The Journey of Steve

I know The James Boys was blogged already but how about Steve? There was that movie in 2009 called All About Steve but this isn’t Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper! I’ll only share stories that connect many things with me and Warrior so we have Steves in common. This really is quite the journey like my sign says . That story is in a little bit…

Most Ultimate Warrior fans know his connection with many Steves. First, his tag team partner was Steve Borden, (Sting) then he wrestled Steve Lombardi many times,( he was the Brooklyn Brawler.) Warrior acknowledged him in his HOF speech. Last was Steve Wilton who was Warrior’s manager.

Here are my Steves. Well, in my OWN way. I regularly get Stevie’s comments on my YouTube videos and he has read my other blog at That is also the title of my book! Another Steve hopefully many of you know is Steve Perry of the band Journey. Don’t Stop Believin!” has been a constant song of theirs in my life for years and now even more after Warrior’s passing. A few years ago in Art my son even used some of those song lyrics on a fun project. I couldn’t help but have a WOW moment. He told me that song just came to him. It still hangs up in his room.

Back in the fall last year, I met this woman at an Author’s Conference and she and I instantly bonded. Her name was Molly Perry and her husband was Steve. Another WOW moment. He had passed a few years ago so she totally connected with my spirit vibe. GET THIS! She shared a funny story of how they were youth counselors and had jackets made for the kids. On the side of the sleeves were the words: “Don’t Stop Believin’!” He told people he was THE Steve Perry of Journey and they’d believe him!! She had me laughing and even bought my book.

That just leaves my sign you see with the beautiful lotus flower. I took this painting class at a local place that is a wine bar, craft corner, and yoga studio! What a great combo. Well, I was intrigued with this wooden oval you’d paint and then use a stencil ( yes, please) to create your lotus flower. I chose purple out of 3 choices since that represents a lotus to me. The last addition was a meaningful word. So many choices yet where to begin?

My mind wandered into using many. I didn’t want Spirit or even Believe since that’s my book and Journey is on another sign I have. Remember “The Falling Signs?” Some other possible words were: inspire, endure, and a few more. Many seemed too common for me like Faith, Hope, or Love. Too overused. I was still deciding on the way there! My decision was made while listening to the radio. That’s right. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’!” played when I was almost to the parking lot.

Another woman also chose that word and yet another picked believe. I was with the right group that day. All of ours came out great but mine seemed to get the best compliments. I was very methodical in lining up each letter with a lotus petal. Good thing we had that stencil but truly, I could’ve done it anyway. So, now I have 2 Journey signs but it really is the right one since I never stop believin’! I look at them both everyday.

This is another story that kinda seemed silly sharing and yet it’s entirely me with how my Journey is. I might not know a Steve personally like Warrior did but they still pop up in my life in other ways. Warrior always talked more about the journey instead of the destination anyhow. We are all on our OWN journey whether or not you know any Steves, listen to the band, paint, or anything else. As long as you “Don’t Stop Believin’!”

P.S. CONGRATS to the Toronto Raptors on winning their FIRST NBA Championship in 2019! I have to mention this since am very biased. You can archive my basketball story but that’s also in the book. Anyhow, they won in game 6 which connects to WMVI held in Toronto! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ€The only time I am for a Warrior!!! ( My Ohio CAVS won 3 years ago today!) Gotta love winning something the first time!!

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