The Space to BE… 🤲🏻💙🤗

Are you a hugger? Maybe not but this idea was sorta swirling around for a bit so I am bringing it to our writing arena today. It’s also been an emotional time lately for me so this seems fitting. My sister from Washington and her family came for a brief visit to mourn a past loved one of my brother-in-law’s. My niece and great niece also came and I had such fun seeing that lil’ baby of hers. Everybody hugs or does a similar greeting as I am a hugger. OK, not as much as I used to be as they are given out quite selectively anymore. We all need space to be and some of us need a breather.

Warrior’s last few days involved many hugs, handshakes, pats on the back, and all that. Some do those same type of hugs with a few pats on the back but I would tease those who do. I know, I know~ it’s just how they do it or who they are but sometimes it just, I dunno- doesn’t feel genuine. They might mean well but it feels obligatory. If I give that to another, it isn’t my typical sentiment. You will know a real hug when or if you receive one from me. If it’s someone I truly CARE about and they mean much to someone I know, it will be different. It does depend for sure and just because you have a title like certain family members, you still may just get a small one.

I even know people who come at me way across the room with arms open like it’s expected. I do reciprocate, but it’s one of those side hugs with a brief pat. Again, that’s just them but it isn’t nor should it be all of us. Don’t you wish (at least I do) that those real moments of authenticity can be treasured more? Just being in the moment with another who means a great deal and giving each the space to be can become truly rewarding. I have often imagined greeting in a way where time seems to stop and no other sounds can be heard. You embrace a person who returns your affection and there are no words. Just that close interaction is enough to share for that brief time. I’m not trying to be sad or even mushy here, but really think about this if you can.

We always speak or say those “how are ya?” statements or anything similar but we don’t take the time to allow the space of receiving and just be… My Grandpa gave those giant bear hugs to many and he truly meant it. All us kids still talk about them today. Several years later, of course “bearhugs” meant something entirely different to me besides my Grandpa! His involved no submission though, but did involve space to be. I don’t know of anyone else who gave those out but we felt that love and connection which isn’t there with some who hug differently. He even hugged me that way in a dream back then. 😴

I remember when I first saw my energy healer a few years ago now. After our very first session, I was so emotional and reached out to hug her afterwards. She rebuked and said how that isn’t what she does because of the residual energy. Practitioners need to clear that and well, I do too. It’s not good or bad, but just another space that has to be set free if you will. I did email her apologizing for I had no idea but she wasn’t upset at all. She has a gift, and it can become draining on many levels. I totally understood when she explained more and yes, we ALL have energy everywhere. I’m now a little more reserved with who I share or give to. It’s not healthy to keep another’s energy so I am learning always. You can feel differently of course but I am affected so care needs to be taken.

If you’re not a hugger, that’s OK but any gesture of good intention should be valued or at least meant by both. We do get caught up in so many moments with people and what is expected that we often forgot to be us during those times. I’m not saying to be overdramatic but as with many other topics, society shouldn’t dictate our actions. Warrior knew all about that. 😉 There are those times I would go to in my mind and heart about what I would say or do when meeting Warrior years ago or even those last few of his life. I have said this before but now, I would love that space to be and look him in the eyes to say what I tell myself often:“I get it.” Don’t worry, I would not be a stalker as some of you could be thinking. I just know what I know.

I understand because I do and I know he would appreciate that. I always would want to say so much, but would only say a few heartfelt words like:“Thank you Warrior” as so many chanted at his Hall of Fame. But, that isn’t meant to be physically~ only spiritually now. However you initiate or respond to another’s gesture, just make sure it is genuine although we will still feel that obligatory pull. It just won’t be the same as it once was or with someone else. Relationships might come and go or be close then not but you get to decide. Give them space, but also allow yourself to have it as well. It can be difficult when we are not on the same page when it comes to different forms of affection. I do hope you can both come to some sort of agreement despite a possible awkward situation. I’ve been there with many but sometimes, you can just ask. When you are in alignment it is beautiful and you will feel it in the most profound ways. 🤍🥹

So, my wish is that with your sentiments, perhaps you can give or be allowed space to just be with another for a time longer than that brief pat or quick handshake. If it isn’t part of your perception, no biggie but it is for me. I am trying but again, it is with those select few deserving that bring me joy into this stage of my life. I give you space to feel and just be with the ones who matter most. I get it…

P.S. I DO know most guys give that pat on the back hug often. You will know if it is truly authentic or not… Warrior, Vince, and Triple H? You bet…

P.P.S. Just like before, once I decide on a title~ I start to see a word everywhere. The word SPACE was in a meditation called: ” holding space” AND- while listening to a podcast on this Animal Communicator- he says to:” hold space for your pet…” Really. I can’t make this up people! 🫶🏻🥰👍

We Are Never Done 💙😊🫵🏻

“So, when are you gonna be done with all the Warrior stuff?” That was asked by my daughter a few weeks ago. It all started with her looking at silly tattoo pics online. No idea why and some are funny but others were just plain idiotic. 🤪 I bet she’ll get a few someday. Then, she asked about mine as I told her the stories behind each one. The Ultimate Warrior tattoo story is in my book: “Spirit and Belief” but she didn’t remember any details at all. It’ll turn 9 this year on her 17th birthday later in May. When she asked me that question, I really didn’t know how to answer. I wasn’t sure if she met my blog or what as it was recently just renewed another 2 years and then it’ll be close to 10. 😳Come to think of it, I never answered because well~ I can’t. To me, he will never be done (despite his physicality,) but who knows when the blog will be. When it’s time, it’s time, but not just yet.

None of us will ever be fully done. That is why Warrior wanted to leave behind such an ultimate legacy to always be remembered here and in parts unknown. All of us need to believe in our own legacy however it looks. His face in the photo below is depicted being asked questions about the HOF speech. F bombs or not? 💣Well, he didn’t use that word, although I DO now so will keep that part of his legacy alive, ha ha! His HOF speech ended but the impact will never officially be done. We all know that as those who have touched us live forever in our hearts always. I did ponder my girl’s words once more regarding these writings I share.

