Watching Warrior’s Stage

Last week I started with: “that’s me” and today, it’ll be written again. This time, it won’t be me I am referencing but Warrior. Before getting into that, this month of January marks 7 years since all these Warrior dreams started pretty consecutively for me. It is year 7 of these writings as well plus 7 letters in Warrior. For anyone that is into numerology~ this year adds up to 7 too, just sayin’… Oh, and it was 9 years on the 13th how the Ultimate Warrior was announced as part of the 2014 WWE HOF class…. OK, then— Let’s get the stage set as yet another dream watcher I became. 

This is similar to those other premonition type dreams so feel what you want from it. I don’t have many but when I do, they just seem to touch me in such a different way than others. A few coming to mind are: “The Ninja Turtle Warrior Dream,” “Dreaming of a Time,”(with Dana) and even some that showed other parts of his life. How about the TV movie similar to Conan the Barbarian? Or a young “Warrior” in college? Yep, those too. This one showed his life in bodybuilding somewhat along with a little wrestling.

I was watching this dream sequence unfold as it made me so proud. Warrior was standing, looking up at a raised platform similar to a stage or even a wrestling ring. He had his long dark hair and was surrounded by several other guys. They seem to just be talking when a spotlight on the stage arena caught their attention. They all turned as Warrior’s face totally lit up! Once again, it was as if a camera zoomed in on him with his killer watt smile. He was beaming while pointing, and said: “that’s me, look at me!” The guys all patted him on the back and rubbed his head similar to a DVD scene on “The Ultimate Collection.” That clip was shown real quick when Warrior mentioned winning the IC belt from HTM. Many guys congratulated him backstage if you have seen it. This was very similar to that~~~ only without a belt!

We all watched as up on that stage, or in that ring was a young Jim Hellwig as a bodybuilder. Not sure if this was a competition or if he was just posing, but we became mesmerized. Then, it seemed to fade into wrestling but I can’t recall what was shown to us. It could’ve just been him in the ring doing Ultimate Warrior or even a match with an opponent. It went so fast just like he did with running! We were witnesses of the future and he loved it all. I never interacted with any of them and couldn’t tell you who they were. You might say we were watching the past based on how Warrior looked and you can think that if you want. I, however, see it all very uniquely and personal. 🥹

This all goes back to a belief system and my knowledge of now. Remember, it’s how you FEEL about what is happening and your perspective could be different than another. I knew exactly what this meant for me without questioning although years ago~~~ I would have. Why would I be part of all this when I especially didn’t know his career before the WWF? I have those answers as it does become very complex in nature. I’m not a person of predictions and could never have imagined how Warrior’s life would have turned out. Us fans know all that he did so perhaps this dream isn’t all that surprising in a way to some. There’s so much more, but I will keep that in my heart. 💙😴 This blog would take on an entirely different tone if I touched on those specifics. You all might be thinking if it was a future viewing, why was his hair long? Good question and I don’t have that answer but sometimes they appear a certain way for a reason. The DVD clip factors in so between my brain, dreaming state, and connections, they all come together. These are for me so if you are dreamers, yours will be tailored to you. 

That was pretty much the dream but we all loved watching Warrior’s stage unfold before us. The BEST part was seeing his face, so excited watching that future life in front of him. I have never had one about myself but sometimes, we fear the unknown. We may plan things out but only get little glimpses if any at all. The future might sound good in your head but when visuals are involved, it takes on a whole new meaning. Even though I knew these parts of Warrior’s life career wise, it was still so amazing being there near those guys cheering him on in his future life ahead. Would you want to see some scenes brought to life and how would you react? These of course have always been good and positive as nobody wants to see the bad. We all have goals, dreams, wishes, and everything in between. It’s up to us to make them actionable and to always believe. Sure, things might be ugly and we will have that as well. Send your good future stuff out so the Universe can work with you. It may not happen exactly as you picture but you will be better for it all… Always learning processes that we have to go thru. 

Warrior set out to do what he wanted. How is a mystery. Was it perfect? Of course not but he loved those aspects shown to him and seemed ready to accept them. If you were shown the bad, would you still do it all the same? Believe me on THIS~~~ your soul knows what is best despite our initial fear. I can go on but I hope you anticipate the future with a joyful heart. Set your stage and look to those dreams of the good where you will light up and say: “that’s me!

P.S. Just last week, it was 30 years since the premiere of Monday Night RAW. Yes, they are having a “special” but the date was last week. AND, did any of you fans know last week also marked 70 years since the WWE began as Capitol Wrestling? I did not know that….

*** Vince McMahon’s return just happened to coincide with those dates. Strategically planned I bet… Just like any “followers,” I am unsure as to what will all happen.? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️It’s his company, at least for now so plenty of BIG decisions to be made.. I so wanted WWE to still stay in the family, that makes me 😞… Steph will be missed am sure but it will go on… time will tell… 🫤

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My Warrior Conversations

That’s me all bundled up in my backyard. I actually took that photo right before NYE for a Facebook video as part of an intuitive group I administer… Plus, before “locking up” with you all today, I wanted to touch on my post about “Home Gym Stories.” Much interest in that one has prompted me to expand just a moment. A moment here on squats. I actually DO them, just not with weights or too many. Now that the majority of my injuries seem to be on the mend- yay, 🤞🏻 I just might get into more with cardio and my elliptical machine again. Baby steps but this girl needs to lose some holiday weight… UGH…

Now, onto my ACTUAL post today. Remember when I mentioned two 2️⃣ things we all need to be grateful for every day? They are your life and health. Well, I felt the need to add to that which will lead into my warrior conversations. I also believe there are two things we want and NEED in our lives that aren’t the physicality of who or what we are. This came to me when thinking of sharing what I will write today. Any thoughts? To me, the answer is love and acceptance. That’s them, period. Everything else follows and is secondary. Love is extremely broad and covers many topics but we give and receive it. At least I hope you all do in someway, no matter how it’s defined. Acceptance is the toughie which we fight for and defend all the time. We really shouldn’t but we do. To just accept another or situation can be extremely difficult and yet despite our sometimes objective nature, we need to. Sure, it’s gonna be hard but once you do~ it will get easier because you won’t need to fight so much. 

