The Pressure to Perform

Hey warriors… Have you ever felt pressured to perform in front of a crowd? Of course. All of us have at least a few times in our lives. Giving speeches in school, acting in plays, singing, dancing, and yes- even wrestlers like the Ultimate Warrior. Was your performance based on a requirement, want, or pressure from others? Perhaps it’s a combination of all those. The Ultimate Warrior felt that pressure as many of his former colleagues jumped “rings” from WWE to WCW back then. Yes, he was paid well for a short time period but still wanted to incorporate new ideas into their Nitro program. Such pressure indeed.

The pressure can be good although many times we view it as bad. Maybe it’s the word itself. Sometimes we may even feel like we are in a pressure cooker and our performance either pops or fizzles out. It is very different for those involved in fame but again, we always have choices. Just showing up and performing at life is our best with or without anyone else thinking so. We may have to do things we truly don’t want to so the pressure is upon us. It’s all in how we handle it even when making sacrifices.

Think about anytime in your life where you had to make a decision on how to handle pressure. I can think of many. It doesn’t have to be physically performing let’s say in front of an audience but maybe something different. Standing up to a bully can be pressure but not performing exactly. It could even be arguing your point of view against another even though you don’t want to hurt feelings. There will always be consequences despite the best efforts but our free will determines the outcome. One day perhaps you’ll look back and know that pressure made you perform and without it, you never would – at least not in the same way.

I do and love a lot of activities but sometimes feel the need to conform based on pressure from others or what they do. It happens to us all. We may conform but then we may not. Our job shouldn’t depend on it but in some cases it seems to. If you find yourself in that situation, look for the best and perform positively despite pressure. If you really can’t, you’ll know how it affects you and others.

Warrior felt the pressure of performing his character with how wrestling always was in regards to gimmicks and such. He may have caved to some storylines but resisted the pressure to do things always in the business way.

The same can be said for all of us only with differing aspects. None of us parents the exact same way and yet we feel pressure to perform like all the others. We don’t do anything like another but that word of pressure always remains. How we perform under it is the main event.

Many times did I find myself caving to pressure to please or simply just to get it over with. I may still as some situations aren’t worth the fight as much but when it truly counts, I don’t cave. It is so much harder to withstand that pressure but your performance will be worth it. At least I hope it is for you. The easy road isn’t always the better one and you will be stronger for having that courage under pressure.

Some people like how Warrior was caved under pressure to prove to themselves mostly that they will follow thru. Not everything has to be a battle but if it is, win it the best even if under pressure to do so. Once he stepped away from that performing, pressure still remained for him but in new opportunities. He would always say striving to be more creative kept him going. While continuing to motivate or inspire others, his performance became less about the physical and more about the mental.

Our performances in life will sometimes fail or sometimes get standing ovations. Even if you don’t hear “BRAVO!” (not Dino, wrestling fans…) or see a sign cheering you on, know your pressure doesn’t have to be so big. Doing your best with what you’ve got is good enough to earn respect and should. We don’t need a wrestling arena, T.V. set, or movie screen to know performers as they are around us everyday. It’s in you, me, and everyone you meet. There will always be pressure in every area of your life but perform to be happy and the rest will come. If you are loving who you are and what you do, others will give that BRAVO or anything deserving.

We owe it to ourselves not to let the pressure of performing take over lest we lose why we are really us. Receive all that life has to offer but take the pressure off sometimes. Let’s just be performers enjoying our lives because they are ours to OWN. You are a warrior just like me. Be gentle with yourself, we need that more. 💜🙋🏻‍♀️💙

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