The Journey of Forgiveness

That’s a big word warriors, I know. Quite the switch from last week’s dream. I debated whether or not to resurrect yet another post idea from my “Spirit and Belief” blogging days. First, I thought to say “A Lesson in Forgiveness” but that sounded so preachy like gloom and doom or something. That’s not what I want to do but that word of forgiveness looms about, doesn’t it? For some of us, it can be quite easy based on our own experiences but for most~~~ it’s HARD… I know many of you can think of numerous times were either you had to forgive someone or you yourself had to be forgiven. First off, do this for me. Forgive yourself before anyone else. You read that right. I do and you should too. Once you do, it will become easier dealing with others. I have often said how we are hardest on ourselves and give that negative self talk time to get in our heads. Just truly catch yourself and say things like “delete, cancel, or erase.” Every time you beat yourself up for not saying, doing, or even thinking the right thing, stop it right now. 🛑 You can do it because we need the positive like Warrior said. I need to keep practicing what I write to all of you too.

The photo I used today is a funny story. Once watching the “Always Believe” DVD, there were so many photo choices for me as this was one of them. It took forever to get the right shot of him smiling but glad I got it. When walking through WWE’s HQ “halls,” was Warrior making his way back (not just literally) into forgiveness? Quite possibly but obviously not at that exact moment. The Boss, legends, and current roster were all on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear what he had put into his HOF speech. Even after being gone 18 years, would he still be bashing most or trashing them? Sure, Warrior mentioned a few things but I’m quite positive he shocked many with his different demeanor. People mentioned forgiveness, as yes- Warrior was genuine but were the others receptive and then accepting? Hard to know for sure as Warrior didn’t have the opportunity to become that ambassador. I want to believe they accepted this “new” Warrior and would in turn offer forgiveness back. He needed to do that and they all needed it too. He made peace like what was said and because of that, the extra baggage that entailed didn’t go with him to parts unknown like it sure can.

Warrior’s example always gets me thinking of my own relationships with some who have wronged me. Are there some things in life super hard to forgive or get past? Absolutely YES just like a few in Warrior’s life as his speech mentioned. Forgiveness is tricky because I like you thought it differently. The other person may never reciprocate but you need to practice that word for you, not them. By just stating an intention for the goodness of forgiving, you are sending a powerful message. We don’t even have to physically be with those who have hurt us. You can voice it aloud to yourself, write a letter, (I know that’s challenging) but then burn it, or just move forward in a way that works. We need to take some action instead of saying we will and then don’t.

Even if it doesn’t come to you, try again another day. Be willing to change and really put some effort into it, the benefits will come. I truly believe forgiveness is one of if not the most important “lesson.” After all, we do need to learn. It is part of our purpose here but we have many. What a lifelong journey it becomes. I often wonder about forgiveness being given to Warrior’s Dad from him. He knows that whole story now behind his Dad leaving the family even more and why it had to happen. At least that is what I believe but we all probably have those stories with our loved ones in spirit. It takes so much to put that word of forgiveness into action but is necessary for our growth.

It heals us in ways we can’t fully understand. I have done a lot of work on this. It is much trial and error, patience, and time. Do it now before you get to parts unknown with all this unresolved. I won’t tell you how to specifically forgive but just look at your life and see who or what needs to be let go in a way. The band Firehouse” whom Warrior references in some videos had a beautiful song called “Let Go.” I’ll link it at the end. It came to me once working out. No idea they did a song like that. Give it a listen, it’s very powerful and exactly what I needed to hear for different reasons but still fit. Its message can be many things but forgiveness does factor in as well. All the answers are inside you which is part of a lyric. Warrior said that too. I cried, of course. 🥲

Oh boy, is this post getting to me but it’s what came so that’s what I write. I believe in forgiveness and forgiving. I hope you do too. It took Warrior years to get to that point in his life but it served him well living where he did with his Warrior girls. I’m not telling you to move although we will be in a few years. Your perspective shifts and you evolve as we all should. Do we completely change? No, I don’t believe so. Some may think otherwise but deep down, we still are US… We need to advance though and relationships are such a huge part of this. Warrior reached out to Linda McMahon about his girlfriend Dana at the time and also wanted to reach out to Vince after his first daughter was born. See, even Warrior had it in him but not enough back then to start the process of true forgiveness. I’m still not there with some but am learning. Many may say Warrior did all that with the return to WWE because of his health condition. We may never fully know but that process started long before 2014 and aren’t we grateful it happened? I know I am… 💙

Bring that forgiveness into your life and learn to let go. It is a journey and a big lesson but one we all have in common as humans on this earth in these physical bodies. Yes, it can be messy and emotional but so worth it in the end. When your time comes to parts unknown you can say: “I did it for Me!” However you get your inspiration, just try forgiveness. You will know the story someday. Live for now. Let the present moment be your “present” to yourself. 🎁

P.S. Here’s “Let Go” by Firehouse…

P.P.S. I checked and last week’s dream made number 30… ( he has not been in them all but the reference is always there…) beautiful Warrior connection, especially this post… There have been others that were little but the biggies make 30… 🙏🏻🥹😴

Author: Kathy Pickett

I'm a wife, mom of 2 and have always been a huge fan of WWE’s the Ultimate Warrior despite his passing. I created this blog to share my stories relating to him that happened years ago and some are continuing today with his Spirit alive and well! I hope some fans out there relate and enjoy my blog!!! Check out my book “Spirit and Belief” on how Warrior influenced me in spirit. It is filled with humor, family stories, psychic terms, following my intuition, and how everyone has natural abilities we can tap into or get guidance upon.

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