celebrate two anniversaries. This blog was officially started 5 years ago on the 4th and my book Spirit and Belief will be 4 years old tomorrow on the 7th. I say officially for the blog since June of 2016 was when my warrior writings really started that summer in my hammock. No stats this time but I do enjoy sharing with all of you as the interest seems to keep growing. Thank you readers but especially those who were or are still fans of the Ultimate Warrior or even Warrior. Thank you also to those fans of spiritual gifts because there are still topics some feel too judged to share. I understand, believe me. Despite some detailed and emotional posts, I don’t divulge everything. Just like Warrior, we need a few things to be a mystery.

A few years back, I had posted how Mattigan Warrior ( his youngest) being 17 then was the same age I was when watching her Daddy win WMVI. I was going on 18 but still… My daughter is 15 going on 16 and that was when the Ultimate Warrior first appeared on my T.V. Never had I seen him perform as any other character except as U.W. in Nov. 1987. What a journey it has become minus some missing years in between. That was another post.

I am in awe really when I think back on all this. Sure, I still have some books in my attic that I never could sell but it was a lesson learned. Just knowing that book plus this blog have gone all over the world to many countries warms my heart. Thank you to those who have kept coming back week after week to read, maybe laugh a little, maybe cry, or just reflect on your own life along with Warrior’s. It’s like those wrestling fans who keep supporting their favorites in any way they can. You are my fans so I give you ultimate thanks. Feel free to leave me feedback on the book if you have read it, I’d so appreciate it! 😉📗

Sometimes I actually do get writer’s block which I never use to. I try to connect a photo or video with a post but that isn’t always the case. What I do with most is to either share personal stories which is my favorite way or to share Warrior’s ideas that always aren’t wrestling related. I do hope over the years you have found inspiration or even just compassion in some way. Believe it or not, I also go back and read a few because of nostalgia or even to get motivated myself. If you are new, oh boy you have some catching up to do or should I say running?! Just kidding newbies. Read at your own risk or connect with me. I’ll do my best to answer questions although some topics might be off limits for me. There always seems to be more stories to tell though.

An interesting note to add is about that shirt you see in the photo. Back then, I wanted an authentic t-shirt from the U.W. website. Before all the gear got brought to the WWE shop, I bought from Never did I find a pink tank but I love this one and still wear it sometimes during a workout. You’ll find me in a YouTube video with it on and I believe a photo for one of these previous posts. The funny part is when ordering the shirt, I never noticed his image on the back. Guess I just saw the front with being warrior girl and that was enough for me. When it came, I was surprised thinking I might not have gotten it with the back printed. I KNOW that does not sound like a true fan but for lack of a better word- I always say it’s “different” for me. He’s got my back though and I love it.

It’s like getting my Warrior logo tattoo. Never would I get his face or body inked on mine. I know guys do and maybe some girls do but not sure how that would go over with my hubby. 😳😬Despite that, I couldn’t do it anyway. My stuff can be external like these stories but most are internal and emotional so it’s too overwhelming. You fans can do what you want though! Some tattoos really do capture his likeness and I am truly amazed at such creative artistry.

There, I hope you giggled at all that. Another bittersweet story concerns the book. Four years ago before I had sent it out to be published, it was Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. We were covering our pool and this monarch butterfly kept hovering by where I was. I did snap a pic as one had not stayed that long around me ever. Once a blue one came close when I was writing and that has been blogged. I always get sad as summer ends but that butterfly was so beautiful to watch. Later that day, I asked my husband to help a little with emailing the rough draft out. I had been thinking of asking him but was procrastinating. That butterfly gave me courage to go for it and they remain a great symbol to me today. Metamorphosis, change, growth, and beauty are what this process was to me. Every year now I remember that spot where the butterfly was and having the warrior spirit to make my book known to the world. They are still around but not like that afternoon.

Well warriors, “there’s your fix for now” which is from the man himself. I will continue writing as long as I see fit to do so. Whatever comes my way, I will go with the flow. That expression is everywhere for me lately and I have written all about it on my other blog. Am even reading a book about it now. Whatever milestones you encounter, celebrate them how you see fit. Channel that inner warrior spirit to keep going with what you love. I thank Warrior most of all for his continuous belief in me despite any outside naysayers. From my warrior writings to Spirit and Belief, my ultimate thanks because I will Always Believe! 💫

~~~~~ Kathy~~~~~

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*** Have an ultimate day warriors! *** 💪🏻

The Rebel Warrior 😬

With it being a few days before my birthday, I thought to kinda put myself on the spot with some other past celebs I followed. No need to list all those guys I “liked” starting at age 10 but a few come to mind. Yes, there were others besides Warrior after all but I would notice a pattern and how some were sorta rebels. Not all but a few. One of them was the OTHER Andre in a different sport and not quite a giant. Andre Agassi was a former pro tennis player and I watched him for years. Over time I felt that some advice to give a future daughter of mine would be to NOT follow or like a pro athlete! Well, we can’t necessarily choose but emotionally, it’s the most challenging compared to a T.V. star, (on a sitcom or drama) movie star, or even those rock musicians. At least that’s how I feel about it all.

Being introverted meant a part of me craved those rebellious guys who maybe had long hair, broke the rules, didn’t conform, and all that. Andre was like that which was similar to Warrior and even had colorful gear. They were opposite me most of the time except for the long hair! Always very different though and that was something I could identify with. O.K., physically I liked them for various reasons but there was more to whatever character they played which interested me. I could see beyond that. They may have seemed tough and crazy but I knew underneath there was someone else.

Often times I’d ask myself: “Kathy, why do you like these guys when they don’t seem like who you’d probably go for?” I did question that often although my brain gave my heart a break one time from that rebel type. Besides two, (one being Andre A.) most also were much older than me so with friends, no way did I share much. Once at a sleepover, I did privately and my good friend understood. My husband is 11 years older than me so another pattern repeating. He’s no rebel though. In high school, I probably didn’t know one girl who either liked Jon Bon Jovi or Bret Michaels of Poison. They were the guys back then. I always just thought I needed that rebel because I wasn’t one. Well, I AM but in another way. Now, I know more and it isn’t just that reason. The REAL reason is because by watching them, they gave me permission to know it was o.k. to be yourself without apologizing to anyone. They were true to themselves and were confident in that despite others objections.

Little by little, I learned why I became attracted to more than just their looks or talent. It was those guys or even their performer selves being genuine that transformed me to recognize my genuineness too. Maybe breaking rules does have consequences but they were willing to take risks which I needed to do more. It wasn’t just that side but the softer aspects too that made me melt. I knew they had those big hearts that would be shown on occasion. I’m a sucker for that, still am. I needed those rebel guys to teach me not just to be different but that it needed to be respected because you were. It wasn’t just the “good girl” liking a “bad guy.” They really weren’t that at all.

Am sure there are those of you who have liked or followed the famous for years so why do you? Did you in your younger teen years as well? Some stay in our thoughts longer or disappear for a bit only to resurface in another way. It’s so different now with the internet and other forms of social media. Back then, we bought magazines and hung up posters in our rooms. Most may know I never did that with Warrior, the posters that is. A little more is in my book Spirit and Belief. Kids today seem to flock to those celebs at much younger ages too. I thought I was young at 10 and felt very intimidated. No regrets about not sharing much in those days. Some girls got teased sometimes if it wasn’t that “acceptable” person which some of mine were not. I would like a few that my friends did but not too often.

I hope none of you regret who you liked back then and maybe a part of you still does. 😉For this list, they’re good guys in my book but Warrior is in that rebel category all by himself. It doesn’t matter if it’s T.V., the movies, music, sports, or anything else. They are yours to like but just be prepared if those emotions take over sometimes. My kids don’t share this part of their lives with me but if they ever do, Mama knows… Mama knows… If it lasts, there’s a reason and my rebel Warrior has always been there in some way. I thank all the other guys too for teaching me to be ME!

P. S. I WILL be watching WMVI around my bday of course! That became a pattern too… 💙👏🏻💪🏻

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Until We Meet Again 💙🎼

If you watch the end of the “Ultimate Collection DVD,” you’ll hear Warrior’s words of “until we meet again…” Oh man, did that get me teary back then as he looks directly into the camera. From his perspective, that meant possible projects he’d be working on as ambassador with the WWE or even his social media outlets. We can “meet” Warrior again every time we play the DVD’s, look at photos, or see him in all the ways available now. This takes me to yet another nostalgic time with my senior year of high school. Yes, I’ve mentioned that year on here plenty ( the BEST in April ’90!) but my son is a senior this year.

