The Emotional Mental Connection

I have explored many questions regarding my spiritual relationship with Warrior such as “why me?”, “why do this?”, and “what could I have in common with him?” These have pretty much been answered but something kept lingering deep within me. Perhaps there couldn’t be an answer, just a mystery to believe. Yet, still it remained. My question simply ( or maybe not to some) was based on an article I read about two way communication. Of course it goes back and forth. We are conditioned to believe we seek, they provide. We ask, they give. What perplexed me was the statement about what the spirits learn from us.

This pulled at my heart in a way I just couldn’t grasp. What does that even mean? No way is he “learning” anything from me. I’m not the teacher– he is! I actually said out loud– “nuh-uh!” What could he possibly gain as a spirit working with me? Now that spirits have attained enlightenment isn’t it their job to protect, assist, and guide us? Isn’t it our job to invite them in and possibly work together? All good questions and all are true.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out if indeed he COULD be gaining something by working WITH me and what in the world would that be. It remained unanswered until another book grabbed my attention at the library. I needed something new or different to explore without the use of my phone or the PC. Found a few books on intuition and “Discover Your Psychic Type” sounded intriguing.

Please don’t think this is “woo-woo” at all. We have all these types but one probably is most dominant. Think of them as personalities if you can’t grasp the psychic or intuitive mind. They are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. I did fill out the quiz but really didn’t need to. Any guesses? Emotional, yep– that’s me. No, I am not a basket case constantly weeping or super excited tons, or even angry in an extreme way. Things come in waves. We take on the emotions of others. We need balance to control them.
I fit most of the traits of an emotional intuitive but we all overlap in some other areas. Physical tends to be earth centered, environmentalists, healers, or animal lovers. Spiritual are truly connected to the divine through deep meditation, pilgrimages, or perceive lots of spirits. They all have pros or cons– yin and yang.

Let’s explore the mental intuitive. They can be logical, scientists, inventors, or math geniuses. Here is where I literally closed my eyes and walked away from the book. “… an emotional intuitive and a mental intuitive can make quite a comical pair.” It states, ” if they work together long enough, the combination of energies can make them an effective , balanced team.” This sounds so much like my spiritual connection with Warrior– absolutely! A brand new tag team!!

I already knew he was a mental intuitive– um, easy peasy. They push themselves physically, have a hard time taming their thoughts and often can be misunderstood. They teach us by their confidence and no quitting attitude. BTW– the mental intuitive is discussed in chapter 6, so unreal!!

The book goes on to state that “emotional intuitives and mental intuitives need one another.” The emotion of possibly wanting to please others needs the mentality to see the whole picture. The mentality of pushing oneself to extremes needs the love and sensitivity of the emotional bringing the balance. WOW…… I think I finally found my answer. I know this isn’t exact with him in spirit but it does connect. My humility wins the match yet again and it’s been my best defense.

Often times I would make a mental checklist of all the reasons he could be working with others and perhaps he is. I would love to hear stories!! I went to all the things I didn’t have, know, or ever did. So many fans with so much I am not an extreme part of. I finally realized all the great things I do have that aren’t necessarily material or concrete and the list continues to grow. Maybe he sees in me the meditative yogi he couldn’t be.

We never have all the answers but perhaps someday we will. I could’ve guessed that some qualities of mine could mesh with his but until you actually find it in print, it’s just your thoughts. I know things to be true without proof since I always believe. No doubt he could be helping but learning also in spirit seemed unexplainable to even comprehend.

The spirit world is indeed mysterious just like Warrior was in a way. Some of the mystery is being explained to me little by little everyday. I am honored and privileged and look forward to this new “teaching” I have come to know. This emotional intuitive needs her mental intuitive just like I guess he needs me. He said us warriors need to be the storytellers keeping his legacy alive. Unbelievable and yet so believeable as Warrior is to me. ๐Ÿค๐ŸŽข๐Ÿ’–

Reference: Discover Your Psychic Type
by: Sherrie Dillard
** ironic author’s name!

“Me Next!”

     This week is about spirit dream # 2 I had about Warrior. As with most dreams of mine and I have stated this before but the element of humor is always present… ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚ The message is the most important part of these dreams and for me, I understand most metaphors or symbolism.  Unlike the businesswoman of last week, the woman of this week and this dream is exactly how I would be. Open your mind and let’s begin.
     In this dream I had won a contest to have a ” meet and greet”backstage with Warrior. Late last winter, I had this dream and earlier in the day watched the steel cage match with Warrior and Randy where Queen Sherri gets slammed at the end. Another part of the contest in the dream was besides meeting Warrior, a few women would be selected to be “slammed” by him in the ring!! Yes, I know my brain does weird stuff but really this was a big deal for these women and I could never make this up, ever!!!!!I

     I was in this very over-crowded room watching him wrestle on TV’s placed throughout. Afterwards, he would come into the room, pick random fans to be “slammed” and then proceed with meet and greets. All these women were acting crazy saying “I hope he picks me!” “Me next, etc., etc.!” I thought they were nuts! All I wanted was to meet him in person, hug him, and say thanks for making me a fan. Of course an autograph and photo would be great too but slammed? I’m not that kind of fan…. ๐Ÿ˜ณ We were told after the match that he was on his way to the room. Pandemonium broke out among the women!!! I retreated to an area by a table and chairs that were all taken so I sat on the floor feeling kinda claustrophobic.

     Then, it happened and Warrior entered the room! The women were all yelling, touching him, asking to go, being ridiculous while I just sat near the corner watching it all. Before I knew it, his big, tall white boots with fringe were right in front of me. He stopped– extended his hand, and looked at me waiting for a response. He said nothing but moved his hand again in front of me and nodded his head as if to say— take it, you need to come with me. My eyes followed all the way up to his and slowly I took his hand as he helped me stand. We started to walk away from the crowd and towards the door. The women were stunned and couldn’t believe it. I just followed him out the door and then I awoke.

     No more mention of being “slammed” thankfully but the message to me was so very clear. He was leading me away from the craziness and into a new beginning of parts unknown. As long as I took his hand, I believed and trusted that all would be o.k. He recognized me in that massive group of women to be a warrior with him. I stood out from the crowd (sounds familar) and he knew to choose me. Just like that door that could’ve led anywhere, our lives are mysterious. We must take that hand that is offered to us to be a true warrior. I am honoring him choosing me and becoming the true warrior I am meant to be.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฎ

“The Fair”

     I have such a busy schedule this week so decided to write the blog today! The next few weeks and then some in June I will be sharing the dreams I have had either with Warrior in spirit or pertaining to him in some way. I have had several spirit visitation dreams involving others in the past and there are some myths. First, they can be about ANYONE that has passed who either you had a connection with or maybe they need to deliver a message. Second, they are very real and you will remember them even years later. I have had many vivid dreams over the years so this was not a new concept for me at all. Third, symbolism and metaphors can be huge so once you piece it all together, hopefully it will make sense. Again, I get symbolism~~~ a lot~~~so some stuff is kinda a no-brainer for me but you might have to dig deep.
           I have been making some YouTube videos about a few topics and here is the link to spirit visitation dreams:

One of these days, I will figure out how to embed them to the blog but if you are interested and have questions, please check it out and let me know your experiences! Or, look me up on my YouTube channel– Kathy Pickett. There is one about this blog and meditation also. Ok, well– deep breath— here goes…
     Most of my dreams have an element of humor to them and this one certainly did. I had finally watched Summerslam ’92 with Warrior and Randy at Wembley Stadium in London, England. I know what some of you die-hard fans are thinking but no, I never saw the whole thing so this was last year early winter. Needless to say, I loved it and possibly the dream came about as a result of the outdoor stadium or maybe the excitement of the match– who knows? 

     I dreamt it was 1992 and Summerslam was going on only at a fairgrounds! ( insert humor) I was a successful businesswoman who wore a power suit, heels, and carried a briefcase~~ all not me! I assumed we were a couple since I was so determined to get there despite running late. Hopped in a speeding cab and then it started to rain. I was getting closer and finally told the cabbie to stop so I could run thru the field until I reached the ring. I don’t enjoy running so another metaphor.

     By the time I got nearer there was mud, dirt, water, and muck all over me but I didn’t care or notice. I made my way thru the crowd and got to Warrior but the match had just ended. I can‘t even remember the outcome although we all know the real ending! All out of breath I kept apologizing for being late, missing the match, and just feeling horrible. He looked at me all spent himself and said: ” It doesn’t matter. You’re here now and that’s all that counts. ” He hugged me and I realized what he meant.

     I was suppressing all my emotions of not always following him for those years after wrestling and just letting it all out. The businesswoman represented power which I do have internally to lead everyone into this journey of mine despite never being in a career of that type. Being a fan meant I was always dedicated despite other “obstacles” that were represented by nature elements in the dream. He loved me for me and always knew I was there despite not always being physically around. He remained in the back corners of my mind under the cobwebs but I had to live my life and put him aside all those years just like he had to begin a new one outside of wrestling. 

     He seemed to understand and I know he does to fans everywhere. He appreciates our devotion thru all the mud, rain, and dirt of our lives. We don’t need to apologize. He knows we are there always in our OWN way. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿ‘ โ˜”

The Three Sobs

     ” Geez, can you keep it down to a dull roar? ”

~~~ Bruce Nolan in Bruce Almighty
     This is the perfect quote from yet another movie in which I can totally relate to Warrior. A few nights after his passing, I kinda felt like Bruce although instead of millions of prayers– I heard loud camera clicks, shutters, and movie reel tapes. I KNEW sleep would allude me in one way or another but never do I know how and  what my reaction could be.

     I had seen online how the WWE network would be showing some of Warrior’s greatest matches on “Warrior Week.” I looked at the many faces over the years of the Ultimate Warrior. I have read that sometimes grief can get played out in your brain as memories, pictures, etc. so guess this was my turn. No idea at the time but first came the photos with large bright white camera flashbulbs going off in every direction until my eyes opened. Second, came the deafening sound of an old time movie filmstrip reel reminiscent of my Grandpa’s he used for home videos. It was incredibly loud and very unbearable to my ears. I thought they’d explode.

     I opened my eyes again and felt helpless as eventually my mind drifted to sleep for what seemed like hours later. Flash forward ( no pun intended) to possibly about a week later when the three sobs came. ..
     I really thought other experiences were hard to write about but this one is by far the worst. It always was something I didn’t want to put on paper but once I think of everything about Warrior and my thoughts, I had to include this. Often I said to myself after he passed it was like mourning 500 people since he changed his look frequently. He needed variety to stimulate his career professionally. 

     Just when I thought all the emotions I could possibly hold were done for the day, the night crept forward. I don’t talk in my sleep thankfully but as with all of my “warrior-isms”, complete and total shock began to set in. Whatever my sleep processed it was obviously too much for me to handle internally. I compare this to being half awake and half asleep. You are partially aware of your surroundings and sounds but can’t open your eyes. I believe this is similar to what a comatose patient experiences.

     All of a sudden, I let out three huge sobs ( a three count maybe?) that reminded me of crying as a child and guess at times I still do. After the first one, I did realize what had happened and knew why. I couldn’t really shake the feeling or fully wake up. My husband nudged me several times which stirred me awake finally. He said I must’ve been having a bad dream or something. I immediately realized but never thought it would manifest in my bed with my husband next to me.

     After staring into the blackness of the night a few moments, sleep seemed scary and pointless. How could Warrior’s death affect me so much and make me feel so out of control which I hate? Even after some of my relatives passed, this hasn’t occurred. I KNEW I was a wreck and very crushed by this but several outbursts– unheard of. I never forgot that and how profound it made me feel. His life, death, and spirit have all influenced me and his strongness remains always ever present. 
     Guess my psychic “clairs” were really starting to develop right away. These will be discussed in a later post!

Clairvoyance= seeing flashbulbs๐Ÿ‘€

Clairaudience= hearing movie reel clicks๐Ÿ‘‚

Clairsentience= feelings and strong emotions๐Ÿ’—

Claircognizance= a knowing about something without logic. I KNEW this was something very real and the beginning of a new awareness. This became ” epical! ” ๐Ÿ’ช

The Jump Rope

I have been working out since the early 90’s and over time boredom sets in or muscles aren’t worked properly. If we always do the same thing or don’t mix it up some, we lose interest and aren’t energized enough to motivate our bodies.
My daughter joined the girls jump rope club for 6 weeks after school in 3rd grade. I used to love jumping rope as a kid but never seemed interested in making it part of my fitness routine. She bought a nice plastic one to use in class that was just the right size for me too. I did 60 jumps, a minute worth and boy that got me going! Started to rotate this with jumping jacks I also used to do and all was working well.
One day my husband decided to get me my own cord rope instead of using the plastic one. I told him that wasn’t necessary but I’d give it a try. When I looked at the handles it had “Gold’s Gym” written on the side. Totally reminded me of Warrior and Sting with their Gold’s Gym shirts on. I did use the rope but what a challenge! So wasn’t used to this much bigger rope that was hard to control.
Later on at dinner, my husband asked me if I’d used the rope. I said: “yes, but it was so much bigger and difficult at first to figure out. I just had to wrap my hands around it and go.” When those words came out of my mouth I realized what a metaphor the rope was to Warrior. His presence is big ( not just literally!) and can be a challenge at times. But, I have wrapped myself up in his Spirit and I just go…….
I still use the rope but not all the time and if I hadn’t noticed Gold’s Gym on the handles, might not had a story. I am a jumping, breathing, living metaphor everyday and I just go…….

The Slithering Snakes

     This is certainly not a topic I thought to write about at all but for some reason snakes have a way of slithering in my life. I have always disliked snakes or most reptiles really and find them very creepy. Sure, there are many positive aspects of snakes but they have always freaked me out and still do.
     My family always remembers when I had one around my neck at the age of 6! I think it was at a nature center but no real memory of volunteering for such an activity. This one story is brought up very frequently but instead of becoming defensive which I seemed to do, now I take a different approach. So glad many of my experiences have become very memorable, after all we all want to be unforgettable~~Warrior was the master of that!

     Of course I will never forget his storyline involving Damien~~Jake Roberts’s snake. My dislike for snakes turned to hate after seeing all that drama, fakeness or not made no difference. Not a memory I can even try to laugh about today. It was disturbing and playing with my emotions way too much. As Warrior’s fan, I had to watch and keep watching like it was addicting soap opera which it came to be.

     Snakes seem to be in our yard at times and I know they are harmless but I am always the one dealing with them. One actually was headless, think maybe dropped by a bird and I had to throw it over the fence. My kids laughed as it got hung up in a tree. What a never ending job! One slithered in front of me into a flower bed and then just last summer I saw two. Once at a park and another on a bike ride. Why does nobody see them but me? Bizarre indeed.

     Small though most are, they still bother me and probably always will. I actually don’t mind other creepy things like spiders but snakes seem to be the joke with me. Some attitudes we can change or move on from but sometimes we might never like some things. For me, my mind will never trust a snake whether it’s poisonous or not.   ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿšต