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Meditation= Warrior’s Energy

I have never really explained my journey that led to the spiritual connection with Warrior and his energy. Once I noticed hundreds of views on my YouTube channel video about spirit visit dreams, I knew this story was never fully told. My book Spirit and Belief mentions meditation but that didn’t start with me wanting to connect in any way to Warrior at all.

Meditation began for me as a result of a panic attack I had a few years ago. I was just about finished on our elliptical machine when it became hard for me to breathe. This was not a normal feeling for me even though I had been working my body through sweating, blood pumping, and my heart beating fast. These symptoms intensified as I sat down on my husband’s workout bench to control my breathing. I felt a tightness and just took some slow, deep breaths into my shirt like the paper bag method when one is hyperventilating.

My sensations weren’t intolerable but enough that got me thinking. I immediately knew the cause because of an unsettling conversation with someone recently and how it seemed to affect me. I also knew the signs of a panic attack and finally my anxiety settled some. It was then that I texted my sister who used the CALM app for meditation. A few days later, I was loving the whole process and became absorbed in the content of the program.

I started setting goals and then after some guided sessions, my OWN way of using the app became a daily routine. I also have a YouTube video on meditation which explains what works for me.

How did I immediately recognize the signs of a panic attack after never having had one before? How did I know to text my sister right away and remember she used a meditation app? Intuition at its finest right there! I knew the cause since that had been festering in me for a few days but never questioned what happened or what to do.

Extremely grateful I am not a frequent recipient of attacks like many people are and haven’t had one since. My panic led to meditation which opened the door for Warrior to visit me in dreams. I firmly believe this to be true on my journey.

I never started meditation as a way to connect with the Spirit World but only to discover some peace within myself that I needed. It does not need to be complicated or be guided with an app. Some people find it extremely difficult to settle their minds but it comes natural for me.

Most every book I read mentioned meditation as a link to the Spirit World or dreams. I had no idea dreams with Warrior would manifest a month after I began meditation. It is very hard to remain present in a specific period of time but using positive affirmations or mantras worked well for me too.

Start off with a word or phrase and try repeating it over and over in your mind. Breathe it in and visualize it. Always remember to stay focused and relax. Just 10 minutes a day can lead to a much better way of handling stress or anxiety. A regular practice will allow your mind to focus on your own well-being.

Try anything that will work for you like nature, calming music, mantras, visualization, positive thoughts, or something motivating. If I never started meditating, would Warrior have appeared to me in dreams? I don’t know but am grateful he did to help guide me on my OWN Warrior way……. 😇❤️🙏🏻💪🏻

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No guilt, pity, or attention

A day early but lots to do tomorrow… Last week and this week’s posts are a little dose of how my reality and perspective on life has changed. It is in your face but sometimes that is how we have to be. My views are not always for everyone but once I looked at everything that happened to me, it all had to be included.

Those three words mentioned in the title today I just can’t do anymore. They have become very toxic and unhealthy to base relationships on. I used to want someone’s respect so bad that I would forget all instincts and hang on with only the foundation of either guilt, pity, or attention. So not sure when all those dissipated for me but maybe after Warrior passed, these feelings did also.

Certainly nobody would want a life for themselves based on feeling guilty, having pity, or seeking constant attention so why do we sometimes cling to that with others? Maybe it’s obligation or desperation and it could be both. Now, I am not saying I never have guilt over an action but that horrible feeling isn’t there like it used to be.

Pity? Never ever again. Empathy and sympathy are very different depending on what people are going through or maybe ourselves but pity shouldn’t be an issue. It gets us nowhere fast or only hurts us in the end.

Attention is a difficult one to break apart. We all want and need people to appreciate us for who we are, our accomplishments, successes, and skills. Some people constantly seek it out as if it’s expected or always deserved. They have a “look at me!” attitude all the time and it becomes bragging or showing off.

Some might argue that Warrior sought out attention by getting others to notice him. This was true professionally but personally, he was very private. He didn’t go everywhere dressed as the Ultimate Warrior just to promote an image. He wanted to inspire and motivate people to be their best selves with his speaking. Feeling sorry for yourself or using any of those three words in this blog have no place in your life.

