Veteran’s Day Thanks 🇺🇸( and 200 💙)

Veteran’s Day falls on Wednesday of 2020 this year so that inspired me to write about this National Day of Remembrance here in the U.S.A. Another side note is that today also marks the 200th post of these writings. I never count random “tests” WordPress reminds me of from the past. I count the actual ideas that get written so this post of Veteran’s Day becomes number 200. Warrior would be proud and IS!

I salute and honor every veteran who has served in our country’s armed forces. I have many family members dedicated to protecting the freedoms we cherish. It is indeed such an ultimate sacrifice putting one’s life at risk while defending our flag and all it stands for. My own brother proudly served in both the Navy and Coast Guard. Two of his daughters while still in high school are part of the ROTC as are two second cousins of mine. They both have Army Vets as parents. Two of my cousins husbands served in the military and one had his two sons serving as well. Two seems to be the number in my family (: My ex-brother-in-law is still with the Marines in some capacity while my deceased father-in-law enlisted in the Air National Guard during his younger days.

Not all will put their lives on the line like a soldier but they still contribute in many ways. Both Warrior and his wife Dana supported our military vets and championed their dedication to our country. WWE has done much over the years in organizations alongside our war heroes and continue doing so. Dana as an Ambassador traveled all over the country representing the WWE while raising awareness for Veterans causes. Warrior proudly displayed a flag in their family home while Dana continued teaching their girls about respect for our country’s heroes. Not only would they thank them for humbled service but buy meals around their hometown. Schools over here have Veteran’s Day ceremonies as decorations adorn the hallways. Our city usually has a service as well.

I can sorta compare the military to wrestling. Give me a chance for a brief moment here. They both involve travel, possible combat, and one needs to become very disciplined to achieve status. Also, when both retire, they are called veterans. Both also see the word hero used in their presence but we all know the true heroes are our veterans of the military. I have known or know people in every branch of the military whether it be the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. Not to forget the Reserves…

Think of all the wars our great country has faced. Let’s hope there aren’t any more in our nation’s future. Think also about all those brave men and women willing to stand up against an enemy just to protect us. The numbers are staggering. The first war where women were in combat was the Gulf War of 1991. Prior to that, they were just nurses serving the wounded or dying but not physically on the battleground with the men. That actually brings me to another commonality with wrestling. We all know how far women have come in sports entertainment. Women in the military have also made great accomplishments while serving next to the men in battle.

Some confuse this day with Memorial Day. That is when we remember those lives lost during war but Veteran’s honors those that have served while still living. If you know of someone, ask to hear their stories. Especially an older vet who will take you back in time to their younger years of great service. Just like my post of last week, that heart of humility cannot be replaced. Thanking them doesn’t seem to be enough.

Whatever branch of military you favor, they all serve the same purpose of protecting our land, seas, air, and freedom. Gone are the days of the draft but there will still be naysayers against what the military stands for. No, I don’t condone war and possible lives lost but we do need to protect our borders when needed.

Most of us will think of this day as any other. It will come and go just like a typical Wednesday. Perhaps this Veteran’s Day of November 11, 2020, you can make it a little more memorable. Thank any vets in your life separately. Pray for them, thank them for service and our freedom, or just reflect on what it means to live in a FREE country. Many others don’t have all that we take for granted here. We have those rights and privileges because of our United States veterans that proudly fought for them.

*** Remember, Honor, Salute, and THANK ALL Veterans and those to come for being so BRAVE as an American.

“… with Liberty and Justice for all.”

P.S. Today is 11-11, such powerful numbers. This post is dedicated to all those vets who have been severely injured or affected in many ways by their years of service. We are forever in your gratitude as thoughts and prayers are sent to you always. 🙏🏻Thank you to all those ultimate survivors!

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