Until We Meet Again are some of the lyrics to the Irish blessing which I know all too well. Wish I could sing it for you but I’ll post the words at the end. 🎤So, flashback with me to 1987. If you weren’t around then, just follow along… This was my sophomore year and first in choir. It was graduation and the choir always sang the Irish blessing at our school. For 2 years, I was there singing for the other girls and then it was my turn to sorta sing it for myself and of course fellow classmates. It felt different, new, and yet familiar. It’s like when you see others on the sidelines. You might be participating but in an indirect way or maybe even just watching. Here are my versions:

~ a bridesmaid finally became the bride.

~a teacher of young kids finally became the parent.

~ remembering my senior year which is now my oldest’s.

For Warrior, he got into fitness which became bodybuilding, he got into wrestling which became the championships, ( plus more) and then he retired which became his family life. Until we meet again at one point in time which then led into another. To hear Warrior say those words at the end of the DVD made me remember another connection moment with that Irish blessing song. Shortly after I had watched the entire thing, that music with those lyrics followed me somewhere else.

I had attended a church service with my Mom feeling very out of it and still in shock because of Warrior’s passing. My Mom had asked if I was o.k. and I actually told her no. I didn’t need to say I was “fine” and she didn’t need to know the real reason. Then, the recessional hymn played and yep, it was the Irish blessing. What are the odds? Needless to say, I almost started the waterworks and had to grab hold of the pew. I was just tired Mom and said how I thought of this song with all those graduations years ago. Yeah, that worked and was kinda true.

Until We Meet Again was there a few days later and once more with those memories, much too soon. Every time I would hear “Pomp and Circumstance” at those graduations also, it would be thoughts of “Macho Man” Randy Savage in my head. Now, I get to hear it next Spring while watching my son receive his diploma. Despite all that emotion, am sure they’ll be a little bit of Randy there too until we meet again.

Have you ever found yourself in any situation where it’s similar to until we meet again or perhaps that other saying of time will tell? I bet you have. In fact, we are all part of that everyday of our lives here. Always evolving, moving, and growing into the next phase with ourselves and those we love. It may seem off in the distance until you blink and find yourself finally there. Just being a parent for me identifies this as being true. Even if you aren’t one, think of those moments where your aspirations happened perhaps many years later. It’s just like the story of being on our honeymoon standing with my coffee ice cream by Mt. Pocono looking down at the water park. I knew that would be a great place to take our future kids someday and 12 years later, we did. Until we meet again made manifest. That year was 2014 by the way… The real Poconos story is in my book Spirit and Belief.

Warrior’s career went by so fast, he didn’t truly have time to reflect on its significance until later on in his life. When he finally could interact with fans in a better way, it meant more. Those people who may have met him decades prior could see Warrior differently and never would’ve known they’d meet again after his time in the ring. So, until WE meet again here next week, I hope you treasure not only Ultimate Warrior memories but all of your OWN. The years are fleeting and as my Senior prepares to graduate next year, we will meet again as I recall my “Pomp and Circumstance” days and the words of the Irish Blessing:

~May the road rise up to meet you

~May the wind be always at your back

~May the sun shine warm upon your face

~And the rain fall soft upon your fields

~Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

*** Until we meet again Warrior, I will always believe. 💖🙋🏻‍♀️

P.S. Yes, I was singing it too! Another 3 count of the DVD, song, and high school…

P.P.S. While driving to see my Energy Healer last week, I was behind this car with the words “Walsh Jesuits” around the license plate. That is a local high school over here. Underneath it said: “Go Warriors.” Must be their team name! Also, that car turned down Reagan Parkway and Warrior happened to love our former President Ronald Reagan (:

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The Mysterious “Warrior” Batteries 🔋🔋(:

The Whole Time 💙🏋🏻‍♂️🤼‍♀️

The WWE just had their annual SummerSlam event which got me thinking. I have never used a photo of the Ultimate Warrior gorilla slamming anyone! There was one time of Sherri on here but he’s only in that pic I took. How could I forget his famous move before the splash? You also see “Ravishing Rick Rude” and the Ultimate Warrior had a few SummerSlams with him. The whole time I was missing a slam pic so here one finally is. Another first once more.

I bet you’ve had some moments of something in your life being there the whole time only you didn’t entirely notice. That could be hard for some of you and of course I have my story but here we go again to the movies 🎥 ! Get your popcorn 🍿 ready warriors since these references really explain the whole time and what it meant for the characters.

