Red and Yellow AGAIN! ðŸ˜¬

I’ve mentioned those colors before warriors, but they came into my thoughts again recently with Easter being over. I was looking at a few of my spring decorations while remembering a little negative story. I tell myself every year to forget about it and sometimes I do but this year, I am sharing it on here. Some of those former WWE (F) stars wore red and yellow (one alone and then a few Tag Teams) but I have my own red and yellow story. First off though, can ANYONE answer this? I know I’ve asked it before. OK, fans know Hulk Hogan wore those signature colors for years, but why did they keep repeating often? His tag team with Randy Savage as the “MegaPowers,” Randy with Ultimate Warrior as the “Ultimate Maniacs,” and then Hulk with Brutus Beefcake as the “Mega Maniacs.” I still believe Randy and Warrior should’ve worn pink and green (or colors they wore more!) but not red and yellow. There has to be an answer somewhere… 🤔

Anyways, here’s my “UGH” story. Back in the day when girls planned a bridal shower or were getting married, it was always the same question: “What are your colors?” Yes, this part will be kind of for the gals but maybe you guys know too. For me, I didn’t have colors. I gotta be different, you know?! It was one color~ coral. My shade was more of the orange pink variety and not red. Some would say peach even. The girls carried 6 roses~ 3 coral, 3 cream. My number even then. Too funny! Warrior’s WM6 trunks were very orange, but I always liked orange when most didn’t. He had his 6 moment, I had mine, ha ha. Anyhow, the shower was at my sister’s house at the time. I loved the company, food, and games, but the decorations? NOT AT ALL… ☹️

I walked in thinking this was not for me as there was no coral color anywhere. Um, why not? My sister did it her way and even used tulips when my flowers were roses! I still to this day never got a real answer, even from my mom. It’s all so weird. I did have a good time but was just disappointed. My sis always wanted tulips in her wedding but used roses as well. Even if I got married in the middle of winter, artificial flowers are always what we’d use so if I wanted tulips, I would get them. Her wedding was in September, but really who cares? Use your tulips but my August wedding was roses. Both sisters gave me a watering can and a nice vase as keepsakes with these red and yellow tulips all over them. I kept them out for years in the spring but finally gave them away several years ago. I didn’t need the bad memory attached to myself anymore. Let someone else that wants them, have them. When they had their showers, I helped plan it around their flowers and colors. That’s just what you do or at least I thought so. Don’t get me wrong here. It was very pretty and nice but you plan for the bride, not yourself. I was no bridezilla either but guess I just assumed. OK, former bride rant over.

I must say though, I STILL have a few of my purple tulips bloom outside. Remember them loyal readers? I love seeing all the colors in people’s yards despite this cold spell we are having, but I won’t get just red and yellow ever! When I do think of those colors always, I want the happy. Some of you can have Hulk with the longevity but I’ll take Randy and Warrior any day. I wonder how long the “Ultimate Maniacs” could’ve lasted? So many questions I’d love answered. ❤️💛💪🏻💪🏻

I can also probably do an entire post on the color blue. Much stuff I had when younger was blue when I always wanted pink. That reminds me of “Sleeping Beauty” when the fairies kept changing her dress color. 💙💖I watched that favorite movie of mine not that long ago… I finally got my pink though in a few shades, including a bike but this is red and yellow today. Both sisters always loved yellow, still do. I do in some ways but pink will always be my favorite. I have two rooms painted yellow in my house though. I was born to be different and I’m fine with that but just want respect because of it. When you combine yellow and pink, you get peach. I like the combo. One sister had yellow dresses in her first wedding but not the other. Such odd reasons why as that would never be me. To each their own I guess.

Maybe today’s brides don’t do color patterns, but I still see flowers that complement dresses so a little of it is still there. The red and yellow shower of my day will forever be a mystery along with those former WWE (F) tag teams. Do any of you have a story to share where you placed such expectations on someone or something only to experience disappointment? I bet you do or did, but it does become hard letting it all go. Warrior had people let him down too many times throughout his life and yet we must continue on in a new way. Once we find what works with people who “get” us, it flows easier. One would think family gets us the most and would know our likes or tastes, but sometimes we need to place our trust in a fresh perspective. That can only happen with time and a whole lot of patience. We shouldn’t feel guilty for moving our ideas onto others. It’s really how to evolve despite blood sometimes.

I hope those of you who do have close sisters remain that way as I am not here to bash your relationships at all. Just sharing my red and yellow story that I totally connected to wrestling. Who would’ve thought getting out some spring decor would bring it all back to my memories, despite not having the physical objects anymore? We all have connections with items from the past, but let’s make the good ones count. U.W. Memorabilia anyone? I’ll take those as I’m sure you will too. Just give me roses, not tulips! 🌷Give me pink or coral too. All kidding aside, we can forgive and see the lessons. They were wrong but I can’t give it more power or energy anymore. That’s my lesson. Maybe we are done with seeing red and yellow in WWE? I wouldn’t know anymore. Good memories remain as I let the negative ones go…

P.S. That pic of Ultimate Warrior below describes how frustrated I was back then! I DO love my Bluejay feathers though. They aren’t red or yellow, hehe…

P.P.S. When working with my florist for the wedding all those years ago, she had never used the color coral before ever. I had many firsts just like Warrior did and still do… 🧡💖☺️

Warriors Push Thru ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ’ªðŸ»ðŸ’™

Yes, for sure we do. At least I do or did and I know Warrior did as well. Do you push thru despite it all? It probably does depend on the situation for many of us and life goes on whether we push thru ahead or not. I don’t mean life generally speaking but the specifics of it like injuries, pain, sickness, or ya know stuff like that. I guess it can be other things too like school assignments back in the day. We pushed thru those moments too.

As an athlete we know how hard they push thru matches, games, tournaments, and all connected with sports in lieu of what is happening to their bodies. Fans are expecting you to be YOU after all, so they get that pain medication, injection, or tape to keep them in it. Vince pushed the U.W. character along with Warrior to the top despite some critics. I have “heard” or read about Warrior pushing thru certain events even though as a fan, I knew nothing at the time. PLEASE ~~ anyone correct me or show proof in someway but Warrior mentioned a few times in his videos some of this too. I had heard he tore his bicep lifting Hulk up in WM6. He also re-tore it a few other times later on in his career.

A few weeks later, after 6, he was in Japan for a Wrestling Summit and read somewhere how he had a high fever. Again, I can’t remember where I hear some things and whether or not they are true- he would still push thru being sick or not. He even had stomach flu before his return match in Spain of 2008. 🤮 That I know for sure as his good friend touched on it in an interview. We would never even have known Warrior was sick at all.

I bet we all have had similar moments but perhaps not in wrestling rings like Warrior! I know I have. When I was a teacher, I loved my job and always wanted to be there. A few occasions I remember pushing thru not feeling well. My boss sent me home after lunch one day— guess I looked pale as a sheet! Another time, I tried my best to look halfway decent since there were 2 big things in one week– Valentine’s activities, and being lead teacher. That holiday is coming up soon… ❤️ To top it all off, this Grandma wanted a Valentine party pic with me and her granddaughter since I was the teacher in charge. Oh boy, can you say fake smile? I pushed thru but sometimes, we shouldn’t. In my case, the sickness could have spread to others but you gotta give me loyalty on this one.

Even when I had my ulcer, (which I was figuring out then) I still wanted to do the Holidays, take my son for his driver’s test, and celebrate my daughter’s Confirmation. Life doesn’t stop but sometimes we need to for a bit… Well, enough of all that. Let’s move onto another area. Yes, sometimes we push thru all the bad and then down the line, eventually somehow see the good. Maybe with many events in our lives, we might never see the good and I can think of plenty, but one day~~~ we will know that WHY…

We push thru because they are choices we make every day, all the time. The GOOD stuff we have to remember here as well too. How about pushing thru to a great end result and bettering your life in many ways? You can probably think of so much that is better now because you pushed thru. It’s such an amazing feeling when you know you have accomplished something that has been with you a while. Warrior pushed thru in his life and career to get done what he needed and doing it in the way he wanted. Sure, there will be challenges and difficulties, but we need those because it’s a journey not a sprint involving running like the Ultimate Warrior!

I do also know that risks are worth it and if you believe in the positive, it will pay off whether that risk works out or you get a new chance. I pushed thru in getting a book published, speaking on podcasts, and keeping in touch with people on this Warrior journey. There’s so many more examples here but you get it. What have you pushed thru that has worked out? Think of those more than all the negative sh** that didn’t. I’m not saying to push thru until total exhaustion, (although Warrior might have with his workouts) but go enough where the result is put into place. Remember those seeds of last week? Maybe as our life unfolds, we might not push the way we did when younger but as humans, we are not stationary beings. There is a time for that. Bring as much push into your life as you are willing to allow. It’s all in what you will allow into it, your choice.

Wrestlers push thru and us watching have little or no idea on their inner battles. We know some info, but there’s so much more we don’t unless you are that person in those boots despite social media of today. As a performer, you do what it takes if you are in that business and if it isn’t working anymore~~~ you push back, not thru. This time in a different way. It just depends on how much you will push or how far you will go. When it’s something we really want to do and I can attest to this completely, it will get done- period. Even if it’s hard, we push. We might procrastinate a little but there is a reason ideas stay with us.

Sometimes I want so hard to push thru but don’t quite know how. That’s kind of like it is for me in many areas and yet I still find a way— the warrior way. Oh, *** PAUSE*** here. My lights just flickered when I was first writing this… I always believe and he is that force that makes me push thru. No, not in the way he did because that isn’t me but Warrior knows how I need to be and what needs to get done. The wrestling world and all it entails is very different than our lives of just being entertained or being pushed to watch. Being pushed can be intimidating to lots of us and our definition varies from person to person. We know our way of looking at it just like our favorite performers do. As the Ultimate Warrior even said: “push yourself to total…” (well not gonna quote that part of those 2 words about Hulk Hogan. A.K.A.- Crash the Plane promo.) Warriors push thru so look at your obstacles and find the good. If it doesn’t work, push another way.

P.S. How has January been pushed out? February here we come….

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The Changing Times â˜ðŸ»â˜ðŸ»ðŸ™‹ðŸ»â€â™€ï¸

That sounds like a newspaper of back in the day doesn’t it warriors? Ah well, it fits as I wanted to mention the word change. First, there’s another new shot of Warrior wearing pants as I have never used that look of his from 1995. At least that’s when I think it was. Secondly, I just turned a BIG birthday mile stone a few days ago. We are heading into almost the end of milestones with this year. It’s a brand new decade as well for me so I’m sure that will guarantee many changes ahead. I don’t feel half a century old… but wait a minute… sometimes I do. No, I’m not going through that midlife “change” just yet but oh, so many others.

The physical ones we always notice first along with those many aches and pains connected to aging. Don’t want to depress you here but they do come when we least expect it! It all brings emotional and spiritual changes too as I have said many times. I looked back on a post last year around now and it was about those “rebels” I followed when younger as other celebrities caught my eye. Hard to believe that was 12 months ago. I was also struggling with some lingering gut issues but now I have an injury pain that my posterior still won’t make me forget! UGH… 😬. How about some encouraging news? The spiritual meaning of 50 is new beginnings and journeys. It signifies completion so it’s OK to celebrate hard work. I’ll agree to all that for sure. Guess that qualifies for changing so time will tell.

