The NEW Champ 🏆💪🏻👏🏻

No, that photo above was NOT when the Ultimate Warrior became the new champ as I’m sure most may know! I just wanted a pic of him holding up a belt so used this one. Of course, my story today connects to Warrior winning a belt (ya know the Heavyweight one) and ME winning one- just in a different way.

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Now, back to today’s post about The New Champ. My brother actually inspired me to write and share this story so get ready to laugh along with me(: I don’t know about you but we (meaning my siblings and I) loved going to this amusement park not too far away from us growing up called Cedar Point. It’s in Sandusky, Ohio and has become one of the greatest roller coaster parks in the world. They do still have smaller rides though. The one I’m referring to today is this horse race called “Cedar Downs.” Every year we’d race and even last summer we still did. That was brought about because of my kids Band attending their 150th anniversary but let’s go back many years.

This ride remains popular even now so I hope it sticks around. We went for so many years as part of Cedar Point Day at school and that tradition continued on a long while. I wonder if they still do that? So, my brother and I started competing on Cedar Downs every summer. When we were older and wrestling was part of our lives, he’d stretch his hands across his waist to simulate getting or wearing a belt- a wrestling belt that is. He’d win every SINGLE time. No joke, every time. For some reason, whatever horse I chose or talked to lost and I’d never win that imaginary Cedar Downs belt I wanted so badly. ☹️

I would think during my teen years of course (mostly) how the Ultimate Warrior deserved that heavy weight belt worn by Hulk Hogan. How would he ever get it without HH losing to a bad guy? Well, if you don’t know, look all that up on your own to find out. I cannot tell you how many times that horse race didn’t go in my favor. Can any of you relate to rides like this? He would joke all the time and I would think to myself: ” one of these days, I will finally win…”

That day came last summer in August of 2021. I was so happy he was able to be there although he missed the kids march because of traffic. Maybe there will be another opportunity as I got a text from him over a week ago. He informed me how Cedar Point was building a new restaurant next to Cedar Downs called “Cedar Dogs.” No idea on how it’s going to work but I’m assuming hotdogs would be on the menu? They had taken down the old Cadillac cars but kept up the bridge. I love how he gives me updates on the park but when he mentioned possibly coming out of retirement for a “rematch”, my intuition kicked in. Immediately, this post came to be as I thanked him for the inspiration. He was glad to help so I’m sure he’ll be reading!

I had always teased him with this which I’ve said before: “the belt means nothing, I don’t need the belt.” Those words were spoken by Warrior on “The Ultimate Collection” DVD and I meant it. Secretly though, I ALWAYS wanted and needed to beat him just to win once, one time. Again, a WMVI memory and I said back some thing about if he wins, he can’t cheat in order to do it. That referenced Hogan and Warrior in their disastrous WCW “Halloween Havoc” match in which they had a rematch of sorts 18 years later. I won’t get paid money of course but I’d like the title a little longer than Warrior had back in 1990.

We did have such a great time along with my husband riding on some rides, going down memory lane of rides past, and just hanging out together at one of our favorite places to go. Yes, it’s huge and a lot to do in one day but I was never that coaster freak and never will be so no long lines for me!

I couldn’t believe our elusive “Cedar Downs” belt was finally mine as I became the NEWWW champ! Just picture Howard Finkel announcing me as the winner! Maybe I had picked the right horse this time or even perhaps Warrior’s spiritual energy came my way to help this girl out? I’m sure he was laughing and watching as I will always believe. I deserved that win after all those years and now being married with kids, my inner child could celebrate in a way she never could before. That one was for her as it was my turn to simulate a belt around my waist for a change.

I hope all of you that are amusement park goers have some great stories too. It’s all good fun but I gotta say, it felt ultimate just like Warrior felt getting his belts after a time. Of course not the exact same, ha ha but it’s always the feelings that matter despite the experience. Be the NEW champ however that looks to you. Keep trying, you’ll get there and then it’ll finally be your turn to win what you’ve waited on. It’s all worth it- even a horse race. 🐎🏇🥇🎪🏟🎢

P.S. Should I defend my title? Hmmm. 🤔I’ll have to think about it. Oh, and every time I hear this ONE song, I always feel the need to BELT it out! I don’t remember hearing this one that often back in the day but it’s part of my workouts now and is on my playlist. Ever since I first heard it, I knew… There are many more but this one stands out to me. It’s a big 80s rock ballad. I simulate wearing a belt too! 🎤

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