The Tenacious Toads

This story doesn’t really connect with Warrior as much as it connects to starting my blog. Well, maybe it does…. As previously mentioned, animals can and will use a spirit’s energy to show you a message or sign but toads aren’t those winged creatures! I do believe in the power of nature and all animals but yet once again, repetition is the answer. When things have a certain pattern or it seems only for you at that moment, it is REAL…
Every summer for the past several years, toads frequent our backyard pond and we spot a few hopping around. My son found one in the crook of our big oak tree trying to be hidden, some would be in the driveway hanging out after dark under the garage light, and some just hop in the yard. This past summer of 2016 they just, well, seemed a bit different and of course I noticed- again.
When I had compiled several stories already, my mind wandered into thinking of what to do with them. I love writing and this one actually isn’t an original.
Were they just for me to read and enjoy forever? Would others love them like I do or even care? I felt like a new mother wanting to show off her “baby” and yet keep it close and protected. As thoughts raced thru my brain, a few toads did some pretty interesting things.
One was on my side of the garage after I returned from yoga like it was waiting for me. They are never in that spot and nowhere near the pond or even under the light. While waiting for my daughter’s school bus in the front one was just sitting under my favorite coral rose bush. Um– really? They are never in the front yard- never.
The most dramatic toad moment was seeing one on my patio under the motion light. Now, they love lights for the bugs or water but it seemed so odd. The next night he brought a friend or should I say it? I don’t know… I teased it thinking the next night there would be three. Nope, it just decided to move closer onto my welcome mat inches from the steps up the sliding door. I said to it:” you’re not coming in!” It was so funny and yet so peculiar to me.
One more toad story– yes there’s more! I went in the backyard by the pond trying to get our dog away from her “treed” squirrel and into the car for her walk. I looked at the pond and yes by the photo (although it shows 4), about 6 toads just hanging out. We usually have a few, not this many! I was stunned and thought maybe it’s a family. Later on they were gone and never returned.
You might be thinking:
“What in the world does this have to do with my blog?” Glad you asked. I did a little googling of course and most know how toads have a very negative image. They are often viewed badly in many cultures. Just like with anything, keep on looking until you find the right meaning for you and I did.
I finally found out what maybe all these toads were trying to tell me– thanks spirit team! They can be good luck or fortune, something you have been thinking about could come true.
They could be sent to examine yourself for answers within, don’t let opportunity pass you by. Do not doubt yourself or your ability, you can be successful. Take action and don’t sit idly by. Notice the little things. They are astral travelers which means the aquatic and physical (land). They are grounded and yet very stubborn. They can be your encouragement at a time in your life when you need assistance with a decision. They can guide you to the spirit world and help you with patience or perseverance. You might need clarity on an issue.
Well, there you have it. I often thought of all these tenacious toads and wondered if this could indeed become a post, guess it has! Warrior has always been one of my spirit guides throughout my writings. Without him, I wouldn’t have a blog. Could he have sent all those toads?
You can decide for yourself but this Warrior Woman believes in it all. Maybe he was saying while shaking those heavenly ropes:” Write the #%?! blog already!” He swore a lot for those who don’t know!!!

The Pink Geraniums

3 years, 3 things…
This post isn’t one of my original writings but decided to include it since I always seemed to notice them… Being close to 3 years since Warrior’s passing this story alludes to the color pink, the word SPLASH, and the number 6. I did “Do the Work” and still am. THANK YOU Warrior for always believing in me and that I could. 🌺🌺

Last spring I decided to buy a few geraniums since I never had before and what treasures they have become. I still recall the sales lady informing me they were $6 a piece- a little pricey for annuals but oh so worth it. There’s that number 6– again… I of course loved them because they were pink and once potted in their spot, we had blooms all summer.
These two lovely pink geraniums grew together and looked like one giant flower. Once late fall arrived and before the first frost, I decided to bring them inside. This was November and they were still going strong! Never have I heard of such an annual flower blooming so long late in the season, it looked just as full as it did in May. I did look up some info and it stated how some can survive thru a winter indoors if properly cared for. I was fascinated, this was all new to me.
Once inside I continued caring for them and eventually some petals one by one fell off making it look quite dormant. I kept thinking that this was the end for our two lovely “girls” but then after a few days they literally transformed in front of me. I made sure they had plenty of sun, water, and also pruned them. Now, some people talk to plants but I never did.
I did notice one of the flower tags with their names listed said Splash so I laughed thinking of Warrior. Never noticed that when I bought it of course but now I never will forget. The reason I saw that tag in particular was when I glanced out the window one day seeing a white object on the ground. I finally went to find out what it was, turned it over, and saw the flower info with the words “Lilac Splash” written.
How did a huge gust of wind lift that out of the pot which sits up high several feet in the air and blow it on the ground? It was placed vertically in the soil but guess it could’ve blown down. I will never know really but considering signs I get, always leaves me in awe.
This takes us to the present time of a few months later. I was reading this beautiful book by a gifted spiritual medium and I came across the “signs” section of spirits. This was in chapter 6 ( of course!) called “Do the Work.” It describes how “house plants have a high vibrational energy that spirits are drawn to and can help them grow in extreme or unusual ways just to capture our attention.” I do know from having many plants over the years that they are beneficial to us for oxygen but this Spirit vibe– oh wow!!!
I knew these geraniums were pretty unique after watching them all summer. Guess it pays to try a new flower sometimes–literally! Kinda ironic with that number 6 again….. the price of each and a chapter in the book titled with an expression Warrior used often when speaking. I speak volumes to my pink girls everyday. Am thinking they will be staying inside this coming season with a new flower taking their place in the pot.