Once you have acceptance, the love comes. OK, maybe not in that way you are used to but how about understanding instead? Let me explain. I am going to share my Warrior conversation I have every day during morning meditation. Once I set my intentions and send my gratitude, requests, and anything else out to the universe- I speak to Warrior. I’m sure some of you do too in your own way (if you knew him are/were a fan and anything similar.) You know what? It was never awkward for me, never… . These are some “convos” I have with him. It’s not in any specific order but I say these “hopes” like this: “I hope you are still reading, writing, and painting. I hope you are playing with your dogs. I hope you are checking in on your girls and good friends.” I am almost certain he does these things but I say them anyway. Some others go like this:

“Ride your motorcycle, tell everybody hi from me, (especially Randy) there’s too many of you up there… – *cue emotion*-recreate some of your favorite matches but maybe a few would want different endings!”

There’s A LOT more and some are too personal but you get the idea. I always say his mantra first about being bold, brave, and strong of course before diving in. Sometimes too I reference his “Fear is an Aberration” speech or a few others and I never know what feeling I will get. It does vary and often times, we need to just be still and really picture the good. I thank him for working with me and strengthening our connection but I don’t ask WHY anymore. I know the WHY or at least most of it and acceptance comes. Do you talk to any passed loved ones in spirit? if you don’t, no biggie and if you think it’s crazy, that’s fine. The HARDER part for me was writing him which became quite the endeavor last year. My healer friend had that come through and as easy as this is sharing on here, I was stumped with penning him a letter! Isn’t that strange? Guess I’m better at talking to him but like I always say (as did Warrior,) you need to get it on paper. It truly helps. ❤️‍🩹

This last little conversation was a phone call I had over Christmas with a cousin of mine. He is the younger brother of my beautiful soul sista. He busted his knee, called my mom, was bored at home, so asked for some cousins numbers. We rarely see each other as adults now but if anyone recalls, he is the doppelgänger of this boy on the “Ultimate Collection” DVD. Look for the match between U.W. and HTM from 12/17/88. It might also be on YouTube. The camera focuses on this kid near the end who could’ve been my cousin around 13 or so. He was actually 14 then… Too funny. He drops the F bomb often just like Warrior did and had me laughing so hard! 🤣 Such great memories and he is also mentioned in “This Brotherhood of Mine.” What struck me is how he KNEW his sister and I had a bond~ even back then. I never would’ve guessed that but he did. He was a little rebellious to say the least like his three brothers but has a much better and sober life now. We could always talk and he remembers that well. 

He called me one of the sweetest, kindest, and honest people he has ever known and I was overwhelmed. 🥹 Sometimes, we don’t feel those complements but I’ve talked about that too. Part of me didn’t accept his words as we become our own worst critics indeed. I never knew he felt that way~ I honestly didn’t. He isn’t that close with his many sisters but calls them all on occasion. I told him I would always talk to him and he knows that. When you are one of 10, life takes all in different directions with lifestyles, careers, and such. Keeping in touch is a lot but we have to want it. Love and acceptance again. It was a great Warrior conversation and I will talk to him soon. His birthday is this month so I am going to zoom in on that boy from the DVD and send it his way. I hope he responds! 😜

Have those conversations warriors however they work for you. Passed loved ones or in person, it doesn’t matter. As long as you do, the love and acceptance is there. It could come in a very unexplainable way, humorous, or not at all for a bit but it will eventually. You have to always believe because the belief gets us through it all. I won’t hear the F bomb from Warrior anymore but he delivered through my cousin who reminded me of some words I needed to hear… Until next time, bring the love and acceptance into honest warrior conversations. Oh, and do your squats! 🫵🏻💪🏻🗣️

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Welcome warriors 2023 💫

It is 2023! 🥳 My goodness warriors. Another year of NEW beginnings. Are you ready? I haven’t used the year in a title since 2019, how about that? I do hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season filled with love, magic, and good times. It was very restful for me with a few celebrations but nothing too exhausting. Very grateful for that. So, today’s post contains a few sillies and a few dreams coming your way. I thought of the goofy things, but then some dreams entered my sleep…

The silly or goofy stuff came from Facebook that totally resonated with me. Have you ever done those FB quizzes where you enter some info or tap on a picture to reveal an answer? I have done a few as some get too involved and become ridiculous to me. Sure, they are fun but I don’t need them flooding my feed all the time. This one I did a few years back and never forgot it. It was all about what profession you were in a past life. 😬 Yeah, that’s up my alley… OK, let’s play here. You know it’ll connect to Warrior somehow and let me tell you THIS. I played it TWICE just to see and got the same answer! 

Do you think it was bodybuilder, chiropractor, pro wrestler, or anything else relative to Warrior? Gosh, did they even have those professions waaay back? Wrestling would have to be the sumo’s of Japan- ha ha, no thanks! Maybe it was writer, artist, or even speaker? Don’t overlook the obvious here. I got “warrior” twice. Yep, really. Sure, it’s just a random word Facebook gives you but it still amazed me. There were many others I read like farmer, midwife, and even a gypsy, (which I can imagine for myself in a way 🔮…) but nobody else I saw had warrior. I stopped at two since I didn’t want to lose my title! Third time could’ve been a charm but I didn’t risk it. Well played Facebook, well played…

The next one was a play on words with your name that a friend of mine also played. I can’t remember it all but the part I did know was this: “Kathy’s thoughts are loud!” Oh my yes, is that true. My friend even agreed as FB got it right again. Some of those quizzes are cute like the few I do but then some become such nonsense. Play at your own risk. 🤣🤭


Here come the dreams warriors. This first one was right before Christmas Eve so aww, very fitting. I was in my childhood front yard just walking around. I’ve had a backyard dream, now the front. Lots of people were there but no idea who they were and why. Oh, those crazy details that don’t seem to matter. It was very crowded and yet I was alone just meandering. All of a sudden, as if rain had fallen, my yard became surrounded with Bluejay feathers EVERYWHERE. I could hardly see the grass. I never saw them coming down but the feeling was like rain in my mind without the wet. My hands became useless while trying to carry as many as I could hold. I didn’t have any container and just laughed at the vividness of patterns, sizes, and blue colors of my SIGN from Warrior. It was beautiful as I felt his presence before waking that morning. Merry Christmas from Warrior indeed. ❤️🥹🪶🎄

This next one I was unsure about but then after a bit, it seemed OK to share. I mean, really- it isn’t even as detailed as some but when Warrior’s kids are involved, I get a little protective. Readers may remember my Dress-up dream with Dana, Mattie, my daughter, and me. Now, it was Indy’s turn who is Warrior’s older daughter. I had heard a while back in an interview with Dana how Indy decided to abandon her ballet career which made me so sad. 😞 Covid took a hit on many professions and I guess she needed more of a college major. She is studying early childhood education which was what I did. I wish her so much success as little children are such a joy!

