Meditation= Warrior’s Energy

I have never really explained my journey that led to the spiritual connection with Warrior and his energy. Once I noticed hundreds of views on my YouTube channel video about spirit visit dreams, I knew this story was never fully told. My book Spirit and Belief mentions meditation but that didn’t start with me wanting to connect in any way to Warrior at all.

Meditation began for me as a result of a panic attack I had a few years ago. I was just about finished on our elliptical machine when it became hard for me to breathe. This was not a normal feeling for me even though I had been working my body through sweating, blood pumping, and my heart beating fast. These symptoms intensified as I sat down on my husband’s workout bench to control my breathing. I felt a tightness and just took some slow, deep breaths into my shirt like the paper bag method when one is hyperventilating.

My sensations weren’t intolerable but enough that got me thinking. I immediately knew the cause because of an unsettling conversation with someone recently and how it seemed to affect me. I also knew the signs of a panic attack and finally my anxiety settled some. It was then that I texted my sister who used the CALM app for meditation. A few days later, I was loving the whole process and became absorbed in the content of the program.

I started setting goals and then after some guided sessions, my OWN way of using the app became a daily routine. I also have a YouTube video on meditation which explains what works for me.

How did I immediately recognize the signs of a panic attack after never having had one before? How did I know to text my sister right away and remember she used a meditation app? Intuition at its finest right there! I knew the cause since that had been festering in me for a few days but never questioned what happened or what to do.

Extremely grateful I am not a frequent recipient of attacks like many people are and haven’t had one since. My panic led to meditation which opened the door for Warrior to visit me in dreams. I firmly believe this to be true on my journey.

I never started meditation as a way to connect with the Spirit World but only to discover some peace within myself that I needed. It does not need to be complicated or be guided with an app. Some people find it extremely difficult to settle their minds but it comes natural for me.

Most every book I read mentioned meditation as a link to the Spirit World or dreams. I had no idea dreams with Warrior would manifest a month after I began meditation. It is very hard to remain present in a specific period of time but using positive affirmations or mantras worked well for me too.

Start off with a word or phrase and try repeating it over and over in your mind. Breathe it in and visualize it. Always remember to stay focused and relax. Just 10 minutes a day can lead to a much better way of handling stress or anxiety. A regular practice will allow your mind to focus on your own well-being.

Try anything that will work for you like nature, calming music, mantras, visualization, positive thoughts, or something motivating. If I never started meditating, would Warrior have appeared to me in dreams? I don’t know but am grateful he did to help guide me on my OWN Warrior way……. 😇❤️🙏🏻💪🏻

~~~ This will be my last official post with mywarriorwritings so I have mixed emotions.., 😥 but I will possibly post my YouTube links or maybe figure that out to put up here! Just search up my name on YouTube and you will find them!
This will remain on WordPress for a while as many are archiving and searching me so I thank you all again!!
PLEASE check out my NEW blog on my NEW website: which is the title of my book about Warrior, intuition, and the many signs I received mostly after his passing. Many of these blog posts are in there but lots and lots of other good stuff too….
My new blog does have a post up and YES, Warrior will still be a part of it but just in a NEW (am liking that word today!) and different way.
If for any reason, some other signs seem to manifest with Warrior, you can bet I will be including it with the NEW (one more time!) blog. Please continue to read, visit, follow me and sign up! I will try to answer any questions and do my best to involve you all on my spiritual journey. Info about my book is also on the website…
Warriors~~~ ALWAYS BELIEVE!!! “Nothing is too hard to do!” 📗✍🏻💖~~~ Kathy


Author: Kathy Pickett

I'm a wife, mom of 2 and have always been a huge fan of WWE’s the Ultimate Warrior despite his passing. I created this blog to share my stories relating to him that happened years ago and some are continuing today with his Spirit alive and well! I hope some fans out there relate and enjoy my blog!!! Check out my book “Spirit and Belief” on how Warrior influenced me in spirit. It is filled with humor, family stories, psychic terms, following my intuition, and how everyone has natural abilities we can tap into or get guidance upon.

2 thoughts on “Meditation= Warrior’s Energy”

  1. I love you this post so much and am so glad that the Calm app helped you on your journey! I have gotten away from meditating but have taken the time the past couple days to really read or mediatete and relax and man does it make a big difference in how my day goes! Thank you for this reminder and for sharing your journey with all of us! Love you and am so proud of you!!!


    1. Thank you so much Peg! I was going to ask you to make sure and read my post today so glad you did! I love meditating for so many reasons and just recently got 500 consecutive days!! I hope it continues to make a difference in your life. Thanks always for your positive comments!!


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