The Little Things

Besides the spiritual type of signs I seemed to see after Warrior’s passing, there were many things that made me feel as if the Twilight Zone had taken over! I decided to combine all these even though they might not flow together like a story should. What is true is how the same element runs through them all and that is Warrior references small enough for me to notice.
I can’t quite seem to remember the order because it was like an avalanche piling on top of me all the time. I do know that most were hysterically funny which really got me laughing and I did over and over again. 😅😂
My kids were acting slightly different and I know there wasn’t a full moon every night! They started playing wrestling which they never do and also using the word “ultimate” in their vocabulary. This is not a word I hear from them rarely if ever… How did this happen to coincide with Warrior having just passed? They also watched a cartoon that was wrestling based with Ric Flair as a character. I of course had to watch too and couldn’t believe how bizarre it was to me.
At my daughter’s basketball practice a few years ago, inside the gym on the bulletin board was their word of the week. It happened to be our kneecap– the patella. I giggled at the thought of WM6 which one has to be familiar with to connect these little things. Also, when she played soccer, her team’s name was the Monsoons and she picked number 6 for her jersey. I walked away chuckling to myself…
One night when she was using her dictionary skills for homework, the guide word was hulk— unreal… It’s second meaning is ” a big, clumsy person.” Totally have never forgotten that one!      

Another reference to WM6 was a truck I saw while driving that had the words “Pillar to Post” on the side!! No idea what they were advertising. We were stopped at a light next to each other and I literally laughed out loud! You have to know the banter between Gorilla and Jesse like I do and that driver probably thought I was crazy– maybe I was but it felt good to laugh so hard!
Randy Savage also seemed to be present a few times too. At the baseball game one night, they played his voice and put up his catchphrase “oh yeah!” on the Jumbotron . They probably do this a lot but back then, it got to me. I love how he and Warrior were such good friends… While shopping once I saw a random Randy shirt mixed in with all these others. He didn’t seem to fit in this rack and maybe got misplaced but because of the timing I noticed…
Definitely was a sensory overload at the time and I seemed to catch every detail. The little things– strange as they may seem make a difference. Most brought me happiness or silliness and the humor Warrior had came through. I have read if he liked you, he would do funny things so perhaps he knew it was time for me to laugh. #theultimatechallenge #skydome #wrestlemaniaVI

Author: Kathy Pickett

I'm a wife, mom of 2 and have always been a huge fan of WWE’s the Ultimate Warrior despite his passing. I created this blog to share my stories relating to him that happened years ago and some are continuing today with his Spirit alive and well! I hope some fans out there relate and enjoy my blog!!! Check out my book Spirit and Belief on how Warrior influenced me in spirit. It is filled with humor, family stories, psychic terms, following my intuition, and how anyone has natural abilities we can tap into or get discovered. New spiritual topics can also be found at my website:

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