Balance Practice with Passion

I can’t believe it has been over 25 years when fitness really started for me. The way I began is very comical and yet my passion was ignited just like a warrior. Looking back, my determination was fueled by my desire to become more physically active. Warrior practiced his craft consistently to learn self-discipline and one day I decided to do the same.

It was winter of 1992 and I was becoming restless being indoors. I changed into workout gear, grabbed my boom box, mixed tapes, and headed downstairs to the basement. This became a part of my daily routine for many years. A few years later, I jogged while the microwave clock ticked down. Oh, the advances in technology since then!

I can recall riding my bike up and down our dead end street with no hands over and over again. Even after my kids were born, I’d still fit in some kind of workout any way I could. Pushing that baby stroller or exercising with one child playing while another was napping made no difference. I still got to be the mom while doing something for me.

Yoga has also been incorporated into my fitness routine. Once I joined a studio down the street, I was hooked! I found out many poses are called “warrior” so of course this resonated with me. I was able to balance while stretching my body and mind like Warrior demonstrated in his daily life.

I might seem calm on the outside but inside intensity rages just like a warrior that needs to be caged. I have learned to keep my body and mind active everyday and we all need to do this. Even though Warrior was extremely disciplined, he was able to tame his emotions through writing, reading, and art. All of these were very important to him and I have become disciplined in my own way.
We must strive to be our best selves with whatever disciplines work for us. A true warrior knows results will come if we do anything with passion and always practice, practice, practice…

Always Waiting Patiently

Patience is such a complex word and even more difficult to obtain. Kids today have very little understanding of this word with all the instant gratification they receive. There are so many Internet and social media sites that can provide us with information at the click of our fingertips.
Every generation will have their stories about waiting to hear results of something that interested them. When I watched wrestling matches with Warrior, my impatience got the better of me. I would be on edge like any real fan waiting to see what would happen.
I can still vividly recall April 2, 1990 and how hard that day or even the whole week was for me. Being at an all girls high school was impossible hearing about a topic like WrestleMania. My brain felt like it would explode! 😳😬
True fans had to wait until the weekend to see results of any big significant match. They would only show the last minute or so of a match, maybe some still photo shots but that was all. I was almost sure Warrior won since it was called the Ultimate Challenge after all! It was about time to dethrone Hulk Hogan. If you wanted a keepsake, you’d have to wait until the latest issue of the magazine came out. There was no texting your friends or googling to find out anything.
This also relates to lots of other programming back in my years growing up. Some cartoons came in after school but most of the good ones were saved until Saturday morning which was also WWF time. Cartoons are on all the time now or kids can watch them online.
It is amazing to me how different things are in our culture today and yet everything becomes relative. People who were fans of WWE years ago can’t wait to watch with their kids and share stories of their experiences. I am certain patience comes up in one way or another regarding how we were constantly on pins and needles waiting to hear anything. I know that’s how it was for me.
Despite the many changes of today, kids still need to be taught patience despite the situation. Adults struggle with this too since it is our whole life. Even though it seemed more difficult being a fan of WWE back then in regards to waiting, I wouldn’t change a thing.
My emotions were always a wreck but it taught me how patience takes endurance. Being fans of Warrior’s means we endured through it all and continue today. I was shown by the Universe how to be patient with my writing and they sent me someone whom I couldn’t refuse. After all, us warriors have waited far too patiently!!!

Celestial Warrior Guidance

      I am so excited to share with you a question asked of me recently regarding how to really connect with spirit celebrities through dreams. A viewer wanted information relating to famous people who have passed and ways to ask for guidance. Most know how our ancestors, relatives, and family members guide us in the spirit world but how does one begin that journey with a passed celebrity? Even though I haven’t explored this with others besides Warrior, I do feel there are plenty of things you can do to initiate contact.
     There are many articles on the internet or books you can find from professionals who have practiced this for years. Read their experiences. My feeling is that anyone can connect whether you are a pro or not. This has happened to me without any formal study, training, or research. Famous people are not above us in status or notoriety after they pass. We are all equal. We are all one. It can be intimidating at first but remember your purpose.
     My journey began with Warrior guiding me in writing about all the signs I was receiving then and today. If you wish to pursue a new hobby, interest, career, or even try a new skill, famous spirits can assist you. Again, I will state how intent has to be real. 
    Lots of well-known musicians for example keep a journal by their bed in receiving inspiration for songs in dreams. It could come from a passed mentor of theirs. You need to be persistent and consistent with much patience. I wasn’t directly invoking Warrior but perhaps internally my spirit team knew I could benefit from his ultimate guidance! Trust also has to exist since sometimes they decide the best way to communicate.
     The way to contact them of course is the same way you would contact your own family in spirit. It is compared to calling someone on the phone or inviting someone into your home. The formalities are not exactly the same but just talk or explain what you are going thru, they hear you. Every situation is different and unique all to its own. Personally, I was “nudged” with little things that got me thinking differently. With Warrior, I never doubted as unreal as it seemed. 
     The two-way communication is so wonderful once you are in sync with each other. You need to expect the unexpected! I can’t promise you dreams, feathers, goosebumps, etc. but when it starts becoming real, your life changes. Nothing happens overnight so keep asking and see what transpires. 
     Another way is by connecting a common link either in your life today or maybe from your childhood. Why do you feel the need to connect to this person? Perhaps they’ve even contacted you and you’re confused as to why. Ask them. You could’ve had a connection in a past life but that’s another belief. How cool would that be? You probably won’t get a direct answer since most communication is through thought or telepathy. You might see a word, name, or picture in your mind’s eye. Something later on could trigger a memory to start that re!ationship. They could have a message for you that you’ll understand eventually.
     They will find ways to get your attention in one way or another if you are open to receiving. Many probably think that in spirit form the famous hang out with the famous. This could be true but I am inclined to believe they want to help us in so many ways whether you are a fan or not. I was and am of course to Warrior but this isn’t necessarily true for everyone. They are available. I’m not dismissing contact with your own family in spirit but there are others. Look for any clues you can to connect them to you. It could be subtle or huge, maybe both.
     My wish for anyone searching is to share your story with others if you can. Us “regular” folks can have this happen too just like those professionals who were perhaps gifted at a young age. It is very emotional and difficult to share but I am honoring this process along with Warrior. I believe in educating or inspiring by sharing my experiences with you. If you feel guided by a celebrity in spirit, consider the fact that you’ve made a new friend! Who wouldn’t want someone cheering them on from parts unknown? πŸ‘πŸ’žπŸ‘

Chinese Fortune Cookies

We rarely get Chinese food but these three stories with fortunes made all the difference for me. As a family, we decided to eat at this China Buffet one night for dinner. They always bring fortune cookies afterwards so we let the kids go first reading theirs. When my turn came I opened this tiny piece of paper which was totally blank! Nothing written at all, not even the lucky numbers on the back. Everyone thought it was hysterical but not me!

After my disgust, I realized that maybe this could be something good. A “blank slate” to start over and begin again. This was a year before I started writing at all. Perhaps it was an indication of better things to come so I could connect with my soul’s purpose. No real reference to Warrior but that blank paper did get me thinking.

The next fortune did mean something and had actual words! This time it was thru takeout and it said:” Winning isn’t everything but the will to win is.” Wow! How incredible for me to get this message. That did make me think of Warrior. Within a month or so, Dana posted a photo of a fortune she received around her birthday with a personal message she took to heart. She and her girls believed Warrior delivered something special on her day to celebrate. I believe he did just that. ❀️

The last fortune I received a third time read:
“Strong reasons make strong actions.” This one also was very inspiring just like Warrior continues to be for me. These might not mean anything to most people but words can become so powerful with how we interpret them.

I believe in messages that can help us find our purpose. I was meant to have a blank slate to keep the will in winning and make strong actions. I will continue to pursue my fortunes in life always. I did get that other one— : ” The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” Sounds like Warrior to me…
P.S. My family still remembers my blank fortune 2 years later! I guess some things you never will forget. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ‘πŸ»

Our Poconos Vacation

We decided to rent a house for the 1st time and bring our dog with us to the Pocono Mountains in PA. during July of 2014. We spent our honeymoon in this area and wanted to show the kids to make new memories.

Bookings at cabins are made months in advance and we rented a house from a woman named Dana! Of course this was months before Warrior was in the spotlight again and the name Dana didn’t register with me at that time.

Once we got to the housing complex, I noticed many Native American street signs as well as state names. Pennsylvania was very famous for Natives and their history was evident. One street that led into and out of our complex was called Indiana Court. We had to take this street every time we entered or exited. I am always stunned when I see, read, or hear anything related to Warrior or his family.

