Old School Moves 💪🏻❤️💛🖤

There is something to mention before starting in on my “Old School Moves” post today. Just yesterday, marked the 35th anniversary of the Ultimate Warrior’s debut on Primetime. I know it was late October so wanted to be sure. His TV debut was in early November against Terry Gibbs on WWF’s Wrestling Challenge. That was Sunday for me. Seems like I just wrote about his 30th, 5 years later and now here we are. Yet another milestone…💙

So, old school moves today. Guess what though? I’ve teased you since it’s not just wrestling related as I am going to mention other ways that make me so “old school” but am learning despite resistance. For all you wrestling fans out there, you know as well as I do all about those moves the guys used back in the day and some still exist just in different formats now. My first old-school move is one you might be familiar with as I’ve mentioned it many times before. If any of you are writers, do you actually use an old school tool like a writing instrument anymore and not just a keyboard? ✍🏻 I do with all these. They are pre-written so I can physically keep them. It might sound crazy to you but nope, can’t back them up on a PC or laptop. It’s way too much storage and plus it’s so personal to have actual stuff. My kids will probably throw all these out someday but until then, they are my keepsakes. You collectors have your merch and in a way, I have mine!

How about reading? Any actual book readers out there? I don’t mean e-books, Kindle, or whatever else is available. Us readers need to stick together but as always, thank you for reading my blog or even book Spirit and Belief 📗. That old-school me will never change just like Warrior didn’t much either. How about this? I still have a REAL address book and not just everyone in my phone. Yep, I do still write in one. People might not anymore but it’s my old school brain. Anyways, some who I rarely have contact with aren’t going in the phone, they get the book. Guess I’m just a writer in other ways. Even my passwords are written down in a safe place just for me. I have many and get teased but a few leaves you open to getting hacked! My husband rarely changes his but I get bored. Oh, I still use a paper calendar too AND my phone.

Here’s a recent story that happened to me and it’s old school related but not that far back. A few weeks ago, our Internet was down for many hours. I don’t panic so much anymore but boy does it affect us. We have Alexa (see I’m not that old school!) music on our phones, Siri, apps, and so much more connected to the Internet. Well, it was time for my work out and I thought of what to do. 🤔 I couldn’t use music the way I was used to for the past several years. Decided to get my CD player from the kitchen and work out like back in the day, although way back was cassette tapes! I grabbed my UP!!Shania Twain CD and I finished before it did. I couldn’t use my playlist that day but man~~ it was fun anyways. Yes, I do keep my CD player out and still listen to the radio as well.

Here’s more added to this list: who remembers (if you’re old enough) physically moving to change the TV channel? Do any of you watch Network television shows anymore instead of cable, satellite, or even the Internet? I do but we also have Sling since it’s much cheaper. If the Internet is down, back to old school for sure. How about turning a light on or off, garage doors, or any of that? We now have our buddy Alexa rigged up for all those but somedays, this modern world gets to me. I DO modern stuff besides all that which of course are much more convenient and easier. Isn’t it better just looking at your phone for directions instead of a huge map from your AAA store? Flashback to childhood vacations… Let’s just ask Siri to navigate.

I still go shopping outside of my home. Sure, Amazon and online is so quick but again– it goes back to doing the physical work. We need contact with people and places so yes, in a store you will still find me at times. I could go on and on with so many more ideas. Most may know how I started this blog— on my OWN like Warrior would do . For “techy” people, it would probably have taken them 20 to 30 minutes. Me, a few hours. It sounds laughable but with nobody home, I had to go it alone. My husband deals with that stuff all the time at work and has no patience for me. I did it and it felt great. Once I am taught, it goes smoother. My kids still need to keep showing me how to cut and paste! Guess my brain forgets what it doesn’t do often but they grew up differently than me. I know Google docs and DID format my own book so see there? We can always learn.

Enough about me, what about you? I know you guys out there that aren’t so young still do old school stuff even though you might not admit it! We are a stubborn bunch but like I said, I will abandon some of my ways to learn the new. If Warrior did, so can I and it does make for more free time. I will still always do many old-school things like reading and writing the old fashioned way. Maybe I crave the challenge? Another Warrior proud moment just like our love of libraries which I have mentioned. He was willing to learn and I am too but just need extra guidance. I will still also love my old school Golden Era WWF wrestling years and the simpler moves back then. They weren’t so simple to us but nowadays, they are. When it’s all you have or see, it’s all you know so it is a big deal.

Today, their moves are so much more crazy and athletic in all areas. I wonder how many get hurt with those new school moves? 😬 It is more exciting with that WOW factor but it’s not for me. I have seen little but not a regular watcher as readers know. The old-school moves will still AWE me as memories always remain. I hope you learn to combine your old school with the new as that is how life needs to be.

*** Happy 35th to the debut of Ultimate Warrior... The good ‘ol WWF days will forever be part of me in many ways… ☺️🥹👍

P.S. I kept thinking about “Behind the Scenes” of last week and for some reason, got out the book: “A Life Lived Forever.” Intuition? Warrior? Who knows but the pic I used for that post says in the caption:“behind the scenes with Ultimate Warrior September 5, 1992.” I didn’t know that until later on... 🥰

P.P.S. One more thing— I don’t text the “normal” way either. Hunt and peck, that’s me. Yes, I can try the other way but it doesn’t work for me as my daughter constantly teases. 😂🙄

*** Find me on other socials but BIG news coming next week about my website and other blog… Thanks for reading warriors! 🫶🏻