My Warrior Surprises ðŸ¥³ðŸ¦·ðŸ˜´

Guess who? Yes, it’s me fellow warriors bringing you these writings once again for a few weeks into December. I told ya this was gonna be another milestone post to almost end the year and it is here. Are you ready? Should I cue the drum roll? OK, here goes. You readers along with me are celebrating the 300th POST TODAY! Unbelievable, I know. 🥹 I feel like saying that word the way Vince McMahon said it when the Ultimate Warrior came out for WMXII. 10 syllables and all, lol! To all you “techy” WordPress bloggers, it’s actually more posts than that since as I’ve stated before, a few pics were up in the beginning being testers. I don’t count those really, just the writing. I would’ve hit this number early November but remember— I was off the whole month of May. 

All right, it isn’t a total surprise as I knew it was coming but just knowing that massive number has been reached is daunting to me. I thank you all who have recently followed or liked these writings as it does fill me with such gratitude. The REAL followers and not just marketing bloggers. Of course you loyal ones, I bow to you for still sticking around through my stories, dreams, and all the Warrior adventures. Speaking of that, how about the dentist’s office? Yeah, you CAN have fun there despite what is happening. Music to the rescue once again as it truly helps me in so many ways. 🎼

Last week, I had a dentist appointment to replace a filling. There will be others coming up but I haven’t had this type of dental work done in almost 30 years. Just cleanings. Those silver fillings held up very well, but now onto the new. Again, no big surprise with all that but it was the music that worked for my nerves. Once the tooth had to be numbed a few minutes, I was alone in that dentist chair area. First, there was “Firework” 🎇 by Katy Perry playing which I referenced years ago as tears came to my eyes. Next, were some other great songs that made me smile and LAUGH so the nerves subsided some. It was then that the dentist and hygienist came back in. Once they started working, “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey was playing. All 3 of us were singing and moving! Well, for me it was minimal but despite my initial fear, music surprised me again. Next time, I’ll be ready for tooth number 2!! I kept saying :“I’m a Warrior…” in my head as she continued drilling…

Oh boy, surprises for sure are always everywhere. This last one is another dream very recent to my memory that held some surprises as usual. Just keep the word “dapper” in mind. I literally woke up and said that word like this: dapper?!”All right, let’s begin. This dream took place inside a big convention type center with tables and chairs. Think wedding reception or conference room hall. I was co-hosting this charity event with my hairdresser! Yep, you read that right. I do have an appointment with her soon but there’s more. I think this has been mentioned but once we got closer, she confided her spiritual gifts to me. She even bought my book, “Spirit and Belief” so perhaps that inspired her presence in the dream?! Well anyways, people were coming and going dropping off bags of canned goods, clothing, toys, and other gently used items. I also saw my husband’s sister-in-law there waving as she dropped off her donations. We were close and coworkers back then so she has been in many dreams. My hairdresser spoke to me over the walkie-talkie as I made my way around. I ignored her one time because it was then that I saw Warrior… 

He came in along with several young guys similar to those he worked with on ” The Warrior Show”. You know, like the metal rock bands blogged already? Why they came– not a clue but it’s all good. I went up to them and obviously was excited to see Warrior. I really don’t know if I knew him prior but vividly remember him wearing a purple and black suit. It looked great and I pulled on his elbow and said: ” my, don’t you look dapper!” Huh? That’s a new word. Don’t think I would say that to someone I just met, do you? He just laughed as I took some photos and then one of the guys took my picture with Warrior. How very nice. 📸No idea on what happened next as they just walked around. Did Warrior give a speech? Why was I co-chairing such an event? Don’t know but the word of “dapper” sticks out. It was so much fun and great to wake up smiling and laughing. A surprise with that as well along with my hairdresser being in this one. The setting is kind of surprising too but as always, I take them all in. 💙😴

Those are my surprises for this week warriors as I wrap it all up today. I do hope any surprises that come your way make you smile and laugh too. They might not or even have the opposite effect but just know good will always come sooner or later. It is hard to surprise another but for any dreamers out there~~~ they come that way almost every night, (at least for me.) Even if you don’t remember any, look to your waking life. Laugh at it all because we should. Some surprises are not laughable I know, but there will be other moments along the way that are. It might not be a milestone, dentist appointment, or even dream like mine, but look to the word surprise as a good thing. If you look to the negative, you’ll get more of that. Enjoy your day warriors and any surprises that come your way. Ask for more of the good and it’ll show up, just when you least expect it!

