Time for Transitions 🫶🏻💎

I really shouldn’t be writing today at all but I am. The reason being is that it is my (our) 20th wedding anniversary. 💕 Guess I’m sharing this day with Warrior writings, imagine that. 🥰 Don’t think one of these Wednesdays has ever been a milestone in my life, just Warrior’s. Another first as I continue. I have a personal birthday milestone coming up in a month but it doesn’t fall on a Wednesday!

That pic you see of Warrior was from a promo he made after “Macho King” Randy Savage cost him to lose the heavy weight belt to Sgt. Slaughter at the Royal Rumble of 1991. This led up to WMVII’s “Career Ending” match between Warrior and Randy. If you give this one a listen or know of it at all, Warrior mentions “the 15 stitches in the top of my head” incurred as a result of that scepter hitting him “unconscious” so he loses the belt. I love how he mentions a crystal that the doctors left in. So dramatic indeed as a reminder of “Macho King’s” kingdom but also a reference to a piece of the WWF title that had belonged to both of them at one time. I have worked with REAL crystals as part of my spiritual practice for years. They are very powerful. That is of course if you believe in all that which I do. I did save that promo but not just for the crystal reference, ha ha.

That brings us to this title of transitions today. Warrior didn’t mind that transition of losing the belt to Sarge as he wasn’t about having one all the time. That was easy for him as some things in all of our lives are not that hard transitioning to. Me, well– that word itself is HARD in my life but accepting it and evolving we must all do. My son is transitioning to college in just a few days for a full week of band camp before classes officially begin. That day is jam packed with lots of other stuff-believe it or not so no time to dwell until later on when it will HIT me. Yes, we will see him soon enough but not daily and I need my warrior strength to get me through.

We all have those transitional times in our lives that are such biggies and as parents, it’s a constant watching our kiddos grow. This has definitely been a HUGE milestone year for me but as a warrior, I battle on like we all need to do. How do you handle those transitory times in your life? I bet some are pretty easy but then the big decisions require more thought and emotion for sure. I had a simple transition from marriage and then motherhood as those were goals I was very prepared and ready to take on. Plus, a career before hand which I strived for and loved. That went into marriage briefly but not mothering.

I can mention the WWF transitioning from Hulk to Warrior but that’s been brought up enough so I’ll let that be. Oh, many professional and personal things that were part of Warrior’s life that he had to transition into and some of course we will never experience but look at your own. What’s been the hardest to do and why is it that way? The easy stuff comes and goes in the blink of an eye but some linger and take much longer. I’ve mentioned before about Warrior making his transition to “parts unknown” as that is our biggest on Earth when those life lessons are done. Not to dwell on sorrow so let’s go to the joy. Despite negative parts of our transitions, we can and will get to the good eventually.

These past few years have especially been in transit for me in many ways from being scared and unsure to finding answers and relief. I believe our entire lives are filled with constant transitions really but at times, we need space to just relax and breathe. If you have a hard time doing anything else, remember that breath inside you which gives you life every single day. Warrior said this often. Besides that, another factor we need is rest. Yes, that was extremely hard for Warrior to do and I was never a napper much either. Transition for sure. I take naps sometimes now as my body tells me when they are needed.

Even little things like breathing and resting we take for granted and never think those would concern us. Well, our lives all take different turns and despite my objections, was told I needed to be mindful in order to heal. Transitions are hard warriors but fighting them means they stick around. What we resist, persists. Have you heard of that? It’s true. Most of us don’t get what we truly need but we try all the time or at least we should anyways. Not sure if Warrior was ever a napper much (probably not) but he came around over the years to being more aware of the little stuff that amounts to the big. I do believe he was always knowing in many aspects but got those chances with time to slow down in a different way. Maybe it wasn’t our way of slowing but it was his and he transitioned like he needed to.

That’s it for now warriors as I transition to whatever else this day of my 20 years of married life brings. I already meditated and used some crystals so that’s my slowing down and breathing time. Warrior doesn’t need a crystal to be in his kingdom. He shines brighter than any diamond as a spirit all the time. Let’s move through all our transitions the best we can. Remember to BREATHE and always REST…

P.S. Video pic cred goes to RocketFuel on YouTube (: He has tons of great U.W. promos of the ‘ol WWF days so if you were a fan of that era, check him out!


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