What’s Your Acronym?

Most readers probably are familiar with that inspirational acronym above representing One Warrior Nation. It was originally used as a pun to detract away from the NWO or New World Order of WCW days. Warrior decided to reverse their acronym and yet OWN still is used today with his fans.

Let’s take a look at many of the wrestling acronyms: WWE, (formally WWF and before that WWWF) WCW,( formally WCCW) NWA, AWA, CWA, TNA, GCW,( back then) NWC, ECW, and AEW. There was even the UWF among so many others. Feel free to Google any of those on your own. Wow, that’s a lot! Many sports teams use them as well with the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, or MMA and so forth. Of course I can list lots of business acronyms associated with logos including T.V. networks but am sure you get the idea. The World Wide Web or www started the internet search which millions use everyday.

Another one of Warrior’s acronyms I loved was Words of Wisdom or W.O.W. He used that to convey his thoughts thru numerous quotes, famous statements from others, and his own brand of speech. Do you have an acronym or are you following any? What I mean is not just listing names but ones that make you feel a certain way or think differently. Fans keep O.W.N. alive because it means something to them and not just because its founder passed. Sure, some are just a fun play on words but for me, they need to truly stand for something. Many of us just don’t create our original or unique acronym to live by but we can come up with ideas that motivate us.

It can be interesting to see what comes up in your OWN mind if you feel the need to try. Use an acronym relevant to the life you are living and make it stick. One that I’ve read is: FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. You can change this around of course but fear does tend to hold us back sometimes. The Ultimate Warrior even said: “Fear is an aberration…” That acronym may work for you when facing a major obstacle in your life. Look around for sayings, quotes, or anything similar. Sometimes, they just pop out when you least expect them to. Maybe they spell something or maybe not but hopefully, you’ll remember. WHY? Because it jumped from that top rope and pinned you down.

Is there an acronym that best describes you? Imagine one for yourself as a pick me up. We all could use more positivity and self-love. It isn’t being boastful to give your life some confidence. When I was in 8th grade, one teacher made an acrostic poem for each graduate. This is kinda similar to an acronym only with descriptions or personality traits. I seem to remember: K=kind, A=artistic or athletic, T= thoughtful, H= helpful, and Y= youthful. They would be vertical down the page. It’s not the same but oh so nice and again- it stuck with me.

Just like with O.W.N. We recall because of our feelings towards a thought or subject. Am sure this is true for all of you as well when knowing certain acronyms. Letters can be no big deal but when tag teamed with FEELING, it changes the whole meaning. Did Warrior really know how much fans would be influenced by his creation of One Warrior Nation? Probably not but like last month- it does impact us in ways we may not know then.

They are used all the time to make a statement and maybe not just a connection to any organization. The brain has a way of recognizing abbreviations, acronyms, and anything in between because it’s easier to see. It’s like when you’re reading bold print, italics, or even alliteration which Warrior also used much. He talked always about standing out and how to do it. The man totally succeeded with his life and didn’t need all those ways with words but us fans got it anyway.

So, warriors- try out a few acronyms in your life and see how they make you feel. The brain remembers because it affects you and not just always of being robotic. You can have your own way of taking an acronym and using it as inspiration. Look to some great writers or thinkers and see what they’ve done. Warrior was such an innovator with words and it showed in all that he did. The words came a long way from being a farm boy in Indiana! It also helped that his wife was a journalism major (: Warrior didn’t necessarily need to expound on speech but without belief, it all means nothing. We can educate others while in turn educating ourselves.

Use personal acronyms that mean something to you and not just because someone else invented them. Believe in the Feeling and not just the letters. O.W.N. is more than that then, now, and always. πŸ’™β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


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I Knew You When… πŸ’™πŸ’ͺ🏻

Have you ever heard someone say those words to you above? Maybe you’ve even said them to another. We all have been in those situations when seeing someone after many years or just in regular conversation. Recently, I came across a few other YouTube videos . They really just come to my feed, I don’t go searching as I’ve said before. These are on THE HANNIBAL TV channel and the interviews are with Bill Anderson. He trained Warrior and Sting before they became such great Superstars. The other video is a shortened version in which Bill discusses his long friendship with Warrior even after wrestling. They remained friends and Warrior even references Bill in his HOF speech. I will link both at the end.

Bill was honest with his words but again, time spent with “Jim” and “Steve” were years ahead of their claim to fame and all the pressures that go with pro-wrestling. Of course, over the years people do evolve in their attitudes or lifestyles but we will always have those who will say they knew us when… A memory of mine involves the girls I used to babysit for many years ago. They are grown women now and have moved on from those young years but I still knew them way back when. One I watched as an infant and now she is a mother with almost 2 babies! We all still keep in touch today.

The one thing that will remain the same and I hope this is true for you too is that your core never goes away. Deep down, despite age and people that come and go, you are still you. Yes, we are influenced always by external forces and may respond different than another but our true self and values stay intact. Think about that family relative who approaches you at a reunion or wedding perhaps. What do they say if it’s been years? I’m sure you know that answer. They will always “see” you as that child or teen even though now it’s marriage with kids. Our birth family treats us the same way and we probably reciprocate. We share stories, remembering details of back then, and look at someone grown who is still younger to us. It’s just our human nature to do so. Am sure parents will agree on this about their own kids as well.

Bill mentions many qualities of both legends and most are truly positive. He actually takes a “dig” at Sting which is usually the opposite with Warrior in these bios. Nothing big really but mentions their hard start, good natured ways, and striving for success. We all know how times changed in regards to the price they paid for fame but still believed in the good. There will always be stories told forever and everyone wants pay dirt but to get to the heart of a person takes guts.

How many can say despite much that has changed in our lives, that those who knew us when are still right? We will have many many challenges and fame definitely has its share but will others who knew our younger selves say the same about us now? It’s hard to know really but I do know with Warrior, deep down he still was that guy who became humbled with his roots while still yearning for success. How one handles it is different for all and not one of us should judge based on what we think could happen. Those who did know us when younger may not recognize our traits now as adults but maybe some will.

We move on as everyone does. Our beliefs may expand but our foundation remains. I can attest to this as many from my past still consider me the same even though much with outside circumstances change. I am still that introvert but know how to manage it better and let it work for me. Warrior was too but he wanted to be that extroverted character to prove himself. Once he got into weights, his whole life changed. I do believe he was always creative and that part of him remained into adulthood. Quite possibly those who knew him in Indiana may agree? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

You will only ever see one side of someone as a youngster because they aren’t faced with life choices that will affect them quite yet. I know people who can’t believe how introverted I was as a kid even though I still am. Then again, those who knew me when still can’t believe I wrote a book! It goes both ways as am sure your own recollections are relatable.

The next time you are thinking of saying you knew someone when… look at it from their point of view. Would your memory be harmful or helpful to them? Are you just bragging or will you attest to their true nature of today? Even though they might throw that statement back at you, at least you have thought enough about it. You understand what it means. We will all have our own memory banks but let’s be mindful in how we use them towards others.

Bill Anderson shared his stories of a different time with those two trainees but was respectful. Yes, it all changed but again way down deep, one doesn’t. Followers can say you knew me when this blog was a baby and now it’s going on FIVE! We will all know someone when but I hope it can be good on both ends. We can have our memories while keeping humility at heart. β€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š

P.S. Here are the videos from THE HANNIBAL TV YouTube channel:

*Bill training Warrior and Sting:


It’s about 35 min…

*Bill on his friendship with Warrior:


*** For those who aren’t familiar, Bill was also a former wrestler himself, referee, and ring announcer for many years! (This video is about 3 min. condensed from another.)

*** THE HANNIBAL TV also has many more great wrestling videos on other topics so check him out!

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A Documentary and DREAMS… πŸ’™πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻😴🦬

*** A day early once again as I have quite the busy time tomorrow!***

Warrior Fans- how are ya? I totally forgot to mention last week about some possible great news. Recently I was contacted by a reputable producer/ writer/director of Roaming Buffalo Films. He is in the process of working on a documentary about Warrior with A&E. He found my blog and wanted to explore more in regards to Warrior’s spiritual side. We had a wonderful conversation as he has met Dana, her girls, and Warrior’s mother. I am so completely humbled as he wants to show some different aspects of Warrior’s life and asked my opinion on several. I will definitely share more as this fascinating story develops! STAY TUNED!!! All waiting on WWE approval as well. Also, I totally connected this to my dream of a few years ago: “Wild Warrior Buffalo Woman” blogged 10/16/19. ~~~ I was involved in a documentary with Warrior about buffaloes. Can you connect those ultimate dots??? WOW…

Well, it’s hard to top that while thinking about today’s topic. πŸ€”When these most recent dreams happened, I told myself they wouldn’t be blogged. Probably because I’m going thru a lot emotionally, spiritually, and physically right now and anything from Warrior is so personal to me. I decided to share since that’s what I do plus wanting to educate you all. It’s never to brag or boast so I hope you don’t think that.

The first dream took place at a beach with Warrior, Dana, and myself. It was so simple with us three enjoying the sand, waves, and watching the sun in the distance. β˜€οΈπŸŒŠπŸ–We were laughing and splashing each other while in the water up to our knees. I don’t live near an ocean and neither did they but it was so incredible. No memory of much conversation but oh so fun just being there content without any cares. I’ve had a few with Dana so it’s extra special seeing them both together and me included. PLUS, she was also in the Buffalo dream mentioned earlier. Check it out… Humility wins again as dreams just come sometimes with little control on our part. Look for the beautiful messages in yours too.

The next one is something so obvious and I am very surprised it has never happened before. I was actually in an arena watching the Ultimate Warrior do his thing! Get this– he was with WCW for the dream as I recently just used two WCW pics of him on this blog. No clue who his opponent was but both men were outside the ring. I had a front row seat so could see all the action. Don’t know who won as that really wasn’t included. Just the fact that I was there meant everything. You better believe I was ultimately excited!!! I always thought that would’ve been my first dream ever because it makes sense but nope, not at all. At least I was finally at a match. I’ll take it even if not WWF. (WWE) (:

The last two involved more of my spiritual life and very poignant for me. Over the past year, I’ve had so many different symptoms and discussed some with my psychic post late last Dec. 2019. They have intensified and can be quite scary at times. I have had medical help and am still but I do believe some require a different kind of healing. Some days are better than others but it’s been a long battle. I know it’s leading me somewhere so been asking for lots of guidance. I AM a warrior and we always believe!

A few Sunday afternoons ago, I decided to take a nap. Those are part of my life more as I have these energy depleting days. Well, while napping I remember two dreams both with the same message. TWO.. That’s when we need to pay attention more and of course they involved Warrior or I wouldn’t be sharing.

The first one showed me as an Energy Healer. There are so many kinds of healing methods and guess I was very well known as a healer in that area. I was asked to come heal Warrior with my energy. Here’s the more interesting part. He was some kind of tribal King with his “subjects” gathered around. Quite regal. I know wrestling fans are thinking “King of the Ring” but it was more like “The Lion King.” Remember that post of mine? More Native really. This might sound crazy to some but we all do need healing in many ways-inside and out. I was overwhelmed to be asked but so wanted to use my gift to help him. We spent some time talking and my training as a healer benefitted his energy so he could eliminate lots of negativity. I know this topic isn’t for everyone but truly think about it. All of us have trauma, past experiences, and toxic stuff we need gone. We don’t always need traditional medicine either. I know I have healing abilities but still not quite sure how to use them. Warrior’s energy I will take in any form so it was an amazing dream.

The last dream involved this same topic. I was sitting on my bed when the phone rang. I thought it was my husband saying he was running late from work. It was not him. It was Warrior as I just listened. He says: “Hey, it’s just me. I have to tell you all about this Energy workshop I went to recently. It was so cool and I feel so much better... truly amazing and I couldn’t wait to tell you!” *** There was a little more with his words as he was so happy and laughing all at once. I never spoke, just listened. I do plan on seeing an Energy Healer soon as it totally connects for me.

Many years ago, I got a different kind of message thru a phone call about my father-in-law who was alive at the time. That one’s in my book Spirit and Belief. To receive messages thru the phone is indeed remarkable and Warrior’s messages, I don’t ignore.

So, a documentary and dreams for you this week. Take it all in as you wish but I believe in messages always. Warrior is with me and to have so many dreams lately means the world considering what I’m going thru right now. Thank you all for reading. Keep track of your OWN messages however they come. You might be surprised how they influence your life. Warrior’s energy, mine, yours, and everyone are all connected. Let’s all be storytellers, dreamers, and healers to keep his legacy moving onward. ⚑️πŸ”₯


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The Pressure to Perform

Hey warriors… Have you ever felt pressured to perform in front of a crowd? Of course. All of us have at least a few times in our lives. Giving speeches in school, acting in plays, singing, dancing, and yes- even wrestlers like the Ultimate Warrior. Was your performance based on a requirement, want, or pressure from others? Perhaps it’s a combination of all those. The Ultimate Warrior felt that pressure as many of his former colleagues jumped “rings” from WWE to WCW back then. Yes, he was paid well for a short time period but still wanted to incorporate new ideas into their Nitro program. Such pressure indeed.

The pressure can be good although many times we view it as bad. Maybe it’s the word itself. Sometimes we may even feel like we are in a pressure cooker and our performance either pops or fizzles out. It is very different for those involved in fame but again, we always have choices. Just showing up and performing at life is our best with or without anyone else thinking so. We may have to do things we truly don’t want to so the pressure is upon us. It’s all in how we handle it even when making sacrifices.

Think about anytime in your life where you had to make a decision on how to handle pressure. I can think of many. It doesn’t have to be physically performing let’s say in front of an audience but maybe something different. Standing up to a bully can be pressure but not performing exactly. It could even be arguing your point of view against another even though you don’t want to hurt feelings. There will always be consequences despite the best efforts but our free will determines the outcome. One day perhaps you’ll look back and know that pressure made you perform and without it, you never would – at least not in the same way.

I do and love a lot of activities but sometimes feel the need to conform based on pressure from others or what they do. It happens to us all. We may conform but then we may not. Our job shouldn’t depend on it but in some cases it seems to. If you find yourself in that situation, look for the best and perform positively despite pressure. If you really can’t, you’ll know how it affects you and others.

Warrior felt the pressure of performing his character with how wrestling always was in regards to gimmicks and such. He may have caved to some storylines but resisted the pressure to do things always in the business way.

The same can be said for all of us only with differing aspects. None of us parents the exact same way and yet we feel pressure to perform like all the others. We don’t do anything like another but that word of pressure always remains. How we perform under it is the main event.

Many times did I find myself caving to pressure to please or simply just to get it over with. I may still as some situations aren’t worth the fight as much but when it truly counts, I don’t cave. It is so much harder to withstand that pressure but your performance will be worth it. At least I hope it is for you. The easy road isn’t always the better one and you will be stronger for having that courage under pressure.

Some people like how Warrior was caved under pressure to prove to themselves mostly that they will follow thru. Not everything has to be a battle but if it is, win it the best even if under pressure to do so. Once he stepped away from that performing, pressure still remained for him but in new opportunities. He would always say striving to be more creative kept him going. While continuing to motivate or inspire others, his performance became less about the physical and more about the mental.

Our performances in life will sometimes fail or sometimes get standing ovations. Even if you don’t hear “BRAVO!” (not Dino, wrestling fans…) or see a sign cheering you on, know your pressure doesn’t have to be so big. Doing your best with what you’ve got is good enough to earn respect and should. We don’t need a wrestling arena, T.V. set, or movie screen to know performers as they are around us everyday. It’s in you, me, and everyone you meet. There will always be pressure in every area of your life but perform to be happy and the rest will come. If you are loving who you are and what you do, others will give that BRAVO or anything deserving.

We owe it to ourselves not to let the pressure of performing take over lest we lose why we are really us. Receive all that life has to offer but take the pressure off sometimes. Let’s just be performers enjoying our lives because they are ours to OWN. You are a warrior just like me. Be gentle with yourself, we need that more. πŸ’œπŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’™


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Be a Champion πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ»

***Before today’s post: Yet another YouTube situation. It seems Andrew William Wright’s documentary on Warrior called: “I Stand Alone” has been removed. So, for whatever reasons, it is no longer available. My apologies to any of you searching…

Alright, I know. That photo above of the Ultimate Warrior was not when he was a “champion” with a belt or title reign. I specifically chose one that wouldn’t depict being a champion in that way. It’s hard to believe I’ve never “wrestled” with this topic really. I probably have mentioned it multiple times or when referencing winning but not in the way it will be presented today.

The literal meaning of a champion is being the best and then having some sort of object to show off after a big win. We know this with all that sports and entertainment brings. You may even have your own personal collection of school related items that prove you won something as a champion. We tend to use stuff to equate with being the champion in our field of expertise. Ribbons for just participating just don’t cut it in our minds, do they? Why is this? Well, it’s all those societal rules and someone has to be on top to get rewarded. Guess what? In all this, it’s every one of us.

You read that right. We are all champions at different aspects of our lives. Sure, maybe you may get some recognition for a position you’ve attained and that should be celebrated. Hard work will earn that for you and we shouldn’t eliminate accolades. What I’m saying is that every person is a champion or at least I hope you agree. Maybe we don’t always make the best decisions or have regrets since none of us are perfect. A champion believes in themselves and doing good everyday. You may not even realize how you are one until it gets pointed out. Kinda like creating your impact of a few weeks ago.

What kind of champion are you? We need to champion ourselves and others by being the best we can. There will be mistakes but I know you will look at an experience and find what made you a champion. Was it that kind word to a stranger? Maybe it was that game you played with your kids? It doesn’t have to involve your actual paying job. Even after wrestling, Warrior continued on being a champion with his impassioned speeches most of all. Yes, he had other ventures but wanted his messages known and he did just that. Believing in yourself was it and still is to this day. If he even got one person to “always believe” in themselves, that was being a true champion. We all need to fight for those causes most dear to us in whatever way works.

If you need inspiration, turn to music. This might sound crazy but it works for me so why not? Look to all those songs that mention being a champion. They may invoke competition but it’s the FEELING behind a song, remember? I happen to love “We are the Champions” by Queen. I do think of Warrior with some lyrics as being bittersweet. The song “Roar” by Katy Perry also invokes being a champion. Whatever gets you motivated to get out there and make a difference, do it! We were born to be champions and your way will look different from another. Think also of virtues and many have I blogged on here. I can think of plenty that involve being a champion like honesty, integrity, a good character, respect, and so many more. Take those virtues and apply them to being a champion always.

It may be difficult to not feel pressure coming from all sides but you need to believe that what you do matters. Your life as a champion really does count. You may not be that exact champion who follows their own set of rules like someone else above but prove it your way. Being a champion isn’t always about winning some materialistic keepsake ( although they are nice to have.) It’s about using your perspectives, voice, beliefs, and actions to empower your own sense of self and others. It also isn’t just using your body like wrestlers do but using that brain and most importantly your heart you have been given.

As parents, we will certainly champion our kids in every situation. That gets them believing in themselves because they should. You don’t need to be a huge humanitarian or philanthropist to become a champion either. It all starts small with little things as I always stress. It begins in our homes and then moves outward into classrooms where teachers assume the champion role. Then, it expands into business and careers or even just living within our everyday lives.

So, warriors- how do you see yourself as a champion? Don’t look to the titles or belts like that of pro- wrestling but go within yourself and those virtues you possess. Use them to be a champion in whatever stage of this precious life you are in. Most of us won’t do those huge memorable acts known throughout the world but we can champion our own corner of the world.

It is in all of us if we just take the time and reflect on what the word champion truly is about. The Ultimate Warrior was a champion back then but we are champions of today. He is remembered and we will also be. It’s all up to you and how being a champion is brought to life by your own abilities to be one. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‰


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Silly or Serious? πŸ˜œπŸ€”

There’s a question for you warriors. If you have ever watched pro-wrestling, is it silly or serious? When I first started watching, I loved the silliness of it all way back when. Does anyone remember the Piledriver album and the music videos they did back in the 80’s? That was during the MTV craze and WWF just had to be part of it all. Like I’ve said before, the humor got to me first before any drama slammed its way into my life.

Warrior had made references to wrestling being both silly and serious. In the book “A Life Lived Forever,” he explained how his step-dad would watch at night. After arriving home late on the weekends with his buddies, the T.V. channel got changed when “Jim” came in the door. Warrior thought it was “goofy” as he wasn’t into it at all. On The Ultimate Collection DVD, he talks about the seriousness of wrestling as he approached his character. His quote: “It’s serious. It’s a serious thing to go out there and be a character for the WWE.” Some thought he was crazy for doing so much and taking it all very serious. Us fans know his attention to details made all the difference.

He also confessed on a documentary how sometimes he felt silly for putting on all the face paint, running, and shaking ropes. He was referencing his own character and not that of others with being silly. As intense as he was, the aspects of being Ultimate Warrior got to him at times which is how we all are. I bet you can think of some situations and find the silly and serious stuff to it. I sure hope so. It can be quite an ultimate challenge finding something funny in what is meant to be more intent. We need to sometimes.

From what I gather, there isn’t much silly in wrestling anymore as it has all become more serious mind games. That was a turn off for me but fans still love it all. Vince wanted his business of entertainment taken more seriously than it was in the past. Can you remember something in your life that was both? Let’s see. What would it be for me? Well, to use my development as an example is great here. When I first started opening my psychic intuition, I was very super serious about it. After all, communicating to parts unknown isn’t goofy. You know what? It can be and is! Just read many of my older posts and you’ll know what I mean. It just might take another person to point out a funny moment when you never even saw one. Most may know how humor is involved much with this blog.

There will always be those circumstances in life which are never silly and never will be. We know this. There will also be those experiences that start out one way and then turn into another. I do believe the Superstars back in the day took their job seriously enough but infused much silliness as well. Despite the dramatic storylines, they wanted us to laugh even when we didn’t want to. Just watch old promos or listen to the great commentators of that generation and you’ll get it.

Do you consider yourself more of a serious or silly person? This will interpret how you view your many external forces. I know we are a mix of both but of course it depends on the situation. My brother and I were very funny growing up as was my youngest sister. The other one, not so much. We evolve into different people with age and may look at an event another way. Then again, if something was silly it still will be- at least for me. The serious stuff is exactly the same although I can grin a little easier nowadays. I dunno– The Undertaker, snake bites, Papa Shango, etc. Oh boy! 😬

I always believe in the balance with all that we do. Most thought Warrior was too serious but there are plenty of funny stories about him out there told by many. We need yin and yang all the time warriors. There’s a time for serious and then there’s a time for silly. Just make sure your life has both with whatever comes your way. Our jokes may offend someone just as much as one’s seriousness may cause us to say:”Lighten up!”

When having an emotional or upsetting moment, I try thinking of something that will make me laugh. I’ve done this countless times over the years when reflecting on Warrior and my connection to him. I get a little outburst and then find myself too overwhelmed. It’s then that I think or even say something out loud that lightens the mood. Don’t wallow too long warriors, it’s good to smile and laugh. We NEED more of both.

Think also of other forms of entertainment you are drawn to. The movies, T.V., live shows, and all we watch have the serious and silly. I personally love both and never get just swayed with one. Our brains and heart crave so much and we need to feed it with variety. It’s what makes us human.

The next time you find yourself in a situation or watching some form of entertainment, try to find what’s serious and what’s silly about it. We need to laugh, cry, scream, and FEEL it all. Maybe wrestling still brings out all those emotions for you. It certainly did for me and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Warrior softened his opinions about wrestling over the years as time and age will do that. Let’s bring it all to the mat- the silly stuff and the serious. Even without being a fan of sports entertainment, you are still a fan of your life. Enjoy it all because as warriors, we need it ultimately! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ₯°


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Build Up, Tear Down… (is it reversed?)

Before I begin, here’s another date I’ve been reminded of. 7️⃣years ago today is when WWE’s 2014 HOF inductees were announced. I read that somewhere and had to write it down. πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ» All these dates that seem to line up on Warrior Wednesdays. A few BIG ones are coming but I’ll save them for March…

That pic of the Ultimate Warrior above was during an interview right before he tore down the set of “The Brother Love Show.” That was built up and then torn down. Don’t we all just want to do that sometimes? Of course that segment on T.V. was scripted but what about our real lives? I bet most of us sometimes feel the need to pick up a chair and throw it or something worse. It’s like shaking our own ropes. Our frustrations and emotions or even anger get the best of us. I’m generally speaking here and not addressing the recent events in the U.S. last week.

Despite the physical, we tear each other down all the time. Our thoughts, words, actions and everything in between affects us and others. Humans have a tendency to let our disagreements or differences get in the way and when someone isn’t on our side, sh** happens.

Many disliked the Ultimate Warrior character or even Warrior himself and tore him down. I know he was guilty of things as well but we need to build up and should as respectful people. Every single one of us starts fresh and new with whatever we choose in life. Then once we get noticed, say certain words, take action and such, we are torn down. It isn’t always those famous people either as we all know nor is it big huge things people do that brings them down. We can’t stay small and quiet forever but as soon as we build ourselves up or an opportunity comes, someone will always be there to tear it down.

All of us have been there. Think about those moments in your life where you built something up and made it happen. It’s all going great but then an opinion, remark, or event will get thrown at you and all your hard work gets knocked around.

Most know the build up of U.W. and how he, Vince McMahon, and the fans worked together. Then, perspectives shifted, differences began and it all started getting torn like his crumbling face paint.

There are consequences for our actions if they become extreme but some may not care. That’s their right. Our beliefs are in us for a reason and if we feel the need to share those, o.k. Let’s just be in control and remember to keep logic in the match. Even the best of arguments can turn sour or go south so to speak. My husband and I get along great but disagree on several heated topics. Have we torn each other down? Not entirely but we know better. Like I’ve said before, you don’t need to always agree but should always respect. That’s what builds us up.

It is quite the different life with fame as we all have our favorites across generations. When someone starts out, we know little about them but then we see and hear more from them. We still might be a fan but there are those actions that will make us disagree so much we don’t feel the same anymore. I’ve had that happen with famous people I admired or liked. No, this doesn’t apply to Warrior at all as most have assumed with my writings and never will. I can make my opinion known about him or stuff in his past but will never tear him down, ever.

Some may even lose a close family member or friend over a time because of something being built up and then unexpectedly torn down. You may have regrets but perhaps you don’t. Only you and that other person can decide on the best resolution.

Think about how you can even help if someone has been torn down. Your kindness or offer of support may just be what wins the match in their life. Things always start by building and then over time they wear out or get old. We can replace or repair but it may be too beat up. Then, we will start again and strap on our gear with new moves to build anew. Even wrestlers will tear down their gimmick and build it up again. You will be tempted to go with the crowd or with what’s popular but only your decisions will decide on the tear down or build up.

We’ve all been guilty of negative things in our lives but need to choose the positive. You can have your own point of view but use it in a respectful and honorable way. Let’s all be better warriors and work our best. We don’t need to be the reason of a tear down but should be the reason for a build up. The Brother Love Show had to go but real love never will…

P.S. It has come to my attention that some recent YouTube video links haven’t been working. Perhaps YouTube isn’t allowing sharing anymore, I don’t know.? If a link doesn’t access, just search up the actual YouTube channel. Some channels don’t have that many videos so accessing them shouldn’t take too long.

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Create Your Impact❀️

Hey there warriors! Happy 2021 to all of you. πŸŽ‰ This year WILL be better than last but shouldn’t they all be anyway? We can create our own impact over these next twelve months and beyond but what will be just yours? I’ve mentioned legacies before or people with children wanting to one day leave for them something memorable. Let’s focus on this a little different though.

All of us, yes ALL of us do and will create a lasting impact specifically and may not even realize we are. I’m gonna play the numbers game again with me and Warrior. You can have your comparisons also if they work. I’ll reference those twelve months that make up a year just like the above1️⃣2️⃣. Technically, the Ultimate Warrior character was really only with the then WWF for four total years. Yep, only 4️⃣. I’m not counting his start in late 1986 (I believe) but from television on. You can stretch it to five because of in house shows as Dingo Warrior but the bulk of us fans knowing him was four total years. He did some comings and goings but from 1987-1990 all twelve months being four years.

My favorite time teaching was from 1991-1995 but I didn’t start until September. A little over four years for me but still very close. Four years for us both and creating such an impact.

Warrior knew he’d make an impact as did I but none of us totally knows just how or for the duration of our lives. When caught up in the fame of wrestling, it becomes a whirlwind of energy performing, meeting fans, and going from show to show. As a teacher, I’d have these lesson plans, teach them, and deal with all that little children brought on. It isn’t until someone physically thanks you for your impact and utters words that will forever resonate to your soul.

I’m attaching this video of an Italian man meeting his hero the Ultimate Warrior or Warrior at an event. It’s one of my favorites. If you are anything like me, tissues will be a must. THAT is the impact we make without truly realizing it. I had parents and kids say the sweetest things and was so young to fully grasp it back then. It’s stepping away and gaining that new perspective perhaps many years later which will bring in your humbleness.

I’ve had two stories about women who realized my impact and I was too oblivious to even notice. Years ago in high school, my best friend was totally opposite of me. She was outgoing, full of a million different career ideas, and always seemed to have a boyfriend. I was never jealous but just wanted a little of her confidence. I would give her advice but she rarely took it.

Flash forward about a dozen or so years later and we had still kept in touch. By then, our lives were very different as she had multiple jobs, 2 kids, and was going thru a frustrating personal life. I was happily married and stayed at home with my 2 kids. She throughly explained how jealous she was of ME and how I was there for my kids when she couldn’t be there for hers. I was the stable honest one even though I became bored easily. I loved staying home but had my moments. Can you say WOW! I never had any idea at all of her true feelings towards me. I saved that email for a long while. That is an impact right there.

Another time was during a yoga brunch of a few years ago. I sat with this woman as we exchanged some personal info about each other. After I went on about my blogs, book, website, working at home, volunteering at school, PTA, etc., she just stared at me. Sometimes I didn’t feel comfortable sharing some psychic gifts of mine and since I didn’t have a true “paying” job, it might not matter. She was wowed and said how awesome it all was. Her response to me:“All I do is work in a bank.” Needless to say, I was humbled yet again.

So, warriors can you relate your own wow moments of creating an impact? I bet you can if you think hard enough. Warrior was almost brought to tears with that fan and hugged him a few times. It can be either way that an impact is felt but again- until you hear actual WORDS, it might just become mundane or you feel like a robot. That’s probably how it was for Warrior back in his days of wrestling as is true for any of us caught up in an exciting opportunity. You go thru the motions but don’t get the impact until later on. Your impact will affect someone else just like theirs will affect you. Warrior’s did for me but I really was unaware of little ‘ol me affecting anyone. I’ve had a few people reach out concerning my work now and it means a lot, it truly does. I’m not saying to leave a comment instead of just a “like” but when we take the time, that impact is felt.

Create your impact but also thank those that have impacted you in your life. Let’s make that part of this new year of 2021. We had quite the impact last year but we need the good, we really do. The little things add up to bigger ones so never underestimate your impact at all to anyone.

*** I’m so excited to plan a DREAMS video as part of a series with my published author cousin soon! We will create quite the impact am sure with that topic. It’s coming…

Make it count warriors. Your impact leaves an ultimate mark however it is felt. πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’š

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β€œAura of Dreams”

***I know warriors, no true post this week BUT something came up unexpectedly and I just have to share!

My cousin who is also a published author collaborates on different video series and his most recent one “Aura of the Soul” he sent to me. He and another author had mentioned our dreaming state and few recollections on their part. I jotted down notes and said I was their gal on that!

He asked me if I was interested in doing a dream series with him where we’d tackle or “wrestle” with questions such as:

Does everyone dream?

Does our soul astral travel?

Do dreams hold messages for us?

So much more!

Well, you fans KNOW how important dreams have been on this journey of mine with Warrior so I am very excited to be working on this project with him. This is a sneak peek video and it’s slated for mid-January. I’ll post it on all my social sites when completed.

If any of you out there are into science fiction or horror find him at A.L. Mengel.

Here is our video link for

“The Aura of Dreams.”


Hope you enjoy!!!

Our Bizarre Year πŸ˜¬πŸ˜³

We made it warriors. This bizarre year was indeed that for many. It will be my last post until 2021 so am wishing all of you good times however that looks. Make your own Holiday memories and just be happy. Hard to believe a little over a year ago, I was driving to take a pic of the Hellwig Whistle Stop sign to use as my first post of 2020… I’m always torn. Despite the pandemic, this year has gone fast in many ways but dragged on in others. I do hope some good has come about for those reading today.

With these writings lately, I can tell some posts have definitely been your favorites. “Back to Warrior’s Machete” wins the match as many have liked or viewed that for months. So much thanks to ALL of you for your loyalty in commenting, retweeting, or sharing your thoughts on Warrior as well. It truly does mean the world to me as I hope you are evolving while feeling inspired on this journey we all take in life.

My favorites have to be “The Little Engine That Could” stories where I have never done a part 2. So many influencers on those with YouTube videos, bios, and my own family discoveries. It’s also the post where I connected a date in Warrior’s life with mine. It is so extremely significant as I remain humbled.

Has this year made you humbled as well? I bet it has in many ways as we need that but of course all are thinking about the COVID. Many ultimate challenges we all had to face and some that are still being faced. I have been blessed but have to deal with my kids doing school differently, my husband’s work situation changing briefly, and a few other adjustments. It is so little compared to others struggles and please know my heart is with you all in spirit. πŸ’œ

Bizarre setbacks do cause us to stop and decide what our next steps should be. When that photo was taken of the Ultimate Warrior above, he was near the end of his ’92 run before the steroid trial. That made him stop and reassess his future in the WWF. Sure, he could’ve returned after the suspension but didn’t at that time. He got busy with new ideas and other creative projects. This bizarre year made us do the same or at least I hope you did.

I’m not fully comparing that time in the WWF with this global pandemic but the feeling we get is the same. Those big life changing events will make us all pause and wonder what to do next. Warrior remained positive despite that bizarre situation and we need positivity in our lives too no matter the circumstance.

Let’s make this New Year a better one in all areas of our lives. Financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Use this past year’s experiences to grow different in ways you never thought you could. If you experienced a personal bizarre event, try turning it into an optimistic view of something better to come. I can’t begin to understand another’s point of view but we are all in this together. Maybe not in the same boat but in LIFE together. It will take tons of work but determination gets you through those tough waters your boat needs to traverse. We are all warriors. πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸš£β€β™€οΈ

If Warrior would’ve stayed in the WWF back then, he never could’ve had time to begin again in new ways. He did return 3.5 years later though. We can’t play the “what if” game but try to apply that to your life. If you have experienced a tremendous loss this year, place your faith in something brighter that will come along. I’m not being overly spiritual at all here but we need faith in many ways and especially within ourselves.

It’s one of those virtues that needs to always pull us through. Am sure you can think of your own scenario that began with a bizarre turn of events but eventually turned around. Maybe it hasn’t yet but you need to believe it will. If this didn’t happen, that wouldn’t have happened. Oh boy– can I add to this for me…

Even if you haven’t had an upsetting bizarre year in many areas, you still can plan for 2021 to bring other new adventures just waiting on the horizon. I know I will. Again, we may not always have the how or why figured out but the start of a what gets us there. What will you do different this coming year? It doesn’t have to be super complex at all or even a list of a million things. Just make it doable and one which creates that unique person you need to be. Always remember to BREATHE…

With Warrior being suspended, it forced him to start fresh in a New Year with a new way of thinking. This pandemic of 2020 forced us to think differently about things as well. Sometimes we choose to leave situations and that’s on us but being pushed out of the familiar means to keep going into those parts unknown. The rug has been pulled out from under you so now what? Do you submit or stay in the match?

The choices will remain yours as you navigate a new uncertainty. One thing will be certain though. You get to start over and begin another YOU. So many possibilities are yours, get going. I know 2021 will be ultimate despite some bizarre because I always believe in faith and grace! ( Another great word I realized this year…) πŸ˜‰πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

P. S. I’d like to personally thank those that have influenced my writing this year:

~ Warrior of course and his mention of Joseph Campbell.

~Steve Wilton for his “Legendary Unknown” YouTube channel.

~RocketFuel, WrestlingBios, WrestlingRocks, and RingSide Fest Q and A for all the great youtube content, videos, promos, and wrestling documentaries.

~Andrew William Wright for his 2005 work with Warrior.

~ Joe Johnson, aka “Vladimir Markov” former NWA wrestler, now realtor.

~ Those who emailed- especially a bodybuilder and another with a relationship to a passed celebrity in spirit.

Many, many thanks!!!


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