In this dream, I was offering her teaching tips and sharing all my experiences. I found out about her change probably last year, so this dream was just last month. She seemed younger than 22, but we had the best time chatting just us girls together. All those Warrior girls have December birthdays like my husband with Sagittarius ♐️ (if you follow astrology) so maybe that’s what manifested it for me. 🤔It also could be our early childhood connection, who knows? It was so sweet just spending time discussing what ECE is and seeing her so passionate about it. She can teach preschool through 3rd grade as an option but no idea what Indy will pursue. I hope she continues and it becomes inspiring for her. Always such a different kind of feeling when Warrior girls visit me in dreams. It is truly heartwarming and joy filled every time. 🥰

That will wrap up this first post of 2023 warriors. Oh, and I’m still seeing the word SHINE in various places and hearing it in NEW songs too. How about that? Keep shining as this new year is just beginning. Do what fills your soul and let the rest go. Your heart needs to be happy so do what you can to make that happen- even if you like Facebook quizzes! 😜 I can’t believe I forgot yet another HUGE point here. That selfie of me. Yeah, look for more coming as I wanted to start the year off a little new and different this time. Warrior pics will be around soon for sure but we need variety, right? Make January fun, dream filled, and don’t forget to SHINE despite the winter weather some of us are having, or will have… 🤍☮️❄️☃️

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Warriors will SHINE 🌟✨

Of course we SHINE! We all do in our own way just like Warrior did and still does. I kept seeing that word of “shine” in many places or reading it so decided to work it in with the last title of 2022. The remaining few Wednesdays I will break for family stuff during the holidays so this is it for a bit. I had to pause a little before beginning today… A few extra warrior things got brought to my attention so I became quite emotional yet truly amazed about some fellow warriors… 🥹🫶🏻 Oh my~~~ what a year it has been. I usually look back on the year and decided once again to do just that with these 43 posts, minus a month. My first one of the year was all about Warrior’s gym, and then his ’08 match in Spain. Hard to believe I wrote those in January. I will share some of my highlights but before doing that, guess there’s another first after all. 

Hulk Hogan finally made his way into a dream. Oh brother, ” whatcha gonna do?” Ha ha! Again, one would assume this could’ve happened already considering WMVI among other history, but nope. It probably manifested as a result of watching a few of the WCW days I hadn’t seen in a while. I can see “Hollywood Hogan” specifically with his NWO bearded look very clear walking around outside the ring looking for Warrior. It was brief, but definitely a dream. Now, onto the memorable posts for me this past year. 

Since I just mentioned a dream, let’s start there with some that touched me.. Hulk brought on the topic of firsts so how about that? Vince McMahon in one along with Warrior’s younger daughter Mattie as both were extremely special indeed. My daughter in that dream with Warrior’s was very much a first so it’s up there as a moment for sure. The other dream that happened in the same night was Warrior as a summer camp teacher. So much fun seeing him spray those kids with a hose! Loved that playful humor of his. He and Dana both in a different dream during the same night. Talk about a first!

Another stand out for me is when I got a very young college age “Warrior” and his friend fried rice and green grapes. So cool and interesting to see him looking younger close to when he and Sting were the “Freedom Fighters.” Now, my son is in college so I totally relate to how some dreams come about. The last one connected to the Earth goddess of Greek mythology Demeter. I felt so beautiful in my gown picking flowers which led to an incredible lovely moment. I can still picture those gold and silver roses… What a great experience to shine, as I truly did! BTW, I did check and I have had 10 dreams involving Warrior in some way or another this year. Oh my, I believe that has to be a record. 💙😴 There were 2 others and one actually involved a mountain that I posted about a few weeks ago. The other one, well, that was extremely personal as I shared it with a dear friend. It was super funny and it made both of our days. Warrior laughing always makes me shine! That also won’t be blogged but I had to mention those as well. 

OK, dreamers we will move on even though it’s always hard to top those Warrior dreams of mine that I am so blessed being given. Another gift I was given was from last winter after Warrior’s old blogs from “Warrior’s Machete” were sent my way. That post was quite a biggie for me but very grateful I was able to spend time really reading all those 71 pages more thoroughly than many years ago. I highlighted several points of Warrior’s as well as sharing my own but it definitely is a huge part of this year in 2022. One of these days, I will go back and reread them again just to feel his words on the page. A few disagreements as usual of course, but he had his opinions and made them known. How many of us can say that? Plus, us writers just know the power of words so I am ultimately grateful. 

The next highlight that made me totally shine was being a guest on the “Pick Six” podcast hosted by my friend Vince McKee of Kee on Sports. That was so much fun sharing all about writing, my book, “Spirit and Belief” and how I started following the Ultimate Warrior’s career. It became so wonderful discussing how influential our intuition can be just like Warrior mentioned often. Boy, am I glad I listened to mine and still am. Right around that time was the warrior week brought to me by my cousin. She was so cute sharing all these great little warrior stories, and even sent a photo I used for the post. It started with the word “warrior” on her phone randomly?! and ended with the word of savage. I love when Randy is included too.

A post that was quite hilarious to me in a different way was “That 80’s Vibe!” Just look for my painted Warrior cheeks. Music and dancing in my past along with Warrior’s which brought me such fondness and laughter. What a throwback of a treat! Another one was “Out of this World” which Warrior’s wrist tattoo with Saturn inspired. 🪐 If you are or were a space geek and science nut, that one’s for you. Family stories plus Warrior’s comics are talked about but also a little spiritual. I loved writing those. 🥰

I did have that 4 week break in May which gave me time for painting. No Warrior masterpieces were created but I did need a break from writing despite my resistance. So many intense family milestones and NEW stuff this year~~~ it’s been exhausting. Oh, so worth it as I savor and flow with it all. Warrior’s birthday brought all those great songs plus a few new ones added to the playlist. What an Alexa moment that was for me right after talking with a friend about wrestling. 😂😉Warrior was shining his light so much that day, I thought it must’ve been my birthday! That was another milestone this year. 

How about some self -reliance? Yes, that one is a huge one because it connected BOTH my kids as we were just going about our daily lives. My daughter’s report on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophies for school among others and then seeing his self-reliance essay all about success hanging in a music store with my son. Once I read some words of Emerson’s that my girl had at home, I KNEW Warrior had said them. That started it all and the light on self-reliance kept shining brighter and even more Ultimate over the next few days. Warrior was for sure part of those times because, really— how could he not be? 😇💡

Whew… I know that’s a lot of trips down memory lane this year to shine a Warrior light upon but in case you haven’t read any, there’s a little recap. I also have had some other very meaningful surprises along the way (different than that other post,) which overwhelmed me in such a great way. Some people we meet, know, or just connect with in our lives that have a way somehow of shining their light just enough to let ours out a little more. Do you have anyone like that? I hope you do as I also wish for your LIGHT to keep shining despite this crazy holiday time and beyond. 

Enjoy the season of magic and be the light that shines for others. They will share theirs with you if we just always believe… Here’s to the end of 2022 and I will return to these writings in January 2023… ✍🏻Celebrate the way YOU love! Happy holidays!

~~~ Kathy~~~

P.S. Here’s to more in year 7, such a great number! 7️⃣ Oh, I also found a few more Bluejay feathers this year too! I did check and I had mentioned 7️⃣ previous posts, so how about that with this number? 


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My Warrior Surprises 🥳🦷😴

Guess who? Yes, it’s me fellow warriors bringing you these writings once again for a few weeks into December. I told ya this was gonna be another milestone post to almost end the year and it is here. Are you ready? Should I cue the drum roll? OK, here goes. You readers along with me are celebrating the 300th POST TODAY! Unbelievable, I know. 🥹 I feel like saying that word the way Vince McMahon said it when the Ultimate Warrior came out for WMXII. 10 syllables and all, lol! To all you “techy” WordPress bloggers, it’s actually more posts than that since as I’ve stated before, a few pics were up in the beginning being testers. I don’t count those really, just the writing. I would’ve hit this number early November but remember— I was off the whole month of May. 

All right, it isn’t a total surprise as I knew it was coming but just knowing that massive number has been reached is daunting to me. I thank you all who have recently followed or liked these writings as it does fill me with such gratitude. The REAL followers and not just marketing bloggers. Of course you loyal ones, I bow to you for still sticking around through my stories, dreams, and all the Warrior adventures. Speaking of that, how about the dentist’s office? Yeah, you CAN have fun there despite what is happening. Music to the rescue once again as it truly helps me in so many ways. 🎼

Last week, I had a dentist appointment to replace a filling. There will be others coming up but I haven’t had this type of dental work done in almost 30 years. Just cleanings. Those silver fillings held up very well, but now onto the new. Again, no big surprise with all that but it was the music that worked for my nerves. Once the tooth had to be numbed a few minutes, I was alone in that dentist chair area. First, there was “Firework” 🎇 by Katy Perry playing which I referenced years ago as tears came to my eyes. Next, were some other great songs that made me smile and LAUGH so the nerves subsided some. It was then that the dentist and hygienist came back in. Once they started working, “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey was playing. All 3 of us were singing and moving! Well, for me it was minimal but despite my initial fear, music surprised me again. Next time, I’ll be ready for tooth number 2!! I kept saying :“I’m a Warrior…” in my head as she continued drilling…

Oh boy, surprises for sure are always everywhere. This last one is another dream very recent to my memory that held some surprises as usual. Just keep the word “dapper” in mind. I literally woke up and said that word like this: dapper?!”All right, let’s begin. This dream took place inside a big convention type center with tables and chairs. Think wedding reception or conference room hall. I was co-hosting this charity event with my hairdresser! Yep, you read that right. I do have an appointment with her soon but there’s more. I think this has been mentioned but once we got closer, she confided her spiritual gifts to me. She even bought my book, “Spirit and Belief” so perhaps that inspired her presence in the dream?! Well anyways, people were coming and going dropping off bags of canned goods, clothing, toys, and other gently used items. I also saw my husband’s sister-in-law there waving as she dropped off her donations. We were close and coworkers back then so she has been in many dreams. My hairdresser spoke to me over the walkie-talkie as I made my way around. I ignored her one time because it was then that I saw Warrior… 

He came in along with several young guys similar to those he worked with on ” The Warrior Show”. You know, like the metal rock bands blogged already? Why they came– not a clue but it’s all good. I went up to them and obviously was excited to see Warrior. I really don’t know if I knew him prior but vividly remember him wearing a purple and black suit. It looked great and I pulled on his elbow and said: ” my, don’t you look dapper!” Huh? That’s a new word. Don’t think I would say that to someone I just met, do you? He just laughed as I took some photos and then one of the guys took my picture with Warrior. How very nice. 📸No idea on what happened next as they just walked around. Did Warrior give a speech? Why was I co-chairing such an event? Don’t know but the word of “dapper” sticks out. It was so much fun and great to wake up smiling and laughing. A surprise with that as well along with my hairdresser being in this one. The setting is kind of surprising too but as always, I take them all in. 💙😴

Those are my surprises for this week warriors as I wrap it all up today. I do hope any surprises that come your way make you smile and laugh too. They might not or even have the opposite effect but just know good will always come sooner or later. It is hard to surprise another but for any dreamers out there~~~ they come that way almost every night, (at least for me.) Even if you don’t remember any, look to your waking life. Laugh at it all because we should. Some surprises are not laughable I know, but there will be other moments along the way that are. It might not be a milestone, dentist appointment, or even dream like mine, but look to the word surprise as a good thing. If you look to the negative, you’ll get more of that. Enjoy your day warriors and any surprises that come your way. Ask for more of the good and it’ll show up, just when you least expect it!

P.S. This was yet another 3 count… I don’t go looking for them, really I don’t! 😏3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣❗️Thank you so much… 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🫶🏻

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Climb the Mountain 🧗‍♀️🏔️

I’ve seen this photo of the Ultimate Warrior plenty but it’s a first using it today. Not sure if that was a photo shoot somewhere or just a simulated backdrop but either way, super cool for me. That got me thinking of a mountain whether literally or metaphorically, both work. Warrior lived in the desert, then the mountains and felt such a sense of belonging there always. Me, I’m not close to either but there are plenty of cliffs and such in nearby parks. My one sister lives in Washington state so plenty of mountains out there in the Pacific Northwest. Ever climbed any? I know of course people have climbed Mount Everest among others but I’m not talking about that. I bet you have traversed some though. 

We all do but not those real ones. Once you conquer a goal, you are at the top of that mountain. Warrior did that much in his life and then there were always new ones to conquer. Ever see the game show

The Price is Right?” If you are outside of the U.S. maybe not, but I totally remember the mountain climber cliffhanger game! There would be yodeling too. They showed this little climber guy moving along a mountain and it was all about guessing prices of items. You didn’t want him to fall over. It was the funniest thing! I should look it up as a memory… 😂 I actually DID climb a mountain 4 years ago. Diamond Point Mountain in West Virginia took us about an hour or so to get to the top. I knew it was diamond something… We really went there for white water rafting but our guide told us all about this mountain. Coming back down is when I first pulled that crazy hamstring muscle that still bugs me today. We get so excited going and then know that the hike down will be just as loooong… Also, not remembering where the car was parked became no fun. It’s like “Dude, Where’s my Car?”

I do hope some of you get to climb an actual mountain someday besides cliffs and small stuff. There were some pretty big ones as well out in South Dakota when we went to see Mount Rushmore. I cannot imagine climbing that! Let’s scale it back just a little. I bet all of you had a specific goal, dream, or anything similar and finally did it. I hope you have anyway. Well, I became a writer but that was never a dream in the beginning. We are always moving along that mountain. Some go faster while some a little slower, but always at your own pace. Whatever life throws at you, just keep climbing. Life’s mountain will end when we reach our place of eternal destiny but until then, climbing is what we must do. I am also reminded of the cartoon “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with his mountain in Whoville that he climbed or drove up really. He made it to the top with his dog Max hitched to a sleigh and just when all seemed lost— he got enough strength to hoist that sleigh full of toys and all above his head just like what the Ultimate Warrior did, only a little different. Perfect movie reference for this time of year, right? 

How do we get the strength or stamina to keep going up all our “mountains”? It’s because we, as warriors fight through it all. Just when we think it is smooth sailing, oops~ another uphill battle is upon us. Unlike a real mountain when deciding to climb up, you need to climb back down where you began. The figurative ones just keep coming our way as we traverse another and yet another. We do need to stop and admire the view from time to time and catch our breath. Please remember to do that as even warriors need rest. Also, keep that gear bag packed with whatever will assist you as we never should go it alone. Maybe you are by yourself but that inner spirit is inside guiding you up and down life’s mountains. Your soul does know what to do despite our fears sometimes getting in the way.

No matter what size the mountain is, believe that you can and will keep going in the right direction. I will if you will. No one ever stops in the middle and gives up. It’s either up or down, you decide. Just last summer, we hiked up the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes 🐻🐻🐻 of Northern Michigan and I decided to head back. Talk about a desert! The kids’s dad went up with them as I stayed with the dog. He went further than me as they saw more but I was OK with my adventure. Unbelievable experience and a huge legend of ancient times too… It seems I have more mountain stories than I thought! 

Of course I DID think of a song that mentions a mountain in the lyrics but I’m not sharing that today. It’s whatever comes and is on my playlist from a late 90s band. See, I’m more than just the 80s… 😉 Can you just imagine really standing on a precipice of a huge mountain looking down at the world below? No, I’m not going all God – like on you all here and perhaps some readers have done just that. Maybe Warrior is doing that pose similar to the photo above looking down at all of us. I never think of him being like that in an intimidating way at all although sometimes I hope he isn’t watching my goofy stuff. 😜 Ah well, we need to laugh at ourselves. I picture it being peaceful like the land he loved out west. 🙏🏻💙

So, warriors~ I hope you continue to conquer those mountains in your life whether they are for real or metaphorically. Take what you need along the way and enjoy it all. Some will be really rough with so much climbing work but once you get to the top, all worth it as you will know. Next week marks the beginning of December and my last BIG milestone of the year with these writings. You’ll have a few more weeks with me before I break to end 2022(: 🙋🏻‍♀️💜🥰

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Home Gym Stories 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🧘‍♀️

I love that pic of Warrior above years ago at his gym in Arizona. He looks so happy and I’m very glad he was able to have that in his life at that time. Years later, he had his barn gym on their property in New Mexico but today, I am sharing a few of MY home gym stories. Fitness has been a huge topic on here over time plus it’s mentioned in my book, “Spirit and Belief” but I wanted to delve a little more into it today. You can say passion or even obsession which I blogged before, but it is different for us all.

I won’t get into my beginnings as that has been told, but of course much has evolved. Working out became fun for me although it may not be for some. It shouldn’t all be sweating your body weight because come on, that’s not fun. Warrior may not agree or look at his routine the same way, but it can be both WORK and FUN! Maybe some aspire to the ” no pain, no gain” attitude and I DID years ago but not anymore. Obviously a bodybuilder or pro wrestler mindset will be entirely different and I respect that. Our mindsets in other ways do take on a few parallel roads as I will share with you all today.

Warrior had mentioned doing 500 sit ups (or crunches which are easier) but my number was half that at 250. Well, the 250 came a few hours after dinner but I probably did 100 or so earlier in the day. Sure, you can maintain those muscles but losing weight won’t happen with crunches unless you combine it with other exercise and diet. It all depends on your personal goals. So, this is about ME now and not what Warrior did or how hard he did things. I did those 100 crunches as part of my routine every day but the extra 250 was because of guilt tripping over food at dinner. Yeah, it was that way for a while. I don’t do those crunches or any at all nowadays but push-ups replaced them. I do 20 but I used to do 30. I feel that more in my core as sit ups hurt my back. If I would’ve been more disciplined with them years ago, perhaps it could’ve gone another way but these times require more of a new approach with my core strengthening which works for me. 

Squats were a huge part of Warrior’s regime and as years progressed, they became part of mine. He showed the heavy metal rock band “I See Stars” how to properly do a squat as part of “The Warrior Show” which you can find on YouTube. I watched these years ago but had to find them again for this post. He lifts a bar and shows them how its “like shi**ing over a hole!” Warrior the drill sergeant indeed. We have a 20 lb. kettle bell that I used for a few years and would do 20 squats, 5 days a week. I loved it but over time, the body responded. Readers will know my posterior is nonexistent and a piriformis muscle along with the glutes became affected. I pushed through the pain but needed my PT to help realign those areas. I can use smaller weights and squat but don’t. Oh, there’s more…

My husband has always had weights and lifted on his own workout bench for years. We have some little arm weights of 3, 5, 8, and then bigger 10 ones. The 30 lb. one always alluded me until a few years ago. He would do arm curls and I eventually was able to lift it somewhat at my elbow. I sure did want to try and lift it. I started small of course but it kept calling to me as an “ultimate challenge.” Finally was I able to lift it above my head like a gorilla press! I actually cried. I did 10 reps but probably should’ve just done it on occasion. Never did I feel any pain but after looking at my paperwork from the ulcer (a couple years ago,) a hiatal hernia was listed. My doctor never mentioned it as a concern since internal ones go away with medicine. How would I get that on top of everything else including gastritis? It’s all in the gut for sure. I was never told the specifics (but I DO know how I got the ulcer and it wasn’t medical) so I put it together with lifting that 30 lb. weight. Maybe not but with my lack of power legs and a backside always, I just assumed. No lifting again for me and it made me sad. 😞 I loved lifting that 30 lb. weight and my workouts are fun. 

The kids even would say how Mom will miss her work out when we were on vacation. They wouldn’t say that about their Dad! I would do little things in hotel rooms though… They were right so I would either do much before we left or after getting home. Not anymore. Sweating isn’t that common for me either. On the elliptical machine, jumping rope or jacks for a minute, or in the sauna is where I sweat. Still cardio but more yoga and you know what? I am FINE with it. I proved some things but don’t need to at this point in my life. Even on our old elliptical machine I was crazy at times. It was only 20 minutes a set but once we had neighbors unexpectedly come over and I was downstairs working out. For some reason, I didn’t get in my morning time— I can’t remember. I had 5 minutes to go and warriors- I finished before greeting them! 5 minutes can seem fast but when company is over, it is an eternity. I was too close with finishing and just had to do it to the end. 

That’s all in the past as my attitude is somewhat more at ease. I still believe in anyone becoming disciplined in the way that works in their life but unlike my emotions~ I don’t push to extremes. It isn’t for me. We now have a more modern elliptical which I get on from time to time plus a few other machines. We also have a big exercise ball I use as well. Does anyone have an inversion or teeter table? It’s great for a whole body stretch and back pain. The guy in the commercials is in his 80’s I think! It works and I love it. The recumbent bike is more of a rarity but those do make me sweat a little more and I need that in the winter. My hamstring and sciatica might act up, but no more other injuries coming my way. The body doesn’t heal as fast as it used to which sucks… I know… ☹️ I do use our chair back massager and belt which works wonders. I’m not gonna get an A** at my age either! 

