Celebrate Your Compliments 👏🏻🥳👊🏻

Do you celebrate your compliments? That might sound odd but I bet some of you don’t. What I mean is this: when someone gives you a complement, do you say thank you like we should or do you give some other explanation? Thank you can be hard to say like I’m sorry but I know firsthand how it works. Us “sensitive” folks chalk it up to a coincidence or: “this ol’ thing?” Here’s an example: ” Wow, you look great in that outfit!” Some would respond: “I just threw it together, no big deal.” It’s tough to accept a complement and give thanks back because sometimes we are always the ones giving and not receiving. Perhaps too, we haven’t gotten many compliments overtime so our answers become nervous in nature.

Here’s another take on it all. Do you complement another expecting something in return? Come on, we are all guilty of this but really just take notice. No expectations, remember? It is a difficult pill to swallow not taking something personally when it affects us negatively but when it is positive, we feel confused. The negative comments we stew over and find hard to forget but the good ones seem to get brushed aside like they don’t matter. THEY DO. You are worthy of them despite being humble which is a lifelong lesson for me that started in childhood. Let’s get into adult situations though.

I remember being at a summer bonfire party years ago and my friend and I walked over to the barn where the band played. We listened for a bit and then one of the bandmates came over to us. Yes, we had been drinking but just wine coolers which my one wouldn’t have made a difference. I was a smart girl. Anyway, this guy noticed me in my black tight sleeveless shirt so I thought he’d be flirting. I was not ” hit on” very often but he complemented my upper arms. Yep, you read that right. How about that ladies? 🫤 I had been working out but not using arm weights back then. Maybe today’s girls would love that as fitness has changed so much but I was a little surprised. Um… yeah, thanks I guess. Nothing about anything else but hey, I was proud of my results and didn’t celebrate that too much. He went on to play more sets as I just moved on as well.

Another memory was many years ago when I was heavier but then slim down. I was making too many “hearty” meals and had added on more weight than I thought. As some may know, this issue has been written about before but slim fast worked plus my “muscle arms”~ ha ha. We were at my sister’s house and her friend noticed my smaller frame. I’m not one to flaunt this type of thing and never posted the weight loss journey on social media. This woman was so complementary and I felt awkward with her being larger but she never seemed jealous at all. I was humbled and overwhelmed. We’ve known each other since teenhood. My mom comes over and after this friend said how great I looked, Mom says: “she doesn’t need to lose any more.” Is that a compliment or just a statement? Very different reaction from me on that which takes us to the next point.

Now, it’s Warrior’s turn of course. Many probably know all the negative statements said about him over the years which would be SO many but here’s some that are quite common: ( am just paraphrasing on this.) “Yeah, I worked with the guy… he did his gimmick… looked great… got paid well… the fans loved him…” And on and on… O.K. Those CAN be complements and for the most part are but in many of their cases, it was NOT. They are merely just stating facts without stepping on toes so to speak or starting controversy. Yep, I’ve heard it all but it’s been done to me as well, thanks Captain Obvious! 🙄

When I was applying for the second preschool job, my former boss would not say anything specific about my time there. I had quit for various reasons and there was some animosity. Luckily, I had many other references but the boss is the boss. It was just how I had worked there for 6 years having been an aide for 2. Nothing much else but the compliments from others I celebrated for sure. Business is different as people need to protect their own a** so take those real compliments in stride warriors. How about that? I had another three count of examples to share (:

It does involve principles as I’ve stated before but is it harder for you to give a complement or receive one? We do need to choose our words carefully but with Warrior, honesty was what you’d get. There were those he would complement greatly but I’m not sure if they’d appreciate it for what it was worth. Some definitely WOULD but others maybe could’ve cared less what he thought of them and vice versa for sure. It all depends on the person and situation they are in or what deserves a complement. If one earns a complement from you, take it and acknowledge it fully. Some may be direct and not mince words like Warrior had done, so will you be offended? Again, it varies but I for one get tired of “walking on eggshells” around others always thinking everyone will get offended. People will no matter what seems to happen.

Give and receive those compliments in the right way warriors and celebrate them. You will know when and if they are truly genuine. Stay humble but never think you are not worthy when it’s a job well done. Some may hold high standards but do your best and learn more every day. That’s the lesson of a real warrior...

P.S. Happy Birthday to Warrior tomorrow in parts unknown! I usually get “something” so we shall see… I complement you Warrior so celebrate all the GOOD you did. 🙏🏻💙💖

P.P.S. I have been given many compliments on my work and it’s always so rewarding. I thank all of YOU for contributing to this world in your own unique way. 🥰🙋🏻‍♀️👍

~~~ We will be on vacation next week for some much deserved R and R. Not to worry, I will be back with dreams coming up and so much more! 😴✍🏻💪🏻


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