DIY Warrior Girl

Before I begin my post today, I just want to express my sympathies on the loss of Bobby Heenan. He suffered for many years and now can be reunited with the greats of WWF. “The Weasel” match is so funny and Bobby had plenty of antics with Warrior! The “bumps” he took meant a lot to Warrior and will never be forgotten by fans everywhere. I can picture Vince saying “Will you knock that off!” The Brain was using the Brain Scan before the SNME match between the Ultimate Maniacs and Money Inc. I also remember him saying ” O.W.N. gentlemen!” This was on WCW’s Nitro show when Warrior beat up the NWO. Oh Bobby, too many memories to list… Enjoy that ring in the sky…πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ˜“

My entire life has been wanting to do things by myself in a way that works for me. I try so hard and never give up because defeat is not an option. Often times I would ask myself why the complicated or complex situations always seem to find me. Warrior was indeed a complicated person and yet he did things for himself without doubting his beliefs. There are reasons why we should push ourselves without a quitting attitude and Warrior did this all the time.

The mentality of who we are is indeed a mystery and nobody can get inside your head to find out why. It sometimes surprises me how much energy I give to people or a situation. Some things I am not very good at and yet I keep going despite the outcome. I was horrible at math in school and even though my grades suffered, I kept persevering since I needed to make my brain understand it. It all becomes a learning process everyday.

Many years ago when I was recently hired at my second job, I sustained an injury that almost required a chiropractor. This was almost someone’s profession that I seem to know on a spiritual level these days! I didn’t want anyone to know since this was a few months into the job and an injury wouldn’t slow me down. Warrior told a story on his Ultimate Collection DVD about an injury early in his career. He couldn’t tell anyone since it was his first big push in the business.

I am not a person to ask for help much at all but on some occasions, I need to. This should not diminish us and yet sometimes we feel like it does. It really depends on the situation but everything teaches us lessons. There are those times when something just isn’t working and we need to throw in the towel.

Certain circumstances dictate that we must move on from things that no longer benefit us. Warrior had to learn by doing much for himself that brought success but also required an inner battle he had to master.

Doing things by myself was much easier since tasks would get done the way I needed them to. When I was an inexperienced mom, it was simple to do just about everything for my kids since it would get done faster. This is great but parents will tell you they need to figure it out on their own. Now, it is different and my kids learn by themselves with little help from me. Sure, I am still their mom but independence is what life is all about.

The most important thing to remember is how we handle a situation that is thrown our way. Nobody can live your life for you and yet we must continue to find that balance between doing much alone and asking for help. I don’t give up easily if it is something I truly believe in. Others may have a different opinion and I accept that. Warrior said to “slay all the naysayers” and I will do that because this warrior girl never quits!
~~~ P.S. With my Birthday being tomorrow, I will be thanking Warrior for this beautiful experience I continue to have and am so grateful to be following my purpose!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’–

The Magazine

On this Patriot Day, I am reminded of all our true warrior men and women who gave their lives sixteen years ago. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈWe will all remember and know that we too can be warriors in our own way everyday…..

I’m posting my last collectible story and even though it was something I bought– unlike the others, my emotions remain genuine and that is who I am.
It had been over a year since I last saw the Ultimate Warrior on TV and by now I had gotten used to the fact that he was gone and might not be returning. I was at the grocery store probably getting something for Christmastime and had to turn down the magazine aisle. For some reason, my eyes darted left and then I saw it!
There was a magazine with him on the front cover. I swear time seemed to stop for me and I became catatonic. I was frozen just staring at it for what seemed like hours. Shoppers must have been passing me by!
I had never bought one magazine back in his prime– not one! I’m embarrassed to say and so wish I did…. Perhaps it was too overwhelming for me at the time.
Having tears in my eyes, I slowly reached for the magazine with shaking hands and a very fast beating heart. I had to move on and get my groceries if I could remember why I came in the first place! πŸ˜³β€οΈπŸ›’
I guess the saying is true about being in the right place and time as this experience was for me that day. I couldn’t wait to get home and read the article to find out what he was doing in his life after wrestling.
Part of me was mad in a way just for the fact that this magazine had unearthed feelings I thought were gone and there was no way they’d resurface again. So happy to see him being successful out of the business and starting a new life. Little did I know at the time how things would change! At least I finally had a magazine to call mine that I never had the courage to buy back then…

The Cereal Box

My dream job was to teach children and I knew younger kids would suit me best. I had volunteered in high school at a preschool as part of my senior year project. Once I officially was hired as an aide, things fell into place for me. I was majoring in Early Childhood Education and learned so much from all the teachers at different centers. They had themes throughout the year and every spring a “pretend” grocery store was set up in the large activity room. I was in my second year as an aide in the early ’90’s and getting a new game started was one of my responsibilities.
I can still recall summers as a child playing grocery store outside with the neighborhood kids. We loved collecting all the boxes, plastic bottles, and anything else unbreakable our moms would let us use. Everyone would contribute in some form with a toy cash register, play money, and shopping baskets. This was such a fond memory and I was so excited to be part of it years later at my job.
The directors made their way to my building holding several garbage bags filled with all sorts of goodies the kids would love using in the store. They were pressed for time so the delivery was made like a drive thru at a fast food restaurant! I took all the bags and told the teachers that our grocery store would be set up soon. The kids were so excited and past memories flashed in my mind.
I took all the bags down to the room and started to unpack each one. When I was almost done, I pulled out a cereal box with the Ultimate Warrior on the front! I know these were made and in the stores but still shocked to find it in my hands. I did set it up with all the other groceries but watched it like a hawk all week. Warrior was still active as a wrestler then so these cereal boxes became very popular. I seem to remember a few of them with others on the front but this one made me think differently.
I knew I was meant to keep this but needed to wait until the week was over and our grocery store had ended. Don’t get me wrong—I am not an advocate for stealing ever but this was a donation and nobody would even notice. I would take it home and treasure it always. I do get a little nuts with Warrior items but it’s not that often!
The grocery store had ended for the week and I told the teachers that all would be bagged up and ready for the next school. They just didn’t know that one item wouldn’t be going to another school. It would be going home with me. I brought a pair of scissors hidden in my pocket just in case anyone would come in. We shared this room at times with the church in the building so I had to work fast. There was a part of me that couldn’t believe I was doing this and another part that didn’t care at all.
I worked fast to cut off the photos on the box that I needed and sped out of there! This is so vivid in my mind many years later and I laugh thinking about my actions. The truth is I wouldn’t change a thing and those pictures off that cereal box are part of my collection today. βœ‚οΈπŸ“¦
P.S. This story happened many years before I found the Action Figure mentioned in a previous blog post! Two Warrior items at both of my preschool jobs, what synchronicity for me! ❀️

Break with Tradition and Labels

I remember when Warrior legally changed his name and what the reaction seemed to be with most who followed him. It was different and maybe unexpected but that’s how he was. There were all these rumors going around as to why he decided to make that decision and sometimes they never seem to go away. People are entitled to believe in what they want but devoted fans of Warrior’s understood his true reasons.

I admired him for having the courage to stand up and follow his authentic self. I agreed with his choice despite not fully comprehending it at the time. This became the catalyst for his future that affected his life, family, and fans. The Warrior family began their own journey with new beliefs and creeds that I totally commend them for doing. Sometimes, breaking with the “norm” is exactly how we need to be. There is no book telling us what we should do or how to interpret rules of the past.

Many times in my life I felt a sense of urgency to break away or begin again. I often was told by others there were things they never thought possible for me but my endurance proved them wrong! Some decisions will affect others but that shouldn’t make you feel like an outcast.

Feeling frustrated with sameness aches at me for change and it can be taken as being spiteful or ungrateful. This is not true but we can’t control others reactions. I have changed around holiday dishes, vacations, parenting skills, and not posting what’s expected on social media! I still incorporate old family traditions but mix in the new to create our own memories that make me proud.

The Warrior family made their own traditions despite society dictating what was acceptable. We are raised by parents who teach us values and traditions but as adults, we evolve into our own selves. There is no reason to abandon everything you were taught but our lives all go in different directions and that should be admired. It is difficult breaking away from patterns of the past but all of us should appreciate the guts it takes to do so.

Labels need to be removed so respect can take its place. Once we are able to do that, acceptance will become easier. We don’t always have to agree with everyone all the time and realistically, that’s impossible! We need to look past the initial reasons of change and search for the real meaning behind it.

My introverted nature has caused many to question my decisions that were never expected back then. I feel happier now removing that old, worn out, outdated childhood label. My family has started our own traditions much like the Warrior family began theirs years ago. Our choices may not be as dramatic as theirs but a new start is what we craved. Please remove anything preventing you from evolving into who or what you need to be. Once we break with old patterns that no longer serve us, we will create something new that will impact us forever.

“Relax… don’t do it!”

Every time I hear the song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood from the 80’s, I think of the movie “The Proposal.” How does this connect to Warrior? Well, let me tell ya….
I hate when I can’t remember something and it haunts me all day! Am sure this happens to a lot of you but my brain goes nuts. I heard that song and thought of the stripper in the movie. I couldn’t remember his name and all I thought of was Paco! He was Hispanic but that wasn’t his name.

When I was getting a pot out of the cupboard for dinner, his name came to me– Ramon! Then I put it all together with Warrior. Razor Ramon, the Ultimate Maniacs, and Money Inc. I always laugh to myself when that song is played or I see Ramon the stripper.

Another reason I was drawn to the name Ramon was Dana’s blog a few years back about Scott Hall– aka Razor Ramon. She and the girls had met and spoke with him and he shared stories about Warrior. They became close as he told the girls that they have “uncles” and “aunties” in WWE watching out for them.

I never liked the bad guys but am so glad Scott Hall truly cares about Warrior’s girls. He told them how grown up they’ve become and how proud their Dad would be. I am honored he got inducted with Warrior in the 2014 HOF class.

“Relax… don’t do it” can become relax, do it and rack your brain for that one thing you need to remember. There is a reason our thought processes work they way they do. We need to make that puzzle piece fit where it needs to see the big picture. πŸŽΌπŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜Š

Is it Fake or Real?

The debate over whether professional wrestling is fake or real has been around for decades and decades. We all know it is mostly fake but they can have injuries and are professionally trained athletes. As a fan who watched for years, I can tell you none of that mattered to me.
It was entertaining and exciting with lots of action. Once you follow a certain sport, performer, or story, your brain and heart are in it and mine knows no difference. My husband still can’t understand the fascination with WWE but his reasoning is because it’s fake. He was a real wrestler in high school so his mind won’t switch gears with the actors and their drama in pro wrestling.
I understand, however; I remind him that most anything we watch on television or see live is fake as well. There are exceptions of course to this rule. Every actor in every role is performing a character for audiences to see that becomes entertainment. He never responds to this justification since deep down he knows it to be true.
I have said before I no longer watch WWE but have certainly learned quite a bit over my many years as a fan. There were plenty of storylines I couldn’t stand and many involved Warrior! I know he loved the bizarre and different but for my emotions, it was exhausting.
As the years went on it was necessary to introduce new concepts and tap into mainstream culture. Some things were horrific for me to watch and still haunt me today. I was never a fan of horror movies or death references so caskets, snakes, and voodoo were gut wrenching to sit through!
I can’t imagine the storylines today but it is not for me. Again, the “fakeness” didn’t matter one bit since my brain and feelings were not convinced. In some ways, it got me to start distancing myself from watching and by then it was just to see Warrior anyway.
The reality is being fake doesn’t mean you are not affected and there is a reason that you are. I certainly know everything I watched Warrior go through on my T.V. affected me good or bad. The actions might be fake but the feelings are real and always will be for me. πŸ˜³πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“

Balance Practice with Passion

I can’t believe it has been over 25 years when fitness really started for me. The way I began is very comical and yet my passion was ignited just like a warrior. Looking back, my determination was fueled by my desire to become more physically active. Warrior practiced his craft consistently to learn self-discipline and one day I decided to do the same.

It was winter of 1992 and I was becoming restless being indoors. I changed into workout gear, grabbed my boom box, mixed tapes, and headed downstairs to the basement. This became a part of my daily routine for many years. A few years later, I jogged while the microwave clock ticked down. Oh, the advances in technology since then!

I can recall riding my bike up and down our dead end street with no hands over and over again. Even after my kids were born, I’d still fit in some kind of workout any way I could. Pushing that baby stroller or exercising with one child playing while another was napping made no difference. I still got to be the mom while doing something for me.

Yoga has also been incorporated into my fitness routine. Once I joined a studio down the street, I was hooked! I found out many poses are called “warrior” so of course this resonated with me. I was able to balance while stretching my body and mind like Warrior demonstrated in his daily life.

I might seem calm on the outside but inside intensity rages just like a warrior that needs to be caged. I have learned to keep my body and mind active everyday and we all need to do this. Even though Warrior was extremely disciplined, he was able to tame his emotions through writing, reading, and art. All of these were very important to him and I have become disciplined in my own way.
We must strive to be our best selves with whatever disciplines work for us. A true warrior knows results will come if we do anything with passion and always practice, practice, practice…