Three Count of Dreams 💪🏻

Well, warriors- I had said more dreams were coming so gear up for a three count today. I don’t think I’ve ever given a preview of the next post and yet here we are. This all came to me most recently and I believe they were in the same night. Guess it was time for a three count and it gets more detailed as they move on. They also seem to connect with Warrior’s life more so than mine but I take it all in. Let’s start with dream number one.

No idea where I was in this dream but in front of me was a large box of Ultimate Warrior merchandise. Most may know I have a small collection but nothing like this massive collection. There was so much good stuff in there but I vividly remember picking up the exact mask from Warrior’s final appearance on WWE’s RAW April 7, 2014. The whole crowd wore those as did Warrior which made me pause. This mask is in the book: “A Life Lived Forever.” I got that out a long time ago and the strap broke. It was a PS once for a post. I wasn’t meant to wear it. I held it for a bit and then continued on looking at action figures, magazines, belts, and so much more. I was alone but no recollection of this belonging to someone in particular or if it was part of a store. Hmmm… That was it but very cool to see all that great U.W. merch in one place.

The second dream was a little more detailed. This one occurred in the living room of my childhood home. I was there watching our old console T.V. which I can totally picture. Warrior was starring in a movie similar to “Conan the Barbarian.” Yes, fans know he was “The Swordsman” from “Firepower” but he had said years ago how continuing the Arnold Conan series was of interest to him. As I was watching this unnamed movie, there was a close-up of Warrior with his blonde hair and he was in shackles. He obviously had been captured and was being tortured- oh no! There was a woman nearby but I couldn’t tell if she was hurting or helping him. She looked similar to the actress Nora Lum who goes by the name Awkwafina. Can you picture it? I so hope there was a good ending but in this dream , that was the only seen I saw. I can imagine Warrior in a role very similar so I thank him for coming even if it was through my old T.V. set.

The last dream of course was the most detailed. I hope you can follow along and again- these are my observations and instincts. It’s how I connect the dots so I just go with my first thought and don’t question. OK, now that I’ve set you up, here we go. This one was outdoors and I felt it to be during a frat party in college. I was in someone’s backyard at night as there were lights all around like a summer BBQ. The yard was filled with people, tables of food, drinks, music playing, dancing and just lots of fun. Yeah, it seemed like college kids but very tame! Warrior did attend Indiana State for one year and he looked very young in this dream. It might’ve come about as I had watched an old clip of him and Steve Borden- a.k.a. Sting. I have seen this before with those early Freedom Fighter days in Memphis but watched it again. It’s a clip were Phil Hickerson (whom I wasn’t familiar with) comes up to Jim and Steve and mocks them for just being muscles with no talent. Steve says nothing but Jim challenges Phil to a match. The photo above was from that video. You can look up how that gets played out but imagine Jim’s look then. His hair was just a little longer. That’s similar to his look in the dream.

Here’s another funny connector. Jim had a friend in this dream– no not Steve! But immediately I thought of the show “The Middle.” That comedy aired on ABC for 10 years and the oldest boy went to East Indiana State for college. He had a close buddy on the show. “The Middle” took place in the state of Indiana so Jim and his friend to me in this dream were like Axl and Hutch from “The Middle.” I watched the show and loved it all those years.

I hope you are still with me here… I was walking through the backyard crowd carrying a plate of food for Jim and his friend who were in a tent nearby. I thought later on why I would be doing this?! Get your own food guys! Anyway, the plate contained fried rice and green grapes. Huh? Oh well, that’s what they were getting. I can’t fully connect the grapes but the rice was a real life similarity. My husband and I had recently gone out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. One of his sides was fried rice and he made a point of showing me the peas which I’m not too fond of. I don’t mind them in pods but I’ve never really liked them, even as a baby. I guess those peas on that plate of fried rice made their way onto another plate in this dream. Crazy! Our real lives matter too. The grapes didn’t factor into my real life but they did in this dream. It was a cute moment but the rice story is funnier so I decided to share that instead. 😂🤭

I brought the guys their rice and grapes and we chatted a bit in this tent. No clue on Jim’s nameless, faceless friend but it was interesting. Was it really a frat party at Indiana State? Who knows but I sensed it that way and thought of “The Middle.” I had never had a dream of Warrior that young but guess I got a little glimpse into a college scene. Next time, they can get their own food, ha ha! I’ll probably laugh when I see fried rice and green grapes again. 😜

So, I hope I amused you all this time around since the last few weeks have been quite heavy and emotional. I like to find the humor even with some editing at times which I need to do. Who can tell what’s next but I’ll be here to share. I wish you all good dreams as always. You may not get a three count like mine but never stop believing in your own warrior power— minus rice and grapes!😴3️⃣☺️

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