Spirited-Unlock Your Psychic Self and change your Life.
By: Rebecca Rosen

My Skinny Strong Warrior

THANK YOU ALL! This blog has reached 15 countries and 5 continents! I am extremely humbled and overwhelmed….β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

Most of the time it’s my daughter who embodies warrior traits but this time, it is my son. I guess in some ways I was overlooking the obvious with him being a “young man” but rarely did anything fit until this past year. My son resembles Warrior with being ” a skinny kid not into sports.” He dabbled in t-ball, soccer, and basketball and loves playing at home but competitively on a team is a challenge for him.
We decided to put that aside and just concentrate on his schoolwork. Last year he was struggling in Social Studies with the units of ancient civilization. Once he did poorly on some tests, Mom help was needed and I really learned a lot too.
Most of these cultures had people who fought many battles in wanting to overthrow a government they disagreed with. They were warriors and one of his vocabulary words was warlord. Reminds me of WMVII with the “warlord looking up to the heavens…” I loved his textbook but had no idea every chapter depicted warriors in some way. His teacher even made him a warrior in a game when all of his friends were a different class of people like merchants or peasants.
He actually felt pretty proud of that and his next few tests showed much improvement. It also became so empowering for me to remember learning and to see my son grow in his knowledge. The warriors and their battles balanced out with the people of India and their meditation. Both equally important in their own way. All warriors know this.
When the new school year began last fall, it was time for different challenges. My husband decided to focus again on possibly working out this skinny yet strong boy of ours. He bought a beginner’s workout bench with smaller weights. My daughter is also interested so we’ll see what happens. They all worked together assembling the pieces and were excited to get going. My husband still uses his workout bench from high school and wanted to start our son with something new. He seems so young to me in 7th grade but he does have muscle in those arms!
This does very much make me think of Warrior and maybe he can be my son’s inspiration working through his Dad. Even though I usually see my warrior girl in things she does, this warrior boy– almost man could be finding his destiny like another skinny kid back in the day. Who knows what he will do but this Mom is behind him always. πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’ͺ🏻

~~~ I would love to hear any stories about how Warrior has inspired anyone then and now. Also, any spirit intuitives who have experienced signs like mine are most welcome! We can all support each other with lots of feedback… You can also follow me on twitter @kpdlphn5.
Lots more Warrior inspired writings coming up!!

The Homework Diary

These next few posts involve my son who is having a milestone birthday next week!!
~~A few years ago my son was in 5th grade and at this age many of his homework assignments were online. He had to read this story for Language Arts and answer the questions. This is his weakest subject so Mom to the rescue!
By this time in the evening I was getting tired and didn’t want to help him at all. He told me he read the story but couldn’t figure out the symbolism or metaphors. I complied knowing this was right up my alley– can you tell?? Once I read the first sentence, I was intrigued. The boy’s name was Jim– how fitting.
Jim’s parents were divorcing and he and his mom might need to leave their house. He wasn’t interested in much so his mom asked for help with a church book drive. The boy went but still had lingering sadness. After some time, he found a diary that he knew didn’t belong. Jim noticed a name and address inside and had to return it to its owner.
His mom didn’t understand but knew he had to see this through. He did find the girl and she was so happy her diary had been returned. She told him if she could go back in time and talk to her younger self she’d say that even though times might seem rough and bleak right now, it will change and get better. Jim took her message to heart for how his life was going. He felt better than he had in a long time and applied her words for himself. β€πŸ““
By this time I was hiding my tears from my son who sat on the couch just waiting for answers. It is difficult when you have a homework assignment that is above your literal way of thinking which is how his brain works. I explained the story of course but couldn’t help thinking I needed to read these words online in order to process my feelings about Warrior’s passing. πŸ˜”I almost didn’t help him at all, boy am I glad I did. This story was deep for a 5th grader, especially a boy. Don’t we wish we could go back in time to talk with our younger selves and say you will get through the tough times….
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My Wild Warrior Hair

When I was born my hair was pretty much non-existent, almost bald really. My three siblings all had a head full of hair but not me. My kids were almost baldys and yet inherited my thick hair as they got older. Finally, it started coming in very thick and long. The thickness pulled my ringlets right out but I still find them after a shower when it’s wet. My daughter will sometimes stare at my unruly mess of locks and say:”why is your hair so…crazy?”
I must admit I had Warrior hair a few years in high school, heck it was the 80’s after all! I wasn’t trying to copy him, mine just did what it wanted and was hard to tame. That does sound familiar, doesn’t it? Some days I love this thick mass of hair I was given but some days I want to cut it real short which just isn’t me. I’ve had my hair super long like Dana’s but mine tends to go outward so I need it a little shorter! Wish I could have it like that again…. I am reminded of lots that happened to Warrior and how some events were great and then just the opposite. My emotions for him in some way parallel how I feel about my hair even though that sounds nutty! πŸ˜‚
Hair has a way of growing back even after we chop tons of it off. He would leave, I’d get frustrated but then return stronger than ever. My stylist once told me that no matter how much she cuts off or thins out, my hair will always be thick with so much body. What used to be such a frustration for me at times has now become more manageable like my feelings for Warrior. He is always there and fan though I am it is different now, much easier to control. Guess my hair has become that way for me as well.
Just like I never knew my hair would be so different than my brother or sisters, I also never knew I would relate to Warrior and his wild ways years ago. Both seemed so out of control to me. I fought to manage my thoughts in order to bring a sense of “normalcy” in this life of mine.
Acceptance is easy when we are in control but very hard when we are not. My hair I’ve had ever since I was young and Warrior has become a part of that longevity too. I have learned to tame the untamable. Dana has said this about Warrior and yet it is true about him and my hair…. I know my wild warrior hair and Warrior himself will still be there no matter what I do.
~~~ My “funnies” are done for now, more emotion and spirit coming soon, stay tuned!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸŽ’πŸ™πŸ»

