Ultimate Crazy Challenges πŸ’ͺ🏻😬

How do you handle challenges warriors? You can accept them or admit defeat. The Ultimate Warrior character and Warrior himself thrived on challenges. He is quoted as saying:

“Challenges are what make me tick. Challenges get me off.” (1996)

He always liked the challenges of the business as that kept him in it. When he didn’t feel that way or agreed, he left. He also rose above all the professional and personal challenges in his life by thriving and not just surviving. Can you say the same?

It was only fitting that I use this word since Wrestlemania VI was called “The Ultimate Challenge” and the ‘ol WWF had a show called Wrestling Challenge back in the day. How could I forget that crazy as it was? I do realize those are only empowering titles or words and some of you have extreme challenges everyday. We all will encounter them as being physical, emotional, mental, or psychological.

Just look at all the challenges in our world today. It’s not the challenges themselves but our response that makes or breaks us. We obviously can’t compare our life situations to anyone else but without challenges, our journey isn’t interesting at all. Those challenges teach us life lessons we need to learn in order to evolve. Many may have thought Warrior never did this but in fact he did as we all need to. I can’t even imagine others challenges that aren’t my own but always remember your inner self works on those. The outer external world we can’t control but our true selves and reactions we can.

Being a pro wrestler has many crazy challenges that involve so much more than just stunt work. Many things take place behind the scenes during training we as fans are unaware of but do get some glimpses. It was very different back when Warrior performed but any challenge should get you motivated to succeed. Here is another quote from Warrior: ” Success in Pro-Wrestling depends more on desire, unique individuality, and entertainment ability than it does on technical wrestling knowledge.” Some questioned his thoughts on that but those naysayers gave him challenges he conquered. He may not have won “King of the Ring” the technical way but that challenge brought out something he always embodied- integrity.

Yes, he was very intimidating with his beliefs but without them, challenges would’ve been extremely difficult for him to fight. He may have been ostracized much but never admitted defeat. The confidence you need for yourself makes all the differences in how you face those obstacles and challenges with your own life. Obviously, yours will be very different than Warrior’s was, mine, or anyone but we do need them. Complacency or normal will give you life but it won’t sustain it. You can love it the same but without a variety of challenges, you aren’t truly living.

Financial challenges also need to be considered as that influences everyone throughout their lives. It’s our livelihood and when that suffers, it affects us in numerous ways. Your way of life is yours but how you deal with challenges is yours too. Look to those who have thrived off insurmountable challenges and see if they make you tick as well. That puts it in perspective as sometimes our little “nuisances” aren’t really challenges at all.

When we are young, challenges affect us differently than when we become adults. Putting food on the table is not comparable with who sits next to you at the cafeteria school lunch table. Both challenges but with varying levels. Once you are equipped with handling a small challenge, your mind will know how to make an educated decision with bigger ones.

Face those challenges warriors and learn to thrive off them, not just survive. Whatever life throws at you, throw it right back like only a true warrior can. Take those ultimate crazy challenges and slam them down– always!

P.S. We usually would be on vacation this week and just planned some day trips for summer– pre COVID. Funny how that worked out… Our kayaks came the other day so can’t wait to get out on the water! πŸŒŠπŸš£β€β™€οΈ

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Passion or Obsession?

“What’s your

F***ING Passion?”

Another intense yet honest quote from Warrior. No, it wasn’t part of that interview above and don’t be swayed by this title. You could be thinking I am referencing something else here but that is not the case. Does a passion lead to an obsession? If Warrior not had passions that led to obsessions, he never would’ve achieved success in the way he wanted. These can overlap in some areas and an obsession doesn’t have to be all bad. Being extreme isn’t the healthy way to be but let’s explore this a little more..

Passions should be those things in your life that truly interest you like I’ve mentioned before being hobbies, activities, or anything outside your livelihood. These lead to benefits not necessarily linked to money and may serve you well in the future. We need them to keep our creative energies flowing throughout life.

Obsessions tend to be a little more tricky addressing. A brief interesting story was when I was around 11 or 12. My best friend lived across the street and she was a year older. Obviously, this involved a teen girl’s emotions as you guys can never relate directly but go with me on this. Well, my friend had a HUGE “crush”( I have always disliked that word) on John Stamos when he was on the soap “General Hospital.” Her entire bedroom door was full with photos of him. Not one piece of wood was showing. Big centerfolds, little pics, color shots, black and white– you name it and she added it on.

I remember just staring at that in awe not knowing what to make of it. Was it creepy or a masterpiece? Did any of you guys do this back in the day? So much time and effort but something I could never do. Ironically, I “liked” him years later when he starred on “Full House” but just hung up a few photos on my closet door. No photos ever of Warrior as I’ve said that before…Was my friend passionate about her collection? You bet. Was it obsessive? Kinda for me but not hurting anyone and it was just a teen girl expressing her feelings. I know there are those extreme collectors out there as I have blogged about in the past. It is too much for me but it’s a passion and it’s yours. No judging as that is not what we should do.

From my perspective, obsessions can also be like those crazy people on shows or in the movies. You know what I mean with the magazine cut outs and putting an X on their significant other while placing their own photo in that spot. These are adult situations and not teens but those obsessions can become a reality outside of shows or movies.

Obsessions can turn into addictions if we aren’t careful. Passions we can possibly walk away from and try something new but obsessions aren’t that easy to move out of our lives or at least make them healthy. It’s all your own viewpoints as some may highly disagree with what is regarded as passions versus obsessions. Some may even attack me with my relationship to Warrior in spirit. My passion with sharing stories and the book Spirit and Belief led to a greater purpose. Am I obsessed with it to the point of isolation or extreme thinking? No. Could some be? Sure.

Warrior’s passions led to obsessions that some viewed as destructive however, they never interfered with his family or life obligations at all. He knew how to schedule his time well and once again, we should not judge but respect. It was his destiny and he followed it. His passion truly was self-belief and getting others to believe that as well. He ultimately embodied that discipline of the mind over the body throughout his life and wanted people to fight for that passion.

Am sure you will know the difference when something gets out of control and others need to interfere for your well-being. I do hope nothing gets like that for you where a passion that is an obsession becomes an addiction affecting your overall life.

O.K, warriors I bet you have some passions in your life but are they obsessions? I guess it truly depends on what you classify as those and how you manage them. Just know they can lead to greatness ( remember my genius post?) or they can lead to destruction. It’s your choice and you have free will to decide.

Take that f***ing passion and make it work. Go for the good since only you can choose how to best succeed. That obsession can be healthy if you allow it to be.

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Back to Warrior’s Machete…

Did any of you Warrior fans ever read his blog “Warrior’s Machete” back in the day? Well, I did a few times and wanted to find a pic or video reflecting his look during that period. I also wanted to look up exactly what a machete is as I know it to be a sword. I get why he used that reference as a warrior but found out something else. It means “macho” in Spanish! I wonder if he ever knew that? He does now (: ***BTW– I recently watched the video again where the Ultimate Maniacs made their television debut. The date was 9-19-92. My birthday is Sept. 19th. πŸ’–

Let’s go back to early 1999 for me and Warrior’s machete. First off, I really can’t even remember him having a website much less a blog. No idea on why this came to my mind at all. Did someone tell me? No, at least not to my knowledge. Maybe a song on the radio put him into my thinking that inspired me to look it up online. I don’t know since that remains another mystery…???

Here’s a different question for you to ponder. Who remembers or had WebTV before other ways of connecting to the Internet? We didn’t have extra money for true internet service and it was limiting then. Oh my goodness, such memories. My brother had set this up for our Mom to use in her bedroom but my sister and I had access as well. You had to follow this green line at the bottom of the screen and watch it load. At least there was nice music playing instead of that screeching noise made by dial-up! 😬 I vividly remember sitting on my Mom’s bed (later a chair) when no one was home waiting for that connection to find “Warrior’s Machete.”

I knew he’d have lots to say but no idea on these lengthy posts! No way could I spend close to an hour maybe reading all he typed. Most times, I’d just skim thru his thoughts on wrestling, politics, patriotism, historians, and on and on… Very interesting and thought provoking whether I was necessarily in agreement or not. Mom would be coming back soon from picking up my sister from Band practice or a friend’s house so I always had to read quickly. The car would be pulling into our driveway as I moved fast to shut it down. I only recall checking it out a few times plus also seeing his gear on the website. I really wanted to see a photo of him then. He looked similar to my pic above.

I never forgot that obviously but let’s move forward to about 6 years later. Yes, I did the math and yes, that number pops up again! My son was about a year old as I lived elsewhere now with my new family. While he napped, that was ME time. Even though my kids are older, that time of day is still for me– just in other ways. Now, it involves my workout but then the fitness aspect wasn’t as detailed.

I decided to get on the computer and look up:

http://www.ultimatewarrior.com ( Am not linking this since it’s different now.) *** Why did I look this up? What in the world made his website once again come into my thoughts? Guess what I found? Warrior’s Machete and I’m pretty sure it was still that blog. It is a little blurry to me so anyone who can validate in 2005– let me know! Wow… it was the same lengthy way he wrote back in 1999. So very cool to know he was still around communicating his points of view to fans although controversial at times. A few different subject matters that made me sigh… 😞but all him.

Things come to our minds for so many reasons that we may not question at the time. When I looked up “Warrior’s Machete,” never did I think twice about it at all. I just had the idea and went with it– both times. Years later, it became my turn to write my own blogs in my P.O.V. Warrior was a blogger, Dana was, and so am I. None of this was me emulating or comparing at all. I fought it emotionally back then and fought it hard.

Every time I sit to write either of my blogs, I remember discovering “Warrior’s Machete” 21 years ago in my Mom’s bedroom. Who would’ve thought I’d be writing on the internet like he did? Not me ever. Life changes in so many ways as am sure you all can relate some past experiences with your now.

Warrior evolved with his blog over time as I have with mine. Whatever your passion is, things come and stay if they are truly meant to be. The Universe and my intuition worked together lining up “Warrior’s Machete” several times in my life for a future I never expected. Look for those universal moments in your life warriors. You may not have a machete with words but follow that intuition. It’ll get you there and keep believing as a warrior with your own P.O.V. πŸ’‘πŸ‘πŸ»

P.S. That photo above was from a speaking event in 2004. ~~RingsideFest Q and A.

~~ Youtube channel: WrestlingRocks (32:48)

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