P.S. This was yet another 3 count… I don’t go looking for them, really I don’t! 😏3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣❗️Thank you so much… 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🫶🏻

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Let’s be Grateful ðŸ™ðŸ»â¤ï¸â€ðŸ©¹ðŸ‘

The word grateful fits for this month of November here in the U.S. and Thanksgiving but really, it’s every day. Also, Veterans Day is this Friday as I knew Warrior had painted the flag logo on his chest a few times. Some may think it was because of his feud with Sgt. Slaughter which is right, but that isn’t the pic above. That video pic is the Ultimate Warrior promoting Vince’s WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation) and it’s Personal Fitness Expo of June 1991. The flag image kept coming to me so I had some searching to do.

A few years back, I did an entire post on Veterans Day which fell on Wednesday. I am grateful to ALL who served (including many family members of mine) giving our citizens the freedoms we take for granted here in the U.S. We are indebted by their service and always needing to be mindful of that when offering “thanks.”… This date however, falls on November 9 which was Warrior’s final WCW Monday Nitro appearance. I had to double check as I know he left before the end of ’98. Another Warrior moment with a date today.

So, gratitude it is. I got this idea from a few sources in a way. I was looking through my topics written on “Spirit and Belief” nostalgically as the subjects with dates are saved. The gratitude post kind of jumped out at me. I wrote that a few years ago. Sometimes I would post a topic on both blogs for the week as it seemed to connect. This one I had not but can totally relate with Warrior for sure. Let me just put this out there for all you readers today. To me, there are 2 main things we should be grateful for each day. Can you guess? I say them in meditation before anything else. Number 1 is your LIFE. Number 2 is your HEALTH. Everything else follows. Those are the catalyst for your entire purpose here. We need to do the best to take care of ourselves despite all that is happening around us. Even if you’re battling something extreme, fight for your life all the time. As warriors, it’s what we do but that free will factors in as well.

I have also made a HUGE gratitude list in one of my journals. Now, I know many of you aren’t writers and won’t do this exercise but as Warrior always said– by writing something down you’ll remember better, among other things. My list began small and grew. It can be quite easy as starting like this: “I am grateful for… ” ( fill in the blank.) I sound like a teacher but guess I am in many ways. We all have the basic list but it can become quite expansive. Go ahead and start. I’ll wait... ✍🏻🤔

OK, you non-writers. Making a list in your head works too or even saying them out loud. It might sound crazy but the more we express gratitude, the more it comes our way. Even if you don’t pray or meditate, I’m sure you are grateful and thankful for many things. They don’t have to be deep either. How about just being grateful for your dog, pizza, or a great vacation? See, not so hard now is it? You can think of your own list. Let’s all just be grateful for what we are and what we have right now in this moment.

Let’s explore the man himself. Can’t we all just be grateful for his earthly presence and eliminate judging? He did sacrifice so much and yet sometimes we let comments out that shouldn’t be. People have mentioned Warrior looking too thin at times, or not as muscular, having a flabby gut in some pics, not liking the gray hair, him being bald, aging badly by possibly neglecting his health, moving slow later on, and SO much more. Sure, I have wondered about a few of those aspects but others get me shaking ropes in my head! I have said comments (to myself) about other former Superstars but not Warrior. I am biased in areas but some I won’t fully know just like you. Those are all physical traits and as humans, we have that vanity. Myself included here as we become our own worst critic. Warrior wasn’t immune either. I have written plenty on that and can mention each of those separately but won’t. Vanity isn’t all bad. It’s how we use it which matters more.

We need to be thankful that the Ultimate Warrior and then as Warrior graced our TV sets which allowed us into the world of professional wrestling and then beyond. Those negative statements will not change anything and yet some insist on going back-and-forth about it all still. Why? For attention or discussion on his physicality? It’s not necessary and only causes much frustration our way that can’t be altered. Let it go warriors even though most may not. The good things we CAN discuss like possible feuds, ring gear, favorite looks, etc. but the negativities should end. Be grateful we have the memories and the good. The rest can be.

