Warrior Year in Review

Well, this is it until 2022 warriors. I’ll be taking a few weeks off for family stuff as this year ends. What a year with these writings! First, I have to explain the photo you see of Warrior in the NWC (National Wrestling Conference) above. I won’t get into the details of how that came to be but again, wanted to show another opportunity he had outside of his WWF/WCW days. This took place in Las Vegas back in 1995 I believe. I had this image in my head for a bit of that exact look of Warrior but couldn’t remember specifics. I kept thinking it was about bodybuilding which Vince did promote with his WBF( World Bodybuilding Federation.) It was driving me nuts since I thought that would make a great photo! For some reason, I kept thinking either Mean Gene Okerlund or Sean Mooney was interviewing Warrior but I had some things right. I could picture the background just not the exact letters and I knew he was blond wearing jeans and sunglasses. 😎

Finally, I decided to ask some Ultimate Warrior Facebook group members. One guy posted an interview with Warrior and it wasn’t bodybuilding like I thought, it was the NWC and Bill Anderson instead of Gene or Sean. Redemption! I looked it up and found what was racking my brain for days. Glad I asked as Youtube wasn’t helping me out much. Bill Anderson is part of my year in review. I didn’t know of everyone back in the day and he even announces “The Weasel Match” on the Ultimate Collection DVD (: So glad to find out his history and friendship with Warrior over the years. Warrior even acknowledges him in his HOF speech. πŸ’™

Let’s see… So many highlights, where to begin? I guess for most fans it would have to be those biographies of Warrior shown back in May. I have talked about them PLENTY… My video has almost 1,000 views so I continue to be shocked. Thank you all for the interest. I was also stunned to speak with Daniel Amigone who directed the A&E documentary. Despite some content, just to be contacted was a big thrill for me.

A few others that come to mind as being part of this review are my posts on intensity and “The Whole Time.” Intensity is a word I never talked about even though many others identified it with the Ultimate Warrior character. I always overlooked it since overused it became. I finally wrote a story but it’s kinda like the whole time post. I had never used a pic of U.W. slamming anyone when that also was iconic to the character. Never in my media of photos had I used him getting ready to do that gorilla press and just like my movie references, it was there the whole time.

I cannot possibly forget a few milestones concerning dates like WMVII and XII celebrating 30 and 25 plus falling on Wednesdays when warrior writings comes out. Not to mention Warrior’s birthday falling on blog day this year as well. So many things… I was grateful to have found several podcasts, YouTube videos, and more in 2021. I especially enjoyed listening to Steve Wilton and Peter Pallis since they were so integral with Warrior’s later years of business and friendship. I was humbled that Steve and I connected and he was able to answer my questions when I asked. That was the biggest WOW moment for me personally thru all this. He took the time to communicate despite my sometimes crazy stories! 😬I thank him profusely. He even watched my video on the Warrior bio and was very proud.

I had a few emails from fans of Warrior too and have saved each one. Some think I am Steve or Dana, it’s kinda funny. πŸ˜‚They were amazing to contact me and share their stories from across the miles. Warrior was truly inspirational to them and they trusted me enough to care. I never even knew “The Miz” got into wrestling because of the Ultimate Warrior and that as a little boy, he idolized him. I wasn’t expecting to hear that since I don’t truly follow but exciting all at once. He is also the first inductee for the 2022 HOF class. I thought you had to be retired? Hmmm… πŸ€”

If you’ve been reading a while, you also know of a few more dreams that have been written. There was a couple with Dana plus Warrior guiding me to receive energy healing work. All incredible and I am in awe of everything I receive. I even used a photo with Dana for the first time ever. Speaking of dreams, my cousin and I finally filmed our “Aura of Dreams” video series which turned out pretty great! You can find that on my YouTube channel and of course Warrior is a topic along with my book Spirit and Belief.

Another brief video series I want to mention quickly is “Daze with Jordan the Lion.” He does travel vlogs and was able to see a few places in Warrior’s life. Gold’s Gym, Warrior University, ( more on that soon!) and the hotel parking lot where he passed are featured. Yes, the last one was upsetting but to see the other spaces was kinda cool especially since the bagel shop has kept some things intact from Warrior’s Gym. I thought that was special. Jordan had mentioned in the future possibly going to Warrior’s hometown of Crawfordsville, IN. We’ll see what happens…

So, I can mention a ton more but think I’ll leave it at that. I have used some photos from the U.W. fb groups so those were a bonus. Some I had never seen before. There is content they put out I am not always in agreement upon but who knows how it will continue to go? Next year will begin with new writings and I already have a few ideas. I’m always thinking but do need a mental and emotional break. Early April brings some other number connections and one you might know but I have more up my sleeve or should I say boots!

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year as this upcoming one will be very busy for my family. Time needs to slow down sometimes… Until We Meet Again, enjoy the Holiday Season and catch up while you’re waiting on more writings! * That was another emotional post for me as well. * ~~~ Kathy

P.S. While Holiday shopping in a few new stores, they had lots of goodies perfect for me (: I even saw “Warrior” soap! Maybe I’ll go back in the summer since it’s for insect bites. Also, one store attached a poem to my bag about taking care of yourself. It reads:

“You’re weary but you’re a warrior.” ~~~ I am saving that. πŸ˜‰


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The Cut-Out πŸ’™πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

This iconic image of the Ultimate Warrior was everywhere back then and still remains a fan favorite today. I have a connection with it, are you all that shocked? It’s just another fun teen moment that my memory brought out but it does involve a T.V. show in a way. The show was one I mentioned a few years back with “My Pouchie Faith” but more on that shortly.

Years ago when I roamed the mall as a teen it was cool to just hang out, go shopping, possibly meet up with friends, or whatever. No, I was never a “mall rat” but did use my babysitting money to buy a few fun things for myself. I always used the same entrance by JCPenney’s and TGIFriday’s restaurant. The people eating could look at shoppers through the windows coming and going. I miss that place. So, one day I went in and to the right was the GNC store. As I got closer, my steps slowed almost to a halt. Right in front of the store larger than life was a giant Ultimate Warrior cut-out with products next to him on the floor! It was that photo you see above. I just stopped and stared as again, something unexpected in front of me.

I did try to find out if Warrior ever endorsed their products since would they be allowed to use his image? Not sure but let’s just say I left the mall the same way I came in. I would’ve anyway but this cut-out made it extra special. Too bad I didn’t have a camera but who took one to the mall back then? No phones, people!

Now, we’ll connect the T.V. show. Any guesses? It’s “The Goldbergs” which still airs on ABC. The creator Adam Goldberg was a huge fan of the ‘ol WWF and even did a wrestling theme based episode once. They posted a tribute to Warrior at the end in 2014 but was that my favorite episode? Nope, not at all. The guys mentioned in that were mostly of the generation before Warrior but still, I loved it! The episode I am referencing was from 2015 titled:“DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan” of New Kids on the Block or NKOTB. I had to look that up. I liked the Boy Bands but never “liked” any of the guys. The name says it all and rarely did I like “boys” if you’re feeling me here…

That episode had Erica’s brothers teasing her for the cut-out she had years prior of Donnie from the group. Donnie Wahlberg that is. She had put all that stuff away with being older and more mature ya know. The boys remake some of NKOTB’s music videos and that gets Erica thinking of her collection while feeling nostalgic. Adult Adam narrates the whole time and his reflection at the end got to me. I had put my small collection of Warrior stuff away because it didn’t need to be around and I didn’t need the reminder back then.

What he said though made sense. We can put our things away from those younger years but they are never forgotten. You can look back and reminisce but just not for too long. Erica didn’t bring back her Donnie cut-out permanently but just for a bit to hold onto again. I remember watching this in my bedroom while tears formed. I got what Adam meant and what Erica did. Most of you know, I am not a collector of U.W. memorabilia much at all and treasure my little things. I got it all out again instead of trying to pretend it never existed or that I’d be too sad to look at it once more after Warrior’s passing- even a year later.

Those collectibles of mine are part of me and I didn’t want to hide them in the attic anymore. They became my work for this blog, the book Spirit and Belief, and all that I put out there for fans like me. Just because I lived elsewhere, got married, had kids, and was older, it didn’t all have to go away. I don’t just admire what I own, I use it and it has helped with my healing. I can’t do Adam’s speech justice but it made me look at my situation better than I had before. That still remains my favorite episode and the other storyline involves the kids artwork over the years so similar with Erica and the boys of NKOTB. It was so funny and touching all at once.

I know most of you huge collectors have additional storage for all your U.W. stuff and it becomes a business like I blogged about as well. I will never sell my collection though. πŸ˜‰I also would never have a huge U.W. cut-out in my room but to each their OWN. My things will stay forever a part of me in a special way. Oh-“Macho King” Randy Savage tears up that iconic poster of Warrior on a clip of “The Ultimate Collection” DVD and during their WMVII contract signing he says this: …” and I’m gonna take you Ultimate Warrior and I’m gonna make you extinct, oh yeah I am!” *** Even though Warrior is physically gone along with Randy, both will never be extinct to me!

P.S. Did you know Mike “The Miz” of the WWE was recently on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune?” I never watch that but so glad I did! He played for Connor’s Cure… He also is a contestant this season on “Dancing with the Stars” AND the Ultimate Warrior was the reason he got into wrestling! He’s from Ohio like me… Thanks to Miz for mentioning Warrior on both shows!!! πŸ₯°πŸ‘πŸ»


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