Do any of you remember me saying how originally I was going to do this for just a year? Yep, that was the feeling but as years progress, it begs the question of what then? When this does end someday as it will, how am I going to feel? Accomplished? I hope so. Sad? Perhaps a little, but I do know obligatory guilt cannot be there. Sure, I had some goals and some were met, others still looming… By the time I possibly feel differently about writing, my kids will be all grown up (almost are now!) and hopefully we’ll be starting anew outside of Ohio. That’s a ways off yet but it’s there. I will find other ways as we all need to move forward in new directions. Again, the physicality of something will be done, but the legacy or even essence always lives on. We shouldn’t feel that sense of obligation just because we are used to something the way it is or has been. I left teaching like the Ultimate Warrior left wrestling. Yes, I, KNOW- not the same at all but the mentality is. There always would have been one more student to teach like there will always be one more fan to entertain. You readers are the same. You will FEEL when it is time to move on and be done with something while beginning again. Sometimes like with us, it was a choice but for some it might not be. ❤️‍🩹

 I gotta add this here as far as readers go.Recently while looking up some other info, I happen to come across this one interesting forum from a few years back. Yes, it was about Warrior (what I was searching,) but I am very much a part of Google in that way. I can’t remember the actual site but a guy posted about finding the “goofyest” stuff. UGH, people- please spell correctly. 🤦🏻‍♀️ He was referencing my blog saying how: ” this girl talks about communicating with the Ultimate Warrior in spirit.” Another guy said something like : ” well, if anyone can do that, he can!” Yeppers! I’ll take that as a compliment and he will too (: Who knows what other comments there were as I couldn’t read them all. This girl… OK, I do sometimes say that but come on~ I’m not 12! That was not a present comment but I had never really read anything like that and I can get defensive. I know not to, as it can be difficult to process. Not everyone is meant to understand or believe any of this. I actually laughed a little, so thanks goes to guy number 2 for some validation. I will be done on Google someday when this blog is no more or the book isn’t searched, but in other ways I never will be and that includes Warrior.

How do you feel about something being done? I guess it truly does depend on if it’s liked by you or not. We are glad when it would be a struggle but then with other situations, it can become difficult ending or seeing it done like a goodbye. Every parent can relate on this but again, we have to move as life is fluid all the time. I know fans were not happy to see the character of Ultimate Warrior leave several times during his run with WWE (F.) As far as we knew he was done and we had no idea if he’d ever be on our TVs again. At least I didn’t. I did get upset and cried a little back then as I felt he was barely there, and then gone….*PAUSE* here. He wasn’t done, but at that time it wasn’t even known by him.

You don’t have to be famous in order to maybe be done with fame, but still easily accessed in this day and age. No, us regular folks can’t be all over the Internet (shouldn’t be anyway!,) and videos, old TV shows, or any of that we aren’t done in people’s minds and hearts. The memories and love will be there and I hope they are for you too. Professional Youtubers with millions of followers isn’t for me. It might be you the reader though, and that’s OK. There’s so many things in life we are done with and some at certain ages, but then other ideas will remain. You can be done with actual schooling in a building but being educated on topics is for a lifetime. You can be done raising kids but will always be their parent. Every year we are done with and a new one and new birthday is upon us. Don’t get me started on stuff I totally WANT to be done with, too many to list! I’m sure you have yours as well.

So, to me as with many of you other fans, Warrior will never be done. I scoff at that. Yes, his fame keeps him going, but he was so much more in spite of all that. So much more. Whatever you feel done with, set it free but know much will still be there. I will never be done with music either as most do know that! 🎼Some will lesson like I said last week, but others will not and there are many reasons why. My Warrior stuff remains always. 🥹

P.S. Last week I got something incorrect… The Boy Band referenced was NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) not N’Sync. Ugh, I always got them all mixed up! 🤬😂

P.P.S. I found another U.W. fan group over on Instagram called: ultimatewarriorofficial. Some others I know follow so check them out! 

These Dates I Remember 💙

First off, I woke up with the song “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica in my head… 🎼Maybe I’ll hear it later?

Oh, April~~~ you are here already. It’s that time of year again but TODAY on the actual anniversary, I will be watching Ultimate Warrior’s WWE HOF induction speech of 2014. April 5 fell on a Wednesday before but now I can watch his speech entirely from the “Always Believe” DVD. Happy 33 to WrestleMania 6 on the 1st as well. It’s also time for some more math as dates come into my memory to remember. Wrestlemania 39 has come and gone (oh my!) but my earliest Ultimate Warrior date is March 24, 1991 which was WrestleMania 7. These 3 weeks leading up to April 14 can become quite emotional. The earliest WrestleMania ever was March 17. That one was WrestleMania X8 back in 2002 which took place in Toronto. Both Warrior and I had something significant that year personally. They hadn’t been in Toronto since 1990 for WrestleMania 6. Ultimate Warrior’s last WrestleMania was 12 which was 6 years before X8 in Toronto. Our favorite number has a connector yet again! U. W. was part of 6 WrestleMania’s too. Oh, and Hogan lost both times in Toronto. Sorry, not sorry. 🤭

You might be confused as to why I mentioned April 14. Yeah, I know. That date marked the RAW tribute to Warrior and another story that’s been told here before. That’s why I said 3 weeks. OK, so we also just had the BIG 35 for WM 4, 34 for WM 5, 32 for WM 7, 31 for WM 8 ( which is TODAY!) and 27 for WM 12. Of course, I mentioned 33 for 6 above. There ya go, all of U.W’s WM anniversaries. It will be 9 years for him in a few days since returning to “parts unknown.” How are we almost to double digits? Believe it or not, I start thinking about this time of year in January. Probably because of the new year starting but there it is creeping up slowly. If I hadn’t gotten my own personal connections with these dates, it might not affect me as much.

April 5 is huge for both of us as we have these 3 counts. Mine were 2014 (basketball game on Warrior’s night,) 2016 ( signs falling,) and 2018 (first book event.) All even years and today also marks the first oracle card deck I received on the day of the book event. It was a beautiful three card spread with perfect messages that day. 9, 7, and 5 years today. Warrior also has a 3 count but in the past I only listed 2. April 5, 1992 was WM 8 (in Indiana!) and of course 2014 with his HOF speech. Another got overlooked but I really didn’t have that date memorized. April 5, 2005 was his “infamous” UCONN speech. Not his finest moment, but it is what it is. His dates don’t lineup like mine in a way but there they are always in memory. This blog turned 6.5 yesterday on the 4th and my book “Spirit and Belief” also turns 5.5 on the 7th. I never plan these dates, really I don’t.

That brings me to a mention of the HOF. I still believe some of the enhancement talent or “jobbers” as they were called back then should be inducted. Steve Lombardi comes to mind as he had such a prolific career with the WWE for many years and portrayed many characters. He deserves that honor for sure, as do some others. Referees should be in there too but how great that Tim White is the Warrior Award recipient this year. Why has it taken so long to allow these different performers to be included? It shouldn’t take a life-changing event or anything similar to move in a new direction. Fans deserve this recognition too, for they are part of our history just like that of WWE’s. The Hebner twins should be part of a future class as well. These are just my opinions of course but am convinced many others feel the same. I realize there are conditions that need to be met and they can only induct a certain amount each year but still…

The last thing I will mention here are my thoughts on just a few of the WM 39 results. Yes, the fans wanted Cody to get the titles from Roman. Most are incredibly shocked. I too thought that would happen. I also thought Asuka would prevail over Bianca. My friend brought up an interesting point and it’s one I can see from a business perspective. Perhaps with the sale of WWE to Endeavor,🥸😬 they wanted to go into that with their current champs. I can also see the opposite too with new champs, new sale and starting fresh but maybe WWE feels like they need more “staying power” in a way with keeping those titles on Roman and Bianca. Just my point of view of course but that could be their mindset on all this. SummerSlam is going to be 35 this year so maybe by that time, things will change. We shall see. Roman is close to 1000 days so that is another factor.

Well, that’s enough of that. This date of April 5 will come and go just like it always does but I will have it along with many others in my memory, stored for eternity. These several weeks bring up so much for me in ways undescribable at times but as a warrior, I continue on like we all should. Another sidenote here is this: Warrior’s last WM was 30, he’s been gone 9 years, so 30+9 = 39. This year’s WM. Yes, I know~~~ me and these numbers. It fits though…

Thank you Warrior for all these dates because there is no filter through them. I have mine too. This is always such a busy time as I contemplate my personal moments to ponder. I will never forget any but know I am stronger than the past. Warrior in parts unknown? No, not really. He is here every day bringing his Warrior wisdom and guidance. I will always believe. 🥹🙏🏻💪🏻

P.S. I will continue my annual tradition of lighting a 🕯️ around when he passed on the 8th.. I also got a bottle of 🍷 which I rarely do anymore. I toast him and celebrate the wonderful life he had!

P.P.S. I am hosting Easter this year in a few days which is the 9th… That is when I found out he passed. I also hosted that year. Those stories have been written but everyday brings a new one. I thank Warrior for “writing” his and sharing it with all of us… Love~~~ Kathy ✨💖☮️

The Journey of Forgiveness

That’s a big word warriors, I know. Quite the switch from last week’s dream. I debated whether or not to resurrect yet another post idea from my “Spirit and Belief” blogging days. First, I thought to say “A Lesson in Forgiveness” but that sounded so preachy like gloom and doom or something. That’s not what I want to do but that word of forgiveness looms about, doesn’t it? For some of us, it can be quite easy based on our own experiences but for most~~~ it’s HARD… I know many of you can think of numerous times were either you had to forgive someone or you yourself had to be forgiven. First off, do this for me. Forgive yourself before anyone else. You read that right. I do and you should too. Once you do, it will become easier dealing with others. I have often said how we are hardest on ourselves and give that negative self talk time to get in our heads. Just truly catch yourself and say things like “delete, cancel, or erase.” Every time you beat yourself up for not saying, doing, or even thinking the right thing, stop it right now. 🛑 You can do it because we need the positive like Warrior said. I need to keep practicing what I write to all of you too.

The photo I used today is a funny story. Once watching the “Always Believe” DVD, there were so many photo choices for me as this was one of them. It took forever to get the right shot of him smiling but glad I got it. When walking through WWE’s HQ “halls,” was Warrior making his way back (not just literally) into forgiveness? Quite possibly but obviously not at that exact moment. The Boss, legends, and current roster were all on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear what he had put into his HOF speech. Even after being gone 18 years, would he still be bashing most or trashing them? Sure, Warrior mentioned a few things but I’m quite positive he shocked many with his different demeanor. People mentioned forgiveness, as yes- Warrior was genuine but were the others receptive and then accepting? Hard to know for sure as Warrior didn’t have the opportunity to become that ambassador. I want to believe they accepted this “new” Warrior and would in turn offer forgiveness back. He needed to do that and they all needed it too. He made peace like what was said and because of that, the extra baggage that entailed didn’t go with him to parts unknown like it sure can.

Warrior’s example always gets me thinking of my own relationships with some who have wronged me. Are there some things in life super hard to forgive or get past? Absolutely YES just like a few in Warrior’s life as his speech mentioned. Forgiveness is tricky because I like you thought it differently. The other person may never reciprocate but you need to practice that word for you, not them. By just stating an intention for the goodness of forgiving, you are sending a powerful message. We don’t even have to physically be with those who have hurt us. You can voice it aloud to yourself, write a letter, (I know that’s challenging) but then burn it, or just move forward in a way that works. We need to take some action instead of saying we will and then don’t.

Even if it doesn’t come to you, try again another day. Be willing to change and really put some effort into it, the benefits will come. I truly believe forgiveness is one of if not the most important “lesson.” After all, we do need to learn. It is part of our purpose here but we have many. What a lifelong journey it becomes. I often wonder about forgiveness being given to Warrior’s Dad from him. He knows that whole story now behind his Dad leaving the family even more and why it had to happen. At least that is what I believe but we all probably have those stories with our loved ones in spirit. It takes so much to put that word of forgiveness into action but is necessary for our growth.

