Warriors will SHINE ๐ŸŒŸโœจ

Of course we SHINE! We all do in our own way just like Warrior did and still does. I kept seeing that word of “shine” in many places or reading it so decided to work it in with the last title of 2022. The remaining few Wednesdays I will break for family stuff during the holidays so this is it for a bit. I had to pause a little before beginning today… A few extra warrior things got brought to my attention so I became quite emotional yet truly amazed about some fellow warriors… ๐Ÿฅน๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿป Oh my~~~ what a year it has been. I usually look back on the year and decided once again to do just that with these 43 posts, minus a month. My first one of the year was all about Warrior’s gym, and then his ’08 match in Spain. Hard to believe I wrote those in January. I will share some of my highlights but before doing that, guess there’s another first after all. ๏ฟผ

Hulk Hogan finally made his way into a dream. Oh brother, ” whatcha gonna do?” Ha ha! Again, one would assume this could’ve happened already considering WMVI among other history, but nope. It probably manifested as a result of watching a few of the WCW days I hadn’t seen in a while. I can see “Hollywood Hogan” specifically with his NWO bearded look very clear walking around outside the ring looking for Warrior. It was brief, but definitely a dream. Now, onto the memorable posts for me this past year. ๏ฟผ

Since I just mentioned a dream, let’s start there with some that touched me.. Hulk brought on the topic of firsts so how about that? Vince McMahon in one along with Warrior’s younger daughter Mattie as both were extremely special indeed. My daughter in that dream with Warrior’s was very much a first so it’s up there as a moment for sure. The other dream that happened in the same night was Warrior as a summer camp teacher. So much fun seeing him spray those kids with a hose! Loved that playful humor of his. ๏ฟผHe and Dana both in a different dream during the same night. Talk about a first!

Another stand out for me is when I got a very young college age “Warrior” and his friend fried rice and green grapes. So cool and interesting to see him looking younger close to when he and Sting were the “Freedom Fighters.” Now, my son is in college so I totally relate to how some dreams come about. The last one connected to the Earth goddess of Greek mythology Demeter. I felt so beautiful in my gown picking flowers which led to an incredible lovely moment. I can still picture those gold and silver roses… What a great experience to shine, as I truly did! BTW, I did check and I have had 10 dreams involving Warrior in some way or another this year. Oh my, I believe that has to be a record. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜ด There were 2 others and one actually involved a mountain that I posted about a few weeks ago. The other one, well, that was extremely personal as I shared it with a dear friend. It was super funny and it made both of our days. Warrior laughing always makes me shine! That also won’t be blogged but I had to mention those as well. ๏ฟผ

OK, dreamers we will move on even though it’s always hard to top those Warrior dreams of mine that I am so blessed being given. Another gift I was given was from last winter after Warrior’s old blogs from “Warrior’s Machete” were sent my way. That post was quite a biggie for me but very grateful I was able to spend time really reading all those 71 pages more thoroughly than many years ago. I highlighted several points of Warrior’s as well as sharing my own but it definitely is a huge part of this year in 2022. One of these days, I will go back and reread them again just to feel his words on the page. A few disagreements as usual of course, but he had his opinions and made them known. How many of us can say that? Plus, us writers just know the power of words so I am ultimately grateful. ๏ฟผ

The next highlight that made me totally shine was being a guest on the “Pick Six” podcast hosted by my friend Vince McKee of Kee on Sports. That was so much fun sharing all about writing, my book, “Spirit and Belief” and how I started following the Ultimate Warrior’s career. It became so wonderful discussing how influential our intuition can be just like Warrior mentioned often. Boy, am I glad I listened to mine and still am. Right around that time was the warrior week brought to me by my cousin. She was so cute sharing all these great little warrior stories, and even sent a photo I used for the post. It started with the word “warrior” on her phone randomly?! and ended with the word of savage. I love when Randy is included too.

A post that was quite hilarious to me in a different way was “That 80’s Vibe!” Just look for my painted Warrior cheeks. Music and dancing in my past along with Warrior’s which brought me such fondness and laughter. What a throwback of a treat! Another one was “Out of this World” which Warrior’s wrist tattoo with Saturn inspired. ๐Ÿช If you are or were a space geek and science nut, that one’s for you. Family stories plus Warrior’s comics are talked about but also a little spiritual. I loved writing those. ๏ฟผ๏ฟผ๐Ÿฅฐ

I did have that 4 week break in May which gave me time for painting. No Warrior masterpieces were created but I did need a break from writing despite my resistance. So many intense family milestones and NEW stuff this year~~~ it’s been exhausting. Oh, so worth it as I savor and flow with it all. Warrior’s birthday brought all those great songs plus a few new ones added to the playlist. What an Alexa moment that was for me right after talking with a friend about wrestling. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰Warrior was shining his light so much that day, I thought it must’ve been my birthday! That was another milestone this year. ๏ฟผ

How about some self -reliance? Yes, that one is a huge one because it connected BOTH my kids as we were just going about our daily lives. My daughter’s report on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophies for school among others and then seeing his self-reliance essay all about success hanging in a music store with my son. Once I read some words of Emerson’s that my girl had at home, I KNEW Warrior had said them. That started it all and the light on self-reliance kept shining brighter and even more Ultimate over the next few days. Warrior was for sure part of those times because, really— how could he not be?๏ฟผ ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’ก

Whew… I know that’s a lot of trips down memory lane this year to shine a Warrior light upon but in case you haven’t read any, there’s a little recap. I also have had some other very meaningful surprises along the way (different than that other post,) which overwhelmed me in such a great way. Some people we meet, know, or just connect with in our lives that have a way somehow of shining their light just enough to let ours out a little more. Do you have anyone like that? I hope you do as I also wish for your LIGHT to keep shining despite this crazy holiday time and beyond. ๏ฟผ

Enjoy the season of magic and be the light that shines for others. They will share theirs with you if we just always believe… Here’s to the end of 2022 and I will return to these writings in January 2023… โœ๐ŸปCelebrate the way YOU love! Happy holidays!

~~~ Kathy~~~

P.S. Here’s to more in year 7, such a great number! 7๏ธโƒฃ Oh, I also found a few more Bluejay feathers this year too! I did check and I had mentioned 7๏ธโƒฃ previous posts, so how about that with this number? ๏ฟผ


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Warrior Self-Reliance ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Before starting, I became aware of a new yoga pose the other day at a class. “Dancing warrior.” Yep, that’s what he’s doing in the photo but that isn’t yoga, ha ha! “Dancing warrior” is just a sequence of warrior poses! Didn’t know that… yes, I did laugh to myself.., Now, onto today.๏ฟผ..

I told ya I’d be back to my ol’ warrior self this week so that I am. Sometimes, I just get all worked up and need to get it out. I did celebrate these 6 years in my own private way and then another idea kind of fell in my lap. Really, it did and I’ll explain what it was in a bit. My daughter involved me in a homework essay assignment again for her language arts class. Always does she come to me for that subject but it seems to be later in the evening when my brain doesn’t wanna work! ๐Ÿ˜œWell, let’s just say it was Warrior inspired indeed.๏ฟผ

She needed to either choose some song lyrics or movie titles and relate them to a few philosophic virtues or traits. Guess what she chose? Yep, songs of course so I was of more help! It is easier though. When I had learned about these great American philosophers it was my sophomore year but guess for her, it’s the junior year. A few of the possible writing subjects were on individualism, (yes please!) intuition, (is this my assignment?!) Self reliance, transcendentalism, and some others. Two people come to mind whose works they needed to reference. Both have 3 names as many did and I remember them. Henry David Thoreau is one who wrote the book: “Walden” and the other is Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote the book: “Self-Reliance” which is referenced above.

She had part of Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” given to her in class with much underlined, written in the margins, and well โ€“ I would highlight but that’s just ME. I told her I’d read the paper to get some ideas and then I saw it. This quote. “God will not have his works made manifest by cowards.I KNEW that phrase from somewhere other than this paper. It took a few seconds until slamming into me. Warrior said that and it wasn’t written like in a blog or on his art. He spoke it, I had it saved, and was going to find it! So much for helping her but really I did, just later on once my mind wasn’t so distracted. I left the room, grabbed my phone, went upstairs to get the ear buds, and scrolled through my saved Warrior videos.๏ฟผ

Had a feeling I was correct on the one chosen and I was. This video mentions people who inspired Warrior and at first I kept thinking no. That one was all about Campbell and Nietzsche, not Emerson. Right near the end is when Warrior mentions that great quote by Emerson. My girl thought I was listening to a psychic medium’s videos, but nope! โ˜บ๏ธ I found it, listened, and after writing it down of course knew in my mind this was going to be the next post. Here’s some more good ones from “Self-Reliance.” .๏ฟผ

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”

“Ah, so you shall be sure to be misunderstood…Is it so bad, then, to be misunderstood?… To be great is to be misunderstood.”

These were from her paper, I didn’t read the book. Can’t you just hear Warrior reading those words? Maybe I should get the book one of these days… Trusting oneself first over societal rules and following your own instincts is the summary of Emerson’s essay published in 1841. It’s got Warrior written all over it as again, words he spoke and believed in. I had something placed in my hands that connected to Warrior. I KNOW he was watching since come on โ€“ he used this essay!๏ฟผ

Back to her assignment. Next, was picking what attributes she wanted to use and how to match up songs. The lyrics can’t be over 10 years old so we racked our brains for a few days. She finally decided on “Trouble” by Taylor Swift for intuition and I had thought of PINK. “Just like Fire” was perfect for individualism so she was set. Mama will give pointers and edit with her but writing it, I am not. She’s on her own with all that! We’ll see how it goes as I will ask about her grade soon.๏ฟผ..

I wanted to look up Thoreau’s “Walden” as I’m remembering it to be about nature somewhat. Some of the description reads๏ฟผ: ” the work is part personal Declaration of Independence, social experiment, voyage of spiritual discovery, satire, and to some degree- a manual for self-reliance.” Man, I wonder if Warrior had ever read that too? I bet he did. ๐Ÿค” For some reason, my memory thought of the 1981 movie “On Golden Pond” and I kept thinking no โ€“ it’s Walden, not golden! Well, the book takes place on Walden pond so I wasn’t far off. Guess I had a movie in me after all and not just song lyrics, ha ha!๏ฟผ

Both Emerson and Thoreau were transcendentalists which in simple terms, means all of us have the knowledge that goes beyond our rational minds or “transcends” what our 5 senses experience. I certainly believe in all that as with my writings, you may come to know. Such pioneers those men were for being so radical back then and yet their beliefs remain today. Warrior was a pioneer as well with his ways, thoughts, ideas, and so much more. Not sure how he’d classify himself among those men but he definitely fits into their ways, don’t you think? I know he so believed in using the mind but it goes beyond that.๏ฟผ

*** PAUSE***

Just last Saturday, it was 8.5 years since Warrior left this planet. It’s been 8 since I had “The Box” story which is told in my book Spirit and Belief. Wow… Again with these milestones of time which go on and on. My daughter has doubled her age then and now she’s learning philosophy. Oh, she was close to turning 8 then, can you believe it? She was in 2nd grade those years ago as my son was in 4th. He’s a college freshman now. ๐Ÿฅบ As for me, I mentioned my BIG birthday last month. Time moves and yet in some ways, it doesn’t. April brought 8 years on the 8th so now this October brought another 8 years on the 8th with “The Box.” ๐Ÿ“ฆ

~~~ Check out “Legendary Unknown” on YouTube for great Warrior videos. I am so grateful to have them as he was so much more than that wrestler most of us knew. Philosopher? Transcendentalist? Writer? All those fit for Warrior to me. Use your OWN self- reliance to make this life work. It’s what we came here to do.๏ฟผ..

P.S. Here’s yet another fun connector. Last week when my son was home for a visit, we took him to a music store to possibly exchange his trombone for a different one. We headed to the back room and on the wall I saw a big plaque by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was all about success. I just stared at it for a bit while chuckling to myself thinking it would be perfect for this blog. Of course I took a pic… I’ll share just a few quotes as it was quite lengthy.๏ฟผ

What is Success

To laugh often and much,

To win the respect of intelligent people, …

To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends.

To leave the world a bit better…

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.

This is to have succeeded.

~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

*** You can look up the rest on your own… ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘†๐ŸปThank you Emerson as well for your works we so need to read and know.., ๐Ÿ“šMaybe a trip to the library is in order for me to find “Walden” also!

Gotta get a Gimmick ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ฒ

We are back to Warrior pics these last two weeks of September and I haven’t used a black-and-white one in a long time. This one is so similar to the WCW/NWO magazine cover I used a few years back when Warrior unleashed OWN in 1998. I decided to look up some photos and this pose was chosen. So hard to believe I have never used the word gimmick in a post, not ever. Yes, I had to check on that to make sure but an idea came to me. I was listening to a podcast and of course that word of gimmick comes up when talking about wrestling. The Ultimate Warrior had his gimmick as did others which does continue today just in a different way.๏ฟผ

They knew back then how getting a gimmick would take you far in the business but actually, we all need one. Yes, you read that right. Have you looked up what it means? There are several definitions but the most obvious is doing something that stands out or makes an impression. It usually involves a business or product more but we can have our OWN gimmick too. No, you don’t need to paint your face, run around, or anything else the character of U.W. did. What makes YOU stand out though? Some may not truly want to but we all need to be remembered for our unique brand of intensity. We want to bring it all to the squared circle that is our life.๏ฟผ

Gee, let’s see here. Our gimmick is our personality but it can be so much more. If one is going for fame, it gets amped up and expands into a lot but for regular folks~~~ it sounds intimidating. It’s not a word I use to describe someone as I’m sure you don’t either. Beyond a personality, it’s all in how we convey it to others but also in our attitude behind it. There are many traits that make up one’s gimmick so to speak. We as fans know several facets of the Ultimate Warrior that contributed to his gimmick which in turn made him successful. He even had some attributes that other guys didn’t but the opposite is true too. If you are unaware, just look him up. You can find plenty out there.๏ฟผ

In these last several years, my gimmick would be writing. Believe it or not, I don’t share everything and despite some stories that are seemingly extroverted~~~I really am not. Extroverts will do much more to publicize a gimmick which is a natural fit to them. Some of us work in a different way which seems like we are really selling that gimmick but not doing everything. Let’s say being on most social media sites for example. That just isn’t me and it doesn’t bug me one bit. Sure, I could do so much more but for now, this is who I am. Will it change over time? Possibly and there’s that word of last week again but it’s all in how we project that gimmick to the world. For all those “out of the loop” about Warrior, no he was not an extrovert even though it could seem that way. I wrote about that too.๏ฟผ..

Over the years, your gimmick will evolve with the times as creatively you see fit. Look at Warrior. He advertised his gimmick all over from trunks, kneepads, dusters, hats, and any other gear. It then moved into some of his business ventures outside of wrestling like his gym, comic books, speaking, writing, or even artwork. Still has gimmick but just presented in various ways. Most of us will never have those items as part of our gimmicks but think of how else you can present yourself and how it can work in your life. You gotta get one and make sure it sticks. I guess if you are a pro wrestler, you can and possibly will have several. Many performers come to my mind that switched their looks or even aspects of the character around. Their gimmick might’ve gotten rebranded in a way but it still worked. We have our favorite of theirs but it’s them who decides how the “new” gimmick gets out there.๏ฟผ

The risk is always around though when trying to change or improve an existing gimmick. You may lose fans, money, or even a project idea if it isn’t recognizable enough and others can’t relate. We do need to expand despite those possible risks but again, the cost is up to you. Warrior lived with his consequences and had said he didn’t have regrets. It’s difficult saying the same but there will always be lessons, not failures. You are in control of how your gimmick goes and if it goes well.๏ฟผ

Some may say the gimmick of Ultimate Warrior waned but others always loved it as evidenced by many fans all over the world. Yes, there were those “squash” matches that became iconic with U.W. getting a crowd pop and then letting his gimmick take over. That’s how he wanted to do it but then again, his major feuds with opponents would usually be a much longer match that played out a great storyline. When I looked up more on gimmicks, pro wrestling was listed first among a few other sports. This makes total sense as their in ring persona defines how they are viewed by an audience and in turn accepted or not. Gimmicks can range also in terms of heel/ face, comics, (like Ultimate Warrior!) horror, (I think Undertaker!) ethnic, or so many more. Vince was always contributing to a character’s gimmick with mainstream culture and what was popular at the time.

I know you all that are wrestling fans recall many gimmicks of then and now as it is such a part of sports entertainment. I will always remember mine from the Golden Era and even today, laughter comes when thinking of some! Let’s all get a gimmick and work on it. It’ll go over with some but maybe not all. Keep the fans who love your gimmick as there is a reason why they do. I always loved the Ultimate Warrior gimmick despite never fully knowing his other wrestling personas. I know he likes mine too (: Get your OWN and continue doing the work, the right audience will be there.๏ฟผ

***P.S. Don’t be confused by this post today. Warrior used his U.W. gimmick for certain aspects in his life but our TRUE gimmicks go deeper than anything one could put out there publicly. Know that. You are more than a gimmick. You have one but remember to be MORE than what it is.๏ฟผ.. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธHave that self- belief and discipline as your guide which will make your gimmick truly WORK…


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Do you Always Believe? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Yep, I do but of course we will have doubts in everything sometimes, don’t we? Many of you know my views on those famous words signed by Warrior but it is a good question we need to ask ourselves daily. There’s so much to believe in like that song by Poison (them again!) but it’s always up to us whether to truly heed those words and put them into action.๏ฟผ

I want to share another funny story as it just connects to cute little reminders I get. No, it isn’t over the top with an “always believe” moment but these really brighten my day so I share them. When my son had left for college, one of the to-dos was to get in his room and CLEAN. It wasn’t that bad by any means but I got permission from him of course to put away extra things still occupying space. Ya know, stuff like some toys ( a few remain), artwork on the walls, old school things, etc. He also had a very large piggy bank filled with change. I took all those coins to our grocery store and used the coin star machine. He’s getting over $60 in bills, how about that? I’m sure he’ll use the money well. That inspired my husband to get something out of our shed.๏ฟผ

He wanted to fill in more of his Dad’s old States Quarters book. I let him sort through all the coins before I went to the store. In our shed, we have many things stored from my in-laws memories and this quarter map was a lot of fun for my father-in-law back then. It was about halfway finished years ago and nobody ever got it out again. That was something his son couldn’t wait to take from his childhood home. After all these years he decides to work on it. He filled in what he could and we are only missing two states on this U.S. map. They are Arizona and New Mexico… I just laughed as he told me to keep a lookout. Um, if I find those rare quarters, they will be mine and not put in that puzzle!๏ฟผ ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜‚

Sorry, but I can’t pass up those when they would connect so much with Warrior’s life. Nope. Guess it might just be the 48 states for a while. I do have an Indiana quarter with the year 2002 on it. That state and year were part of Warrior in a few ways… That story is in my book, another funny one too. I will always believe.๏ฟผ

Belief is such a huge word and can encompass our entire lives. The most important belief of course is in yourself because without that, you have no clear purpose as your life will have little meaning and everything will be a struggle. We all have those very difficult days, times, or even years but without believing in the good, it will always be hard no matter what we do. I remember years ago when I’d be going down that “rabbit hole” of Google (which I was advised to stop doing in other ways) and wanting to find some info on Warrior’s slogan of always believe. I would have all these questions about why those words and how did they come to him? Was it intuition? Oh, my many lists I’d go over to try so hard and find the perfect answer. That’s the Virgo sign coming out for sure โ™๏ธ. He would say it was about always believing in yourself and knowing you are capable of anything. For some reason, I just couldn’t wrap my head around that and thought there needed to be more.

The truth is, there isn’t more like we think there should be. You can believe in a Higher Power (Creator, God, or any other name of your choosing) which I do as Warrior did but that Higher Power wants you to believe in yourself with all your capabilities. What exactly do you believe in and why? Is it because we are taught or is it more self discovery? For me, it’s both as I just expand my beliefs. It can also be that you know in your gut something is true without doubting. I am obviously better at that now. Your past and life experiences form those beliefs as some stay while some fade away. When I say always believe, I think of Warrior but it’s many areas in my life as well.

This is sounding more and more like one of my posts over at the other blog but it totally fits here too. Make a list of all the people, things, ideas or anything else that you always believe in and see how true they are for you. There could be some you just don’t resonate much with any more while some are new. We are always evolving and expanding and that’s OK warriors. Get rid of all those ugly thoughts with others in your mind being mad at you because you aren’t their “cup of tea” anymore. If they can’t accept the new and better you, find a new tribe. That is easier said than done but it’s all up to you. I believe in myself, a Higher Power, my family, good friends, meditation, writing, reading, fitness, laughter, and on and on— so many other things. Naturally I believe in Warrior always as we can take his messages and apply them to our life.๏ฟผ

That T-shirt pic was an ultimate shot I saw on a YouTube video and thought it would work great to kick off this *NEW-birthday* milestone month of mine. Let’s be our OWN One Warrior Nation who will always believe despite what life throws at us. Even if it’s quarters, I will always believe. Remember it starts with YOU and then everything else will follow.๏ฟผ..

P.S. So, shortly after writing this post, later in the day I DID hear “Something to Believe in” by Poison. Thank you Warrior… ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŽผ

P.P.S. THIS just came to me too… Let’s not bring a bag of quarters to want and hit someone with!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸคฃJake Roberts had said that about seeing Warrior after all those years AND they were inducted together.., All was well though but I just laughed thinking of that and my quarter story!


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Whatโ€™s Your Acronym?

Most readers probably are familiar with that inspirational acronym above representing One Warrior Nation. It was originally used as a pun to detract away from the NWO or New World Order of WCW days. Warrior decided to reverse their acronym and yet OWN still is used today with his fans.

Let’s take a look at many of the wrestling acronyms: WWE, (formally WWF and before that WWWF) WCW,( formally WCCW) NWA, AWA, CWA, TNA, GCW,( back then) NWC, ECW, and AEW. There was even the UWF among so many others. Feel free to Google any of those on your own. Wow, that’s a lot! Many sports teams use them as well with the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, or MMA and so forth. Of course I can list lots of business acronyms associated with logos including T.V. networks but am sure you get the idea. The World Wide Web or www started the internet search which millions use everyday.

Another one of Warrior’s acronyms I loved was Words of Wisdom or W.O.W. He used that to convey his thoughts thru numerous quotes, famous statements from others, and his own brand of speech. Do you have an acronym or are you following any? What I mean is not just listing names but ones that make you feel a certain way or think differently. Fans keep O.W.N. alive because it means something to them and not just because its founder passed. Sure, some are just a fun play on words but for me, they need to truly stand for something. Many of us just don’t create our original or unique acronym to live by but we can come up with ideas that motivate us.

It can be interesting to see what comes up in your OWN mind if you feel the need to try. Use an acronym relevant to the life you are living and make it stick. One that I’ve read is: FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. You can change this around of course but fear does tend to hold us back sometimes. The Ultimate Warrior even said: “Fear is an aberration…” That acronym may work for you when facing a major obstacle in your life. Look around for sayings, quotes, or anything similar. Sometimes, they just pop out when you least expect them to. Maybe they spell something or maybe not but hopefully, you’ll remember. WHY? Because it jumped from that top rope and pinned you down.

Is there an acronym that best describes you? Imagine one for yourself as a pick me up. We all could use more positivity and self-love. It isn’t being boastful to give your life some confidence. When I was in 8th grade, one teacher made an acrostic poem for each graduate. This is kinda similar to an acronym only with descriptions or personality traits. I seem to remember: K=kind, A=artistic or athletic, T= thoughtful, H= helpful, and Y= youthful. They would be vertical down the page. It’s not the same but oh so nice and again- it stuck with me.

Just like with O.W.N. We recall because of our feelings towards a thought or subject. Am sure this is true for all of you as well when knowing certain acronyms. Letters can be no big deal but when tag teamed with FEELING, it changes the whole meaning. Did Warrior really know how much fans would be influenced by his creation of One Warrior Nation? Probably not but like last month- it does impact us in ways we may not know then.

They are used all the time to make a statement and maybe not just a connection to any organization. The brain has a way of recognizing abbreviations, acronyms, and anything in between because it’s easier to see. It’s like when you’re reading bold print, italics, or even alliteration which Warrior also used much. He talked always about standing out and how to do it. The man totally succeeded with his life and didn’t need all those ways with words but us fans got it anyway.

So, warriors- try out a few acronyms in your life and see how they make you feel. The brain remembers because it affects you and not just always of being robotic. You can have your own way of taking an acronym and using it as inspiration. Look to some great writers or thinkers and see what they’ve done. Warrior was such an innovator with words and it showed in all that he did. The words came a long way from being a farm boy in Indiana! It also helped that his wife was a journalism major (: Warrior didn’t necessarily need to expound on speech but without belief, it all means nothing. We can educate others while in turn educating ourselves.

Use personal acronyms that mean something to you and not just because someone else invented them. Believe in the Feeling and not just the letters. O.W.N. is more than that then, now, and always. ๐Ÿ’™โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ


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My OWN Wrestling Stories…

I always have wrestling stories warriors BUT these few are a little more personal to me. Just when I thought getting surprised by people wouldn’t faze me anymore, lo and behold– they do. My Dad is the subject for a bit today. Don’t think I’ve mentioned him much besides when he first introduced the WWF to our house in the early ’80’s. These stories had me smiling like I won a belt without even fully trying.

Several summers ago I invited my Dad to bring his dog over after dinner which he still does. He has this greyhound that loves running around the yard with our mutt. The kids were chasing the dogs and Dad and I sat on the patio. Randomly, he said how something of interest to me was in the paper a few days prior. My “wrestler friend’s” birthday was listed and he wanted to share that with me. Of course I know when Warrior’s birthday is but how sweet of him to say as I got a little nostalgic and teary. ๐Ÿ’”

Another time with Dad was last year at one of my daughter’s band concerts. He sat next to me and is quite the talker. Again, randomly mentions how he and his Dad (whom I never knew) went to a pro wrestling match many years ago when he was growing up in Michigan. WHAAT? Why am I just hearing this now and why at a concert? I don’t remember who they saw but never really thought he liked it much at all. It was just something he turned on the T.V. for us kids to watch. OMG…๐Ÿ˜ณ

Next, he discussed the days of Angelo Poffo (aka– Randy Savage’s Dad.) Where is this coming from? I was listening so intently while silently giggling during this concert. Again, he has a hard time being silent and despite my flute player, I just had to listen to him. He ended the conversation by saying how relieved he was to hear about Roman Reigns being in remission with leukemia. So great that you care Dad. ๐Ÿ’™ He rarely talked much about our ‘ol WWF performers back then but times do change and I am grateful for our talks. ***A side note– my Grandpa (whom I never knew) passed of a fatal heart attack in his early fifties similar to someone else…

Pro Wrestling really is part of my family in a way as I have realized many connectors. When this blog started, one story I mentioned contained a P.S. with my Great-Grandma following Gorgeous George. My Mom had told me this as his “demeanor” was quite similar to Randy Savage. They even used the same music! She followed Gorgeous George and my husband followed Andre the Giant. Sorta… You read that right. He’s my next topic.

This was another shocker that had me awed. Some may know how my husband wrestled in high school so the pros– well, it’s just fake to him and that’s it. We were eating dinner in a restaurant a few months ago during the football playoffs. Besides football being on, one T.V. was showing “real” wrestling. Huh? Who turns that on? No offense to anyone but that isn’t typical in a bar scene. We were taking and he proceeds to tell me how he DID watch Andre a few times back in the day. Once again, why do I not know this? Am sure Warrior would be laughing.. ๐Ÿ˜† I ran with this and went on and on about real injuries, entertainment, and such. I also said how I owned some movies as he might be aware if ever he wanted to watch??? A door had opened a little and I SLAMMED it open more. I probably overwhelmed him but first the “Fighting with My Family” movie and now this. Just WOW on my end.

The last family wrestling story is that of the “real” stuff on the bar T.V. My cousin was married to a guy that coached for years while also raising their two boys in the sport. One excelled better than the other but they surprised me. The one that excelled is NOT raising his three boys to be wrestlers but the other is. He also has coached them and all three of HIS boys are wrestlers. How ironic is that? I remember those two Dads as boys wrestling and now it becomes generational to one. Their Dad is beaming in Heaven… ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป BTW– their Dad shared Warrior’s birthday year…

My cousin (their mother) and I just recently last summer connected spiritually . She was a young widow like Dana but remarried many years ago. No idea that she bought my book and has had spiritual gifts her whole life! Her middle son and daughter do also. Another surprising Wow moment as we have had many conversations. I feel so honored knowing our blood shares this beautiful gift of knowing the afterlife more. Neither of us knew of the other’s situation and I never would’ve guessed the many family stories she shared with me.

My wrestling stories may not be exactly like yours but we need to share to learn. You never know what WOW moments could be behind that wrestling “curtain.” Wrestling really is part of my family history and I OWN it always! ๐Ÿคผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป


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Many Meaningful Masks

We do wear lots of masks throughout our lives warriors as some may have read on this blog before. This post isn’t quite as deep as getting to the real us but does involve several “mask” stories of my OWN that became very meaningful. A few are slightly amusing but then a few are well…., not so much. I do believe I’ve mentioned painting the Ultimate Warrior’s mask on my face was never something I’d do. Dana has had her face marked with her own brand of warrior woman paint but I only dabbled in small symbols on my cheeks. After all, he did that for a brief time so for me that was enough.

When my youngest sister was still quite little, I loved coloring and drawing with her. We had a few chalkboards to use for many creations. Guess what I showed her? Yep, the Ultimate Warrior mask. Why did that pop in my head? I wasn’t sure she’d fully understand my intensity back then so it was just called a “cat mask.” O.K., I know it doesn’t really look like a cat face but she bought it and became my muse of choice. She actually does still remember those times! Glad my silliness was so memorable and unforgettable to her. Just like Warrior was and still is to me.

Another funny memory was painting Easter eggs. Being a teenage girl meant most were done with that tradition but again with having a sibling ten years younger made me still participate. I remember painting an egg purple and then adding his mask in the middle with yellow. Those are Easter colors for real! So very proud of how it turned out. I realize this sounds obsessive as perhaps even true fans out there didn’t do this. We all have weird stuff as teens and I gotta say that was mild compared to other things kids my age were doing. ๐Ÿ˜ฌAm sure you have your own crazy times too! This was sweet to me and I’ve shared a lot personally so there warriors– you get another interesting tidbit from my past.

These last few are a little bittersweet. When I heard about Warrior’s HOF induction, the months just seemed to fly by as that Spring came fast. Some will know how warm it was that April here in Ohio which is discussed in my book Spirit and Belief. My daughter was still into chalk drawing like her aunt many years ago. I drew the Ultimate Warrior mask on our driveway in many different colors so happy for his upcoming weekend. They were great as I hadn’t even tried drawing that mask in years. My girl never questioned the validity as it’s just a symbol. Little did she know how much it meant to her Mama. *** PAUSE*** A few days later, Warrior passed. ๐Ÿ’”

I still could see those colorful masks in one spot of our driveway out my window. It made me so sad, shocked, and angry. With no rain coming, they were erased by me without a trace remaining. It was too much then even with no tears but now, I’d leave them for different reasons. Even though the chalk was erased from that pavement, I could never erase him from my life no matter how hard I tried almost six years ago.

This time also coincided with my daughter having a Dance Party at her school along with face painting. She had these beautiful butterflies on her cheeks and loved them. A few days after Warrior’s passing and I see my girl’s face painted. Of course this isn’t his mask like the other stories but my emotions still fought it.

My Dad’s big 70th birthday party was the next night and with sleep, her butterflies faded a little. She asked me to paint them back on so she could show off her face to everyone. I obliged but told her Mama would do the best I could and to not get mad. My hands were shaking as I picked up that first brush and chose her color. Why? Come on Kathy– this isn’t his mask, what’s wrong with you? Well, that was how much of my grief got displayed. I just told her I was nervous since that wasn’t something she rarely asked of me. Warrior’s mask- No. Face paint-yes. It still mattered a lot. Never could I even put on the mask from the book “A Life Lived Forever.” I had held it up to my face but the strap broke. I wasn’t meant to wear it…

Warrior created his many painted masks for the Ultimate Warrior character which I never ever wanted to replicate. It wasn’t for me but I guess other meaningful mask stories came to be. To even think I had mask stories surprised me until back from my memory bank they were there again. Just like Warrior.

If any of you have ever painted the U.W. mask on yourself or anyone else, bravo! Your masks are meaningful to you just like mine were to me. Warrior painted different masks and each became a story with ultimate meanings. No chalk could ever be erased from my memory. He was there with or without his mask and still will forever be. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

P.S. We recently finally saw the movie “Fighting with my Family” which depicts the true story of Paige in the WWE. I really needed a chalkboard to slide my nails down since it shows WMXXX and Monday Night RAW of April 7, 2014… ๐Ÿ˜ณ The U.W. wrestling buddy doll is also in this movie so sorry for the spoiler alert!! My husband even liked it. Another chalkboard moment.


Even Warriors Need Help

Do any of you warriors ask for help when needed? I guess it really depends on your situation but if you’re anything like me, it’s a challenge. Sometimes even an ultimate one. Warrior was also like that as he too didn’t want help in many areas of his life. That photo above is part of his WCW run but he references ideas in the Ultimate Collection DVD. He had some possible storylines involving his character then but actually admits: “I couldn’t do it all by myself.” Most might’ve thought he never bothered listening or working well with others but there were occasions when that wasn’t true.

In his professional days after wrestling, he even made a YouTube video asking anyone for help with his website and content design. He asked for resumes online! I was so surprised by that but very grateful to know Steve Wilton came aboard. We are all stubborn but that’s o.k. I usually exhaust all my resources before agreeing to any help. Asking for help is sometimes looked upon as a weakness when it truly isn’t.

When it comes to my website, I try as much as I can before contacting the publisher. It is my independent nature and once something gets accomplished, confidence matters. ***My kids are rarely sick but I’m not one of those mothers that calls the doctor over every little thing. If you do, that’s fine. After all, we hate to see them sick for long. I try my best first and she’s even complimented me on that. Guess sometimes I can rock this mom thing!

I remember when my daughter was learning to ride her bike. I bet some of you that are parents can relate if your kids are past that stage. She only wanted Daddy (of course) and then decided no more help was needed. Oh boy, was that ever a scene! I had a book I was reading at the time so found a spot while trying to distract myself from her antics. We have a really long driveway so she had plenty of room but no sidewalks nearby. She kicked that bike and yelled and screamed. I really thought she was going to pick it up and throw it! Well, she calmed down and did learn to ride after much trying without any more help.

She is quite the Gemini warrior girl still but her Mama is the Virgo warrior. We are very similar in that regard. My son was so much the opposite but now with age, independence kicks in. As parents, we still want to help but they do need to find their own way. We are quick to swoop in when they are little but then there’s that time to back off some. Becoming an independent adult is tricky but necessary for growth.

Us adults need help with some areas of our lives despite kids thinking we don’t. They also probably think learning stops when school eventually does. Nope, not that either. We should be life-long learners and ask for help along this journey. I know for me spiritually, at first never did I ask for help. Never. I didn’t think that was feasibly possible. Sure, we might be very vague with our questions but I had no idea those in Spirit really and truly HELP specifically. I have said before that I never invoked Warrior at all. Again, I was doing things that aligned with his areas of expertise but humility became such a factor.

It is a very different story now as I know the signs and can respond. No, I am not filled with constant expectations nor am I desperate. Our traits remain the same and I have never wavered. Alright, sometimes a compromise is needed but your thoughts do influence your actions.

Think of areas in your life where help is necessary. Maybe not but two heads are better than one, right? I can attest to that! It never means you can’t do something but just with a little inspiration, you can and will do it better. I know this is very true for me. I am certain it will be true for you too. There are topics I won’t compromise on so then that leads down a slightly different road. So what? Life is that journey with many gorilla slams!!

Ask for help when you need to warriors. Am sure you’ll get it in the best way possible. Maybe not what you expect but accept it anyway. Perhaps one day you can return the favor and help another thru their ultimate journey… โšก๏ธโœจ

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The Magazine Maze

It’s week #2 of yet ANOTHER dream connecting Warrior to something in my life. This time it wasn’t teaching in the past but concerns the now in my present.

My spiritual group Harmonic Journeys hosts many events at the director’s home. How would her home involve Warrior? Let’s begin….

In this dream, I was arriving at HJ to attend a meeting. I am in a book club but no idea what event led me there that night. She has many things and I have gone for other classes sometimes. Her house was much larger and more suited to be a mansion instead of the historic charmer it truly is. Upon arriving, I saw many rooms all packed with people. She does want to expand but this space was filled!

For some reason, it became quite a labyrinth or maze leading me from one room to the next. I recognized a few people but never uttered a word to any. Some rooms were filled with laughter, food, talking, and other spiritual sessions. One room was silent as many sat in a circle meditating to soft music. The kitchen was smaller than most areas and I saw my director along with the facilitator of our book club. Their backs were to me but I continued on. No idea really if I was lost or just curious. Nobody ever greeted me but I made my way downstairs to the basement. That is when everything changed.

The basement reminded me so much of my aunt and uncle’s house as they have both passed now. What a great similarity as I was filled with such nostalgia. They were so many activities going on down there as that seemed to be the busiest area. The difference was that I saw kids- lots of them. My aunt and uncle’s house had a playroom for their many kids so this scene brought me happiness. I used to teach kids so it was very fitting.