When we were settled in for the night, I decided to workout some while the others watched a movie in our bedroom. I turned on the T.V. and found this obstacle type show. I was fascinated as I started stretching. It was a new summer show called “American Ninja Warrior” that I mentioned in my last post.

I still tease the kids about how Mom found this show that we still watch today! I do believe Warrior would love it too. So many real stories of average people overcoming their life obstacles while battling physical obstacles— truly the heart of a Warrior. ❀️πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸπŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Ninja Turtle Warrior

My last dream involving Warrior had so many connections and this one took me some time to figure out. Last spring I had heard about the WWE network doing Camp WWE with Warrior as a cartoon character. Dana mentioned how he’d love that. This must’ve stuck in my mind. I also had just seen a commercial for the new season of “American Ninja Warrior” so another image stuck.

My dream took place at a restaurant with my family having dinner. I sat by my brother since he still watches WWE and we talk wrestling stories! It was so exciting to hear about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 movie opening soon with none other than Warrior voicing Leonardo! Obviously, he was alive and well. I had no idea at the time they were even making TMNT2, had to ask my son.

Once I finally put all these puzzle pieces together, it finally made sense. My dream combined the word ninja from both and instead of himself as a cartoon, he voiced a turtle in a cartoon. The brain is indeed a wonder . 🐒🐒🐒🐒

I happened to look up info just for fun and wondered at first about Leonardo. Most know all the turtles were named after famous Italian artists. Leonardo was the most spiritual, courageous, devoted, and leader of the group. I then looked up a little on Leonardo DaVinci. He was an architect but also a writer and painter. Besides being an architect, sounds like Warrior to me– including the turtle traits.

Several months later, WWE used the turtles as wrestlers for new merchandise. Warrior wasn’t one of them but I connected my dream to those toys. Could I have had a small premonition of some kind? Now, they have Warrior as Donatello but personally I still think he has more traits of Leonardo…. 🀺

P.S. I will be on vacation soon so look for more Warrior Writings in a few weeks! πŸ’š

Emotion, Intent, and Belief

I’ve discussed being clairaudient and my experiences but another strong psychic trait of mine is clairsentience. I do believe this has been with me my entire life and the emotion behind it led me to spiritual intuitiveness. I am what is considered an HSP or highly sensitive person, somewhat of an empath. My emotion, intent, and belief were always there guiding me. That in turn made me become receptive to messages from the Universe– including Warrior.

To be clairsentient is not just emotions or feelings but can manifest in other ways too. Some get anxiety in large crowds, some take on others physical pain, and some can’t watch violence or bad news on television. Mine is mostly internal which explains much of my grief involving Warrior. I do exhibit some classic symptoms of clairsentience but not all.

Those three words of emotion, intent, and belief came more into my knowledge after discovering Hay House and their annual world summit. This company is filled with many gifted authors and speakers whom I was privileged listening to over the course of a month. The topics are quite varied on spirituality, body health, finances, happiness, and self-confidence among countless others. I encourage anyone searching for inspiration to find Hay House and make a difference in your life.

Without belief in yourself, no other virtue can exist. Warrior said this often and how true it is. Your intent has to be genuine in anything you do or what to pursue.

It is all about emotion or the feelings you have and in turn receive. We all feel before we see, hear, or act in life. When connecting to spirit, we feel telepathically and because of our emotion the intent and belief are known. The Universe knows your thoughts but being clear with your intent requires much belief.

It is so easy to get frustrated and lose positivity but with continued belief, you will find answers. The Universe wants to help us but we have to approach it with a calming mind and an open heart.

I had no idea Warrior would reach out to me in ways that he has but I know without those three ingredients, it might not have manifested for me. Whatever we are working on or striving for can be attained in ways unimaginable at the time.

All those speakers at Hay House and Warrior weren’t just giving me words or messages. They caused me to act and change my approach. I started to finally believe that I wasn’t “too emotional” and realized how that works in my favor.

It became time for me to share my thoughts on clairsentience and speak out on how emotions can work with us, not against us. Sometimes I felt inferior and unworthy but now I am owning myself and sharing my story. With emotion, intent, and belief my clairsentience shines. There was no better person to understand belief than Warrior and I am living it through my emotions everyday. β€οΈπŸŒ€πŸ€—