It heals us in ways we can’t fully understand. I have done a lot of work on this. It is much trial and error, patience, and time. Do it now before you get to parts unknown with all this unresolved. I won’t tell you how to specifically forgive but just look at your life and see who or what needs to be let go in a way. The band Firehouse” whom Warrior references in some videos had a beautiful song called “Let Go.” I’ll link it at the end. It came to me once working out. No idea they did a song like that. Give it a listen, it’s very powerful and exactly what I needed to hear for different reasons but still fit. Its message can be many things but forgiveness does factor in as well. All the answers are inside you which is part of a lyric. Warrior said that too. I cried, of course. 🥲

Oh boy, is this post getting to me but it’s what came so that’s what I write. I believe in forgiveness and forgiving. I hope you do too. It took Warrior years to get to that point in his life but it served him well living where he did with his Warrior girls. I’m not telling you to move although we will be in a few years. Your perspective shifts and you evolve as we all should. Do we completely change? No, I don’t believe so. Some may think otherwise but deep down, we still are US… We need to advance though and relationships are such a huge part of this. Warrior reached out to Linda McMahon about his girlfriend Dana at the time and also wanted to reach out to Vince after his first daughter was born. See, even Warrior had it in him but not enough back then to start the process of true forgiveness. I’m still not there with some but am learning. Many may say Warrior did all that with the return to WWE because of his health condition. We may never fully know but that process started long before 2014 and aren’t we grateful it happened? I know I am… 💙

Bring that forgiveness into your life and learn to let go. It is a journey and a big lesson but one we all have in common as humans on this earth in these physical bodies. Yes, it can be messy and emotional but so worth it in the end. When your time comes to parts unknown you can say: “I did it for Me!” However you get your inspiration, just try forgiveness. You will know the story someday. Live for now. Let the present moment be your “present” to yourself. 🎁

P.S. Here’s “Let Go” by Firehouse…

P.P.S. I checked and last week’s dream made number 30… ( he has not been in them all but the reference is always there…) beautiful Warrior connection, especially this post… There have been others that were little but the biggies make 30… 🙏🏻🥹😴

Always Ultimate Belief 💙

Hi there warriors. How are you? I hope you are doing well as this new month of March begins. Spring is just around the corner here in my neck of the woods, so I am ready for more of the sun. ☀️ This week I decided to stand by a statement I wrote last week regarding the “Always Believe” DVD. Now that I have finished watching it in its entirety, I do have some views. If anyone hasn’t seen it or even “The Ultimate Collection,” you might not want to read no further. I am not dissecting it all of course but just wanted to touch on a few comparisons and contrasts of both. It’s a rarity I have a part 2 but it has been done before. I also have LOTS of good photos from AB coming up. You’ll be seeing my living room in many… Can you believe it? Another common date is coming soon. You fans can possibly guess based on my writings but that’ll be next month. Let’s stick to today for now.

I will say this, and maybe it’s that teen girl coming out but I love all the promos and interview segments on AB. Sometimes, those get “eye rolled” like I have said when it comes to the nonsensical ramblings of the Ultimate Warrior. They excite me more than a few of the quick little squash matches of AB that I found not entirely necessary. Definitely a few “pause” moments for sure and a biggie for me was Warrior’s backstage interaction with Scott Hall a.k.a. “Razor Ramon.” I know the whys. They were inducted together and I have a few personal stories involving him that have been shared.

His passing last year brought the ringing in my ear just before finding out and he was part of a movie reference years ago. I loved how he said: “What DVD?” Thank you Scott for not bringing up THAT one… Vince’s book “The Little Engine that Could” also gave me pause… 🥹 🚂 That post of mine WAS a part 2 and I have the book as well- in 2 places. Beautiful story and YES Warrior~ you thought you could and you did… I had seen that clip on AB and have it saved…

A different pause for me ( and then I’ll compare a little) was when they mentioned that OTHER DVD. Guess I am talking about it and not Scott… I realize this was part of their lives but what struck me was a “statement” that listed negative aspects of Warrior like a, b, c, etc… I am not repeating them but some were actually laughable to me although probably would’ve angered me back then. One statement I really DID write about out of those 5 listed (not to worry) but *SIGH*, I digress… Both DVD’s did highlight Ultimate Warrior’s major feuds with some Superstars and show different matches so they are nice to have. His beginnings and WCW are also included on U.C. and AB but for me, many more differences than similarities.

So grateful to have WMVI, VII, and XII on U.C. and let’s not forget the book “A Life Lived Forever” which contains lots of content as well. Some repetition with both DVD’s but still cool to look back upon. Now, I can have more references instead of saving much from YouTube. Oh, all 3 were released in an April. Another *SIGH.*

Many matches, promos, and speeches NEVER get old to me and never will. The “Brother Love” segments are always entertaining and I loooove “Amanda Ultimate Warrior.” Seeing his character with kids will forever be etched in my heart. I am very thankful Warrior had his own in 2 beautiful girls who am sure have kept all those amazing hand drawn birthday cards and such from their Daddy. That artistic talent of his was incredible and my girl has it too… 🥰It pulls at my heartstrings every single time… I also love how some autograph signings and his personal barn gym videos were included. A nice addition indeed.

How about the funny from AB because I NEED that too. I love when Warrior mentions “The Golden Era” of the company by saying: “the letter that comes after E!” For all those wondering, he meant how WWE used to be WWF. I laughed at that since I still will use the old name myself at times. Warrior’s talk with Sgt. Slaughter was great too as I had seen it before. I would love to see the actual footage with the 🥔. How cute that he brought a potato to show Warrior! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok. Just know it was a funny moment between them. At ease, at ease..

Despite all that had happened, I still love Vince McMahon’s laugh and extra special seeing him laugh during that time instead of always listening thru videos. 😂 On the flip side, the men crying will be a soft spot for me as that trait has always been there in my life but the laughing matters too, it truly does. Warrior introducing his girls to Vince and Triple H as his “babies” is so endearing. I know they knew their names but he says babies about 3 times or so. I wonder what Indy and Mattie were thinking? Thanks Dad but am sure they knew why… 💖💖

What could I do without? Well, let’s see- Papa Shango and Undertaker both come to mind of course. The voodoo man isn’t on U.C. so there’s that. 🙄At least the Ultimate Warrior got his revenge on both. Some other matches were kinda wasteful in my opinion. There is no match with the “Freedom Fighters” on both but according to most, they weren’t that good until the “Blade Runners”, ah well. I would’ve liked to have seen the “mind games” with Goldust which was more entertaining than what they chose from RAW to put on AB. Yes, I know how Warrior’s final match with Owen Hart went down but it was such an odd ending on the DVD. I guess that mirrored real life as Warrior went on and stayed positive like he always did.