I looked around and loved seeing all of the wonderful closeness experienced by this group downstairs. While making my way around the room, I saw some children seated around a table. There were adults nearby but these kids were well entertained. Such a different atmosphere than upstairs which seemed more structured with meetings. The basement was more of a big party setting as adults and youth interacted. The table contained books, puzzles, and games. It was then that I noticed something out of place and yet familiar…

That magazine you see above was placed on this table with all the kid stuff! I just stared at it like with another magazine in the grocery store years ago. That was in 1993, blogged about and mentioned in my book Spirit and Belief. So coincidental having a dream relevant to some life moments with Warrior. I’ve talked about other magazines before like The History Term Paper and also buying one in 1996 upon Warrior’s Wrestlemania XII return. How in the world is a magazine on this table from 1998? So many questions yet again. Did someone’s Dad bring it as a fun memory? How can this involve me being here?

After staring forever and looking around, a little boy said : “You can have that if you want.” Um—, WHAT? I told him how it belonged to someone else so am sure I couldn’t take it. He didn’t seem to care about my answer and said it was mine to have as nobody claimed it. Still no idea how it got there… ๐Ÿค” Well, it was then I woke up without ever really knowing if I took the magazine or not.

Warrior didn’t fully enjoy his WCW run but I’ve never had a reference with that so why not? After all, dreams are what we make them to be. It wasn’t that hard to figure out after a time. This dream was combining my past with my present. Warrior and my spiritual group together in the NOW. Or should I say O.W.N.? ( for all you Warrior fans!) He was in my past just like teaching kids but he’s also part of my present life. Always some humor or confusion and yet a lesson to look at. To get a message saying it was O.K. made me know it truly is. My Magazine Maze led me where I needed to be all along. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. The Ultimate Warrior appeared on a few Nov. wrestling magazine covers. While thinking of this post a few weeks ago, I had started dinner. I turned on the radio and heard: “November Rain” by Guns N’Roses. Gotta always love my Nov. references!! I also heard “The Warrior” by Scandal shortly afterward. Earlier that day, I had also found a blue jay feather. My sign from Warrior… A 3 count for the WIN!

P.P.S. It’s also my Book Club tonight at HJ! ๐Ÿ˜„


The Birthday Plans โ˜”๏ธ๐Ÿšดโ€โ™€๏ธ

I really should share this story in about a month and a half when my birthday is but it was on my mind so August it will be. This does concern WrestleMania VI. I know- so many memories, right? Hard to believe I bought the VHS tape over 20 years ago! Again, it seems like yesterday and forever all at once…๐Ÿ“ผ

I would sneak downstairs alone to watch when no one was there but me. They wouldn’t mind but so much more fun emotionally watching ALONE! My brother would’ve been great to watch with but he didn’t live at home anymore. After the “newness” wore off, the tape got put on my shelf with other collectibles. It wasn’t until a few years later that I started a new little tradition for myself. Once I moved, it probably got stored in the attic until it came back a little closer.

The first few years in our house watching the last match of WMVI on my birthday became a yearly event. Then, it started to fade from my plan as I became a mother. We still had our VCR hooked up in the early 2000’s but now it was time for baby and kid shows. My husband and I had quite the collection of movies but rarely watched them anymore. Has he ever seen WMVI? Not with me if at all! One of these days I keep telling myself… Of course now on DVD.

The birthday plans with that tradition literally got shelved as my life revolved around two babies back then. Many years went by and now the VCR was hooked up in the basement as the DVD player took its place. In 2012, I turned 40. We took a trip to California in the summer but this was September and now officially my birthday. With my husband at work, kids in school, and just me with the new puppy, it had to be extra special. My family and friends would celebrate but this time was for me alone.

I wanted to do something different for myself but nothing seemed to interest me. Getting lunch? Nah.. A manicure? Nope, probably too rushed before the kids bus. Then, I thought of a bike ride. Perfect! The puppy wouldn’t be left too long and it is one of my favorite activities. I had it all planned out and went outside to go.

I wasn’t even looking at the sky as it started to pour! Hurriedly, I rushed inside already soaking wet. Oh no! My birthday plan for myself was ruined. โ˜น๏ธ I was so mad… Ah, the little things. I rarely did much for myself and now this rain. After a few sulking minutes, WMVI popped in my head! No way. Where did that thought come from? I hadn’t watched it in years and had forgotten all about my old birthday plans.

Since the VCR was now in the basement, I had to watch down there. I was planning on working out later anyway so why not now? I could do both. Hooray! The tradition had returned. I did watch other parts that I love too ya know! ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜‰ Best for last though! It was so interesting getting that memory back on a milestone birthday for me.

It has been part of my birthday now ever since. Maybe not on a weekend when others occupy my space but it’s during the week for sure. Five years ago, I needed to watch but our VCR was no longer connected. This was in April and not September so it was part of my grief. I couldn’t remember all the hook-ups and called my husband. I just said I wanted to watch a favorite movie of mine while holding back tears. The sound came but no picture. Ugh.., I finally gave up in exasperation. Little did I know at the time how a brand NEW DVD would soon come my way that contained WMVI naturally. O.K, I could’ve ordered it on Amazon but so not in my thought process…

For the past three years, I have gotten something extra special from Warrior on my birthday. This may sound kinda crazy for anyone new reading my blog but spiritually, it’s true. It’s all archived!!! I’ve had a few things on his special day as well. I will keep my birthday plan going as that tradition began so long ago. Sure I can watch WMVI anytime but getting that memory back almost seven years ago means so much to me. It needs to be honored.

From a VHS tape to a DVD, it makes no difference. I have watched in my childhood home and now the house we share as a family. I can go to the WWE website or even watch on YouTube now but I don’t. There is nothing like having your OWN. Who knows what this birthday will bring but WMVI is always on my wish list. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿคผโ€โ™€๏ธ

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P.S. Ironically, when starting to write this today, I was outside and it started to pour! No bike ride planned but hopefully I can still walk the dog in a bit!!


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