Obviously, there are other reasons psychologically based as to why people act the way they do or children that don’t know better. If you have confidence, you will get noticed but use humility and others will care without your boasting. I have never been that outward with my personality but when I do something unexpected, it gets noticed! Some might disagree and that’s ok. I have had relationships my entire life since childhood that have been affected by negativity so now is my time to speak up!

I firmly believe as a warrior there are traits that should be respected or honored but then there are those that should be ignored and not credited. When we are real and genuine, our greatness shines and guilt, pity, or attention have no aspect in our lives at all. I have always been true to myself even when some doubts creep in. Warrior wants all of us to live up to our true self with all of our being. Being a warrior is daunting but it challenges me in an Ultimate way everyday. 👊🏻💪🏻💜
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No Excuses or Expectations

Before I start today’s blog, just a huge personal THANKS to everyone who was viewed, liked, or followed mywarriorwritings these past 13.5 months! This blog has gone internationally to 21 countries and 5 continents and I am extremely grateful to all of you! Not just because of this holiday season but everyday…

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Our whole lives are based on constant opinions of ourselves, others, what to say, do, think, and feel all the time. This becomes quite exhausting for the brain and yet it remains always. I believe as a Warrior that we should question but stop judging and just agree to disagree. There will continually be people who will never see our point of view and vice versa but we can and should defend our position while remaining who we are.

I always felt the need to justify or explain my feelings and actions when the truth is— I shouldn’t. We like what we like and choose our own path. If we don’t want to do something, no means no without an explanation! We shouldn’t place expectations on people and assume it is their job to do favors for us. We need to do the work ourselves like Warrior always did. I am guilty of not asking for help when needed but I don’t rely on others when I know it isn’t necessary most of the time.

Warrior would mention how “Mr. Resistance” or “Mr. Ugly” would be present everyday. I guess for me it would be “Ms.” instead of “Mr.” but this is our ego talking. It will always be there telling you that you can’t do something, you’re not capable, you’re not good enough, and much more. We need to stop listening to the ugly and resist that naysayer who brings us down.

There are no lists of excuses as to why you shouldn’t try to improve your life but your expectations need to be within your OWN perspective and maybe you will exceed them! Once we get rid of those expectations we place on others, things will get easier. I know this is true for me and how I looked at situations. I got rid of my excuses and set my own expectations while not expecting much in return which brought about my book! This all opened the door to a new way of thinking for me so the ugly resistance stays away.

This is how I identify with Warrior and how I apply his principles in my life. There shouldn’t be pressure to conform with how everyone is doing something. We can make the right decision for ourselves and shouldn’t be judged. Sometimes I forget this depending on the circumstance but more times than not, I come back to my beliefs in self and what is best for me and my family.

Minding our OWN business is hard and takes much patience to do when our advice isn’t warranted or asked. Just like the reverse is true of others who shouldn’t spend so much time and energy worrying about family or friends that make a choice not to their liking. I’m not saying to not care or show little interest in others activities but we can take out so much stress when we concentrate on important matters.

We can share when we want but when we don’t, that should be o.k. too. For some this becomes a negative quality how we aren’t doing what they think is best. This seems so confusing but acceptance needs to be the answer. I have grown so much into a true warrior, some days it fills me with amazement. We shouldn’t have excuses for our beliefs just like we shouldn’t place expectations on others to conform.

~~~ Always be grateful and thankful for who and what you truly are. It is not selfish to do so! Embrace gratitude this holiday!!! 🍂🦃🥧🍽🏈🧡☺️👍

Inside Out~~~Warrior Style

We aren’t always the family that goes to the movie theater as soon as a new release comes out. Sometimes it’s more comfortable renting one or watching Netflix at home. A few years back, the kids really wanted to see Inside Out and I did too. When I saw previews of it with all those emotions, my feelings were thinking how that was me.

The animated cartoons of today are definitely not like when I was young and the messages resonate more with adults. In some ways this is good because of the broader appeal for families. Some adults can’t tolerate the kid movies and find them agonizing to sit through although I never did. Disney and Pixar nowadays know exactly how to get everybody loving their films along with the characters.

Inside Out’s theme I feel is complex to explain with very young children and mine being the ages they were, still didn’t quite get it. The symbolism and metaphors come so natural to me like always but describing how sadness saved the day was tugging at my heart. I identified with its nature considering the timing of Warrior’s passing.

What kid wants to believe literally that they need sadness in order to feel joy? Even as grown-ups, we don’t really want that either but we know it is true. Obviously from my experiences I needed to cry especially concerning Warrior in order to release and vent. Sadness is a very real part of our inner psyche and shouldn’t be ignored or brushed aside. My emotions tend to go in extremes and it isn’t healthy but I have learned how to manage them better and am stronger for it.

Warrior always made my emotions feel like they were out of this hemisphere and sometimes it became impossible to reel them in. I know a part of me will always be this way, it is who I am and we don’t change. Inside Out shows that we need all these feelings equally to balance out the others, even sadness.

I kinda wished humor would’ve been in there since it isn’t quite the same as joy. It really stands out on its own but the others are quite right. The characters became so real because we could imagine our brain going through events even though it was an eleven year old girl. Our emotions do show whether we want them inside or out and as a warrior, I know how real they can be even in a cartoon. 😀😳😡🙄😥

The Eyedrops Commercial

There are always certain things that evoke strong emotions in people from time to time. We all know songs, movies, objects, or experiences that affect us. Yes, some commercials even will if they are about a particular subject but eyedrops— how could that be?

This commercial has been around now a few years and I still remember the first time I saw it on t.v. Everything at that time seemed to get to me because of my very fragile state in dealing with Warrior’s passing. I must say this commercial and my first reaction to it was so strange yet very necessary.

These poor people who cannot produce their own tears and have to get a prescription, I can’t imagine ever needing that in my lifetime! I would probably be a millionaire by bottling the billions of tears I’ve shed over the years. The month of April 2014 seemed like a never ending Niagara Falls for me. 😢💦

When I saw the ad, I started laughing. At first it was just an ironic little giggle considering how I was feeling then but out of nowhere it became uncontrollable side-splitting laughter! This surprised the heck out of me. 😂🤣 Good thing nobody was home. I laughed so hard, I cried. It was the first good cry in such a long time that I couldn’t remember when I laughed that hard.

I felt bad by my reaction for people who have this disease but it just all came spilling out. This commercial seemed to air at around the same time each day for what seemed like weeks. I had the t.v. on during my workout and that ad became such a routine. The second time I saw it, I cried. So very typical to have these roller coaster emotions of mine. It didn’t seem to be ironic or funny anymore and the sobs came like they had been weeks before.

This experience had its ups and downs just like my grief for Warrior and sometimes we can’t control it. I still see this commercial today and smile remembering how it first made me feel. I don’t cry but it is funny how something so different like an unexpected commercial can trigger tons of emotion just like someone who was so different did and still does for me. 👁🙏🏻

The Halloween Costume

Happy early Halloween! 👻🎃 I actually have a story that I’ve been waiting to post for this holiday! Am sure you can figure this out already but remember how I was three years ago…..
Halloween at both my kids schools in 2014 was emotional since it was the last year for both and endings are so tough. 🙁 My son was in his final year at the intermediate school and this was the last parade for him. Let’s just say it was a good thing I saw him first before other costumes came my way…

As I was watching the kids parade with their classes, I spotted a boy with this big black wig on. That was all I could see but when he came closer, I knew he was the Ultimate Warrior and my emotions went berserk! I just stared trying so hard containing the volcano erupting inside me. He had on a nude bodysuit with muscles, neon armbands, a belt around his waist, and fringe boots. No face paint though— not allowed!!

Never would I have expected this despite Warrior’s passing six months prior. I immediately wanted to know the history with this boy. Was his Dad a fan? How did they put this all together? Why did this boy agree? So many unanswered questions as usual. I realized the kids paraded outside and followed the connecting sidewalk to the middle school. All of the other parents were leaving and heading for the parking lot but not me.

I stayed determined to see this boy one more time dressed as the Ultimate Warrior despite being the only mom still there. It seemed like an eternity before they returned but I kept my composure and pushed those tears back. 😳😬😥
I can’t imagine what those kids were thinking seeing one crazy Mom still hanging around for these last few moments of their Halloween parade. In front of the boy was someone dressed as a gorilla so that made me smile! My mind always went to the sad feeling since it was way too soon but afterwards, I knew the happy and what it truly meant seeing that boy as the Ultimate Warrior on that day. Sometimes, I felt so alone with my feelings about Warrior but this parade with that boy reminded me I wasn’t alone. ❤️

P.S. May this Halloween bring you more treats than tricks and treasure these memories always!!!!