Our Poconos Vacation

We decided to rent a house for the 1st time and bring our dog with us to the Pocono Mountains in PA. during July of 2014. We spent our honeymoon in this area and wanted to show the kids to make new memories.

Bookings at cabins are made months in advance and we rented a house from a woman named Dana! Of course this was months before Warrior was in the spotlight again and the name Dana didn’t register with me at that time.

Once we got to the housing complex, I noticed many Native American street signs as well as state names. Pennsylvania was very famous for Natives and their history was evident. One street that led into and out of our complex was called Indiana Court. We had to take this street every time we entered or exited. I am always stunned when I see, read, or hear anything related to Warrior or his family.

When we were settled in for the night, I decided to workout some while the others watched a movie in our bedroom. I turned on the T.V. and found this obstacle type show. I was fascinated as I started stretching. It was a new summer show called “American Ninja Warrior” that I mentioned in my last post.

I still tease the kids about how Mom found this show that we still watch today! I do believe Warrior would love it too. So many real stories of average people overcoming their life obstacles while battling physical obstacles— truly the heart of a Warrior. ❀️πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸπŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Ninja Turtle Warrior

My last dream involving Warrior had so many connections and this one took me some time to figure out. Last spring I had heard about the WWE network doing Camp WWE with Warrior as a cartoon character. Dana mentioned how he’d love that. This must’ve stuck in my mind. I also had just seen a commercial for the new season of “American Ninja Warrior” so another image stuck.

My dream took place at a restaurant with my family having dinner. I sat by my brother since he still watches WWE and we talk wrestling stories! It was so exciting to hear about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie opening soon with none other than Warrior voicing Leonardo! Obviously, he was alive and well. I had no idea at the time they were even making TMNT2, had to ask my son.

Once I finally put all these puzzle pieces together, it finally made sense. My dream combined the word ninja from both and instead of himself as a cartoon, he voiced a turtle in a cartoon. The brain is indeed a wonder . 🐒🐒🐒🐒

I happened to look up info just for fun and wondered at first about Leonardo. Most know all the turtles were named after famous Italian artists. Leonardo was the most spiritual, courageous, devoted, and leader of the group. I then looked up a little on Leonardo DaVinci. He was an architect but also a writer and painter. Besides being an architect, sounds like Warrior to me– including the turtle traits.

Several months later, WWE used the turtles as wrestlers for new merchandise. Warrior wasn’t one of them but I connected my dream to those toys. Could I have had a small premonition of some kind? Now, they have Warrior as Donatello but personally I still think he has more traits of Leonardo…. 🀺

P.S. I will be on vacation soon so look for more Warrior Writings in a few weeks! πŸ’š

Emotion, Intent, and Belief

I’ve discussed being clairaudient and my experiences but another strong psychic trait of mine is clairsentience. I do believe this has been with me my entire life and the emotion behind it led me to spiritual intuitiveness. I am what is considered an HSP or highly sensitive person, somewhat of an empath. My emotion, intent, and belief were always there guiding me. That in turn made me become receptive to messages from the Universe– including Warrior.

To be clairsentient is not just emotions or feelings but can manifest in other ways too. Some get anxiety in large crowds, some take on others physical pain, and some can’t watch violence or bad news on television. Mine is mostly internal which explains much of my grief involving Warrior. I do exhibit some classic symptoms of clairsentience but not all.

Those three words of emotion, intent, and belief came more into my knowledge after discovering Hay House and their annual world summit. This company is filled with many gifted authors and speakers whom I was privileged listening to over the course of a month. The topics are quite varied on spirituality, body health, finances, happiness, and self-confidence among countless others. I encourage anyone searching for inspiration to find Hay House and make a difference in your life.

Without belief in yourself, no other virtue can exist. Warrior said this often and how true it is. Your intent has to be genuine in anything you do or what to pursue.

It is all about emotion or the feelings you have and in turn receive. We all feel before we see, hear, or act in life. When connecting to spirit, we feel telepathically and because of our emotion the intent and belief are known. The Universe knows your thoughts but being clear with your intent requires much belief.

