Buck the System 🦌🫵🏻😝

I am coming to you a day early as we have my son’s college orientation day tomorrow so what a busy time that will be… This photo today taken in Spain doesn’t truly connect to the post as some don’t. I like this shot of him calling out Orlando Jordan later on of the NWE back in 2008. Fans know Warrior would buck the system at times for sure but I really wanted to use another word! You can all guess but it’s one Warrior used often so just change a letter. 🤣

Oh, so many things come to mind with Warrior going against authority and I’m not listing all of them but thought to share a few of my own as well since that’s what I do. I’ll start with him of years back. He talked about early in his career of several veterans who did not like him running to the ring, shaking ropes, wearing arm tassels or face paint, and all that. Respect was given but since Vince never told him to stop doing those things, he didn’t. Well, my stories aren’t quite the same as they rarely are exactly but I had started out and wanted to do my own thing too.

I would follow the rules early on as a preschool teacher and really wanted to learn so it was by the book for me. After a bit even as an aide, it was time for me to show my skills off just a little. Flashback to Halloween- October of 1990 and my first big holiday with the kids. I decided to be a black cat since that was super easy putting together. Just like Warrior talking about Dingo being the poor version of Ultimate Warrior, I didn’t have extra money for other things at that time. No rented costume for me as it was mostly a black outfit which had a headband with cut out paper ears. I made a tail and safety pinned it to my pants while adding a painted black nose and whiskers. I was all set except just missing something. It was clear I needed claws and saw some in a Halloween store real cheap. I could put those on before the parade to complete the look.

It was showtime and I was ready. The directors were there as we started the parade. *** At this time though many miles away, the Ultimate Warrior was also getting ready about a month out for his first WWF Survivor Series as the NEW champ. The Ultimate Warriors versus the Perfect team. What a great era that was! *** Anyways, back to my story. The first parade was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards, I got a talking to though. The boss didn’t agree with my cat claws and mentioned how parents might feel about them. I could not understand this logic. It’s a 10 minute parade and I might be holding a child’s hand but really? I wasn’t wearing them all day. 🙄 They suggested I put them aside for the next parade. Did I listen? Nope. I wore them anyway! So glad they didn’t let me go after only being there a few short months. I bucked the system like Warrior while doing my own thing. Oh, there were sooo many more little incidents like these that I can laugh about today. 🤪

I’m sure all of you have those times where you go against type and just do something anyway. There doesn’t have to be a boss involved at all. I was the sister who moved in with my fiancé 15 months before we were married. Oh no, bucking the system again only this time with family. Gosh, I was a grown woman in my late 20’s. Did I really care what others of a different belief thought? Again for the nope. I would not have agreed unless we were engaged anyway. He wanted me to move-in much earlier than that but I did have my standards.

Probably the most noteworthy thing Warrior did to buck a system was his name change. I didn’t want to mention something else from his career and your name– well it doesn’t get any more personal than that. Maybe some of you might disagree as now it doesn’t even seem like such a big deal but back then, it was. It was in the wrestling world anyways and it would affect his future family for sure. My daughter always tells me I should legally change mine since I dislike my full name of Kathleen. Boy, that would buck my birth family system now wouldn’t it? My full name is barely on anything legal anymore but it isn’t a priority with me. If I did change it, Warrior and I would have yet another thing in common now, how about that? 😊

Whether you find yourself ever bucking the system, be intentional with it. Don’t do it just to spite but because you truly believe in your own cause. We can F*** the system too because as adults, it is our right but you gotta pick those battles. Is every war worth fighting for? You get to decide. I felt mine were from cat claws, living with my fiancé, and even my legal name in a way. I know Warrior believed in all his bucking ways whether small or big. Will you buck the system or stay silent? Sometimes we do both but let’s choose the battle that will win the war we need to win everyday.

P.S. I didn’t have a P.S. this time but after last Friday, I added a BIGGIE… How about Vince McMahon’s retiring? 😳 When my brother told me- I literally thought pigs 🐷 were flying or something…. I wandered around the house saying “WOW!” in my head over and over….. Despite this possibly being a “forced” retirement in a way because of the scandal, I shed some tears. Love him or hate him, (sounds like a Warrior description…) he provided soooo many memorable moments over the years and MANY for me personally back in the day- good, bad, and everything in between…

*** Some are shocked by this while some are grateful. I am sad it had to happen this way but you as fans- need to support the WWE you love. Change is inevitable and good things will come. I am sure Mr. McMahon will still be involved somehow, someway as it is in his blood along with the lineage he passes the torch to.. I won’t comment on his behavior or marital status but I was stunned literally. Vince usually comes out unscathed but now, it is time for the next generation. I can say more but will leave it at this…. Thank you Vince… What a ride of 40 years but like their slogan says:






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