Know Your Limits 👇🫵🏻💙

Ah- yes, a frustrating statement to make. Some of us don’t want to have limits or even boundaries although they can be similar and we need both. Warrior had said back in 1992 about teaming with Randy Savage that: “there were no limitations to what you can do creatively.” So true of them back then as I agree. It’s a different WWE now for sure but when Ultimate Warrior was in his prime, creativity with little limits abounded. There are those times though where I truly believe we need to know our limits. It hits me personally here just a little.

Very recently, I decided to end the website which contained my other more spiritual blog. Sure, you can find my book out there but that was the springboard of where it mostly began. I ALMOST hit the 5 year mark with it but alas, some milestones aren’t meant to be reached. I discuss this more on a recent YouTube video and also a post over there which will disappear soon. Time got away from me as I looked into possibly switching host companies whereas I just used my publisher. I felt like parts of me on there were getting “tapped out” in a way despite maybe getting it revamped.

One has to have the drive and desire to pursue a new project and after much meditation, consideration, and more thought, I finally made the decision. I’m sure some tears will come when it finally ends in a few weeks (I believe…) but without too much emotion, I am OK with it. 🥹 My well ran dry on putting more content out there. They say all authors need a website but I never considered myself penning book after book. I just didn’t. Many readers may know I joke about putting out a few more with some of these posts over the years! Maybe once I am an “official” empty nester but I don’t feel the passion behind it like I did 5 years ago. Now, I know my limits and that part of me has to come to an end.

When do you feel like it’s time to walk away from someone or some thing after a while? Yeah, we all know Warrior did from wrestling time and again but he had to in other business ventures also. I keep hearing a song (of course since that’s me!) by the Eagles called “Take it to the Limit.” I did have to look up the lyrics as some usually fit with my life. Some, not all but this title works today. Often times, we just go with an idea, job, relationship, etc. as far as we can or maybe nothing much is reciprocated so we end it. All of us have our own versions of what limitation looks like and yet we tend to hold on just a bit longer.

Why do we do that? Well, it depends on what is happening in our life and maybe stress plays a BIG factor. We get comfortable with our “normal.” We need to be the one deciding when to let someone else strap the boots on while stepping out of them. I don’t know how many of you have left a career, location, relationship, or anything like that but in our lives there are of course always endings and beginnings. When is enough enough for you where you will say your limit with whatever it is has been reached? Walking away can be tough with much attachment but sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to do.

Teaching preschool always meant families, kids, or your favorites all factored in and then deciding to leave would end it all. There will forever be one more sibling or just staying a little longer that tears at those heartstrings. I feel the same though with the Band Directors at my daughter’s high school only on the other side. She has one more year, I hope they don’t leave! Other aspects of us are so much harder to navigate around, aren’t they? We can’t gorilla press everyone to bend to our limits even though we may want to. I’ve lost friendships that meant so much to me and cried many tears but when you are the “doer” always, it gets exhausting. So many ways are out there for us to connect nowadays than ever before. When that friend doesn’t reach out, or disagreements are many, then we know. The moving ahead might be an ultimate challenging road but we need to believe better things are ahead. It has to be so we don’t keep repeating the same old, worn out pattern.

Warrior kept moving forward and DID know his limits when it felt necessary walking or maybe running away (pun intended!)I’m sure it can be entirely different with fame related situations as your life would be under a microscope all the time. We are just people though underneath the façades worn by us. Limits might be easy for some to put in place but seeing them through to the end takes endurance. When something closes, another something opens no matter if you choose the window or door metaphor. I need to always believe this too. 🚪🪟We do or have things that might be for our entire lives or just that temporary time before going on. Even some we think are temporary become permanent in ways we didn’t know possible. 😉

I have my limits too warriors and sometimes, that rope can only be stretched so far before the turnbuckle breaks. We stretch it because of fear with the unknown. All of us have been there many times and you will know yours. Don’t worry though, these writings will be sticking around as long as it remains limitless with Warrior wisdom! Who knows when that will be but I hope you are here with me. Thank you to any who took the time searching or reading Spirit and Belief out there. Website and blog will go, book is still available. I am amazed how over 300 posts were written on so many topics, Warrior included. Know your limits and when to go on. You’ll never move forward if you don’t bust through the next curtain. The future might be unknown but our soul is fearless! 💫😊👏🏻

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