Yes, it is still funny!

I firmly believe things that were funny years ago are still today. Some people don’t or just move on from “younger” ways of thinking but my brain doesn’t and never will. Everyone can remember events in our lives that bring a smile, happiness, or tears of laughter and we never forget them. 😂

Sometimes we have to put the seriousness or sadness aside and focus on the humor. My brother and I did that plenty when we watched WWF (yikes!) back then and became interested in the characters and drama. Now, it seems to be pulling at the psyche too much for me to handle. Some storylines weren’t funny at all and shocked the crap out of me! 😬😳 I was the ultimate fan for many years— craziness and all!

When I watch Warrior’s greatest matches on his Ultimate Collection DVD, I am not sad anymore but sometimes catch myself pressing the pause button. I watch to keep feeling inspired and my funny bone goes haywire! Most will see Warrior’s “Crash the Plane” promo as insane and it is but I laugh through the whole thing. Even though my teenage self was raging back then, I still got the humor and do today. Good thing I wasn’t a child at the time since I would’ve been scared thinking about a plane crash! ✈️

The format of the shows changed so much with the times and still does. It reels you in and gets you hooked. My brother and I were entertained plenty and will always have our memories which I cherish. He teases me tons about things he knows I hated but it’s all good. I am grateful my brain finds the humor amid all the insanity, even long ago.

Society has evolved with what the public finds entertaining nowadays and my “old school” brain won’t absorb it all. So glad I am not of this generation of such extreme stunts but I understand its appeal. Maybe kids watching WWE today would find yesteryear’s stars boring but it was enough for me. Lots of outrageous stimulation for this girl that I can still recall. Warrior was enough for me— crazy, exciting and just the motivation I needed. I became a fan and will remain one who will forever be “unrecreateable!”

Spirit and Belief

My book is now available thru Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble! Balboa Press did an awesome job and you can find it there too (: I am beyond grateful for this amazing and humbling experience that will continue with all the warrior and intuitives out there.
Your intuition is so powerful and can be amazing if you trust the process. Readers of my blog, many new things about spiritual gifts are included plus some stories I have never blogged about before.
Once my new website is up and running, I hope to connect with many of you there as I hope to inspire and educate on what I have learned.
This blog will continue a little longer as I still have Warrior connections to share! Find me on twitter and YouTube as well. Thank you to anyone searching for answers about the spirit world as Warrior’s spirit will live forever. I will always believe!!!
💖📗👊🏻🤗💪🏻~~~ Kathy

The Missing Tuna Can

( and… a feather!)

How can these two items fit together in a story? I never even thought of sharing this silly day but sometimes, everyone needs a good laugh! 😂
Last spring, I was checking Twitter one Saturday morning and someone named Jay had posted an old video of Warrior. I watched it, hit like, and then we started a conversation. This went back and forth for a few minutes and I loved reliving old Warrior memories. 💖
Later, my husband decided to take our dog for a walk and I went along. Midway thru the neighborhood, there was a blue jay feather near my feet. I didn’t pick it up but smiled knowing Jay was a fan of Warrior just like me.
Afterward, we went to the carpet remnant store to get some pieces for our basement. The owner loved our dog that reminded him of a previous dog he had who was also part Australian shepherd. Warrior’s dog Daisy was an Australian shepherd but onto the rest of the story…….
We had to fold down our back seats to fit the carpet remnant in and then a can of tuna rolled right onto the ground! 🐟We just laughed thinking how long that had. been there and how odd it seemed. Then, I remembered the missing tuna can about a month prior!! I had come back from the store and couldn’t find it anywhere. Tuna was on my receipt but it just disappeared. Guess it got stuck between the seats. I was so frustrated since I really wanted a tuna fish sandwich! ):
Needless to say, I put that can of tuna on the dashboard in front of me for the drive home so it wouldn’t roll away this time! I had to control my inner laughter with this can of tuna staring at me…. My husband knew what I’d be having for lunch and no– it didn’t expire!
Most Warrior fans know how he ate tuna right out of the can but I didn’t buy it for that reason. 😬 I must admit that eating it out of the can isn’t that bad but it really needs a little something like Ranch or mayo…… I wonder if Warrior would be laughing too? 🤔😜

The Black Birds

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I began this blog! Wow~~~ never did I think at the time my writings could become a BOOK which is being published soon… 📗This blog will change somewhat as I will be getting a website but more on that later on…..

As you can tell, the title does not really match up with the photo but I assure you, birds do visit this tree. That day they came opened up many things for me so now comes the story!

Last year before I started the blog, I really began thinking about ways to share my stories but didn’t know how. I looked up some info on websites that accept short stories but still wasn’t sure. Since mine are about Warrior, the wrestling angle is what I pursued! WWE is way out of my league and really— who would be interested in my writings about the Ultimate Warrior in spirit? Yes, I kept thinking that way~~ A LOT… Finally, my brain thought the magazine route could work and I wondered if any opportunity existed there.

One day I decided to email an editor of a very popular magazine that still exists today. I never even thought of their guidelines or criteria at all! I just sat on my couch and told this editor some of my experiences. Who was this girl with such courage? Guess she became the new me, intuitive and all!

I had my sliding screen door open and kept hearing all these birds. My eyes and fingers were glued to my phone as those birds became louder and louder. I finished and sent the email without really thinking about it at all.

As I walked past the door, I saw what seemed like hundreds of birds in my backyard pear tree. 🌳😳 Some were at the feeder, some in the tree, and some high in the branches squawking incessantly. They were all black birds and I had never seen anything like this before! I just stared at them and couldn’t understand their eccentric behavior. It seemed to be like an apocalypse or something since the whole tree was shaking.

I already had bird encounters from the summer and after watching them for about a minute I realized what this could mean. Immediately my brain went to the email and thought sending it was a mistake. What was I thinking? Were these birds telling me a message through their antics? A few minutes after they landed, off they flew in different directions. The tree was quiet and bare.

This story can be interpreted in many ways but I will share what I believe it means for me. First, if you receive any kind of sign your emotions will guide how it works which might be different than someone else. Second, you might ask for a sign before making a big decision and get one as guidance or maybe a warning. Third, birds are messengers (of course!) but some view blackbirds as negative energy or evil. The Spirit World would never send you anything that makes you feel unsafe or afraid.

I related this experience to me not asking for a sign and getting a message afterward. It’s like when you act before you think! I believe they were telling me the magazine was the wrong idea and to think harder of how to share my stories. I also think they were showing me protection which is a spiritual trait of blackbirds, whatever the outcome of this email could be. They wanted me to trust that everything would be ok.

I let it all go but then later in the day an email came to my inbox from the magazine editor. I didn’t want to open it but really all he could say was no— right? Any other negativity needed to be let go as well. As it turns out, he was so sweet and explained their procedures for contributing articles. He wished me the best of luck and found my experiences interesting! I was so touched and knew those blackbirds were right. Even though that magazine wasn’t the path for me, protection was given despite the outcome.

Those birds never shook that tree again but they did remind me of Warrior shaking the ropes to get noticed all those years ago… Look to those blackbirds for good and not evil. I know the Universe helped me out so always interpret messages that fit even if you need to see or hear it loud and clear!!!

P.S. Thank you all for following or reading my blog this past year! I appreciate it tons and am looking forward to seeing my book published! It is called :
~~~Spirit and Belief
~~~ How the Ultimate Warrior led me to trust intuition 💖

Never Give Up!

I mentioned last week about doing things for yourself but we also need to remember to keep that true mentality of a warrior. He had many times early in his career when giving up seemed like the best thing to do. Warrior and Sting were in situations where the opportunities were slim and yet they kept going and going and going…… Never giving up for me has always been such a huge part of my life.

I have said many times that the qualities of being a warrior are vast and not giving up is right up at the top. I can’t possibly list all the things in my life that resulted in a “no quitting” attitude. Friendships, fitness, jobs, schoolwork, baking, and the list goes on! 👊🏻🤔I am not very good at baking and frequently burn the simplest cookies but then succeed more with harder recipes. 🍪Why does that happen? Guess I need more stimulation and some easy things seem boring! Sounds like many experiences I had and continue to have today.

I realize my brain and inner self can accept challenges despite the outcome. Be a warrior that challenges yourself everyday and set those goals, you will be glad you did! We can all recognize those times when something just isn’t working and yet we still want to try so hard to stay in the game. Look for those signs that point in the opposite direction saying let go or move on. This is very difficult but we need to figure out what is in our best interests and what we can detach from.

I can’t say give up because there are reasons people and events pop up into our lives and how we handle it matters. It is hard to hold on the way we need to in our lives— not too tight but not too loose either. I have fought many situations but continue on because that is what warriors are all about.

We fight for stuff that is important to us and means something. It is so daunting ending anything for me but I can’t look at it as defeat. We learn with no regrets and move on. Life is all about the lessons we learn along the way.

It is great to follow our passions but when we encounter road blocks, we need to be level- headed and make the best decision. Giving up can’t be an option, we always need to strive for the better. I can become inspired with the littlest things that will keep me going. Always will I remember what or who is worth the fight and how endurance makes me stronger. I am a warrior who never gives up and you should be one too!! 👍👋

DIY Warrior Girl

Before I begin my post today, I just want to express my sympathies on the loss of Bobby Heenan. He suffered for many years and now can be reunited with the greats of WWF. “The Weasel” match is so funny and Bobby had plenty of antics with Warrior! The “bumps” he took meant a lot to Warrior and will never be forgotten by fans everywhere. I can picture Vince saying “Will you knock that off!” The Brain was using the Brain Scan before the SNME match between the Ultimate Maniacs and Money Inc. I also remember him saying ” O.W.N. gentlemen!” This was on WCW’s Nitro show when Warrior beat up the NWO. Oh Bobby, too many memories to list… Enjoy that ring in the sky…🙏🏻😇😓

My entire life has been wanting to do things by myself in a way that works for me. I try so hard and never give up because defeat is not an option. Often times I would ask myself why the complicated or complex situations always seem to find me. Warrior was indeed a complicated person and yet he did things for himself without doubting his beliefs. There are reasons why we should push ourselves without a quitting attitude and Warrior did this all the time.

The mentality of who we are is indeed a mystery and nobody can get inside your head to find out why. It sometimes surprises me how much energy I give to people or a situation. Some things I am not very good at and yet I keep going despite the outcome. I was horrible at math in school and even though my grades suffered, I kept persevering since I needed to make my brain understand it. It all becomes a learning process everyday.

Many years ago when I was recently hired at my second job, I sustained an injury that almost required a chiropractor. This was almost someone’s profession that I seem to know on a spiritual level these days! I didn’t want anyone to know since this was a few months into the job and an injury wouldn’t slow me down. Warrior told a story on his Ultimate Collection DVD about an injury early in his career. He couldn’t tell anyone since it was his first big push in the business.

I am not a person to ask for help much at all but on some occasions, I need to. This should not diminish us and yet sometimes we feel like it does. It really depends on the situation but everything teaches us lessons. There are those times when something just isn’t working and we need to throw in the towel.

Certain circumstances dictate that we must move on from things that no longer benefit us. Warrior had to learn by doing much for himself that brought success but also required an inner battle he had to master.

Doing things by myself was much easier since tasks would get done the way I needed them to. When I was an inexperienced mom, it was simple to do just about everything for my kids since it would get done faster. This is great but parents will tell you they need to figure it out on their own. Now, it is different and my kids learn by themselves with little help from me. Sure, I am still their mom but independence is what life is all about.

The most important thing to remember is how we handle a situation that is thrown our way. Nobody can live your life for you and yet we must continue to find that balance between doing much alone and asking for help. I don’t give up easily if it is something I truly believe in. Others may have a different opinion and I accept that. Warrior said to “slay all the naysayers” and I will do that because this warrior girl never quits!
~~~ P.S. With my Birthday being tomorrow, I will be thanking Warrior for this beautiful experience I continue to have and am so grateful to be following my purpose!!! 💪🏻💖

The Magazine

On this Patriot Day, I am reminded of all our true warrior men and women who gave their lives sixteen years ago. 🇺🇸We will all remember and know that we too can be warriors in our own way everyday…..

I’m posting my last collectible story and even though it was something I bought– unlike the others, my emotions remain genuine and that is who I am.
It had been over a year since I last saw the Ultimate Warrior on TV and by now I had gotten used to the fact that he was gone and might not be returning. I was at the grocery store probably getting something for Christmastime and had to turn down the magazine aisle. For some reason, my eyes darted left and then I saw it!
There was a magazine with him on the front cover. I swear time seemed to stop for me and I became catatonic. I was frozen just staring at it for what seemed like hours. Shoppers must have been passing me by!
I had never bought one magazine back in his prime– not one! I’m embarrassed to say and so wish I did…. Perhaps it was too overwhelming for me at the time.
Having tears in my eyes, I slowly reached for the magazine with shaking hands and a very fast beating heart. I had to move on and get my groceries if I could remember why I came in the first place! 😳❤️🛒
I guess the saying is true about being in the right place and time as this experience was for me that day. I couldn’t wait to get home and read the article to find out what he was doing in his life after wrestling.
Part of me was mad in a way just for the fact that this magazine had unearthed feelings I thought were gone and there was no way they’d resurface again. So happy to see him being successful out of the business and starting a new life. Little did I know at the time how things would change! At least I finally had a magazine to call mine that I never had the courage to buy back then…