It is so easy to get frustrated and lose positivity but with continued belief, you will find answers. The Universe wants to help us but we have to approach it with a calming mind and an open heart.

I had no idea Warrior would reach out to me in ways that he has but I know without those three ingredients, it might not have manifested for me. Whatever we are working on or striving for can be attained in ways unimaginable at the time.

All those speakers at Hay House and Warrior weren’t just giving me words or messages. They caused me to act and change my approach. I started to finally believe that I wasn’t “too emotional” and realized how that works in my favor.

It became time for me to share my thoughts on clairsentience and speak out on how emotions can work with us, not against us. Sometimes I felt inferior and unworthy but now I am owning myself and sharing my story. With emotion, intent, and belief my clairsentience shines. There was no better person to understand belief than Warrior and I am living it through my emotions everyday. β€οΈπŸŒ€πŸ€—

“The Box”

     This post is in honor of Warrior’s birthday today. I realized the significance of this experience for me having had one several years prior. Thank you again Warrior for your continued belief and guidance to me. I know his girls will be honoring him too. πŸ’–
 “Hi, my name is Clair, nice to meet you!”

     There are six types of ” clairs” when talking about forms of psychic abilities. Clair is French for clear. I have had a few occurrences with around four. This post is about clairaudience which is psychic hearing in the form of words, phrases, thought, music, or other sounds. I’ve mentioned music before or ringing in my ears but this is quite different hearing actual words spoken directly to you. My first experience with this ability was in 2008 regarding another person that involved a phone call. It doesn’t get any closer than that! This time with Warrior– I just knew. That’s another ability called claircognizance or just knowing something without logic of facts.
     Actually, we ALL have had some times in our lives when the “clairs” visit like deja vu, a dream playing out in real life, knowing somebody was going to say something, etc. The list is endless if you really think about daily life. I also have clairsentience or being able to feel things deeply. Being an empath means you can take on the emotions of others. Some physically experience others feelings so I am a mix of both. I have always had this but just didn’t realize it back then. Clairvoyance is seeing images, auras, or pictures vividly in your mind’s eye. This isn’t totally me but having active and colorful dreams is a trait which I have had my whole life.
     I know this must sound confusing to most but think of the “clairs” as your spiritually heightened intuitive senses. Some refer to it being a “sixth sense” or having a “third eye” and you can develop them. We all have intuition and mine actually started developing years ago. Meditation like I’ve previously stated really got my clairs going. My abilities increased along with the guidance of a certain spirit called Warrior. This takes us to my clairaudience story of Warrior and my box of memories.
     I decided six months after Warrior’s passing to get a box for all my memories. I had it all planned out and organized. I was ready. No emotions, shaking, or tears. Everything was in order and going to be put away wherever I decided. As I stood there very business-like I heard a voice say: “Don’t put me in a box. … I don’t belong in a box.” It was repeated several times as I just stood there looking at my items. I never moved as time seemed to stand still. As I heard that voice, I knew it wasn’t me speaking. I was not talking myself out of doing this.
     Having heard that message several times, I decided to abandon the project that day. I wasn’t that affected but just moved on with something else. Later on, it hit me. I do believe it was Warrior delivering that message even though it seemed to be my voice. If it would indeed be their voice, you would have much emotional attachment and the message might not get through. I did put my memories away but knew over time that six months was a cliche and there is no time line for grief. He doesn’t belong in a box and always thought outside of it anyway. 
Clairaudience works this way:

1. It is your voice you hear in your head. It could be spirit but that is rare.

2. Spirits no longer have a voice box since that is part of a physical body.

3. A message delivered is usually simple, calm, non-emotional, brief, and repetitive. I compare it to a mantra repeated until your mind can process what is received. 

4. You will remember just like a visitation dream or maybe pieces will come together later in your mind. Another clue or “proof” is that the message isn’t something you’d say. With me, I was told something different from what I was doing. Look for opposite info or anything you wouldn’t think or say. 