*** Spoiler Alert!*** Sorry but I do need to explain so if you haven’t seen “Mrs. Doubtfire” or “The Santa Claus 2,” skip ahead. I bet most of you have so please follow along.

Let’s begin with the 1993 movie “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Oh, so good… It’s the restaurant scene for Miranda’s birthday and Stuart starts choking. From a distance, Daniel as Mrs. Doubtfire sees this and comes to his rescue. While applying the Heimlich maneuver to Stuart, his “mask” begins to peel off. Hey, I did a post similar but anyway, Mrs. Doubtfire is then exposed as Daniel. Shocked, Miranda says:” The whole time, the whole time, the WHOLE time!” 3 times. Yep, she had to leave after that. I loved the scene also when Miranda is having tea with Mrs. Doubtfire and she seems to notice some familiarities. “She” covers the truth but sometimes it starts like that.

The next scene is about “The Santa Clause 2” from 2002. Another great one and my favorite out of the 3. I have referenced the first one and readers may remember a few years back of this movie being in a post. This time though, it’s not the magic of the staff Christmas party gifts. This time, it’s when Charlie shows Lucy who Santa is up close. First she asks:” Uncle Scott?” He looks at her and says: “Do you have any twos?” She replies back:“Go Fish, you ARE Santa, I knew it was you all along!” O.K., not exactly phrasing of the whole time but close enough. Lucy wondered earlier in the movie when she questions if her Uncle Scott is Santa. He seems puzzled but to her, only Santa has reindeer and he brought Comet with him from the North Pole. So, both Miranda and Lucy had some earlier thoughts before knowing for sure it was true the whole time or all along.

Well, if you have some popcorn left, here’s my stories of the whole time. Many may know about my teenage years and such of following the Ultimate Warrior so little did I know back then what would become my now. The Universe as well as my soul both knew the whole time. You may not believe but I always do and will. I often wondered why my emotions ran so deep the whole time and very grateful now to have some answers. I won’t know it all in my lifetime but it’s enough for this Warrior woman. 💜

The whole time relates to one more person. A few months ago, it was brought to my attention that someone who I respect and admire very much had been reading my blog for years— basically since the beginning. We are connected through a mutual friend and he has been around the wrestling business a very long time. I was overwhelmed to find this out and a little part of me was like Sally Field as Miranda: “the WHOLE time!” I can say it 3 times too… One of these days I need to ask if any certain posts stand out to him as being inspirational at all. Yes, there are many to choose from but I am curious. 🤔 Sometimes though there is that part of me that wants to crawl under a rock because of what I wrote but it’s all me. 😬😳Every bit is true.

Despite all these references of mine, I do hope all of you can look at the good experiences now that have been with you the whole time. We can also look to those difficult moments and know how they were guiding us to be stronger the whole time. You may not have specific examples as my movies or a respected avid reader, ( still so cool!) but find out how this life has led to events that make up your whole time. Who are those people cheering you on left unnoticed? Where are those places that have always been a safe haven for you? Hopefully, you can search out those answers that become your life the whole time. Once you find out, your reaction may be one of surprise or pure joy. Let’s hope for the good warriors as the whole time needs to be felt positively.

I’ll always have those feel good movies of mine as you will have yours. I hope also to reach out to my wrestling reader friend more as he has been so gracious with me. 🤞🏻🥰For all of you, find your things that have been with you the whole time. It just might be the unexpected but take it however you can. I will always have Warrior on this spiritual journey the whole time as my soul knew he was there all along…

P.S. Always, right? Well, how about all this! I decided to listen to Warrior while outside on my yoga mat. I put on the video of those who inspired him. About 6 min. ( yep that number) or so in, he mentions burning bridges! Had no idea, would not have remembered. My last week’s post of “Bridging the Gap” ties in with this… He says to “…blow the whole da** thing up, blow it all to H***!” Once you cross a bridge, you don’t want to be tempted to go back for safety. I said “WOW!” out loud in the grass… Don’t revisit the bad..

*** One more thing! The restaurant’s name in “Mrs. Doubtfire” is called BRIDGES…

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Find Your Tribe ❤️‍🔥👈🏻🤝

Do you have a tribe warriors? I’m not just talking about fellow Ultimate Warrior fans or any other groups like that you may belong to. We are a little 🦇 sh** crazy though, aren’t we? 🤪What I mean are people perhaps closer in your social circle who really GET you. This can be different for us all but you’ll know the feeling when you feel it. Maybe they’ve known you your whole life or maybe you just met them. Either way, I hope eventually you find your tribe.

