A Month of Celebrations🥳⛱️

Ahhh… June. How are we 6 months into 2023 already warriors? This month brings so much of the NEW and yet holds such past memories too. I’m sure many of you know all about these June moments so let’s start at the beginning. School just let out here, so kids will be home unless some are perhaps older and have those summer jobs like mine. There are summer camps too, remember my dream of last year? We also just had high school graduation a week ago. How am I going through that again next year at this time? My girl is “officially” a senior now. WHAT??? Yes, I know summer isn’t technically here yet until near the end of June but I look at the seasons differently than the calendar does. At least we have the warmth now, but had a hot spell recently. Our pool is open and ready so woo hoo!

Are you all taking vacations? We usually do but this year decided to get season passes to our nearby Amusement Park and that way on occasion, the kids can go with friends if they wish. 🎢 We’ll get out our kayaks again for sure 🚣‍♀️ and maybe a few other day trips along the way. It’s BBQ season so hope your grill is getting fired up. I get creative as it isn’t always burgers 🍔and dogs 🌭 for me. Mid-month also brings Flag Day here in the U.S. I keep my patriotic decor out all summer as there are many holidays that we celebrate being Americans. My flag mug is out all year too. 🇺🇸

Now, we’ll get a little further into this month which then brings Warrior’s birthday. I am still in awe how 7 years ago shortly after I started writing my experiences down (just for me,) that white feather appeared. I remember one year, his b-day fell on Father’s Day. My heart went out to his girls most especially then. 💔 Next year, brings a few more milestones of Warrior’s but that is too far off for me right now. June always seems to be a big month for not only those grad parties, but also weddings to celebrate. A no on our side, but I have been to many of both over the years. 🎓💍

The months bring us the same type of events year after year, but we always get surprises too. The garden is coming along so I’m hoping by my birthday in September, I’ll see those sunflowers! 🌻 It’s a great time for growing outdoors so I hope you can maybe bring out the gardener in you. If not, try your best to eat those yummies. 😋I love 🍓, 🍉, 🍑, and 🍍 along with those summer veggies. Gotta have those greens. 🥦🥬🥒🫑

Not every month brings a new season like June but it does give us pause to possibly think about what it will bring. I always have a few goals, but sometimes we move in different directions. Messages I constantly see which are on repeat is to: “go with the flow,” let go,” and “just be.” I truly believe I hold the reins or should I say ropes too tight on expectations and outcomes when ugh~ I shouldn’t. Even if my wish doesn’t truly come true the way I’d like- onto something better. That’s the warrior way and like his slogan down below states I will “always believe.” I mean, we have to right? If we don’t, nobody else well. Warrior believed in himself when others were those naysayers. He had many goals that were accomplished but right now for me, I feel like stepping away some. My road is still filled with detours and obstacles like all of you but once in a while, we just need to observe and enjoy. You can’t force stuff but little actions always work. That’s my focus this month.

I have a big “Summer Rules” sign and one is to sleep in which my daughter tells me to do more. I can’t much past 8 on the weekends as I feel the need to get moving even in the summer. Some things still need to get done and us mamas don’t have a vacation unless we travel. The rest I will do. Do you agree? “Take long walks, count the stars, watch the sunset, play games, read a book, relax, and make memories.” You can be that early riser to watch a sunset even! My kids joke about the book one but that is for sure me. After all- I DID write one- ha! 📗 I bet you can add to that list too. Who caught fireflies as a kid? I am excited to go to the drive-in movies. (: Let’s just have bonfires outside! 🪵🔥S’mores anyone? No, we don’t need summer or even June for most on that list but it is fun to focus on, isn’t it? Who goes to ball games, ⚾️ outdoor concerts, 🎤boat rides, or anything? I love water sports. Parasailing is on my bucket list! ⛵️The list is endless, but so great if you can just be or go with your own flow.

Warrior didn’t and other wrestlers don’t have the summer off like some or even kids but we all deserve a break from the norm overtime. Downtime can be HARD but it’s always necessary. Getting into a new environment just for a day can really lift your spirits. I love my backyard, but need to get out and explore. Our summers are so brief here so I like to soak it all in. ☀️ If you’re too busy, it’ll go by fast so take time to relax like my sign says. I bet you can if you truly try. Maybe you don’t have a specific goal right now because you don’t need one. I’m getting used to that although it can be a challenge. Welcome June and all it brings. Do your summer (or winter if below the equator) for YOU. Whatever you do, just always believe in your monthly goals. Even if it is to just go with the flow… 🌊

P.S. The other night brought yet another possible “What if?” in Warrior’s life… I dreamt he hosted “Saturday Night Live!” in the late ’80’s. Am sure many are familiar with that show which began in the mid- 70’s here in the U.S. It’s a sketch variety show AND the ‘ol WWF took it’s time slot back in the day monthly (maybe?) with “Saturday Night’s Main Event!” No idea on any skits at all but I was gonna be watching for sure! I can’t imagine him saying: “live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” 😜🤣👏🏻

“Let’s get ROWDY!” ðŸ’™ðŸ’ªðŸ»ðŸ¤¼â€â™€ï¸

“Let’s get a little bit rowdy-

R-O-W-D-Y!” That is chanted at our fall football games by the cheerleaders as it’s a perfect lead in to today’s post. Never did I think “Rowdy Roddy Piper” would be part of any post on here but as you can see down below, he is. That pic of him and Warrior (I edited out Diamond Dallas Page, DDP sorry!) was part of their WCW team at War Games Fall Brawl back in 1998. I like to think that pic is genuine as the two of them had a few things in common I never realized. Some of you that know Roddy’s background may be aware of these few details, but here’s how I do.

Fans have mentioned in the U.W. Facebook group about when the “Most Wanted Treasures” of WWE featuring Ultimate Warrior gear will air on A & E. I am not sure either but I keep checking every week. Well, while scrolling through the content, some older biographies popped up. I DID remember wanting to watch “Hot Rod’s” but never got the chance. For some reason, his just stuck out (kind of like he did!) but now I know the reason why. Very grateful to have watched as some info on his life was new to me. I really did think he was from Scotland! ***Spoiler alert… *** He was such a scrapper of a wrestler and rightfully so. Much more of a brawler than the Brooklyn Brawler even! Both he and Warrior had difficult childhoods with fathers, both fought hard for themselves to succeed, both were rule breakers, and both used a talent to get into wrestling. For Roddy, it was playing the bagpipes and for Warrior it was lifting weights for bodybuilding. Not to forget how BOTH wrote constantly about promos, ideas, etc. which showed such creativity with their characters.

I wonder if they ever talked about each others pasts at all or those passions that helped transform their lives into a career? Maybe in “parts unknown” they are as Rod also commentated a few of U.W’s matches back in the WWF days. What a life Roddy Piper lived. I’m glad he had his wonderful family by his side and wow- such a career amid numerous injuries, pain, and sacrifices like many wrestlers have. I won’t list details… It was horrendous for him, as I am glad he survived to tell about it. When watching some of the bio, I did think of Warrior on many topics as I would never have guessed their commonalities. It was their way of thinking that got them through. Sure, I have mentioned MY similar things with Warrior plenty, but there are a few others in my life or who were in my life that I couldn’t have guessed forming a bond outside of a “main event!”

3 people have been written about on here already, but I have a few more to add with this list. Many years ago when my kids were little, they were in playgroups. I formed a close bond with one mother as we got to know each other better. Little did I know at the time how I went to grade school with her high school boyfriend! We actually grew up very close to each other and knew many of the same kids. We shared similar tastes in food, humor, and personalities, despite our children being the same age and us being in PTA together. You take a chance on a friendship while the universe does its thing. Unfortunately, we are not close today because of other personal issues but our kids first brought us together as moms. Another woman I met through the book club I attended for a few years. She was the same age as our leader, Pam. Again, no idea I’d have anything in common with her besides our love of that wonderful book we all discussed! As it turns out, she always wanted to get her own book published just like I did but had no idea on the process. She admired my determination and finally got her book on photography out into the world. Without spending time chatting about another book , never would I have known her talent and love as well as mine. ✍🏻📸📗

Those other 3 written about already in other posts are still a part of my life, just in different ways. I bet you can relate to this. There’s usually another person, topic, interest, or something that first connects both and then you find other personal memories that might be a surprise. Maybe Roddy and Warrior never talked, but they did share a few things in their pasts that would influence their futures. I am still excited when I find out a connector with a friend. Never am I one to copy, my passions are mine and many can be similar to another without knowledge until later on. (:

The trick is in order to find out anything, you have to be willing to share. This is another frustrating area for me to navigate but I’m getting better. Like I’ve said before, you can’t trust everyone but you also can’t go through life never trusting at all. We need the lessons. Also, you can share a little, but not your entire life story all at once. There will be stuff that is bad and none of us wants pity. At least I don’t and I know both Roddy and Warrior didn’t either. It’s great to share the good things though. Be proud, but don’t brag. Overtime, little by little, sharing becomes a two-way street and maybe you’ll even get a little bit ROWDY!

Who knows what other bios I will run across as I have seen a few now plus some of the “Most Wanted Treasures” episodes. I do my best to have an open mind and remain compassionate, like with Ultimate Warrior’s a few years ago. How is that 2 years already? Maybe a new post will come to this “ring” once U.W’s episode airs? Thank you HOT ROD for your exuberant self that made you the best villain to hate. I DID root for him sometimes~ always against Rick Rude! Both were part of U.W’s SummerSlam match in ’89! I hope he and Warrior maybe had a reunion of sorts where they are now but if not, that’s OK. My memories remain and this fall once again for the last season, I will chant that cheer proudly… 🥹Every time I would look at that sentence whether written or typed, I get teary… It’s gonna happen friends…

P.S. Roddy HAD other careers besides wrestling. I bet Warrior would love that as he always advocated everyone proving they could do so much more than one thing…

P.P.S. I called in to “80’s wrestling the podcast” AGAIN last week! It was all about “The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling” which is highly debatable and will forever be.. I am about 14 min. in so feel free to give it a listen on blog talk radio or however you get your podcasts. I WILL add though- yes-I will of course- but Undertaker should definitely be on one! We can have multiples ya know as well since it is generational.., 😉Who would be on yours??? 🤔Someone DID put Hot Rod on theirs and Ultimate Warrior’s name was listed.. He is not on mine but is in other ways… 🫶🏻

The Space to BE… ðŸ¤²ðŸ»ðŸ’™ðŸ¤—

Are you a hugger? Maybe not but this idea was sorta swirling around for a bit so I am bringing it to our writing arena today. It’s also been an emotional time lately for me so this seems fitting. My sister from Washington and her family came for a brief visit to mourn a past loved one of my brother-in-law’s. My niece and great niece also came and I had such fun seeing that lil’ baby of hers. Everybody hugs or does a similar greeting as I am a hugger. OK, not as much as I used to be as they are given out quite selectively anymore. We all need space to be and some of us need a breather.

Warrior’s last few days involved many hugs, handshakes, pats on the back, and all that. Some do those same type of hugs with a few pats on the back but I would tease those who do. I know, I know~ it’s just how they do it or who they are but sometimes it just, I dunno- doesn’t feel genuine. They might mean well but it feels obligatory. If I give that to another, it isn’t my typical sentiment. You will know a real hug when or if you receive one from me. If it’s someone I truly CARE about and they mean much to someone I know, it will be different. It does depend for sure and just because you have a title like certain family members, you still may just get a small one.

I even know people who come at me way across the room with arms open like it’s expected. I do reciprocate, but it’s one of those side hugs with a brief pat. Again, that’s just them but it isn’t nor should it be all of us. Don’t you wish (at least I do) that those real moments of authenticity can be treasured more? Just being in the moment with another who means a great deal and giving each the space to be can become truly rewarding. I have often imagined greeting in a way where time seems to stop and no other sounds can be heard. You embrace a person who returns your affection and there are no words. Just that close interaction is enough to share for that brief time. I’m not trying to be sad or even mushy here, but really think about this if you can.

We always speak or say those “how are ya?” statements or anything similar but we don’t take the time to allow the space of receiving and just be… My Grandpa gave those giant bear hugs to many and he truly meant it. All us kids still talk about them today. Several years later, of course “bearhugs” meant something entirely different to me besides my Grandpa! His involved no submission though, but did involve space to be. I don’t know of anyone else who gave those out but we felt that love and connection which isn’t there with some who hug differently. He even hugged me that way in a dream back then. 😴

I remember when I first saw my energy healer a few years ago now. After our very first session, I was so emotional and reached out to hug her afterwards. She rebuked and said how that isn’t what she does because of the residual energy. Practitioners need to clear that and well, I do too. It’s not good or bad, but just another space that has to be set free if you will. I did email her apologizing for I had no idea but she wasn’t upset at all. She has a gift, and it can become draining on many levels. I totally understood when she explained more and yes, we ALL have energy everywhere. I’m now a little more reserved with who I share or give to. It’s not healthy to keep another’s energy so I am learning always. You can feel differently of course but I am affected so care needs to be taken.

If you’re not a hugger, that’s OK but any gesture of good intention should be valued or at least meant by both. We do get caught up in so many moments with people and what is expected that we often forgot to be us during those times. I’m not saying to be overdramatic but as with many other topics, society shouldn’t dictate our actions. Warrior knew all about that. 😉 There are those times I would go to in my mind and heart about what I would say or do when meeting Warrior years ago or even those last few of his life. I have said this before but now, I would love that space to be and look him in the eyes to say what I tell myself often:“I get it.” Don’t worry, I would not be a stalker as some of you could be thinking. I just know what I know.

I understand because I do and I know he would appreciate that. I always would want to say so much, but would only say a few heartfelt words like:“Thank you Warrior” as so many chanted at his Hall of Fame. But, that isn’t meant to be physically~ only spiritually now. However you initiate or respond to another’s gesture, just make sure it is genuine although we will still feel that obligatory pull. It just won’t be the same as it once was or with someone else. Relationships might come and go or be close then not but you get to decide. Give them space, but also allow yourself to have it as well. It can be difficult when we are not on the same page when it comes to different forms of affection. I do hope you can both come to some sort of agreement despite a possible awkward situation. I’ve been there with many but sometimes, you can just ask. When you are in alignment it is beautiful and you will feel it in the most profound ways. 🤍🥹

So, my wish is that with your sentiments, perhaps you can give or be allowed space to just be with another for a time longer than that brief pat or quick handshake. If it isn’t part of your perception, no biggie but it is for me. I am trying but again, it is with those select few deserving that bring me joy into this stage of my life. I give you space to feel and just be with the ones who matter most. I get it…

P.S. I DO know most guys give that pat on the back hug often. You will know if it is truly authentic or not… Warrior, Vince, and Triple H? You bet…

P.P.S. Just like before, once I decide on a title~ I start to see a word everywhere. The word SPACE was in a meditation called: ” holding space” AND- while listening to a podcast on this Animal Communicator- he says to:” hold space for your pet…” Really. I can’t make this up people! 🫶🏻🥰👍

One in a Million âœ¨ðŸ¤ðŸ’¯

Well, last week it was a question from my daughter and now this week, it’s a statement from my son. Since we just had a lunar moon 🌚 eclipse, he proceeds to tell me that the next solar eclipse ☀️will be April 8, 2024. I said “WHAT?” He repeated the date as I became amazed. I was curious as to how he’d know that so I guess he got an alert on his phone. Really? I don’t get those and I’m surprised it interested him. I of course looked up more info, but no number 10’s warriors as that will be the anniversary next year~ so unimaginable. The solar or sun eclipse will last about 4 minutes or so and stretch from Texas all the way to Maine! Here in Ohio, it should be visible (or should I say not visible) around 3:03 PM, but I will follow more as it gets closer. April 8, yeah, I won’t forget…🥹😳

So, moving on to today my readers. One in a million as yes, you should be. The Ultimate Warrior and then Warrior himself mentioned being one in a million and not one of THE millions many times. It does sound intimidating for sure. Very hard to live up to but every single one of us can, and are one in a million if we truly think about it. Nobody and no one is exactly like you at all as I hope you believe that. You are not the same one in a million as Warrior or even myself but you are yours as it should be. We shouldn’t feel pressured and yet we are. Not all of us are cut out to “save the world” or make a gigantic contribution in some way although we can always try. Some of us are more behind the scenes~ guiding and helping but it is hard when we can’t fully “see” the results. Take me for example here. I know I make a difference and have assisted so many on their journeys and yet, it’s not in a grandiose manner at all. Sometimes I undervalue my inspiration when in fact, I shouldn’t. My mission is different than that extroverted healer if you will. The universe reminds me of this in many ways, as I need to always believe I am one in a million too without all the grand gestures.

Don’t just go through the motions but own who you are and what you do. You can do your job but don’t become the job. This one in a million idea sounds like a topic for perhaps a college graduation speech or something. I DO know of a few who have recently graduated from higher learning. Many congrats their way! 👩🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓 🫶🏻👍☺️I guess it could also be about a eulogy of sorts. That got me thinking. When you leave this earth, I do hope you, or even others can honestly say you were one in a million. I’m not telling you to go out there right now and risk it all to impress but just think about how you want to be remembered. If you get too caught up in the daily grind, it will consume you so please find a creative outlet to fully express yourself. Believe me when I say, it teaches so much as you go along your way. Warrior can attest to that as well.

I also believe we shouldn’t have to live up to any real expectation of what one in a million means to us as individuals. Sure, it can be a role in leadership as Warrior also said to “be a leader for the leader!” If that’s how you want to get motivated, go for it as he always inspires me. If that’s not your thing, don’t sweat it as we all are that one in a million in many ways. You just have to find what works for you and keep doing it with true purpose. Often times, I think many of us feel like we are fighting something inside like wanting more and yet the ropes are pulled in such directions, one side has got to give. I have learned that when you pull too much that rope breaks or you fall. OK, sometimes those things propel us forward but other times, it isn’t necessary. What I mean is we shouldn’t keep pulling when there is no push from another side. If you don’t feel aligned with whatever or whomever it is, it isn’t for you. You’re one in a million moments aren’t meant to be such a struggle. They should flow with ease. Yes, it’s that simple.

Warrior fought hard to be that one in a million throughout his life here and yet to me, he didn’t have to fight so hard. It’s one idea if you are just doing something for yourself, but another all together when others are involved. Being a character like the Ultimate Warrior requires so much of that one in a million way of thinking. I was always so impressed with how he did it all. He was STILL that one in a million with or without being famous, or on my TV. I needed to see that character on my TV years ago to get me where I am today as astonished I still am. He was like no other in the business and that is what he wanted to be despite the somewhat negativity brought his way. Without his fame, we would never have known him.

Look back or even ahead to your life at all the one in a million adventures or moments you made or can make. Don’t just identify with a title, but make something good happen that will be worthy at least to you of being one in a million. I’m still learning as I go but we all need to be proud of the good we contribute, however it needs to be. THANK YOU Warrior for your one in a million self as I continue being ME without regrets. You be the same and fight hard for what will remain after your time here. I do hope that someone will say: “He (or she) was truly one in a million.” That’s who we uniquely are so keep going to always believe no matter what. If pulling that rope, expect a push sometimes from behind that helps you decide to go for it or let go. It’s your one in a million life. Just do YOU…

P.S. Oh, and don’t forgot to shake ropes too besides the push and pull!

P.P.S. My son had a friend over recently and they were outside playing music- YAY! Right after I finished writing this rough draft- I walked by the screened sliding door and heard the lyric: ” I was gonna be that one in a million…” by Panic at the Disco. Yes, that’s me and signs I always get. I laughed yet again… Take a listen to that song if you aren’t familiar. Wow… It has tons of Warrior references to me… “High Hopes” indeed… 🎼💙👏🏻🫵🏻

We Are Never Done ðŸ’™ðŸ˜ŠðŸ«µðŸ»

“So, when are you gonna be done with all the Warrior stuff?” That was asked by my daughter a few weeks ago. It all started with her looking at silly tattoo pics online. No idea why and some are funny but others were just plain idiotic. 🤪 I bet she’ll get a few someday. Then, she asked about mine as I told her the stories behind each one. The Ultimate Warrior tattoo story is in my book: “Spirit and Belief” but she didn’t remember any details at all. It’ll turn 9 this year on her 17th birthday later in May. When she asked me that question, I really didn’t know how to answer. I wasn’t sure if she met my blog or what as it was recently just renewed another 2 years and then it’ll be close to 10. 😳Come to think of it, I never answered because well~ I can’t. To me, he will never be done (despite his physicality,) but who knows when the blog will be. When it’s time, it’s time, but not just yet.

None of us will ever be fully done. That is why Warrior wanted to leave behind such an ultimate legacy to always be remembered here and in parts unknown. All of us need to believe in our own legacy however it looks. His face in the photo below is depicted being asked questions about the HOF speech. F bombs or not? 💣Well, he didn’t use that word, although I DO now so will keep that part of his legacy alive, ha ha! His HOF speech ended but the impact will never officially be done. We all know that as those who have touched us live forever in our hearts always. I did ponder my girl’s words once more regarding these writings I share.

Do any of you remember me saying how originally I was going to do this for just a year? Yep, that was the feeling but as years progress, it begs the question of what then? When this does end someday as it will, how am I going to feel? Accomplished? I hope so. Sad? Perhaps a little, but I do know obligatory guilt cannot be there. Sure, I had some goals and some were met, others still looming… By the time I possibly feel differently about writing, my kids will be all grown up (almost are now!) and hopefully we’ll be starting anew outside of Ohio. That’s a ways off yet but it’s there. I will find other ways as we all need to move forward in new directions. Again, the physicality of something will be done, but the legacy or even essence always lives on. We shouldn’t feel that sense of obligation just because we are used to something the way it is or has been. I left teaching like the Ultimate Warrior left wrestling. Yes, I, KNOW- not the same at all but the mentality is. There always would have been one more student to teach like there will always be one more fan to entertain. You readers are the same. You will FEEL when it is time to move on and be done with something while beginning again. Sometimes like with us, it was a choice but for some it might not be. ❤️‍🩹

 I gotta add this here as far as readers go.Recently while looking up some other info, I happen to come across this one interesting forum from a few years back. Yes, it was about Warrior (what I was searching,) but I am very much a part of Google in that way. I can’t remember the actual site but a guy posted about finding the “goofyest” stuff. UGH, people- please spell correctly. 🤦🏻‍♀️ He was referencing my blog saying how: ” this girl talks about communicating with the Ultimate Warrior in spirit.” Another guy said something like : ” well, if anyone can do that, he can!” Yeppers! I’ll take that as a compliment and he will too (: Who knows what other comments there were as I couldn’t read them all. This girl… OK, I do sometimes say that but come on~ I’m not 12! That was not a present comment but I had never really read anything like that and I can get defensive. I know not to, as it can be difficult to process. Not everyone is meant to understand or believe any of this. I actually laughed a little, so thanks goes to guy number 2 for some validation. I will be done on Google someday when this blog is no more or the book isn’t searched, but in other ways I never will be and that includes Warrior.

How do you feel about something being done? I guess it truly does depend on if it’s liked by you or not. We are glad when it would be a struggle but then with other situations, it can become difficult ending or seeing it done like a goodbye. Every parent can relate on this but again, we have to move as life is fluid all the time. I know fans were not happy to see the character of Ultimate Warrior leave several times during his run with WWE (F.) As far as we knew he was done and we had no idea if he’d ever be on our TVs again. At least I didn’t. I did get upset and cried a little back then as I felt he was barely there, and then gone….*PAUSE* here. He wasn’t done, but at that time it wasn’t even known by him.

You don’t have to be famous in order to maybe be done with fame, but still easily accessed in this day and age. No, us regular folks can’t be all over the Internet (shouldn’t be anyway!,) and videos, old TV shows, or any of that we aren’t done in people’s minds and hearts. The memories and love will be there and I hope they are for you too. Professional Youtubers with millions of followers isn’t for me. It might be you the reader though, and that’s OK. There’s so many things in life we are done with and some at certain ages, but then other ideas will remain. You can be done with actual schooling in a building but being educated on topics is for a lifetime. You can be done raising kids but will always be their parent. Every year we are done with and a new one and new birthday is upon us. Don’t get me started on stuff I totally WANT to be done with, too many to list! I’m sure you have yours as well.

So, to me as with many of you other fans, Warrior will never be done. I scoff at that. Yes, his fame keeps him going, but he was so much more in spite of all that. So much more. Whatever you feel done with, set it free but know much will still be there. I will never be done with music either as most do know that! 🎼Some will lesson like I said last week, but others will not and there are many reasons why. My Warrior stuff remains always. 🥹

P.S. Last week I got something incorrect… The Boy Band referenced was NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) not N’Sync. Ugh, I always got them all mixed up! 🤬😂

P.P.S. I found another U.W. fan group over on Instagram called: ultimatewarriorofficial. Some others I know follow so check them out! 

Loosen Your Grip ðŸ«´ðŸ»ðŸ’™ðŸ¥¹

Here we are in May warriors. This year is “running” by fast, isn’t it? You haven’t heard from me during this month since 2021. I took all of May off last year. A few posts of that time were about a dream with Dana and the Ultimate Warrior biography. Hard to believe that was 2 years ago, but we need to be in the now. When I thought of this title~ I thought of a song. Come on, it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned one! Loosen your Grip could also be like “Hold on Loosely” by 38 Special. Yeah, I hear that one a bunch. We keep holding on but never let go. That can be hard, don’t ya think? I guess literally I should’ve loosened my grip years ago from yardwork. I still have some callouses on my hands with those times past of raking leaves and shoveling snow! I’ve eased up on that manual labor as well as my workouts. Can I still do them all the way I used to? You bet I can but let’s just say the pains last longer nowadays. Yes, it makes us stronger but injuries aren’t what they were to my body in the past.

The idea of loosening up some came to me over the course of many months and a brief dream does connect. We’ll get to that in a bit. Most fans know of those many emotional dates in April connected to Warrior~ great, good, and bad but despite my own personal memories of those times, it lessens. I can recall any of them in a split second but the grip is softer now. Never forgotten and never gone but not as intense as before. Don’t worry, Warrior’s intense energy is still very much there 💥 and always will be but in new and different ways. That’s a good thing. Sometimes the waves are strong but other times they roll in much more calmly. I still get those “shaking ropes” of OMG but they are more controlled and relaxed now. It’s not like an old pair of shoes that seem worn out but more like a warm blanket embracing me at the right times. Same emotion, less grip. I’ve been through those heart palpitating moments that once were so scary (for real!) but now it’s endearing times of comfortableness.

We do need to let that extreme grip open up just a little to face what’s next. If you hold on so tight, you’ll never move ahead. It can be frightening warriors but if we don’t, our evolution in this lifetime becomes stalled and nobody wants that. Life will flow so much more your way if you release a little of whatever it is and experience something new. Your happiness becomes more of your purpose if you help to contribute to that great life you deserve to have. We all do. I have struggled in so much but by releasing control of my ever so present grip, it enabled the struggle to dissipate just enough so other great moments could enter. Warrior wants that for ALL of you too. It’s OK to hold onto an idea, project, person, or anything close to our hearts but not where you forget to be YOU and not the grip. I know for me, it’s such a challenge when I want that exact thing to remain constant and yet it never does. My kids didn’t stay little either as they never do. I’ve had to loosen my grip on them but I’m liking these new young adults in my life. See, it’s all OK…

Warrior loosened the grip on some areas in his life but we all know how he needed to in WWE (F) so other ideas could manifest… Here’s a little part of a dream I had which explains the photo below. I have plenty of other pics but it had to be from that 1992 interview before SummerSlam. That outfit he wore was so colorful, it must’ve stuck out for a reason since he had that on in this dream! It took place in a park and I had known him quite a while, since his days of bodybuilding I guess. That seems to be common lately but it’s so nice to get. 🥰 I was waiting for him and he shows up dressed like that from a taping of Superstars! I teased him saying if he’s recognized, he only has himself to blame. 😂 He laughed replying how he didn’t feel like changing but no face paint. I had lunch for us but he proceeds to put his leg up on a park bench very contemplative as we talked first.

He told me ( again- this was July 1992) how he felt the need to leave WWF. Fans can recall how he left in November but this dream depicted it differently. He was becoming frustrated with how things were going and decided to stay until the end of the year only. The grip was starting to loosen once again as it had in the past with wrestling. Warrior wanted to try new things and move on to a different type of career path. That’s exactly what he did end up doing only not from a park bench (: Other goals crossed his mind among personal ones as well and we both shared aspirations. I traveled as part of my career but now was pretty stable so he asked me questions about what I wanted more out of life. We did share some laughs as possible “what if’s” came into view and it was good to imagine while creating the new. I believe we did finally eat lunch but like with most other dreams, no true ending. That is well and good as life needs to be open without always definitive answers. It was a beautiful day outside in this park with blue sky and my favorite white cumulus clouds. 🌤️ No idea on if he was spotted as the Ultimate Warrior or not, but such a reflective dream. Nothing too over the top but now presented in a deeper more meaningful way.

Loosen your grip just a smidge and see what happens. I’m not asking you to freefall if you don’t want to but some of you might! If you hold on too tight, nothing else can ever get in. I know you want that grip on many things but you will know in your heart when it becomes too tight and those callouses form. Like 38 Special sang about: ” Just hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose control.” Now, I’m singing it! Don’t lose control but know the grip will still be there. It’ll just be more softer as not everything has to be restrictive where you feel suffocated metaphorically. It all won’t go as planned so release the HOW… Relax into yourself as even warriors should. Warrior’s energy I will always grip but not so much where I lose my OWN… 🙏🏻💪🏻🫵🏻

P.S. The series finale of “The Goldbergs” airs tonight on ABC after 10 seasons. I only started watching after my brother told me how they were doing a tribute to the Ultimate Warrior at the end of season 1. So glad I did watch and continued to do so… Many times did I reference this show… “The Cut-out” I blogged 9/29/21. This connected to my favorite episode ever about the boy band N’Sync. Not what you think though!

*** I also blogged “My Pouchie Faith” on 6/13/18 all about George Michael’s song “Faith” and Dana… For some reason, I can’t link them but feel free to read for nostalgia , I did!!!

P.P.S. Many of you have inquired about: http://www.ultimatewarrior.com

~ It seems to have been taken down once again but perhaps might be revamped? I have referenced it many times in the past but am not sure of its status now… If it is no longer available, my apologies but we have memories in other ways… 🤷🏻‍♀️💔

Red and Yellow AGAIN! ðŸ˜¬

I’ve mentioned those colors before warriors, but they came into my thoughts again recently with Easter being over. I was looking at a few of my spring decorations while remembering a little negative story. I tell myself every year to forget about it and sometimes I do but this year, I am sharing it on here. Some of those former WWE (F) stars wore red and yellow (one alone and then a few Tag Teams) but I have my own red and yellow story. First off though, can ANYONE answer this? I know I’ve asked it before. OK, fans know Hulk Hogan wore those signature colors for years, but why did they keep repeating often? His tag team with Randy Savage as the “MegaPowers,” Randy with Ultimate Warrior as the “Ultimate Maniacs,” and then Hulk with Brutus Beefcake as the “Mega Maniacs.” I still believe Randy and Warrior should’ve worn pink and green (or colors they wore more!) but not red and yellow. There has to be an answer somewhere… 🤔

Anyways, here’s my “UGH” story. Back in the day when girls planned a bridal shower or were getting married, it was always the same question: “What are your colors?” Yes, this part will be kind of for the gals but maybe you guys know too. For me, I didn’t have colors. I gotta be different, you know?! It was one color~ coral. My shade was more of the orange pink variety and not red. Some would say peach even. The girls carried 6 roses~ 3 coral, 3 cream. My number even then. Too funny! Warrior’s WM6 trunks were very orange, but I always liked orange when most didn’t. He had his 6 moment, I had mine, ha ha. Anyhow, the shower was at my sister’s house at the time. I loved the company, food, and games, but the decorations? NOT AT ALL… ☹️

I walked in thinking this was not for me as there was no coral color anywhere. Um, why not? My sister did it her way and even used tulips when my flowers were roses! I still to this day never got a real answer, even from my mom. It’s all so weird. I did have a good time but was just disappointed. My sis always wanted tulips in her wedding but used roses as well. Even if I got married in the middle of winter, artificial flowers are always what we’d use so if I wanted tulips, I would get them. Her wedding was in September, but really who cares? Use your tulips but my August wedding was roses. Both sisters gave me a watering can and a nice vase as keepsakes with these red and yellow tulips all over them. I kept them out for years in the spring but finally gave them away several years ago. I didn’t need the bad memory attached to myself anymore. Let someone else that wants them, have them. When they had their showers, I helped plan it around their flowers and colors. That’s just what you do or at least I thought so. Don’t get me wrong here. It was very pretty and nice but you plan for the bride, not yourself. I was no bridezilla either but guess I just assumed. OK, former bride rant over.

I must say though, I STILL have a few of my purple tulips bloom outside. Remember them loyal readers? I love seeing all the colors in people’s yards despite this cold spell we are having, but I won’t get just red and yellow ever! When I do think of those colors always, I want the happy. Some of you can have Hulk with the longevity but I’ll take Randy and Warrior any day. I wonder how long the “Ultimate Maniacs” could’ve lasted? So many questions I’d love answered. ❤️💛💪🏻💪🏻

I can also probably do an entire post on the color blue. Much stuff I had when younger was blue when I always wanted pink. That reminds me of “Sleeping Beauty” when the fairies kept changing her dress color. 💙💖I watched that favorite movie of mine not that long ago… I finally got my pink though in a few shades, including a bike but this is red and yellow today. Both sisters always loved yellow, still do. I do in some ways but pink will always be my favorite. I have two rooms painted yellow in my house though. I was born to be different and I’m fine with that but just want respect because of it. When you combine yellow and pink, you get peach. I like the combo. One sister had yellow dresses in her first wedding but not the other. Such odd reasons why as that would never be me. To each their own I guess.

Maybe today’s brides don’t do color patterns, but I still see flowers that complement dresses so a little of it is still there. The red and yellow shower of my day will forever be a mystery along with those former WWE (F) tag teams. Do any of you have a story to share where you placed such expectations on someone or something only to experience disappointment? I bet you do or did, but it does become hard letting it all go. Warrior had people let him down too many times throughout his life and yet we must continue on in a new way. Once we find what works with people who “get” us, it flows easier. One would think family gets us the most and would know our likes or tastes, but sometimes we need to place our trust in a fresh perspective. That can only happen with time and a whole lot of patience. We shouldn’t feel guilty for moving our ideas onto others. It’s really how to evolve despite blood sometimes.

I hope those of you who do have close sisters remain that way as I am not here to bash your relationships at all. Just sharing my red and yellow story that I totally connected to wrestling. Who would’ve thought getting out some spring decor would bring it all back to my memories, despite not having the physical objects anymore? We all have connections with items from the past, but let’s make the good ones count. U.W. Memorabilia anyone? I’ll take those as I’m sure you will too. Just give me roses, not tulips! 🌷Give me pink or coral too. All kidding aside, we can forgive and see the lessons. They were wrong but I can’t give it more power or energy anymore. That’s my lesson. Maybe we are done with seeing red and yellow in WWE? I wouldn’t know anymore. Good memories remain as I let the negative ones go…

P.S. That pic of Ultimate Warrior below describes how frustrated I was back then! I DO love my Bluejay feathers though. They aren’t red or yellow, hehe…

P.P.S. When working with my florist for the wedding all those years ago, she had never used the color coral before ever. I had many firsts just like Warrior did and still do… 🧡💖☺️

Listen to those “Nudges.” ðŸ«µðŸ»

We all get those little “nudges” that won’t seem to go away but I am thinking about the good stuff here, not the bad. You can call them whatever you like. They can be intuitive hits, signs, or just feelings that are bugging you in some way. I have mentioned plenty on here in the past but one story that came to me was when I decided to get my very first tattoo. No, that doesn’t connect to Warrior (the second one does!) but he had those nudges too. Despite never wanting to go back to WWE, people around him kept nudging which prompted him to finally think about it more and more. He was very emotional going into those WWE offices but aren’t we all glad he made the right decision? I am for sure but now let me share my little nudge of almost 12 years ago. 

I have always loved dolphins 🐬and mentioned them on a post last year. That was a report in 6th grade but by now I was much older. It wasn’t a milestone birthday but I just felt it in me to do something different. My brother and a cousin had just gotten one and hers was a dolphin making a heart with her daughter’s name in the middle. I didn’t want to copy with a dolphin but ugh- isn’t it so wrong to care what others think in that way? Well, mine wouldn’t have names of anyone as that is not what I do. You can have your body art any way that works but I feel differently. My bro got his kids initials as part of his and no, it isn’t that I don’t love mine but again, my passions are just for me and that’s how they get expressed.

Another thought I had was everyone else. I’m so grateful I think another way now. Being how I was with the birth family, this would literally shock the sh*t 💩out of a few! Oh, to be spiteful but I wouldn’t do that. I also am not that typical girl who is going to get inked just to prove it to someone like a dare or something. Nope, so wrong on many levels. You also would never see me sporting a cliché, like a ladybug, butterfly, heart, or many “girly” things. OK, those are beautiful, and I love them all but mine would have to represent something on a much more deeper level to me and I have no personal connection to any of those symbols. I also never wanted words. My brother always thought I’d get “Always Believe” around my small Warrior mask tattoo. I don’t need it because I know what it means and it isn’t worth my time explaining to those who won’t understand. We can, and should always believe in ourselves but nah~ I don’t need the words. I can write my own here or in journals but not on my body. You others are free to do whatever you wish. 💚

So, this “nudge” of sorts stayed with me quite a while. As with any big decision (and yes, this was for me!) you have to sit with it for a bit. Little ones you can be impulsive with as it is good to be spontaneous once in a while but not this involved. It was getting later in the summer and my tattoo idea was still in my head weeks later. We were on vacation and I decided to tell my husband. This was at dinner outside near the lake and I had a few Long Island iced teas. Now, I was ready! 😜🍹🍹He of course is not a fan but respected what I wanted. I was doing this and realistically didn’t have to let anyone know but felt the need to share with him. He had no idea on the Warrior one but that’s been told along with the fact that I have 3… The nudge never went away, and I got excited. That’s key here. You have to be excited about those nudges despite a little fear. 

We all have those passions and interests that just never seem to wane or fade away. I always questioned that with Warrior but of course I know now why. 😉 Even with anything you do, think about how the idea started and why it did. This blog, my book, “Spirit and Belief,” starting a YouTube channel, and so many others began with a slight nudge that turned into more. Of course, there will be those times we might fall flat but don’t look at it as a failure, it’s a lesson. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time. You will also know if you can totally disregard outside influences. I am better at that with others but it’s also about time, money, resources, and all that too. Many times we do need help with projects but allow your strengths to power you through if you truly listen to those inner nudges. I mentioned following my compass last week which is how we need to be. It is hard to abandon an idea for a time but if it comes back as that nudge bugging you again, then you can start to take action. 

Warrior had so many nudges in his life which propelled him to succeed in the way he did. He always mentioned listening to that inner voice we all have. If others think you’re crazy for following that voice, that’s OK. It’s your life, not theirs. Another nudge I have is moving in a few years. Yes it will be a ton of work but is a decision we’ve made peace with and will happen. The feeling is only getting stronger and there are many signs pointing in that direction. You will be filled with lots of emotions while listening to your own WHYS and then HOWS on that certain thing you want to pursue but the good should outweigh the bad. If it doesn’t, give it more thought. Like I’ve said before, good does come from bad. You just won’t be aware of it at the time. Your nudges might not be a tattoo, blog, or any of my stuff but you will have yours like Warrior had his. It might also be risky but ask yourself if it’s worth it. Warrior knows it was worth it for him returning to WWE. Your inner voice always knows. Trust it because that nudge is there for a reason. Listen… 👂🏻👍☺️

P.S. A little break on the emotional posts to lighten up some, hope you enjoy! Remember as well~ your “nudges” can be in your face a bunch or quite subtle. Look for that repetition and it becoming pretty constant. Then, you will KNOW… 

My Chance Encounters ðŸ’–💙

Oh my goodness warriors will this be quite the post. First off, I had such a debate in my head over what photo to use this week. I decided on the one below because I took it at 4:14 P.M. That date is in a few days and ends my 3 weeks of “running” on emotion. It was decided when I saw the timestamp so there ya go. I had a couple chance encounters at the latest Holistic Fair and what a beautiful time. How do I begin and what do I share? I’m still deciding as I glance at all my notes. I guess the beginning is a good place so grab your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage and take it all in.

I hadn’t sat for a card reading with anyone in over a year as it is a rarity I do so. Sure, I can draw cards from a deck and use a guidebook like they do (I do at home) but this time, there was so much more. SO much more. I wanted to sign in and decided to sit with another spiritual friend of mine instead of my regular gal. This other girl I was familiar with from my book club and we have chatted a bit, but not in depth. She was running late so I decided to sit in on a house reading with my one friend and this older gentleman who is very well-known around here. Both are spiritual mediums so believe what you want on this. I had attended a few of his group meditations and she was the one who interviewed me for the podcast several years ago. I can still hear her saying “that poor man” about Warrior’s passing and it wasn’t sad for me. I have told that story here but today’s is new. They both were pretty accurate with info coming through, and he is so funny! You need the humor too. It does matter as I know.

They finished and as I proceeded to the hallway, I met up with my former book club leader! She came all the way from Florida to see her first great grandchild (: I got to meet her granddaughter there too. What a joyous reunion we had. Oh, have I totally missed that Earth Goddess Mother! Her face just lit up as did mine. I was meant to go that day and as my tears flowed, I became grateful. 🥰 By then, my card reader walked past me so I told her I would be her first session. She was so happy to see me and had no idea I was coming. Just remember, she had no clue I would be there…

We reminisced for a few moments as she pulled a deck to work with. I am more into oracles and not Tarot but she didn’t know that. The deck she chose I was familiar with and she picked 5 cards. The anchor card was “Compass” so that totally fit for me as I am following my true north! You will know your purpose even if it scares you a little. Another card was “Unexpected Visitors” and I linked that to my Earth Goddess mother mentioned above. The cards did connect and I shared some of my insights as well. I had mentioned how much I enjoyed our time in the book club and asked if she remembered me writing a book. Yes, I KNOW. Finally Warrior comes into this post more but it’s great storytelling, don’t ya think? She could tell I practice and follow many things without me sharing much info at all. Maybe it was my energy or passion for being there, who knows?

It was then how I felt our connection a little more and shared a BIG spiritual trait about myself that few others know. It does connect to Warrior and she proceeded to tell me SHE has this rare trait as well with someone. Neither of us had met another with this same type of experience. Our eyes met as I felt easy and comfortable. I said a few things about his fame and passing while she said how sorry she was. She was sorry for me that it happened. Sorry for ME… I of course knew why she said that but it was heartwarming as I told her I appreciate the sentiment and all is OK… She went on to state how she has many gifts including access to past lives which always intrigues me. Again, take what you will from this. I have found out bits and pieces of a past life of mine from our mutual psychic friend but my healer validates much in our sessions. I will see my card reader again about that as she will do it as a favor to a friend without payment. I was honored but with our shared spiritual trait, we bonded. She did say a few things about seeing me in a past life and validated how I passed which I knew. She did add what happened before that, and it makes sense as I shed some tears later on. That info was new to me. 😓 It affects my life now and I can totally relate. It is surreal, but fits for sure. ❤️‍🩹

After that serious yet interesting few moments, she started laughing. 😂 I had no idea why as nothing seemed amusing. She brought up Warrior again and described him younger. I do believe up there we can choose a young version of ourselves at times. I asked what was humorous. She went on to say how funny and cute we are together. Now, THAT is something I totally agree with. 😉😜She picked up on his humor, I love that. You might say this is vague and I don’t blame you, but there was more in snippets which is how it has to be. I am keeping it all in my heart. 🫶🏻

She also saw me painting which I did briefly last year but don’t see that much in myself. It was therapeutic when I needed that break but others paint, not me. This was a future premonition of sorts, not the past. My daughter is that artist similar to Warrior, but it was never something I saw myself doing. Reason to *** PAUSE*** here… 👩🏻‍🎨🎨 That older gentleman I referenced earlier, who is a medium saw me helping to design artwork for a book cover one day. Wow! He told me this years ago and I never forgot. Would not have seen that coming at all. I did a post on art way back now, but it does tend to be an emotional topic for me. Any of us can do anything but to be placed in that category is just amazing to me. It is all free will and some info we take in more than others… I would like to sit with her soon to explore some of those little tidbits and maybe we can expand on them. I had no idea she also had that gift and she doesn’t follow my work either. It was a chance encounter just like seeing my book club moderator mother. To think it all began with just a card reading and turned into so much more. The Warrior stories were brief but enough details to warm my heart.

Again, she didn’t look him up as very few of these people are aware of him or his fame at all. She had no idea I decided to sit with her, and I had no idea on some small information which got presented to me that day. I have lived longer now than in a past life but we probably all have if you believe. Without a doubt, I KNOW so much more of my purpose, as I truly think THAT life was too short. Now is my redemption through more self-confidence in myself. I’m excited to visit with her again and see what transpires. Chance encounters? Nothing is coincidental. I am OWNing my destiny and will continue to follow that compass…

P.S. Here is part of a text I received from my cousin who I talk to daily. I was having an off day near the end of March. Maybe with all of the Warrior dates being around but I felt like I was in a “fog.” I gave her some info and this was part of her reply:

“Never be sorry… it’s good to explain and to know others do care what you are going thru. All will be good but he knows you are a strong WARRIOR like him and continuing his life’s journey through you is amazing! I’m so proud of you and carry your crystals with you! Love you.”

*** She is one of a kind and I was overwhelmed by her words. She always says how she is not a writer. I totally disagree. 🥹

P.P.S. Last year I remember hearing “The Warrior” song on April 1st which was awesome! This year, it popped up on my radio Easter Sunday, April 9th when I was in the kitchen alone prepping dinner… I found out about Warrior’s passing 9 years ago on the 9th. How truly fitting…. 💙🙏🏻


These Dates I Remember ðŸ’™

First off, I woke up with the song “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica in my head… 🎼Maybe I’ll hear it later?

Oh, April~~~ you are here already. It’s that time of year again but TODAY on the actual anniversary, I will be watching Ultimate Warrior’s WWE HOF induction speech of 2014. April 5 fell on a Wednesday before but now I can watch his speech entirely from the “Always Believe” DVD. Happy 33 to WrestleMania 6 on the 1st as well. It’s also time for some more math as dates come into my memory to remember. Wrestlemania 39 has come and gone (oh my!) but my earliest Ultimate Warrior date is March 24, 1991 which was WrestleMania 7. These 3 weeks leading up to April 14 can become quite emotional. The earliest WrestleMania ever was March 17. That one was WrestleMania X8 back in 2002 which took place in Toronto. Both Warrior and I had something significant that year personally. They hadn’t been in Toronto since 1990 for WrestleMania 6. Ultimate Warrior’s last WrestleMania was 12 which was 6 years before X8 in Toronto. Our favorite number has a connector yet again! U. W. was part of 6 WrestleMania’s too. Oh, and Hogan lost both times in Toronto. Sorry, not sorry. 🤭

You might be confused as to why I mentioned April 14. Yeah, I know. That date marked the RAW tribute to Warrior and another story that’s been told here before. That’s why I said 3 weeks. OK, so we also just had the BIG 35 for WM 4, 34 for WM 5, 32 for WM 7, 31 for WM 8 ( which is TODAY!) and 27 for WM 12. Of course, I mentioned 33 for 6 above. There ya go, all of U.W’s WM anniversaries. It will be 9 years for him in a few days since returning to “parts unknown.” How are we almost to double digits? Believe it or not, I start thinking about this time of year in January. Probably because of the new year starting but there it is creeping up slowly. If I hadn’t gotten my own personal connections with these dates, it might not affect me as much.

April 5 is huge for both of us as we have these 3 counts. Mine were 2014 (basketball game on Warrior’s night,) 2016 ( signs falling,) and 2018 (first book event.) All even years and today also marks the first oracle card deck I received on the day of the book event. It was a beautiful three card spread with perfect messages that day. 9, 7, and 5 years today. Warrior also has a 3 count but in the past I only listed 2. April 5, 1992 was WM 8 (in Indiana!) and of course 2014 with his HOF speech. Another got overlooked but I really didn’t have that date memorized. April 5, 2005 was his “infamous” UCONN speech. Not his finest moment, but it is what it is. His dates don’t lineup like mine in a way but there they are always in memory. This blog turned 6.5 yesterday on the 4th and my book “Spirit and Belief” also turns 5.5 on the 7th. I never plan these dates, really I don’t.

That brings me to a mention of the HOF. I still believe some of the enhancement talent or “jobbers” as they were called back then should be inducted. Steve Lombardi comes to mind as he had such a prolific career with the WWE for many years and portrayed many characters. He deserves that honor for sure, as do some others. Referees should be in there too but how great that Tim White is the Warrior Award recipient this year. Why has it taken so long to allow these different performers to be included? It shouldn’t take a life-changing event or anything similar to move in a new direction. Fans deserve this recognition too, for they are part of our history just like that of WWE’s. The Hebner twins should be part of a future class as well. These are just my opinions of course but am convinced many others feel the same. I realize there are conditions that need to be met and they can only induct a certain amount each year but still…

The last thing I will mention here are my thoughts on just a few of the WM 39 results. Yes, the fans wanted Cody to get the titles from Roman. Most are incredibly shocked. I too thought that would happen. I also thought Asuka would prevail over Bianca. My friend brought up an interesting point and it’s one I can see from a business perspective. Perhaps with the sale of WWE to Endeavor,🥸😬 they wanted to go into that with their current champs. I can also see the opposite too with new champs, new sale and starting fresh but maybe WWE feels like they need more “staying power” in a way with keeping those titles on Roman and Bianca. Just my point of view of course but that could be their mindset on all this. SummerSlam is going to be 35 this year so maybe by that time, things will change. We shall see. Roman is close to 1000 days so that is another factor.

Well, that’s enough of that. This date of April 5 will come and go just like it always does but I will have it along with many others in my memory, stored for eternity. These several weeks bring up so much for me in ways undescribable at times but as a warrior, I continue on like we all should. Another sidenote here is this: Warrior’s last WM was 30, he’s been gone 9 years, so 30+9 = 39. This year’s WM. Yes, I know~~~ me and these numbers. It fits though…

Thank you Warrior for all these dates because there is no filter through them. I have mine too. This is always such a busy time as I contemplate my personal moments to ponder. I will never forget any but know I am stronger than the past. Warrior in parts unknown? No, not really. He is here every day bringing his Warrior wisdom and guidance. I will always believe. 🥹🙏🏻💪🏻

P.S. I will continue my annual tradition of lighting a 🕯️ around when he passed on the 8th.. I also got a bottle of 🍷 which I rarely do anymore. I toast him and celebrate the wonderful life he had!

P.P.S. I am hosting Easter this year in a few days which is the 9th… That is when I found out he passed. I also hosted that year. Those stories have been written but everyday brings a new one. I thank Warrior for “writing” his and sharing it with all of us… Love~~~ Kathy ✨💖☮️