What’s in A Name?

*** I didn’t take this title from a page in his book– I swear!

The dictionary describes a warrior as “one who is engaged in war, a soldier.” Quite the physical definition, isn’t it? It has become so amazing to me how that word with one meaning changes into multiple ones and continues to do so. We would always relate the word with battle or perhaps ancient times; maybe also anyone who has literally fought in a war. All of this is true but in fact its real meaning has evolved into something deeper and more complex with our world today.
The Ultimate Warrior defined this word by making it a household name– at least in my house during that time. Sure, there were others before him or different references. He not only used that word which became his name but it continues today despite his passing.
Now, we have prayer warriors for cancer survivors, the Warrior Dash through mud filled obstacles, toys, TV shows, and even the phrase “weekend warrior.” In my opinion, he made that name a mainstay long before anyone else could or did whether you are a fan or not.
The word warrior it seems has a negative connotation in regards to someone fighting against something they disagree on or trying to change rules. This sounds so bad to many people that are always rule followers, not breakers. Sometimes the game plan or societal laws need changed in order to move on.
This does not need to be a bad thing and that stereotype of negativity with being a warrior I believe has changed. I believe it means exactly what Warrior was trying so hard all those years to show us and that is to fight for yourself. It doesn’t mean physically but psychologically and emotionally.
We need to be our OWN warrior in the way that works for us in our OWN lives. He is our role model in many ways( is, not was!) but he wants us warriors to find our destiny with this reality of life. The word warrior is indeed hard to define these days with all that is put in front of us. We have to use the word and make a name for ourselves that is more than a physical war but an internal one that reaches our true soul. πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

The Warrior Within Me

Here’s a 3 count to ponder…
Had to post this pic since I have never seen Warrior toys in the store before unlike most others. In all the years–me–never. The date I went was Nov. 14 and Warrior was with Randy back in 1992 as the Ultimate Maniacs. Actually, Nov. 14, 1992 was their match against Money Inc. on SNME.
No, I don’t have all the dates memorized despite owning the DVD, but this one sticks in my head for other personal reasons. ❀ I love their promo shown on Superstars!! Anyway, while driving home I noticed a bright yellow car with New Mexico plates which is a rarity. Kinda hard to miss since N.M. plates are full of color—hmmm. πŸ€” The toys, dates, and car~~~what a 3 count for the win! Now, onto my post for today…….

I have always enjoyed hearing about people’s backgrounds, histories, and family life. It really does make you understand how they are and why. This was very true of Warrior and how I got to know about his past which helped form his future.
Coming from the mid-west, I realized he was never really the Hollywood type and understood hard work and values. As his life and career advanced, he often felt misunderstood and parts of me could really relate to that. I was very independent also and liked doing things my own way. I did always feel like the black sheep and wondered why I was different.
Having embraced that now, it wasn’t easy and things were challenging for me. Once I decided to put pity aside, I rose to my challenges just like a Warrior. I began to engage in his disciplines of destrucity and self-belief for me in my own life. Finally, I found my voice, stood up for myself, and wasn’t feeling stepped on anymore.
You might think it was an obsession but that’s not how my feelings were or are now. I never once put him on a pedestal, built a shrine, (however I love to see collections!) didn’t always agree with everything he said or did outside of the business, and certainly never thought he could do no wrong. Yet, with all his decisions made– strong as they were– I never stopped believing in him no matter what.

Love can take on many forms and I didn’t think this was true about how I felt for him but it really is. What started as a very physical attraction (I was 15!) grew into something more spiritual and inspiring even before he passed. Love has a way of doing that even when you can’t admit it. I never thought I would have anything in common with him, a professional wrestler– really???
I always had that voice and confidence but just needed someone to bring it out in me, even someone I watched on t.v. every week. I admired him for being true to himself and knew I had to be too. It is amazing how we are formed by certain people when we are young but then get reformed by others even in unexpected ways. πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈβš‘οΈπŸ’ͺ🏻🀘

Out of the Blue (or is it Red?)

Warrior said there were 2 things he did everyday:
“read and write in my journal.”

I decided to change this story around a bit and as you can see it’s mostly about our little red friend sitting above. What first prompted this writing was our annual Heritage Days Parade in town last August.
My husband, dog, and I went without the kids but almost didn’t go at all.
So glad we did considering I saw a man wearing the EXACT Ultimate Warrior shirt Lebron James wore after he stepped off the plane last June. How exciting that my Ohio team–the Cavs won the championship against well, we probably all know their name!! I couldn’t believe I saw someone with that shirt on. He seemed older so was he a fan of both?? I won’t really know but LOVED how I saw it that evening when we almost didn’t go…

Now, onto more signs that involved a cardinal, Warrior’s energy, and me. I have mentioned feathers already but this lovely red bird actually did some pretty wild things last summer–5 to be exact and I believe based on much research.
Animals can and will manifest energy as a sign meant just for you in abnormal ways. Not to burst any bubbles, but just because you see a cardinal or other colorful creature doesn’t mean it’s your loved one. Sure, presence of loved ones can be around at times and will be noticeable. Sometimes they really are just flying, eating, or singing. They need to do something different, out of the blue, or bizarre. Perhaps even if you’ve asked for a sign.
I had several occurrences last summer that mostly happened while writing in my hammock. They all amazed me and were very profound. A cardinal was on my fence post literally staring at me chirping incredibly loud the whole time I was writing, one was in my pear tree looking at me as I was reading spiritual stuff on my phone, and one actually perched in my cherry tree beside our pool as I was getting in down the ladder. That has never happened and they are very skittish at the slightest movements.
One day I saw a cardinal at our feeder in the front yard but was inside trying to catch a close glimpse. I inched closer to the window and it stopped eating to stare at me. This was very odd indeed, like it was ready to hear what I had to say.
You must be thinking:”she’s CRAZY– who talks to birds?” They don’t talk back of course but with much reading and research plus lots of cardinal abnormalities, I was beginning to wonder and truly believe.
The last occurrence was Sept. 1st, 2016 and close to dusk. I know this date since it is when Dana did her first podcast that I listened to. About 15 minutes before it began, a cardinal landed on our patio bench. It was deafening!! Now, they are first to feed in the a.m. and last to feed at night but this was incredibly out of character and so bizarre. I didn’t even notice it at first but then it seemed so close like it was in my house.
Could this cardinal have been used as a messenger to carry Warrior’s spirit watching over Dana at my house? Absolutely nuts you say– hopefully you haven’t stopped reading by now!! They don’t do this behavior at all and never had before. Once the podcast began, it flew away.
I read many, many stories or I wouldn’t be sharing at all about these beautiful birds with minds all their OWN. Obviously, none of us knows the answers but these 5 cardinal moments did in some way connect to Warrior and either my writing or a spiritual meaning. His wife even has a moment and that was the ultimate sign for me. πŸ’—
A butterfly almost landed on my leg also when I was writing and yes that could happen but it doesn’t for me.. I know most will doubt, dismiss, or ignore but intuitives and Warrior fans I believe will understand this journey of mine.
The shirt, cardinal rarities, and a butterfly all interwoven into an incredible summer of 2016 for me. Once you notice the smallest of signs, anything can happen even out of the blue…or red! πŸ¦‹β€

Only One State Away…

I have always enjoyed reading ever since childhood and it has been a fixture in my life for decades. Going to the public library, reading books for school, bookstores, etc. were of such interest to me. I’m even one of those people who smells a new book- yes I still do that! πŸ‘ƒπŸ»πŸ“šI couldn’t wait to introduce books to my kids and so hoped they would love them as much as I do. As they have gotten older, it has been challenging but interesting seeing what topics they select.
Every time one of them brings home a book from their school library, I inspect it. I read the title, author, book flap, introduction ( if there is one), and the author’s bio. As I was reading about this author of a book my son brought home a few years ago, I noticed where he was from– Crawfordsville, Indiana. Of course years ago this town would mean nothing to me but now it held my attention longer than I thought it would.
Reading that today, am sure I would laugh or smile but not then. Of all the towns in the state of Indiana, I read this one so soon after Warrior’s passing. I had done this for years with the kids books and it still strikes me today. That town isn’t a big name and I would never think twice about it — except for someone who WAS a big name and it being his hometown.
He always read such important stuff that I will never likely read but guess we have a love of books in common. An ironic story is at around this time I was actually going to the library and followed a car with Indiana plates. It eventually went in the opposite direction but was reminded of Warrior’s love for libraries as I drove behind that car. I saw Indiana plates quite often and more than our other border states in the few months after he passed. Being in Ohio, this could be very common but I noticed all the time…..
His home state, daughter’s name, and a library all rolled into one day. So many days did I have like that and sometimes still do. Books will continue being a passion of mine as am sure the inspection of the kids selections will continue also. Ohio or Indiana– it doesn’t matter since us mid-westerners and our love of books always remains even in an author’s bio.

P.S. ( or should I say footnote!) On our vacation in 2016 to South Dakota, my daughter found an Indiana state quarter. I have kept it…

Music is Timeless

“Music is what Feelings Sound Like.”

During this final week before Christmas, am sure we all have heard our share of holiday songs blasting the airwaves for over a month or so now. Some are exhausted by it all and yet some never seem to be…….

We all have our favorite songs that we hear over and over again and never get tired of. Even if it’s an older classic– they never go out of style for me. I love that feeling of excitement and joy when a great song puts you in a happy mood, you just have to move!
I still like listening to the radio and can remember when music was beginning to influence me in my life. Now, Pandora and I have an ultimate connection! 🎼🎀 It’s funny how we identify a certain song with a feeling, an event, a person, or a part of our lives that matters. Many websites or books will tell you that somehow there can be a cosmic force playing a song in your head and then you hear it or something similar. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me!
Just when I think Warrior and his “signs” are far from my mind I hear: “Don’t you Forget About Me,” Always Something There to Remind Me,” ” Animal,” “Burning Heart,” “The Flame,” or “Don’t Stop Believin’ “…. The list continues but I would be explaining titles and lyrics all day. Obviously these songs are possibly overplayed and highly requested and yet still makes me wonder… Yes, “The Warrior” is played but surprisingly not that often. πŸ€”πŸ˜¬
Is there a part of Heaven that has DJ’s and sound systems sending you songs? I know this sounds bizarre to some but it seems to happen ALOT with me. I don’t freak out anymore but have learned to have fun with it. I just point upward, smile and laugh since having a sense of humor counts. There have been a few WOW moments that really made me stop to feel the words in my life…. I could actually listen to his entrance music “Unstable” for hours and never get tired of it! Well, maybe not hours…
I used to think that there would come a day or time when this feeling was starting to wane and perhaps fade but it never has. Oh, I’ll grow tired of these songs or this music or the feeling but nope, not once. Goosebumps fill my arms and legs and this is always a mystery to me. Sometimes, I can guess but other times I am baffled!
Songs, music, classics, Warrior—all timeless to me and it doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m with. The feelings come and I don’t fight them anymore. They have become a part of me, goosebumps and all.

~~~My wish for 2017 is for all of you reading to embrace something new as I have. I will continually do so with sharing my writings. So much more to come… πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ‰

The Odd Day

As this very confusing month for me continued on, there were many odd things happening and April of 2014 was quite complex to say the least!
I remember it being very hot which is unusual weather for April in Ohio. After school, the kids wanted to go in the sprinkler and I had to turn on the A/C! With them outside, I decided to watch t.v. which I never do at around 4:30 p.m. The movie Titanic was on which I believe they show every year in April around the anniversary. Anyway, the ship had just hit the iceberg– perfect huh… I got hooked watching and realized it was getting time to start dinner. I can’t believe I was watching this movie considering that epic song and words, what timing….
I went to the kitchen and decided to get this corningware dish I rarely use but couldn’t reach so grabbed a chair. While getting the dish, the lid slipped out of my hand, crashed to the floor and broke everywhere!
I just stared realizing what had happened and then opened the window calling the kids to bring me my flip-flops. I jumped on the counter to avoid the glass. As I was cleaning I said how I’d never seen something so shattered in my life before. I immediately thought of my emotions being shattered when hearing about the loss of Warrior. I also thought of Dana and the girls. This metaphor describes how they must’ve felt.

We did finish watching Titanic and it was a little history lesson for my kids. Even though that song is so emotional and haunting, I actually got out my Celine Dion CD of greatest hits and blasted “My Heart will Go on” while singing at the top of my lungs! Who does that?? Guess I needed to let something out.
I can still hear the character of Rose telling Jack how she’ll never let go and with my spiritual connection to Warrior, in some ways I can’t either. Also, I am reminded of this very odd day every time I open my cupboard and see that corningware dish without its matching lid. The heart does go on in its OWN time and way…. πŸ›³βš“οΈ

Learn Everything You Can

~~~My Journey with ADC’s

Most of my writings were done in the summer and becoming a part of this blog– if not now then possibly upcoming… This post I wrote a week ago in my bedroom as my daughter watched t.v. on my bed. Guess I was inspired to maybe educate some of you so here goes…….

I decided taking a break from my regular writings to try and explain the whys and hows of my spiritual journey. There will always be doubters but hopefully you can learn something new as I have.
From the beginning I’ve shared all these signs or experiences that have happened relating to Warrior but a part of me thinks some explaining is in order. I’ve talked about doing my “homework” or research on this topic but it wasn’t just poof-of-a- magic wand and oh– lucky fan I am, he’s with me in Spirit. Some things were right away, yes but the more serious and thought provoking ones mostly have been this year with a background.
I really feel my connection to the spirit world began as I started meditating last year. It manifested such a sense of peace and calmness that my being was able to be receptive in receiving messages. Once I looked up signs of ADC’s or “after death communication”, it started making sense to me. I never doubted; however, as more things kept happening it became my new reality. I didn’t know the best way to feel– elated, unsure, full of questions, humbled, a little afraid (maybe). 😬😳
There are about 10-12 “signs of someone in spirit visiting” and I have had close to 10. Some yet to be written about in blog posts but these really do exist and I believe.. Could it be others on my spirit team contacting me? Perhaps but Warrior is the main event throughout and the signs all seem to connect.

I need to clear up a few misconceptions about ADC’s from what I have learned:

1. They don’t give off signs that your house is haunted or that they are ghosts. (Such a negative word to me and something entirely different!)

2. They are not just meant for people who were close to someone on Earth or a relative (helloooo–my story!) I am in the minority but that’s o.k.

3. They are not around to frighten or scare. Some people might think I am imagining or making things up, crazy, silly, etc.. I often thought that myself but this is NOT in my head and is real as the words on this page.

4. They are not around to tell you what to do or how to live your life. Your energy will combine with theirs creating signs but it is always a choice to notice or listen. This isn’t some cult-type thing with us as robots. I must say also and in other posts have mentioned signs can and are sometimes filled with humor!

5. They will not choose ways that are unfamiliar for you to recognize and are very often times noticeable. Your signs are just for YOU, everyone doesn’t receive messages the same way. The most common signs for me are feathers and music, but for someone else it could be something altogether different.

I have had dreams, songs on the radio, nature elements or symbols( birds, feathers, flowers, coins— yes I have a few!), lights flickering~~ my daughter is a witness, license plates, goosebumps, buzzing in my ears, hearing a voice (clairaudient and another post…), falling objects, and people messengers like my kids!!
They say that a spirit being projects similar energy to how they were as an Earthly being. This is very true of Warrior at times I sense or feel his presence. Working out? You betcha! Certain songs? Heck ya! Indiana or New Mexico plates? For sure! Watching his DVD? Of course! I could go on and on and on…. Read previous posts for more!!
It is a gift I am continually developing as a spirit intuitive however this journey goes. Psychic medium I am not but this chose me. I didn’t pursue any after death communication with Warrior and yet he saw something in me besides belief to get my creative juices flowing.

We need to learn everything we can as I always am doing throughout this process. If I can educate or inspire, I am doing my job. Thank you Warrior for choosing me. I feel so much pressure sometimes but he is working thru me and I will always honor that the best I can. ~~~ One more thing– as I wrote this my light flickered…….πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ»