What’s Your Weakness?

That’s a bold question, isn’t it warriors? We all do have weaknesses but I bet you have ONE that’s probably your main event. Others may see a trait in you that could be a weakness but to you, it’s a strength. O.K., of course we need to bring Warrior in on this topic for sure. According to many, his most perceived weakness would be stubbornness which I’ve mentioned before but his opinionated nature wins the match. His stubbornness made him succeed which a previous post of a few months ago was all about. His opinions though were many which others would disagree with often. He would say those opinions made him better, not weaker. What would he list on his own as a huge weakness? Hmmm. Those who knew him best might have that answer. Possibly perfectionism is a guess of mine.

I thought of a few more for me and that perfectionism thing is a strong one for my personality too. Others may agree but perhaps my introverted nature could be their answer. I would’ve said yes to that years ago but not so much anymore. My introverted girl has learned to turn that aspect into a positive so a negative weakness becomes a strength. You can do that too. We all have areas to work on and some may never change but you can improve them somewhat in situations.

What I mean is this. I’ll use myself as an example. So, if my biggest weakness is perfectionism I won’t ever do the opposite of that but can ease up just a little. By compromising, you are showing your flexibility with anything that happens. No, not everything is gonna be perfect all the time and as I write this, it’s been a CRAZY few days!

Would you be willing to look at your weaknesses and tweak them? You’re not sacrificing your integrity at all but just evolving some. It can be tough depending on what traits are yours but we need to try. After all, we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. Yes, I know Warrior was extreme with how he handled many things in his life but we don’t need to approach circumstances the same way. Sometimes though, we do feel the need to express ourselves despite any potential outcome. I know all of you are aware of a few weaknesses you inhabit and many have remained with you your entire life. It all depends on if you feel the need to reverse them, eliminate them, or just change them slightly.

How about something like honesty? Let’s say you frequently lie about stuff or embellish the truth at times. Can you completely switch that to being honest πŸ’―% of the time? For most of us, the answer is probably a no. We still will tell those little white lies or maybe exaggerate to make someone else happy. Many said how Warrior was too honest and even though that sounds like a great thing, we actually don’t want that. Kids too are brutally honest about everything. It can be a negative physical description of someone which they would need to be taught better or it can be about their feelings. Is that a weakness? Well, with kids it’s different but let’s hope as adults they don’t grow up with those same attitudes.

We all have weaknesses because we’re human but it’s all in how we use them that matters. Just recognize what they are and become aware of how it makes you YOU. They may be ones you can’t change but maybe you never wanted to anyway. Whatever they are, make them work into a positive if you can. We shouldn’t totally eradicate our weaknesses to the point that we aren’t truly ourselves anymore. Warrior didn’t compromise much on his weaknesses however as a Dad, he bent them just a little. He didn’t totally abandon those possible negative attributes but used them perhaps in a different way. We all can have that tough image if we want but then have that softer side too. We need both to balance the strength and the weakness of being alive.

Whatever weaknesses or “bad” things people may claim you have, own them because that’s who we are. Nobody is perfect, honest, strong, and right all the time. We aren’t procrastinators, liars, weak, and wrong all the time either. It’s o.k. to admit when we make mistakes because we get so many chances to always try again. You can adopt a no nonsense style like Warrior if it works for you but most of us don’t. We may admire that in him because it worked but it may not for us.

We can ask for help and should when it’s truly needed. That also doesn’t make us weak since we learn all the time like I’ve said before. If today doesn’t work out, make tomorrow better. Make that weakness something to improve upon or just accept. The choice is up to you. We are all warriors fighting for our own balance everyday but don’t condone all the parts of you. Everyday is a new chance to change so take it with no regrets. That’s the true Warrior way… πŸ’™πŸ’ͺ🏻

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What’s in Your Gear Bag?

Let’s answer this question the obvious way first warriors. We can start with what the Ultimate Warrior would pack in his own gear bag. Am sure there would be a water bottle, sweat towel, change of clothes, an energy drink or snack maybe, and perhaps back in the day- face paint! Your “gear” could be the same ( minus the paint) along with our personal items. Us women could use a make-up boost after sweating to a workout.

Now, let’s think more about what’s really in our gear bag. These things aren’t of a physical nature at all but should always be with us. Confidence, energy, stamina, integrity, determination, and so many other virtues have to be packed all the time. Warrior had plenty of those, do you? Some come out of the bag during that intense workout but some stay hidden always “zipped” shut. It’s not that bad when those traits are just about us but when they involve others is when an ultimate challenge begins. We can work on ourselves all the time in many areas of our lives and it’s tough. It’s even tougher when we tag team relationships into a gear bag that’s already packed full.

Our whole being and personality are packed so tight that when it gets messed up or jostled around, we panic. Hand raised here. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ “I know I packed those socks, where are they?” If only life were as simple as a missing pair of 🧦. It isn’t just about bringing that gear bag to the gym everyday. Sometimes we empty the whole thing or simply only pack a few necessary items for a brief time. Quite the metaphor for life as you can probably figure out where this is headed. We let some people in and bring them close but then others we may not ever see at the “gym.”

Do you have a big gear bag always ready to go for anything while being throughly prepared? You could be the one who only brings the essentials and wings it depending on what workout you’ll do. The truth is warriors- we do both and are both. Everyday is not the same although it could start out that way. We may pack for something we don’t truly WANT and then find ourselves missing something we truly NEED. It’s like literally packing for weather we can’t control but of course I mean deeper stuff here.

The workout of life is much harder than just hitting the gym for a few hours. Just make sure despite what you pack, you’ll be prepared for anything because that’s how we have to be. Isn’t that the Boy Scout motto? We make sure we have our wallet, keys, and phone but we need to have our REAL stuff in there too. Your inner character counts the most as possessions can be replaced.

Warrior always brought HIMSELF along with any gear bag he might’ve had. Sure, the gyms changed over the years as did the workouts some but his essence never did. Whether he was in character as the Ultimate Warrior or Warrior, his gear bag contained his disciplines, beliefs, and passions all the same.

Let’s remember no matter where our gear bag takes us, that it’ll keep the good stuff despite any of the bad. We also can’t be so zipped up that’s it’s air tight. Open it up a little to breathe. That workout isn’t gonna be easy all the time but we show up because that’s what warriors do. If something doesn’t work anymore, get rid of it and begin again. Gear, just like relationships change over time so you need to decide what to pack and what to leave behind.

We will always have our physical selves in that gear bag but don’t forget your emotional and mental selves too. Those are just as important if not more so. What’s in your gear bag warriors? Well, only you will really know that answer as most can be the same. Once you leave your workout of life, you’ll know what you packed mattered and made a difference. Warrior made a difference and he wants us all to make one too so always believe! Unzip it and use what works, leave the rest…

P.S. All those who read my synchronicities last week with numbers, it was post number 222! How about that? 😳


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What’s Your Main Event?

We all have our own “main events” to wrestle with in life warriors and some will always remain part of us. Professionally as a wrestler, the Ultimate Warrior’s main events were winning those titles belts but we all know life is so much more personal. Our big moments will come and go as we live the little moments everyday. I have a question for you though…

What’s ONE thing or trait you need to work on that’s your main event? It can be linked to your career or even your private life. So many virtues have I blogged about on here but one that’s been my main event is confidence. BOOM. I don’t even need to think hard about it at all. Warrior exuded confidence but another word that connects us is trust. We both had trust issues with people. I still do. So, those two are my biggies. We all need patience so that will be for everyone but can you think of your main event word? πŸ€”

You might need to have more faith in yourself or others, maybe you need more humor in your life or even humility. It doesn’t have to be a virtue but perhaps a certain dream or goal you just can’t seem to accomplish. Am sure you have at least one area of your life that could use improvement. We all need to stay physically fit and eat healthier but is that your main event? How about limiting your scrolling thru social media many times a day?

Make a list and then narrow it down to just a few. Your ultimate challenge is to pick ONE that is the primary main event. When I was that introverted little girl, rarely did I believe anything was possible with belief. That stuff was for the extroverts like my sisters so I wouldn’t even try. It is easy when we’re doing activities we love. When I won that spelling bee in third grade, I loved it so my confidence grew. It’s when I was truly tested like speaking up to a teacher or boss was when it meant the most. Getting outside your comfort zone will do that for anyone.

All you have to do is find that one main event and then think of one way to challenge it, make it better, or eliminate it all together. Being better starts small with little ideas at a time. Maybe it’s a tag team with another. There could be someone in your life that needs help with a similar situation. You can tag each other in and win the match of your main event together. You can also be very different than someone and yet there are similarities that connect the both of you (:

Our main event can be the same but as our lives evolve, the card may switch up entirely. Confidence, trust, and of course patience will always be with me but as I’ve aged, some others are present. It’s only natural as we change careers, personal interests, and families. I never would’ve guessed writing would become my main event but the one thing I’d change about it is better ways to connect. I’m always looking for ways to help and inspire others whether it’s recognizing their own inner warrior or their own inner spirituality.

Warrior and I both share that main event of wanting to inspire people with our words. If I could choose one thing that he would always want to work on, it would have to be creativity. He truly embodied that virtue in every aspect. When pro-wrestling came into his life, it allowed his own creativity to explode unlike his other two possible careers of becoming a chiropractor or bodybuilder.

He was always searching for ways to constantly be more creative with his character which became his real main event. Even after wrestling, he still strived for creativity with his art, speaking, writing, social media, videos, his website, gym, and other projects he worked on. Casa de Warrior was also very heavily adorned with much of the creativity that showcased his carpentry skills.

Well, warriors there’s our main events so now you need to find yours. Maybe you know but maybe you’re still searching. Either way, it can be quite simple or a challenge. Little or big. Look at the main event of your life and always keep it close. It can be your friend or enemy but by doing the work however that is to you, it will be conquered and pinned to the mat!

Here’s to all of you that have that main event and grow along with it. If it’s always been in your life, how can you improve? If it’s a new event, challenge yourself to make a decision on what needs to be done. Only you can make those choices. Believe that you will make the right ones because your main event is there for an ultimate purpose. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


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