Stand Your Ground πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘‡

Yes, I have mentioned this plenty of times and of course that guy in the photo did a lot but once again, I got to have a ring side seat. Another dream warriors and I’ll share how it came to be. Recently, I found some WWE A & E documentaries and bios. No, I wasn’t truly looking and watch very little but it was my lunchtime so decided to surf some channels. Lo and behold, I ended up watching bits and pieces of a few. It seemed to be Undertaker as the main event. His biography was just shown but I also caught some of the “Most Wanted Treasures” about Jake Roberts of last year. Despite animosity between him and Warrior back then, I’m always so touched by all the realness and emotion shown by these former wrestlers. You all know this about me now.οΏΌ

So many people interviewed including Bruce Prichard, a.k.a. (“Brother Love”) other talent, family, archivists, and obviously Vince McMahon. I’m not a fan of Bruce’s even though he is one of the top dogs. I also am NOT getting into the scandal concerning Vince but both guys were in this dream along with Warrior and myself. It took place over at WWE HQ with Vince and Bruce pitching some storyline idea to Warrior. His look was probably late 1990. I was nearby as a “liaison” or so it seemed. Whatever this idea was, Warrior did not agree and stormed out. He was getting really angry as they followed him to the dressing room areas.οΏΌ

Warrior started waving his arms and then picking up trash cans while throwing them around. Don’t worry– nobody was injured. Vince and Bruce just kept their cool and let him rant and rave. They seemed exasperated and wanted him to calm down so then in steps me. As it played out, I was the only one able to get him to listen and relax a little. Wish I could remember what made Warrior stand his ground but whatever it was, he wasn’t having any of it. I put my hands up and got him to breathe a little easier. This isn’t to “paint” him in a negative light at all~~(plenty of others do that) but I’m sure things like this happened, even without cameras and with others. Vince and Bruce went back to the office as they knew I could work my magic in a way.

I listened to his side while going over all the pros, cons, and compromises this could entail. He looked me straight in the face and said he just could not do what they were asking of him. He stood his ground once again like with many other times. Maybe a similar situation like this actually happened and I was given an inside scoop or something? Well, I’m not sure but I did either grab his hands or put mine on his shoulders. I didn’t want him running off or picking something else up to throw!οΏΌ

Sorry to keep you all against the ropes but I never found out if he caved just a little or not. Sure hope he wasn’t fired but this next part I do know. Usually during my morning routine, I say the serenity prayer. Words to follow at the end for those unfamiliar. In this dream, I either heard them in my head or said them out loud with Warrior standing there. Hmmm. πŸ€”They were said regardless and Warrior listened to me. So glad I could be of help. No, I wasn’t on the payroll but just very much around and knew Warrior well. Wow, guess a little of those bios came back in my dreaming state. After all, Jake and Paul Bearer (posthumously) were both inducted into the HOF with Warrior and both were part of those A & E shows. Bruce was in a few too. 2014 again. Can you say “goosies” all over my arms and legs? Yep, I can and did.οΏΌ

It brought to mind when Undertaker’s winning streak came to an end at WrestleMania XXX that same year. First time ever I had seen the crowds reaction– stunned silence with mouths gaping open. Did he stand his ground on this and say: “I want one more win, this year won’t be it for me.” No, he did not and respectfully let the torch pass. There could’ve been many more convos on this but Undertaker obliged. I bet it was extremely hard but was time. Sometimes, it isn’t easy for any of us to do either as it always will depend on those principles too ya know. Warrior did have a right to stand his ground on many things over the years both personally and professionally. We all have to but you need to be the one deciding if it’s worth it or not.οΏΌ

I actually stand my ground more now when it comes to issues that are about being taken advantage of, being a doormat, or personal days with my family. I even stand my ground with this blog also as we need to be proud of who we are and what we do. Yes, life is about compromise but we all know what we maybe could cave on and what we can’t. That dream contained several messages for me but it isn’t just pride. It can become very exhausting emotionally being kind of like that “liaison” I was in the dream. It isn’t all humbleness and not feeling worthy like it used to be for me at all. OK, I am always humbled but now– more sides have been shown to me and the roles get more intense along the way.οΏΌ

We do have to stand our ground but need the balance of seeing the bigger perspective if we can. Learning to soften takes time and a whole lotta patience. Warrior may not have caved on important matters but over the years, evolved into better understanding and perhaps bent just a little.οΏΌ β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

