These Warrior Extremes…

Just a few little stories for you all today warriors as I thought of these and wanted to “rope” them in together. While thinking of the word extreme– so much came to mind. Warrior was in many ways and yes, I am too. We all are but it just gets expressed differently. I remember hearing the song :“I go to Extremes” for the first time in high school and totally identified with it. You know, the one by Billy Joel? Of course it’s on my playlist but for me, very emotional. Not always what you might be thinking but these few tidbits inspired the post today.

It’s a 3 count too with a few way back and one pretty recent. I’ve always talked about having those balances but sometimes, it can be such a struggle. These stories today contain several extreme emotions that seem to connect despite very unrelated circumstances. Yes, they involve Warrior but as always– it’s my reaction emotionally that tells it all. The first one seems to creep up on me every time I go down a certain road or hear a certain song. Oh I know, a song twice on here but they usually are with me.

I believe it was the summer after Warrior passed but it might’ve been later. Sometimes, it blurs together. To this day, I still can’t believe how extreme it became for me. It’s one thing when you are just having an emotional moment at home or alone but all together different out and about around others. I was driving home from an event (in the car alone but still…) and had the radio on as usual. I turned to this John Legend song very popular at the time. I’m sure you can guess the title but all of a sudden, my eyes welled up with tears and I almost couldn’t see. The car swerved a tiny bit but not enough to be dangerous. I did love the song and still listen to it but was so overwhelmed how fast and extreme the situation became. That part of the road had a pet farm sign back on someone’s property but is no longer there. When going that way, I sometimes pause in my mind remembering how one song made me react in such an extreme way. Of course, I am not that way anymore but will never forget a Warrior moment that strong. Like Billy Joel sang: “why do I go to extremes?” Some songs should come with those warning labels- you know the ones like : ” do not drive or operate heavy machinery… etc…” Don’t you think? I do also wonder what happened to all those animals from that farm...

This next one is in the middle of our emotional extreme spectrum so all good from now on. I might’ve mentioned this several years ago but it’s on repeat for you long time readers. I’m still OK with my website ending but wanted to reflect on the many people who worked with me over the years and over the phone. One guy stands out in particular. For one, there were hardly any men that I spoke to but this guy named Mike bonded with me and I really liked him. From time to time the reps over at Balboa Press would call to ask if I wanted to order more books. Well, I bought too many and thought I could sell the old fashioned way. I did ask to finally get off their calling list as I’m never going to need any more. I will ship! 📗📗📗

Mike had called me and this time, I answered instead of it going to voicemail. I’m so glad I did as we had the nicest conversation. He knew my book of course but became fixated on the subtitle. This is HIS story… He was a bodybuilder who took a part-time sales job for extra cash. Totally was he aware of the Ultimate Warrior back in the day so we chatted a bit. It helped me to know he was also sort of close to my age so we shared experiences and memories. He could’ve cared less if I needed more books! Never was he pushy at all and then told me more… It seems he was a religious guy who worked out while quoting the Bible. He so would’ve fit into the Golden Era in WWF of alliteration with names. 🤣 I called him the “Bible Bodybuilder!” He laughed and mentioned his YouTube channel. I did tell him I would check it out while giving him my channel as well. Very interesting to watch someone power lift while reciting a verse from Scripture. He wasn’t a Bible thumper either but just sharing what worked for him in his life. It was a stimulating conversation with yet another extreme time of a WOW factor much different than my drive of the first one. I wonder what Mike is doing today? He went to extremes also and looked at Warrior for inspiration.

This last one happened just about a week or so ago. Our girl wanted to get out a board game as I begrudgingly said yes. The reason I initially resisted is because we will be inside much of the winter playing games. I love them but it’s a long season… 😬 She got out my old game of “Scattergories.” I won’t explain all the rules but you set a timer and write down words from a listed category. Our cat rolled the big dice as she gets very involved in board games with pieces. It’s so funny! 😜

Our letter was W and at the top of her list chosen was “Sports.” There are 12 different topics in all. Sports was number one. Well, I’m sure you all know what I was going to write. I told her we probably will put the same answer and she AGREED! To myself, I was thinking: “what if this was the athlete card?” Cue laughter again…. 😆 We finished after the buzzer and I told her to go first but I’m sure she knew what I wrote. Her answer was not wrestling but water polo! I fell over from laughing so hard! I’ve had that game since I was around her age, it’s so fun. Here we are yet again with another extreme emotion only this time much laughter. How in the world would she think her mom was gonna write water polo? Oh my… We played 3 games and I won so who knows which she’ll pick next. At least we aren’t on a phone and playing an actual game. My girl and her funny ways. Never does she have any idea that her antics seem to be all over my many blogs here. So extreme indeed...

“Eager to please, ready to fight

Why do I go to extremes?”