I know there are those who don’t or won’t make judging comments about Warrior and are so extremely grateful for his time here. Be happy for the entertainment, intense yet passionate disciplined speeches, and returning to WWE that he gave us. I am grateful for it all that I was privileged to see. Now, social media keeps it going. Practice being grateful or ask for more of it in your life. It’s stuff right in front of you. I am grateful to all of you- the readers. I’m going to end with a quote on one of my beach coasters. It reads: “start each day with a grateful heart.” I do my best as I hope you will too. I will always be grateful for everything that has been gifted my way including Warrior. It all truly is amazingly ultimate. 🥹

P. S. This is new— while walking my dog last week, I saw this parked truck from Texas. The mud-flaps said TexArkana.” Wow! Haven’t heard that in a while and remembered the U.W.F. with it’s mid-South territory…

P.P.S. To any vets reading today: “thank you for your service!” ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🦅🗽☮️

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***One more thing- this seems to happen A LOT lately but my posts are written almost a week in advance so I have no idea what if anything will get posted on those sites. If some are discussing Warrior’s life and choices he made, it is usually AFTER my ideas get written down… A few times I bashed other groups I am not part of anymore. Most guys that belong to the fb page – I do agree with on many things concerning Warrior and his life. People will always have their opinions just like me. We will always CARE and wanted him around longer… He would want us to accept it all to move forward and despite that being difficult sometimes, it is what we must do…. 🤟🏻

From a W to 2 B’s, Thank You! ðŸ’™âœðŸ»ðŸ“—

It is October warriors. 🍁This year is almost over. How can that be? Seems to me like it was just the start of 2022 and now we are nearing the end soon. My year of milestones is coming to a close from this past week and then in a month or so, warrior writings will be at 300 posts. My oh my, here it comes. As you can see by those dates listed, this week marks another anniversary for both of my B’s. No, not the “Killer Bees” of wrestling fame, ha ha! The W of course stands for Warrior whose heavenly energetic hands assisted me through all this and continues today. Hard to believe they are 12 months and 3 days apart. Almost twins. Yeah.. To think I was only going to write this for a year. 6 years and still humbled. I am finally to that number of Ultimate Warrior’s finest career moment. I have evolved as we all should and yet…

I always get reflective upon these days every year as I’m filled with such emotion. Sometimes, I so wish I wouldn’t be extreme with them but that’s how it goes. I’m constantly working on this like you can’t believe. What I mean is how it all comes across with you readers. So grateful I always am so don’t get me wrong here. For those loyal readers, I love your support. I REALLY do. You’ve been with me the longest so let me know your thoughts. Any posts stand out to you? I would love your comments. It is so surreal to me how that number of 6 which still remains a regular fixture in my life, is here with this blog. 2016 and even 2017 seem like just the other day and yet also many years ago now. I do hope any of you readers out there or followers still feel inspired in someway. If there are some topics you’d like me to discuss, shoot me a note. I’ll do my best to answer in a way that works. I just might choose your question to answer in a future post!

The other part of me gets frustrated as we all do at times. This is probably why I couldn’t be an author who continuously puts books out there like a few people I know. Too much pressure and I get way too attached. Expectations are one of the hardest things to let go in life and yet we must about many aspects. It’s actually included as one of the agreements with the “Toltec“. It isn’t listed by itself but is part of the beliefs. Miguel Ruiz wrote a great book called : “The Four Agreements” on this as well… I highly recommend it… You can look that up. Anyone who puts content out into the world wants and needs support. We want it genuine and not just because you are in an elite group or under some kind of obligation. I bet most of my readers are either spiritual or maybe wrestling and Ultimate Warrior fans but not all. Some are just bloggers. Guess I don’t really know since rarely do I receive feedback. I need to let that go… Back when I started, I did follow a few other bloggers of similar interests. Some in turn would follow me and it was nice. It was getting to be too much for me and I scaled back. That’s OK as reading isn’t for everyone. I just ask that whatever you do, do it for the RIGHT reasons and not just because...

It’s also like when you are in a private social media group or something similar. I am part of an Ultimate Warrior facebook group and as great as it can be, it also brings more frustrations my way. This post seems so negative but guess sometimes we all need to rant. I DO appreciate anyone who has found my work, really I do but with anniversaries, comes other thoughts too. Warrior was all about honesty, right? Well, today you get to hear it for me. It’s not ALL what you might be thinking but here goes. I have often said how I don’t “fit” in with many ways of doing things but nowadays, it benefits me not to. I do have my days just like many of you where we still want to be our original warrior selves and yet that longing is still there to belong more. I should say: “F*** what others think” like Warrior said but I can’t entirely. I will continue doing the work though.

I’m not about a huge U.W. collection, selling merch, pics of meeting him, and all that. I share differently as many know. Without contributing that way, does it matter? Do I make a difference? Sometimes my “Ms. Resistance” kicks me in the a**! We all want those shared interests, likes, and conversations but still want to keep being ourselves. They can have that but would I be missed? Probably not. It’s not a pity party although it sounds like one, I know 🙄. I’m just being honest and real here. Maybe many are jealous of my work and spiritual connection to Warrior… Hard to tell. I answer enough but it might not be what others want. Did I know Warrior or even Ultimate Warrior? I did not and yet there is more to that statement…. So, that’s not good enough of an answer but privacy he had to a degree as do I. We must all in our own way. I realize there are “trolls”and we need to accept that. Let’s lift one another up with the GOOD!

A million thanks to the REAL ones out there genuinely interested in what I present and how I present it. I do appreciate YOU for taking the time to like, follow, or even respond. I realize it is difficult posting an email out there but other ways are available. I just want to know if any of this over the last 6 years connects or motivates you at all? I’m not asking for you to go get the book or anything but just drop me a line or two of how these writings or my stories impact your life. It’s not too much to ask really but again expectations make this life challenging. These past 6 years have truly amazed me as there are days I still can’t believe it is true… 🥹🫶🏻

I may not reciprocate always but know I do try my best along with videos to respond. My goal is to serve but to also learn along the way as we all should do. You don’t have to have or do this type of work but we all have social media so think about it. If my stuff isn’t for you, that’s perfectly fine as others don’t interest me either. If you do though, I will notify you and I have to several people. To those who have reached out, I give you such praise for having the courage to do so. I’m not mad or asking for tons of support, just a little more. If anyone takes this the wrong way, that’s your emotion…

So, I have reflected enough on this milestone but wanted to just embrace these past 6 years in a new way. Let’s all just be US but let another know their life counts. We all do. Frustrations will come and go but we still need to be passionate no matter who responds. I will need to remember this… ❤️‍🩹 THANK YOU Warrior for being your honest self and for supporting me in sharing all these writings with the world… I’m sure I’ll be back to my ol’ warrior self next week.… you can bet on that! 🥰

P.S. I was recently in this store and saw a cake candle I liked it so picked it up. Noticed it was made in Indiana and was selling for $6. No, I didn’t buy it! 🕯That fits for today, doesn’t it? Oh, and when I took the photo for this blog, the time on my phone said 11:11. Very perfect spiritual number. 💖😉 one more note~ I started this blog on a Tues. back then and the anniversary fell on a Tues. this year… 🥳

The Changing Times â˜ðŸ»â˜ðŸ»ðŸ™‹ðŸ»â€â™€ï¸

That sounds like a newspaper of back in the day doesn’t it warriors? Ah well, it fits as I wanted to mention the word change. First, there’s another new shot of Warrior wearing pants as I have never used that look of his from 1995. At least that’s when I think it was. Secondly, I just turned a BIG birthday mile stone a few days ago. We are heading into almost the end of milestones with this year. It’s a brand new decade as well for me so I’m sure that will guarantee many changes ahead. I don’t feel half a century old… but wait a minute… sometimes I do. No, I’m not going through that midlife “change” just yet but oh, so many others.

The physical ones we always notice first along with those many aches and pains connected to aging. Don’t want to depress you here but they do come when we least expect it! It all brings emotional and spiritual changes too as I have said many times. I looked back on a post last year around now and it was about those “rebels” I followed when younger as other celebrities caught my eye. Hard to believe that was 12 months ago. I was also struggling with some lingering gut issues but now I have an injury pain that my posterior still won’t make me forget! UGH… 😬. How about some encouraging news? The spiritual meaning of 50 is new beginnings and journeys. It signifies completion so it’s OK to celebrate hard work. I’ll agree to all that for sure. Guess that qualifies for changing so time will tell.