There is so much more I can write about but I need to keep moving forward too… Now, I can finally watch his HOF speech all the way through without just seeing clips. I hadn’t seen the whole thing in such a long while… His final RAW speech I won’t watch that often but that’s just me. Other stuff will be on repeat for sure as I have my favorites. I will always have my OWN ultimate belief in Warrior that eclipses his wrestling memories. They will all indeed live forever… 🫶🏻🙏🏻💪🏻

P.S. I wish they could’ve interviewed someone else Warrior worked with like maybe HTM? He always had good stuff to say but just my P.O.V…

P.P.S. My bad… never thought to scroll more on line when looking up this DVD. Let’s just say I will be returning mine and getting it on Blu-ray.. ugh!!!!!! Many bonuses I neglected to see so am excited when that comes! 😬

*** Find my book “Spirit and Belief” on Amazon and other outlets (: They are short stories on how Warrior’s energy inspired my psychic gifts to come thru more. Lots on my beginnings in watching him in wrestling, dreams, humor, family stuff, and more! Thank you for the support . 🙋🏻‍♀️👏🏻

*** I am also in a U.W. fb group, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Share your Warrior stories as well!

Watching Warrior’s Stage

Last week I started with: “that’s me” and today, it’ll be written again. This time, it won’t be me I am referencing but Warrior. Before getting into that, this month of January marks 7 years since all these Warrior dreams started pretty consecutively for me. It is year 7 of these writings as well plus 7 letters in Warrior. For anyone that is into numerology~ this year adds up to 7 too, just sayin’… Oh, and it was 9 years on the 13th how the Ultimate Warrior was announced as part of the 2014 WWE HOF class…. OK, then— Let’s get the stage set as yet another dream watcher I became. 

This is similar to those other premonition type dreams so feel what you want from it. I don’t have many but when I do, they just seem to touch me in such a different way than others. A few coming to mind are: “The Ninja Turtle Warrior Dream,” “Dreaming of a Time,”(with Dana) and even some that showed other parts of his life. How about the TV movie similar to Conan the Barbarian? Or a young “Warrior” in college? Yep, those too. This one showed his life in bodybuilding somewhat along with a little wrestling.

I was watching this dream sequence unfold as it made me so proud. Warrior was standing, looking up at a raised platform similar to a stage or even a wrestling ring. He had his long dark hair and was surrounded by several other guys. They seem to just be talking when a spotlight on the stage arena caught their attention. They all turned as Warrior’s face totally lit up! Once again, it was as if a camera zoomed in on him with his killer watt smile. He was beaming while pointing, and said: “that’s me, look at me!” The guys all patted him on the back and rubbed his head similar to a DVD scene on “The Ultimate Collection.” That clip was shown real quick when Warrior mentioned winning the IC belt from HTM. Many guys congratulated him backstage if you have seen it. This was very similar to that~~~ only without a belt!

We all watched as up on that stage, or in that ring was a young Jim Hellwig as a bodybuilder. Not sure if this was a competition or if he was just posing, but we became mesmerized. Then, it seemed to fade into wrestling but I can’t recall what was shown to us. It could’ve just been him in the ring doing Ultimate Warrior or even a match with an opponent. It went so fast just like he did with running! We were witnesses of the future and he loved it all. I never interacted with any of them and couldn’t tell you who they were. You might say we were watching the past based on how Warrior looked and you can think that if you want. I, however, see it all very uniquely and personal. 🥹

This all goes back to a belief system and my knowledge of now. Remember, it’s how you FEEL about what is happening and your perspective could be different than another. I knew exactly what this meant for me without questioning although years ago~~~ I would have. Why would I be part of all this when I especially didn’t know his career before the WWF? I have those answers as it does become very complex in nature. I’m not a person of predictions and could never have imagined how Warrior’s life would have turned out. Us fans know all that he did so perhaps this dream isn’t all that surprising in a way to some. There’s so much more, but I will keep that in my heart. 💙😴 This blog would take on an entirely different tone if I touched on those specifics. You all might be thinking if it was a future viewing, why was his hair long? Good question and I don’t have that answer but sometimes they appear a certain way for a reason. The DVD clip factors in so between my brain, dreaming state, and connections, they all come together. These are for me so if you are dreamers, yours will be tailored to you. 

That was pretty much the dream but we all loved watching Warrior’s stage unfold before us. The BEST part was seeing his face, so excited watching that future life in front of him. I have never had one about myself but sometimes, we fear the unknown. We may plan things out but only get little glimpses if any at all. The future might sound good in your head but when visuals are involved, it takes on a whole new meaning. Even though I knew these parts of Warrior’s life career wise, it was still so amazing being there near those guys cheering him on in his future life ahead. Would you want to see some scenes brought to life and how would you react? These of course have always been good and positive as nobody wants to see the bad. We all have goals, dreams, wishes, and everything in between. It’s up to us to make them actionable and to always believe. Sure, things might be ugly and we will have that as well. Send your good future stuff out so the Universe can work with you. It may not happen exactly as you picture but you will be better for it all… Always learning processes that we have to go thru. 

Warrior set out to do what he wanted. How is a mystery. Was it perfect? Of course not but he loved those aspects shown to him and seemed ready to accept them. If you were shown the bad, would you still do it all the same? Believe me on THIS~~~ your soul knows what is best despite our initial fear. I can go on but I hope you anticipate the future with a joyful heart. Set your stage and look to those dreams of the good where you will light up and say: “that’s me!

P.S. Just last week, it was 30 years since the premiere of Monday Night RAW. Yes, they are having a “special” but the date was last week. AND, did any of you fans know last week also marked 70 years since the WWE began as Capitol Wrestling? I did not know that….