~ Thanks Billy Joel but we are always learning everyday. ☯️ Yin and Yang…

P.S. We are extreme beings with our emotions but balancing them is how warriors need to be.

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Not a Replacement! ðŸ˜¬ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ’ªðŸ»

How is it July already warriors? Hope everyone in the U.S. had a fantastic Independence Day celebration as I do love fireworks and all the hoopla. 🇺🇸🧨🎆🎇Let’s remember our freedom first. This topic is kinda a doozy so get ready to RUMBLE wrestling fans. I really wanted to use another emoji above that involved a finger but I really can’t… 😏 This post can apply to everyone else just to be fair since that’s how it should be. This idea came to me after hearing several interviews on repeat over and over again. 🤬🙄It got me fired up as this post was born. It does concern two people as maybe some that are or were WWE fans can probably figure out. To me, the Ultimate Warrior was NOT a “replacement” for Hulk Hogan and I’ll share why. I can be unbiased but you can have your own thoughts too.

I realize how the business worked. I lived and breathed through it all as a fan but we never saw behind the scenes. I was older as well so understood a little more at that time. Yes, Warrior was groomed to be next in line as the NEW face and eventual NEW champ. I get it, really I do. Sometimes, I chuckle despite some defensiveness since these wrestling topics are STILL talked about today and probably will forever be. Vince did love Warrior for many years in lieu of all their disagreements but I cannot just keep tolerating the word “replacement” in a literal sense. Even some podcasts I enjoy mention this quite frequently and seem to ask every person their opinion. We have to ask everyone ya know! 😵‍💫It’s just so draining since come on, get to something else. They need the ratings and those questions always linger but it’s sad how with the entire history of talent, that is usually front and center.

Warrior portrayed his character as his OWN and certainly not a replacement even though some just chalk up his career to besting Hogan and that’s it. I realize the torch had to be passed so the WWF back then could build up a new, good guy. Maybe some had feelings Warrior didn’t pull off the Heavyweight reign in the way they wanted but it was money based and who’s filling the seats. I did agree with one guy who stated how quite possibly they could’ve built around “Warrior Wildness” or too bad OWN didn’t exist until yours later. Hulk had Hulkamania and many catchphrases yet Warrior didn’t do anything similar so Vince became a little stuck. Some even blamed it on poor opponents or storylines but still not a replacement to me. The likability factor needs to be there but we just can’t BE exactly like someone else.

Let’s switch this up to some of us here. Are we all replaceable at work or in a career? Maybe not entirely but overall, you are. Somebody else can get your spot even though you seem to be the best at it. They might not be right now but with time, patience, and training they will be soon enough. There are some who solely believe Warrior was just hired to top Hulk with no personal involvement at all. Did Warrior care at the time? Probably not entirely but we all know how much that changed and yes, I would care too. How would you feel if your coworkers or even boss said you were just hired to replace another without truly taking the time to invest in your skills? WWF did invest in Warrior but he wanted to do the character his way. Maybe you wouldn’t notice so much but me, yep.

OK, those arguing will claim Warrior had little “technical” skills and only got by on charisma and a good physique. You can say that as those worked to his advantage for sure. Many get jobs like that in the non-wrestling world too. We have to take emotion out of it but can we? I can’t which is why I’m not in that business sense but my opinion is just mine. Warrior knew their plan as time went on and had tremendous respect for Hulk as his mentor. We all know this but when it becomes more of you being a number in a way and not a name, that’s where I feel like clotheslining someone! Warrior wanted nothing more than to be himself and fought hard to prove that every day- in and out of the ring. He would never want to be a replacement only as we really shouldn’t either.

Of course this is very different with one’s personal life but nobody wants to be seen as the R word when it comes to relationships especially. We aren’t just robots doing a job, we do have a mind and heart to consider also. The next best thing could be around the corner and if that’s you, have you earned your place or is it just because someone left or could be? So much to think about for sure and some opinions on this will never change in spite of many discussions. I would thoroughly dislike being thought of only to replace another. We do need a livelihood but at what cost will it take to be enough before we walk away? Warrior left for other reasons but we all become affected in many situations. Respect needs to be on both sides and if it isn’t, there will be problems.

All right, I did like the Ultimate Warrior for those physical reasons at first but I fought that and learned to see more. Some never do or never did but some still tried. We all need to be someone besides that next big replacement and shouldn’t feel the need to prove ourselves worthy. We all struggle with worthiness and once you know yours, deep down you really do become irreplaceable. Whatever others think, the belief you have in yourself can never be replicated no matter if it’s business or your personal life. Don’t settle for being a replacement if it means sacrificing your integrity. Warrior never did and became so much more than being that next BIG champ. Hogan’s “replacement?” Warrior was never that to me so stop arguing and let’s move on...

P.S. I DO admire some of these podcast guys as they do have knowledge of the biz despite being little boys back then. I just wish some convos could be different... sigh..,

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All These Emotions ðŸ˜¬ðŸ’™â¤ï¸

There’s a photo full of emotion, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s my topic today and it’s sort of a continuation of last week about Warrior’s Web just a little. I had thought to expand on that post with my thoughts on emotions. Bet you fans got somewhat emotional reading those feelings of last time but we all express them in different ways. Before I start this “match” of sorts, there’s one more thing that I’d like to mention about Warrior. He got called “cerebral“and “misunderstood” quite a bit and I know I’ve said those as well. He mentioned how back in WCW many weren’t making real decisions about storylines and thought he was too cerebral for their content. He of course disagreed as nobody else wanted to think through ideas the way he did. As far as being misunderstood, he goes another way on this. He said how someone must’ve understood (meaning his gimmick, character, etc.) or he wouldn’t have gotten such a push. I’m sure he was referencing Vince on that one. Being cerebral and misunderstood both can invoke emotion, just not in a typical fashion.

Let’s tag Warrior out and tag me in. Here’s some words or phrases I was told as a kid: “you’re too emotional,” “too dramatic,” “over- sensitive,” and the list goes on. I OWN some of those opinions now but as a child, it was extremely hurtful to hear– especially from those closest to you. I was to believe those words were very negative and despite my best efforts, couldn’t hide emotions. Most may think this always has to do with being sad or crying which it does not.

When I helped my son study types of health a few years ago, emotional health was one of them. When I asked him how he defined those words I bet you can guess what he said. Ding, ding, ding! If you said “crying,” you’d be right. Boy, was Mom there to correct him on that. It’s about self-esteem and how you feel about yourself. Boys especially are taught to not express emotion that much but most likely hurt or sadness. That makes you weak or vulnerable and boys can’t cry, right? They have to be tough and then as men, even tougher. Warrior had said how a warrior is gentle and tough. I’m not sure how things were for him overall as a child but hiding emotions I bet factored in. He was hurt many times in his life like we all are but we get to that point where we just won’t share anymore. I became like that too but my emotions aren’t worn on my sleeve like the saying goes but on my face. Just thought of Warrior and his mask on this… We do need to find balance though in expressing our emotions at the right times. We can’t be like toddlers throwing a tantrum. We need to be smart enough to think it all through in a reasonable way but not pack our emotions down into a stuffed suitcase either.

I have always said how we don’t want to be victims but can’t become penniless either. This means we can’t always say: “ poor me” and let others walk all over us but also we can’t save the world either by doing everything for everyone. This plays way too much with our emotional state. Here’s a quote from Morgan Freeman: “Don’t allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence.” ~~~ Warrior would love that, don’t you think? This may sound like I’m contradicting myself but really that statement by Morgan is true. I have let my emotions get in the way without thinking ahead because I listen to my heart most of the time. That is a good thing but there are other factors to consider. The head needs to be there too along with the gut. We can’t forget that. Balance again warriors.

Warrior may have been too emotional or extreme with some decisions he made but we don’t want to get to that boiling point before our emotions take over. The head and heart always want to be the winner but they need their tag team partner with that inner voice of the gut too. You just have to be the one to decide how the storyline goes. Anything actually invokes emotion and it isn’t just the big stuff in life. Reading invokes emotion. Writing invokes emotion. Warrior would agree to that as well. Using our senses invokes so many emotions. Just think of the years you fans (including myself) watched him all those times during the WWF years and beyond. Were you emotional? Of course you were through it ALL.

Sometimes we don’t need those emotions labeled as we are taught to do. They just are there– good, bad, right, wrong, or indifferent. Often times, what one may see as a good or positive emotion won’t affect another the same way. I have thought to myself many times over about how others don’t react the way I do. I can’t understand why they don’t. Being an HSP or (highly sensitive person) isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing. We just feel things differently but need to use it as an advantage. Yin and yang every day. It’s how energy moves through us and for many like myself, it can become pretty intense.

Most regular readers know my posts are full of emotion and always have been! It’s the funny stuff too that brings out our feelings, at least I hope it does. I think the take-away point I’m trying to make here is this: bring a balance into those emotions you have every day without letting something kind of spiral out of control. It’s happiness (which is the best of course) but sadness, anger, jealousy, disappointment, bitterness, guilt, and a million more emotions for our lifetimes. OK, the happy stuff can get out of control in a good way but we all know life isn’t like that all the time.

