The Fashion Craze

We all know the colorful clothes Warrior wore and how his sense of style was unmatched but in a way mine seemed to be too. I didn’t even realize it at the time. My favorite color always has been pink and still is long before Warrior or Dana showed their great taste! I never followed fashion trends or fads, just wore what was comfortable for me at the time. I didn’t care so much what other people thought.
When I was teaching it was so fun to match my shirt with earrings, socks, or hair ties. I even had a co-worker tease me about it so then it became funny to add accessories on purpose! 😜Warrior wanted and needed to stand out to be different professionally but for me it was never meant as an attention seeker. I was just expressing myself and my unique style.
Sometimes all of his gear didn’t match and mine wouldn’t all the time either. Like him, I just loved color and wanted to show it off.
Nowadays, I even paint my nails different colors sometimes since one color seems so boring anymore. Of course there were times I just wanted the comfy sweats and not the stylish jeans or the flats instead of the heels. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ πŸ‘‘ A few years for Halloween I dressed up as some guy characters which shocked so many! Yes, o.k., I was doing that to get noticed but had the confidence doing so.
It’s funny how us introverts can express style or fashion in such an outward way and yet still remain insecure about venting emotions. I have come so far with both of these and am always learning as I go. I need to remember how to stay a strong, confident warrior woman in everything since she is who I’m meant to be.
Fashions come and go, styles change, and colors mix or match. Through all this, one thing has stayed the same for me and that is being independent and not afraid to become my OWN trend setter. Followers? Maybe. But, at least I am fearless in being comfortable with my colorful self– just like Warrior would do.

P.S. The next few posts are kinda “girly” but I hope readers can still be inspired in their own ultimate way!! πŸ’–πŸŒΈ

Believe In Words

We have all heard the expression:”Actions speak louder than words” and while this is true, words do influence us whether good or bad. Obviously nobody wants to remember negative comments and we flock to the positive for inspiration.
I love Warrior’s acronyms of O.W.N.( One Warrior Nation) and W.O.W.(Words of Wisdom). He used alliteration a lot, even with his Injections of Inspiration videos. I have often used so many forms of figurative language in my writing whether in school or today. Planning is the key in writing or speaking as Warrior always showed us. This is why his legacy remains so strong.
He was brilliant with his interviews, promos, or even public speaking and not just bashing another performer before a match. His words became iconic and the ones I remember most were about life, spirit, and belief. He talked about things that no one had ever said before in a way which made us true warrior fans always remember even years later.
I can still recall teachers that impacted me in many ways with their words and most weren’t even about teaching or the subjects. They were about your life or future and how they believed you could succeed with anything if you really try. The most profound memories with words from teachers I have are yearbooks they wrote in so many years ago. I still can remember their words without looking them up.
As parents, we want to instill so much in our kids that it shouldn’t be:” in one ear and out the other.” We may not even realize how we are affecting them so we nag, criticize, or complain. Often times I need to slow down and really be conscious of what is being said. One day they will remember and I have to make sure my words are important.
Nowadays with my Warrior memories, I so enjoy listening to him. I always did anyway but there is so much more available now thanks to Ultimate Creations. What was mostly about him performing has become his speaking and for me I always believed in both. The words do make a difference and have so much power beyond any physical ability.