*** Vince McMahon’s return just happened to coincide with those dates. Strategically planned I bet… Just like any “followers,” I am unsure as to what will all happen.? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️It’s his company, at least for now so plenty of BIG decisions to be made.. I so wanted WWE to still stay in the family, that makes me 😞… Steph will be missed am sure but it will go on… time will tell… 🫤

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Stand Your Ground 👍👏🏻👇

Yes, I have mentioned this plenty of times and of course that guy in the photo did a lot but once again, I got to have a ring side seat. Another dream warriors and I’ll share how it came to be. Recently, I found some WWE A & E documentaries and bios. No, I wasn’t truly looking and watch very little but it was my lunchtime so decided to surf some channels. Lo and behold, I ended up watching bits and pieces of a few. It seemed to be Undertaker as the main event. His biography was just shown but I also caught some of the “Most Wanted Treasures” about Jake Roberts of last year. Despite animosity between him and Warrior back then, I’m always so touched by all the realness and emotion shown by these former wrestlers. You all know this about me now.

So many people interviewed including Bruce Prichard, a.k.a. (“Brother Love”) other talent, family, archivists, and obviously Vince McMahon. I’m not a fan of Bruce’s even though he is one of the top dogs. I also am NOT getting into the scandal concerning Vince but both guys were in this dream along with Warrior and myself. It took place over at WWE HQ with Vince and Bruce pitching some storyline idea to Warrior. His look was probably late 1990. I was nearby as a “liaison” or so it seemed. Whatever this idea was, Warrior did not agree and stormed out. He was getting really angry as they followed him to the dressing room areas.

Warrior started waving his arms and then picking up trash cans while throwing them around. Don’t worry– nobody was injured. Vince and Bruce just kept their cool and let him rant and rave. They seemed exasperated and wanted him to calm down so then in steps me. As it played out, I was the only one able to get him to listen and relax a little. Wish I could remember what made Warrior stand his ground but whatever it was, he wasn’t having any of it. I put my hands up and got him to breathe a little easier. This isn’t to “paint” him in a negative light at all~~(plenty of others do that) but I’m sure things like this happened, even without cameras and with others. Vince and Bruce went back to the office as they knew I could work my magic in a way.

I listened to his side while going over all the pros, cons, and compromises this could entail. He looked me straight in the face and said he just could not do what they were asking of him. He stood his ground once again like with many other times. Maybe a similar situation like this actually happened and I was given an inside scoop or something? Well, I’m not sure but I did either grab his hands or put mine on his shoulders. I didn’t want him running off or picking something else up to throw!

Sorry to keep you all against the ropes but I never found out if he caved just a little or not. Sure hope he wasn’t fired but this next part I do know. Usually during my morning routine, I say the serenity prayer. Words to follow at the end for those unfamiliar. In this dream, I either heard them in my head or said them out loud with Warrior standing there. Hmmm. 🤔They were said regardless and Warrior listened to me. So glad I could be of help. No, I wasn’t on the payroll but just very much around and knew Warrior well. Wow, guess a little of those bios came back in my dreaming state. After all, Jake and Paul Bearer (posthumously) were both inducted into the HOF with Warrior and both were part of those A & E shows. Bruce was in a few too. 2014 again. Can you say “goosies” all over my arms and legs? Yep, I can and did.

It brought to mind when Undertaker’s winning streak came to an end at WrestleMania XXX that same year. First time ever I had seen the crowds reaction– stunned silence with mouths gaping open. Did he stand his ground on this and say: “I want one more win, this year won’t be it for me.” No, he did not and respectfully let the torch pass. There could’ve been many more convos on this but Undertaker obliged. I bet it was extremely hard but was time. Sometimes, it isn’t easy for any of us to do either as it always will depend on those principles too ya know. Warrior did have a right to stand his ground on many things over the years both personally and professionally. We all have to but you need to be the one deciding if it’s worth it or not.

I actually stand my ground more now when it comes to issues that are about being taken advantage of, being a doormat, or personal days with my family. I even stand my ground with this blog also as we need to be proud of who we are and what we do. Yes, life is about compromise but we all know what we maybe could cave on and what we can’t. That dream contained several messages for me but it isn’t just pride. It can become very exhausting emotionally being kind of like that “liaison” I was in the dream. It isn’t all humbleness and not feeling worthy like it used to be for me at all. OK, I am always humbled but now– more sides have been shown to me and the roles get more intense along the way.

We do have to stand our ground but need the balance of seeing the bigger perspective if we can. Learning to soften takes time and a whole lotta patience. Warrior may not have caved on important matters but over the years, evolved into better understanding and perhaps bent just a little. ❤️‍🩹

P.S. I believe this is the first time I didn’t use the word DREAM in a post title for these… Gotta keep some mystery going…,🥱😴And, Vince in a dream was another first too! Bruce? Um– yeah, well it made sense though.., 🙄😬

*** Here is the Serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

*** I do not get very religious on here at all so you can sub out the word God with anything else but that’s the prayer. I always heard it was longer but this is the main part…

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An Infinite Legacy 🙏🏻💙💪🏻

***First off, congrats to all the winners at WrestleMania XXXVIII and all those newly inducted into the WWE HOF class of 2022. Just 3 words- “THANK YOU TAKER… “⚰️⚱️

Here we are again warriors with this time of year. How is it April already? Wrestlemania 38 just happened as did this blog marking 5 .5 years a few days ago. This post isn’t entirely numbers-based but I will share some that definitely connect today because that’s what I do. Warrior will be gone 8 years on the 8th (Friday.) I know with birthdays it’s called your “golden” one if that happens. At least that’s what I was told. For me, I turned 19 (so long ago now…) on the 19th in the 9th month. Who knows? I don’t share this to be sad but just an observation. 8 is an infinity number which beckons this title. Warrior’s younger daughter Mattie referenced infinity from the book: “A Life Lived Forever.” She mentions in her letter about infinity which makes me think of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. His older daughter Indy had referenced the word legacy in her letter. An infinite legacy with Ultimate memories always.

I’ll share a 3 count of number connectors with all of you. I might’ve added this as a PS many posts back but now that the date is here, it’s time. Just when I think some milestones, dates, or numbers are done for a bit, more show up. It truly is infinite. Are you ready to follow? Here we go… The last WM Warrior was part of is 30. That of course was 8 years ago. WM VIII is turning 30 this year. Also, April 5, 1992 was WM VIII’s date as was Warrior’s induction of 2014. He will forever have two dates of April 5 as real significance to him.

I also had two special dates of April 5 as well which I’ve shared before but will again briefly. Mine don’t relate to 30 or 8 but I can always remember. 2014 was our first basketball game we attended together as a family and in 2016, two signs fell down in my house. Both were that date of April 5 so Warrior and I just have a 2 count of early April moments there. Technically, I have another April 5 that I chose. It was a book event and that has been blogged too. To summarize here, this time becomes a 3 count of 8 on the 8th, WMVIII turning 30 and April 5 being WM VIII’s date plus Warrior’s 2014 HOF induction. Warrior’s last WM weekend was 30 which was 8 years ago. 30 and 8, synchronicity wins the match yet again. Oh, and WM VIII took place in Indiana. 2 Warrior connectors. Are you all caught up? 😳3️⃣0️⃣, 8️⃣

Let’s switch to some other views on the Ultimate Warrior’s or Warrior’s infinite legacy which continues on despite numbers, dates, and always milestones. I’m so humbled and honored when people contact me regarding this blog, my book, or just to share their OWN wrestling memories about the character of U. W. Here are some of their words I received as a few maybe even weren’t initially fans of his but found him years later on many YouTube videos:

“remarkable, amazing, inspirational.”

“brilliant…deep, thoughtful. His depth of knowledge exceeds anyone on the news.”

“Such a patriot and foresight he had into America.”

“Impactful…he was an extraordinary man…It was such a massive loss.”

A few had listened to Warrior’s speeches on many topics and even shared them with friends. The “Injections of Inspiration” videos were mentioned since they contained no “BS” advice for one loyal fan. Another wanted to know more about his collection of artwork, book recommendations, and was a long time U.W. fan. He asked if I had anything additional to share and called Warrior’s writings “treasures.” This man wanted to get my book and couldn’t wait to dive into the old blog posts of Warrior’s I had sent him. I try to offer as much as I can within reason of course and very touched when they share personal stories with me.

Vince McKee who I spoke with on his “Pick Six” podcast with “Kee on Sports,” even left me a super nice review on Amazon. Yes, he might be a little biased with knowing me personally but he is himself a fellow author so understands the work. He had this to say about Warrior: “he would be very proud.” He added how the Warrior’s messages bring an “inner peace and spirit to people.” He compliments me of course but I wanted to share Warrior words today. He didn’t have to take time out of his very busy schedule to write that at all, but he did and I am grateful.

So, yes indeed- the Ultimate Warrior and Warrior both have an infinite legacy. Even if there were disagreements, differences of opinions, or other negative naysayers, he lives on and always will. I’m very fortunate to continue doing what I do here and it makes me happy knowing others find his work outside of wrestling as well. We will leave our own infinite legacy of some kind so my wish is that all of you do many things in your life which will reflect that. Don’t let one thing define you and pursue all that interests you. Warrior did, I am, and you should too.

The numbers change every year but we need to go on and do what we can to make a difference. 30 and 8 will move forward as will every other milestone that we treasure and cherish. Hard to believe all these WM’s after 8 are in their 30’s now! How is that even possible? The Ultimate Warrior will mark 35 years on TV in November as it seems I just wrote of his 30th 5 years ago. 8 on the 8th is such a WOW reflective number for me as it is for most fans too. We all grow older, change, and evolve because we have to in life. Let’s be our OWN warrior selves and keep remembering, celebrating, and honoring the life of the one and only Warrior man. You will forever keep running as I always believe in your most Ultimate spirit. Thank you Warrior for your infinite legacy.

💙~~~ Kathy 💖

P.S. April 1st also brought “The Warrior” song playing in my van that evening. ( WM VI turned 32 that day)

Oh, and if you want to hear me discuss all these dates a little more, check out this video I made called:

Ultimate Warrior Numerology

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A Genuine Trust 💙💙#25

If any of you were here with me last week, remember how I said there would be another milestone? Well, here it is. Those two great men you see in that photo were part of WrestleMania XII which was 25 years ago TODAY. These Wednesdays, I tell ya… more will be coming so I hope you fans stick around! I’m not analyzing their quick squash match back in 1996 but getting to the heart here which was genuine trust. I know it wasn’t there all those years ago but slowly grew along with their relationship. That trust enabled both to work together and get the Ultimate Warrior in the WWE HOF where he belonged.

Many times I thought to write about Warrior and Triple H and then the idea got table turned. Destiny called and I listened. Now, it is time on their anniversary date so how fitting that I waited. I know Triple H has kept Warrior’s Ambassador Agreement personally and I am so grateful he shared it in the book: “A Life Lived Forever.” Also, so very ultimately grateful he worked tirelessly along with Steve Wilton to get the Ultimate Warrior’s legacy preserved in the WWE Universe.

I’ve mentioned before how I also had and sometimes continue to have trust issues. Many of us do but all for different reasons. Warrior was hurt and betrayed many times in his life so trust was very difficult for him. With his estrangement from Vince and company, it made sense. To us fans, Triple H was our hero! To Warrior, he was Paul forging a genuine trust that would indeed become ultimate.

With many relationships of mine that I truly desired, I was Triple H. (aka Paul) Sometimes, it would work well but then other times, the person opposite wouldn’t connect at all. Have you been on either side? I know better now and realize some relationships aren’t meant to be or even are irreparable. Those men worked at it and eventually got to the place they both wanted and needed. It doesn’t always happen that way for many of us. I’ve had to end relationships that pained me to do so. Often times I’d wonder if the other person was as upset as I was. This of course can be with family, friends, co-workers, or romantic partners.

I tried racking my brain to think of a time when someone truly kept fighting for me when I didn’t fight back. Ya know- when I’d be like Warrior was with Triple H and not returning the calls, emails, texts, or any communication. I honestly couldn’t even think of one time, not one. Yes, my husband would do this always ( fight for me) and maybe birth family could be obligatory for some but outside of those, nobody. I’m not saying this out of pity but just for the mere fact that we all have those more dominant traits or strengths. I can be stubborn too but usually am more of the fighter for people than they are for me. Times have changed of course and I do know a few that would have my back now.

Warrior did not want any relationship with WWE whatsoever but deep down, he was too hurt to admit that his career should be acknowledged. They just had to tell the right story and lots needed to happen getting that done.