I realize too that being in the sport of pro- wrestling can be quite the ultimate challenge of handling emotions for a positive result. You become defensive and don’t want to let your guard down. We have to compromise a little though. For a sport that was predominantly men for a long time and their egos, women would be the emotional ones. Guess what? It’s all that for both because we are people. It’s what makes everyone of us human. How you handle your emotions is what this is all about. I know with me, things would just come out. Plenty of times did I question the WHY but I understand better now. We work on it every single day. Let’s bring our head, heart, and gut together to get the balance of all three. Don’t be too cerebral where you become emotionless. Don’t be too emotional where your brain goes on vacation either. We are not our emotions. Let them pass as they will. Listen to the gut as Warrior said. It never lies and can keep those other two in line. Next time you hear the word emotion– don’t think of crying in a sad way. Let’s go for the GOOD. We need to always believe that every day.

P.S. Remember also that crying tears is good for you to cleanse and vent. Sometimes those tears are joy filled! I actually say in meditation every day to bring a balance to my head, heart, and gut. I really do...🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

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Silly or Serious? ðŸ˜œðŸ¤”

There’s a question for you warriors. If you have ever watched pro-wrestling, is it silly or serious? When I first started watching, I loved the silliness of it all way back when. Does anyone remember the Piledriver album and the music videos they did back in the 80’s? That was during the MTV craze and WWF just had to be part of it all. Like I’ve said before, the humor got to me first before any drama slammed its way into my life.

Warrior had made references to wrestling being both silly and serious. In the book “A Life Lived Forever,” he explained how his step-dad would watch at night. After arriving home late on the weekends with his buddies, the T.V. channel got changed when “Jim” came in the door. Warrior thought it was “goofy” as he wasn’t into it at all. On The Ultimate Collection DVD, he talks about the seriousness of wrestling as he approached his character. His quote: “It’s serious. It’s a serious thing to go out there and be a character for the WWE.” Some thought he was crazy for doing so much and taking it all very serious. Us fans know his attention to details made all the difference.

He also confessed on a documentary how sometimes he felt silly for putting on all the face paint, running, and shaking ropes. He was referencing his own character and not that of others with being silly. As intense as he was, the aspects of being Ultimate Warrior got to him at times which is how we all are. I bet you can think of some situations and find the silly and serious stuff to it. I sure hope so. It can be quite an ultimate challenge finding something funny in what is meant to be more intent. We need to sometimes.

From what I gather, there isn’t much silly in wrestling anymore as it has all become more serious mind games. That was a turn off for me but fans still love it all. Vince wanted his business of entertainment taken more seriously than it was in the past. Can you remember something in your life that was both? Let’s see. What would it be for me? Well, to use my development as an example is great here. When I first started opening my psychic intuition, I was very super serious about it. After all, communicating to parts unknown isn’t goofy. You know what? It can be and is! Just read many of my older posts and you’ll know what I mean. It just might take another person to point out a funny moment when you never even saw one. Most may know how humor is involved much with this blog.

There will always be those circumstances in life which are never silly and never will be. We know this. There will also be those experiences that start out one way and then turn into another. I do believe the Superstars back in the day took their job seriously enough but infused much silliness as well. Despite the dramatic storylines, they wanted us to laugh even when we didn’t want to. Just watch old promos or listen to the great commentators of that generation and you’ll get it.

Do you consider yourself more of a serious or silly person? This will interpret how you view your many external forces. I know we are a mix of both but of course it depends on the situation. My brother and I were very funny growing up as was my youngest sister. The other one, not so much. We evolve into different people with age and may look at an event another way. Then again, if something was silly it still will be- at least for me. The serious stuff is exactly the same although I can grin a little easier nowadays. I dunno– The Undertaker, snake bites, Papa Shango, etc. Oh boy! 😬

I always believe in the balance with all that we do. Most thought Warrior was too serious but there are plenty of funny stories about him out there told by many. We need yin and yang all the time warriors. There’s a time for serious and then there’s a time for silly. Just make sure your life has both with whatever comes your way. Our jokes may offend someone just as much as one’s seriousness may cause us to say:”Lighten up!”

When having an emotional or upsetting moment, I try thinking of something that will make me laugh. I’ve done this countless times over the years when reflecting on Warrior and my connection to him. I get a little outburst and then find myself too overwhelmed. It’s then that I think or even say something out loud that lightens the mood. Don’t wallow too long warriors, it’s good to smile and laugh. We NEED more of both.

Think also of other forms of entertainment you are drawn to. The movies, T.V., live shows, and all we watch have the serious and silly. I personally love both and never get just swayed with one. Our brains and heart crave so much and we need to feed it with variety. It’s what makes us human.

The next time you find yourself in a situation or watching some form of entertainment, try to find what’s serious and what’s silly about it. We need to laugh, cry, scream, and FEEL it all. Maybe wrestling still brings out all those emotions for you. It certainly did for me and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Warrior softened his opinions about wrestling over the years as time and age will do that. Let’s bring it all to the mat- the silly stuff and the serious. Even without being a fan of sports entertainment, you are still a fan of your life. Enjoy it all because as warriors, we need it ultimately! 💪🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🥰

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