The Value of Honesty

Being an honest person is one of the best qualities someone can have. As I got to know more about Warrior’s character and who he really was, honesty seemed to be at his very soul. It became a virtue that was very admirable and yet so frowned upon. I like to think of myself as a pretty honest person and remember getting that pit in my stomach when telling a lie. 😯
Lots of people have said Warrior was honest to a fault– his best quality and yet his worst at times. I understand what this means. Don’t we all wish we could be 100% honest with everyone all the time? Can you just imagine how different this world would be? Most of us would hate it. Nobody likes to be criticized or risk the possibility of negative comments, we all want and need the good.
To be true with your own convictions and morals takes so much of your heart and mind. Sometimes it makes you feel isolated and distant with people, especially those you thought were your friends that had your back.
I can so totally relate in a way with how Warrior felt at times. I have lost friendships because of my morals and it is so unfortunate. I know how it feels to have people sell you out or end a relationship all because I didn’t do what they wanted. To stand by your own true self despite fall out or consequences takes guts and determination. I never had to go through what he did but on some level, I don’t cave either when it is something I firmly believe in.
My children know this about me with little things. As they grow, it will become more and more important with peer pressure, society, and age. They also know I can’t tolerate lying– it is the worst attribute you can have. Yes, we all have told white lies on occasion but when it involves your principles or beliefs, you stand your ground always.
As a parent, that is our duty to instill values in them that will last a lifetime. If Warrior has taught me anything and there are many things but we need to value honesty and know its purpose. Sometimes it is such a difficult task but as a warrior, it is a must in my life. πŸ˜¬πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’–

Creativity is Endless

There is no doubt in my mind that Warrior was one of if not the most creative performer in wrestling during his prime. Randy Savage started it and Warrior continued it in a much different way. Once I knew he was also quite the artist, it explained a lot and how creativity factored in with his character.
Often times we associate creativity with art and rightfully so but it is endless in anything we do. I always felt that in me but needed the right “arena” in which to express my creative side. When I was a teacher it was so natural for me to have fun decorating my classroom, coming up with new ideas, interpreting the curriculum, and even challenging authority for new ways of doing an activity.
This would carry over as I became a Mom. I loved creating games for my kids, making crafts, and just putting a new spin on classics I had as a kid. I remember turning over the Twister mat, cutting out numbers or shapes, and taping them on the back. Circles and four colors was fun but getting too easy for them.
Now, I have even been more creative with food since we need to challenge our taste buds as well. Meat, potatoes, veggies, or bread has often times been replaced with a skillet meal mixed with different colorful foods blended together. I love to do this and feel so accomplished whether it’s a hit or not.
We can and should be creative with anything that interests us and I know I recognized that in Warrior every time by watching him. Even in his personal life he was always looking for creative endeavors to challenge himself everyday. He used his talents and knew it was necessary in order to feel fulfilled. Sometimes it takes so long to find out what we can do but if we sit around and wait, nothing happens.
Being creative is in every person and Warrior wants all of us to find what makes our bell ring so the match can start! πŸ›Ž It is endless what we can do and how to make it work. The qualities of being a warrior are vast and creativity should be at the top of our game. πŸŽ¨πŸ€Όβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