5. Again– with all things intuitive, you are given this gift. Spirits believe in you but it is always your choice to listen, believe and use the info for your greater good. 

      I can understand your doubt with someone like Warrior who came across as loud and intense. Remember, the spirit world is calming but the energy of someone is still very much them.

Reference: Psychic Abilities List, Beginner’s Guide to the Major Psychic Abilities


The Class~~~ taught by Dana Warrior


         Today marks the one year anniversary of when I received this treasured email from Dana Warrior. Even though I never met her husband, it would be a dream for me to meet her. This is my story of an actual dream about her and I was thrilled she responded! I was overwhelmed and surprised but glad to share it with her.
     She was teaching a class similar to Warrior’s teachings and beliefs. I was lucky to go twice and had the honor of speaking with her. I told her how awesome she was for continuing his legacy and passion for speaking which she has also. We talked awhile about him and she was so sweet to listen of my stories and memories.
     The second class involved something a little different. She brought in a catalog of candles that one of her girls was selling for a school fundraiser. I loved how this showed her as a mom just like the rest of us! We had a great time smelling all the wonderfully scented candles while listening to her philosophies. There is usually an element of humor or surprise in my dreams so hence the candles!
     It was so great to see and watch her proclaiming his self-beliefs onto the class, he would be beaming. Of course she had her own unique style but really wanted to start something new for herself. That is exactly what she is doing now with WWE. Very grateful I was afforded the opportunity in this dream to meet her. Maybe he sent her to me? 
     Who would’ve thought this dream was meant for me to contact her and get a response back a few short hours later. It was so spontaneous for me and I decided after a few days to just tell her. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I had no expectations so sometimes spontaneity works! My Warrior dreams have all been him as a wrestler in the past and that makes sense for me. I am so ecstatically happy I got a present dream with Dana being who she is– truly a “present” to me. πŸ’βš‘

P.S. Note the date on the email– 6/6/16. There’s that number 6 again!

~~~ This is dedicated to Dana Warrior who not only made my night last year but who continues to inspire me by living her destiny as I am everyday. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

My Warrior Tattoo

~~~ This post is in honor of my daughter who just celebrated her birthday on Memorial Day yesterday! πŸŽ‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ

I have the Warrior’s logo tattooed on my right forearm where I can see it everyday. When I would read and see all these people getting inked as a tribute or memorial to him, it got me thinking. So much was coming up soon like Easter and my daughter’s 1st Communion but still the feeling remained. Hard to believe 3 years has passed already!

I had 2 concerns about doing this and they were quite valid for me. First, I didn’t want it to be a reminder just because he passed and second, the aftermath of explaining its meaning to those who won’t understand.

Once I finally made the decision, my appointment was on my daughter’s 8th birthday. I wanted to go when they were in school and surprise everyone. This was the only opportunity I had left before school let out for the summer.

All went well and when I looked at it, I felt so powerful and determined to conquer anything~~ kinda wished it was bigger! When the kids arrived home, I knew I had to be discreet and avoid it being seen. Nobody would want their thunder stolen on their birthday and I couldn’t do that to her.

Despite my anxiety, my girl noticed even though I tried to hide it. She got me laughing which is what I needed to do. She promised to keep my secret for now and she did. The guys never noticed until a few days later!

This girl is also a Gemini like Warrior and her traits are so similar, it blows my mind. When I did look up some info on birth signs, I got goosebumps. I don’t follow astrology but her description is almost parallel to attributes of Warrior and how he did things.

She loves my tattoos ( I have 3!) and even though I hated having this done on her special day, she gave me the gift of laughter and acceptance. That made it all seem worthwhile. 😊πŸ’ͺ🏻Those Geminis which means “twin” have a connection. Maybe I was meant to get my Warrior tattoo on her birthday. What a special reminder that I will never forget with the extra memories it brought me.

~~~ I still haven’t explained the real significance of it to most. I tell people it means believe in yourself and to be strong. I have been told it is cool so that warms my heart. πŸ’–

The Emotional Mental Connection

I have explored many questions regarding my spiritual relationship with Warrior such as “why me?”, “why do this?”, and “what could I have in common with him?” These have pretty much been answered but something kept lingering deep within me. Perhaps there couldn’t be an answer, just a mystery to believe. Yet, still it remained. My question simply ( or maybe not to some) was based on an article I read about two way communication. Of course it goes back and forth. We are conditioned to believe we seek, they provide. We ask, they give. What perplexed me was the statement about what the spirits learn from us.

This pulled at my heart in a way I just couldn’t grasp. What does that even mean? No way is he “learning” anything from me. I’m not the teacher– he is! I actually said out loud– “nuh-uh!” What could he possibly gain as a spirit working with me? Now that spirits have attained enlightenment isn’t it their job to protect, assist, and guide us? Isn’t it our job to invite them in and possibly work together? All good questions and all are true.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out if indeed he COULD be gaining something by working WITH me and what in the world would that be. It remained unanswered until another book grabbed my attention at the library. I needed something new or different to explore without the use of my phone or the PC. Found a few books on intuition and “Discover Your Psychic Type” sounded intriguing.

Please don’t think this is “woo-woo” at all. We have all these types but one probably is most dominant. Think of them as personalities if you can’t grasp the psychic or intuitive mind. They are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. I did fill out the quiz but really didn’t need to. Any guesses? Emotional, yep– that’s me. No, I am not a basket case constantly weeping or super excited tons, or even angry in an extreme way. Things come in waves. We take on the emotions of others. We need balance to control them.
I fit most of the traits of an emotional intuitive but we all overlap in some other areas. Physical tends to be earth centered, environmentalists, healers, or animal lovers. Spiritual are truly connected to the divine through deep meditation, pilgrimages, or perceive lots of spirits. They all have pros or cons– yin and yang.

Let’s explore the mental intuitive. They can be logical, scientists, inventors, or math geniuses. Here is where I literally closed my eyes and walked away from the book. “… an emotional intuitive and a mental intuitive can make quite a comical pair.” It states, ” if they work together long enough, the combination of energies can make them an effective , balanced team.” This sounds so much like my spiritual connection with Warrior– absolutely! A brand new tag team!!

I already knew he was a mental intuitive– um, easy peasy. They push themselves physically, have a hard time taming their thoughts and often can be misunderstood. They teach us by their confidence and no quitting attitude. BTW– the mental intuitive is discussed in chapter 6, so unreal!!

The book goes on to state that “emotional intuitives and mental intuitives need one another.” The emotion of possibly wanting to please others needs the mentality to see the whole picture. The mentality of pushing oneself to extremes needs the love and sensitivity of the emotional bringing the balance. WOW…… I think I finally found my answer. I know this isn’t exact with him in spirit but it does connect. My humility wins the match yet again and it’s been my best defense.

Often times I would make a mental checklist of all the reasons he could be working with others and perhaps he is. I would love to hear stories!! I went to all the things I didn’t have, know, or ever did. So many fans with so much I am not an extreme part of. I finally realized all the great things I do have that aren’t necessarily material or concrete and the list continues to grow. Maybe he sees in me the meditative yogi he couldn’t be.

We never have all the answers but perhaps someday we will. I could’ve guessed that some qualities of mine could mesh with his but until you actually find it in print, it’s just your thoughts. I know things to be true without proof since I always believe. No doubt he could be helping but learning also in spirit seemed unexplainable to even comprehend.

The spirit world is indeed mysterious just like Warrior was in a way. Some of the mystery is being explained to me little by little everyday. I am honored and privileged and look forward to this new “teaching” I have come to know. This emotional intuitive needs her mental intuitive just like I guess he needs me. He said us warriors need to be the storytellers keeping his legacy alive. Unbelievable and yet so believeable as Warrior is to me. πŸ€πŸŽ’πŸ’–

Reference: Discover Your Psychic Type
by: Sherrie Dillard
** ironic author’s name!