Well, warriors~ those are some of my home gym stories that many who work out may identify with. If you don’t, that’s OK as we all need exercise but our body will tell us. YES, the body can handle a lot but risking pain isn’t my thing like it used to be. Don’t get me wrong as I am not an old lady but I will still be active someway, somehow, even as I age more. Who knows exactly as we probably can’t take all this equipment with us when moving elsewhere but couch potato or TV junkie, I am not! Whether you go to a gym or do stuff at home, just move your body every day. We need to as being active and fit matters. Not excessively, but it does. Warriors get the job done but be your own warrior with fitness. Now, get off the couch and move it! 

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. readers! Be grateful always… 🦃🍽️🥧😋🙏🏻🍎🌽

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These Warrior Extremes…

Just a few little stories for you all today warriors as I thought of these and wanted to “rope” them in together. While thinking of the word extreme– so much came to mind. Warrior was in many ways and yes, I am too. We all are but it just gets expressed differently. I remember hearing the song :“I go to Extremes” for the first time in high school and totally identified with it. You know, the one by Billy Joel? Of course it’s on my playlist but for me, very emotional. Not always what you might be thinking but these few tidbits inspired the post today.

It’s a 3 count too with a few way back and one pretty recent. I’ve always talked about having those balances but sometimes, it can be such a struggle. These stories today contain several extreme emotions that seem to connect despite very unrelated circumstances. Yes, they involve Warrior but as always– it’s my reaction emotionally that tells it all. The first one seems to creep up on me every time I go down a certain road or hear a certain song. Oh I know, a song twice on here but they usually are with me.

I believe it was the summer after Warrior passed but it might’ve been later. Sometimes, it blurs together. To this day, I still can’t believe how extreme it became for me. It’s one thing when you are just having an emotional moment at home or alone but all together different out and about around others. I was driving home from an event (in the car alone but still…) and had the radio on as usual. I turned to this John Legend song very popular at the time. I’m sure you can guess the title but all of a sudden, my eyes welled up with tears and I almost couldn’t see. The car swerved a tiny bit but not enough to be dangerous. I did love the song and still listen to it but was so overwhelmed how fast and extreme the situation became. That part of the road had a pet farm sign back on someone’s property but is no longer there. When going that way, I sometimes pause in my mind remembering how one song made me react in such an extreme way. Of course, I am not that way anymore but will never forget a Warrior moment that strong. Like Billy Joel sang: “why do I go to extremes?” Some songs should come with those warning labels- you know the ones like : ” do not drive or operate heavy machinery… etc…” Don’t you think? I do also wonder what happened to all those animals from that farm...

This next one is in the middle of our emotional extreme spectrum so all good from now on. I might’ve mentioned this several years ago but it’s on repeat for you long time readers. I’m still OK with my website ending but wanted to reflect on the many people who worked with me over the years and over the phone. One guy stands out in particular. For one, there were hardly any men that I spoke to but this guy named Mike bonded with me and I really liked him. From time to time the reps over at Balboa Press would call to ask if I wanted to order more books. Well, I bought too many and thought I could sell the old fashioned way. I did ask to finally get off their calling list as I’m never going to need any more. I will ship! 📗📗📗

Mike had called me and this time, I answered instead of it going to voicemail. I’m so glad I did as we had the nicest conversation. He knew my book of course but became fixated on the subtitle. This is HIS story… He was a bodybuilder who took a part-time sales job for extra cash. Totally was he aware of the Ultimate Warrior back in the day so we chatted a bit. It helped me to know he was also sort of close to my age so we shared experiences and memories. He could’ve cared less if I needed more books! Never was he pushy at all and then told me more… It seems he was a religious guy who worked out while quoting the Bible. He so would’ve fit into the Golden Era in WWF of alliteration with names. 🤣 I called him the “Bible Bodybuilder!” He laughed and mentioned his YouTube channel. I did tell him I would check it out while giving him my channel as well. Very interesting to watch someone power lift while reciting a verse from Scripture. He wasn’t a Bible thumper either but just sharing what worked for him in his life. It was a stimulating conversation with yet another extreme time of a WOW factor much different than my drive of the first one. I wonder what Mike is doing today? He went to extremes also and looked at Warrior for inspiration.

This last one happened just about a week or so ago. Our girl wanted to get out a board game as I begrudgingly said yes. The reason I initially resisted is because we will be inside much of the winter playing games. I love them but it’s a long season… 😬 She got out my old game of “Scattergories.” I won’t explain all the rules but you set a timer and write down words from a listed category. Our cat rolled the big dice as she gets very involved in board games with pieces. It’s so funny! 😜

Our letter was W and at the top of her list chosen was “Sports.” There are 12 different topics in all. Sports was number one. Well, I’m sure you all know what I was going to write. I told her we probably will put the same answer and she AGREED! To myself, I was thinking: “what if this was the athlete card?” Cue laughter again…. 😆 We finished after the buzzer and I told her to go first but I’m sure she knew what I wrote. Her answer was not wrestling but water polo! I fell over from laughing so hard! I’ve had that game since I was around her age, it’s so fun. Here we are yet again with another extreme emotion only this time much laughter. How in the world would she think her mom was gonna write water polo? Oh my… We played 3 games and I won so who knows which she’ll pick next. At least we aren’t on a phone and playing an actual game. My girl and her funny ways. Never does she have any idea that her antics seem to be all over my many blogs here. So extreme indeed...

“Eager to please, ready to fight

Why do I go to extremes?”

~ Thanks Billy Joel but we are always learning everyday. ☯️ Yin and Yang…

P.S. We are extreme beings with our emotions but balancing them is how warriors need to be.

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Let’s be Grateful 🙏🏻❤️‍🩹👍

The word grateful fits for this month of November here in the U.S. and Thanksgiving but really, it’s every day. Also, Veterans Day is this Friday as I knew Warrior had painted the flag logo on his chest a few times. Some may think it was because of his feud with Sgt. Slaughter which is right, but that isn’t the pic above. That video pic is the Ultimate Warrior promoting Vince’s WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation) and it’s Personal Fitness Expo of June 1991. The flag image kept coming to me so I had some searching to do.

A few years back, I did an entire post on Veterans Day which fell on Wednesday. I am grateful to ALL who served (including many family members of mine) giving our citizens the freedoms we take for granted here in the U.S. We are indebted by their service and always needing to be mindful of that when offering “thanks.”… This date however, falls on November 9 which was Warrior’s final WCW Monday Nitro appearance. I had to double check as I know he left before the end of ’98. Another Warrior moment with a date today.

So, gratitude it is. I got this idea from a few sources in a way. I was looking through my topics written on “Spirit and Belief” nostalgically as the subjects with dates are saved. The gratitude post kind of jumped out at me. I wrote that a few years ago. Sometimes I would post a topic on both blogs for the week as it seemed to connect. This one I had not but can totally relate with Warrior for sure. Let me just put this out there for all you readers today. To me, there are 2 main things we should be grateful for each day. Can you guess? I say them in meditation before anything else. Number 1 is your LIFE. Number 2 is your HEALTH. Everything else follows. Those are the catalyst for your entire purpose here. We need to do the best to take care of ourselves despite all that is happening around us. Even if you’re battling something extreme, fight for your life all the time. As warriors, it’s what we do but that free will factors in as well.

I have also made a HUGE gratitude list in one of my journals. Now, I know many of you aren’t writers and won’t do this exercise but as Warrior always said– by writing something down you’ll remember better, among other things. My list began small and grew. It can be quite easy as starting like this: “I am grateful for… ” ( fill in the blank.) I sound like a teacher but guess I am in many ways. We all have the basic list but it can become quite expansive. Go ahead and start. I’ll wait... ✍🏻🤔

