Warriors Push Thru 👏🏻💪🏻💙

Yes, for sure we do. At least I do or did and I know Warrior did as well. Do you push thru despite it all? It probably does depend on the situation for many of us and life goes on whether we push thru ahead or not. I don’t mean life generally speaking but the specifics of it like injuries, pain, sickness, or ya know stuff like that. I guess it can be other things too like school assignments back in the day. We pushed thru those moments too.

As an athlete we know how hard they push thru matches, games, tournaments, and all connected with sports in lieu of what is happening to their bodies. Fans are expecting you to be YOU after all, so they get that pain medication, injection, or tape to keep them in it. Vince pushed the U.W. character along with Warrior to the top despite some critics. I have “heard” or read about Warrior pushing thru certain events even though as a fan, I knew nothing at the time. PLEASE ~~ anyone correct me or show proof in someway but Warrior mentioned a few times in his videos some of this too. I had heard he tore his bicep lifting Hulk up in WM6. He also re-tore it a few other times later on in his career.

A few weeks later, after 6, he was in Japan for a Wrestling Summit and read somewhere how he had a high fever. Again, I can’t remember where I hear some things and whether or not they are true- he would still push thru being sick or not. He even had stomach flu before his return match in Spain of 2008. 🤮 That I know for sure as his good friend touched on it in an interview. We would never even have known Warrior was sick at all.

I bet we all have had similar moments but perhaps not in wrestling rings like Warrior! I know I have. When I was a teacher, I loved my job and always wanted to be there. A few occasions I remember pushing thru not feeling well. My boss sent me home after lunch one day— guess I looked pale as a sheet! Another time, I tried my best to look halfway decent since there were 2 big things in one week– Valentine’s activities, and being lead teacher. That holiday is coming up soon… ❤️ To top it all off, this Grandma wanted a Valentine party pic with me and her granddaughter since I was the teacher in charge. Oh boy, can you say fake smile? I pushed thru but sometimes, we shouldn’t. In my case, the sickness could have spread to others but you gotta give me loyalty on this one.

Even when I had my ulcer, (which I was figuring out then) I still wanted to do the Holidays, take my son for his driver’s test, and celebrate my daughter’s Confirmation. Life doesn’t stop but sometimes we need to for a bit… Well, enough of all that. Let’s move onto another area. Yes, sometimes we push thru all the bad and then down the line, eventually somehow see the good. Maybe with many events in our lives, we might never see the good and I can think of plenty, but one day~~~ we will know that WHY…

We push thru because they are choices we make every day, all the time. The GOOD stuff we have to remember here as well too. How about pushing thru to a great end result and bettering your life in many ways? You can probably think of so much that is better now because you pushed thru. It’s such an amazing feeling when you know you have accomplished something that has been with you a while. Warrior pushed thru in his life and career to get done what he needed and doing it in the way he wanted. Sure, there will be challenges and difficulties, but we need those because it’s a journey not a sprint involving running like the Ultimate Warrior!

I do also know that risks are worth it and if you believe in the positive, it will pay off whether that risk works out or you get a new chance. I pushed thru in getting a book published, speaking on podcasts, and keeping in touch with people on this Warrior journey. There’s so many more examples here but you get it. What have you pushed thru that has worked out? Think of those more than all the negative sh** that didn’t. I’m not saying to push thru until total exhaustion, (although Warrior might have with his workouts) but go enough where the result is put into place. Remember those seeds of last week? Maybe as our life unfolds, we might not push the way we did when younger but as humans, we are not stationary beings. There is a time for that. Bring as much push into your life as you are willing to allow. It’s all in what you will allow into it, your choice.

Wrestlers push thru and us watching have little or no idea on their inner battles. We know some info, but there’s so much more we don’t unless you are that person in those boots despite social media of today. As a performer, you do what it takes if you are in that business and if it isn’t working anymore~~~ you push back, not thru. This time in a different way. It just depends on how much you will push or how far you will go. When it’s something we really want to do and I can attest to this completely, it will get done- period. Even if it’s hard, we push. We might procrastinate a little but there is a reason ideas stay with us.

Sometimes I want so hard to push thru but don’t quite know how. That’s kind of like it is for me in many areas and yet I still find a way— the warrior way. Oh, *** PAUSE*** here. My lights just flickered when I was first writing this… I always believe and he is that force that makes me push thru. No, not in the way he did because that isn’t me but Warrior knows how I need to be and what needs to get done. The wrestling world and all it entails is very different than our lives of just being entertained or being pushed to watch. Being pushed can be intimidating to lots of us and our definition varies from person to person. We know our way of looking at it just like our favorite performers do. As the Ultimate Warrior even said: “push yourself to total…” (well not gonna quote that part of those 2 words about Hulk Hogan. A.K.A.- Crash the Plane promo.) Warriors push thru so look at your obstacles and find the good. If it doesn’t work, push another way.

P.S. How has January been pushed out? February here we come….

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