The Fashion Craze

We all know the colorful clothes Warrior wore and how his sense of style was unmatched but in a way mine seemed to be too. I didn’t even realize it at the time. My favorite color always has been pink and still is long before Warrior or Dana showed their great taste! I never followed fashion trends or fads, just wore what was comfortable for me at the time. I didn’t care so much what other people thought.
When I was teaching it was so fun to match my shirt with earrings, socks, or hair ties. I even had a co-worker tease me about it so then it became funny to add accessories on purpose! 😜Warrior wanted and needed to stand out to be different professionally but for me it was never meant as an attention seeker. I was just expressing myself and my unique style.
Sometimes all of his gear didn’t match and mine wouldn’t all the time either. Like him, I just loved color and wanted to show it off.
Nowadays, I even paint my nails different colors sometimes since one color seems so boring anymore. Of course there were times I just wanted the comfy sweats and not the stylish jeans or the flats instead of the heels. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ πŸ‘‘ A few years for Halloween I dressed up as some guy characters which shocked so many! Yes, o.k., I was doing that to get noticed but had the confidence doing so.
It’s funny how us introverts can express style or fashion in such an outward way and yet still remain insecure about venting emotions. I have come so far with both of these and am always learning as I go. I need to remember how to stay a strong, confident warrior woman in everything since she is who I’m meant to be.
Fashions come and go, styles change, and colors mix or match. Through all this, one thing has stayed the same for me and that is being independent and not afraid to become my OWN trend setter. Followers? Maybe. But, at least I am fearless in being comfortable with my colorful self– just like Warrior would do.

P.S. The next few posts are kinda “girly” but I hope readers can still be inspired in their own ultimate way!! πŸ’–πŸŒΈ

Believe In Words

We have all heard the expression:”Actions speak louder than words” and while this is true, words do influence us whether good or bad. Obviously nobody wants to remember negative comments and we flock to the positive for inspiration.
I love Warrior’s acronyms of O.W.N.( One Warrior Nation) and W.O.W.(Words of Wisdom). He used alliteration a lot, even with his Injections of Inspiration videos. I have often used so many forms of figurative language in my writing whether in school or today. Planning is the key in writing or speaking as Warrior always showed us. This is why his legacy remains so strong.
He was brilliant with his interviews, promos, or even public speaking and not just bashing another performer before a match. His words became iconic and the ones I remember most were about life, spirit, and belief. He talked about things that no one had ever said before in a way which made us true warrior fans always remember even years later.
I can still recall teachers that impacted me in many ways with their words and most weren’t even about teaching or the subjects. They were about your life or future and how they believed you could succeed with anything if you really try. The most profound memories with words from teachers I have are yearbooks they wrote in so many years ago. I still can remember their words without looking them up.
As parents, we want to instill so much in our kids that it shouldn’t be:” in one ear and out the other.” We may not even realize how we are affecting them so we nag, criticize, or complain. Often times I need to slow down and really be conscious of what is being said. One day they will remember and I have to make sure my words are important.
Nowadays with my Warrior memories, I so enjoy listening to him. I always did anyway but there is so much more available now thanks to Ultimate Creations. What was mostly about him performing has become his speaking and for me I always believed in both. The words do make a difference and have so much power beyond any physical ability.