OK, you non-writers. Making a list in your head works too or even saying them out loud. It might sound crazy but the more we express gratitude, the more it comes our way. Even if you don’t pray or meditate, I’m sure you are grateful and thankful for many things. They don’t have to be deep either. How about just being grateful for your dog, pizza, or a great vacation? See, not so hard now is it? You can think of your own list. Let’s all just be grateful for what we are and what we have right now in this moment.

Let’s explore the man himself. Can’t we all just be grateful for his earthly presence and eliminate judging? He did sacrifice so much and yet sometimes we let comments out that shouldn’t be. People have mentioned Warrior looking too thin at times, or not as muscular, having a flabby gut in some pics, not liking the gray hair, him being bald, aging badly by possibly neglecting his health, moving slow later on, and SO much more. Sure, I have wondered about a few of those aspects but others get me shaking ropes in my head! I have said comments (to myself) about other former Superstars but not Warrior. I am biased in areas but some I won’t fully know just like you. Those are all physical traits and as humans, we have that vanity. Myself included here as we become our own worst critic. Warrior wasn’t immune either. I have written plenty on that and can mention each of those separately but won’t. Vanity isn’t all bad. It’s how we use it which matters more.

We need to be thankful that the Ultimate Warrior and then as Warrior graced our TV sets which allowed us into the world of professional wrestling and then beyond. Those negative statements will not change anything and yet some insist on going back-and-forth about it all still. Why? For attention or discussion on his physicality? It’s not necessary and only causes much frustration our way that can’t be altered. Let it go warriors even though most may not. The good things we CAN discuss like possible feuds, ring gear, favorite looks, etc. but the negativities should end. Be grateful we have the memories and the good. The rest can be.

I know there are those who don’t or won’t make judging comments about Warrior and are so extremely grateful for his time here. Be happy for the entertainment, intense yet passionate disciplined speeches, and returning to WWE that he gave us. I am grateful for it all that I was privileged to see. Now, social media keeps it going. Practice being grateful or ask for more of it in your life. It’s stuff right in front of you. I am grateful to all of you- the readers. I’m going to end with a quote on one of my beach coasters. It reads: “start each day with a grateful heart.” I do my best as I hope you will too. I will always be grateful for everything that has been gifted my way including Warrior. It all truly is amazingly ultimate. 🥹

P. S. This is new— while walking my dog last week, I saw this parked truck from Texas. The mud-flaps said TexArkana.” Wow! Haven’t heard that in a while and remembered the U.W.F. with it’s mid-South territory…

P.P.S. To any vets reading today: “thank you for your service!” ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🦅🗽☮️

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Know Your Limits 👇🫵🏻💙

Ah- yes, a frustrating statement to make. Some of us don’t want to have limits or even boundaries although they can be similar and we need both. Warrior had said back in 1992 about teaming with Randy Savage that: “there were no limitations to what you can do creatively.” So true of them back then as I agree. It’s a different WWE now for sure but when Ultimate Warrior was in his prime, creativity with little limits abounded. There are those times though where I truly believe we need to know our limits. It hits me personally here just a little.

Very recently, I decided to end the website which contained my other more spiritual blog. Sure, you can find my book out there but that was the springboard of where it mostly began. I ALMOST hit the 5 year mark with it but alas, some milestones aren’t meant to be reached. I discuss this more on a recent YouTube video and also a post over there which will disappear soon. Time got away from me as I looked into possibly switching host companies whereas I just used my publisher. I felt like parts of me on there were getting “tapped out” in a way despite maybe getting it revamped.

One has to have the drive and desire to pursue a new project and after much meditation, consideration, and more thought, I finally made the decision. I’m sure some tears will come when it finally ends in a few weeks (I believe…) but without too much emotion, I am OK with it. 🥹 My well ran dry on putting more content out there. They say all authors need a website but I never considered myself penning book after book. I just didn’t. Many readers may know I joke about putting out a few more with some of these posts over the years! Maybe once I am an “official” empty nester but I don’t feel the passion behind it like I did 5 years ago. Now, I know my limits and that part of me has to come to an end.

When do you feel like it’s time to walk away from someone or some thing after a while? Yeah, we all know Warrior did from wrestling time and again but he had to in other business ventures also. I keep hearing a song (of course since that’s me!) by the Eagles called “Take it to the Limit.” I did have to look up the lyrics as some usually fit with my life. Some, not all but this title works today. Often times, we just go with an idea, job, relationship, etc. as far as we can or maybe nothing much is reciprocated so we end it. All of us have our own versions of what limitation looks like and yet we tend to hold on just a bit longer.

Why do we do that? Well, it depends on what is happening in our life and maybe stress plays a BIG factor. We get comfortable with our “normal.” We need to be the one deciding when to let someone else strap the boots on while stepping out of them. I don’t know how many of you have left a career, location, relationship, or anything like that but in our lives there are of course always endings and beginnings. When is enough enough for you where you will say your limit with whatever it is has been reached? Walking away can be tough with much attachment but sometimes, that’s exactly what we need to do.

Teaching preschool always meant families, kids, or your favorites all factored in and then deciding to leave would end it all. There will forever be one more sibling or just staying a little longer that tears at those heartstrings. I feel the same though with the Band Directors at my daughter’s high school only on the other side. She has one more year, I hope they don’t leave! Other aspects of us are so much harder to navigate around, aren’t they? We can’t gorilla press everyone to bend to our limits even though we may want to. I’ve lost friendships that meant so much to me and cried many tears but when you are the “doer” always, it gets exhausting. So many ways are out there for us to connect nowadays than ever before. When that friend doesn’t reach out, or disagreements are many, then we know. The moving ahead might be an ultimate challenging road but we need to believe better things are ahead. It has to be so we don’t keep repeating the same old, worn out pattern.

Warrior kept moving forward and DID know his limits when it felt necessary walking or maybe running away (pun intended!)I’m sure it can be entirely different with fame related situations as your life would be under a microscope all the time. We are just people though underneath the façades worn by us. Limits might be easy for some to put in place but seeing them through to the end takes endurance. When something closes, another something opens no matter if you choose the window or door metaphor. I need to always believe this too. 🚪🪟We do or have things that might be for our entire lives or just that temporary time before going on. Even some we think are temporary become permanent in ways we didn’t know possible. 😉

I have my limits too warriors and sometimes, that rope can only be stretched so far before the turnbuckle breaks. We stretch it because of fear with the unknown. All of us have been there many times and you will know yours. Don’t worry though, these writings will be sticking around as long as it remains limitless with Warrior wisdom! Who knows when that will be but I hope you are here with me. Thank you to any who took the time searching or reading Spirit and Belief out there. Website and blog will go, book is still available. I am amazed how over 300 posts were written on so many topics, Warrior included. Know your limits and when to go on. You’ll never move forward if you don’t bust through the next curtain. The future might be unknown but our soul is fearless! 💫😊👏🏻

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