P.S. I believe this is the first time I didn’t use the word DREAM in a post title for these… Gotta keep some mystery going…,πŸ₯±πŸ˜΄And, Vince in a dream was another first too! Bruce? Um– yeah, well it made sense though.., πŸ™„πŸ˜¬

*** Here is the Serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.οΏΌ

*** I do not get very religious on here at all so you can sub out the word God with anything else but that’s the prayer. I always heard it was longer but this is the main part…

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Shock Value Moments πŸ

There’s a photo I thought to never use. Let me tell ya warriors, I had to pause that video so many times to get the shot. In my head, it was part of a shocking moment for me that involved the Ultimate Warrior and “Snake Man” Jake Roberts. You’ll never see the casket provided by the Undertaker but the snake pic I’ll use. Warrior’s career in the former WWF was very defined by many shock value moments thanks to Vince and his storylines. There were others outside the arena that happened too. Let’s stick to the scripted shows, shall we? Fans will always remember the casket, snakes, and even Papa Shango’s voodoo curse but what about other stuff?

Some may have been shocked seeing the Ultimate Warrior win the IC belt away from Honky Tonk Man or even taking the Heavyweight title from Hulk Hogan. Oh yes, T.V. or writers like to shock us fans and viewers, don’t they? I bet you can think of other wrestlers that gave us shocking stories, upsets, victories, and defeats. It could be a good character turning bad, someone betraying another, and anything else. It’s things we may even still talk about today.

Moving away from wrestling for a moment, how about other T.V. shows or the movies? A couple that stand out for me are “Roseanne” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I was a huge fan of Roseanne and on the series finale, hearing that Dan had actually died many years prior at Darlene and David’s wedding shocked me. Roseanne had “written” it all up after that since she always wanted to be a writer. I am probably the only person to have never seen “Grey’s Anatomy” but still to this day many talk about Derek’s death or “McDreamy.” I remember being in the PTA years ago and our President would end the meeting earlier because of that show! Am sure you have your shows and their shockers but the movies or any type of media can do that to us as well. Sorry, I didn’t realize both of these involved the death of a character. 😧

I am not that girl to try and figure out a movie’s ending. My husband on the other hand talks and tries to reason it all out. I don’t want to listen when the “good” guy shoots someone else good! He was bad the whole time? I was shocked. Even books do that for me. I had been reading this one author for years and loved his stories of romance on the coast. Well, one book had an ending that shocked me so much, I decided to not read anymore of his. I know this sounds extreme but I wasn’t expecting that book to end the way it did. Yes, all of life can do that from time to time and should but it was my choice to pass his name by in the library. Has that ever happened to any of you readers out there?

With all these shock value moments, I am only referencing entertainment here folks so no personal details in your life which we all have. This also applies to Warrior and I think that had been covered enough lately. You’ll know if you’ve been around a bit. The shock stuff means someone will be stunned or surprised along the way. That someone may be an entire viewing audience or spectators. A good shock for me was when my very own Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title five years ago from the Golden State Warriors. Yep, that was pure shock in the BEST way and also told in my book Spirit and Belief. That other team’s name mattered to me in a different way and will forever be extra special.

Entertainment pulls us in and keeps us wanting more. I used to hate when a show would be continued and see that on the screen, ugh! Come on!!! WWF did that frequently and left us hanging knowing a match wouldn’t be over in five minutes when the show ended. We do like surprises but when they don’t go in our favor, shock sets in. Of course I was biased when it came to Warrior or even others (yes, it’s true) but our reactions are what they want from us plus ratings. It can be “fun” for some to recall all those moments where we were pulled into and then got the crap shocked out of us. I say fun loosely because I know for me how the casket especially will never make me laugh. I had said before that I was glad Warrior and Undertaker were friends and they had a good time but for a fan like me watching that- nope not ever.

I could list so many more shocking memories of mine and they are never forgotten. Warrior became unforgettable for his many moments over the years that’s for sure and you will have yours. We remember it all because of how it made us feel and then respond. My family still would tell the story of having a snake around my neck at age six. I have no memory of that at all but considering my dislike of snakes, shock value 101! I had mentioned this story on here years agoοΏΌοΏΌ… We all have our stories of shock but let’s stick to just being entertained. Our real life will be waiting later.

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