Be A Hero 💙👏🏻💪🏻

A hero is defined as someone with admirable qualities and usually is represented as a male character in a book. Hmmm… I agree with the first part but we have evolved greatly with the second part. I’ll just change the word sometimes to heroine. Warrior doesn’t necessarily mention Don Muraco as a “hero” in that video photo above but admiration for sure. I loved this video because of its contrast to other guys he feuded with.

Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces relates the journey of a hero in all its (his) stages throughout myths and cultures of the world. Yes, Warrior has referenced this book but I had heard of Campbell and wanted to check it out for myself. I have always loved mythology and even blogged about it last year. This book is captivating but it may not be for everyone. I feel reminded of what I believe to be its female counterpart in the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. I blogged that a few years back but Campbell’s book totally connects with the male version of stories throughout time.

Do you have heroes you admire? Am sure we all identify with heroic measures always taken by essential firefighters, police officers, ( the good ones) EMS workers, health care providers, doctors, nurses, teachers, and the list continues. As kids, we had our own superheroes of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, BUT cannot forget Wonder Woman and those ladies. Even us wrestling fans had our favorites that epitomized being a hero of sorts.

Heroes aren’t just physically strong but emotionally also. Throughout history, it wasn’t just the situation a hero was in but how they coped and survived. That applies to us as well. You can have your heroes but be one too. Help a neighbor, give a hug, be a friend, or any little thing. Sometimes those small acts are more heroic to someone than you may think.

Did you ever wonder about your ancestors or relatives with hardships they faced? Maybe they had to be a hero to survive or provide for their families. Two women in my family tree deserve hero status. Sure, there are plenty of men but us girls stick together! Both of these women would be too humble accepting a hero role. I decided for the balance of both parents sides and thought of these ladies. My Great-Grandma with my Mom’s side and my Aunt on my Dad’s.

My Great-Grandma loved Gorgeous George the wrestler as I mentioned waaay back but that’s not why she is a hero to me. I never met her but do know some stories. She was a young widow as were some other women in my family. That again doesn’t make her a hero but it’s how she coped and raised three kids. My Mom has said her Grandma remained positive and active until a stroke led to her passing at 92. She did housework and errands in the neighborhood to put food on the table for her kids. Always a worker but still so much fun.

My Aunt who is my Dad’s sister is probably the most generous and compassionate person I know. After infidelity on her husband’s part ended their marriage, she too had to raise three children while being a social worker. Many years later, she also provided care for my Grandma who suffered from dementia. Always is she present at family functions and remains extremely caring with connections. I so wish she lived closer and that we could’ve been around her more growing up. She is just a joyful soul I am honored to be related with.

I was reminded of this quote:

“Be the Hero of your own story.”

Didn’t even realize it was from Joseph Campbell! Warrior has said this too. We all should since nobody can truly write our lives and story but us. You don’t need to write a book like I did. Being a hero is remaining true to your values, morals, ethics, and beliefs while sharing them with others. It’s kinda like my Genius post of last week.

I am a music girl so of course many songs came to me about heroes. There’s “Hero” by Mariah Carey which is all about being your own hero. There’s also “Go the Distance” from the animated Disney movie Hercules who was that hero demi-god. How about “Holding out For a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler? That song is similar to Hercules but still worth mentioning. So many more but truly listen to the lyrics as am sure some may resonate in your life.

Those qualities of a hero are all inside us if we just learn how to best use them. You can admire others but make yourself admirable too. No need to be the next Superhero like the Ultimate Warrior was but just a hero in your corner of the world. We are all heroes just be showing up everyday in this great life to live.

P.S. Warrior has also said:

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” ~~~ Be the Hero and ALWAYS do the right thing! 👊🏻😉

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