Nature’s Comfort…

” The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.”
~~~ Albert Einstein
The World As I See It, (1931)

Shortly after Warrior passed, I began seeing little signs around that reminded me of him. Like so many others, when someone we care about leaves earth people want or need signs and look for them as a comfort. These two “signs” just happened to cross my path when I wasn’t even prepared. With many occurrences pertaining to Warrior, they are very random and make me smile.
Years ago, my mom gave me some extra tulip bulbs to plant and these few I have in the planter next to my driveway. Every year a few bloom and they are purple. I never know how many will blossom if any so it is always a mystery. As I was waiting with the kids in the drive for the bus one day mid- April I noticed them.
There were 7 beautifully bloomed purple tulips right next to me. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷Now, I know this could be because of a mild winter, an early warm spring, or good bulbs. In all these years, I have never had 7 bloom– never… I believe in the power of numbers~~7 letters in Warrior maybe? This could also be God’s way of giving me peace of mind and I won’t really ever know for sure. What I do know is that they warmed my heart and that’s what mattered. Two years later and I’ve only had 3 or 4 tulips bloom, what a beautiful sign that spring.
Also, around this very
“robotic” time for me, I looked across the street and back in the neighbor’s yard, there was a coyote. They are similar to a dingo, hehe… Coyotes are rarely seen here and one could argue logic. Late winter they mate and then in spring have their young. Migration patterns also may dictate areas they could be seen. If so, why aren’t they around every spring? That time, that year it was new and different.
I turned away for a few seconds to control the dog, looked back and it was gone. How did it run away so fast that I felt perplexed with its whereabouts? It did remind of Warrior who came back for his HOF experience only to be gone so quickly.
Could that coyote have been another message or a sign? I believe it could if not just to remind me how fast things can change. There is a part of me that feels so humbled getting signs even unworthy at times but like he said there are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason. My intuition tells me I must Always Believe…….

“What A Rush!”

( cue entrance music…!!)

Since WWE’s Survivor Series was just the other day, I decided to share this story for today’s blog. Also, how fitting that today’s date is the EXACT date from S.S. ’90– Nov. 22! ( Had to look that up in my book!)
What a Rush this was and out of all my past memories relating to Warrior, this one is by far the most distant in my experiences. I was in 7th grade and the school year had just begun. I do believe we had started watching wrestling at home because of what I noticed in my classroom. I sat next to this boy whom I had known for years and on his notebook was a picture of the Road Warriors– Hawk and Animal.
Most of my family probably thought I didn’t talk to boys much at all but actually I did since the topic of wrestling became my ice breaker. We started this whole conversation about the characters despite class going on and besides, we didn’t like our teacher anyway! There were a few other boys that had started watching wrestling but I always felt in the minority with girls since they never talked about it and would never have the courage to ask.
It wasn’t a “girl” thing much at all even though there were women wrestlers. Certainly a different story today but this was even before the first Wrestlemania. Hulk Hogan was just starting to become popular in 1984 from what I can remember and this was years before the Ultimate Warrior even came to be.
The compelling part of all this for me was that his notebook had the Road Warriors on it. That could’ve been anybody else– too many to mention. I know how Warrior and Sting as the Bladerunners looked to Hawk and Animal for inspiration. They liked how they “carried themselves” and had the confidence. Who would’ve thought a few years later the Dingo Warrior, Ultimate Warrior, and then Warrior would bust through that curtain? Also, how Warrior would later get the chance to partner with Hawk and Animal known as Legion of Doom then along with Kerry Von Erich in Survivor Series 1990.
I always thought at the time that Hulk was the biggest star and of course he was but there were and are other favorites. I certainly learned this at the age of 12 which became the beginning for me. This connection, subtle as it was back then started many things for me that I could never imagine. It wasn’t just the beginning of a Warrior name but talking to boys about something of interest. It made me feel good. Such a defining moment of my pre-Warrior days and What A Rush it became.

The Little Things

Besides the spiritual type of signs I seemed to see after Warrior’s passing, there were many things that made me feel as if the Twilight Zone had taken over! I decided to combine all these even though they might not flow together like a story should. What is true is how the same element runs through them all and that is Warrior references small enough for me to notice.
I can’t quite seem to remember the order because it was like an avalanche piling on top of me all the time. I do know that most were hysterically funny which really got me laughing and I did over and over again. 😅😂
My kids were acting slightly different and I know there wasn’t a full moon every night! They started playing wrestling which they never do and also using the word “ultimate” in their vocabulary. This is not a word I hear from them rarely if ever… How did this happen to coincide with Warrior having just passed? They also watched a cartoon that was wrestling based with Ric Flair as a character. I of course had to watch too and couldn’t believe how bizarre it was to me.
At my daughter’s basketball practice a few years ago, inside the gym on the bulletin board was their word of the week. It happened to be our kneecap– the patella. I giggled at the thought of WM6 which one has to be familiar with to connect these little things. Also, when she played soccer, her team’s name was the Monsoons and she picked number 6 for her jersey. I walked away chuckling to myself…
One night when she was using her dictionary skills for homework, the guide word was hulk— unreal… It’s second meaning is ” a big, clumsy person.” Totally have never forgotten that one!      

Another reference to WM6 was a truck I saw while driving that had the words “Pillar to Post” on the side!! No idea what they were advertising. We were stopped at a light next to each other and I literally laughed out loud! You have to know the banter between Gorilla and Jesse like I do and that driver probably thought I was crazy– maybe I was but it felt good to laugh so hard!
Randy Savage also seemed to be present a few times too. At the baseball game one night, they played his voice and put up his catchphrase “oh yeah!” on the Jumbotron . They probably do this a lot but back then, it got to me. I love how he and Warrior were such good friends… While shopping once I saw a random Randy shirt mixed in with all these others. He didn’t seem to fit in this rack and maybe got misplaced but because of the timing I noticed…
Definitely was a sensory overload at the time and I seemed to catch every detail. The little things– strange as they may seem make a difference. Most brought me happiness or silliness and the humor Warrior had came through. I have read if he liked you, he would do funny things so perhaps he knew it was time for me to laugh. #theultimatechallenge #skydome #wrestlemaniaVI

Our South Dakota Vacation

This summer we went to the Black Hills in South Dakota and yes even got some Warrior signs here! We stopped at this 1880’s town with a gift shop, diner, restrooms, and gas station. We just needed to do our business, walk the dog, and stretch our legs but for me it became a little bit more.
We walked around some and noticed this old train parked in front of the diner. This was the Santa Fe Train Stop Diner. An actual sign again and a train with Warrior’s hometown across the front. Wow… I remembered Vince saying: ” He’s like a runaway locomotive when he gets going!” So super cool for me to see!!
Once we got to our cabin later in the day, the owners greeted us along with their kids and two friendly dogs. The one dog was named Daisy which totally reminded me of Dana’s blog about a week before our trip when she mentioned Warrior’s beloved dog Daisy. Of all the girl dog names, this one was a Daisy, how special..
A few days later we decided to find this old watering hole for the kids and dog to go swimming. Afterwards, we began the long trek back up very rocky ground with lots of tree roots, cliffs, and winding paths. As usual I’m the caboose( haha– train metaphor! 🚂) but that’s o.k. They all went ahead and I was feeling hot, tired, and so sick of this trail by now.
As I was growing despondent, I looked right and saw a huge patch of daisies growing wild. No other flowers were around at all. I called the others to see but they were too far ahead. I just smiled and got up more strength, courage, and gusto to finish that climb. Why were they daisies? I think I know but they made all my weaknesses vanish so I could suck it up and keep going on my chosen path.

The Mysterious Batteries

Last summer in mid-June (ironic!) I decided to give our mantle a makeover. I love decorating and the silk floral bookends were getting very outdated. When I left in the pouring rain, told the kids what I had in mind and that in an hour I’d return. Well, in typical me fashion couldn’t find what I was looking for and ended up going to four stores! Finally, made it home with some new pieces including a nice flameless candle lantern I had my heart set on.
I never had one before and it was perfect for not worrying about blowing out a hot flame or accidentally forgetting one time! Only recently did I realize the batteries needed replaced. I knew with the weather changing soon and darkness coming earlier, this lantern would light up my mantle in the evening. We were all out of AA batteries so I had to wait but what I noticed stunned me.
When opening the battery compartment to the lantern, the two AA batteries popped out and the name on them said warriors. I couldn’t believe this since never have I even heard of such a battery brand! After laughing and just looking in astonishment, I decided how funny it would be posting on Twitter and showing Steve (Warrior’s manager). His response back was: “They will live forever!”
What a perfect answer from him and am so happy he tweeted back 😊 I actually looked up info on these batteries and found nothing! I even googled images of warrior AA batteries and not even anything similar resembling mine popped up, just battery related products or services. I know some stores use off-brand names when you buy a product but finding out nothing seems so strange and yet very familiar with many Warrior experiences of mine.
Maybe the mysterious batteries will be resolved one day but is so interesting to me when I remember getting this lantern last year and only now replacing them. Warrior is constantly living forever and like a flameless candle, he can never be extinguished just like us warriors who will never put out our flames. 🕯

    P.S. Only very recently did I realize that when I opened the battery compartment to the candle, it was a few days before my birthday… What a wonderful early present for me from his Spirit… ⚡️🌟

Falling Signs

These two signs hang in my cellar way and bathroom. I decided I wanted more words around instead of objects so both directly involved re painting and decorating. Loved the journey one when I saw it and only later did it resonate with me how Warrior always said: “it’s the journey, not the destination.” The Splash sign came about when I wanted a word on my corner shelf in the bathroom . Only later after admiring it did I remember that was his finishing move! How could that slip my mind?? I swear neither sign was placed on purpose but timing is everything and I have come to believe this.
It was the morning of April 5th this year when my husband noticed the journey sign had fallen. My reasoning was that he hung it back up but it really wasn’t where I wanted it and maybe the sticky hook slipped some… I immediately dismissed my logical thinking and remembered the date- April 5th, Warrior’s Hall of Fame induction two years ago. Interesting coincidence for sure..
After the kids went off to school I headed upstairs to the bathroom. The Splash sign had fallen down on the shelf! I stared in disbelief utterly amazed. This sign never falls and I even asked my son later since he was last in there if he was messing with it or if it was down. He looked at me crazy and said “um.. no..” I had to ask and my kids do mess with stuff but mostly when it is something new.
One sign could be nothing but two really got me thinking. That date, both signs I bought or made, meant for me to notice. I felt completely overwhelmed but filled with much joy of a wonderful memory for him, his family, and fans who waited so long for that day. Some might not connect or understand but many signs and these two REAL ones make me always believe. 😇