Another aspect for me are some of my oracle card decks. You may not practice and really, it’s fine that you don’t. I decided to draw 5 cards from 5 of my decks. I have 6 total (not planned!) plus 1 I made myself. The one deck is more ancestral and spiritual to me so I didn’t include it this time. My goal was to use 5 for these weeks in September and see if it tells a story even though they are different decks. Still with me? Anyway, 3 out of the 5 cards I drew had the word CHANGE on them so I am believing in the positive. It’s all we can do, right? Well, I decided after all to draw from the Shaman deck on my actual birthday and guess what? The card was WIND and it was all about change! What?

Recently, I encountered a beautiful small monarch butterfly and they are all about change. It landed on my finger for over 5 minutes which had never happened before!! I still remember one floating around Labor Day weekend almost 6 years ago right before I had submitted my book to be published. That mile stone is just around the corner as changing of the years go by. 📗

Warrior had to change some things in his life overtime but still stuck to his core beliefs despite the world moving around. It is HARD to change, isn’t it? This is similar to transitions which has been talked about but those are usually bigger events. Change is constant and it happens daily. What changes have you had to accept this year and are you feeling good or bad about them? Like Warrior had said, our attitude truly does matter. I really do try my best, really I do but for us sensitives— it’s 1 million times harder. I’m not making light of anyone’s changes at all here but energetically speaking, I feel 80 or some older number like that. It’s because of changes all over but I do stay away from tuning into many global events. I just know enough but not enough to absorb and take it on which I can do. Not trying to freak anyone out but it’s just me, hidden very well. 🫣❤️‍🩹

It also was the first birthday without my oldest child in 18 years. 😞 Still so new having him away at school. How about that for a change? No one wants to be sad on a milestone birthday but there were some surprises. We DID see him a few days before hand and he had a gift for me. He even called me on my special day and we talked for almost an hour! Oh wow, that made my day. Again, change is a toughie…

Here’s a goodie though, at least it is for me even though you diehard Ultimate Warrior fans may disagree. Anyone remember 4 years ago (I had to check) when I wrote about the Three License Plates? Well, one had “James H” on it and I laughed so hard! I kept teasing him later on and thinking he wouldn’t talk to me until I called him Warrior… 🤣 Fast forward another year after seeing my psychic friend. When Warrior did come through, he was using his birth name of James. I know most would be surprised by that but it seemed to work for me. He never went by it but I call him that. Quite often at times and I still use Warrior of course. It all depends on the situation. It doesn’t seem odd but again, I learned more as things changed which they always do. 💙

Let’s all try to make better changes this year or upcoming for 2023. I’m just going by my recent “new” year but you can do what works for you. No matter what is going on in the outside world, keep the inner you strong enough to handle change or it will cause so much distress. None of us wants that. Situations will come at us from every side and some changes we can’t control. We may not be writers developing a new WWE storyline but we are the writers of our own lives, right? You may not technically be a writer like me but your mindset determines how things unfold for you. That’s why at times I need the silence and stillness so I can focus on my thoughts. Yes, they chatter but I am in control of them and they change all the time.

One thing also that won’t change is I am remembering my annual tradition. Yes, I watched WMVI on my birthday as I have done for years. Hard to believe the story of 10 years ago when it came back into my brain after a long hiatus. The Ultimate Challenge that is… It has been a constant ever since so changing that I am not! Some things we don’t want or even need to change if they make us happy. I bet all of you have those moments in your life that never change and maybe never won’t. Just make sure when stuff does happen to shift, be present and go with it. You are still you no matter what. I’ll end with a Warrior quote. It’s not really about change but it connects to my life now as I hope it does for you too.

” Turn the volume down on the outside and turn it up on your concentrated attention. ZOOM IN, not out. Your DIAMONDS are in your OWN backyard. Dig there.”

~ Always Believe~

Warrior… 🫵🏻💎💖

~~~Despite changes, I will zoom in and not out. Thank you Warrior for your Words of Wisdom filling my life always.💯

P.S. When we were out to dinner the other night I happened to glance across the way and I saw this man’s shirt. Had to stare for a couple seconds as it had the word warrior on it among some other words. Wow…. it made me smile.. 🥰

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Time for Transitions ðŸ«¶ðŸ»ðŸ’Ž

I really shouldn’t be writing today at all but I am. The reason being is that it is my (our) 20th wedding anniversary. 💕 Guess I’m sharing this day with Warrior writings, imagine that. 🥰 Don’t think one of these Wednesdays has ever been a milestone in my life, just Warrior’s. Another first as I continue. I have a personal birthday milestone coming up in a month but it doesn’t fall on a Wednesday!

That pic you see of Warrior was from a promo he made after “Macho King” Randy Savage cost him to lose the heavy weight belt to Sgt. Slaughter at the Royal Rumble of 1991. This led up to WMVII’s “Career Ending” match between Warrior and Randy. If you give this one a listen or know of it at all, Warrior mentions “the 15 stitches in the top of my head” incurred as a result of that scepter hitting him “unconscious” so he loses the belt. I love how he mentions a crystal that the doctors left in. So dramatic indeed as a reminder of “Macho King’s” kingdom but also a reference to a piece of the WWF title that had belonged to both of them at one time. I have worked with REAL crystals as part of my spiritual practice for years. They are very powerful. That is of course if you believe in all that which I do. I did save that promo but not just for the crystal reference, ha ha.

That brings us to this title of transitions today. Warrior didn’t mind that transition of losing the belt to Sarge as he wasn’t about having one all the time. That was easy for him as some things in all of our lives are not that hard transitioning to. Me, well– that word itself is HARD in my life but accepting it and evolving we must all do. My son is transitioning to college in just a few days for a full week of band camp before classes officially begin. That day is jam packed with lots of other stuff-believe it or not so no time to dwell until later on when it will HIT me. Yes, we will see him soon enough but not daily and I need my warrior strength to get me through.

We all have those transitional times in our lives that are such biggies and as parents, it’s a constant watching our kiddos grow. This has definitely been a HUGE milestone year for me but as a warrior, I battle on like we all need to do. How do you handle those transitory times in your life? I bet some are pretty easy but then the big decisions require more thought and emotion for sure. I had a simple transition from marriage and then motherhood as those were goals I was very prepared and ready to take on. Plus, a career before hand which I strived for and loved. That went into marriage briefly but not mothering.

I can mention the WWF transitioning from Hulk to Warrior but that’s been brought up enough so I’ll let that be. Oh, many professional and personal things that were part of Warrior’s life that he had to transition into and some of course we will never experience but look at your own. What’s been the hardest to do and why is it that way? The easy stuff comes and goes in the blink of an eye but some linger and take much longer. I’ve mentioned before about Warrior making his transition to “parts unknown” as that is our biggest on Earth when those life lessons are done. Not to dwell on sorrow so let’s go to the joy. Despite negative parts of our transitions, we can and will get to the good eventually.

These past few years have especially been in transit for me in many ways from being scared and unsure to finding answers and relief. I believe our entire lives are filled with constant transitions really but at times, we need space to just relax and breathe. If you have a hard time doing anything else, remember that breath inside you which gives you life every single day. Warrior said this often. Besides that, another factor we need is rest. Yes, that was extremely hard for Warrior to do and I was never a napper much either. Transition for sure. I take naps sometimes now as my body tells me when they are needed.

Even little things like breathing and resting we take for granted and never think those would concern us. Well, our lives all take different turns and despite my objections, was told I needed to be mindful in order to heal. Transitions are hard warriors but fighting them means they stick around. What we resist, persists. Have you heard of that? It’s true. Most of us don’t get what we truly need but we try all the time or at least we should anyways. Not sure if Warrior was ever a napper much (probably not) but he came around over the years to being more aware of the little stuff that amounts to the big. I do believe he was always knowing in many aspects but got those chances with time to slow down in a different way. Maybe it wasn’t our way of slowing but it was his and he transitioned like he needed to.