Another aspect for me are some of my oracle card decks. You may not practice and really, it’s fine that you don’t. I decided to draw 5 cards from 5 of my decks. I have 6 total (not planned!) plus 1 I made myself. The one deck is more ancestral and spiritual to me so I didn’t include it this time. My goal was to use 5 for these weeks in September and see if it tells a story even though they are different decks. Still with me? Anyway, 3 out of the 5 cards I drew had the word CHANGE on them so I am believing in the positive. It’s all we can do, right? Well, I decided after all to draw from the Shaman deck on my actual birthday and guess what? The card was WIND and it was all about change! What?

Recently, I encountered a beautiful small monarch butterfly and they are all about change. It landed on my finger for over 5 minutes which had never happened before!! I still remember one floating around Labor Day weekend almost 6 years ago right before I had submitted my book to be published. That mile stone is just around the corner as changing of the years go by. 📗

Warrior had to change some things in his life overtime but still stuck to his core beliefs despite the world moving around. It is HARD to change, isn’t it? This is similar to transitions which has been talked about but those are usually bigger events. Change is constant and it happens daily. What changes have you had to accept this year and are you feeling good or bad about them? Like Warrior had said, our attitude truly does matter. I really do try my best, really I do but for us sensitives— it’s 1 million times harder. I’m not making light of anyone’s changes at all here but energetically speaking, I feel 80 or some older number like that. It’s because of changes all over but I do stay away from tuning into many global events. I just know enough but not enough to absorb and take it on which I can do. Not trying to freak anyone out but it’s just me, hidden very well. 🫣❤️‍🩹

It also was the first birthday without my oldest child in 18 years. 😞 Still so new having him away at school. How about that for a change? No one wants to be sad on a milestone birthday but there were some surprises. We DID see him a few days before hand and he had a gift for me. He even called me on my special day and we talked for almost an hour! Oh wow, that made my day. Again, change is a toughie…

Here’s a goodie though, at least it is for me even though you diehard Ultimate Warrior fans may disagree. Anyone remember 4 years ago (I had to check) when I wrote about the Three License Plates? Well, one had “James H” on it and I laughed so hard! I kept teasing him later on and thinking he wouldn’t talk to me until I called him Warrior… 🤣 Fast forward another year after seeing my psychic friend. When Warrior did come through, he was using his birth name of James. I know most would be surprised by that but it seemed to work for me. He never went by it but I call him that. Quite often at times and I still use Warrior of course. It all depends on the situation. It doesn’t seem odd but again, I learned more as things changed which they always do. 💙

Let’s all try to make better changes this year or upcoming for 2023. I’m just going by my recent “new” year but you can do what works for you. No matter what is going on in the outside world, keep the inner you strong enough to handle change or it will cause so much distress. None of us wants that. Situations will come at us from every side and some changes we can’t control. We may not be writers developing a new WWE storyline but we are the writers of our own lives, right? You may not technically be a writer like me but your mindset determines how things unfold for you. That’s why at times I need the silence and stillness so I can focus on my thoughts. Yes, they chatter but I am in control of them and they change all the time.

One thing also that won’t change is I am remembering my annual tradition. Yes, I watched WMVI on my birthday as I have done for years. Hard to believe the story of 10 years ago when it came back into my brain after a long hiatus. The Ultimate Challenge that is… It has been a constant ever since so changing that I am not! Some things we don’t want or even need to change if they make us happy. I bet all of you have those moments in your life that never change and maybe never won’t. Just make sure when stuff does happen to shift, be present and go with it. You are still you no matter what. I’ll end with a Warrior quote. It’s not really about change but it connects to my life now as I hope it does for you too.

” Turn the volume down on the outside and turn it up on your concentrated attention. ZOOM IN, not out. Your DIAMONDS are in your OWN backyard. Dig there.”

~ Always Believe~

Warrior… 🫵🏻💎💖

~~~Despite changes, I will zoom in and not out. Thank you Warrior for your Words of Wisdom filling my life always.💯

P.S. When we were out to dinner the other night I happened to glance across the way and I saw this man’s shirt. Had to stare for a couple seconds as it had the word warrior on it among some other words. Wow…. it made me smile.. 🥰

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Giving Second Chances ðŸ™ðŸ»

*** A day early warriors since tomorrow brings a second chance for my daughter, how fitting… Please send good vibes that she passes maneuverability with those freakin’ driving cones!!! 🚙🚦ugh….

Second chances. Yeah, that’s hard for us sometimes, isn’t it? The video pic you see is actually of a first chance when the Ultimate Warrior was gearing up for his big win over Hulk Hogan at WMVI. I’m just trying out different pics, videos, or promos I have saved but Warrior does make me think of second chances. Maybe 3rd, 4th, I dunno… 🤷🏻‍♀️ The reason being is of course as years passed his many comings and goings would always make me wonder. What fans give him a second chance or even beyond? I’ve said this before but it makes me think about a lot of stuff.

Those fans still embraced the character although some weren’t too fond of the man himself behind the paint. He did do and say some things that many felt could not be deserving of a second chance but me, I’m not like that. At least not most of the time anyway. I believe in second chances but I’m talking about us that aren’t violent killers or anything similar naturally. Us regular every day humans just doing what we think is best despite naysayers and we all know Warrior was one of those. If you don’t know, you can find plenty out there.

I always gave him many chances and for a while, I’d wonder why… 🤔 Celebrities can only do so much if they are someone I’d follow where that would be it, I’m done. As time went on, I literally felt like I was wearing a bulletproof vest. Bring it on— everything will deflect. How could that be? Some beliefs of his would have to bug me right? 😬Well, some did for sure but nothing would ever be enough for me to say I was finished with him. I know those answers now but I really do give second chances, to most that is.

My dad remarried 18 years ago shortly after our son (who is at college now!) was born. Yes, I had met and known of my future stepmom as she is great for Dad. A much better match I think then my mom was for him. Siblings may disagree but I can have my opinion. Dad got a second chance at marriage as did she but some may not believe in that. It all depends on your situation in life obviously but sometimes, second chances are what we need to move on if someone gives us one. We all wanna prove ourselves right? Look at first impressions. They rarely stick although some may. We need those do overs to try again at a lesson learned from the past. Warrior got a second chance at marriage as well which brought him daughters and a happier way of life.

When would a second chance not be accepted? A toughie for sure but maybe you can think of a time right away. I know it also depends on if a person brings retribution for their actions or even if it seems repetitive. If you were in a relationship and someone cheats, would you give a second chance? These are big topics indeed so what else can be about second chances? I don’t even really know if WWE performers get a second chance after try-outs? They might not even though some would try super hard… As parents, we never give up on our kids but there does come a time where they will stumble, learn, and then get another chance to try, try again. It’s all a part of life.

Many opponents in the wrestling business might not want to give another that elusive second chance to possibly win a title again but the boss calls the shots so egos need to be put aside. There are lots of guys who do those “shoot” interviews where they say stories about their time in the ring. You’ll hear much regarding shots for a belt and chances taken on some performers. Warrior was put over a lot, I know he was and believe it or not- did became grateful. It is difficult being back in the day knowing all these chances someone would get and you’d maybe wonder why. I never knew the details of Warrior’s comings and goings back then but I do now—mostly anyway. Vince gave him a lot but he didn’t always want those multiple chances to return. Others in the wrestling world never could understand that and perhaps to this day, still don’t.

So~~~ to all you warriors reading today, do you give those second chances maybe more to all or only to some deserving? You’ll have your own answers to contemplate. Did Warrior give them out? I can’t say fully but his approach as the performer mellowed somewhat over time into the real man he became. Loyalty mattered a ton to him, that I DO know so second chances were probably not given to all that’s for sure. Trust is key as it is for me and being with a celebrity can be intimidating whether you know them personally or as a pro. The actions we take will go farther than words of just “I’m sorry.” Do better and be better as hopefully you’ll get a next time to prove it. If you are gifted a second chance, don’t squander it. Maybe you really don’t need it after all but you will know if pursuing is worth another chance. Take it or leave it, the choice is yours.

P.S. I KNEW there was a song, but of course as many have this title of “Second Chance” in them… If you know me- it’s gonna be an 80’s one and yes, it did pop into my head as they do… 38 Special had one back in 1988. I like it, look it up 😉 I was singing it for sure.. 🎤

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Not a Replacement! ðŸ˜¬ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ’ªðŸ»

How is it July already warriors? Hope everyone in the U.S. had a fantastic Independence Day celebration as I do love fireworks and all the hoopla. 🇺🇸🧨🎆🎇Let’s remember our freedom first. This topic is kinda a doozy so get ready to RUMBLE wrestling fans. I really wanted to use another emoji above that involved a finger but I really can’t… 😏 This post can apply to everyone else just to be fair since that’s how it should be. This idea came to me after hearing several interviews on repeat over and over again. 🤬🙄It got me fired up as this post was born. It does concern two people as maybe some that are or were WWE fans can probably figure out. To me, the Ultimate Warrior was NOT a “replacement” for Hulk Hogan and I’ll share why. I can be unbiased but you can have your own thoughts too.

I realize how the business worked. I lived and breathed through it all as a fan but we never saw behind the scenes. I was older as well so understood a little more at that time. Yes, Warrior was groomed to be next in line as the NEW face and eventual NEW champ. I get it, really I do. Sometimes, I chuckle despite some defensiveness since these wrestling topics are STILL talked about today and probably will forever be. Vince did love Warrior for many years in lieu of all their disagreements but I cannot just keep tolerating the word “replacement” in a literal sense. Even some podcasts I enjoy mention this quite frequently and seem to ask every person their opinion. We have to ask everyone ya know! 😵‍💫It’s just so draining since come on, get to something else. They need the ratings and those questions always linger but it’s sad how with the entire history of talent, that is usually front and center.

Warrior portrayed his character as his OWN and certainly not a replacement even though some just chalk up his career to besting Hogan and that’s it. I realize the torch had to be passed so the WWF back then could build up a new, good guy. Maybe some had feelings Warrior didn’t pull off the Heavyweight reign in the way they wanted but it was money based and who’s filling the seats. I did agree with one guy who stated how quite possibly they could’ve built around “Warrior Wildness” or too bad OWN didn’t exist until yours later. Hulk had Hulkamania and many catchphrases yet Warrior didn’t do anything similar so Vince became a little stuck. Some even blamed it on poor opponents or storylines but still not a replacement to me. The likability factor needs to be there but we just can’t BE exactly like someone else.

Let’s switch this up to some of us here. Are we all replaceable at work or in a career? Maybe not entirely but overall, you are. Somebody else can get your spot even though you seem to be the best at it. They might not be right now but with time, patience, and training they will be soon enough. There are some who solely believe Warrior was just hired to top Hulk with no personal involvement at all. Did Warrior care at the time? Probably not entirely but we all know how much that changed and yes, I would care too. How would you feel if your coworkers or even boss said you were just hired to replace another without truly taking the time to invest in your skills? WWF did invest in Warrior but he wanted to do the character his way. Maybe you wouldn’t notice so much but me, yep.

OK, those arguing will claim Warrior had little “technical” skills and only got by on charisma and a good physique. You can say that as those worked to his advantage for sure. Many get jobs like that in the non-wrestling world too. We have to take emotion out of it but can we? I can’t which is why I’m not in that business sense but my opinion is just mine. Warrior knew their plan as time went on and had tremendous respect for Hulk as his mentor. We all know this but when it becomes more of you being a number in a way and not a name, that’s where I feel like clotheslining someone! Warrior wanted nothing more than to be himself and fought hard to prove that every day- in and out of the ring. He would never want to be a replacement only as we really shouldn’t either.

Of course this is very different with one’s personal life but nobody wants to be seen as the R word when it comes to relationships especially. We aren’t just robots doing a job, we do have a mind and heart to consider also. The next best thing could be around the corner and if that’s you, have you earned your place or is it just because someone left or could be? So much to think about for sure and some opinions on this will never change in spite of many discussions. I would thoroughly dislike being thought of only to replace another. We do need a livelihood but at what cost will it take to be enough before we walk away? Warrior left for other reasons but we all become affected in many situations. Respect needs to be on both sides and if it isn’t, there will be problems.

All right, I did like the Ultimate Warrior for those physical reasons at first but I fought that and learned to see more. Some never do or never did but some still tried. We all need to be someone besides that next big replacement and shouldn’t feel the need to prove ourselves worthy. We all struggle with worthiness and once you know yours, deep down you really do become irreplaceable. Whatever others think, the belief you have in yourself can never be replicated no matter if it’s business or your personal life. Don’t settle for being a replacement if it means sacrificing your integrity. Warrior never did and became so much more than being that next BIG champ. Hogan’s “replacement?” Warrior was never that to me so stop arguing and let’s move on...

P.S. I DO admire some of these podcast guys as they do have knowledge of the biz despite being little boys back then. I just wish some convos could be different... sigh..,

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The NEW Champ ðŸ†ðŸ’ªðŸ»ðŸ‘ðŸ»

No, that photo above was NOT when the Ultimate Warrior became the new champ as I’m sure most may know! I just wanted a pic of him holding up a belt so used this one. Of course, my story today connects to Warrior winning a belt (ya know the Heavyweight one) and ME winning one- just in a different way.

*** I’m gonna take a quick break here and make a CORRECTION… When I posted late last week about my appearance with Kee on Sports “Pick Six” podcast, I had the incorrect link. So sorry! Here it is correctly:

* It is 40:21 in length and I hope you fans enjoy! Let me know your feedback…

Now, back to today’s post about The New Champ. My brother actually inspired me to write and share this story so get ready to laugh along with me(: I don’t know about you but we (meaning my siblings and I) loved going to this amusement park not too far away from us growing up called Cedar Point. It’s in Sandusky, Ohio and has become one of the greatest roller coaster parks in the world. They do still have smaller rides though. The one I’m referring to today is this horse race called “Cedar Downs.” Every year we’d race and even last summer we still did. That was brought about because of my kids Band attending their 150th anniversary but let’s go back many years.

This ride remains popular even now so I hope it sticks around. We went for so many years as part of Cedar Point Day at school and that tradition continued on a long while. I wonder if they still do that? So, my brother and I started competing on Cedar Downs every summer. When we were older and wrestling was part of our lives, he’d stretch his hands across his waist to simulate getting or wearing a belt- a wrestling belt that is. He’d win every SINGLE time. No joke, every time. For some reason, whatever horse I chose or talked to lost and I’d never win that imaginary Cedar Downs belt I wanted so badly. ☹️

I would think during my teen years of course (mostly) how the Ultimate Warrior deserved that heavy weight belt worn by Hulk Hogan. How would he ever get it without HH losing to a bad guy? Well, if you don’t know, look all that up on your own to find out. I cannot tell you how many times that horse race didn’t go in my favor. Can any of you relate to rides like this? He would joke all the time and I would think to myself: ” one of these days, I will finally win…”

That day came last summer in August of 2021. I was so happy he was able to be there although he missed the kids march because of traffic. Maybe there will be another opportunity as I got a text from him over a week ago. He informed me how Cedar Point was building a new restaurant next to Cedar Downs called “Cedar Dogs.” No idea on how it’s going to work but I’m assuming hotdogs would be on the menu? They had taken down the old Cadillac cars but kept up the bridge. I love how he gives me updates on the park but when he mentioned possibly coming out of retirement for a “rematch”, my intuition kicked in. Immediately, this post came to be as I thanked him for the inspiration. He was glad to help so I’m sure he’ll be reading!

I had always teased him with this which I’ve said before: “the belt means nothing, I don’t need the belt.” Those words were spoken by Warrior on “The Ultimate Collection” DVD and I meant it. Secretly though, I ALWAYS wanted and needed to beat him just to win once, one time. Again, a WMVI memory and I said back some thing about if he wins, he can’t cheat in order to do it. That referenced Hogan and Warrior in their disastrous WCW “Halloween Havoc” match in which they had a rematch of sorts 18 years later. I won’t get paid money of course but I’d like the title a little longer than Warrior had back in 1990.

We did have such a great time along with my husband riding on some rides, going down memory lane of rides past, and just hanging out together at one of our favorite places to go. Yes, it’s huge and a lot to do in one day but I was never that coaster freak and never will be so no long lines for me!

I couldn’t believe our elusive “Cedar Downs” belt was finally mine as I became the NEWWW champ! Just picture Howard Finkel announcing me as the winner! Maybe I had picked the right horse this time or even perhaps Warrior’s spiritual energy came my way to help this girl out? I’m sure he was laughing and watching as I will always believe. I deserved that win after all those years and now being married with kids, my inner child could celebrate in a way she never could before. That one was for her as it was my turn to simulate a belt around my waist for a change.

I hope all of you that are amusement park goers have some great stories too. It’s all good fun but I gotta say, it felt ultimate just like Warrior felt getting his belts after a time. Of course not the exact same, ha ha but it’s always the feelings that matter despite the experience. Be the NEW champ however that looks to you. Keep trying, you’ll get there and then it’ll finally be your turn to win what you’ve waited on. It’s all worth it- even a horse race. 🐎🏇🥇🎪🏟🎢

P.S. Should I defend my title? Hmmm. 🤔I’ll have to think about it. Oh, and every time I hear this ONE song, I always feel the need to BELT it out! I don’t remember hearing this one that often back in the day but it’s part of my workouts now and is on my playlist. Ever since I first heard it, I knew… There are many more but this one stands out to me. It’s a big 80s rock ballad. I simulate wearing a belt too! 🎤

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“Let’s all be O.K…” â¤ï¸â€ðŸ©¹

Before beginning today, we have another fun date. 2/2/22=6. How about that? It appears again and on my Wednesday, so cool. A little happy reminder to start the post. Let’s all be OK. Sounds easy enough to do but sometimes we just can’t be. I really wasn’t aware of how many times I say this but now I catch myself and laugh. We aren’t OK all the time but need to Always Believe we will be. As parents, we tell kids that everything is OK, it’ll be fine, and all that but inside we might be a freaking mess! It’s our job to protect them and really it becomes a defense mechanism to say we are OK or fine. Sometimes though, it gets a little more involved.

I’ll repeat this story briefly but it relates to Warrior since I know you’re all waiting for a title to connect, right? Well, when I saw that “Wrestle America” magazine back in 1993 with the Ultimate Warrior on the front in my grocery store, I stared forever at it. Before finally buying it, here’s my exact words: ” I just want him to be happy.”  I really did. Would you all say that? Probably not- just me… Yes, I know most people wouldn’t have that as their first reaction or just grab the magazine but I did and never forgot it. Does being happy mean we’re OK? It’s close enough for me but I DID want him to be OK in whatever he was doing. That was the movie “Firepower” back then.

But, wait – there’s more to this than just that magazine story. When people I knew had passed, I’d say the same thing to myself: “I just want them to be ok.” Yep, every single time including with Warrior. All right, we probably know they ARE ok or will be once they transition or whatever process you’d like to call it happens. We don’t know all the details as it isn’t for us to know. People around me would say :“of course they’re ok or fine, they’re in a better place.” Any other answers you can think of works here too. I was taught about an after life and have to believe we will all be OK there but with my thoughts, it always went deeper. What if they’re not OK for a bit and scared? Sure, some like my one Grandma being 98 was knowing her time here could be ending but some don’t. Did Warrior know? Well, I will never fully answer that and all our assumptions won’t find out either. I guess it was just always a statement that came out of me and I still think it today. None of us knows how another’s journey to an after life goes ( if you believe which I’ve said I do) so I don’t get over it right away. Us thinkers just don’t.

Time to lighten this up some for those wanting or needing any validation on loved ones being OK. Being OK in parts unknown” that is. I’ve shared many funny stories in my book Spirit and Belief but this one is new to all of you. Sorry that I can’t share all the details as once again, a few things are just for me and will remain a mystery.

It is funny though, I promise you that! February 23, 1990 brought WWF’s “The Main Event” and a televised match between the Ultimate Warrior versus Dino Bravo. I had to look up “The Main Event” as I thought it was “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Glad I got that straight. Part of this match is on the Ultimate Collection DVD and seeing that 24 years later reminded me of another OMG moment back then. I was 17 going on 18 and watching it all when here comes Earthquake. He spreads Warrior out getting ready to do the “big one” as Vince comments how there isn’t going to be a WrestleMania, this is gonna do it! I said a phrase in my head which surprised me. Why would I say THAT? It wasn’t “Oh, no!” Not anything like that at all. My face looked shocked as I just fluffed it off when Hulk Hogan came to help. This all led up to WMVI like the date today – ha ha! I forgot all about what was in my head although being fake means nothing to what your brain perceives. Fast forward to 2014 and there’s me again much older watching that clip. My brain said this silly phrase once more as I laughed recalling 1990 and being a senior in high school watching it all unfold.

Warrior knows all this now and when seeing it I’ll say to him out loud: I’m not saying it!” I don’t even use these words at all but they are common. Then, I’d laugh as it all comes back one more time meaning that 1990 moment. Here’s the funnier part. Sometimes, when I’m working out listening to my favorite playlist, some songs will play with this certain word in the title or lyrics. If you’ve been here long enough, you know music is a thing with me but it’s super common for spirits to manipulate. You just have to believe. All true. I laugh again as we need to do more. The songs really can connect as I could share much about this. So, yes my friends- Warrior IS ok and we joke around a lot. I have my serious moments too but there’s always a pick me up along the way.

