My Warrior Surprises ðŸ¥³ðŸ¦·ðŸ˜´

Guess who? Yes, it’s me fellow warriors bringing you these writings once again for a few weeks into December. I told ya this was gonna be another milestone post to almost end the year and it is here. Are you ready? Should I cue the drum roll? OK, here goes. You readers along with me are celebrating the 300th POST TODAY! Unbelievable, I know. 🥹 I feel like saying that word the way Vince McMahon said it when the Ultimate Warrior came out for WMXII. 10 syllables and all, lol! To all you “techy” WordPress bloggers, it’s actually more posts than that since as I’ve stated before, a few pics were up in the beginning being testers. I don’t count those really, just the writing. I would’ve hit this number early November but remember— I was off the whole month of May. 

All right, it isn’t a total surprise as I knew it was coming but just knowing that massive number has been reached is daunting to me. I thank you all who have recently followed or liked these writings as it does fill me with such gratitude. The REAL followers and not just marketing bloggers. Of course you loyal ones, I bow to you for still sticking around through my stories, dreams, and all the Warrior adventures. Speaking of that, how about the dentist’s office? Yeah, you CAN have fun there despite what is happening. Music to the rescue once again as it truly helps me in so many ways. 🎼

Last week, I had a dentist appointment to replace a filling. There will be others coming up but I haven’t had this type of dental work done in almost 30 years. Just cleanings. Those silver fillings held up very well, but now onto the new. Again, no big surprise with all that but it was the music that worked for my nerves. Once the tooth had to be numbed a few minutes, I was alone in that dentist chair area. First, there was “Firework” 🎇 by Katy Perry playing which I referenced years ago as tears came to my eyes. Next, were some other great songs that made me smile and LAUGH so the nerves subsided some. It was then that the dentist and hygienist came back in. Once they started working, “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey was playing. All 3 of us were singing and moving! Well, for me it was minimal but despite my initial fear, music surprised me again. Next time, I’ll be ready for tooth number 2!! I kept saying :“I’m a Warrior…” in my head as she continued drilling…

Oh boy, surprises for sure are always everywhere. This last one is another dream very recent to my memory that held some surprises as usual. Just keep the word “dapper” in mind. I literally woke up and said that word like this: dapper?!”All right, let’s begin. This dream took place inside a big convention type center with tables and chairs. Think wedding reception or conference room hall. I was co-hosting this charity event with my hairdresser! Yep, you read that right. I do have an appointment with her soon but there’s more. I think this has been mentioned but once we got closer, she confided her spiritual gifts to me. She even bought my book, “Spirit and Belief” so perhaps that inspired her presence in the dream?! Well anyways, people were coming and going dropping off bags of canned goods, clothing, toys, and other gently used items. I also saw my husband’s sister-in-law there waving as she dropped off her donations. We were close and coworkers back then so she has been in many dreams. My hairdresser spoke to me over the walkie-talkie as I made my way around. I ignored her one time because it was then that I saw Warrior… 

He came in along with several young guys similar to those he worked with on ” The Warrior Show”. You know, like the metal rock bands blogged already? Why they came– not a clue but it’s all good. I went up to them and obviously was excited to see Warrior. I really don’t know if I knew him prior but vividly remember him wearing a purple and black suit. It looked great and I pulled on his elbow and said: ” my, don’t you look dapper!” Huh? That’s a new word. Don’t think I would say that to someone I just met, do you? He just laughed as I took some photos and then one of the guys took my picture with Warrior. How very nice. 📸No idea on what happened next as they just walked around. Did Warrior give a speech? Why was I co-chairing such an event? Don’t know but the word of “dapper” sticks out. It was so much fun and great to wake up smiling and laughing. A surprise with that as well along with my hairdresser being in this one. The setting is kind of surprising too but as always, I take them all in. 💙😴

Those are my surprises for this week warriors as I wrap it all up today. I do hope any surprises that come your way make you smile and laugh too. They might not or even have the opposite effect but just know good will always come sooner or later. It is hard to surprise another but for any dreamers out there~~~ they come that way almost every night, (at least for me.) Even if you don’t remember any, look to your waking life. Laugh at it all because we should. Some surprises are not laughable I know, but there will be other moments along the way that are. It might not be a milestone, dentist appointment, or even dream like mine, but look to the word surprise as a good thing. If you look to the negative, you’ll get more of that. Enjoy your day warriors and any surprises that come your way. Ask for more of the good and it’ll show up, just when you least expect it!

P.S. This was yet another 3 count… I don’t go looking for them, really I don’t! 😏3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣❗️Thank you so much… 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🫶🏻

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Home Gym Stories ðŸ’ªðŸ»ðŸ‹ðŸ»â€â™€ï¸ðŸ§˜â€â™€ï¸

I love that pic of Warrior above years ago at his gym in Arizona. He looks so happy and I’m very glad he was able to have that in his life at that time. Years later, he had his barn gym on their property in New Mexico but today, I am sharing a few of MY home gym stories. Fitness has been a huge topic on here over time plus it’s mentioned in my book, “Spirit and Belief” but I wanted to delve a little more into it today. You can say passion or even obsession which I blogged before, but it is different for us all.

I won’t get into my beginnings as that has been told, but of course much has evolved. Working out became fun for me although it may not be for some. It shouldn’t all be sweating your body weight because come on, that’s not fun. Warrior may not agree or look at his routine the same way, but it can be both WORK and FUN! Maybe some aspire to the ” no pain, no gain” attitude and I DID years ago but not anymore. Obviously a bodybuilder or pro wrestler mindset will be entirely different and I respect that. Our mindsets in other ways do take on a few parallel roads as I will share with you all today.

Warrior had mentioned doing 500 sit ups (or crunches which are easier) but my number was half that at 250. Well, the 250 came a few hours after dinner but I probably did 100 or so earlier in the day. Sure, you can maintain those muscles but losing weight won’t happen with crunches unless you combine it with other exercise and diet. It all depends on your personal goals. So, this is about ME now and not what Warrior did or how hard he did things. I did those 100 crunches as part of my routine every day but the extra 250 was because of guilt tripping over food at dinner. Yeah, it was that way for a while. I don’t do those crunches or any at all nowadays but push-ups replaced them. I do 20 but I used to do 30. I feel that more in my core as sit ups hurt my back. If I would’ve been more disciplined with them years ago, perhaps it could’ve gone another way but these times require more of a new approach with my core strengthening which works for me. 

Squats were a huge part of Warrior’s regime and as years progressed, they became part of mine. He showed the heavy metal rock band “I See Stars” how to properly do a squat as part of “The Warrior Show” which you can find on YouTube. I watched these years ago but had to find them again for this post. He lifts a bar and shows them how its “like shi**ing over a hole!” Warrior the drill sergeant indeed. We have a 20 lb. kettle bell that I used for a few years and would do 20 squats, 5 days a week. I loved it but over time, the body responded. Readers will know my posterior is nonexistent and a piriformis muscle along with the glutes became affected. I pushed through the pain but needed my PT to help realign those areas. I can use smaller weights and squat but don’t. Oh, there’s more…

My husband has always had weights and lifted on his own workout bench for years. We have some little arm weights of 3, 5, 8, and then bigger 10 ones. The 30 lb. one always alluded me until a few years ago. He would do arm curls and I eventually was able to lift it somewhat at my elbow. I sure did want to try and lift it. I started small of course but it kept calling to me as an “ultimate challenge.” Finally was I able to lift it above my head like a gorilla press! I actually cried. I did 10 reps but probably should’ve just done it on occasion. Never did I feel any pain but after looking at my paperwork from the ulcer (a couple years ago,) a hiatal hernia was listed. My doctor never mentioned it as a concern since internal ones go away with medicine. How would I get that on top of everything else including gastritis? It’s all in the gut for sure. I was never told the specifics (but I DO know how I got the ulcer and it wasn’t medical) so I put it together with lifting that 30 lb. weight. Maybe not but with my lack of power legs and a backside always, I just assumed. No lifting again for me and it made me sad. 😞 I loved lifting that 30 lb. weight and my workouts are fun. 

The kids even would say how Mom will miss her work out when we were on vacation. They wouldn’t say that about their Dad! I would do little things in hotel rooms though… They were right so I would either do much before we left or after getting home. Not anymore. Sweating isn’t that common for me either. On the elliptical machine, jumping rope or jacks for a minute, or in the sauna is where I sweat. Still cardio but more yoga and you know what? I am FINE with it. I proved some things but don’t need to at this point in my life. Even on our old elliptical machine I was crazy at times. It was only 20 minutes a set but once we had neighbors unexpectedly come over and I was downstairs working out. For some reason, I didn’t get in my morning time— I can’t remember. I had 5 minutes to go and warriors- I finished before greeting them! 5 minutes can seem fast but when company is over, it is an eternity. I was too close with finishing and just had to do it to the end. 

That’s all in the past as my attitude is somewhat more at ease. I still believe in anyone becoming disciplined in the way that works in their life but unlike my emotions~ I don’t push to extremes. It isn’t for me. We now have a more modern elliptical which I get on from time to time plus a few other machines. We also have a big exercise ball I use as well. Does anyone have an inversion or teeter table? It’s great for a whole body stretch and back pain. The guy in the commercials is in his 80’s I think! It works and I love it. The recumbent bike is more of a rarity but those do make me sweat a little more and I need that in the winter. My hamstring and sciatica might act up, but no more other injuries coming my way. The body doesn’t heal as fast as it used to which sucks… I know… ☹️ I do use our chair back massager and belt which works wonders. I’m not gonna get an A** at my age either! 

Well, warriors~ those are some of my home gym stories that many who work out may identify with. If you don’t, that’s OK as we all need exercise but our body will tell us. YES, the body can handle a lot but risking pain isn’t my thing like it used to be. Don’t get me wrong as I am not an old lady but I will still be active someway, somehow, even as I age more. Who knows exactly as we probably can’t take all this equipment with us when moving elsewhere but couch potato or TV junkie, I am not! Whether you go to a gym or do stuff at home, just move your body every day. We need to as being active and fit matters. Not excessively, but it does. Warriors get the job done but be your own warrior with fitness. Now, get off the couch and move it! 

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. readers! Be grateful always… 🦃🍽️🥧😋🙏🏻🍎🌽

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