That’s it for now warriors as I transition to whatever else this day of my 20 years of married life brings. I already meditated and used some crystals so that’s my slowing down and breathing time. Warrior doesn’t need a crystal to be in his kingdom. He shines brighter than any diamond as a spirit all the time. Let’s move through all our transitions the best we can. Remember to BREATHE and always REST…

P.S. Video pic cred goes to RocketFuel on YouTube (: He has tons of great U.W. promos of the ‘ol WWF days so if you were a fan of that era, check him out!

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An Infinite Legacy ðŸ™ðŸ»ðŸ’™ðŸ’ªðŸ»

***First off, congrats to all the winners at WrestleMania XXXVIII and all those newly inducted into the WWE HOF class of 2022. Just 3 words- “THANK YOU TAKER… “⚰️⚱️

Here we are again warriors with this time of year. How is it April already? Wrestlemania 38 just happened as did this blog marking 5 .5 years a few days ago. This post isn’t entirely numbers-based but I will share some that definitely connect today because that’s what I do. Warrior will be gone 8 years on the 8th (Friday.) I know with birthdays it’s called your “golden” one if that happens. At least that’s what I was told. For me, I turned 19 (so long ago now…) on the 19th in the 9th month. Who knows? I don’t share this to be sad but just an observation. 8 is an infinity number which beckons this title. Warrior’s younger daughter Mattie referenced infinity from the book: “A Life Lived Forever.” She mentions in her letter about infinity which makes me think of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. His older daughter Indy had referenced the word legacy in her letter. An infinite legacy with Ultimate memories always.

I’ll share a 3 count of number connectors with all of you. I might’ve added this as a PS many posts back but now that the date is here, it’s time. Just when I think some milestones, dates, or numbers are done for a bit, more show up. It truly is infinite. Are you ready to follow? Here we go… The last WM Warrior was part of is 30. That of course was 8 years ago. WM VIII is turning 30 this year. Also, April 5, 1992 was WM VIII’s date as was Warrior’s induction of 2014. He will forever have two dates of April 5 as real significance to him.

I also had two special dates of April 5 as well which I’ve shared before but will again briefly. Mine don’t relate to 30 or 8 but I can always remember. 2014 was our first basketball game we attended together as a family and in 2016, two signs fell down in my house. Both were that date of April 5 so Warrior and I just have a 2 count of early April moments there. Technically, I have another April 5 that I chose. It was a book event and that has been blogged too. To summarize here, this time becomes a 3 count of 8 on the 8th, WMVIII turning 30 and April 5 being WM VIII’s date plus Warrior’s 2014 HOF induction. Warrior’s last WM weekend was 30 which was 8 years ago. 30 and 8, synchronicity wins the match yet again. Oh, and WM VIII took place in Indiana. 2 Warrior connectors. Are you all caught up? 😳3️⃣0️⃣, 8️⃣

Let’s switch to some other views on the Ultimate Warrior’s or Warrior’s infinite legacy which continues on despite numbers, dates, and always milestones. I’m so humbled and honored when people contact me regarding this blog, my book, or just to share their OWN wrestling memories about the character of U. W. Here are some of their words I received as a few maybe even weren’t initially fans of his but found him years later on many YouTube videos:

“remarkable, amazing, inspirational.”

“brilliant…deep, thoughtful. His depth of knowledge exceeds anyone on the news.”

“Such a patriot and foresight he had into America.”

“Impactful…he was an extraordinary man…It was such a massive loss.”

A few had listened to Warrior’s speeches on many topics and even shared them with friends. The “Injections of Inspiration” videos were mentioned since they contained no “BS” advice for one loyal fan. Another wanted to know more about his collection of artwork, book recommendations, and was a long time U.W. fan. He asked if I had anything additional to share and called Warrior’s writings “treasures.” This man wanted to get my book and couldn’t wait to dive into the old blog posts of Warrior’s I had sent him. I try to offer as much as I can within reason of course and very touched when they share personal stories with me.

Vince McKee who I spoke with on his “Pick Six” podcast with “Kee on Sports,” even left me a super nice review on Amazon. Yes, he might be a little biased with knowing me personally but he is himself a fellow author so understands the work. He had this to say about Warrior: “he would be very proud.” He added how the Warrior’s messages bring an “inner peace and spirit to people.” He compliments me of course but I wanted to share Warrior words today. He didn’t have to take time out of his very busy schedule to write that at all, but he did and I am grateful.

So, yes indeed- the Ultimate Warrior and Warrior both have an infinite legacy. Even if there were disagreements, differences of opinions, or other negative naysayers, he lives on and always will. I’m very fortunate to continue doing what I do here and it makes me happy knowing others find his work outside of wrestling as well. We will leave our own infinite legacy of some kind so my wish is that all of you do many things in your life which will reflect that. Don’t let one thing define you and pursue all that interests you. Warrior did, I am, and you should too.

