That 80’s Vibe! 💚💖

*** A quick note before I begin today: All the BEST of health and happiness to Triple H on his official retirement. I thank him for 30 years of “The Game” and for his tireless work to get the Ultimate Warrior in the HOF. I will always be so grateful to him.., 💙

Look at that. A rare selfie of me and I gotta admit– it wasn’t easy to do. I don’t paint Ultimate Warrior’s mask or anything similar to his logo on my face so you are in for a real treat, lol! Think I did it years ago with 💄… Anyways, it totally fits with the 80’s vibe of this story and I just had to do it. Today, it’s about some events in my life and of course Warrior’s that were possibly a little silly, embarrassing, or just different. I remember them all and fans of his will probably too. We both get that 3 count again ( in a way) and I’ll start with him. Oh, those fun years of the 1980s.

I had recently remembered WWE’s Slammy Awards which began in 1986 and the Ultimate Warrior winning posthumously for best return in 2014. I bet many of you longtime fans remember all those music videos the Superstars of yesteryear made back in the mid-80s? “If You Only Knew” was a musical number closing out the 1987 Slammys with the entire roster on stage. U.W. is in the back row and it’s very farcical but we loved it all. I laughed so hard when finding this the other day, my side actually hurt! That brings us to one of these moments I’m referencing today. Koko B. Ware performed “Piledriver” (I know that album!) for Song of the Year. Ultimate Warrior among some others were dressed as construction workers. One article said how “Jim Hellwig” probably felt uncomfortable but really, I don’t know? Would he think it to be foolish or did he have a good time anyway? It’s so goofy, you don’t want to watch and yet we do.

I saw all of their musical “talents” from “Land of 1000 Dances,” “Tutti Frutti,” and even Vince’s performance of his BIG hit: “Stand Back!” Always have to give such props to Vince for his creativity and for pushing that crazy envelope into mainstream culture. WWF wanted to be like MTV. Remember when they just showed music videos? Let’s move ahead a few years to 1990 when Warrior was heavyweight champ. I know many have brought up that goofy video of Phil Collins along with Warrior dancing and performing in a ring to Phil’s popular song: “Two Hearts.” Yet another moment where I wonder what Warrior’s thoughts were. It’s all business but some things I think about. My brother reminded me of the WWF using Phil’s song: “Easy Lover” for their first WrestleMania theme. Really? Why THAT song? Why both? Kind of weird, don’t ya think? Maybe Phil was a fan so they got him again years later as part of a “movie” where he was following some TV execs around. This was technically 1990 but close enough to the 80’s and what a crazy vibe it was. Those songs though. Yeah, they make me think of wrestling, lol!🤣

Now, let’s move on to some of MY 80’s moments that were funny, slightly awkward, and yet so memorable in many ways. We’ll begin with 4th grade. Yes, that grade again but there was something else. My class was performing: “Peter and the Wolf” for parents to come watch. I can’t recall if everyone got a part but I was the little red bird. All I had to do was chirp and tweet on top of a bench but had no red to wear. My school gym shorts would work with white tights. Yeah, that’s a fashion statement. It was the early 80’s –gimme a break and I was 9 I think. My mom took a photo, oh boy. I had my arms outstretched with an ugly short haircut and chirping away. All that silly stuff for school but it always boosted my confidence on performing.

This next one is my favorite from 8th grade. I always thought it was 7th but am thinking with graduation and all, it was 8th. As part of our end-of-the-year grade, we had to make a music video. Nothing like those ol’ WWF Superstars but this was a big deal. Some kids videotaped us or gave a report but I was in a group of girls. Our song was: “Ghostbusters.” I may have mentioned this before but it’s worth a repeat. I walked out 1st just like during H. S. Graduation only this time, different music of course. We rocked it and without being biased, were the best! Our group went first so we could just relax and watch all the others.

I was a “ghostbuster” with one of my hats from home (either Chuck E. Cheese or Niagara Falls?) while holding a toy gun. Us 3 girls had to say: ” Bustin’ makes me feel good!” I feel so different about that now as good spirits, not ghosts are welcome by me (: We had it all planned out as hard work paid off. Warrior would agree. With all the practices after school and in backyards, we had a hit. There were us “busters,” old ladies with umbrellas, and even our very own ghost friend wearing her glasses over a sheet! So much fun, yet ridiculous all at once. I can still remember some of the other kids videos. A boy group did: “One Night in Bangkok” which makes me think of Mike Tyson now from “The Hangover” movie. Great.., now, all those songs are in my head!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🎧

The last experience was my junior year of choir in high school. Choir again, I know! We had a new Director but she wanted to make all these changes and switched the rules up some. Sounds like someone else, I wonder who? This new teacher began to introduce dancing. What? I didn’t sign up for this! For one concert, we danced and guess what? It was a big success and the following year she started a show choir that performed along with many other schools. Despite all that, I hated it. Every minute of it.

 We even did a song with our Dads (I didn’t ask mine but my partner did) called: “Big Spender.” Is she kidding? How is THAT appropriate? Look up the lyrics… The crowd loved it though as we had matching dresses and danced our hearts out on that stage. All those dance steps, practices, and frustrations which led to something great. I thought it strange and felt so nervous since this was choir, not a dance competition. That 80’s vibe strikes again, always with good results. I did remember a few other songs we performed that actually were pretty good. One was: “And all that Jazz” from the musical Chicago.

So, there you have it. Warrior’s 3 count of: “If You Only Knew,” being a construction worker for “Piledriver,” and dancing with Phil Collins in: “Two Hearts.” Again, with songs that don’t match despite their popularity. OK, I know his is really a 2 count since the first ones were both during the Slammy Awards but I’m counting them separate! My 3 count is: “Peter and the Wolf,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Big Spender.” We both did a music video too. At least he got paid for his goofy stuff. What a (mostly) 80’s vibe that time was which brought some silliness, awkwardness, and always so much fun anyways. In spite of everything, I had many laughs. I hope Warrior did too.

P.S. You probably won’t see me with face paint again but you other warriors can paint away! I’ll dance to “Ghostbusters” anytime though! Just not “Big Spender…”

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