I bet at some point in your life, you wanted others to be just as excited about something as you were or are. Let’s use an example of two people. I bet you can guess… Yep, Warrior and myself. I’ll start with him and most fans will know this story but it fits well here. That creativity in him always was there but just not necessarily accepted by others. When he had the comic book idea and even his belief system of Destrucity, both got some PR on the WWF shows then BUT not fully agreed upon. They even gave him a full page in the magazine about Warrior University. I know he wanted Vince to be on board with all that but probably knew those others involved in the process, not so much.

Now, it’s my turn. I may have shared this story before but it also fits here so skip ahead if you’ve heard it. Back when I got this blog started, it was about a month or so in. I still couldn’t believe I was sharing my warrior writings for the whole world to read but hey- I was! At that time, I felt ready to tell my family. The birth family that is. I sent out the info in a group message and couldn’t wait to hear back. The whole time I was typing, a knot in my stomach seemed to get worse. Yeah- that was my intuitive gut trying so hard to tell me :“No, now is not the right time to tell them!” Did I listen to it? Nope… They were supportive but not in the way I needed. I thought my brother would read it every week but it’s only when I mention him and I’m fine with that now. It’s all those expectations but in reality, when you have your tribe— that doesn’t matter at all. I didn’t know that then.

I do remember however, the only one I didn’t tell almost five years ago was my Dad. Guess I just thought he really wouldn’t be interested and with wrestling, he only watched with us a little. He’s a writer of sorts too and when I finally told him, here was his response:” Keep writing. It seems to really suit you.” I never forgot his words and think he wrote them in my birthday card that year. It brought me to tears… Is he totally in my tribe though? Not really but look how he surprised me with his reaction.

The other part of all this is my spirituality. That’s the one Warrior and I share with this whole tribe thing besides the wrestling aspect of his career. As the years went on, he talked more and more about intuition, (of course) evolution, past lives, and all that which I’ve mentioned before on this blog. O.K., he did want that “brotherhood” with the conservatives Dana had mentioned and found a tribe there. The spiritual stuff though is still kinda “woo-woo” for some. No, not “WOOO!” like Ric Flair! Warrior put stuff out there that had been talked about but only in those groups who were already famous with the topic for years. I believe he wanted to find his tribe of followers on that as well. It just got me years later with his passing to connect it with my life.

I have found my tribe of spiritual “woos” but I will always ache for that close friend to share it with. No idea if Warrior ever had a close friend to share it with either. I do have my cousin but so wished she lived closer. We text daily or call about lots of stuff. I did see her a few weekends ago at her grandson’s graduation party. She came all the way to Ohio from Missouri! Very grateful she and I have this connection as do a few of her kids. My daughter has little abilities too that I’ve witnessed but we’ll see what happens as she ages.

Not everyone will be into the same activities as you but our aches will make us search for our own tribe. If you’re not into crystals, oracle cards, or saging like me, that’s fine. You’ll still be in my tribe if you are a fan of Warrior’s or my writing. 😉He may not have been into all of it spiritually but Dana is. At least I hope she still believes. Warrior also found his tribe of fellow artists and I am glad he did. He needed that too besides his other passions. There are those who love his fitness videos so that’s another tribe. We do need those connections but need them more in a personal way that isn’t always thru social media.

If you haven’t found your tribe, keep looking. It is crucial for our overall well- being as your spirit knows. You may not believe that but I do. Warrior had his tribe of fellow wrestlers he admired but again, look beyond that career to other outlets. Your tribe is there but as always, you need to do the work too. We will be in this tribe of Warrior fans or writers but explore those other parts of you inside. Listen to your gut. If it feels like a knot, that is NOT your tribe! I thank Warrior for being in my tribe and I thank you all for allowing me in just a small part of yours. 🥰💜💪🏻✍🏻

P.S. When I recently went to an outdoor yoga class, another sign was there. My favorite instructor had on a shirt that said: “Warrior.” So thankful I went despite almost missing it! AND another sign— we were watching a Western movie that night which took place in New Mexico, just sayin’!

~ Right before this one beautiful scene in the movie, my left ear started ringing really loud! Hello Warrior… So I connected it to a dream of mine… It was part of a “bucket list” I still need to do ❤️

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