Words I Can’t Say ðŸ«¢ðŸ¤­ðŸ˜®

Hello warriors! Before I begin today for any wondering– yes, my daughter got her drivers’s license! Whew. 🥳 Another thing crossed off my giant to do list which never seems to end. Such is life. All worth it on this crazy planet of ours for sure. Both kids start school this week. Son at college started Monday and daughter is tomorrow beginning her junior year of high school. Gosh, they have grown. Moving on...

My title of this post isn’t quite accurate but I couldn’t think of a back up one so this is it. Technically, they are words I CAN say but perhaps had or still have a hard time with. Some are funny which is good. They just connect to Warrior or wrestling obviously and are expressions I haven’t really shared before. I haven’t shared that photo of the Ultimate Warrior either as it is the last of the videos I chose. A three count of these past few weeks of course. 😌 This one was about facing the Honky Tonk Man in 1988 before the very first SummerSlam and winning the IC belt. Since I just wrote that word, let’s start with it.

Does anyone remember the 1991 song: ” Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith?) Well, I do naturally and do remember most of the lyrics. I would actually have a hard time saying the title as I always think of SummerSlam, right? You can’t see me right now but thinking to say TIME over SLAM was funny then. I’m surprised I haven’t heard that song this summer... 🤔

Which one is next? I think I’ll go with my last addition to this list which by the way, amounted to 6 words or expressions! This one made the list number 6. Just last week, my husband gave me that number 6 for this post so that’s a good stopping point, don’t ya think? He says “Holy Mackerel!” Yes, he does and quite often I might add. Always makes me think of Gorilla Monsoon as that was frequently said by him during his commentary days. I always chuckle since that saying is not said by my generation. Gorilla will be in my thoughts every time I hear it from my guy. He’s not that old but those sayings come out of his mouth... 🤣

OK, I’ll throw in an easy one here which is quite obvious when I think about it. The word clothesline has taken on a whole new meaning after childhood for me. To all you non-wrestling fans, this word was one of the Ultimate Warrior’s signature moves with his character. There are also those actual hung up lines of the past people would put clothes on to dry outside. My Dad rigged one up in our basement as a kid for laundry but outside one was for our swimsuits and towels by the pool. We used trees. I do see some in people’s yards with the actual poles still in the ground. My grandparents house had that but nowadays, for years it’s a wrestling move for me. I bet some kids don’t even know what a wooden close pin is...

The next one I don’t have a hard time with anymore but boy, did I almost 8.5 years ago. It’s the title of one of the WWE shows and with writing about Warrior- fans will know. RAW is the word. I did struggle with it, really I did. Warrior’s last television appearance before he passed was on Monday night RAW so I’m sure you can guess the emotion there. I would say “fresh” for foods like veggies instead of cooked or things similar. I’m better now with that word but it will always hit me differently. We take those memories with us.

These last two connect to WCW’s NITRO show which competed with WWE’s RAW on Monday night for 6 years. I had to look up those dates to be sure. Yep, that number again and how fitting today! Both of these words and phrases concern Warrior’s return to wrestling in August 1998. I’ve mentioned this plenty but how about when he makes his entrance? Tony Schiavone remarks: “it’s the silhouette of a man that we see right now.” Nice, huh? I think of a song because I would. Any guesses? I bet based on those words of Tony’s you can know. “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the win! We all know those lyrics by Queen. “I see a little silhouetto of a man…” I always say little? Every time when I hear that, I do. I did just watch that NITRO clip as the 24th anniversary was last week. The thunderbolts and lightning work well with Warrior in that song too but we’ll stick to the other lyrics. Yep, it’s there for me all the time for both. Are you singing it? I know you are. 🎤🎼

The final one is a word from Warrior himself. Best for last! Quintessential, there’s a word for ya. He was describing “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan as being a: “quintessential influencer” back in the day. Such big words from him but they always worked. At least for me. I hear that word often now and never much did. Always do I stop and ponder while giggling to myself of that word spoken by Warrior those years ago. I used to hear and see ultimate or even warrior everywhere it would seem and now quintessential. There. I’m not using that word again…

Those 6 fun words and phrases I don’t say but always make me smile that seem to come up a lot. I bet you have words too that remind you of a time lost but maybe not forgotten. People do remind us in many ways, don’t they? Sometimes we don’t even realize it at all. With summer ending soon, I get sad. ☹️ Maybe I’ll look up the song “Summertime!” Not SLAM, TIME… I still see clotheslines out too...

P.S. Speaking of SummerSlam, that was a whole month earlier this year. It probably would’ve been this weekend!


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