Looks and Locks 🤷🏻🏢

Are you aging gracefully or are you fighting it? Most like myself probably do both. Some things we accept but then some, well- we aren’t quite ready for. I found that video pic of Warrior in a hotel room courtesy of Andrew William Wright once again. Yes, I realize most prefer Ultimate Warrior photos and there’s always plenty of those but mixing it up is what I do! Warrior would attest to looks and locks for sure but being a celebrity means that microscope is constantly on you.

His looks changed somewhat over the years as U.W. but those locks never fully left until his girls were young. Some guys of WWE fame have kept their locks intact while maybe letting the color change. For women, it’s a different story but vanity connects us all. They want to keep that image fans recognize. Their outward appearance became such a part of them and yet they might find it hard letting go.

Are you insecure about letting change happen to you physically? I’ve mentioned this a little before but never regarding aging. Age has that way of sneaking up behind us while putting a sleeper hold across our head and neck! Do we submit or fight back? When younger, we can’t wait to get older but when older, we crave that youth. We want the younger skin, no gray hair, no reading glasses, and the like. Those that embrace aging- I applaud you. I don’t try and hide every wrinkle or fit into skinny jeans anymore. I still have my hair colored just a little and that moisturizer needs to be applied. You won’t find me getting botox, a facelift, or any injections ever. Fame influences that though.

We do change as we age, that’s a fact. Yes, I still workout but not as much cardio as even a few years ago. Hormones are telling me- nope, not gonna happen so I am listening. It upsets me but I am active in other ways just with more naps. It’s similar to a change in diet. We all know to eat healthier as time goes by.

Sometimes we give up younger looks of the past anyway. Warrior did and I was glad. Did fans really think he’d still have the long hair or exact same body at 50? Maybe so since he still worked his body hard but I knew he wouldn’t look the same. He felt it was time to move on to a new phase of his life and one never filled with regrets. Was that selfish to not think of being automatically recognized much? No, not at all. He felt personally despite others in the business that it was the right time to move on from younger ways. Some things or ideas are so easy to say: “See ya!” to but others we become attached with and it is difficult parting ways.

What is one thing- either a physicality, relationship, concept, or younger idea do you find hard giving up? It doesn’t have to be looks or locks but how about an outfit from decades ago you can’t donate. Maybe you have the first car you ever owned and it still runs. You barely drive it but can’t seem to sell it. Why? We do like to hold onto things but as warriors- we must move on to newer and better. I’m not saying give everything away or keep it all either but getting that balance is what wins the match. I’m guilty too, believe me!

Some stuff we are forced to change like when flat screens came out or music cassette tapes switched to CD’s. That’s exactly what Warrior was talking about on the video pic of him above. We do need to ask the question of why change happens. Is it for you or others? You might just try something new but maybe you want to please others. Sometimes we don’t even have a choice. With celebrities, it becomes tricky because they may need to make a change but don’t want to disappoint fans. The Ultimate Warrior character was able to alter some physical traits and fans still loved it all. Years later, he changed more dramatically of course. I’ve always wondered if he stayed in the business would the look be the same or change over time and age? Hmmm, I do wonder. 🤔

Looks, locks, and everything in between that we may switch up or perhaps don’t much at all. We know our flaws and try so hard covering them up but for how long? This is true for all of us- men and women and you will know your traits right away. We do need to age gracefully but it is ok to still have some vanity. After all, we are human and like what we like.

It can be our faces, bodies, clothes, hair, or anything that might mean moving on from. It’s up to you with how you age but just be happy. It’s your life so you get to decide. Fight like that warrior but then know when to put aside your sword to acceptance. ⚔️

~~~Check out Andrew William Wright’s YouTube channel for some great wrestling documentaries including several on Warrior! I’ve been referencing the London Expo of 2005 and there are a few uploaded. I thank him for keeping these around for us fans to see!👍💙

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The Heart Of Humility

Do you live your life with the virtue of humility? It’s defined along with a feeling of unworthiness which sounds kinda bad. I wrote about knowing your worth but not forgetting what it means to be humble and stay that way. Sometimes that can be especially difficult considering our lifestyles, professions, or family dynamics. My humility has always been there which enabled spiritual signs to manifest. It’s a tricky area for sure but I mention it often in my book Spirit and Belief.

I know many naysayers will think Warrior was not a humble guy or at least when he was in the business of wrestling. Deep down, he genuinely was but didn’t show it very often considering the character he portrayed for years. Being humble could mean vulnerability or a weakness and we can’t have that in a sport, can we? Warrior knew his humble roots but success has a way of pushing humility aside for a bit. It’s once you step away for a while and gain a new perspective that humility returns to your heart.

For me, I sometimes struggle with too much humility. Many times I felt unworthy of a relationship, success with my writing, or even motherhood. I finally changed my attitude and got back on track with better thinking.

How do you handle humility warriors? Is it easy for you to remain that way or are there times when too much gets you a big ego? I think it’s both for all of us. By being grateful everyday, your humility will stay intact. Make a gratitude list and read it out loud. Repeat it over and over. Once that becomes a practice, your heart will glow with humility and it’ll take you far.

Even though many of us have careers that can be very competitive, always stay humble. Don’t do every favor, errand, or coffee run and become a doormat. DO fight for yourself but do it with pride. I included this shot of Warrior signing autographs since never did I before and it shows such a different side of him. He was humble with these fans while remembering and listening to them. Great YouTube videos by Andrew William Wright from the 2005 London Expo. So glad to have found these and I thank him for keeping them active.

Once you look back on an area of your life and how you were then, does humility come to mind? Without humbleness we think way too much of ourselves and then expect everything all the time. What happens is we either boast about being better or don’t think of ourselves very highly at all. We need that scale balanced always. If we do too much, we’re arrogant or self-centered. If we do too little, we are not noticed or weak.

The balance looks different for all but YOU need to examine which areas need more heart and humility. It was very hard for Warrior considering his introverted and seemingly “distant” behavior. I truly believe he didn’t want his feelings exposed because of past hurts. I get it as am sure some do as well. I’m not defending every action he took but again, perspective happens when we move on and begin a new era of our life. That’s exactly what Warrior did. We all need to step back or away and return to humility.

Humbleness has its own yin and yang pull on us but keep that rope in the middle. You can be the most extroverted, intense, cutthroat business person ever but also allow for others to enjoy the spotlight too. You can be the most introverted, quiet, giving the shirt off your back kind of person ever but remember you deserve greatness too.

Keep your own heart of humility with whatever path your life takes you. No doubt it’s gonna be rough depending on which road you travel on. Maybe your humble nature disappears but then it comes back. Maybe it needs to be amped up or perhaps turned down. Wherever your level of humility is at, keep it close and never abandon it.

Be humble yet own your self-respect as a balancing act. The heart of humility is indeed a wonderful virtue to possess so be thankful every single day. Your humbleness will be ultimate if you give your whole heart just like a true warrior. ❤️

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