Let’s all be OK because we have to be and need to be. However that looks to you get to a point where being OK is a goal. Sure, we all have days of sadness, anger, disappointment, and all that but let’s win the match with happiness, laughter, and acceptance. Once we do this, our lives will get easier in so many ways. Believe too that any of your loved ones in spirit want the same for you as well. I know they do for me, especially Warrior when it comes to all my memories.

Those silly words I said back in 1990 still are true today and I had no idea how relevant they’d become. I wasn’t OK watching that and my brain panicked but not in the way you’d think. You’ll have your words to remember too but always include how will all be ok because eventually we will be. Look to the funny as one of the best ways to get there. We may have never met but I just want you all to be happy as well. Try music – it works for me! 😉😂🎼

P.S. It’s also Groundhog Day here in the U. S. I don’t get this tradition. It’s still Winter anyway! 🙄🥶🤦🏻‍♀️

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The “What If…” Game

O.K., warriors- we’re gonna play a little game here and you might be familiar with it some. I did a post called “Just Imagine warriors” back in 2019 but some recent comments got me thinking more. I am in some Ultimate Warrior Facebook groups and a few subjects get brought up quite a bit.

Their “what if” mainly centers on who Ultimate Warrior opponents could have been had he stayed in the business for a duration. Another “what if” that I heard mentioned from time to time was regarding Hulk Hogan turning heel after WrestleMania VI. I actually had heard that from Hogan himself in an interview. What if and just imagine all in one. Instead of Hulk presenting the belt to Warrior after the match, he’d beat him up as the crowd would be stunned. Losing his belt and becoming bad in the same night! Vince said nope, not gonna happen. There are those who say Hogan made lots of stuff up but who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️I never heard Warrior’s take on that at all-maybe he never knew?

Which takes us to some of those mentioned as opponents of the Ultimate Warrior. Most wanted to see him against Jake “The Snake” Roberts but that never was scripted. Warrior should’ve got his revenge on the “snake man” for tricking him during all that prep work involving the Undertaker. They all did team up once, wow… Some also added Earthquake, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, and others. The Attitude Era factored in with names like Yokozuna, Diesel, and the British Bulldog. A few Warrior wrestled perhaps but not actual feuds with a big storyline. Who would you like to have seen against the Ultimate Warrior in this what if game?

Let’s bring ourselves into the match. I’ve done this with changing careers but what if other aspects of your life switched opponents so to speak. What if you lived somewhere else? What if you never got married if you are or never had kids if you do? What if you were born into a totally different family? Alright, that’s probably too deep to answer. 😬I know I ramble too much sometimes… Our free will determines lots of those choices but often times when it comes to business, the boss or other circumstances tag themselves in.

Think about both huge title wins in the Ultimate Warrior’s career. We’ve all probably heard those rumors that Warrior “never stuck his nose into any of that” but they were there. With his SummerSlam ’88 Intercontinental win over the Honky Tonk Man, it really wasn’t gonna happen that way at first. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was injured but I heard HTM didn’t want to drop the belt to him. Hmmm…. He didn’t mind letting his longtime reign end by crowning the Ultimate Warrior -yay! Thanks HTM and Vince am sure. How about the Heavyweight bout at WMVI? Well, the crowd brought that together as Vince pondered the what if game. 🤔Two good guys against each other and both belts up for grabs. That was all new back then and had never happened before. Not to mention leaving the country for a Mania. Vince came out later to say how he felt Warrior really wasn’t truly ready to be the champ. I disagreed of course. They wanted another Hulk which Warrior was not. Hulk had also said all the fans were looking at him on the cart instead of the new champ in the ring. Almost 68,000 people and all looking at him? Quite an exaggeration… not bashing but come on Hulk. 🙄After less than a year, Hogan won the belt back against Sgt. Slaughter in WMVII. *Sigh** but I loved Warrior and Randy so that needed to happen.

Oh, the what if game can go on and on. What if there was a rematch in a way between Hulk and Warrior? Oh wait, there kinda was in WCW which resulted in a cheating win by Hulk. What if Warrior didn’t come and go so many times? We will always say that but the truth is what ifs are just scenarios. I personally like more positive what ifs in this game since there are too many negatives out there all the time about Warrior and his career. We can plan for the good and hope for the best but it may not always work that way. Our lives happen whether or not we plan everything out. We can’t and don’t. There are always tons of ideas and decisions to make all the time. The professional ones might get made by others and we need to comply but the personal ones we do have more control over. It may not go in that straight line without obstacles but the detours will still get us there.

You can play the what if game so many times but honestly, enjoy your life now. It’s all you have. Yes, it can become quite interesting with those FB U.W. groups and all their banter. Some I enjoy, some not. Let’s just not play the game too much in our own life. If you spend a lot of time playing what if, you aren’t truly living. You can play a little because we are human but just live it the best you can in the way that works. What if can become great as am sure Warrior thought when he became that intensified character. “What if I could be the Heavyweight Champ one day?” Yep, that works! Use your own what if to make the great stuff happen and let go of the bad. The what if game will then be won and the NEW Champ is you! 💪🏻🏆

P.S. Two possible opponents I mentioned of U.W’s were inducted with him in WWE’s HOF 2014 class. For those that don’t know— Jake Roberts and Razor Ramon.( aka Scott Hall)

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Shake Those Ropes!

Hi warriors! I missed writing last week but did have some personal family matters to attend with. So, am back with one of two topics that I can’t believe have never been blogged. Shaking ropes can be such a metaphor for us in life and we don’t need to literally be doing what the Ultimate Warrior did. He certainly got people’s attention though, didn’t he?😉👏🏻

Often times when I’d become frustrated with something, that expression of banging my head against a wall would surface. Now, it’s more like shaking ropes instead! It doesn’t need to just apply to acts of frustration but in other ways as well. How can you shake those ropes in life? Maybe you need to change things up a bit, ever so slowly. Perhaps it’s a big change that will really shake those ropes. Start small as I’ve mentioned and go with whatever feels right.

Drive a different way to work or quit your job altogether. Your ropes, your life warriors. Big or small. We all know to leave that comfort zone and get out of the mundane once in a while. What does that look like to you? Warrior always shook those ropes in and out of the ring by staying passionate about things he pursued. I hope you can say the same. Make your ordinary extraordinary by always shaking your ropes throughout life.

Being older doesn’t have to mean complacency although we crave normalcy as we age. Challenge yourself always to learn new things that will interest you. Think about moments where you didn’t shake ropes by not taking a chance. Would you regret it? Don’t worry about what others will think if you shake those ropes just a little which then can turn big. You need to be that warrior you were born to be.

I have shaken some ropes in my life but remember they are lessons so no regrets. The Ultimate Warrior was himself so expect naysayers. They will be there but it’s up to you in how to respond. Some may call it “ruffling feathers” or “upsetting an apple cart” but whatever the label, you determine your destiny. You, not anyone else. Stand up for yourself or a cause you believe in. Make your voice count by taking action and shaking your own ropes.

I remember standing up to two former bosses about issues at work. I know it sounds like Warrior but that’s us! Some were minor things but some were not. Usually confrontation isn’t my thing but sometimes it’s necessary. Again, I broke through another myth of those believing introverts won’t speak up and act. We do and I did. Even though those bosses seemed shocked to see me– ‘ lil ol’ me fighting with them in a way, it was worth it like my post of last time.

It doesn’t just need to apply to certain people that you disagree with. Just changing simple aspects will lead to more confidence so you can take that bigger step or rope shake. There probably won’t be fireworks shooting off behind you like the Ultimate Warrior had after his WrestleMania VI win but inside your head there could be. How cool is that? It’s all the FEELS, remember? Literally we aren’t shaking ropes but always striving to be better. You may not even get attention but deep down, it’ll be for yourself anyway.

Keep shaking those ropes warriors however you can. If something isn’t for you, you’ll know it and move on. If it is, keep going until that dream, goal, or task is truly ultimate! 💫

Just like me not fully noticing shaking ropes as a blog post, you may not “see” something right in front of your face until later on. Kinda like my signs from Warrior at first. 💙 Whatever the situations warriors, get pumped by giving your own ropes a good shake. We all need to but do it in a way that works. Whether or not you get noticed or see fireworks, you did it. The warrior spirit will always know as you’ve answered the call of the gods.

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*It’s 11:13 in length. That’s a great number!!!

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Change is Acceptance ðŸŽ¨

We can change our physical appearance like the Ultimate Warrior did to his face with war paint but I’m talking deeper changes that need acceptance. Also- to all you ultimate fans out there, I’m not referencing the title belts that would switch waists with a win or loss. Nope, not that either. Although- WMVI did have its share of changes that defied tradition but let’s move on.

Do you handle change well warriors with acceptance or do you fight it? All of us are dealing with extreme change as a result of this worldly virus but the acceptance part is the hardest. So very frustrating indeed… We love our routines and schedules but hate when they get interrupted or changed beyond our control. It’s easy when things are going our way but then something makes us detour. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad or maybe it’s just different.

Transitions make up our lives from family, careers, life choices, and all that with some being our choosing. It’s when we don’t or can’t choose which causes us to deny or accept. Warrior’s passing created change in all us fans with acceptance not even an option then. We all am sure have lost loved ones but when death is unexpected at the time, the change creates shock. That shock eventually turns into the reality of acceptance over time but never completely vanishes from our memory. Warrior himself had to accept change from his physical body to an energetically spiritual one. 🙏🏻💙

I have evolved spiritually these last six years with ways I never fully accepted because of change. Sure, I always did have little things but as with any type of growth, the ripples turn into waves. 🌊 Those littles became bigger and manifested for me in such a beautiful way. My emotions initially were so out of control and I fought that change constantly. Once I surrendered, the acceptance came easier.

Personally, I should be used to change. With living in Ohio, sometimes we have all four seasons in one day!!! Seriously though, how have changes in your life created a better acceptance? Some decisions are excruciatingly hard to accept but there comes a time when we need to. People may live their lives very different from us and change may be worth the risk for them. We need to accept that whether or not in agreement. Remember, respect goes a long way.

As parents, it’s all about change and acceptance. Kids grow and change and us grownups need to accept their growth as part of life. This applies to everyone really and it’s all in the way you handle it. Do I get mad over changes in my life which I can’t control? Absolutely. It’s o.k. to vent and shout and cry and scream. Just don’t live there very long. It’s a challenge letting go of how things used to be, the good ol’ days, or yesteryear. We will always have those close to our hearts but life is worth moving on to see the next chapter. You and your spirit deserve more. Others may not get that chance.

Even businesses don’t keep things the same always. You fans of WWE probably know what I’m talking about here. If any of you are part of a business or run one, am sure you’ve encountered changes that others need to accept. We even change things in our homes, yards, hairstyles, workouts, and all those other minor things. Those of course like the Ultimate Warrior’s many changes over the years are a little easier to accept. It’s the big huge life altering ones that truly test our mental resolve.

Change can also be about compromise which still keeps our hand somewhat in control. Then, there are times when it’s all or nothing. Lately, I’ve been meditating on how to best handle the word acceptance. It’s everywhere just like energy. We do need to see the positive thru the negative but our fighting spirit will resist only for so long. Acceptance brings new change ever so slowly at first. Us humans have a hard time with the negative part of that word and even Warrior did.

My wish today is for all of you to find that good acceptance beyond the change that seems bad. Without it, we will never fully find out what we are truly made of. ~~~ All ultimate GRIT!

P.S. I recently found out more about Lebron James wearing the Ultimate Warrior t-shirt. If anyone had watched some of the news conferences, he’d sport the likes of Sting, Ric Flair, and the Undertaker. His wife packed bags with wrestling shirts. The U.W. shirt was the only one left in his bag. He did say he would’ve worn it even if the Cavs lost! ~~~ So glad I found that out (: 💪🏻🏀

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