Have you ever fought hard for someone that forged a genuine trust? It’s such a hard word as we put ourselves out there every single time. We need that middle once again of not trusting everyone and not trusting anyone. Relationships are a tug of war as both need to give and take on that rope which ties us into the ring of life. Once trust is started, it needs to keep going until it strengthens. Warrior was great at pushing his body to keep going but needed to push his emotions to keep going too.

I could’ve used a photo from their “controversial” WMXII match but always loved this one of just two friends hanging out. I hope you agree. I didn’t use it to be sad because we can’t dwell there. That’s affected me enough and in more ways than I will ever share. A genuine trust was finally made many years later as both men become allies. Can you say that about another? That’s tough to think about if you’ve never been in a situation similar. The other part of this equation is of course forgiveness. Warrior was able to do that during WMXXX weekend with many as it should be. I for one KNEW his HOF speech would not be bashing or criticizing extremely at all. Yes, his family was there but guess I just thought differently. Hopefully, 18 years would do that for any of us.

If you have genuine trust that became strong after both agreed to forgiveness, I am proud of you. Those men got to a good place together and I am extremely humbled all the time with that memory. HAPPY 25th WMXII ( other matches too!) Let’s be better by always building that genuine trust with others thru forgiveness. We are all worth fighting for. Your heart will tell you so. Keep the good ones like Warrior and Triple H did. 👍👏🏻

P.S. I happened to find some videos from “Dayz with Jordan the Lion” who does travel vlogs. He was always a fan of Warrior’s and shares footage of where the gym was in AZ. He gets to go inside as it is now a bagel shop. No spoilers but some items are preserved!

*** He also visits the hotel area where Warrior passed. Emotional for sure. 💔 *** Another video is him traveling to CA where the old Gold’s Gym was located. Sting co-owned it and that was where he and Warrior worked out. It’s now a huge auto parts store.

Here is the link to Warrior’s old gym: *** 19:33 in length.

P.P.S. We are going on a little vacation over Spring Break here but stay tuned for more milestones when I return!

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“I Think I Can…” 🤔🚂

***Before I begin, this week marks 3.5 years since this blog began… Thank you all so very much for the support as I always support you as well. 🤗

That little blue engine storybook is quite the tale isn’t it? Do you warriors know this story? I actually was finding myself in a little bit of a lull with my next post and then found what I needed to find. Not on purpose once again but always meant to be. A book bringing us together as I am always amazed.

While searching for a photo to use a few weeks back with Warrior’s Machete, down the youtube rabbit hole I seemed to go. Never intentionally but I do believe these connections matter. You may not but in my life, they do. I came across this video titled: “The Final Days of the Ultimate Warrior.” Ugh.., I promised myself not to watch anymore of these bios as most are extremely negative. I stared at it for a few minutes after deciding to watch. Boy, am I glad I did.

*** First off, another milestone this week on blog day. Warrior has been in spirit form now for 6 years today. I don’t normally do stats but wanted to for this one. It’s been 2, 191.45 days. Probably minus 1 for me. WOW. That’s a pretty big number. He was born and passed on a Tuesday. I was also born on a Tuesday. 😉

That day was named after the Nordic god Tyr who was also their god of war. Kinda fitting.,, I like the old children’s poem about Days of the Week. Tuesday’s child is full of grace. We all need grace although humbling at times. The number 6 again and again. I know spirit life is treating you well Warrior as I always believe in grace… And stats… And dates… And no coincidences…

Now, back to the train story. So, to summarize for anyone not wanting to watch the video, here’s a little synopsis. During Warrior’s HOF WM30 weekend, he gave Vince McMahon a copy of the original “Little Engine That Could” by Watty Piper. Vince was extremely puzzled and didn’t understand. Warrior reminds him how he told about it being his favorite book as a child and thought of the Ultimate Warrior as the engine that could. Vince also thought of the WWE as being the engine that could… make a name for themselves in sports entertainment. He thought they both could and did. Vince was so touched by Warrior’s gift and remembered the man behind the paint with how he listened to succeed.

This part in the bio is at the 11:00 minute mark. 11 is another great spiritual number warriors, just sayin’…. The whole time thru my OMG tears, I knew I had this book. It’s in my attic with the kids memories. I truly thought my Mom had bought it after our son was born but no. I bought it as the memory came rushing back. I found that book and held it in my hands as the whole thing came together.

Us preschool teachers would receive gift cards from the kids and many to Barnes and Noble bookstore. A co-worker of mine used to tease me about never purchasing an adult book and just adding to our kids library. I just loved children’s books and couldn’t resist a classic like “The Little Engine That Could.” My version isn’t exactly the same with trains refusing to help but the basic story is. The tears weren’t sad but just overwhelming ones knowing that story can have such an impact.

It’s all in our attitude warriors. If we think we can, we will. If we don’t, we won’t. I’ve said that before so I hope you take it to heart like Warrior and Vince did. My kids both loved that story and would mouth “I think I can…” often when trying to accomplish something. Maybe as teens, they need that reminder again. You too could possibly own this book or even remember it being read to you as a child. Perhaps it isn’t a big deal with your memories and that’s fine. All these great connectors are part of my journey so trust me on this…

The other parts of the bio are all accurate with happy and sad moments. I love the backstage still shots us fans rarely see. This channel has a few other bios on the Ultimate Warrior character so feel free to check it out. Now, I will never really feel the same about this wonderful train story written 25 years before I was born ( on a Tuesday.)

Sure, I could’ve picked out any book that day in the store but chose that little blue engine. Memories for Vince, Warrior, me, my preschool kids, and then my own. Years apart and yet all together on one track. Vince had called the Ultimate Warrior “a locomotive” ( blogged and in my book Spirit and Belief) but the little engine that could had a huge task.

~~~ Like Warrior signs to Vince in the book: “Thanks for the opportunity to go from I think I can to I Know I can.”

~~~ I didn’t think I could do this at first but I thank Warrior for making ME know I can… Here’s to 6 years of always believing — here’s to GRACE and stories never forgotten. 🙏🏻💙

~~~ WrestlingBios

“The Final Days of the Ultimate Warrior.” (19:04)— Book info, spiritual blog, and other great stuff to check out!*** Connect with me also on Twitter, youtube, and Pinterest. (:

~~~ Stay healthy and well warriors!!!