My History with Dreaming😴

Hello there, fellow dreamers! At least I hope you are. Even if you don’t remember those “nighttime sleeping ones,” we all have dreams in this life to pursue. Today though, I’m gonna clue you in on the history with my very active dreaming life. I hope then some of you might understand a little more about those vivid yet sometimes wacky Warrior dreams I receive. I was destined to have them come to me anyways but knowing I have been a dreamer since childhood helped out a bunch. I’m not saying if you have that trait, a past celebrity will come in your dreams or even if you’ll remember any. Not all mine are wacky and yet if significant enough, my memory recalls them. Not all are funny, cute, or about Warrior either. It’s a mixed up scene where anything goes but here’s my history.

As a child, I would struggle to fall asleep. I was all set in bed and my sister would zonk out pretty fast in hers. I didn’t. I would have busy days, but my mind couldn’t settle. How could I be wide awake an hour later? That doesn’t happen with kids, does it? My mom would come in and rub my belly or talk quietly but nope, nothing seemed to work. I was never much of a napper as I’ve said before, but this was night when all was quiet and dark. Who would count sheep? Sorry if that worked for you but I always thought it to be very silly. 🙄🐑Are sheep like our fluffy pillows or something? I never understood it and never found out why. The truth is, I was a kid with anxiety but didn’t know that term then. No medicine either. My worries were about friends, school stuff, social activities, and whatever else. Now I know my brain is still like that. Adults are different of course with their worries, and all have anxiety but my sensitivities as a child seemed puzzling. I didn’t count sheep but was the black sheep and still am. That’s OK though. I know better now.

I can’t tell you how this came to be but finally after who knows what amount of time went by, I found my cure two ways. Again, I was young and this might not work for everyone but my intuition or maybe even imagination became a Tag Team helping that little girl self. The first solution was to think of my favorite things. You can sing the song here, I won’t. I will say though I have re-written that famous song in my head with my favorites multiple times. 🥰 It became like a mantra which is similar to my grown-up ones of today. Instead of: “I am grounded, I am centered, I am relaxed, etc…” of now, it was: “I LIKE…” of yesteryear. Some of mine were: ” I like to swim. I like to sing. I like to ride my bike. I like to play with dolls. I like to read books. I like summer. I like the color pink. I like pizza.” Get it? Over time, my brain focused on those things, and it worked! No long sentences either. I even used this technique years later for my daughter and it worked for her too. I was around 10 or so when first doing this so think simple innocent things. Really though, many of those things are still my likes of today.

The next idea made perfect sense to me with all the TV I watched. I KNOW many of you have imagined being in or on your favorite shows, maybe even movies? Possibly not in a dream but you thought about it back in the day I bet. One of the first for me was “The Dukes of Hazzard.” . Who doesn’t love a car chase to get you to go to sleep ha ha? I would be a friend of Daisy’s and I’d write an entire plot for an episode. See, writing in my mind even then. OK, I did “like” John Schneider but again, I was 10. Some storylines would get more involved as I got a little older with other shows, but ya know what~~~ I fell asleep and that was all that mattered. 🥱👏🏻

So, we DO need that imagination as we age too. It isn’t just for childhood. Warrior had said this many, many times. It keeps us being dreamers, (not just at night) but also motivating us to keep going towards that positive goal. It isn’t meant to be disregarded just because we don’t make believe as kids anymore. Imagining helps bring ideas to fruition and gives them life. Look at many success stories of others and you will know what I mean. “Dreams don’t do themselves.” I know that Warrior but they start somewhere. To any wondering- NO, NO, NO about my Warrior dreams. I shouldn’t even have to defend but will for a moment. None of those dreams shared have been me “making them up,” letting my mind grieve way back, or any other excuses one would say. I do believe our imagination DOES work with the Universe to guide as a team. We are not bystanders, although in dreams we might seem to be. They come as lessons, hints on our journey, or areas we need to work on. It could be very broad but they are never without meaning. Yes, some may just be to amuse or connect to your daily life but others go deeper at times. It’s up to us to find the why if we choose to. 

Warrior used his imagination to dream a life he truly wanted whether that was his possible career ideas or more personal. We need to be the same. It might sound silly but we need that child like ability to really get excited about anything that interests us. I’ve had my real life get played out in dreams and then dreams that hinted on my real life. This might not be like you but it is all part of us. Dreams will influence your life in ways sometimes unimaginable. Your history will not be mine but we might intersect along the way during this journey of life. Ya never can tell. 😉 I use to share my dreams with family when younger as some were so weird and crazy, I just had to tell. As time went on, I became more defensive since they meant much more to me and so very personal. They weren’t just passed loved ones either. It wasn’t a joke anymore although some can still be. The audience needed to be changed so it became my job being more selective. 

Write some down if you can and perhaps you’ll begin a little history of your OWN. The weirder ones you’ll remember the most but many remembered are amazing too. If struggling to get to the actual “dreamland,” just don’t count sheep! Try my tricks from childhood or think of new ones. Use that imagination too, it does work. Crystals under my pillow work as well for you spiritual folks. 💎 We ALL dream as my daughter recently learned in her psychology class. I already knew…🥹

P.S. That’s another promo pic from the “Always Believe” DVD. Check out his pants!! More to come… Oh, and 2 of my birthdays are on there.

1st= my 14th (:

2nd= my 20th (:

*** 6 years apart, that number again!

P.P.S. AND, many songs have

“Dream (s)” in the title and I thought of some but none used today. A few days before writing this post, I DID wake up with the song “Imagination” in my head from the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” How about that? One of my faves, connecting to this post, and I played Charlie’s Mom- Mrs. Bucket in a grade school production back in the day! That’s been shared…. 🍫🌈💫🙏🏻

*** Find more dreams in my book “Spirit and Belief.” It’s over on Amazon and other book retailers…

The Journey of Forgiveness

That’s a big word warriors, I know. Quite the switch from last week’s dream. I debated whether or not to resurrect yet another post idea from my “Spirit and Belief” blogging days. First, I thought to say “A Lesson in Forgiveness” but that sounded so preachy like gloom and doom or something. That’s not what I want to do but that word of forgiveness looms about, doesn’t it? For some of us, it can be quite easy based on our own experiences but for most~~~ it’s HARD… I know many of you can think of numerous times were either you had to forgive someone or you yourself had to be forgiven. First off, do this for me. Forgive yourself before anyone else. You read that right. I do and you should too. Once you do, it will become easier dealing with others. I have often said how we are hardest on ourselves and give that negative self talk time to get in our heads. Just truly catch yourself and say things like “delete, cancel, or erase.” Every time you beat yourself up for not saying, doing, or even thinking the right thing, stop it right now. 🛑 You can do it because we need the positive like Warrior said. I need to keep practicing what I write to all of you too.

The photo I used today is a funny story. Once watching the “Always Believe” DVD, there were so many photo choices for me as this was one of them. It took forever to get the right shot of him smiling but glad I got it. When walking through WWE’s HQ “halls,” was Warrior making his way back (not just literally) into forgiveness? Quite possibly but obviously not at that exact moment. The Boss, legends, and current roster were all on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear what he had put into his HOF speech. Even after being gone 18 years, would he still be bashing most or trashing them? Sure, Warrior mentioned a few things but I’m quite positive he shocked many with his different demeanor. People mentioned forgiveness, as yes- Warrior was genuine but were the others receptive and then accepting? Hard to know for sure as Warrior didn’t have the opportunity to become that ambassador. I want to believe they accepted this “new” Warrior and would in turn offer forgiveness back. He needed to do that and they all needed it too. He made peace like what was said and because of that, the extra baggage that entailed didn’t go with him to parts unknown like it sure can.

Warrior’s example always gets me thinking of my own relationships with some who have wronged me. Are there some things in life super hard to forgive or get past? Absolutely YES just like a few in Warrior’s life as his speech mentioned. Forgiveness is tricky because I like you thought it differently. The other person may never reciprocate but you need to practice that word for you, not them. By just stating an intention for the goodness of forgiving, you are sending a powerful message. We don’t even have to physically be with those who have hurt us. You can voice it aloud to yourself, write a letter, (I know that’s challenging) but then burn it, or just move forward in a way that works. We need to take some action instead of saying we will and then don’t.

Even if it doesn’t come to you, try again another day. Be willing to change and really put some effort into it, the benefits will come. I truly believe forgiveness is one of if not the most important “lesson.” After all, we do need to learn. It is part of our purpose here but we have many. What a lifelong journey it becomes. I often wonder about forgiveness being given to Warrior’s Dad from him. He knows that whole story now behind his Dad leaving the family even more and why it had to happen. At least that is what I believe but we all probably have those stories with our loved ones in spirit. It takes so much to put that word of forgiveness into action but is necessary for our growth.

It heals us in ways we can’t fully understand. I have done a lot of work on this. It is much trial and error, patience, and time. Do it now before you get to parts unknown with all this unresolved. I won’t tell you how to specifically forgive but just look at your life and see who or what needs to be let go in a way. The band Firehouse” whom Warrior references in some videos had a beautiful song called “Let Go.” I’ll link it at the end. It came to me once working out. No idea they did a song like that. Give it a listen, it’s very powerful and exactly what I needed to hear for different reasons but still fit. Its message can be many things but forgiveness does factor in as well. All the answers are inside you which is part of a lyric. Warrior said that too. I cried, of course. 🥲

Oh boy, is this post getting to me but it’s what came so that’s what I write. I believe in forgiveness and forgiving. I hope you do too. It took Warrior years to get to that point in his life but it served him well living where he did with his Warrior girls. I’m not telling you to move although we will be in a few years. Your perspective shifts and you evolve as we all should. Do we completely change? No, I don’t believe so. Some may think otherwise but deep down, we still are US… We need to advance though and relationships are such a huge part of this. Warrior reached out to Linda McMahon about his girlfriend Dana at the time and also wanted to reach out to Vince after his first daughter was born. See, even Warrior had it in him but not enough back then to start the process of true forgiveness. I’m still not there with some but am learning. Many may say Warrior did all that with the return to WWE because of his health condition. We may never fully know but that process started long before 2014 and aren’t we grateful it happened? I know I am… 💙

Bring that forgiveness into your life and learn to let go. It is a journey and a big lesson but one we all have in common as humans on this earth in these physical bodies. Yes, it can be messy and emotional but so worth it in the end. When your time comes to parts unknown you can say: “I did it for Me!” However you get your inspiration, just try forgiveness. You will know the story someday. Live for now. Let the present moment be your “present” to yourself. 🎁

P.S. Here’s “Let Go” by Firehouse…

P.P.S. I checked and last week’s dream made number 30… ( he has not been in them all but the reference is always there…) beautiful Warrior connection, especially this post… There have been others that were little but the biggies make 30… 🙏🏻🥹😴

My Wandering Tent Dream ⛺️😴💙

I do realize this title sounds bizarre but you’ll understand as the post continues on. This dream took several twists and turns with so many people popping up, it was hard to keep track. No wonder sometimes I wake up like I hadn’t slept at all. 😲 I do go everywhere when I dream, ya know… The full moon of last week brought other bizarre dreams too and it was in Virgo which is my sign. 🌕♍️ I’m sure few of you are “Astro” buffs but I follow somewhat. The moon does affect me in ways it never did years ago, so these dreams could be part of that, but not all. Let’s begin, shall we?

This seemed to be at a fairground or something similar. That takes me back to another dream many years ago, but it has been told already and is in my book: “Spirit and Belief.” I was with my husband and son in this dream, no daughter. That’s OK as she was in a dream with Dana and Mattie of Warrior’s family so this time it was me and the guys. We had a bucket of chicken like from KFC and were just walking around looking at everything. Humor follows me everywhere. 😅 My husband wandered off (very typical of him at times when we are shopping together in real life,) and then my son went to go find him. Really? Let’s leave Mom with the chicken bucket as we just go off without her! That was oddly weird. Guess I just assumed I’d meet up with them somehow later. There was so much to see, I just had to keep going.

Then, I saw what seemed to be a small tent like those strange shows at the fair with “Mermaid Girl,” “World’s Smallest Horse,” or something like that. I remember seeing “Gorilla Girl” years ago. All smoke and mirrors with strobe lights of course but silly fun. No one was in there, but a movie was playing. Yes, another movie again but not quite the same. I immediately saw Warrior’s face on that burlap side of the tent wall similar to a hologram. The bucket of chicken and I grabbed a chair without looking and sat to watch. Good thing I didn’t miss the chair! Most have a bucket of popcorn at the movies, I had my chicken. 🍗 I’m still laughing at this. 🤣 Anyways, when I sat down, I knew right away how this was the second movie Warrior made. I actually said :“this is the second movie he made and I never saw it!” To any confused, he WAS planning to sign on to star in another movie after “Firepower” but left Hollywood before that could happen. If you recall, I had another dream of Warrior in a 🎥 similar to “Conan the Barbarian” but this time was different. Instead of Conan like Arnold, it was more like “The Terminator.” Who was playing this movie and why wasn’t anyone else around? Was this just for me? Had it been playing? Always questions…

I seemed to stay in that tent for a while and nobody else ever joined me. Here’s a little bit of the plot. Warrior was a cyborg and left his mostly “human” life to fight crime. A true superhero indeed. No idea how he became a cyborg but I remember seeing lightning strike him and then a scene like when your body turns into a skeleton. You see flashing bones in a way. Yep, that’s what I saw. Years went by in the movie and this teenage girl had to find him. She was his daughter, although he didn’t know. He was pretty famous as this cyborg superhero but I had no idea he was being followed. She finally told him who she was and had proof in someway. She stayed with him as they continued to fight crime together. No true ending as that was all I saw. Guess I had forgotten about my family, oh no! Were they looking for me? I had to leave the tent but what an interesting movie for sure. I was happy to have finally seen his second movie!? Would he have taken on a similar role if things lined up— who knows? Maybe I was given another possible future 👀…

It was then how I kept wandering and saw so many other things that seemed out of place but really~ it’s common place in my dreams. This part felt like a scene from “This is Your Life.” First, I saw my brother-in-law and his wife. They seemed to be walking somewhere but I never felt like anyone saw me. Next, it was my mom and stepmom carrying covered dishes of food like they were going to a potluck or something. Was this still the fair or another place? They were talking but I never spoke to either, maybe I was invisible? I could see lots of streets and it was more open like with cafés, shopping, and people eating. All of a sudden I looked and saw my childhood best friend’s sister. She was seated at an outdoor table chatting with some friends. I haven’t seen her in years, so why now? Then, there was a big above ground pool like what we have in our yard but I looked down and I was in it! How did I change into a swimsuit? This was getting ridiculous as it went along.

By that time in the dream, I believe lucidity set in as I told myself to wake up and get out of there. No clue on if I ever found my boys or not but I got out of the pool and headed over to a big grassy field. It seemed to go nowhere but then I finally did awaken. I have tried to put all these pieces together that happened after Warrior’s movie. It could’ve just been people I have known, although some interesting pairings. The BF’s sister is the odd one that doesn’t connect but maybe something is going on with her. It is what it is. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ In the beginning, I thought maybe an abandonment issue but I didn’t really know. I do have holiday issues as well with family so that could explain it needing to be resolved. I just have to keep going down my road and not worry so much about others and their detailed lives. It sounds selfish, but truly isn’t. The boys just had to do their own thing so I could do mine, and that included being in that fair tent all alone watching Warrior. Well, not entirely since I did have my chicken bucket! 

I always thank the Universe for showing me aspects that either need to be healed, not feared, or maybe just observed. I too always thank Warrior for showing me aspects of his life however they come in whatever form. The movie was really cool and obviously presented to me for a reason. The other stuff is a little harder to figure out. Maybe some of you have detailed dreams like mine and yes, they do seem a bit much (that’s putting it mildly, I know!) but it’s been my whole life. Warrior in them has not been of course, but they all have purpose and I am grateful. Now, the next time I get a bucket of chicken I’ll think of that fair tent with Warrior as a cyborg. I’ll also have to watch my guys the next time we are together and see what happens!

P.S. As Arnold said in “The Terminator” movie: I’ll be back!” He met a young “Warrior” years ago when bodybuilding… 🏋🏻‍♀️

P.P.S. It is a rarity that I pre write these in front of anyone but the Warrior part was already written so I could just concentrate on the rest. We were all in the living room and of course I get asked what I’m writing, ugh… I did say a little about the boys, chicken, and the tent but left out particulars! My girl starts making me laugh by showing goofy pics on her phone. They were buckets of chicken, different types of tents, and so much more. It was hysterical but I did actually finish writing after all her shenanigans! 😅😂🤣

My Spiritual Hope 🎞️💽💙

Don’t freak out warriors. I’m not getting all “heavenly” here by preaching about hope although I always can but those that have been with me know some of my favorite topics. Movies and music. It’s movie time once again and this had been written on my previous blog of “Spirit and Belief” (also the book title.) It is worthy of a post here today. As usual, I like to do a little “flashback” for those that are new. It is a small reflection on sadness but it does connect so here we go. When Warrior passed, I wanted to get out my Ultimate collection of things and of course WM6. I was planning on watching it but alas, our VCR was now in the basement not hooked up and I only had it on VHS, no DVD. I could’ve looked into clips on WWE or YouTube but nope, I wanted mine. With all my shock, somehow the right wires wouldn’t connect and I only had sound, no picture. I couldn’t concentrate.

For some reason, I called my husband at work (it was lunchtime) and told him I wanted to watch one of my movies. He asked which one? Huh? Why did THAT matter? I got out the one on top-“Hope Floats” starring Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr., love them both! I even left it out so he’d think later on I actually wanted to watch it. Oh, those emotional times. Never did I figure it out as more despondency filled me up. But, like one of the last lines in that movie of “Hope Floats” says: “just give hope a chance to float up and it will.” It did eventually and boy did I need it to. I also LOVE the song from the movie and yes- to any wondering- it is on my playlist. You can look that up on your own. Garth Brooks singing? Yes please!

This takes us to my other movie collections and some of you will notice a “running” theme. They ARE good movies though and I do love comedies but these, well, am sure you’ll get it. If you haven’t seen any- just Google the title and you’ll find a description. Here’s a list of some I own and a few were on VHS back then. “Meet Joe Black,” “Sister Act,” “GHOST,” “Field of Dreams,” “Braveheart” ( I have the soundtrack on tape, …) “The Wedding Singer,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” ( that’s been told!) “When Harry Met Sally,” ( a fave!) “Wild Hogs,” (another that’s been told) “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Forrest Gump,” “Wedding Crashers,” and so many more I can’t think of without looking. Here’s another side note: I have the “City of Angels” CD soundtrack (think WM7 commentary…) There’s a song on that one.., OH MY… WOW… It was not one played often or on the radio then. Do I listen to it? You bet, hehe… 🤭 So, once I looked at some of these movies- I found a theme. They are not in order up above but can you find it? It actually upset me. Well, I did like some of the guys in those movies- Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Costner but that’s not it. Anyone remember my post about our South Dakota trip? “Dances with Wolves” is another one but I don’t own it… Out in that Santa Fe Truck Stop Diner area is where parts of the D.W.W. movie was filmed. Ok, back to your guesses. I was getting side-tracked…

Many of them, including the music involves some sort of spiritual idea or even hope in some way. I remember getting most of them as birthday or Christmas gifts from my mom years ago and how happy I was. I told myself after Patrick Swayze died that I would never watch “GHOST” again. Um, I did and then it was Warrior’s turn as time went on. Years prior, my youngest sister and I loved parts of that movie and Whoopi Goldberg’s character of Oda Mae. No, I am not a medium but the scene when Sam keeps singing to her as she’s trying to sleep, so funny! Warrior doesn’t sing to me but I do get some pretty constant messages in songs, just not like Oda Mae. 😉 How about the one ghost (I so prefer spirit but will use that word here) named Orlando. Think Warrior’s last match of 2008 in Spain. Yeah, great movie but get this…

When I finally did watch it again, the loud ringing in my ear came during the subway train scene with Sam and another ghost. This man doesn’t like Sam in his territory but wants to help him. It’s all about training the mind to move objects. Why that scene? Maybe the mind reference but there it was, ringing loud and clear. As Sam says to Molly at the end: “ It’s amazing Molly. The love inside, you take it with you.” Life imitating art for Patrick just like Warrior but that time watching, I wasn’t sad. It was beautiful in a new way for me and I finally got it. 🥲

I just really liked these movies despite their somewhat emotional messages but when I saw a connection, it perplexed me. Little did I know how they would influence my spiritual development or why I was attracted to the storylines. Ok, I did have some personal investment but no idea on the deeper meanings. Another one I don’t own but love the song from is “Chances Are.” Even though it’s kinda a bizarre afterlife story, I loved it. It is creepy with how this man comes back to his family but still a touching film. Do I believe that’s how reincarnation works? I sure hope NOT but again, not going all heavenly on you all here. The song is a duet with Peter Cetera and Cher. It’s from 1990 like “GHOST” – great year so guess I am “outing” myself again. I’m a sucker for romance. 🥰 Can’t believe I never got that movie. So many to choose from and no, I don’t do it purposefully. If you look back at my list, you’ll see others that don’t have that theme. “Sister Act” maybe but I sang in choir and so have my own memories. Plus, I am really good at guessing the movie years! It bugs my husband but when it is something I like, I will know. Most of the time I get it right and if I’m off- it’s usually only by one year. He wins other little silly competitions.., 😜

I hope I didn’t give away too many spoilers here with these movies. Maybe I’ve inspired you to check them out as I can’t assume you have seen them all. They did become my spiritual hope as movies are a break from our everyday lives. I’ve even mentioned many animated Disney films on here too. “Inside Out” , that was a biggie… Interesting how some will connect to a certain person, place, or thing in our lives but then somehow give us the hope we need to continue. I do believe in hope but we still need to turn it into an actionable word because it just won’t do itself. You can have that hope and then work at it. Don’t put all that you are into one hopeful basket. We can’t just hope for the best but try our hardest to make it happen. That’s how it works.

I still love those movies but don’t want the sadness all the time. The Universe was planting my spiritual hope before I ever really knew it. The hope I aspire has to come from within myself and Warrior’s spiritual energy gives me the strength I need as well. Just give hope that chance in whatever you face and along with the tag-team partner of yourself, the Universe will float it up… I really need that movie on DVD. Go watch some goodies you own! Now, I have “Henry the VIII” in my head from “GHOST!” And no- I also didn’t just love “Braveheart” for the face paint! Warrior loved it too but I would’ve had no idea back in 1995 when it came out (:

P.S. Check out my book for another movie reference connection to “Bruce Almighty.” I mention one scene but always have others… The book is over at Amazon and other outlets, thank you! 📗🙋🏻‍♀️🥹

Always Ultimate Belief 💙

Hi there warriors. How are you? I hope you are doing well as this new month of March begins. Spring is just around the corner here in my neck of the woods, so I am ready for more of the sun. ☀️ This week I decided to stand by a statement I wrote last week regarding the “Always Believe” DVD. Now that I have finished watching it in its entirety, I do have some views. If anyone hasn’t seen it or even “The Ultimate Collection,” you might not want to read no further. I am not dissecting it all of course but just wanted to touch on a few comparisons and contrasts of both. It’s a rarity I have a part 2 but it has been done before. I also have LOTS of good photos from AB coming up. You’ll be seeing my living room in many… Can you believe it? Another common date is coming soon. You fans can possibly guess based on my writings but that’ll be next month. Let’s stick to today for now.

I will say this, and maybe it’s that teen girl coming out but I love all the promos and interview segments on AB. Sometimes, those get “eye rolled” like I have said when it comes to the nonsensical ramblings of the Ultimate Warrior. They excite me more than a few of the quick little squash matches of AB that I found not entirely necessary. Definitely a few “pause” moments for sure and a biggie for me was Warrior’s backstage interaction with Scott Hall a.k.a. “Razor Ramon.” I know the whys. They were inducted together and I have a few personal stories involving him that have been shared.

His passing last year brought the ringing in my ear just before finding out and he was part of a movie reference years ago. I loved how he said: “What DVD?” Thank you Scott for not bringing up THAT one… Vince’s book “The Little Engine that Could” also gave me pause… 🥹 🚂 That post of mine WAS a part 2 and I have the book as well- in 2 places. Beautiful story and YES Warrior~ you thought you could and you did… I had seen that clip on AB and have it saved…

A different pause for me ( and then I’ll compare a little) was when they mentioned that OTHER DVD. Guess I am talking about it and not Scott… I realize this was part of their lives but what struck me was a “statement” that listed negative aspects of Warrior like a, b, c, etc… I am not repeating them but some were actually laughable to me although probably would’ve angered me back then. One statement I really DID write about out of those 5 listed (not to worry) but *SIGH*, I digress… Both DVD’s did highlight Ultimate Warrior’s major feuds with some Superstars and show different matches so they are nice to have. His beginnings and WCW are also included on U.C. and AB but for me, many more differences than similarities.

So grateful to have WMVI, VII, and XII on U.C. and let’s not forget the book “A Life Lived Forever” which contains lots of content as well. Some repetition with both DVD’s but still cool to look back upon. Now, I can have more references instead of saving much from YouTube. Oh, all 3 were released in an April. Another *SIGH.*

Many matches, promos, and speeches NEVER get old to me and never will. The “Brother Love” segments are always entertaining and I loooove “Amanda Ultimate Warrior.” Seeing his character with kids will forever be etched in my heart. I am very thankful Warrior had his own in 2 beautiful girls who am sure have kept all those amazing hand drawn birthday cards and such from their Daddy. That artistic talent of his was incredible and my girl has it too… 🥰It pulls at my heartstrings every single time… I also love how some autograph signings and his personal barn gym videos were included. A nice addition indeed.

How about the funny from AB because I NEED that too. I love when Warrior mentions “The Golden Era” of the company by saying: “the letter that comes after E!” For all those wondering, he meant how WWE used to be WWF. I laughed at that since I still will use the old name myself at times. Warrior’s talk with Sgt. Slaughter was great too as I had seen it before. I would love to see the actual footage with the 🥔. How cute that he brought a potato to show Warrior! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok. Just know it was a funny moment between them. At ease, at ease..

Despite all that had happened, I still love Vince McMahon’s laugh and extra special seeing him laugh during that time instead of always listening thru videos. 😂 On the flip side, the men crying will be a soft spot for me as that trait has always been there in my life but the laughing matters too, it truly does. Warrior introducing his girls to Vince and Triple H as his “babies” is so endearing. I know they knew their names but he says babies about 3 times or so. I wonder what Indy and Mattie were thinking? Thanks Dad but am sure they knew why… 💖💖

What could I do without? Well, let’s see- Papa Shango and Undertaker both come to mind of course. The voodoo man isn’t on U.C. so there’s that. 🙄At least the Ultimate Warrior got his revenge on both. Some other matches were kinda wasteful in my opinion. There is no match with the “Freedom Fighters” on both but according to most, they weren’t that good until the “Blade Runners”, ah well. I would’ve liked to have seen the “mind games” with Goldust which was more entertaining than what they chose from RAW to put on AB. Yes, I know how Warrior’s final match with Owen Hart went down but it was such an odd ending on the DVD. I guess that mirrored real life as Warrior went on and stayed positive like he always did.

There is so much more I can write about but I need to keep moving forward too… Now, I can finally watch his HOF speech all the way through without just seeing clips. I hadn’t seen the whole thing in such a long while… His final RAW speech I won’t watch that often but that’s just me. Other stuff will be on repeat for sure as I have my favorites. I will always have my OWN ultimate belief in Warrior that eclipses his wrestling memories. They will all indeed live forever… 🫶🏻🙏🏻💪🏻

P.S. I wish they could’ve interviewed someone else Warrior worked with like maybe HTM? He always had good stuff to say but just my P.O.V…

P.P.S. My bad… never thought to scroll more on line when looking up this DVD. Let’s just say I will be returning mine and getting it on Blu-ray.. ugh!!!!!! Many bonuses I neglected to see so am excited when that comes! 😬

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Memory as a Diary… 📔💙💪🏻

Oscar Wilde had said: “Memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” *** I know, I know, I know. I know what many of you could be thinking as I share my recent Ultimate Warrior story. OK, I FINALLY did it and bought the “Always Believe” DVD. No eye rolling from you fans but I had my reasons against it in the beginning. When discussing merchandise and memorabilia in a different group once, one guy actually commented on if someone doesn’t own these DVD’s or have this or that, they are not true Warrior fans! That is ultimately childish and so immature to say. 😂Not to mention utterly ridiculous among other things. I am NOT in that group anymore but that is not the reason. I actually thought of getting “Always Believe” as a birthday gift to myself last year but then something changed.

A little SPOILER alert here. The 3 disc set covers much and I’ll possibly explore more another time. Discs 1 and 3 have a lot on Warrior’s Hall of Fame weekend leading up to WMXXX. Unbeknownst to me at the time, another guy had uploaded the Hall of Fame material but since I DO have much from the other discs, I watched that only back then. Situation solved, or at least I thought. The idea still lingered but here were my arguments for saying no to AB. 1st off~~~ WAY too much emotion seeing Warrior’s family, his manager, those at WWE, and so much more. *** (My cat is crawling across me as I type, very typical…) It was too early, too soon, and just not gonna happen. At that time, I only wanted to watch and see Warrior on the U.C. DVD, not AB. I had already seen clips from “Warrior’s Week” on WWE and listened to others takes on his career. Those were my reasons so I stuck to them. That was enough for me so now I didn’t have to buy it. Oh, there are 2 of my b-day dates on AB. When I turned 14 and when the “Ultimate Maniacs” formed. I was 20 then. 🥰

This year has brought a few changes with these writings ( including recent WordPress stuff, ugh- I don’t like these changes of theirs!) After more thought, it was time though. New year brings new material so it’ll work now. Always good to see some content I had not seen. Most I have seen on AB but without this, am I not a fan? HARDLY and I can top anyone who says otherwise. We shall see more on how “Always Believe” goes… Here’s another DVD story. I DO own WM6 on my old VHS tape ( which I can’t play anymore) but I also have it on DVD. I mentioned this another time but my DVD of WM6 is “used.” Never will I make that mistake again. Money can be an issue that is for sure but people online are not fully honest sometimes. ): Many matches skip or are not even shown. No, it is not my player’s fault either. I could’ve sent it back but never did. At least the “Ultimate Challenge” doesn’t skip but so very FRUSTRATING… To buy WM6 new is $90. SIGH- I am not paying that even if to some, that’s a great deal. I don’t need it that bad so lesson learned. Maybe someday, but a definite no at this point.

Something else kinda new to my thinking is all about the year 1988. Alright, that doesn’t exactly tie-in with the previous DVD’s but hey- it’s my writings and Warrior’s life so it all connects- always. Everything in 1988 was 35 years ago this year. It seems like I just wrote about the 1st SummerSlam in ‘88 with U.W. winning the I.C. belt from HTM and now 5 years have passed just like that. The 1st Royal Rumble began in 1988 as well as Ultimate Warrior’s 1st WrestleMania (WM4) against Hercules. See, it does connect so those are firsts and me getting “Always Believe” is a first too. To any interested- the guys over at 80’s wrestling the podcast covered 1988 in an episode if you’d like to listen. It is very educational and entertaining. At least it was for me. Like I began with that quote- memory is a diary indeed and one we like to revisit from time to time. They are there for us to reflect upon but not to dwell too much upon, good or bad.

Some may say it to be redundant getting a DVD that is going on 8 years (hard to believe AB was released April 14…) but not as redundant as one that is almost 33. Am sure there are other stories of memories a lot more involved than mine but we have to keep our diaries close at heart, no matter the years. I have no plans to go out and purchase ALL the many Ultimate Warrior works I can get my hands on but if some like it, that’s their choice. I do believe that we gain different perspectives if viewing or listening the first time compared to another but a NEWER perspective after a second time. Has this happened to you? It has and does for me. Even if it isn’t a DVD, how about another favorite movie? It becomes your favorite for a reason. Yours might be different than the fan next door. A book works here or even T.V. shows. Why do we watch, listen, or read once more if we already have? Sometimes a second glance gets you thinking: “Oh, I didn’t notice that the first time!” Am sure you’ve been there with many things. Also, for me there are those times I am not alone or too distracted and NEED another chance to be part of that movie, book, or show again. Warrior’s old blogs come to mind here too…

We will all have those diaries of memories no matter how we make them. There is time to reflect and remember but then come back to you. That was then, this is NOW. Be present because we have to. I am excited for “Always Believe” in a new way just like I was when first receiving “The Ultimate Collection” all those years ago now. I don’t need it ALL, just enough. Let’s not judge others on what makes our OWN diary of memories. It’s not what we have but how it makes us FEEL. Be a fan of yourself first!

P.S. I found a blue Jay feather the day I first wrote this rough copy.. It’s been a while.. Oh, a new song I heard while working out was “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. I hear that song much but not on my playlist and it connected to last week with my white brick wall. The Ultimate Warrior mentions “the writing on the wall” in a promo and he also said it in his HOF speech!

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No, I’m not crazy! 😬😳🤪

SO EXCITED! 🥰👏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

I recently had the opportunity to call in to “80’s wrestling the podcast” LIVE last Thurs. 2/9 at 10 AM EST. I have been listening to them for a while now and finally called in- all about WM6! I was also the 1st female caller EVER and my time is around the 9:30 mark into the show. Usually they are about an hour long.. A little longer this time though. It is episode 102 and hosted by Jumpin’ Jay and Tommy Fierro of ISPW. Tommy has a store in New Jersey called:” The Wrestling Collector.” They are all about the Golden Era of the ‘ol WWF years so give them a listen! They DID one on Warrior a while back too. I also made a YouTube video more on this that I will link at the end. You can find the show here: 80’swrestlingthePodcast.

***Now, onto today’s topic…

I love that photo of the Ultimate Warrior below as it is another one I always thought to use from “The Ultimate Collection” DVD. He looks pretty crazy, doesn’t he? Well, sometimes the character came across that way for sure. If you like, look up any of his stuff or even his post U.W. career. This post obviously is more about me but you regular readers may think I am a little crazy as well, who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Often times, I do try to connect my post with the photo but not always. Today, it all DOES connect as some other little stories came to me that can be funny but at first~ not so much. I initially thought of other words with this title like “breadcrumbs,” “writing on the wall,” and a few more. Don’t worry, I’ll explain those terms in a bit. The Ultimate Warrior’s face reflects how mine was in a way where I believed I was going crazy. I found out later on, I was not. Well, maybe we all are a little bit but not in the context of what I thought. If you’re not sitting down, maybe you should and get ready for that rocket ship to blast off on my exciting experiences with this Warrior adventure once again.

I’m not going to rehash all of my past in trying to figure out the many signs from Warrior but when down in my basement working out, always became a usual spot for my somewhat crazy ways! I had read books, watched videos, listened to some spiritual podcasts, and on and on with so much more to try and connect these pieces of my never ending Warrior puzzle. I use that word often and now my husband and daughter love those 1,000+ ones. Oh boy, so not for me but especially since the word puzzle became quite the metaphor in my life. We will never fully have all the pieces, but sometimes we just want one more and then one more… My new term was “breadcrumbs.” When working out and listening to great music is when I get all crazy with these requests. Maybe music brings it out in me, but I KNOW Warrior is around because well— I just know. ☺️I literally would hold my finger and thumb together and look upward while asking him for just a breadcrumb more to stay on this journey where the ride is one of eternity for me.

Sometimes, I would get another sign but not always. Many come from dreams, meditation, or looking at his work, but some~~~ believe it or not, are never connected to those concepts at all. A few actually happen when I least expect them to as it should be because then BAM— we notice more. I get his humor since I am very similar and now feel more comfortable making jokes back. Nowadays, since I tell all of you to think BIG, I am asking for an entire piece of bread and not just a crumb! Come on Warrior- I want the whole F*CKING loaf! I’ll hear a song and say:“Really? Bring it, I’m game!” All kidding aside. Well, sometimes I’m not but then I would become a little more serious. Oh these lyrics I get and I’ll share one because it connects. No, not one with crazy in the title as there are plenty of those! I honestly can’t even finish my reps, a pose, or whatever I’m working on because the song gets me stopping. Look up “Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row of the 80s. I know you are or will after reading. 🎼 There’s a part that mentions: “the writing’s on the wall.” Let me explain. Plus, other words in that song make me think of him too. You’ll know if you find it.

So, after a few times of hearing that song it got me thinking. I went over to my white brick wall in the basement behind where my yoga mat was spread out. I “pretend” wrote a message to Warrior which reflected a possible idea I had. This was several years ago now. I asked him:“Is this it? Does this connect us?” I laughed stating how I wasn’t going to “pretend” erase it. Call me crazy if you want but this is how I did things and he always responded in one way or another, even now. Time went by and I would hear those lyrics once more, point upward and remind him how I wrote those few words that I was still thinking about. Sometimes, we have to let things be for a bit but with me~~~ super difficult to do. Patience is one of the toughest virtues as I’m sure you’d agree. So many questions would I ask but had to start trusting my gut or intuition more which is part of the “main event”message to you all.

I never gave that possible connector up and it wasn’t until the visit with my psychic friend did it all finally make more sense a few years ago. See, I’m not crazy after all. My energy healer has since validated much which has been told, but getting two reference points really hit home. I was RIGHT all along but just had to always believe. It is surreal, and every day brings new mystique (of last week) revealed breadcrumb by breadcrumb. At first, I didn’t quite know for sure as there are many possibilities but then that gut feeling became more real. 

Besides the overwhelming feeling (which is still always there,) we have our fun. I’ll get a few different messages and then respond comically like:“Stop it, I’m being serious!” Oh, Many good daily moments all the time… Like I’ve talked about before, communicating with loved ones in spirit is like how it is here only without their physical presence. It does seem like I talk to myself but that has kept me going all my life. Some may call it other things but it gets me through~ it truly does. If you struggle with talking to someone who has passed, just put anything out there like a close conversation. They do and will hear you but you have to do the work on your end. I was researching like crazy (pun intended) and really kept looking for some answers. Despite the spiritual help from others I did receive, my OWN self had to decipher the messages for me as only I can. Remember how Warrior said: “the answers are already inside you.”

I don’t see a psychic regularly and really don’t want to. It isn’t because I don’t believe but it’s just because I want to do what I can before asking or relying on someone else for the answer. The energy work is about clearing trauma and no, it isn’t always Warrior related. Only a BIG part was and it was NOT all about his passing of almost 9 years ago either. I’ve even cut down on my visits with her. Look at your own writing on the wall✍🏻 in front of you (figuratively) and ask for more bread crumbs on your path. You just may get the whole loaf! 🍞🥖 If others think you’re crazy, let them. Always believe in yourself and trust that intuitive gut. It speaks the truth if you only listen. 🫵🏻👂🏻🗣️

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The Enigma of Mystique 🫣

Does that title sound intimidating? I hope it does but in a good way where you feel intrigued to read… I’ve been meaning to use that photo of Warrior coming out for his first WCW Monday Nitro appearance back in ’98 and finally got a good shot. It is mysterious as he was but today, I wanted to move the focus just a little. I actually wrote this originally with a red pen too. ❤️

Let’s rewind for just a moment. Several years back, I wanted a word besides the overused word of intensity to describe the Ultimate Warrior character. After a few minutes, “enigma” popped in my head. This has been told before but it gets on repeat today. Vince McMahon also called him that in the book: A Life Lived Forever.” He was describing the character and said: ” all of that added to the mystique of this extraordinary enigma.” Maybe my brain was remembering reading that many months prior, but there it was. Enigma and mystique so here we are again.

Are there parts of you that are mysterious, or even enigmatic? We need those parts of ourselves that remain puzzling or hard to figure out. Some may see it as being negative but it truly isn’t. We all want privacy and like I’ve said countless times despite my writings, many are edited or not even written. Warrior shared much in various ways over the years and yet again, remained private at times as fans know. We reveal what we like, and leave the rest. If people talk, let them. We shouldn’t know all of the answers anyway and aren’t supposed to. 🧩🤷🏻‍♀️

 OK, now that all those have been a little revisited, let’s move forward. I have discussed this trait of being “in the middle” with my healer as it comes up often in my life. I love to share as you can guess but sometimes need to pull back… 😬 How do I keep that balance? We’ve heard that expression of: “my life’s an open book.” I bet you have and even though I wrote one, not everything is open and shouldn’t be. We don’t want to keep the book closed entirely, so what should we do? She advised me just to switch my wording which in turn changes the thinking. I need to stop saying being “in the middle” and focus on neutrality. This applies to relationships too, not just my writings. It is amazing how one word that changes can completely shift our mindset. I actually was almost crying when posing that question to her. Very relieved some guidance came through.

We went on to discuss other topics but in reality, many came back to the enigma and mystique of ME. We all are but again, things should be selective. Have you heard this expression: “what other people think of me is none of my business!?” It’s harsh, but true. I told her Warrior’s of “F*CK what others think!” We laughed a little, but I always follow that up with “but…” The people pleaser has gone away in many aspects but she is still there sometimes. Can you relate to that? We do want to be liked and accepted but again, this goes back to HOW and WHY. Despite Warrior’s slogan, he did care about some stuff people were doing at times. We are all human and get bothered. Just watch his videos on certain topics and you’ll know. We don’t want to care and yet there are parts of us that do. It’s like the extremes of trusting too much and then not trusting at all. Stay neutral while keeping some mystique.

It is a struggle as I know this is part of my life lessons here. As a child, I totally was that enigma and rarely opened up to anyone about whatever was on my mind. Now, it’s much different but then I might go on and on… 🤭🗣️ It’s those extremes that work against us but when we are passionate about a concept or idea, we want it out in the world. We just have to know there will be consequences just like Warrior knew. Are any parts of your life mysterious and hidden in someway or do you bare all? You are probably in the middle like me or should I say neutral? It is different of course with fame like Warrior had or even sharing on a platform like I am. Very switched up does it become if you just share with your BFF or another trusted person.

Warrior always wanted his character to keep a little of the mystique hidden and yet became more open over the years once his wrestling career ended. We do evolve as we should but always get to decide how. He still was a private guy but did things his way and I so get that. We just need to think about how to best serve without forgetting ourselves. I did just hit another mile stone I wanted as a goal. 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ countries. After almost 7 years, that might seem small to some but not to me. We need goals but it’s all about right timing. I can be more forward with this blogging but I like being an enigma of sorts. Plus, entrepreneurship is not my gig but doing this type of creative work is. Sure, if I had a staff or even an assistant but I don’t so it remains what it is.

I guess the take-away is that throughout our lives, we will go different paths that move us in all directions. Some involve being that extroverted character like the Ultimate Warrior where everything is “balls to the wall” style but other times, we become more introverted with our style. It all depends on your situation and what interests you pursue. When I first started teaching or even writing, I was more enigmatic than I am today. Some people in their life will always just be one more than the other and that is their choice. I love both sides of Warrior and it was great that he showed them to all of us. I’m getting more comfortable in these other roles of mine that are hard to navigate but with a Warrior by my side, I will never lose. We need the mystery folks but let the real you out of your comfortable skin sometimes too. An enigma is a cool word but just remain neutral. Look to that message as a word of advice from the gods up above. 🤍🙏🏻

P.S. I noticed how I had used the word “warrior” in the title for 7 weeks! How about that? This year of 7 again. Never intentional…

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Warriors Push Thru 👏🏻💪🏻💙

Yes, for sure we do. At least I do or did and I know Warrior did as well. Do you push thru despite it all? It probably does depend on the situation for many of us and life goes on whether we push thru ahead or not. I don’t mean life generally speaking but the specifics of it like injuries, pain, sickness, or ya know stuff like that. I guess it can be other things too like school assignments back in the day. We pushed thru those moments too.

As an athlete we know how hard they push thru matches, games, tournaments, and all connected with sports in lieu of what is happening to their bodies. Fans are expecting you to be YOU after all, so they get that pain medication, injection, or tape to keep them in it. Vince pushed the U.W. character along with Warrior to the top despite some critics. I have “heard” or read about Warrior pushing thru certain events even though as a fan, I knew nothing at the time. PLEASE ~~ anyone correct me or show proof in someway but Warrior mentioned a few times in his videos some of this too. I had heard he tore his bicep lifting Hulk up in WM6. He also re-tore it a few other times later on in his career.

A few weeks later, after 6, he was in Japan for a Wrestling Summit and read somewhere how he had a high fever. Again, I can’t remember where I hear some things and whether or not they are true- he would still push thru being sick or not. He even had stomach flu before his return match in Spain of 2008. 🤮 That I know for sure as his good friend touched on it in an interview. We would never even have known Warrior was sick at all.

I bet we all have had similar moments but perhaps not in wrestling rings like Warrior! I know I have. When I was a teacher, I loved my job and always wanted to be there. A few occasions I remember pushing thru not feeling well. My boss sent me home after lunch one day— guess I looked pale as a sheet! Another time, I tried my best to look halfway decent since there were 2 big things in one week– Valentine’s activities, and being lead teacher. That holiday is coming up soon… ❤️ To top it all off, this Grandma wanted a Valentine party pic with me and her granddaughter since I was the teacher in charge. Oh boy, can you say fake smile? I pushed thru but sometimes, we shouldn’t. In my case, the sickness could have spread to others but you gotta give me loyalty on this one.

Even when I had my ulcer, (which I was figuring out then) I still wanted to do the Holidays, take my son for his driver’s test, and celebrate my daughter’s Confirmation. Life doesn’t stop but sometimes we need to for a bit… Well, enough of all that. Let’s move onto another area. Yes, sometimes we push thru all the bad and then down the line, eventually somehow see the good. Maybe with many events in our lives, we might never see the good and I can think of plenty, but one day~~~ we will know that WHY…

We push thru because they are choices we make every day, all the time. The GOOD stuff we have to remember here as well too. How about pushing thru to a great end result and bettering your life in many ways? You can probably think of so much that is better now because you pushed thru. It’s such an amazing feeling when you know you have accomplished something that has been with you a while. Warrior pushed thru in his life and career to get done what he needed and doing it in the way he wanted. Sure, there will be challenges and difficulties, but we need those because it’s a journey not a sprint involving running like the Ultimate Warrior!

I do also know that risks are worth it and if you believe in the positive, it will pay off whether that risk works out or you get a new chance. I pushed thru in getting a book published, speaking on podcasts, and keeping in touch with people on this Warrior journey. There’s so many more examples here but you get it. What have you pushed thru that has worked out? Think of those more than all the negative sh** that didn’t. I’m not saying to push thru until total exhaustion, (although Warrior might have with his workouts) but go enough where the result is put into place. Remember those seeds of last week? Maybe as our life unfolds, we might not push the way we did when younger but as humans, we are not stationary beings. There is a time for that. Bring as much push into your life as you are willing to allow. It’s all in what you will allow into it, your choice.

Wrestlers push thru and us watching have little or no idea on their inner battles. We know some info, but there’s so much more we don’t unless you are that person in those boots despite social media of today. As a performer, you do what it takes if you are in that business and if it isn’t working anymore~~~ you push back, not thru. This time in a different way. It just depends on how much you will push or how far you will go. When it’s something we really want to do and I can attest to this completely, it will get done- period. Even if it’s hard, we push. We might procrastinate a little but there is a reason ideas stay with us.

Sometimes I want so hard to push thru but don’t quite know how. That’s kind of like it is for me in many areas and yet I still find a way— the warrior way. Oh, *** PAUSE*** here. My lights just flickered when I was first writing this… I always believe and he is that force that makes me push thru. No, not in the way he did because that isn’t me but Warrior knows how I need to be and what needs to get done. The wrestling world and all it entails is very different than our lives of just being entertained or being pushed to watch. Being pushed can be intimidating to lots of us and our definition varies from person to person. We know our way of looking at it just like our favorite performers do. As the Ultimate Warrior even said: “push yourself to total…” (well not gonna quote that part of those 2 words about Hulk Hogan. A.K.A.- Crash the Plane promo.) Warriors push thru so look at your obstacles and find the good. If it doesn’t work, push another way.

P.S. How has January been pushed out? February here we come….

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From Warrior weeds to wishes… 🤍🤞🏻🌬️

I love that new shirt of mine you see below! Can’t believe it was from a thrift store. It had ME all over it. This marks the end of my month with selfies. Next week we’ll be back to Warrior pics as I’m sure you fans prefer seeing him. I’m going to talk a minute about those dandelions mentioned with this title. They even got a sentence in my book, Spirit and Belief. As a kid, did you ever pick them? Maybe it was the yellows but maybe you liked the “dead”ones and made those wishes. Yes, they are weeds but as kids, we saw flowers that populated our yard until being mowed over. No chemicals for us. Did you know they are edible? The yellow ones I mean. Can’t say I ever tried but great for you. I might try in the spring, but still I’m somewhat cautious. I do drink dandelion tea sometimes, super beneficial. 🫖

As adults, I’m sure you don’t make wishes that way anymore but when the mood strikes me, I still do. I remember in the spring after Warrior passed grabbing a few and wishing he was OK. Kind of like my “hopes”in meditation a few weeks back. It might sound silly, but we NEED that imaginative nature that is abundant during childhood. Being playful is so important and despite our serious lifestyles, it is essential. That is something I need to work on too. Sure, I make my jokes but I crave the wonder of little things from time to time. Wishing on dandelions isn’t silly to me, but for some it could be. No, I don’t go skipping about but some kid things never fade from me. How about you? There are those wishing stars too… 💫

I did an entire post several years back on the kid in us so I won’t get into all that again but just spend some time thinking about your wishes. They might come across as weeds but they are yours to dwell upon. I always wish to inspire and educate any of you sharing what works in your life. Even if I just humor you, my wish is that you are entertained! 😉 Get those seeds blowing in the wind warriors…

 I guess we all have many wishes and sometimes it comes across as wants, needs, or just making things better overall. My wants and needs get blurred into one so with my journey, they tend to move that way. We do get inspiration and need other tools to assist us in manifesting besides those dandelions. Think BIG which is another area I need to improve upon. I love little things but aiming big brings us confidence. With me though when that happens, I occasionally give my trust and then it collapses. UGH- it happens to us all. We need the lessons warriors since that is how we grow internally (if you know what I mean here.) Just recently, I had joined a new group and was pretty excited about this moving forward. After my second meeting, a special message was told to me that I fully embraced. It all seemed to be going in the right direction with what I felt and how it went about. I do have lots to learn but always am open.

When visiting with my Energy Healer last week, I discussed that new opportunity. I won’t share the specific details but let’s just say that wasn’t the group for me and the message relayed was invalid. I trust my Healer and guides working through her as that group was new to me. Yeah, I was disappointed as like the saying goes: “one step forward, two steps back.” Right? Maybe I try too hard, I dunno… 🤷🏻‍♀️ We all need to keep going so I was very fortunate to be spared what could’ve been sorta disastrous to me and what I give my energy to. It is hard to end things but thankfully I wasn’t that close so moving on…

A BIGGER wish beyond that part of my life is another area with pursuing a different project of sorts. No idea on the HOW which we have to release but still need to do our part with seed planting.. It is something that’s been on my brain for a while now but it’s baby steps. I can still dream big, but need to let go of the end result. I am more excited about this possible collaboration than that previous group mentioned above. I do wish for this to come about at some point during 2023 and I DO have guidance on it, so we shall see. Maybe I will keep you updated as anything progresses but fingers crossed, it will!

I wish you all those big ideas and sometimes you gotta just go for it despite fear, trust issues, or possible failure. It’s what makes us who we are. If we continue doing and being the same, that’s how we will always be. If you are comfortable with that, fine but most are not. Look at Warrior if you’re stuck on this whole wish list. He kept going with his wishes, dreams, and ideas all the time. Warrior wants the same for us~ he truly does. Up in parts unknown, he along with your own group of cheerleaders just wants you to be happy. We do feel unsure at times and with me I’m usually in the middle. Guess my intuition doesn’t always kick in as my free well is there to decide. You have to make your own choices too warriors.

We need to always believe things will fall into place the way they should and not to rush the process. I will have to brainstorm more on this future project idea (of mine) as it slowly comes together. 💡Connections do matter and we use our strengths to make it happen. They give their gifts and we give ours. The trick is to decipher what is truly right and that sometimes is hard to do. I DO know this idea is ultimately positive and somehow will be brought to life. 🥰👏🏻Maybe when I see the first dandelion turn, I will find it and make this one wish. My eggs are never in one basket so to speak and again~~~ the HOW part is a mystery. I can and will still do the work because it’s part of me always. Make your OWN wishes warriors and plant those seeds. A weed? A flower? Your perspective so let it GROW. Here’s to all your wishes!

P. S. Oh, next week will be more wrestling based (in a way) for those of you craving or missing that!!! Find me on a U.W. fb group, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also check out my book- Spirit and Belief which details a lot more on my spiritual connection to Warrior. His energy inspired my own intuition and psychic gifts to expand! It’s over on Amazon and other book outlets (: 📗💙✍🏻