The numbers change every year but we need to go on and do what we can to make a difference. 30 and 8 will move forward as will every other milestone that we treasure and cherish. Hard to believe all these WM’s after 8 are in their 30’s now! How is that even possible? The Ultimate Warrior will mark 35 years on TV in November as it seems I just wrote of his 30th 5 years ago. 8 on the 8th is such a WOW reflective number for me as it is for most fans too. We all grow older, change, and evolve because we have to in life. Let’s be our OWN warrior selves and keep remembering, celebrating, and honoring the life of the one and only Warrior man. You will forever keep running as I always believe in your most Ultimate spirit. Thank you Warrior for your infinite legacy.

💙~~~ Kathy 💖

P.S. April 1st also brought “The Warrior” song playing in my van that evening. ( WM VI turned 32 that day)

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Loving Those Fours 4444

THANK YOU fans for all the support with these warrior writings! I am always so extremely humbled and yet want to continue getting messages out to all of you. Today, it’s about the number FOUR.

Let’s see. I’ve mentioned 3, 6, and 7 plenty on here but never 4. A 3 count for the win, the Universe shows us signs in 3’s, and so many others. My favorite 6 is always present and not just with WMVI but it’s one of my personal numbers. 7 letters in Warrior and it’s another one I get often. Why then, 4?

That photo you see of the Ultimate Warrior above shows him sorta holding up four fingers. He wasn’t really but when I found that shot, it was perfect for today’s post. BTW- I took that photo on Sept. 4th, how about that? Not to keep you in suspense any longer but this blog is now officially 4 years old (: I actually did start it on Oct. 4th, 4 years ago when I was 44. Look at those numbers once again lining up…. Pretty cool warriors.

When looking up some info on the number 4, here’s a sample of what I found: “good organization, patience, devotion, trust, loyalty, determination, wisdom, and traditional values.” This sounds like me only needing more patience. Don’t we all though? 4 represents passions, aspirations, and not giving up on goals. Gee, this sounds like someone else too… (hint- he’s in the above pic!) Another goodie with this number kinda fits for me too. I’m all about new rituals now and have done many practices in nature. There are 4 cardinal directions, and 4 natural elements of earth, air, fire, and water. What about the 4 seasons? It’s endless and all super great to me.

Let’s move on to some days of the week. Originally, I began this blog on a Monday but back then, Warrior’s wife Dana wrote her blog that day. Sure, it didn’t really matter but emotionally, it became a lot for me to absorb in one day. Her writing was so inspiring and I loved all the stories she told.

I decided to switch to Tuesdays but then it hit me. Warrior passed on a Tuesday and again, emotionally too much. Even with grace- remember that with Tuesdays! So, after more thought- Warrior Wednesdays was born. How could I ignore that alliteration? Putting it all together became Warrior Writings Wednesdays. How truly ultimate?

To get back to numbers for a minute, we do have a 3 count for sure. 4 years of the blog, started on Oct. 4, and the double fours of my age. Another 3 is for my book Spirit and Belief which turned that number TODAY as I write this… I also recently noticed that the book which is a short read of 107 pages matches with its release date of 10.7. Just WOW from me yet again! 😳📗

To think I began these writings officially and within 12 months, got a book published is kinda crazy. I’m still in awe every time. Some might say it was rushed but I had been writing and certainly didn’t want to wait a few more years on traditional publishing.

So, that’s my journey thus far and there are still milestones coming up. Pretty soon I will reach 200 posts! OMG, just stunned with that number. Also, there are almost 90 followers and it’s reached over 70 countries. Thank you to those who are new! I am so grateful for all that feel compelled to dive into these writings and enjoy the ride with me. I’m not much on sharing stats often but sometimes it’s ok to be proud of your work. Know your impact it is having on the world.

Please know warriors that whatever work you are doing, I give my support always! Use your voice, your talents, passions, and interests to make a difference. Warrior did, (and still is!) Dana is, I am, and you should too. We all have gifts but just need to really find them underneath the muck of our lives. Believe in yourself and never waver. I need this reminder too sometimes. Follow that gut instinct or intuition as Warrior always said and did.

Be YOU, not anybody else. Leave your mark and make it stick . Whatever the future, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle… ✨ Celebrate those victories, even the small ones. You may not have a thing with numbers but find YOUR thing and love it all!💙

P.S. 4 years ago of 2016 also brought many of my BIG Warrior signs! Many have been blogged or are in the book…

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