The Power of Television

~~~ This month I decided to concentrate on some of my influences and traits that defined my Warrior moments. Let’s begin…

All of us have our favorite shows on T.V. that we look forward to watching. I also think that most identify with certain characters or actors on the shows they watch every week. I certainly did even as a child, teen, and now adult. They do influence us in so many ways we may not even know at the time like me with Warrior.
Some people are just very relatable or likable whether it’s the role they are playing or who they really are as a person. We also probably like the concept or storyline. If I had never watched “American Pickers” I wouldn’t have researched my grandparents small antique table to find out its origin. So happy doing something that brought me much joy and it sits proudly in my home. Others get inspired by home improvement projects by watching HGTV and would never think about some renovations if not for that network with all their ideas. The hosts are friendly and identifiable in some ways that make them appealing to viewers.

We always feel this need to want their friendship through the t.v. screen. Why do you suppose this is? It’s not like we don’t have our own relationships with people we actually know and spend time with.
I think it is because the easy ability of characters always remains one-sided. We don’t really know them so there is no arguing, drama, jealousy, or bitterness. It is the escape from our own daily life and possible problems that come along for the ride. Whether or not many people will admit it, we all have these actors on t.v. that affect us.
As I watch videos of Warrior on the DVD, website, YouTube, or other media I love him being himself best of all. Sure, there are probably hundreds of wrestling videos available one could watch for days but for me anymore– I enjoy the REAL Warrior who was the husband and Dad. He isn’t screaming, running, working out, or having face paint on. He’s just sitting talking about life, his experiences, and how to motivate us as warriors.
I have related most to these and really feel a different connection like we could’ve been friends. πŸ˜‰ He doesn’t intimidate or seem superior, just a regular guy. Don’t get me wrong– I don’t mean “normal” but easy to listen and understand. No gimmick at all. T.V. or the Internet are very dominant and we can use them both to our advantage. We need to grow, learn, and be inspired our whole lives. πŸ“ΊπŸ’»

P.S. My great-grandma watched pro-wrestling back in the early years of television. One of her favorites was Gorgeous George!! Am sure I would’ve loved her….. πŸ’–

Bad Becomes Good

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~~~
Albert Einstein
I am sure we all look at our lives and think there are things we’d never do, say, or ever experience. These past almost 3 years are proof enough for me. Nobody can fully predict the future even though we try mapping out our lives the way we want them to go.
Once I started having many signs about Warrior, I’d tell my brother. I knew he’d understand and give me support. Some were funny and others, not so much. He reply with his usual LOL or #alwaysbelieve which made me laugh. πŸ˜† But, I started to get more Warrior type of signs and I seriously asked him what he really thought it all meant. He said to me: ” I guess you really are a Warrior.”
I never would’ve expected that from him even though deep down, I knew I was. That made my eyes well up and just stop for a moment. Dana also said that in her email to me. Am sure she tells other people that but for me it resonates and I’m filled with much gratitude.
I had this in me for such a long time like I’ve mentioned before in my past but somehow now it’s different and very new. Of course Warrior’s passing had brought on so many things that never would’ve happened had he lived. I’d trade it all for his life back.
All my dreams, (coming soon…) signs, Dana’s website, me having Twitter, emailing Dana,– the list goes on and on. Some things were ongoing like DVD’s, books, social media, and merchandise but never have I been so outward like I am now– um, this blog!!!
Who knows how all of this will continue but am loving the journey and will enjoy the ride like my sign says. I have been given a wonderful gift that I am in awe of everyday. Good can and will come from bad but we have no idea at the time how something changes our life in ways we can’t imagine.

~~~ A little sidebar of more good things always coming is my intuitiveness. I have recently been reading blogs about intuitive abilities which I actually have had for more than these almost 3 years. I absolutely love how some things are exactly what is happening to me right now. The personal touch is the professional validations I longed to hear.

theintuitivesoulsblog by
Jessica Lee Knapp

What’s in A Name?

*** I didn’t take this title from a page in his book– I swear!

The dictionary describes a warrior as “one who is engaged in war, a soldier.” Quite the physical definition, isn’t it? It has become so amazing to me how that word with one meaning changes into multiple ones and continues to do so. We would always relate the word with battle or perhaps ancient times; maybe also anyone who has literally fought in a war. All of this is true but in fact its real meaning has evolved into something deeper and more complex with our world today.
The Ultimate Warrior defined this word by making it a household name– at least in my house during that time. Sure, there were others before him or different references. He not only used that word which became his name but it continues today despite his passing.
Now, we have prayer warriors for cancer survivors, the Warrior Dash through mud filled obstacles, toys, TV shows, and even the phrase “weekend warrior.” In my opinion, he made that name a mainstay long before anyone else could or did whether you are a fan or not.
The word warrior it seems has a negative connotation in regards to someone fighting against something they disagree on or trying to change rules. This sounds so bad to many people that are always rule followers, not breakers. Sometimes the game plan or societal laws need changed in order to move on.
This does not need to be a bad thing and that stereotype of negativity with being a warrior I believe has changed. I believe it means exactly what Warrior was trying so hard all those years to show us and that is to fight for yourself. It doesn’t mean physically but psychologically and emotionally.
We need to be our OWN warrior in the way that works for us in our OWN lives. He is our role model in many ways( is, not was!) but he wants us warriors to find our destiny with this reality of life. The word warrior is indeed hard to define these days with all that is put in front of us. We have to use the word and make a name for ourselves that is more than a physical war but an internal one that reaches our true soul. πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ»