Falling Signs

These two signs hang in my cellar way and bathroom. I decided I wanted more words around instead of objects so both directly involved re painting and decorating. Loved the journey one when I saw it and only later did it resonate with me how Warrior always said: “it’s the journey, not the destination.” The Splash sign came about when I wanted a word on my corner shelf in the bathroom . Only later after admiring it did I remember that was his finishing move! How could that slip my mind?? I swear neither sign was placed on purpose but timing is everything and I have come to believe this.
It was the morning of April 5th this year when my husband noticed the journey sign had fallen. My reasoning was that he hung it back up but it really wasn’t where I wanted it and maybe the sticky hook slipped some… I immediately dismissed my logical thinking and remembered the date- April 5th, Warrior’s Hall of Fame induction two years ago. Interesting coincidence for sure..
After the kids went off to school I headed upstairs to the bathroom. The Splash sign had fallen down on the shelf! I stared in disbelief utterly amazed. This sign never falls and I even asked my son later since he was last in there if he was messing with it or if it was down. He looked at me crazy and said “um.. no..” I had to ask and my kids do mess with stuff but mostly when it is something new.
One sign could be nothing but two really got me thinking. That date, both signs I bought or made, meant for me to notice. I felt completely overwhelmed but filled with much joy of a wonderful memory for him, his family, and fans who waited so long for that day. Some might not connect or understand but many signs and these two REAL ones make me always believe. 😇

Finding Feathers

We usually keep a few bird feeders in our yard but this Spring and Summer were very unique! The squirrels seem to come as well so sometimes you just have to wave your white flag and surrender.
Because of the numerous amount of birds, feathers would seem to be everywhere– right? If you have the right food birds come and that makes sense. Everyone says cardinals are special and are messengers of loved ones who have passed on. Native Americans believed this but that was when they were more rare. Such a test when they don’t seem to be very scarce anymore.
I had never seen or noticed any feathers in our yard until these past few months. I am not a psychic or medium but I do believe in the power of spirit so as days turned into weeks more kept appearing. I have even had white ones blow right in front of me which had never happened before.
The very first feather I saw was a big billowy white one and then a few days later a pink one. These both coincided with Warrior’s birthday and I do also believe in timing. The meanings of feathers are very significant if one is of a spiritual mind. White is peace and connectedness to spirit, pink is love, red is passion and courage, gray is balance, brown is centered, and despite negativity– black is the opposite with protection.
This seems to be the number one SIGN I kept receiving and sometimes still do. I even did more research and jokingly asked if Warrior is indeed guiding me in some way to leave a blue feather. I followed another woman’s experience since blue is often a boy color. I felt really weird asking but decided- why not?
About 20 minutes later I did indeed find a blue jay feather waiting for me! Yes, logic states it could be by chance or coincidence but when signs happen repeatedly, I take notice and so should everyone!
I am not naive or believe everything I read but I have come to know things do have a purpose and for me I have gotten much validation. Sometimes I don’t feel worthy and am incredibly honored but need to remember this is MY journey and my signs are very real. With Warrior guiding me, my destiny is Ultimate!! Sometimes you do need to wave that white flag and surrender…

The Action Figure Collectible

I was working at my second preschool job and believe it was probably winter 1997 or 1998.I hadn’t seen Ultimate Warrior on t.v. for over a year now and really wasn’t caring about wrestling anymore at all. Now, most people when they collect things go all out by going to stores, clearing the shelves, or in this day and age ordering merchandise online. A few of my things have stories all their own—by literally falling or being placed in my lap!

At school, we had different buckets and crates filled with odds and ends of all toys for the kids. Some reminded me of Happy Meal or Kids Meal toys back in the day so most were donations from parents. We used them for games or ideas as props.

I had gone in the backroom to get some of these toys and placed right on top was an Ultimate Warrior action figure–one of the originals I believe! I hadn’t seen this in the box before and hadn’t remembered a recent donation. Any way it had gotten there, I knew I wanted it! No idea on the story behind it, kids would not even know of him but maybe it was somebody’s Dad’s who was a fan. I had to work fast and put it in my purse which I did. Anybody could’ve come into this small area at any time, I had to be quick!

Again, stealing never entered my mind as it was a donation and would anyone miss this- hardly… I would love it always and give him a much better home. I do believe it is the original like Dana carries with her. Guess I go a little crazy when it comes to Warrior stuff and I have very little but that’s how he was so we Warriors stick together! I found another Warrior related item at a different school I worked at but that’s another story….

Could items be placed by chance, coincidence, or on purpose? I won’t really ever know for sure but never had any guilt or shame at all. You can never have regrets for things you treasure most.

Why Do This?

I guess all of my writings need a preface as to why I started a blog in the first place. Once I decided to look up information such as dreams, spirit guides, intuition, etc. my brain had to take action. Everything I read, heard, or saw said the same thing–WRITE IT ALL DOWN or keep a journal which is how it all began. All great writers do this like Warrior did so it makes sense right?

Once I figured out so many books or articles can’t be wrong and that my dreams or experiences aren’t coincidental, it occurred to me. I had to put all my memories–past and present down and perhaps get them noticed somehow. My longevity with the Ultimate Warrior alluded me as the years progressed. I knew my timeline when it came to feelings about a celebrity but this was very different and just kept going like that Energizer bunny…

People always say the reason we get focused on someone or something is because we either see qualities in them that are admirable or we wish to attain their level of knowledge. I had no idea back then how he would affect me in the here and now. I always saw past the face paint and wrestler to the different man he was. He bacame such a huge talent but did it with style, personality, creativeness, and attitude that hadn’t been seen before. I look back on everything from the shows, my collection, dreams and stories and stare in amazement at it all. Writing this all down has become so therapeutic for me and it feels great sharing my memories with other fans!!

So, again why this? Why me? Like Dana Warrior has said ” why not you?” It seems I have been chosen in some way to believe in all of this. Despite all the info I’ve received, one thing is for sure and that is Warrior spoke the TRUTH always and he is being honest thru me.

I will post on here weekly with many of my adventures that involve Warrior and how I have been influenced by him in many ways. I will relate dreams, family vacations, signs, (literally!) and traits of being a true warrior and how I will always believe it has become my destiny!


My name is Kathy Pickett and I have been a fan of Ultimate Warrior’s since the mid 80’s when he started in WWE. These are my stories about the journey I have taken since knowing the true destiny of me as a warrior. I share specific dreams, adventures, and traits I acquired throughout this process. His presence is very real and I feel his Spirit always.