The Enigma of Mystique 🫣

Does that title sound intimidating? I hope it does but in a good way where you feel intrigued to read… I’ve been meaning to use that photo of Warrior coming out for his first WCW Monday Nitro appearance back in ’98 and finally got a good shot. It is mysterious as he was but today, I wanted to move the focus just a little. I actually wrote this originally with a red pen too. ❤️

Let’s rewind for just a moment. Several years back, I wanted a word besides the overused word of intensity to describe the Ultimate Warrior character. After a few minutes, “enigma” popped in my head. This has been told before but it gets on repeat today. Vince McMahon also called him that in the book: A Life Lived Forever.” He was describing the character and said: ” all of that added to the mystique of this extraordinary enigma.” Maybe my brain was remembering reading that many months prior, but there it was. Enigma and mystique so here we are again.

Are there parts of you that are mysterious, or even enigmatic? We need those parts of ourselves that remain puzzling or hard to figure out. Some may see it as being negative but it truly isn’t. We all want privacy and like I’ve said countless times despite my writings, many are edited or not even written. Warrior shared much in various ways over the years and yet again, remained private at times as fans know. We reveal what we like, and leave the rest. If people talk, let them. We shouldn’t know all of the answers anyway and aren’t supposed to. 🧩🤷🏻‍♀️

 OK, now that all those have been a little revisited, let’s move forward. I have discussed this trait of being “in the middle” with my healer as it comes up often in my life. I love to share as you can guess but sometimes need to pull back… 😬 How do I keep that balance? We’ve heard that expression of: “my life’s an open book.” I bet you have and even though I wrote one, not everything is open and shouldn’t be. We don’t want to keep the book closed entirely, so what should we do? She advised me just to switch my wording which in turn changes the thinking. I need to stop saying being “in the middle” and focus on neutrality. This applies to relationships too, not just my writings. It is amazing how one word that changes can completely shift our mindset. I actually was almost crying when posing that question to her. Very relieved some guidance came through.

We went on to discuss other topics but in reality, many came back to the enigma and mystique of ME. We all are but again, things should be selective. Have you heard this expression: “what other people think of me is none of my business!?” It’s harsh, but true. I told her Warrior’s of “F*CK what others think!” We laughed a little, but I always follow that up with “but…” The people pleaser has gone away in many aspects but she is still there sometimes. Can you relate to that? We do want to be liked and accepted but again, this goes back to HOW and WHY. Despite Warrior’s slogan, he did care about some stuff people were doing at times. We are all human and get bothered. Just watch his videos on certain topics and you’ll know. We don’t want to care and yet there are parts of us that do. It’s like the extremes of trusting too much and then not trusting at all. Stay neutral while keeping some mystique.

It is a struggle as I know this is part of my life lessons here. As a child, I totally was that enigma and rarely opened up to anyone about whatever was on my mind. Now, it’s much different but then I might go on and on… 🤭🗣️ It’s those extremes that work against us but when we are passionate about a concept or idea, we want it out in the world. We just have to know there will be consequences just like Warrior knew. Are any parts of your life mysterious and hidden in someway or do you bare all? You are probably in the middle like me or should I say neutral? It is different of course with fame like Warrior had or even sharing on a platform like I am. Very switched up does it become if you just share with your BFF or another trusted person.

Warrior always wanted his character to keep a little of the mystique hidden and yet became more open over the years once his wrestling career ended. We do evolve as we should but always get to decide how. He still was a private guy but did things his way and I so get that. We just need to think about how to best serve without forgetting ourselves. I did just hit another mile stone I wanted as a goal. 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ countries. After almost 7 years, that might seem small to some but not to me. We need goals but it’s all about right timing. I can be more forward with this blogging but I like being an enigma of sorts. Plus, entrepreneurship is not my gig but doing this type of creative work is. Sure, if I had a staff or even an assistant but I don’t so it remains what it is.

I guess the take-away is that throughout our lives, we will go different paths that move us in all directions. Some involve being that extroverted character like the Ultimate Warrior where everything is “balls to the wall” style but other times, we become more introverted with our style. It all depends on your situation and what interests you pursue. When I first started teaching or even writing, I was more enigmatic than I am today. Some people in their life will always just be one more than the other and that is their choice. I love both sides of Warrior and it was great that he showed them to all of us. I’m getting more comfortable in these other roles of mine that are hard to navigate but with a Warrior by my side, I will never lose. We need the mystery folks but let the real you out of your comfortable skin sometimes too. An enigma is a cool word but just remain neutral. Look to that message as a word of advice from the gods up above. 🤍🙏🏻

P.S. I noticed how I had used the word “warrior” in the title for 7 weeks! How about that? This year of 7 again. Never intentional…

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