My Chance Encounters ðŸ’–💙

Oh my goodness warriors will this be quite the post. First off, I had such a debate in my head over what photo to use this week. I decided on the one below because I took it at 4:14 P.M. That date is in a few days and ends my 3 weeks of “running” on emotion. It was decided when I saw the timestamp so there ya go. I had a couple chance encounters at the latest Holistic Fair and what a beautiful time. How do I begin and what do I share? I’m still deciding as I glance at all my notes. I guess the beginning is a good place so grab your coffee, tea, or favorite beverage and take it all in.

I hadn’t sat for a card reading with anyone in over a year as it is a rarity I do so. Sure, I can draw cards from a deck and use a guidebook like they do (I do at home) but this time, there was so much more. SO much more. I wanted to sign in and decided to sit with another spiritual friend of mine instead of my regular gal. This other girl I was familiar with from my book club and we have chatted a bit, but not in depth. She was running late so I decided to sit in on a house reading with my one friend and this older gentleman who is very well-known around here. Both are spiritual mediums so believe what you want on this. I had attended a few of his group meditations and she was the one who interviewed me for the podcast several years ago. I can still hear her saying “that poor man” about Warrior’s passing and it wasn’t sad for me. I have told that story here but today’s is new. They both were pretty accurate with info coming through, and he is so funny! You need the humor too. It does matter as I know.

They finished and as I proceeded to the hallway, I met up with my former book club leader! She came all the way from Florida to see her first great grandchild (: I got to meet her granddaughter there too. What a joyous reunion we had. Oh, have I totally missed that Earth Goddess Mother! Her face just lit up as did mine. I was meant to go that day and as my tears flowed, I became grateful. 🥰 By then, my card reader walked past me so I told her I would be her first session. She was so happy to see me and had no idea I was coming. Just remember, she had no clue I would be there…

We reminisced for a few moments as she pulled a deck to work with. I am more into oracles and not Tarot but she didn’t know that. The deck she chose I was familiar with and she picked 5 cards. The anchor card was “Compass” so that totally fit for me as I am following my true north! You will know your purpose even if it scares you a little. Another card was “Unexpected Visitors” and I linked that to my Earth Goddess mother mentioned above. The cards did connect and I shared some of my insights as well. I had mentioned how much I enjoyed our time in the book club and asked if she remembered me writing a book. Yes, I KNOW. Finally Warrior comes into this post more but it’s great storytelling, don’t ya think? She could tell I practice and follow many things without me sharing much info at all. Maybe it was my energy or passion for being there, who knows?

It was then how I felt our connection a little more and shared a BIG spiritual trait about myself that few others know. It does connect to Warrior and she proceeded to tell me SHE has this rare trait as well with someone. Neither of us had met another with this same type of experience. Our eyes met as I felt easy and comfortable. I said a few things about his fame and passing while she said how sorry she was. She was sorry for me that it happened. Sorry for ME… I of course knew why she said that but it was heartwarming as I told her I appreciate the sentiment and all is OK… She went on to state how she has many gifts including access to past lives which always intrigues me. Again, take what you will from this. I have found out bits and pieces of a past life of mine from our mutual psychic friend but my healer validates much in our sessions. I will see my card reader again about that as she will do it as a favor to a friend without payment. I was honored but with our shared spiritual trait, we bonded. She did say a few things about seeing me in a past life and validated how I passed which I knew. She did add what happened before that, and it makes sense as I shed some tears later on. That info was new to me. 😓 It affects my life now and I can totally relate. It is surreal, but fits for sure. ❤️‍🩹

After that serious yet interesting few moments, she started laughing. 😂 I had no idea why as nothing seemed amusing. She brought up Warrior again and described him younger. I do believe up there we can choose a young version of ourselves at times. I asked what was humorous. She went on to say how funny and cute we are together. Now, THAT is something I totally agree with. 😉😜She picked up on his humor, I love that. You might say this is vague and I don’t blame you, but there was more in snippets which is how it has to be. I am keeping it all in my heart. 🫶🏻

She also saw me painting which I did briefly last year but don’t see that much in myself. It was therapeutic when I needed that break but others paint, not me. This was a future premonition of sorts, not the past. My daughter is that artist similar to Warrior, but it was never something I saw myself doing. Reason to *** PAUSE*** here… 👩🏻‍🎨🎨 That older gentleman I referenced earlier, who is a medium saw me helping to design artwork for a book cover one day. Wow! He told me this years ago and I never forgot. Would not have seen that coming at all. I did a post on art way back now, but it does tend to be an emotional topic for me. Any of us can do anything but to be placed in that category is just amazing to me. It is all free will and some info we take in more than others… I would like to sit with her soon to explore some of those little tidbits and maybe we can expand on them. I had no idea she also had that gift and she doesn’t follow my work either. It was a chance encounter just like seeing my book club moderator mother. To think it all began with just a card reading and turned into so much more. The Warrior stories were brief but enough details to warm my heart.

Again, she didn’t look him up as very few of these people are aware of him or his fame at all. She had no idea I decided to sit with her, and I had no idea on some small information which got presented to me that day. I have lived longer now than in a past life but we probably all have if you believe. Without a doubt, I KNOW so much more of my purpose, as I truly think THAT life was too short. Now is my redemption through more self-confidence in myself. I’m excited to visit with her again and see what transpires. Chance encounters? Nothing is coincidental. I am OWNing my destiny and will continue to follow that compass…

P.S. Here is part of a text I received from my cousin who I talk to daily. I was having an off day near the end of March. Maybe with all of the Warrior dates being around but I felt like I was in a “fog.” I gave her some info and this was part of her reply:

“Never be sorry… it’s good to explain and to know others do care what you are going thru. All will be good but he knows you are a strong WARRIOR like him and continuing his life’s journey through you is amazing! I’m so proud of you and carry your crystals with you! Love you.”

*** She is one of a kind and I was overwhelmed by her words. She always says how she is not a writer. I totally disagree. 🥹

P.P.S. Last year I remember hearing “The Warrior” song on April 1st which was awesome! This year, it popped up on my radio Easter Sunday, April 9th when I was in the kitchen alone prepping dinner… I found out about Warrior’s passing 9 years ago on the 9th. How truly fitting…. 💙🙏🏻